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Young reviewers give two thumbs up to The Hunger Games The Paramount Theatre recently partnered with Dr. Knox Middle School to reward students with a special screening of The Hunger Games movie. The students had an opportunity to write a review of the movie for prizes and here are the two winning reviews. Mandy Jong CONTRIBUTOR

As a book, The Hunger Games was story created from the imagination of one writer. Its many pages were filled with detailed settings and fascinating characters, luring eager readers into its world. The story is set in a dystopian future where a powerful, centralized government rules over 12 impoverished districts that are barely surviving Third World conditions. The creative minds of the young readers expand as their imagination takes them on an exciting journey in this new world. Now, this wildly popular novel has been transformed into a spectacular movie. It portrays the ideas and thoughts you have imagined in a fast-paced film and explodes your mind with favorite characters that seem like they jumped right out of the book. You can now see with your own eyes the bloody arena come to life and witness where the technologic, barbaric government sacrificed young girls and boys to fight to their death. The reason behind this inhumanity is mainly as a reminder for their rebellion against the Capitol. The film has reborn, recreated and given life to the novel, not only with the plot and characters but also with its special effects. The costume design and sound/music showed a skilled assembly of visual and auditory focus which added on-screen artistry. I loved how the The Hunger Games related to our real life society and government because it depicts the exact future that the “global elite” are trying to create. In fact, most of the events that have been shown in The Hunger Games have already start-

WINNING REVIEWERS Denby Huber (left) and Mandy Jong, with Ashley

ed. I thought that the actors portrayed the characters exceptionally well, especially Jennifer Lawrence, who I thought was perfect for the role of Katniss, the girl on fire. Also, I was not expecting the Capitol to be so ravishing in high-tech technology and the parade of fashion, makeup and style was beyond imagination and absolutely fascinating because of the color choices But I disliked how parts of scenes and important details were cut out or shortened. For example, it seems odd and sad that we only see Rue (tribute from district 11) for just a short amount of time—hardly enough to introduce her—and suddenly she gets killed, leaving her death too quick in my opinion. I understand this is one of the challenges of turning a novel into a movie and understand the difficult obstacles made for the directors and screenwriters. So I give a hand to the hard working producers of this quality film. Overall, this exhilarating movie appealed to my liking so I would rate it 4.5 out of 5. This is the type of movie that keeps you awake at night, distracts you when you are think-

Kruger (centre) of the Paramount Theatre. Their reviews of The Hunger Games movie won them prize packs from the movie’s distributor.


ing and boosts your energy sky high when you hear the familiar music of the trailer playing somewhere in the background. I would definitely recommend others see this superb film. May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor Denby Huber CONTRIBUTOR

The Hunger Games remains number one at the box office. The movie line up extends down the block. The book seems popular due to the number of copies sold. Having read the book first, I feel the movie missed some key parts. I preferred reading the book prior to the movie. It gave me a better understanding of the characters and the lives they led. I wished for a lit-

tle more from the movie. It still followed the story line well and was the most amazing movie I have ever seen and ever will see. Goodbye Twilight and hello Hunger Games. I have seen the movie twice and still feel the same emotions; excited, nervous, sad and curious. Sitting in a theater for 2 1/2 hours has never been better. All eyes were glued to the screen, filled with love and hate, fighting, blood, and perseverance. It is complex, unexpected and superb, with many amazing moments of suspense. The actors definitely portray their characters extremely well. Scenes the book did not include. It makes Twilight look boring. So, all you Hunger Games fans, let’s get ready to see what happens next in the marvellous country of Panem.v

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Kelowna Capital News, April 19, 2012  
Kelowna Capital News, April 19, 2012  

April 19, 2012 edition of the Kelowna Capital News