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Colourful building would be a wonderful view To the editor: I have just read Susan Roberts’ letter to the editor: Who Allowed ‘Garish’ Paint Job?” (April 13 Capital News) and am shaking my head. Her complaints regarding the exterior paint colours of her neighbourhood’s Buddhist church, “hideous green and blue stripes” was surprising to read. Susan questions why City Hall has allowed such a paint job to be permitted, and states that the paint job will “trash a Kelowna neighbourhood.” Seriously? I live about three city blocks from her, closer to the downtown core and wish the only “trash” in my block was a bright

and colourful paint job. I would pick such a view any day over the Kelowna prostitutes and crack addicts I regularly see out my front window. The green and blue stripes Susan calls “tasteless” are far more appealing than the garbage on my street and the young men who like to stop and use my bushes to relieve themselves as they make their way home from the downtown bars all summer long on weekends. I wish my problems in my neighbourhood were as simple as Susan’s dislike of the “apparition (that) now assaults us.”

If I could only get the people who park in front of my house to stop blocking my driveway, double parking illegally and using the road instead of my lawn to walk on to avoid the mud, I’d be happy, never mind the rest of the stuff. If this is the only serious complaint Susan has that motivates her to write the editor of the local paper then she should consider herself very lucky. Besides, what a wonderful, clean, colourful change to now have in a neighbourhood. Tracey Reynolds, Kelowna

From the Web on WFN medical centre Re: WFN Moves Forward on Health Facility, April 5 Capital News. To the editor: Just remember folks, if you use this facility you’ll be paying your own bills. Joe Stretch To the editor: This is a great idea, it will increase jobs in the area and attract new physicians— what could be bad about that? Janice Lawson


To the editor: (1) Degradation of the current health care system. (2) Brings in a two-tiered health care system where those who have the money can circumvent normal wait times. (3) Special privileges for the rich who can afford to pay the price for private service outside of the health care system (health care for the rich). (4) History shows that where there is a

matically you don’t support the other four incumbents. So, in singling out and denouncing the four shunned incumbents the FourChange group engaged in blatant overkill. On the Phil Johnson open line show, the leader of the FourChange group was upset that the CD-21 zone plan was defeated. He strongly chastised and accused those councillors who turned the CD21 down on third reading as being irresponsible and unworthy of being re-elected. However, he failed to tell the public that a decision at third reading isn’t written in stone. The majority of the public wanted the CD-21 plan

turned down and so the council turned it down at third reading. This represents good judgement and responsible government. Also, the FourChange leader failed to reveal that the CD-21 was unworkable and doomed from the start. It required almost all land owners in the area to agree and participate. If a few key property owners didn’t cooperate then much of the CD-21 area could have been held in limbo for many years or forever. The real reason for the nastiness and unethical behaviour of the FourChange group is that they and their business buddies didn’t get their way with

Sleepless on Sunday morning To the editor: The world is becoming more aware of noise pollution and how it affects mental and physical health. Sound is vibrations which enter the body, decibels perceived as pleasant or unpleasant, safe or threatening. Sound is unpleasant or threatening when we perceive these vibrations as damaging to our total health and well being. Kelowna is becoming unpleasant and possibly unhealthy in regard to noise pollution, more

and more each month, each year. I pay my fair share of taxes, utilities, strata etc., to live here in a residence close to the lake. I don’t need the extra stress from noise waking me up like on a recent Sunday morning, or obtrusive noise affecting my life in general when there are ways to prevent this increasing sensory assault. There is no reason why one individual who decides to use a chainsaw to trim his trees, or mow his lawn with a power

mower should be allowed to disrupt an entire neighbourhood. There are alternatives—use a quieter machine, ideally solar powered—and don’t do it on Sunday morning. The neighbour mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are loud boats on the water, construction nearby at Pandosy Street for over a year and at least three garbage removal companies on this street scheduled for different days. Each day as the truck backs up there’s that loud annoying

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the CD-21 plan. Minority business groups like FourChange and their buddies in the Urban Development Institute, the Chamber of Commerce, etc., arrogantly believe because they have business licences, own property and chase profit this gives them special entitlement. Being spoilt in getting their way, they go ballistic when things aren’t handed to them on a platter. When their inflated business egos get bruised they become revengeful bullies. The business network spent lots of cash on misleading propaganda to replace the four shunned incumbents with four new

pro-business councillors. Unfortunately, now we have a very weak council influenced, manipulated and led by the network’s business agendas. This domination and control by the rich business bullies is a threat to the stability and sustainability of Kelowna and it undermines democracy. To liberate and restore Kelowna and safeguard democracy why not muzzle the snarling, swaggering business bullies and put them into the public’s dog house where they belong?

beeping sound. Let’s pressure our city council and get this prob-

lem resolved in our former paradise. V. White, Kelowna

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two-tiered system, the better doctors work for the privatized industry (more lucrative) leaving the lower quality doctors to provide services through the public health care system. How many more reasons do you need? Interesting concept. But, my feeling is that if they want to build and operate a facility outside of the current health care system in Canada and British Columbia, they should receive absolutely no public funding from taxation or the public health care system. If it is private, it has to be private all the way. Ken Lungle

Business bullies belong in public dog house To the editor: In his March 23 Hodge Podge column, former councillor Charlie Hodge stated that he thinks the last election was the dirtiest ever. Yes it certainly was. I was born and raised here and can attest that it was the most vengeful and unethical I have ever seen. Business groups like FourChange spent lots of money promoting their chosen four pro-business incumbents on council and telling the public not to vote for the others. Supporting incumbents is usually as far as it goes during an election. Logically, if you support four incumbents then auto-

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Kelowna Capital News, April 19, 2012  

April 19, 2012 edition of the Kelowna Capital News

Kelowna Capital News, April 19, 2012  

April 19, 2012 edition of the Kelowna Capital News