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Cover Story)….by Damien Prout

“To the Hip-Hop you don’t stop; to the Hip-Hop you don’t have never been spoken. This particular hip-hop phrase a the role of old school Hip-Hop and how it is still relevant 2013.

The resurgence of old school Hip Hop as produced big do shows for local promoters for the last few years. Most rec Hip-Hop icons hit the DPAC stage. NAS and DMX came t rocked the Durham Performing Arts Center like never be show being hosted by Grammy Award ® winning Producer know they SOLD IT OUT!!!

True to form, Hip-Hop did what Hip-Hop always br eclectic and dedicated group of true Hip-Hop heads...all rac es were in attendance to represent for the Hip-Hop Nati was treated to a fuel injected explosion of some of the tunes ever laid on a track.

quit!!!Truer words accurately defines t and prevalent in

ollars and sold out cently, two lyrical to the Bullcity and efore and with the r 9TH WONDER you

rought together an ces, sexes and agion. The audience greatest Hip-Hop

NAS & DMX were the first but not the last…R&B Sup up; followed by the “Kings J, Ice Cube, Public Enemy will be another banner yea

t hip hop super stars to hit DPAC per Group GUY and BBD are next of the Mic” Tour featuring LL Cool y and De La Soul. Looks like 2013 ar for Hip-Hop.

Oh it’s not over….On May 18th, The Bull City is doing it again with the 44th Annual Bimbe’ Cultural Arts Festival. This years featured performers: Old School Hip Hop Group Naughty by Nature.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON THE 44TH ANNUAL BIMBE FESTIVAL Be sure to get to the Bimbe Festival early!!! Old School Hip-Hop Legend DOUG E. FRESH drew a crowd of over 10,000 fans.

We would like to give a special shout out the: The DOME GROUP, Inc., DPAC, and The City of Durham Parks and Recreation Department for keeping REAL Hip-Hop alive and well in the Bull City.

By: Damien Prout

In August, 20 by my doctor that I

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first, face this cance

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I am a man th

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have been around th

times. So why is it s

me a slip! A slip tha

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have to work hard to

As a result of I’d lost my job! I’d

011, my life changed. I was informed

that I’d lost my mind! I had friends kick me to the curb

had cancer! I remember looking into

and I had local family but they never came to check on

g her, “Ok, what do I do next? What

me. Unless you’ve gone through chemo and radiation,

he detailed these life-changing events

you will never be able to really grasp the pain, chastise-

ot being fully aware of their impact at

ment (is there a better word) and mental anguish a person

it as another of life’s challenges as a

goes through to survive! It disappointed me to see so

ows it is not what we do that makes

many that have full choose not to care about those that

when faced with life changing situa-

they say they love. It is hard to live when this happens

f disbelief, I chose to prepare for the

and every friend and every family member should rally


around that person. No matter how far away you live, try

was diagnosed, my first book had just

and be there for that person! IT REALLY DOES HELP

had started a clothing line called ALL

WHEN YOU CALL OR VISIT THEM! I have since for-

of these ventures, I had been feeling

given them though. I am a man that loves everybody be-

focused but after the diagnosis, I was

cause GOD put that in my soul.

nty. On the one hand, I knew that my

Family, I love life, and I love GOD! I will make it

ayed and that I would be all alone in

to the levels that I want to, and so can you! Why is it so

new on the other hand that in order to

hard? Because she (life) is hard. We can make it easier by

better life, I was just going to have to

pushing ourselves and having those around that believe in

er and then knock it out in the first

us! Work hard and remain steadfast in the Lord. I am

on did to his opponents!

working hard so you can be enlighten! I am going to make

hat has faced odds many have not. I

it! I promise you that…………….! I will beat this cancer!

d met people that many never will. I

he world twice and some places three

You’re Man in the Streets and your heart,

so hard? I met life and she is handing

Terence Merritt

at says good job my son, but I am not

fight, fight, fight! We all can make it!

g. You have to work for it and you

o get it.

f my cancer, I’d lost my apartment! lost my girl, and sometimes I knew

RESTORATION Throughout our lives we’ve experienced times when it appears the sun is shining upon us and other times when it seems there’s nothing but rain clouds and pain. I want to tell you it’s all a part of God’s plan for us. His plan is to make you better than before, and it’s called Restoration! First, if you find yourself in a place where there seems to be nothing but pain and failure, and it appears whatever you touch does not work out in your favor, seek God’s love, and He will pull you out of it! I promise! I’ve been there many times, and it was not all of my doing. I’ve made some mistakes that have reduced me to levels I never would have believed I ever could reach, but God was always steadfast and provided a bed for me to lay in. He carried me and provided all that I needed in times of pain and uncertainty. Remember that “when you are going through hell you have to keep on going”. Only by pushing forward will you be able to escape. If you are going through a situation that is not favorable to you, seek God’s

hand first. Pray and pray and then pray again, but keep the faith and let the past fall to the wayside where it belongs. Your situation could be worse. Be encouraged. We all have these times when the sun does not shine on us for months but trust in Him that it will shine once again. Second, eliminate those that hinder your progress and success. You know who they are. It could be a friend, family, a mate or even your own old ways. Don’t allow any one or any thing to veer you off the path of success and happiness. Finally, keep your faith! God’s presence surrounds you all day so why not have continued faith all day? Faith affords us the ability to be better people thus better to others. Life is a precious gift from God. Unwrap it and see how magnificent it truly is. It’s one of happiness, beauty, love, companionship, family, success, enjoyment and occasionally some pain! Accept it all as a part of God’s plan. If you keep the faith, God will supply the rest. He will restore you but the change starts with you. Simply pray, ‘Yes I will be restored! God is here in my heart and in my life.’ If you do this and believe it, God will place you on the doorstep of restoration. Take one step at a time. Climbing stairs isn’t easy for some but know that God is assisting along the way and will lead you there.

Your man in the streets and in your hearts. I love you all! Be happy people…PLEASE Terence Merritt

“Let life flow over you like water. Water has moved mountains, shaped lands, and supported life! Let life flow over you like water!” (Terence Merritt, 12/2012)

Next week I’m turning 45. To some, 45 isn’t an old age but to me it is looked upon as a rite of passage. For me, it’s a new me and a new life. I’ve shared with you my thoughts about love, the opposite sex, relationships, building yourself, and believing in yourself but today I am going to converse on the rite of passage, MY rite of passage. At some point in our lives, we’ve all concluded that we need to make a change and/or change is forced upon us. Time waits for no man and neither does growth. Many years ago, I was asked when was I going to grow up. I was of the mentality that life was to be enjoyed with no regard

for goals and accomplishment. Howe

valuable gift to be utilized wisely and it has to offer.

I never wanted to be the man th en a car as fast as it could go on the A things I have enjoyed. Although I hav tions and the actions that accompany about what in life hit you hard) At 44 love, life, God’s earth and the beauty w This was a changing of the guards at t focused man. Do you have this focus? when you make those changes and you are making because you know they ar change!

It has taken 44 years, 11 months change! I am going to become the ma It is a hard road ahead but I have alrea ing down this road with my head high found, your own personal rite of passa

Your man in the streets and in y

ever today, although I’ve grown up, I still believe that life is to be enjoyed but recognize it is also a positively. I am experiencing, loving, learning, teaching, being, and most of all enjoying life and all

hat never did nor ever tried. Have you ever watched the sun rise over the ocean? Have you ever drivAutobahn? Have you ever made love in a park at three in morning? These are a few of the exciting ve so many more things I would like to do, some of them even childish, I am able to curb the emothose desires due to my growth. It took life to hit me hard to embrace this mindset. (Talk a little 4, I figured, If I don’t do it now, when will I? Where do I start? So I searched for the pleasures of within it, and I found happiness like a child in a 44 year old man’s body. This was my rite of passage. the gate of my mind and life. I see myself as more cultured and refined, but for the most part, a more ? Have you come to the age or a time in your life that you see your rite of passage? This is the time u stick to them. You seek to do the things that matter to you, and you feel great about the choices you re wise ones. You look back and you know what you’ve learned and you make better decisions. You

s, and 1 week before my 45 th birthday but it is here, and I am making the change! Really making the an I always knew I was, and I am going to capture those dreams that I have always wanted to fulfill. ady been down those rough roads before, and I am still here. The difference is that this time I am goh. This is my second shot at life and I’m seeking happiness again. I hope that you too will, or have age into your new life and the new you!

your heart, Terence Merritt

TDE Presents

Kendrick Lamar: The good kid m.a.a.d city World Tour featuring ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock

Red Hat Amphitheater - Raleigh June 23 Kendrick Lamar will play Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh on June 23. Special guests ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock will open the show. Tickets will go on sale Friday April 12 at 10am at, the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion and the Duke EnergyCenter box offices, all Ticketmaster outlets or charge by phone at 800-745-3000.

The 46th Annual HAMPTON JAZZ FESTIVAL JUNE 28 - 29 - 30 The festival will take place over a three-day period at Hampton Coliseum on June 28, 29, 30 and will feature some of the greatest names in R&B, Soul and Smooth Jazz. Friday’s lineup will feature two of Hampton Jazz Festival's favorite performers- Gladys Knight and The O'Jay's, not only will they each sing their own hits but they will perform many songs together. Joining Gladys will be festival favorite KEM, who never ceases to amaze. Rounding out Friday's show will be Leela James, an up and coming artist whose hit "Something's Got a Hold on Me," will certainly get a hold on everyone in the audience.

Saturday’s lineup features the three lead singers from New Edition, this time calling themselves Heads of State. Individually Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant & Johnny Gill would be great, but together as a group they are sure to knock fans out with their performance. Also appearing will be Fantasia, whose new album is climbing the charts like never before. And as icing on the cake, George Benson, long-time Festival favorite joins Saturday's show. Also, to add a bit of local flavor the Forte Jazz Band feat. Brian Pinner will open the show.

Sunday's show will feature the fabulous Jill Scott, who rocked the house last year and will certainly be a wonderful closer for the 46th annual Hampton Jazz Festival. Appearing with Jill will be the super-hot trio, TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank). Smooth jazz returns to the Festival with perennial favorite Bob James & David Sanborn feat. Steve Gadd and James Genus. Fans will also delight in this year's Sunday opener, Karla Crump, well-known throughout the Tidewater area.

Please note the following traffic advisory: Due to a large crowd anticipated at a concurring event at Hampton Roads Convention Center on Saturday, March 23rd, traffic and parking may be a challenge at the Coliseum. If you are planning to purchase tickets in person at Hampton Coliseum Box Office this Saturday, please plan to arrive early and allow extra time. Your patience is appreciated. To avoid unnecessary delay please consider alternative ticket purchasing options, which provide the same ticket access; charge-by-phone at 1-800-745-3000, online at, and at all Ticketmaster outlets. Tickets to the 46th Annual Hampton Jazz Festival are priced at $58.50 per seat, per day, plus applicable fees. Tickets will go on sale this Saturday, March 23 at 10 am online at, charge-by-phone at 1-800745-3000, at all Ticketmaster Outlets, and at the Hampton Coliseum Box Office. Additional Festival information is available online at

THE 5TH ANNUAL CAROLINA JAZZ CONCERT SERIES – 2013 SAXOPHONIST NAJEE WITH SPECIAL GUEST, ALEX BUGNON Saturday, August 3, 2013, 8 PM Halton Theater - 1206 Elizabeth Avenue - Charlotte NC 28206 Individual tickets on sale now! call the box office at 704-330-6534 or CLICK HERE TO SELECT YOUR SEAT

Blackopps Entertainment April 2013 Edition  

Blackopps Entertainment April 2013 Edition

Blackopps Entertainment April 2013 Edition  

Blackopps Entertainment April 2013 Edition