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Mayor, Hockeyville organizers claim Hockeyville prize Wade Paterson STAFF REPORTER

Mayor Doug Findlater joined West Kelowna Hockeyville co-chairs Adam Less and Andrew Deans in front of council chambers on Tuesday for a ceremonial signing of the $25,000 Hockeyville runner-up prize declaration. The community is expected to receive the money by late April— then it will be up to West Kelowna council to decide where the money goes. “We’ve identified over $1 million in upgrades to both arenas,” said Mayor Doug Findlater. “The big one is in Jim Lind. It’s an old building. It’s had some upgrades in terms of roofing and so on before. The issue in that building is the floors— with the ice apparatus underneath them—don’t last forever. “That needs to be redone before we have a catastrophic event. When we do that, the good news is that the boards will come out and be replaced com-

pletely and the plan is to put the new boards back in the same configuration as they are in Royal LePage.” Findlater said such an improvement will allow a new dry floor to fit in both arenas. “It just gives us more utility. Whether that will happen with this money or not, I don’t know.” He added that the Hockeyville committee will be consulted when deciding how to use the funds. The $25,000 cheque isn’t the only thing that Hockeyville has brought West Kelowna. Along with the community pride and national exposure, West Kelowna minor hockey will also be receiving 50 sets of hockey equipment from Canada Newswire. Canada Newswire accidentally released the Hockeyville results 12 hours early on March 31. To help make up for its error, Canada Newswire offered to send 50 sets of hockey equipment to each of the four finalist com-

munities that didn’t win. “I’m thrilled that they’re doing that. Ultimately, getting involved in Hockeyville from the very beginning, it was about benefitting the kids and minor hockey and the community in general,” said Less. “So anything that anyone does to benefit them is nothing but good. I’m really pleased to see that Canada Newswire specifically took some accountability for what happened on that final day and made an effort to reach out to us and make some amends, so we’re very happy with that.” As Findlater, Less and Deans signed the prize declaration, the three reminisced on the Hockeyville run that took centre stage in the community for over four months. “If you think about late 2009, early 2010, I for one was cynical about the Olympics,” said Findlater. “But it wasn’t very long before we were really into the Olympics— it really did a lot for our communities in Canada.


WEST KELOWNA HOCKEYVILLE co-chair Andrew Deans, (left) Mayor Doug Findlater and co-chair Adam Less sign the $25,000 Kraft Hockeyville prize declaration on Tuesday while Coun. David Knowles looks on. I think Hockeyville was a little bit like that. We started off slow, but then everybody in the whole area really caught this wave.” Deans said that the

bond between Westside hockey organizations and the district also strengthened from the campaign. “I think the relationship between minor hock-

ey, the Warriors, the District of West Kelowna and all the user groups in here benefited from Hockeyville,” said Deans. When asked if there

will ever be another push to make West Kelowna Hockeyville, Deans said, “Never say never.”


Breakfast benefits villages in Ecuador Wade Paterson STAFF REPORTER




BRIANNE MOORE, leader of Mount Boucherie Secondary School’s Global Service Club, serves breakfast during Friday Take Action drive-through breakfast. t

For a small donation, West Kelowna residents had the chance to cure early morning hunger pangs and help a good cause on Friday, April 13. Students at Mount Boucherie Secondary School concluded the school’s Take Action week with a drive through breakfast fundraiser to raise money to build a primary school in an impoverished area of Ecuador. The Take Action week included an NGO fair, a fundraiser for the lo-

cal food bank, a fundraiser for famine relief in the Horn of Africa, a zinc deficiency awareness event and Friday’s drive through breakfast at Canadian Tire in West Kelowna. Irene Maier, department head for student leadership and the Global Service Club sponsor at Mount Boucherie, said that Friday’s fundraiser helps Free the Children: A charity that empowers youth to remove barriers, which prevent them from being active local and global citizens. “Mount Boucherie has been involved with Free the Children pro-

jects for about five years. We raised enough money to build a primary school



in Africa and we actually went to Kenya. I took a group of students to Kenya, we saw the school,

the water system and the medical clinic—everything that we built. It was really empowering for the students,” said Maier. “Ecuador was another part of the world that students were interested in and it’s another place that Free the Children works.” The students who ran Friday’s drive through breakfast belong to the Mount Boucherie Global Service Club as well as the senior leadership class. Brianne Moore, leader of the Global Service Club, said that Friday’s event was a success. “It’s been really good. We had huge donations


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from community sponsors. . .everyone was coming from off the highway.” Moore said that there are 15 members in the Global Service Club, all of whom are committed to making a difference both on a local and global scale. Maier said the event was a success overall. She added that the flow of traffic was perhaps indicative of the hardworking nature of the Westside. “It was extremely busy at 6:30 a.m. There are lots of early risers on the Westside.”

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