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Lets Eat w i l a l c i k h C Spring 2016

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016 The Chilliwack Progress

s y a w l a t e r u a H s e r s a h d Sen n a h S t a d e indulg

shandhar hut T

hey are living the Canadian dream at Shandhar Hut on Young Road.

The Atti family of Chilliwack worked hard to open an Indian restaurant about a decade ago, and the bustling venture has been growing steadily ever since. The youngest son of Sam and Kam Atti, Gordon, 26, warmly greets patrons with a smile.

8 8 3 5 YOUNG ROAD • ( 6 0 4 ) 7 9 3 -0 1 8 9

Only the best survive in Chilliwack, because customers always come back to what they know and love. Other Indian restaurants may come and go in Chilliwack, and Shandhar Hut carries on. They’ll eventually be taking over the lot next door, and even thinking about expanding out to Sardis one day. “Our loyalty has always been to Chilliwack,” he says.

It was his sister, Sukhi, who came up with the tag-line for Shandhar Hut: “The senses were meant to be indulged” — and it is easy to see why.

They’ve created a popular and stable business dishing out a staggering variety of authentic Indian dishes that are customized to every taste.

The fragrant hand-made curries, fluffy rice and savoury naan bread are beautifully presented on gleaming copper dishes, with Southeast Asian music coming through the speakers.

Their cuisine is influenced by the rustic flavours of Northern Frontier style of Indian cooking, but not exclusively. Their curries and other specialties come from all the various regions.

“Word of mouth has been key to our success,” Gordon explains.

Butter chicken, so zesty and rich, has consistently been one of their best sellers, but they also have a large variety of satisfying vegetarian options.

They’re proud of the glowing feedback and positive online reviews they receive daily. It’s not by accident they are rated #5, the fifth most popular restaurant in B.C. on Urban Spoon. Providing excellent customer service is key and Gordon makes a point of remembering what the regulars like to order. “We’re doing so well, we’re planning to expand!”

They have a huge, round tandoori oven that is responsible for producing the authentic Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, naan bread and roti. Dietary considerations of their customers is always paramount. Gluten free? No problem. They have naan bread made of corn flour. Vegan? Lactose intolerant? Garlic

allergy? Absolutely no problem. Just ask. The matriarch, Kam Atti, is the source of all the wonderful recipes they use at Shandhar hut. She learned to cook at her own mother’s side, and took cooking classes back in India. It’s been trial and error in the kitchen to find what Chilliwack likes, but they focused on using the finest and freshest ingredients, and making the food as mild or as hot as someone prefers. Never been to an Indian restaurant because it might be too hot and spicy? Come right in and see how subtle, mild and flavourful they can make your order. “I always send my customers home happy,” Kam says. They are all living “the dream” — the Canadian dream — of being successful and growing a business from the ground up. The three Atti kids, Paul, Sukhi and Gordon, were all born in Chilliwack and raised in their home on Ashwell Road. Being local really helps when trying to establish and build on relationships with their loyal clientele, says Gordon. “We started from grass roots. We didn’t expect anything, and we didn’t know where it would go.”

They made a point of being versatile, flexible and accommodating to every taste and every individual dietary need. Gordon says his parents’ impressive work ethic, commitment and dedication through the years has been incredibly inspiring. “My dad worked at a saw mill for 34 years after arriving in Canada with only $10 to his name. It was honest, hard labour and he worked the graveyard shift. “Mom ran the local Pizza Hut for more than a dozen years before we started working on the idea to open our own restaurant. “But dad always had a dream. Opening the restaurant in 2005 was the realization of that dream. “And here we are now. Thanks so much to all of our customers from our family, they are our success.” Shandhar Hut, at 8835 Young Road, 604-793-0189 is open Monday to Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday, 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The Chilliwack Progress Wednesday, June 1, 2016




Lets Eat k Multi Pac fe Royal Ca

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The Well Donair Aff air LLU UCKAKUCK


Fraser Vall ey Meats

mary brown’s


ary Brown’s Famous Chicken and Taters is 100% Canadian owned and operated with over 1,000 team members employed in its various restaurants across Canada.

Their chicken includes several traditional bone-in pieces, their hero product the “Big Mary,” pure white meat chicken fingers, pulled chicken, hot chicken sandwiches, wraps, and their new product the mouthwatering Chicken Pop-Ins. They are equally famous for their Taters – made from fresh, hand cut potatoes, breaded and cooked to perfection! Try them on their own, as a

side dish or as a poutine meal. Mary Brown’s chicken is carefully cooked in proprietary cookers delivering tender, juicy (NOT GREASY) chicken! The unique cooking process is designed to ensure all chicken is crisp on the outside and moist on the inside with a distinctive flavour and no aftertaste. Stop in today and say hi – Mary Brown’s loves to feed their neighbours! Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken & Taters is located at 45905 Yale Rd. For information, call 604.316.7575.



Fresh Made from Scratch Chicken and Taters! All Mary Brown’s succulent Signature Chicken is Canada Grade A, handcut and prepared fresh in store every day.

The first restaurant in Canada was opened in 1969 in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Over the past 45 years Mary Brown’s has grown to over 130 restaurants across Canada. As they grow, they make sure their generous and neighbourly service is found in every restaurant - just like the first one! Mary Brown’s is famous for their high-quality,

4 5 9 0 5 YA L E R OA D


Hana Sushi

Bubbas Big Bites

Kokumi Sushi Garrison Bistro

Donair Affair Beef | Chicken | Lamb | Veg Falafel

Caribbean, Lebanese, Hawaiian, Greek, Hummus



Buy one Donair, get one of equal or lesser value 1/2 price with purchase of beverage. Valid only at Vedder Road location. Valid with coupon only. Expires August 31, 2016

Fraser Vall Specialty P ey oultry


Buy one Donair, get one of equal or lesser value 1/2 price with purchase of beverage. Valid only at Vedder Road location. Valid with coupon only. Expires August 31, 2016


#105-7670 Vedder Rd. Chilliwack, BC (BESIDE MARK’S WORK WEARHOUSE)


tro Legends Bis



Wednesday, June 1, 2016 The Chilliwack Progress

legends bistro F or golfers and nongolfers alike, dining at Legends Bistro is a special experience.

Connected to Cultus Lake Golf Club, Legends Bistro features two huge outdoor decks with breathtaking views. Towering cedars provide the backdrop for the lush free fairways of the ninth and 18th holes. The 18th hole is surrounded by water, with a fountain bubbling away in the middle of a picturesque pond. The sounds match the sights. One table might hear the “thwack” of a driver meeting a ball or the jubilant whoop of a golfer who’s just birdied the hole. Another may hear the chirping of birds or quacking of ducks. Another

4000 C O L U M B I A VA L L E Y H W Y

will relax to the sounds of cascading water. The menu at Legends Bistro offers dishes to please any time of day, in a style that manager Michelle Bahnman pegs as ‘West Coast casual with a touch of class.’ A breakfast favourite is Eggs Blackstone, two poached eggs on a toasted English muffin, with sautéed tomatoes and bacon drizzled with hollandaise sauce, or the new French Toast Stacker — fried egg, ham and cheese nestled between two pieces of French toast, drizzled with maple syrup and served with hash browns. The Forty Creek Whiskey Burger is a lunch menu favourite, and the adventurous eater may

royal café E

verything is freshly made at the Royal Cafe

Weekends are always a little extra special at the Royal Cafe. Proudly run by Devika and Graydon Gillette for the past five years, the downtown family restaurant offers a fresh approach to making home-style food. “We sell a lot of prime rib on Friday nights served with our homemade sauce,” says owner Devika Gillette. What really sets them apart is that everything is made from scratch, including their delicious gravies made from roast drippings. “We never make gravy by tearing open a package. We make our food fresh, we’re not just reheating.”

enjoy the Peanut Butter Bacon Burger — a fire grilled beef patty topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, creamy peanut butter and Forty Creek Whiskey BBQ sauce. Legends Bistro is open for breakfast and lunch year round, as well as for dinner during the golfing season with an updated dinner menu that features new entrees. Future plans for Legends Bistro include expanding the restaurant and kitchen, hosting larger events such as weddings, and staying open for dinner year round. Get a full menu online at golfcultus.com/legendsbistro.html Located at 4000 Columbia Valley Hwy. Cultus Lake. For reservations call 604858-9902.

kokomi sushi


here’s something new on the horizon for fans of Japanese food in Chilliwack. The husband and wife team of June Kim and Daniel Cho have recently opened Kokomi Sushi in the Vedder Crossing Plaza near SaveOnFoods in Sardis. But while the couple are new to that location – and new to Chilliwack – they are not new to Japanese food. The couple have worked in restaurants for over 19 years, starting in Toronto. They then operated a successful restaurant in Kingston, Ont. for 5 years before opening

19 - 6014 VE D D E R R OAD

their Sardis location in February. It is a warm and comfortable space, made even brighter by June’s friendly smile. “We treat our customers as our own guest,” she says softly. The menu is expansive, and always evolving. Chef Cho is always looking for new ways to improve, June says, seeking perfection in even the way the rice is prepared. “It really does make a difference.” Only the finest and freshest ingredients are used, she adds, providing dining experience that sets Kokomi apart.

Items, like the Torched Tune Role and the Wild Salmon Sashimi, can be ordered individually, or in combination trays for takeout. Both lunch box and dinner boxes are also available in a variety of combinations. Kokomi Sushi is located at 19 - 6014 Vedder Road. For more, call 604.858.5500.

4 5 8 8 6 W E L L I N G TO N AV E . • ( 6 0 4 ) 3 9 2 - 9 3 5 5

On Saturday nights, the house dinner special is St. Louis style ribs with a house-made barbecue sauce.

cooking at the café inside the Royal Hotel, there’s always the Dynamite Catering option.

“We really want to urge people to come and try us for supper some time.”

One of the tantalizing dishes she whips up is Chicken Cordon Bleu from scratch and barbecue chicken with a zesty glaze.

They get a solid crowd for lunch but some Chilliwackians don’t seem to venture downtown after dark. But she wants them to know it will be worth it. They put a strong emphasis on good customer service, high quality ingredients and a wide variety of menu items. They make all their own sauces and desserts, like fresh fruit pies, in-house as well. If you can’t get enough of Devika’s

“Our roast beef is so tender, we get lots of compliments when we present one for a catering crowd.” The Yorkshire pudding served with the roast beef is a big hit, too. Back in the restaurant, Devika’s signature dish is the Fiji Rice Bowl, a homemade curry simmered in coconut milk and served with steamed rice and naan bread. They offer the choice of chicken, salmon or prawns.

“Our customers just love our rice bowl.” They don’t mess with the menu too often because their regular customers appreciate the consistency and high quality dishes. Catering for larger groups is where she gets to be creative, making striking elements like a bassinet shape carved out of a watermelon. “I enjoy catering events,” she says, even cutting platters of dainty fruits and veggies into appealing shapes. It’s fun to make food beautiful. “You have to love what you’re doing, and we do!” See more at www.ddcatering.ca, or visit them at 45886 Wellington Ave. or call 604-392-9355.

The Chilliwack Progress Wednesday, June 1, 2016

produce gone wild I f you’re wild about produce, Produce Gone Wild is the place for you.

Celebrating it’s first anniversary, Produce Gone Wild is bringing all the goodness of the earth right to your neighbourhood. It’s fresh, it’s friendly, and it’s quickly turning a pocket of downtown Chilliwack into a destination for people who love to cook and love to eat.

Produce Gone Wild GM Vanni De Bartolo says the store’s philosophy is a simple one: Provide fresh and wholesome produce that is sourced as locally as possible. The result, says De Bartolo, is food that tastes better, stays fresh longer, but remains affordable.


Since its opening in November 2011, the restaurant has brought a new level of dining to Garrison Village. With the busy happenings of the village and the picturesque views of the surrounding mountains and the nearby fountain, eating at Garrison Bistro is the perfect place to have a dinner party, or even just a quiet

# 2 - 4 5 7 3 5 A L E X A N D E R AV E , C H I L L I WAC K

Despite being open only a year, Produce Gone Wild has roots that run deep in the industry. It is affiliated with the popular Hofstede’s Country Barn on the south side of the highway. And while the new store is different, its commitment to service and customer satisfaction is just as firm. When people walk into Produce Gone Wild, De Bartolo says, he wants them to feel at home. “We want people to know their going someplace where they are welcomed and appreciated.” The open and airy design allows customers see the bounty the store has to offer. They can find what they want quickly, or linger over some of the new varieties that have just been brought in.

garrison bistro arrison Bistro is one of those places that makes you forget where you are – but in a good way. Maybe it’s the classy-chic atmosphere or the cozy patio, but a meal at Garrison Bistro feels like more of a night out in the city than an evening in Chilliwack.


Produce Gone Wild seeks out local produce and supports the Fraser Valley’s prospering farm industry, De Bartolo says. It also makes twice weekly trips to the Okanagan, bringing the goodness of that region to Chilliwack. But it’s not just individual customers who savour this bounty. Produce Gone Wild also has a wholesale division that provides produce to restaurants eager to serve only the best.

BeNanna Bakery. Produce Gone Wild continues to grow and to learn, says De Bartolo. But what it has accomplished so far is being noticed. It was nominated for New Business of the Year in the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards, and it is nominated for a Chilliwack BIA “New Business of the Year” award.

Produce isn’t the only item you’ll find at Produce Gone Wild, either. The store carries other grocery items, like local cheeses, bread and dairy products.

But more important than awards, says De Bartolo, is the satisfaction of his customers and the knowledge he and his staff are providing a wholesome and healthy option in Chilliwack’s growing culinary landscape.

And if that’s not enough, right next door is The Mad Butcher, and nearby is

Produce Gone Wild is located at 45735 Alexander Ave #2, Chilliwack.

4 5 5 5 5 MA R KE T WAY, GA R R I S O N • ( 6 0 4 ) 8 4 6 - 1 1 6 7

dinner for two. But it’s not only the atmosphere of Garrison Bistro that’s unique to Chilliwack. With recipes that are created in-house, all of the menu items are one of a kind. From the Salmon BLT, a three ounce wild sockeye salmon fillet topped with maple bacon, tomato, lettuce and dillcaper aioli, to the ancho chili linguini infused with a rich cream sauce with brie, the menu items are guaranteed to be a unique experience on their own. Using local and organic ingredients where possible, all of the food is prepared fresh in house daily. Even

the plants and herbs growing on the restaurant’s patio are used in the kitchen. While the restaurant has always featured two separate menus for lunch and dinner, their new menu combines the best of both worlds and ensures that your favourite meal will always be available – regardless of what time it is. With a different featured item every day, there’s always something for everyone. Whether you’re having dinner in the restaurant or curling up on the patio with a drink and one of the provided blankets, there’s no better place to be in Garrison Village.





Wednesday, June 1, 2016 The Chilliwack Progress




arbecue season is here, but first, stop in to chat with the always-friendly staff behind the counter at Fraser Valley Meats in Sardis.

fried pickles sweet potato fries, and a selection of 150 different flavours of pop, including waters and iced teas.

family restaurant with quality beef and toppings, the first Mooyah franchise in Canada has found a home in Chilliwack. Mooyah is a celebration of all things burgers, says restaurant owner Troy Copeman, with made-toorder burgers, hand-cut fries, and handcrafted real cream shakes.

fraser valley meats

#101 - 8050 L I C K M A N ROA D

and two sons. Their commitment to their new community is genuine.

Don’t eat beef? Other options include veggie When walking into the and turkey burgers, “better burger” restaurant, chicken tenders, salads, a customer will find a welcoming, vibrant and modern take on a traditional diner. And the family-friendly atmosphere begins behind the counter, with Copeman, his wife

the well


he Well Public House is an entertainment destination, featuring everything needed for a great night out with friends. The public house brings a pub style atmosphere, providing exciting live entertainment every weekend, accompanied by friendly service and great food. And on Friday and Saturday, The Well

Established in 1969, the store has a long history of providing outstanding, local, customer service, as well as a variety of products and customized orders. The store’s butchers are always willing to create special orders any time of year.

Once the choice is made, customers can watch their meal made step-by-step, ensuring quality and consistency – two aspects of utmost guest experience that Copeman and his family obsessively focus on. Find Mooyah on 8050 Lickman Road, open Sunday to Thursday 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. For questions or inquiries, call 604-3925557.

They produce many of their own signature items including excellent beef patties and ground beef, and have even created their own tasty recipe for sausages.

“From a crown roast to a pork belly with the skin on, we can do it all,” says Blaine, Fraser Valley Meats’ head butcher, who has over 20 years of experience.

And with barbecue season just around the corner, along with their AAA tender beef steaks, including flat irons, they also have a full range of barbecue meats to satisfy all tastes. The beef and chicken kabobs, maui beef ribs, bacon wrapped pork tenderloins and dry rubbed baby back ribs, just to name a few, will be the perfect addition to any barbecue this summer.

The staff can also provide full deli meat, cheese and snack trays for parties of any size.

Fraser Valley Meats is known for providing high quality local products, including hormone and antibiotic

7481 VE D D E R R OAD

free 63 Acres Beef, free run Farm Fed Chicken, quality Johnson’s Pork and free range Skye-Hi Turkey. But they have also added new value-added meal options to make whipping up a delicious dinner even easier. And this barbecue season, the staff at Fraser Valley Meats are ready to help you earn the title of Grill Master. They carry a full selection of healthy choices, including chicken, turkey and lamb patties. Find Fraser Valley Meats at 7481 Vedder Road, 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Saturday. For orders and other inquiries, phone 604-8584828 or visit them online at fraservalleymeats.com.

8 1 8 0 YO U NG R OA D, C H I L L I WAC K • ( 6 0 4 ) 7 0 1 - 3 8 0 0

features local bands, tribute acts, the occasional comedy, and televised pay-per-view UFC matches.

Burger to Pan Seared Salmon to Southwest Chicken Salad, all to be paired with a daily drink special.

So for those who are social and enjoy trying their luck at a favourite slot machine or two, The Well is the place for them.

“By far people come down for our buffets,” Chances casino director of operations Shawn Duncan added. Whether it’s on Thursday for all you can eat pasta cooked in front of them for $10, Tuesday for taco’s, or a nice Sunday evening out for a $17 roast

As for the menu, there’s something for every craving from The Well Classic

beef buffet – there’s always good times with great food. You can find The Well on 8180 Young Road, open from 10 to 1 a.m. Monday to Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 to 3 a.m., and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For inquiries or further questions, call 604-701-3800.

The Chilliwack Progress Wednesday, June 1, 2016





bubba’s big bites


ith the option to eat in or take out, Bubba’s Big Bites owners Sascha Lipinski and Julie Schooley pride themselves in serving large, warm, homemade sandwiches, soups, and flatbreads. The husband and wife duo are new in the Big Bite game, deciding earlier this year to pursue their dream of owning a restaurant. But don’t expect anything

1 0 5 - 5 8 8 5 V E D D E R ROA D

less than consistency when it comes to serving up satisfying dishes like their waffles topped with mixed berries and whipped cream,  homemade mac’ n’ cheese, and Meatball Stromboli with zesty sauce, mozza and cheddar. As for unique meals that hit the spot, look no further than ‘The Bubbanator’ – a deep dish, fully loaded, 14 inch

pizza with four kinds of meat, onions, peppers, olives, pineapple, cheese, and barbecue sauce all on a blanket of pizza sauce. Find Bubba’s Big Bites at 105-5885 Vedder Road. Open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday, and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday to Saturday. For orders and other inquiries, please phone 604-858-0020.



multi pack


n old, sepia-toned family photo hangs on the wall of Multi Pack Deli and Meats, on Nowell Street in Chilliwack. It captures business owner Mike Wettig with his parents in front of their meat shop in Hanover, Germany, when he was about two years old. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clasping hands with his father, a master sausage maker, and his mother gently rests her hand on his shoulder. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re all smiles, posing under the family name printed on the window.

9 3 8 2 N OW E L L S T, C H I L L I WAC K â&#x20AC;˘ ( 6 0 4 ) 7 9 5 - 9 5 4 4

Wettig says, while taking a break from operating his busy delicatessen. In 1965, Gunter Wettig moved his family to Canada, securing a job in Prince George as a sausage maker at the competitive rate of $2.25 an hour.

With that soild family background in the trade, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no surprise that half a century later and on opposite ends of the world, the younger Wettig is still in the business. He and his wife Astrid have operated Multi Pack for the past 18 years, while carrying on in the family tradition of offering Wettig began learning about butchering high-quality, locally-made meats. Prior and sausage-making early on in life, to that, they operated a manufacturing first under the watchful eye of dad, and plant in the Vancouver area, along then with Frebye Meats throughout high with a wholesale business and a family school. delicatessen. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was always with my dad, helping.â&#x20AC;?

â&#x20AC;&#x153;When we started this store, all I made

was fresh bratwurst,â&#x20AC;? Wettig says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Now I make about 85 per cent of what I have in the store.â&#x20AC;?

with product monitored and rotated

One of their most popular products is their Black Forest ham, which they always offer at an almost unheard of price of 99 cents/100 grams.

downtown storefonts.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;We make it ourselves,â&#x20AC;? Wettig says, right on location.

keep plugging away.â&#x20AC;?

They value their customers, too. Multi Pack has won multiple readers awards in past years, and the staff works hard to get to know their customers by name â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and by the names of their dogs. Along with the family photo on the wall, the Wettigâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s keep a mural of pet photos brought in by customers.

diversifying their business through outside

steadily. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s crucial to surviving in any business, but especially so for those small â&#x20AC;&#x153;Downtown has got to be the toughest place to do business,â&#x20AC;? Wettig says,â&#x20AC;&#x153;but we Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re finding a way to survive, by catering orders for example. And now theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve grown to add a new smoke house and sausage maker. They are beginning to offer items their customers are asking for, including freezer packs, low sodium and MSG-free meats, gluten free

Nothing goes to waste in their kitchens, selections, and fresh meats.




Wednesday, June 1, 2016 The Chilliwack Progress

kuro asian cuisine


uro Asian Cuisine isn’t your average Asian-food restaurant. While it still offers the traditional menu items such as noodle dishes, rice bowls and sushi, the Asian fusion style food sets it apart from anything else you’ll find in Chilliwack. From the Udon Coconut Curry, to the Soy Short Ribs, to the Volcano Sushi Bowl, you can be guaranteed that the dishes at Kuro won’t be what you expected – they’ll be better. While Kuro still offers classic sushi rolls, their menu includes specialty sushi rolls as well, like “The One,” which consists of avo, spicy tuna and prawn tempura.

#222-8249 EAGLE LANDING PARKWAY • (604) 392-5876

For those looking for something sweeter, the West Coast Sushi is smoked salmon with peanut butter mayo, and the Mango Prawn Sushi has prawn tempura, paired with house mango salsa and spicy mayo. “We like to have our customers have a variety of choices,” restaurant manager Karl Gibson said. But what makes the food at Kuro so unique, it that almost everything is made from scratch. “We utilize homemade recipes,” Gibson said. From spices to sauces, each dish is created fresh in-house.

The restaurant also utilizes as many local products as possible. From the beers available on tap from Old Yale Brewery, to the fresh produce from I Heart Endive and the Local Harvest Market, even the ingredients used in the dishes are unique to Chilliwack. All the fresh oysters are personally picked up from the city and the meats are marinated and cooked in house. Located beside Galaxy Cinema, Kuro Asian Cuisine is the perfect stop for dinner before a movie, or appetizers and drinks after. Get a full menu online at www. kurorestaurants.com.

Kuro Asian Cuisine is located at #222-8249 Eagle Landing Parkway. For reservations call 604-392-5876.


hana sushi


aving opened in 2004, Hana Sushi was the second sushi restaurant in Chilliwack. Twelve years later, the restaurant is still known for its quality food and superior customer service. In addition, Kuro Asian Cuisine in Eagle Landing Parkway is also operated by the same management group. Customers are a priority to the team at Hana Sushi. “We treat our customers

4 5 3 0 0 L U C KA KU C K WAY, C H I L L I WAC K • ( 6 0 4 ) 8 4 7 - 0 3 0 5

like family,” said restaurant manager Karl Gibson. “We focus on customer loyalty.” But with quality food and competitive portions, it’s hard not to return to Hana Sushi. While Hana Sushi is a traditional Japanese restaurant, some of its dishes are a little more modern. The Red Dragon Roll, a personal family recipe and customer favourite, is a spin on the popular Dynamite Roll and is

topped with spicy mayonnaise. ingredients used, even the staple California Roll is worth And for those wanting a to try a little bit of everything, stopping in for. the lunch box combinations Whether you’re looking to include a sushi roll, tempura, simply enjoy your favourite salad, soup and the daily special. sushi roll, or try something new, Hana Sushi is the perfect place The menu at Hana Sushi also includes many of the to rediscover Japanese food. traditional Japanese items, Hana Sushi is located at but that doesn’t mean they’re 45300 Luckakuck Way. To anything ordinary. make a reservation call With all sauces made in604-847-0305. house and only the freshest

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Special Features - Let's Eat - Spring 2016  


Special Features - Let's Eat - Spring 2016