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Green Your Wedding

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We host the largest and only nationally-accredited bridal show in South Dakota. We spare no expense with our events and are known as the upscale, bestorganized bridal showcase in the area.

This website offers brides the opportunity to build a bride profile page, connect with vendors and have access to articles and resources. It is also the #1 bridal website in the state of South Dakota! The wedding planner, shows and website all work together offering local bridal companies maximum exposure to local brides for a minimal investment, and the brides love all three! For more information as a bride or bridal company, contact us: Black Events & Advertising Inc. 3313 S. Western Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57105 (605) 332-6000

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Your Wedding


osting an environmentally friendly wedding is not only healthy and fulfilling, but easy and fun too! You can plan a beautiful wedding without sacrificing your green principles. From the simplicity of selecting a venue which recycles its bottles and cans, to purchasing renewable energy certificates to offset guests' transportation emissions, there is now opportunity to incorporate eco-principles into every moment of your wedding.  Brides, cut down your guest list! You want to share your day with everyone but smaller, more private affairs will also cut down on your wedding's environmental impact. Fewer guests mean less wasted food products, less water flushed, less soap dispensed... you get the drift. Ah, the rings! Green friendly options exist here too. Purchase a set of vintage wedding bands instead of new. Antique stores and flea markets are the perfect place to find thousands of unique vintage jewelry pieces. Or why not have grandma’s ring resized? This also lends a heartfelt way to celebrate family. When it comes to waste, paper is a huge challenge around the globe. Purchase invitations created from recycled materials. There are hundreds of new products on the market made from handmade, reclaimed cotton as well as recycled fiber and materials. Find a printer who uses soy ink instead of the alternative petroleum-based ink. Soy has low levels of volatile organic compounds, which reduces air pollution by minimizing toxic emissions. Go totally green with e-vites online and skip the paper

all together! There are FREE websites that will allow you to design and email your invites. On average, couples in the United States spend anywhere between $14,366 and $43,098 on their wedding*. A large portion of that is the food. Consider serving localized organic fare at your reception. This may include featuring local and organic wines and beers as well as locally grown food. When stocking the bar, opt for spirits made from organically grown grains. Brides, eating locally encourages the use of local land for farming, thus keeping development in check while preserving open space*. Brides making their own food are also encouraged to shop for local organic items. During summer months, contact your local visitors bureau for fresh markets in your area. With a myriad of alternatives for decorating, eco-conscious brides should consider wedding rentals for glass vases, centerpieces, linens, etc. How is this green? You are not buying new, but reusing. Fun touches include table centerpieces made from recycled containers filled with real grass grown by the couple, a fresh fruit or flower arrangement, or even a recycled container filled with field rocks or quartzite

Carmen's Photography


stones. Try to incorporate favors that are beneficial to your guests and the environment such as organic honey, flower seeds or tree seedlings; all are inexpensive and unique gifts. Take it a step further and thank your guests with a donation in their name to a green organization. Offer an additional small favor as a token of your appreciation by giving your guests sugar-coated almonds or mints in paper bags that you made yourself! Flowers are often a focal point of the wedding. Go green by finding a florist who uses local, organically grown blooms. This will reduce the amount of emissions consumed in the growth and transport of these floral arrangements. If you grow your own flowers, avoid using all chemicals. Soy candles are a great replacement for flowers all together. Soy is a natural resource and fully biodegradable without soot and chemical emmissions. Bamboo or dried arrangements instead of fresh flowers also offer a refreshing spin. How can you “green” your wedding day style? Some gowns are being made from green materials like organic silk, hemp and even bamboo. These offer a great alternative to customary bridal gowns. When shopping for your gown, consider a bridal consignment shop. Many of these gowns have never been worn. Brides can save hundreds of dollars on a gown in consignment due to a calledoff engagement, discontinued bridal shop samples and overstock, all still bearing the original tags. In addition to brides gowns, consignment shops carry dresses for prom, mother of the bride and selections for any black tie or special event. Even if you don’t buy from consignment, consider bringing your dress to a consignment shop after your wedding.

Don't buy new! Reuse! Use recycled containers or glass vases and fill them with real grass, a fresh fruit arrangement or fill with field rocks or quartzite stones.

You can inexpensively offset the greenhouse gasses emitted by your guests who have traveled to your wedding by encouraging public transportation as an alternative to driving. Find a reception site within walking distance of the ceremony and guest accommodations. If this is not feasible, encourage guests to carpool. If you have guests staying in town for awhile, suggest they rent a hybrid vehicle as opposed to a gas-guzzling SUV. To offset the remaining emissions, purchase carbon bonds which will contribute to projects that restore the environment. Wedding registries are utilized by 94% of couples today. The average gift registry runs between 8-14 pages. If you multiply that by just 50 guests who print your list, the damage is a whopping 700 pieces of wasted paper. Encourage your guests to view your gift registries online and make purchases online or write down ideas on one sheet of paper before heading to the store. Avoid china and crystal you will never use. Register for energy saving small appliances, organic linens and home décor made from recycled materials or renewable resources like recycled glass, bamboo and acacia wood items. The planet will appreciate your contribution. Green wedding showers are easier than you think. Skip plastic table covers that are a huge waste and unoriginal. Instead, incorporate cloth linens and napkins that can be reused. Skip plastic plates and silverware and use glass or ceramic from home. If this is not feasable, consider biodegradable options such as flatware made from 80% potato starch and 20% vegetable oil (they start at only $5.00 and can be found at, bamboo (which naturally decomposes within 4-6 months) or Bagasse (a biodegradable and compostable by-product that

Whenever possible use biodegradable options such as bamboo plates, forks, knives and spoons.

Haylie Snow Photography



comes from the process of refining sugar and is made into cups, plates and other fun items found at Host the event at an outdoor location like a park where no heating, cooling or lighting is needed. Finally, forgo shower games that produce needless waste and find games that don’t require any props. If you think that you can’t afford or find a green locale for your honeymoon, you’re wrong! If you plan on honeymooning locally, take advantage of things such as a week in a rustic log cabin with a wood burning stove or snuggled together in a tent at your favorite local campground or national park. When using ground transportation on your honeymoon, rent a hybrid. If your heart is set to travel abroad, you can still implement your green side while lying on a beach. Begin by looking for resorts that are eco-friendly. Green Globe is a certification given to resorts that are eco-friendly; there are 27 to choose from in Jamaica alone. Visit these websites for ideas on honeymooning green style: www. and Whether you go wedding shopping with your green cloth shopping bags or completely greenerize your wedding, every little effort adds up. When you examine the evidence, you cannot afford not to utilize green-friendly practices. After all, we have ONE Earth and ONE chance to make a difference! ❤

- Resource *(2005-2008). Average Wedding Cost. Retrieved July 8, 2008, from the Wedding Report Inc. Web Site: *West, Larry. “How Does Eating Locally Grown Food Help The Environment?” E/The Environmental Magazine. July 2008. 28


• 46% of home energy consumption is actually energy loss! Unplug

small appliances, hair dryers, TVs, radios, etc. when they are not in use. You will save tons of energy and the real green... money!

• Laptops use 75% less energy than desktops. Also, shut them off at the end of the day.

• Switching from regular incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent

cuts energy consumption by 60%.

• Keeping your tires inflated properly will improve gas mileage by 3% and every gallon saves 20 pounds of CO2 emissions.

Green Web Sites Green Invitations Green Cosmetics Offset Emissions Eco-Resorts Other Green Websites


Ready! Set!



hen trying to fill the “something old” portion of the traditional saying on your wedding day, vintage is a perfect avenue to turn to. Vintage jewelry and accessories will provide unique accents to your wedding that offer a distinctive look. Vintage accents can be great for your attire or your décor. A good place to start when searching for that perfect necklace, bracelet, hairpiece, veil, ring, centerpiece or decoration is the Benson’s Flea Market. This market offers a wide variety of vintage items, jewelry and accessories. It has a rummagestyle set up with unlimited opportunities for finding that perfect piece. Vintage jewelry is also the perfect bridesmaid gift and will accent their gowns wonderfully.

reception. For the final touch, continue the vintage theme by placing black and white photos of you and your husband and all of your family members in antique frames around the reception.

Another great place to look for unique vintage wear is your grandma’s attic. Your grandma, great aunts and mother may have years of “stuff ” stored away just waiting for you to rescue it! Other places to look for vintage items are rummage sales, thrift stores, antique shops and online auction sites.

When it comes to vintage the ideas are endless and will showcase your creativity. The more creative your wedding is, the more you’re going to impress your guests. So don’t be afraid to use vintage and other creative ideas to bring your wedding to the next level. Vintage shopping will save you money on jewelry, accessories and décor, allowing you to spend more elsewhere! Happy thrifting! ❤

Vintage cake toppers can be very eye-catching and the perfect way to top your cake. To match the topper, consider buying a vintage cake knife and server. For another great accent, purchase vintage Candelabras. When placed on mirrors with candles they will set a warm, cozy mood for your wedding

Something fun for everyone at...


Flea Market


The largest variety market around with new and used items!


EXPO BUILDING - SIOUX FALLS FAIRGROUNDS Benson’s Flea Market runs the 1st full weekend of every month from September - May. If there is a holiday on the first weekend the flea market moves to the 2nd weekend.

Saturdays 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. & Sundays 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

More info at www.Blackincevents.coM


Preparation & Planning

Relationship Building, Counseling, Bridal Shows, Budgets & To Do Timeline There is a 31% lower divorce rate for couples who had counseling before marriage. Those who attend church have more access to marriage seminars and couples weekends. Bridal shows in the US draw 30% of the brides planning weddings. Over 6,000 shows occur each year.


Isn't Living Together Good Enough

Preparation for Marriage? J

essica, a student in a relationship class at the University of Sioux Falls, recently asked, "Isn't living together good enough preparation for marriage?" Most professional therapists agree that it is not. It can, in fact, dramatically increase the chance for divorce, up to 66%. Jessica thought living together would help both individuals know if they were right for one another; she is not alone. A majority of young adults believe that living together before marriage is the best way to avoid divorce. Lots of evidence contradicts that belief. Cohabiting partners tend to share these traits: • have a weaker sense of couple identity • have less willingness to sacrifice for the other • have lower relationship satisfaction • have a lower desire to see the relationship go long term • have less romance These characteristics multiply with the number of previous live-in partners each have had. What could be hurting the chances of cohabitating couples to experience successful and satisfying marriages?

2) A man may not view his live-in girlfriend as his lifelong soul mate. Stanley also points out that a man generally does not have the same standards for a live-in girlfriend as he would for a potential wife. He may continue to be “on the lookout” for his soul mate as he is living with his girlfriend. He says a man’s thought process may reinforce this view.       

“I’m happy here for the time being, sleeping with my partner and letting her care for me in various ways but I am not sure she’s really ‘the one’ for me. I’m biding my time here while I keep looking around or until I decide that she is the one.” 3) High risk cohabitating couples tend to choose marriage more than high risk couples not living together. Dr. Stanley theorizes that living together creates a higher potential for divorce because it triggers forces that make marriage more likely. The fit between the partners may have been poor from the beginning.  What couples may not realize is that ending a cohabiting relationship is more difficult (practically,

1) Both sexes view living together very differently. A woman tends to enter the live-in arrangement with a firm sense of commitment and sacrifice, but a man tends not to be as serious. Dr. Scott Stanley, a research professor from the University of Denver, says that a man understands that the “real” step of commitment is when the legal step of marriage is taken, not the movein together. Stanley says, “On average, marriage changes the average man in the direction of greater responsibility and sacrifice to a female partner”.  



financially, emotionally and socially) than ending a dating relationship. This can move these couples into marriage with a hesitant conclusion of “maybe I do,” instead of a highly desired and committed decision of “I do”. Making the step from living together to committing to marriage at the altar is significant. This means that pre-marriage counseling is incredibly pertinent to cohabiting couples. It's a way of learning how to successfully make the transition from one kind of relationship to another. What can pre-marital counseling or classes do for us? Whether you are living together or not, receiving good skill-based, pre-marriage counseling or classes can reduce your risk of divorce by 30% to 50% and lead to a significantly happier marriage! It can also reduce the stress and challenging dynamics while preparing for the wedding.   The best time to get the maximum benefit from marriage preparation is a year before the wedding. Once you’ve been married for about a year, negative habits and relationship patterns will start becoming established and start becoming harder to resolve. There are many areas pre-marriage prep will help you explore:   • the strengths you have and how to use them during stressful times • areas in your relationship needing more growth to keep your marriage going strong • how to be assertive with your partner in helpful ways • how to listen well and help your partner feel understood • ways to calmly and creatively solve areas of conflict • understanding how your family background impacts you and your relationship • taking a look at solving financial decisions • defining your personal, couple and family goals • ways to avoid or break negative communication cycles

Pre-marriage prep can also “red flag” critical dynamics. Don’t be afraid to face possible warning signs before going down the aisle. It is far easier to face these issues before the wedding than after! Relationship researcher, John Gottman, talks about four relating styles that could move a relationship toward crisis. He calls them the “Four Horseman." Horseman 1: Criticism. Criticism goes beyond complaining, it attacks your partner personally. Horseman 2: Contempt. This is the most poisonous and worst of the four horsemen because it conveys disgust through name-calling, eye-rolling, mockery, hostile humor and sneering. Horseman 3: Defensiveness. While this can be a natural response when someone is attacking you, you’re saying in effect, “The problem isn’t me, it’s you.”  This usually makes things worse.  Horseman 4: Stonewalling. While criticism and contempt lead to defensiveness, eventually this cycle causes someone to totally tune out and constant conflict avoidance is a top reason for divorce. Do any of these horsemen exist in your relationship? If they do, you need to face making important changes if you want this relationship to work. These horsemen do not have to doom your relationship but you have to be devoted to making permanent changes in your relationship habits. Whether you are living together or not, committing to marriage does carry with it major transitions. Marriage prep can help you through them and increase your chances of having a highly committed and lovingly compatible marriage. Who does pre-marriage preparation? Many churches, counselors and coaches offer some type of pre-marital prep. You can find a local counselor specializing in pre-marriage prep or you can take your personalized online couple inventory. Go to The University of Sioux Falls offers pre-marital prep classes as well. You can find more about that at: www. Click: Course Offerings>Learning Institute Workshops. ❤

- Laurie Chaplin, Heartstrings Sioux Falls, SD 9


MARRIED? ...then come to the #1 bridal showcase in the state! Nationally Accredited



For more information, contact Black Events & Advertising Inc., 605-332-6000 or

Why Attend a Bridal Showcase? M

ost girls grow up dreaming about their wedding day. When that magical moment happens and prince charming slips a ring on your finger, you immediately beam with excitement. It has finally happened… you are getting married! This should be a piece of cake, right? Once reality sets in the stress of planning can get in the way of the excitement. Bridal shows are a great option for any bride-to-be. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or need help generating ideas, this is one stop you shouldn't miss! Go ahead and be picky about your wedding plans; you deserve the wedding of your dreams. Whether you are looking to solidify major details such as selecting your ceremony or reception sites, or all those finer details such as decorations and invitations, bridal shows offer you a one-stop shopping experience. The Black Tie Bridal Showcase, held twice annually, is nationally-accredited and offers the area’s largest and finest selection of wedding service providers. You can expect to see all sorts of bridal companies: photographers, DJ’s, reception facilities, caterers, cake makers, dress shops, tuxedo rentals, videographers, limos, hair dressers, makeup artists, jewelry companies, invitation designers, florists, musicians, gift registries, party suppliers, travel agents and more. Make the most of your visit to the bridal show by interviewing possible vendors you still need to book. You will be able to compare prices, products and personalities of the consultants, samples of their work

and even make reservations that day. With any luck, you can get some of your wedding plans out of the way. But be aware that most service providers require a deposit upon reservation. Take your time and talk to everyone, and make sure you have your checkbook ready in case you find the perfect fit! Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals or a list of previous customers from the wedding vendors you are considering; then check out those references thoroughly. If a company refuses to provide a list or indicate they do not have references available, proceed with caution. Make sure to view several samples of their work, then if you feel completely comfortable, you could still book their services. How better to help get your wedding details underway than by receiving free gifts. Bridal shows offer couples the opportunity to win valuable door prizes worth thousands of dollars. To make registering for those prizes easy, bring along return address stickers so you do not have to fill out numerous entry slips. If you’re lucky you may even win a free honeymoon package. Organizing your wedding can be a huge job, so arm yourself with your most trusty girlfriends and head to the Black Tie Bridal Showcase. Make sure you go with an open mind, don't forget your address labels, and most importantly, have fun! ❤

- Kari Black

Black Events & Advertising Inc.


A Blended Family and a

Healthy Marriage


aintaining a healthy marriage takes work, especially when it involves bonding stepfamilies, also known as blended families, into living together successfully. Your Partner: Make sure you are spending plenty of time with your partner. You’ll want to use the first few months after your marriage to strengthen your relationship with your spouse, but making the transition smooth for your new kids can easily consume all your attention. Schedule regular alone time with your new spouse to keep that relationship healthy and growing. Children: 65% of remarriages include children from a previous relationship. While parents are most likely to approach a remarriage with excitement and great expectation, children may have uncertain feelings about the new marriage and changes. As the new parent to your spouse’s children, be sure to discuss ahead of time what level of involvement you will have in disciplining your new children and the type of discipline to be used. It is important to act as a single unit, using the same parenting approaches and techniques. Arguing with your spouse in front of your new children could encourage them to act in the same way toward you. If you are the one bringing children into a new marriage, be careful not to show favoritism. Avoid coddling your own children, but don’t overcompensate by favoring your new stepchildren.

new parent. Trust takes time; remember to stay realistic and be patient. Try to maintain the status quo as far as activities and daily schedules go. New family members and a new home are stressful changes for you and the children. Try to create a sense of stability by keeping some aspects of your lives the same. Former spouses with visitation rights will also appreciate this. The Ex-Spouses: Whether it’s your's or your partner's, the previous spouse is the “ex” for a reason. For the success of your new marriage and your children, try to work out a civil relationship with your ex-spouse. Carrying the baggage of resentment and anger from your previous relationship can cloud your judgment in doing what is best for your children. Don’t exclude your ex-spouse when you make decisions about the children. Do try to include your new spouse in the decision making, as well. With plenty of love, patience and understanding, blended families can have a second chance at living happily ever after… after all! ❤

- Resource

If a child in your new household is recovering from the loss of a parent, give them space and time to grieve and learn more about how to be supportive. Children of divorced families may have a difficult time adjusting and even trusting the



Making a Marriage Doesn't Have to Feel Like a Chore


he marriage-saving phenomenon that started it all!... Dr. Gary Chapman uses real-life examples from over thirty years of marriage counseling to illustrate the five distinct languages people use to express love. You’ll understand why you feel the way you do and you’ll acquire indispensable methods for helping your spouse feel loved. The Five Love Languages can breathe life into your marriage. Dr. Chapman’s book may be the answer for understanding your significant other’s emotions, feelings and overall attitude. Chapman says, “Being sincere is not enough. We must be willing to learn our spouse’s primary love language if we are to be effective communicators in love.” Chapman’s book goes on to explore the five ways that people speak and understand love. Gary believes, “The important thing is to speak the love language of your spouse.” To speak clearly to your spouse, you need to understand his or her love language. This book will help you communicate in an effective manner that will lead you to a successful and satisfying marriage. Seeking guidance during an unhappy marriage is key to conflict resolution and this book will give you the necessary tools to understand and resolve your differences. ❤

Pick up a copy of The Five Love Languages and all of Gary Chapman’s works at your local bookstore or go to

-Moody Publishers Chicago, Illinois 13

Vendor Information Questions to ask all vendors you hire for your wedding, big or small! ❤ Do you have liability insurance? ❤ Is there a deposit due and when? ❤ When is the balance due? ❤ What is the cancellation policy? ❤ Do you accept credit cards? ❤ How do you handle unforeseen issues? ❤ Do you have a backup plan if something goes wrong on our wedding day?

General Vendor Hiring Hints ❤ Ask friends and family to recommend service providers and venues that were satisfactory. ❤ Talk to your friends who were recently married. They are an excellent source of knowledge. ❤ The first question to ask potential service providers: Do you have my date open? This will save you time and energy if they do not. ❤ Meet with several vendors in each category before you hire any particular one, even if you really loved the first one you met. ❤ Be sure to conduct an interview with a potential vendor, regardless if you have several great referrals for him or her. Your personalities might clash, indicating a wrong fit for you. ❤ Ask for a tour, samples, demos, previews, pictures and referrals from all your vendors before they are hired. Don’t just take their word for it. ❤ Once you find a vendor you want… don’t wait, book them!

General Contract Guidelines ❤ Look over the entire contract. If you don’t understand something, ask them! If you have an

attorney, you may want them to review the larger contracts. ❤ Make sure your contracts all have the date, time, location and a detailed description of all services and items to be provided by the vendor. ❤ Make sure the contract includes ALL fees and how they apply: late fees, overtime charges, gratuities, open-ended charges, etc. Also make sure they include times, if time sensitive, and try to put a cap on prices if they could get out of control. ❤ Contracts must stipulate the deposit amount, due date and all payments and amounts due. ❤ Do not sign if you do not agree with any part of the contract. Instead, negotiate the details and have a new contract drafted that you feel comfortable signing. ❤ Make sure you get a copy of the contract before you leave with both signatures and the date singed.



Wedding Day Emergency Kit A checklist of things every bride should have on hand on her wedding day. Be prepared! Copy this list and check off items as you assemble your kit.

GROOMING Hand lotion, wet wipes Tissues Cotton balls, cotton swabs Makeup Makeup remover Nail polish in shade worn Nail polish remover Nail file Tweezers Small grooming scissors Small hand towel Lint brush

Curling iron, hot rollers Hair dryer Brush, comb Hairspray, hair gel Bobby pins, hair elastics, barrettes Headband/clips Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss Mouthwash Baby powder Deodorant Perfume Tissues

ATTIRE “Throwaway� garter Clear nail polish for runs in pantyhose Extra earring backs Extra buttons Flat shoes for the reception Extra pantyhose

Safety pins and a sewing kit with thread Masking tape or sewing tape (for last-minute ripped hems) Small scissors (for thread) Club soda or other stain removal solutions Iron and/or steamer

Antacid Aspirin, pain relievers Upset stomach remedy

Bandages Feminine hygiene products (tampons, panty liners, etc.) Antihistamine, cold remedy, any prescription medications


MISCELLANEOUS Extra copies of directions to reception Small flashlight Breath mints Folding utility knife Duct tape Cell phone and phone numbers of all wedding participants Snacks Cooler with juice, sodas and bottled water Contact information for all vendors


Preparation & Planning

Your Wedding Budget

Beauty, Health & Fitness

Parties, Gifts & More

Bride’s Hair










Gym Membership/Weightloss


Teeth Whitening

Bridal Party Gifts


Groom’s Gift


Bride’s Gift


Parents' Gifts


Gifts for Wedding Attendants






Bridal Shower



Skincare Treatments

Bachelorette/Bachelor Party

$ $








Bridal Fashions:

Engagement Announcements


Wedding Gown




Veil & Headpiece


Reply Cards




Thank You Cards


Shoes & Hosiery


Save the Date Cards

Other Accessories

Guest Book & Pen

$ $

Bridesmaids' Dresses

$ $



Flower Girl Dress(es)




Groom’s Attire


Place Cards


Socks, Shoes, Tie, Etc.




Groomsmen Formal Wear

Maps/Direction Cards



Guest Accommodation Cards






$ $





Preparation & Planning

Your Wedding Budget



Her Engagement Ring


Officiant Fee


Her Wedding Ring


Location Fee


His Wedding Ring


Marriage License


Ceremony Jewelry


Ring Pillow


Bridesmaid Jewelry

Unity Candles


Custom Engraving

$ $

Isle Runner


Sizing & Sottering


Other Rentals












Site Fee


Reception Hors d’oeuvres




Reception Dinner


Chairs & Tables


Bar Setup Fee




Keg Bar Fees


Dance Floor

Cake & Cake Stand

China & Glassware

$ $

Corkage Fee

$ $

Serving Pieces


Punch, Mints & Nuts


Decorations & Supplies













Preparation & Planning

Your Wedding Budget

Ceremony Music:




Bride Bouquet




Bridesmaids & Flower Girl




Ceremony Flowers


Other: ________________


Reception Flowers


Altar Flowers Mother/Grandmother Corsages

$ $

Reception Music: Cocktail Hour Musicians


Other Helpers' Corsages




Groom Boutonnieres




Dad/Other Men Boutonnieres


Other: ________________




Head Table Flowers


Cake Flowers, Guest Book







Photography: Engagement Photos


Wedding Night Suite


Wedding Photos


Guest Accommodations


Digital Files




Photo Albums


Additional Prints



Custom Framing



Videography: Videographer


Final Video & Copies


Unedited Video





$ $


Beverage Fees


Parents' Transportation


Tips or Gratuity







Preparation & Planning

Your Wedding Budget

Beauty, Health & Fitness:


Parties, Gifts & More:


Invitations & Stationery:


Bridal Fashions:




Ceremony :




Food & Beverage:












Misc. Items:


Honeymoon & Travel: Passports








Meals Spending Cash

$ $







Misc. Items: ____________________









$ $




Your Total Wedding Budget =

$ 19

Wedding Coordinators W

edding coordinators don’t have to be expensive, contrary to popular belief. In fact, they can help you save in some circumstances... save time, save money, and most of all, save your sanity. Unlike the movies, wedding coordinators are not always glued to the bride’s side for the entire planning process. Brides may hire a coordinator for just the wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly, for help with just some of the details or for the entire event. They are at your beck and call to do whatever you wish and are thrilled to help. From the start, a coordinator will save brides time by doing the early research on vendors. Experienced coordinators have worked with many of the industry professionals and are able to provide solid recommendations for the hiring process. Plus, you are able to reap the rewards of their close relationships with other bridal professionals in the form of discounts and added perks. The coordinator's main goal is to get you the best service for the lowest price. They can work wonders with a limited budget by stretching it to create the wedding of your dreams as they can.

As the mouthpiece for you and your groom, your coordinator will most likely handle ordering your flowers, hiring your DJ, finding the caterer and even making guest favors. Therefore, it is important to be sure you have communicated your ideas completely. Making sure you set boundaries, expectations and detailed responsibilities will allow for a smooth process. Finally, knowing what to ask when interviewing candidates is essential. Be sure to ask specific questions: How long have you been in business? Do you have a business license? Do you charge an hourly fee, flat fee or a percentage? How many weddings have you coordinated? Finally, ask to review a portfolio of previous weddings they have planned. â?¤

- Resource

Your coordinator must be able to interpret your vision so getting to really know him/her is vital. This person will be your friend, organizer, negotiator, tough guy and shoulder to lean on for many months. His/her ability to remain calm in the face of adversity is the key to a seamless wedding day. Being knowledgeable about wedding etiquette and wording is a huge bonus. Be sure to check if the coordinator is certified by any associations. This will lend credibility and help you make the right decisions.

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Name Change Dilemma I

f you've decided to take your new hubby’s name after the wedding, you must make it official. Contrary to popular belief, obtaining a marriage license that uses your new last name does not mean you've changed it. Start with your Social Security card and driver's license so that the rest are easy to change. Here's a list of the basic steps to solidify your new name. 1. Get Proof: Get your certified marriage license; be sure it has a raised seal to prove it's authentic. Call the office where your license was filed to get copies if they are not automatically mailed. 2. Social Security Card: Contact the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213. An automated system will talk you through the name change process. Your new card will be free! Or just head down to the local office and file paperwork there.

3. Driver’s License: Visit the Department of Motor Vehicles, which requires you to make a personal appearance. You will need your new social security card or your certified marriage license. 4. Fill in the Blanks: Once you have a social security card and driver's license in your married name, other changes should be fairly easy. Some institutions only require a phone call; others may ask for a copy of your marriage certificate or social security card. Be sure to notify: • Employers • Post Office • Phone Company and other Utilities • Banks/Financial Institutions for Savings and Checking Accounts • Credit Card Companies • Schools and Alumni Associations • Voter Registration Don't forget to get your new name on these documents as well: • Passport (Do not do this before the wedding. Your passport name must match the name on your ticket and all other travel documents! It's easier to take your honeymoon with your maiden name.) • Mortgage or Lease • Will • Insurance Policies • Financial Advisors • Magazine Subscriptions

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Preparation & Planning To Do Timeline

Shortly After Engagement

6 - 9 Months

3 Introduce families 3 Have an engagement party 3 Set wedding date 3 Get organized and keep track of details and vendor

3 Narrow down the guest list 3 Have each family compile guests' current addresses 3 Apply for permits pertaining to reception such as

3 3 3 3 3 3 3

information Meet with all parties financially responsible Set overall budget and sub-budgets Assign expenses to all parties Interview and hire wedding coordinator Attend wedding shows and related events to gather information Select and secure ceremony location and officiant Select and confirm inclement weather plan if outside location Select and secure reception location and catering Interview wedding photographers and videographers

3 3 3 Secure photographer and videographer

9 - 12 Months 3 Start workout/weight loss program 3 Take engagement pictures 3 Send engagement announcement to local papers with photo 3 Select and confirm the bridal party 3 Select colors, themes and details 3 Start shopping for bridal gown and bridal party attire 3 Start guest list 3 Select and secure cake designer 3 Research floral preferences and start wish list 3 Interview and hire ceremony musicians/vocalists 3 Book a DJ/band 3 Start planning honeymoon and meet with travel agent 3 Apply for passport, if needed 3 Meet with officiant and schedule premarital classes


3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

parking, fireworks, alcohol, etc. Order wedding gown allowing time for 2-3 fittings Get a swatch of fabric from gown for matching accessories Select and order bridesmaid gowns Shop for accessories: bra/panties, hosiery, headpiece, veil, petticoat/slip, gloves, jewelry, wrap/shawl, handbag, garter, etc. Start looking for formal wear – take your fiancé to match styles Consider purchased vs. rented suits or tuxedos Purchase groom’s wedding band Purchase bride’s wedding band Buy additional jewelry insurance Purchase wedding day jewelry for everyone Get your rings sized and engraved Investigate ethnic customs and cultural traditions to incorporate Purchase wedding insurance Start planning your ceremony music and song selections Start looking for decor, rentals, etc. Schedule a tasting with your caterer Book rehearsal dinner and caterer Meet with florists to start selecting flowers Send all deposits due Select and book transportation Reserve wedding night suite Block guest rooms Make honeymoon down payment


Preparation & Planning To Do Timeline

4 - 6 Months

2 - 4 Months

3 Review and select gift registry(s) 3 Start skin care treatments or have consultation 3 Make plans for any dental work 3 Start looking at party favors 3 Decide on a personal wedding logo concept 3 Finalize guest list and send save the dates 3 Select and order invitations and personalized stationery 3 Prepare maps/driving directions 3 Prepare guest accommodation information 3 Prepare list of area attractions for out of town guests 3 Hire calligrapher 3 Order personalized items like napkins and ribbons 3 Order personalized party favors and gifts 3 Attend first fitting; bring shoes, lingerie and accessories 3 Have bridesmaids schedule and attend fittings 3 Shop for mothers' dresses or attire 3 Get fitted for purchased men's attire requiring tailoring 3 Order all men's attire after fitting 3 Select cuff links, shirts, ties, etc. and order if getting

3 Schedule teeth whitening 3 Set up hair and makeup appointments 3 Schedule a spa day bridal party for week of wedding 3 Get blood tests/physicals for marriage certificate 3 Attend second fittings 3 Start dance instruction classes 3 Engrave cake server, knife, etc. 3 Select and order gifts for bridal party, parents, etc. 3 Mail all wedding invitations 3 Purchase or make guest book 3 Have programs designed and printed 3 Mail rehearsal dinner invitations 3 Choose and reserve formal wear if renting; have all the

monogrammed 3 Make reservations for all wedding rentals 3 Double check all reservations with wedding vendors 3 Discuss menu and finalize selections with caterer 3 Finalize all ceremony music: prelude, attendants’ processional, bride’s processional, ceremony/interludes, recessional and postlude 3 Provide musicians with all sheet music 3 Start song lists for reception and dance 3 Finalize honeymoon plans 3 Assign and confirm wedding responsibilities with friends and family (coordinator, reception tables, greeters, host/hostess, etc.)

men fitted

3 Choose what groomsmen will be wearing: ties, bow 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

ties, cummerbunds, etc. Finalize times for rehearsal with officiant Finalize and purchase final decorations, ring pillow, flower girl basket, garter, candles, toasting glasses, favors, centerpieces, card box, disposable cameras, etc. Choose readings and readers; provide for practice Finalize details with cake designer Purchase cake topper Finalize fresh flower order Create photo montage for reception Make list of photos you want taken with both families Finalize transportation details Meet insurance agents to ensure all insurance is in place Plan bridesmaids' luncheon Schedule vacation from work Confirm ceremony details and ceremony music Get any immunizations needed for honeymoon


Preparation & Planning To Do Timeline

6 - 8 Weeks

2 Weeks

3 Schedule to start tanning

3 Make groom hair appointment for cut/color 3 Test run with hair designer and makeup artist 3 Get ring sautered 3 Schedule and have facials 3 Get waxed for him/her 3 Attend spa and relaxation day for bridal party 3 Deliver welcome bags to hotel for guest rooms 3 Write out placement cards for assigned seating 3 Prepare wedding announcement for the newspaper 3 Pick up wedding dress: try it on one last time 3 Write any toasts or words of thanks for reception 3 Tally guests' meal count & inform caterer 3 Arrange for cleanup after ceremony & reception 3 Confirm all arrangements with ALL your vendors 3 Put all final payments due on wedding day in envelopes 3 Confirm out-of-town guest reservations with hotel 3 Assemble wedding day emergency kit, including:

(spray tans no closer than 1 week before wedding)

3 Plan bachelor/bachelorette parties 3 Recruit friends to help with party favor assembly 3 Have all bridal showers 3 Follow-up with guests who have not RSVP’d 3 Mail shower and party thank you cards 3 Set up your final wedding-dress fitting 3 Verify all groomsmen were fitted, purchased suits, had final fitting (wear dress shoes to fitting)

3 Finish pre-marital classes 3 Confirm all ceremony and reception details 3 Decide on wedding vows 3 Finalize the ceremony contents with officiant 3 Double check when all final payments are due 3 Schedule floral preservation for bouquet 3 Have photographer and videographer visit all sites 3 Finalize details with photographer and videographer 3 Prepare contact info for all wedding vendors 3 Get shoes dyed 3 Put together children’s party favors/entertainment kits

4 - 6 Weeks 3 Buy gift for fiancé 3 Pick up wedding rings 3 Plan seating arrangements for reception 3 Decide on order of reception including toasts, dinner,

3 3 3 3 3 3 3

sewing kit, clear fingernail polish, extra nylons, hairspray, stain remover wipes, etc. Pack all accessories: jewelry, veil, shoes, panty hose, ect. Delegate post wedding tux returns Get information for name change Confirm rehearsal plans and finalize guest count Apply for marriage license Mail itinerary to wedding party and those involved Confirm and make final honeymoon payment

cake cutting, etc. 3 Finalize music selections: first dance, father-daughter, etc. 3 Go over music selections with DJ/Band 3 Get box for cake top 3 Line up sitters for children at ceremony 3 Attend final fittings for everyone 3 Practice bustling wedding dress



Preparation & Planning To Do Timeline

1 Week

Night Before Wedding

3 Have bachelor/bachelorette parties 3 Wrap wedding party gifts 3 Practice on site with musicians and vocalists 3 Print out several copies of the seating chart

3 Rehearse the ceremony details with

3 3 3 3 3

arrangements for those seating guests Make arrangements to decorate the reception location Finalize seating arrangement Make mints and finish favors Start packing for honeymoon Break in shoes and scuff the bottoms

1 -2 Days 3 Pickup rented men's attire and try on at shop 3 Finalize envelopes with payments and cash tips 3 Confirm rehearsal time with those involved 3 Deliver your wedding gown, bridesmaids' dresses, accessories and other items to ceremony site if they can be safely stored

Day Before Wedding 3 Decorate the ceremony location 3 Decorate the reception location 3 Get manicure/pedicure done

wedding party 3 Discuss seating details with ushers; practice 3 Show parents and grandparents where they will be seated 3 Give marriage license to officiant 3 Finish any ceremony site decorations 3 Have rehearsal dinner 3 Give gifts to wedding party 3 Make arrangements for vehicles to be delivered to reception site on the wedding day

Day of Wedding 3 Have a nice breakfast and drink lots of water 3 Wear a button up shirt to your hair and makeup 3 3 3 3 3 3

appointments Allow plenty of time to get dressed Take photos before or after ceremony Get witness signatures on the certificate Make payments that are due Remember thank you card for officiant Relax & Have Fun!

After Wedding 3 Return tuxedos to rental shop 3 Go on your honeymoon 3 Send out all final thank you notes 3 Make sure insurance information was properly changed 3 File for name change 3 Change name on all insurance, home, car, bank accounts, etc


Preparation & Planning Questions to Ask! Questions for Wedding Consultant/Planner ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Do you have a portfolio with photos of weddings you’ve planned? Do you have a business license? How long have you been in business? Are you certified? By what association? What is your fee? Do you charge hourly, a flat fee or a percentage of the total wedding budget? If the fee is hourly or based on a percentage, are you willing to put a cap on the total fee? Can we hire you to plan the entire event? Can we hire you to help with just some of the planning? Can we hire you to help on the wedding day only? What details do you handle? What details won’t you handle? How many meetings should we plan to have? Can we conduct business by phone, fax or email? If site has been selected: Do you know the catering manager/events planner at our site? Do you have vendors you’ve worked with in the past? Are there a few you like for each service or just one vendor for each?

❤ ❤

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Do these service providers offer your clients discounts? Do these service providers give you a personal financial incentive to work with them, aside from any discount that we may receive? What would the process be for selecting and hiring vendors for our wedding? Do you like to take complete control or do you welcome our ideas and participation? Will you be on hand the day of the wedding? How many other events will you be organizing that day? How many people on your staff will be at the wedding? How long has your staff worked with you? How will you (and your staff) be dressed? Do you have liability insurance? How does the payment schedule work? What is your cancellation policy? Do you have references? If hiring consultant to be at wedding: What happens if you are ill on our wedding day? Do you require meals? Will you travel if necessary? Will there be additional expenses for parking and travel?

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Beaut y, Healt h & Fit ness

Hair, Makeup, skin care, Weight Loss, Fitness 4 out of 5 brides want to lose weight before their wedding. The average bridesmaid is a size 12. 62% of brides and grooms start a workout routine prior to the wedding. Products containing alpha hydroxy acids make the skin look younger and more radiant.


The finishing touches...

Your Hair & Makeup!


n your wedding day, you want to look spectacular. There are so many details to consider but your hair and makeup are the finishing touches. Robyn Thompson of Artist Hair Studio gives brides this advice before their wedding: “Consult with the stylist who will be styling your hair for your wedding a few months prior to the big day. Your stylist should recommend the proper treatments needed to add strength and/or shine for the wedding day. If your hair is not strong enough to hold a curl all day, you may need protein treatments. If you want softness and/or shine, she/he may recommend moisture treatments.” 

a smooth, classic texture with a lot of shine. If the wedding is romantic and the dress has lace, the hair should compliment with medium texture and soft movement.” Be sure to bring photos of your headpiece, veil and any hair accessories you plan to incorporate into your hairstyle. The trend for specialty styling seems to be wearing hair down to show off the length, texture and health of the hair.  Kelli Hunt Photography

Robyn also says that when making decisions about your hair and makeup, you should think about the overall look and feel you are going for. Is the mood of the wedding romantic, trendy, natural or formal?  Scheduling a pre-wedding consultation with your hairstylist is a must! During the consultation, it’s a good idea to give your hairstylist a vision of the dress. This will help her/him use your hair to compliment the look and mood you are going for. “If the wedding is formal and the dress has a smooth texture, I would recommend the hair to also have



The wedding location is another important factor to consider when choosing your hairstyle. Hair for an outdoor wedding is best with natural movement. You may not want to worry about your hair being out of place if a breeze comes up. If your hair moves with the breeze, it can look great in photos! Hair for an indoor, evening wedding can have more structure and elegance without worry.  During your pre-wedding consultation, perform a trial-run on the hairstyle itself. It’s a great idea to take a few photos of yourself in the dress with your trial-run hairstyle. Do the textures compliment? Do you like the style of your dress with your hair up or left down? The volume and elegance of the hair sometimes seems too big or too much until you try your dress on. Take photos of your hair. You may use the photos on the big day to show your stylist any changes you want to make. Doing a pre-wedding makeup consultation is recommended. Wedding day makeup is a must for every bride, even if you don’t like wearing much makeup. Whether you plan to book a professional makeup artist or do your own makeup for your wedding, consider the style of your wedding, the colors chosen as accents and most importantly, your skin tone. Choose colors that compliment your skin tone. Your makeup should enhance your beauty but not change your appearance. Focus on either your eyes or on your lips and underplay the other with more neutral tones. Don’t overdo it; keep it soft and natural. Be sure to prepare your skin in advance by exfoliating and moisturizing regularly.

Go to

for more hair & make-up tips! Studio Blu Photography

Using these tips can help you prepare for your big day so you are completely ready to say, “I do.” ❤

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Complete Your Wedding Day Look!

Are you overwhelmed yet? The decisions/choices involved in planning a wedding seem limitless at times. These stresses not only fall on the bride but the mothers of the couple as well.

Photo by: Artz Photographic

W hite-Carpet-Ready...

...forewhenealleeyes areeoneou!

Relax and rejuvenate before your wedding day with skin-enhaning treatments from The Body Garage. Our medical grade products and staff of skin care professionals will help you look your best! SERVICES INCLUDE: Chemical Peels | Facial | Make-up Application Eyelash Growth | Microdermabrasion & more!

Call today to make your appointment:


Let’s step back and examine the most important choice. The groom! This is a life-changing event that warrants considerable reflection. So, assuming you have the right groom… your love produces an authentic glow from within. You don’t need a skin care professional for that! They can, however, ensure your complexion is ready to display your bliss. When all eyes are on you, looking your best is important. Everyone’s skin is different and aestheticians can take the guesswork out of skincare. They will make specific recommendations for products and treatments that will maximize your skin’s health. Places like The Body Garage can also offer customized makeup options to complete your wedding day look! But let’s not forget about the mothers! This is a time for mothers of the couple to shine too. In preparation, moms may want to rejuvenate by taking advantage of medical-grade products and services to freshen their look. Choosing licensed professionals with highly trained staffs, such as Dr. Howard at The Body Garage, will ensure top-notch service. These medical professionals offer a variety of treatments including Botox, soft-tissue fillers and laser therapies for a younger, healthier look! So consider a free private consultation for yourself and your mom(s) with the skincare experts at The Body Garage. ❤

- The Body Garage Sioux Falls, SD 30


De-Stress with a

Couple’s Massage

Wedding planning is stressful. There are decisions, payments and timelines. If you are lucky, your friends, family and fiancé’s family get along and are supportive of you and your plans. If not, then you are juggling opinionated people and conflicting personalities. Just watching one episode of “Bridezillas” is enough to stress anyone out – imagine living it! For your sanity and the sanity of everyone around you, take time to de-stress and unwind during your engagement. A massage is a great way to do exactly that. Massages promote health and build the immune

We offer Couple Massages!


system. They help release muscle tension and alleviate neck, back and shoulder pain. Massages can promote healthy sleep patterns to help you rest your mind for clear thinking and decision-making abilities. Being healthy, free of pain, well-rested and clear-headed will make wedding planning easier on everyone. Having a couple’s massage with your fiancé is a great pre-wedding treat. Learning to relax together is as important as learning to live with each other. Having each of you de-stress at the same time will help you work together toward the ultimate goal – wedded bliss! The masseuse can give lessons on relaxing and on sensual massages as well. Learning these techniques will help you to relax or spice things up for years to come. ❤

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Tru Massage Therapy

Bridal Party Special Relaxation, Restoration, Recovery

Mention this ad and receive $20 off couples massage or 10% off a bridal party.

Schedule 3 or more people and receive 15% off each person or 50% for the BRIDE! Call to make appointment:


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ongratulations on your engagement! You most likely have a year of planning ahead of you and are consumed with a million things to do. Skincare should be at the top of your list. Here are some ways to get your skin in great shape before the big day. One year before your wedding, you should start with laser hair removal. Every bride wants her underarms, bikini line and upper lip hair free. These treatments will leave those areas with 80-95% less permanent hair reduction and take approximately 7-12 months to complete, so plan ahead! One year to six months pre-wedding, you can start getting microderm abrasion treatments or chemical peels. These procedures remove dead skin cells and ultimately brighten skin tones, evening out your overall complexion. Repeat them once a month up to the wedding. Use a medical grade organic microderm, as there is no down time with these treatments. Your skin will glow, making the perfect palette for your makeup. If you are looking for more dramatic improvement such as controlling breakouts, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing scarring, reducing redness, eliminating sun spots or even unwanted fat and cellulite, then laser and light treatments are better options for you.

Getting Your Skin in Great Shape Before

the Big Day! 32

Once your skin is wedding day ready, finding the right makeup will be the key to creating a flawless look. One month before the wedding, set up a trial makeup application. Once the perfect combination is discovered, the same look can be reapplied on your wedding day. Lazaderm takes your personal preferences into consideration as a licensed aesthetician creates the perfect look for you. Beautiful skin is just a phone call away. At your free consultation at Lazaderm, Dr. Hansen will discuss all your options then customize your treatment plan. â?¤

- LazaDerm Sioux Falls, SD


Something just for you for Your Special Day

Your Hands In the Spotlight


our hands will never enjoy as much time in the spotlight as they will on your wedding day while showing off your ring and bouquet. It’s important to pre-groom your hands and nails before your big day. Taking care of your nails regularly will help them grow strong and look nice.

Kelli Hunt Photography

Breast Augmentation • Breast Lift • Breast Reduction Abdominoplasty • Liposuction • Chemical Peels BOTOX • Facelift • Browlift • Eyelid Surgery • Nose Surgery Restylane, Juvederm™ and Radiesse Injections Ear Surgery • Medical Strength Skin Care Products • Lasers for: Hair Removal, Skin Resurfacing, Tattoo Removal, Vein Treatment, Removing Brown Spots

Vaughn H. Meyer, MD, FACS** • L. Patrick Miller, MD* J. Anthony Breit, MD**

**Certified American Board of Plastic Surgery & American Board of Surgery *Certified American Board of Plastic Surgery Board Certified Specialists in Plastic Surgery

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Be prepared by pampering yourself with professional manicures weekly or doing regular at-home “manis” about six months before your wedding. A nourishing cuticle oil or nail balm should be applied daily. At night, use a moisturizing hand cream and place heated mitts on your hands for a least 10 minutes. Be sure to protect your hands from harsh chemicals and detergents as these will cause dryness and make your nails weak and brittle. If you naturally have weaker nails, you should consult with a nail technician. Should you decide to wear artificial (acrylic) nails and it’s your first time, be sure to have your set of nails applied a few days before the big day so you can become accustomed to how they feel. Planning ahead is the best way to assure you have great looking hands and nails on your big day. Oh!... and don’t forget about your feet. Plan that pedicure too. Not only will you want great looking toenails at your wedding, but also perfectly soft feet for your wedding night! ❤ BEAUTY, HEALTH & FITNESS

Before you say “I do,” do something special for your friends. Treat them to an aromatic Aveda experience based on Ayurveda — the ancient healing art of India — and our own pure flower and plant essences. From facials and pedicures to hair and makeup services — each is a ceremony in itself.

Ask us about the bride’s package special! Locations in

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Stunning Eyes Y

Pure, Safe and Botanically-Based

Joyce Wermers, Regional Vice President 605.873.2593 or 605.520.4678 Visit my website at This ad has been created and funded by an independent consultant.

our eyes can make all the difference for your wedding day appearance. To make your eyes look absolutely stunning, avoid heavy eyeliner. This will only make your eyes look smaller. Instead, accent the outer corner to make your eyes look almond shape.     Pass on the fake lashes. They can cast a shadow below the eyes and make you look tired. The best way to accentuate your lashes is to curl them before applying mascara. ❤ 35

Radiant Skin

at any age!

For your wedding day glow... experience the difference of a medical spa. Vivaz Medical Spa offers a fresh approach for women of all ages who seek tangible results for optimum skincare. Make an appointment to receive your customized Vivaz Skin Plan for Life™. Our clinically trained staff has the tools and expertise to create your personalized guide to achieving and maintaining healthy, radiant skin for a lifetime.

Botox • Fillers • Laser and Skin Rejuvenation Medical Microdermabrasion Chemical Peels • Facials • Massage 5019 South Western Ave. • Suite 130 • Sioux Falls, SD 57108 (605) 328-9770 • (888) 315-0882 • Hours: Monday: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Tuesday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Wednesday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Thursday: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Friday: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Bridal Boot Camp O

nce you find the dress of your dreams, be sure you put forth the effort necessary to ensure you will look your very best in it. You will want to focus on and play up the assets that your dress will show off. In addition to your regular healthy diet and cardio program, try adding these specific exercises to your regimen. Each exercise should be done 3 times a week in sets of 10 reps and 4 sets per day. Halter, strapless and open back dresses will feature your upper back. Tone those muscles including lats, traps, rhomboids and deltoids by trying the dumbbell raise. Grasp the dumbbells with your arms in front of you, palms facing your body. Slowly raise the dumbbells up until your arms are straight out in front of your chin. Lower slowly and repeat. (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Gowns with straps or plunging or sweetheart necklines will draw attention to your chest. Those muscles include your pecs and deltoids. Try doing a dumbbell chest press. Lie flat on the floor with your arms forming an “L” shape. Extend arms upward until arms are straight over your head and elbows are straight. Then lower using a controled motion. (Fig. 2) Spaghetti straps, halter and strapless dresses all feature the arms and shoulders, including your biceps and triceps. The dumbbell shoulder raise will allow you to tone those areas. (Fig. 3) Hold the dumbbells with your arms bent at a 90 degree angle and palms facing your body. Lift your arms over your head until fully extended. Lower and raise again. Form-fitted, sheath, column, hourglass, mermaid and trumpet style dresses cling to the body, emphasizing the belly, butt and thighs. Your abs, obliques, quads, glutes and hamstrings are the focal points. (Fig. 4) The dumbbell lunge can work most of those areas. Holding the dumbbells straight at your sides, take a large step forward. Keep the back leg straight and bend the front leg as you descend as far as you can. Then step forward with the back foot now making this the front bent leg.

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

For more exercise options, be sure to enlist the help of your local gym trainer and fitness experts. After all, if you are serious, nothing is better than having your very own bootie kicker coaching you all the way to your wedding day! ❤

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“catch up”

’ Don

pe for your wedding... a h s n i t e og t t i a tw

Come relax before and after your wedding in our dry sauna, whirlpool or steam room. Stop by and set-up an appointment to experience the benefits of a relaxing soothing massage from trained and certified massage therapists.

Start Today!

• One-on-One Personal Training • Personalized Group Training • Wide Variety of Group Classes

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Weight Loss G

etting in shape before the big day is a common concern for most brides, but resorting to drastic measures or diet supplements will only set you up for failure. You may lose weight quickly but you will likely gain it all back within days. If you want to look your best for your wedding day, it is important to remember that weight loss not only takes time, but patience and a strong work ethic. Following a workout regime and eating healthy will help you lose those pesky pounds. Experts believe that married people tend to gain more weight over the years than singles or people who are widowed or divorced. Research also shows that newlyweds gain weight at a faster rate than their single peers. To avoid becoming a statistic in this category, it is important to utilize your weight loss techniques even after your wedding. A lot of diet plans on the market claim to be foolproof but it is important to find a plan that will work best for you and your body. Doing ample research is important to finding such a plan. Diets today guarantee quick results but these strategies are likely to be dangerous and not permanent. Wedding planning is already stressful so it is important to plan ahead and achieve your weight loss goal with an ample amount of time. You may consider joining a health club or hiring a personal trainer to assist you. A nutritionist might also be of assistance if you want to set up a well-balanced diet. Sticking to a workout regime is significant to achieving weight loss but so is setting a weight loss goal. Researchers say a weight loss goal of a pound a week is reasonable; anymore than that and you may find your body reacting in an unfavorable way. It is recommended that you set a short-term goal, as you will be more likely to accomplish this. Enjoying short term success will keep you motivated and

therefore keep you from becoming discouraged. The following advice is simply to aide you in your dieting efforts and may not work for everyone. Stick to what works best for you and you will eventually see results. To achieve sensible and lasting weight loss before your wedding, try eating smaller portions, limiting sugar, high-fat and high-caloric foods, incorporating more fruit and vegetables into your diet and opting for lean proteins and lower-fat dairy products. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle takes the moral support of both you and your new partner. Keep each other motivated by coming up with new and exciting recipes to cook for each other. Not only will you continue to lose weight, you will also get to spend quality time together in the kitchen. It’s a win-win situation! Consider the following tips for avoiding post wedding weight gain: • Keep a well-stocked pantry and refrigerator. Not having enough food or enough healthy food will result in too many trips through the drive-thru. • Prepare a grocery list and plan your meals ahead. This will keep you on track and help you from purchasing unhealthy foods. • Always purchase seasonal fruits and vegetables. Not only is this cheaper, it will also ensure a healthy variety. • Watch your portions. You may not require as much food as your spouse. • Plan to exercise as a couple. Take walks after dinner or pick up a sport you both enjoy. ❤

- Resource


Top 5 Diet Plans DIET OR PROGRAM








Meetings can be intimidating. Slow but steady weight loss. Small indulgences, even healthy snacks can add up.

$39.95/mo. $17.95/mo online

A plan that allows you to eat what you like. Emphasizes nutrition and advice on staying satisfied by choosing the foods you enjoy.

Emphasizes good eating choices and losing weight at a healthy rate. Gives you the tools to keep it off. Flexible food plans and no rigid rules help adapt to any lifestyle.

A personalized program that balances food, body and mind for both weight loss and weight management. Weekly one-on-one consultations and nutritionally balanced single sized portions are recommended.

Only weight loss program that measures metabolism. Customizable plans. One-on-one support. Pre-packaged meals. 70+ menu items. Ongoing support through maintenance.

Select pre-packaged meals or customize a menu for you to follow.

Food is delivered to your doorstep. No in-person meetings or weigh-ins. Free online support. 7 different plans. Complete online account and community access guide.

No in-person meetings or weigh-ins. Several complaints about taste of food. Small portions. Food prices and shipping fees become expensive. Availability of items varies at times.

Follow personalized plan and learn how to keep weight off. Private visits and healthy menu plans are customized just for you.

Customized plans. Oneon-one meetings with trained counselor for coaching and weigh-ins 3 times per week provide encouragement.

On top of initial cost, you can purchase supplements and bars. Must keep track of all food consumed. Limited amounts of “allowed” foods makes plan difficult to stick with.

Plan teaches you how to consume the right carbohydrates and fats and also how to snack strategically. Introduces 4 phases to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Very simple plan. Encourages individual experimentation. Encourages whole grain, lean protein and fiber–rich fruits and veggies. Weight loss is fast.

Very restrictive first phase. Possibly not enough structure. Rapid weight loss is not recommended by doctors. Risk for compromised vitamin and mineral intake. Accelerated weight loss can be mostly water weight loss and is difficult to maintain.




Limited selection

20 lbs for $20 plus the cost of food, which can be $11-$17/ day.

Weekly menu cost is around $77.

$15/week, paid up front. Cost of supplements are additional.

$5/week for on line membership + the cost of food, which can be expensive because of what they suggest you eat.


AVOID Wedding Woes... Curls Galore If you are looking for great curls to accent your headpiece, try these tips: • If you want volumes of curls, use small to medium sized electric rollers. • For short hair, use old-fashioned pin curlers. • For ringlets, choose small-barreled curling irons. • Long lasting loose curls come from mediumsized steam rollers • Smooth waves are the result of velcro rollers.

Go to

for more beauty, health and fitness tips!

Eye Glasses Glasses: Do you or your fiance wear glasses? Don’t worry about it! Go right ahead and wear them during the ceremony.  Besides, this is how the person looks, and you want them to be the person you fell in love with. Be careful during photos; make sure to wear lenses that are non-reflective to eliminate flash glare. 

Self Tanning Here are some rules to remember about selftanning techniques: • Always exfoliate first! Self-tanners work best when there are no dead skin cells. • Exfoliate each day for a week before applying a self-tanner. • Exfoliate for 2 days with an alpha hydroxy acid product before applying a self-tanner to your face.


Questions to Ask! ❤ Can we schedule a trial run? ❤ Is there an additional cost for a trial run or is it part of the fee if I book your services?

❤ Will you travel? Are there additional fees? ❤ Will you stay to help me with my hair, veil,

❤ What kind of space and lighting do you need? ❤ Will you bring an assistant or additional help? ❤ Will you or your assistant style my attendants’ hair and do their makeup?

❤ How many hair styles and makeup can you

headpiece and make-up touch-ups after the ceremony? At what additional cost?

❤ How long will it take to have my hair and

complete and how long do you need?

❤ How long will it take and what is the fee? ❤ If you are not at the wedding, can you provide me

makeup done?

with hair products and makeup for quick fixes?

❤ Do you bring your own equipment and hair products?

Advice at a Glance! ❤

Choose a hairstyle you are comfortable with. You want to look like yourself on your wedding day.

❤ ❤

Plan a practice for your hair and makeup to make sure you like the style and colors. Once completed, take photos of the final look so you can refer to them on your day.

Take it easy on the tan. Don’t try to cram in two months of tanning in one week. For spray on tanning have your last treatment at least one week prior to the wedding.

Don’t make drastic changes to your body right before your wedding. Don’t starve yourself or resort to crash dieting. Instead opt for a 4-6 month exercise routine.

Don’t get a brand new haircut before your wedding; just get a trim a few weeks before.

Prepare a reasonable weight loss plan and stick to it! (A pound a week is the healthiest.)

Don’t have a facial or any other skin treatments within two weeks of your wedding. You want to have time for your skin to recover and you don’t want red blotchy skin.

Ask friends to work out with you. This will keep you motivated and on track.

The morning of your wedding, wear a button-down shirt or a dress that can be slipped down over your hips. Do not wear clothing that you will have to pull over your head. You don’t want to mess up your hair and makeup. If you are having your makeup professionally done, purchase or ask for samples so that you’ll be able to do touch ups throughout the day. Carry a supply of blotting tissues so you can keep the shine off your nose and forehead.

Do not resort to drastic measures. Taking a dietary supplement may help you lose weight quickly but results will not be permanent.

Eat smaller portions and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet to keep you satisfied.

Zit Zapper: use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone under foundation.

For sexy legs, soak in a bath for several minutes to soften hair. Then use a moisturizing shaving gel and shave in the opposite direction of hair growth.



Parties, Gift s & More

Kelli Hunt Photography

Bridal Parties, Gift Registries, Unique Gifts Couple showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties hosted together are a new and growing trend. 91% of brides register for gifts. Most wedding guests, on average, spend between $25 and $100 on a gift. Money is the most desired gift.


Bridal Showers...

Coed or Not? Y

ears ago, bridal showers signified a dreadful, stuffy gathering. Today, lots of fun alternatives beat out just sitting around having sandwiches and coffee with boring relatives. Themes lend focus to the festivities and are only limited by your imagination. Themes range from a color to an exotic locale or even the bride’s favorite pastime. A few fun ideas include Around the Clock, Bed & Bath and lingerie. With Around the Clock, guests are all assigned a different time of the day and bring gifts that correlate with that time. Bed & Bath is a great option for couples just getting started as gifts help the couple decorate and furnish their bed and bathroom. Lingerie is a fun addition as guests bring a lingerie item along with their gift. Themes can be enjoyable and add interest to the shower.

Bachelorette Parties Bridal Gifts

and more!

Lisa Benson #19987

(320) 894-1903 • email:

The newest trend in bridal showers is the couple's shower. This allows the bride to incorporate her groom and all their friends and family. This unisex event allows both sides of the couple to get to know each other better. The number of guests at a couple's shower can easily reach 50 or more making a barbeque a great option for this relaxed and unstructured event. Guests are encouraged to bring gifts for both the bride and groom or for the couple together. Traditional shower games are typically forgone; however, yard games such as bean bags and horseshoes are a great alternative. One final coed idea called Construction Zone is designed to help couples whose new home needs finishing or repair. Guests are informed they are coming to work and are happy to lend their elbow grease to paint, garden, haul and fix. A potluck pairs nicely and supplies ample time for visiting after a hard day of work. ❤

- resource 44


A Way to Personalize

Your Special Day! M

ake an impression on your guests by serving water bottles with personalized labels. The experts at companies who make private label water can guide you on the design. You can choose from a template or have them create your own, unique designer label. Incorporate your colors, your monogram, a picture and even a personal message. Put some thought into your designer label. The water you serve will set your wedding apart and be remembered by your guests. One common theme on wedding day tip sheets is the need to stay hydrated, but some benefits of serving water are less obvious. Drinking water can help prevent an embarrassing fainting episode at the altar. Encouraging guests to drink water can cut the bar tab and keep guests from becoming overly intoxicated. The most likely source of fatigue among adults is dehydration. Serving water throughout your wedding will keep the energy level up for hours of fun. There are many opportunities to utilize designer label water. Start thinking about incorporating the bottles into your celebrations early to maximize the opportunities to brand your wedding’s look. Serve

Water Billboards

your personalized water bottels at engagement parties, showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, pre-wedding pictures, reception, open house after the wedding and your anniversary party (if any are left by then). They also make great welcome gifts in hotel rooms and party favors. There's no need to worry about the labels looking homemade or applying the labels yourself if you work with a professional bottling company such as Water Billboards. Water Billboards has a plant where the water is purified to be cleaner than city tap water. The water is bottled at their plant and machine labeled – so each label is applied perfectly straight. The finished cases are delivered to you, often for a price that is comparable with bottled water found at the store. The big difference is that instead of advertising a brand name, your designer labels celebrate your nuptials. �

- resource


What to Know When

Registering for Gifts

GIFTS Galore!

• Have your private bridal shower or party in our full kitchen! • Gift Registries

Located on Cliff Ave. across from Avera McKennan

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There are many things couples should take into consideration when it comes to registering for gifts Listed are some key tips: • Register early for friends and family who want to buy for your engagement parties, bridal showers, etc. • Be sure to register for items that you actually want and will use. Do not register for everything you see because you might receive that gift and have no use for it. • Make sure you register for things in a variety of different price ranges so all your guests can afford a gift on your registry. • It is a good idea to register at two to four places to give guests more choices. • Make sure the store you are registered at is hassle-free for buyers. It is even better for your guests if one or more of your registries can be found online. • Since the gifts are for both of you, register together as a couple.

Bridal Showers & Gift Registries

• Don't feel obligated to register for more items than the number of people on your guest list. • Don’t register for seasonal items because they will most likely be replaced every few months. • See if the store will ship directly to you so your guests don’t have to pick up your gift and then send it through the post office. • Most stores have an automatic system for tracking your gifts but it's smart to visit your registries often to ensure items received have been removed.

Michelle Dose (Independant Consultant)

605.366.3232 •


• See how long your registry will remain open after your wedding for late shoppers. • Make sure to write thank-you notes as soon as possible after the gifts are received. PARTIES, GIFTS & MORE

Cookware Linens



Items to consider when registering for gifts: • Consider each store's return/exchange policy. (You will want options!) • Where do you normally shop? (This is most likely where you would buy items for your home.) • Register for at least 3 sets each of towels, bedding and table linens. This way you can have one in use, one in the wash and one clean at all times. • It's alright to mix and match tableware. This will give your home a more personal touch. • Register for a multi-piece starter set of cookware. Add specialty cookware items to your list as needed. • Registering for pots and pans with nonstick linings will be great for clean-up purposes! • Porcelain and bone china are the most durable kind of dinnerware and can be used most everywhere (microwave, dishwasher and oven). • Wood storage blocks are the safest way to store your high-quality cooking knives; this will also keep them sharp. • Utilize your bride's page on GonnaGetWed. com to specify to your guests if the store you registered at requires a gift receipt for returns and exchanges. This way your guests will be sure to attach the receipt for you. Otherwise, you may be stuck with duplicate items that you can't return. You might also consider choosing the places for your registries based on their return policies. - Resource

• Cooking Demos • Free Food • 15% Off Small Wares

Visit for more details!


Wedding Woes... Times have changed and so have gift registries. Many young couples live together prior to marriage; therefore, they already own many of the items they would put on their registry. If this rings true for you and your fiancé, don’t feel bad about not registering for gifts. In this instance, you should just ask for money or consider registering for a honeymoon. Rather than buying a gift, guests can buy a portion of your honeymoon! After all, there is no sense registering for gifts you don’t want or having to go through the hassle of returning them!


Your Gift Registry Checklist Want






FORMAL DINNERWARE Dinner, Salad & Dessert Plates Pasta & Soup Bowls Bread & Butter Plates Teacups & Saucers Fruit Bowls Teapot, Creamer & Sugar Bowl Gravy Boat & Stand Serving Bowls Covered Casserole Dish Platters








CASUAL DINNERWARE Dinner Plates Soup & Cereal Bowls Bread & Butter Plates Salt & Pepper Set Covered Butter Dish Mugs Canister Set

FINE CRYSTAL Water Goblets Wine Glasses (red/white) Champagne Flutes Iced Beverage Glasses Martini Glasses Brandy Snifters Decanters & Pitchers Candlesticks



BARWARE & EQUIPMENT Tumblers Highballs/Pilsners/Beer Glasses Ice Bucket & Tongs Wine Cooler or Wine Rack Cocktail Shaker & Pitcher Bar Utensils

KITCHENWARE Cutlery & Steak Knives Cutting Boards Timer Mixing Bowls & Spoons Storage Containers Spice Rack & Pepper Mill Measuring Cups & Spoons Dish Towels & Hot Pads Paring, Chef & Bread Knife Carving Knife Colander Spatulas & Whisks Pizza Cutter Spoon Rest Baster Rolling Pin Cheese Grater

FLATWARE Knives, Forks & Salad Forks Soup Spoons, Teaspoons Serving Spoons & Forks Butter Serving Knife Cake & Pie Server Gravy Ladle Serving Set

COOKWARE Sauce Pans, Saute & Frying Pans Stock Pot/Dutch Oven Steamer/Double Boiler Wok/Stir Fry Pan Roaster Grill/Griddle










BAKEWARE Cookie Sheets Muffin Pans Cake & Pie Pans Pizza Pans Baking Pans Bread Pans













ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Hand Mixer Waffle Iron Bread Maker Rice Cooker/Vegetable Steamer Toaster/Toaster Oven Food Processor Blender Electric Indoor Grill Coffee & Tea Makers Can Opener Slow Cooker

HOME ELECTRONICS Television CD/MP3 Player Radio/Clock Radio Camera & Digital Camcorder Stereo Components DVD/Blu-Ray Player Computer




BEDROOM LINENS Flat & Fitted Sheets Pillow Cases & Shams Comforters & Bed Skirts Blankets Mattress Pads

BATH LINENS Bath Sheets & Towels Hand Towels & Wash Cloths Bath Mat & Rug Shower Curtain & Rings Bath Accessories Hamper

KITCHEN LINENS Dish Towels Clothes Kitchen Rugs

TABLE LINENS Table Cloth/Table Runner Place Mats Napkins & Rings

HOME CARE/PERSONAL Vacuum (Upright & Hand-held) Rug Cleaner Iron & Ironing Board Portable Steamer Broom, Dust Pan & Mop

LUGGAGE Upright Suitcases Garment Bags Duffle Bags/Tote Bags Accessory Bag

MISC. Item: ______________________________ Item: ______________________________ Item: ______________________________ Item: ______________________________ Item: ______________________________ Item: ______________________________ Item: ______________________________ 49

Gift Checklist:

who to buy for!

Each Other!

Greeters & Seaters

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Guest Book Attendant


Flower Pinner

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

Musicians & Vocalists





Personal Attendants

Punch Servers

Host & Hostess

Cake Cutter & Servers

Advice at a Glance! ❤

Gifts for your bridesmaids may be presented at the bridesmaids’ luncheon, the rehearsal dinner or before the wedding as everyone is getting ready.

The groom gives presents to his groomsmen at the bachelor party or rehearsal dinner.

Gifts for attendants may be the same or different. However, if they are all the same you might want to consider personalizing them.


Gifts for child attendants are either taken care of by the bride or given by the bride and groom as a couple. These gifts can either be given before the ceremony or at the rehearsal dinner.

If you and your groom wish to exchange gifts, you can do so the night before the wedding or on your wedding night. Consider doing this alone as it will feel more intimate.

The earlier you register, the better. Your close friends and family may want to purchase engagement gifts for you. Be sure to check your registry often for discontinued items.

Call before going to a store to register because some stores may require an appointment.

Give yourself plenty of time when registering because it can be time-consuming.

Give your parents their gifts at a time when you are alone together so it is more personal and special.


Invit ations & St ationery


Christina Kjar Photography

Invitations, cards, Monograms, Programs More and more invitations and programs are being ordered through online stores. Personalize your stationery with a customized wedding logo.


It is important that you show your gratitude with thank you cards to all gift givers and people who helped plan your events. 51


Invitation T


oday, brides are steering clear of traditional wedding concepts and exploring creative ways to personalize their special day. Your wedding invitation should be an extension of your personal style so take into consideration the following trends if you’re lacking inspiration. The result will be an explosion of creativity! Break free from conventional invitations and colors and go bold. Introduce rich, jewel tones like navy or iris into your theme. To achieve a crisp and appealing combination, consider using a traditional concept with a hint of modren flair by pairing a navy invitation with white type and envelopes. Whether you’re hosting a green wedding or not, take mother-nature into consideration when choosing your invitations. Charming invites can be achieved using soy ink, post-consumer recycled products and a touch of creativity. Rich browns and greens are ever-so popular this year and make for a fascinating color combination. Replace white type with chocolate brown and couple with a contemporary type style. Minimalism at its finest! Type style has become an integral part of the wedding invitation design; it is important to remember this when choosing an invitation to reflect your personality. It was once considered by experts that you should match your font style to the formality of your event. However, modern brides are defying the rules and opting for creativity and expression, which doesn’t stop at fonts and colors. Be daring and choose a bold font with stylistic accents. Print your invitations on a complimentary color but make it a bright hue.


It is important that your invitations convey your sense of style so consider incorporating some of your favorite things. If you are especially girly, feminine embellishments and flirty type styles work best. Think about including delicate fabrics like chiffon and lace for an added touch. Are you a die-hard sports fan? Take your team’s favorite colors and create a one-of-a-kind invitation that your guests will surely remember. Geometrical patterns are other ways to express your personality through your wedding invitation. To keep the attention focused on the content of your invitation, consider a two-layer panel card in the traditional square and rectangle shape. For a more modern look, choose the circle or oval envelopment styles.


Invitations are becoming more and more about self-expression, evoking thoughts of cheer and celebration. A sophisticated twist on stark, white invitations is to pair a bright yellow or lime green invite with black for an elegant combination. If you’re too conservative to try something so bold, consider adding subtle touches of color in a thin border and carry the color scheme throughout by adding splashes of color here and there.

Invitations by PaperWerks

Want to make an impression on your guests? Toss the notion of a white invite out the window! Introduce pastels or metallics. Saturated hues like emerald green and cardinal red are fearless and fresh. For a modern look, pair two vivid colors together to make a spirited statement. Abandon the rule that says you should match your invitations with the season and theme of your event. Instead, incorporate motifs and graphic themes. Think big, silhouetted flowers for spring and summer and bare branches or pine cones for winter and fall. For the extremely organized bride, you might think about an invitation with pockets. This will eliminate the clutter that usually comes with the traditional invite. Map and direction cards will effortlessly slide into the inside pockets, making for a clean, yet functional invite. Monograms are everywhere so why not fashion your own? A great way to add a unique and elegant touch is by branding your invitations. This brand can be used throughout your entire wedding stationery, from the invite itself all the way to the reply card, evnelope and thank you card.

Mention this VOW ad and receive 10% off your invitation order. Expires: 12-31-2011

Authorized Carlson Craft and Birchcraft Studios dealer The finest in personalized wedding and social stationery We also design and print custom invitations in-house

For truly custom and exclusive wedding invitations, it is best to remain true to your personal style. By doing so, your invitations will convey your individuality and make for one-of-akind stationery. ❤

- resource

945 S. Marion Road • Suite 107



Branding Your



t is a common trend among brides to showcase their personal style throughout their entire wedding. Linens often match the table settings; invitations might feature the bride and groom’s favorite colors and the cake may be topped with the bride’s favorite flower. To add the most personalized touch of all, consider branding your wedding with a one-of-akind logo. Your special day is a representation of the two of you as a couple so design a brand that reflects this. What are you and your fiancé known for? Are you the “sporty couple” or considered to be the “rockers” of your group of friends? Incorporating your favorite pastimes and interests into your logo is a sure-fire way to treat your guests to something special. Just like companies have been doing for years, custom logos are now being incorporated into weddings. Choosing a logo can be easy and fairly inexpensive. Once you and your fiancé have created a brand that represents both of you, the design process is simple. PaperWerks in Sioux Falls can help you design a personal logo for your big day. If


you’re indecisive or lack creativity, PaperWerks can achieve the look you are hoping for with a brief consultation. To assist your designer, be sure to bring color swatches or other items that provide an insight into the look you want to achieve. Depending on the intricacy of design, one to three proofs will be sent for your approval. This ensures your logo meets your standards. Proofs start around twenty dollars and increase with extensive design work. Once your logo is complete, make sure you put it on everything! Creating consistency with your logo through invitations, programs and favors is a unique way to showcase your personality and style. When your big day is over, continue to use your logo on your thank you cards and return address labels. Personalized stationery and envelopes are sure to be used by you and your new husband for years to come! ❤

- Mandy Haase PaperWerks, Sioux Falls, SD


Tying the Pieces of your

Wedding L


ots of thought is devoted to having the right look for the invitations. Carry the colors, look and theme through the other pieces that guide your guests through your wedding. Programs let guests know who is in your wedding and give them a ceremony itinerary to follow. Other items that help guests know what to expect or where to go include menu cards, escort cards, place cards, table numbers and reserved signs. Additionally, party favor boxes and even gift boxes can be designed to coordinate with all the other pieces. If you can’t find the proper look or color at the invitation printer, or if they are unable to do all of the pieces you want, consider doing it yourself. Stamps, inks and paper can combine to create a one-of-a-kind, coordinated look for your wedding. Stampin’ Safari is one business that can create professional, hand-stamped “print” pieces for you. They have fifty colors of perfectly matched inks and paper and a selection of hundreds of stamps. With the inclusion of ribbons, gems, florets and more, there are infinite possibilities to meet your desired look. They also supply papers, inks, stamps and other accessories along with advice needed to make the pieces yourself. Stampin’ Safari’s papers are pre-cut to make assembly easy. They also carry specialty items such as boxes that can be customized.


If you design it... they will come!

From do-it-self supplies to fully completed, hand-stamped items, Stampin’ Safari has the paper, ink and know-how to build truly personalized stationery to impress your guests!

605.366.4059 •

Stampin' Safari can show you how to use fabric paint along with your stamps to make custom table runners that will match your colors, invitations, programs, etc. The stamps can be used to decorate picture frames or wedding albums for your attendants. You can use the stamps to create personal stationery that is used for years to come. At your twenty-fifth anniversary, when you reexchange your vows, you can send invitations that match those at your wedding. With a little effort and creativity, everything from your invitations and programs to your favors and thank you notes can look coordinated and reflect your personal style. ❤ Resource



wedding woes...

Underpaying Postage on Guest Invitations

Become a fan of fans! Keep your guests cool and informed by having your wedding programs made into customized retractable fan programs. These are perfect for either indoor or outdoor weddings. Even if it’s a winter wedding, a crowded church can become a bit stuffy. Your guests will appreciate being able to fan themselves with these stylish programs. PaperWerks

Before you put a single stamp on an invitation, take one to the post office and ASK how much postage will be required. Very often, if your invitation is oversized or overweight, it will cost more than a standard stamp. Also, if your invitations are on custom made paper, weights can vary slightly from invitation to invitation so bring several samples with you to weigh at the post office to ensure the correct postage. Keep in mind, international postage will be different than national postage so be prepared for this too. If you mail your invitations with the wrong postage, there's a good chance your invites will be returned with "insufficient postage" stamps on them. This will end up costing you time and money. Experts suggest you not drop all your invites in a mailbox, but personally take them to the post office and ask that they are individually marked "postage paid" for you. Finally, don't send out your invitations "bulk mail." Delivery can take up to several weeks longer and is less reliable than first class mail. It's also more likely to be thrown away because it looks like junk mail. Who would have thought that an expensive mistake could result from something as simple as postage on your invitations? ❤ Resource

Program fans are a perfect way to incorporate your wedding’s theme and colors. Add ribbon or jewels for style and sophistication. Your guests will not only be impressed, but they will also have a great keepsake to take with them. Don’t forget about your rehearsal dinner too…these program fans would make a great idea for a menu!

Thank You Cards • Hand write your thank you cards, it makes the cards more personal. Be sure to include a note to each gift giver in the card. • Even if you do not like all the gifts you receive, it is important that everyone receives a thank you. • Gifts of money and gift cards also deserve a thank you note. It is usually a good idea to mention in your thank you, what you will use the money for (do not include the amount). • If you receive a gift from a party of 10 or less people, each person should be sent a separate card. If the gift you receive is from a party of over ten people, such as your office, place one thank you in a central location. 57

Questions to Ask! ❤ What are our options regarding the different pieces that make up the wedding invitation and how do they affect the cost?

❤ Can you print additional pieces to include with the invitations, such as a maps/direction cards and accommodation cards? ❤ What are our printing and paper options and how do they affect the cost?

❤ Can we see samples of different printing techniques, paper styles and type styles?

❤ When do we need to place an order? ❤ When would the invitations be ready?

❤ Is there an extra fee for addressing envelopes? ❤ Do we assemble the invitations and stuff envelopes ourselves?

❤ What is the difference in cost, if any, between ordering extra invitations up front or after the initial order has been placed?

❤ Will we be able to see a proof before any pieces are

printed? Do you do calligraphy? If you don’t, do you work with someone who does? Does he/she give discounts to your customers?

❤ If you do calligraphy: What are your fees? What do they include?

Advice at a Glance ❤ Try to order all stationery items at the same time.

❤ Registry information should be noted on the invitation

❤ When ordering invitations, be sure to order extras for keepsakes, guests who get added to your list later and extra invitations needed because of mistakes made while addressing them.

❤ The words “request the honor of your presence” are

❤ If you will be inviting a friend or family member to

bring a date but you do not know the date’s name, address the outer envelope to your friend only. On the inner envelope you can include the words “and Guest” after your friend’s or relative’s name.

Stay Organized!

or included in the envelope.

traditionally reserved for religions ceremonies. Phrases like “request the pleasure of your company” or "would be delighted for you to attend” are typically used for a civil ceremony or reception.

❤ If you are unsure about the proper etiquette on

invitation wording, consult with your local invitation specialist for his/her recommendations especially where divorced families apply.

As you receive the RSVPs to your ceremony and reception, keep them filed alphabetically in a recipe box. When opening your presents post-wedding, take out each card and write down what they gave you. When you are ready to write your thank you cards, you'll be completely organized. This will save you and your new husband time! Extra Tip: After the wedding, use these cards as a holiday card list!



Bridal Fashions

Studio Blu Photography

Studio Blu Photography

Studio Blu Photography

Wedding Gowns, Men's Attire, Accessories, Shoes Although white is traditional, many brides today choose cream, ivory or even pastel wedding gowns. All the groomsmen will follow the groom's attire for formality or informality. The wedding gown is the first thing brides will shop for after engagement.

Haylie Snow Photography


Choosing your wedding Dress!


hat’s fashionable on the runways of Paris may not be popular here in the States, so when choosing a wedding dress, shop for styles that are not only flattering to your figure, but fits your taste and style as well. It is important to understand that a wedding dress should not always be trendy. It should be timeless and make you feel jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Don’t be afraid to try on different styles. It’s important so you can find the best fit. So keep an open mind when dress shopping.

There are about eight standard wedding dress styles and after reading about each one, hopefully you will be able to find a style that compliments you perfectly. Ball Gown & Full Skirt - This style is your classic fairy tale princess gown. The bodice is tight and the skirt full. This style is great for taller brides and will successfully hide larger-sized hips. If you are a short or smaller figured bride, steer clear of this style as you can easily disappear in this full gown. Sheath – This style is straight and will hug and accentuate all curves. It has no waist and skims the body. If you are looking to hide curves, this type of dress is not for you. If you want something to accentuate your toned shoulders and figure, consider a sheath. This style is perfect for a beach wedding beacuse it’s light and airy. Babydoll – Fitting through the bodice and flowing out just below the bustline, this style is perfect for outdoor and destination weddings thanks to the light-weight fabric and loose fit. Pinup – The execution of this look varies greatly with tight gathers at points, loose tucks or draped fabric. This skirt may be attached to almost any style of bodice. Shorter brides may not always achieve the desired impact of this look. Trumpet – This style is fitted through the hips. It flairs into a fuller skirt just above the knees. It is great for showcasing curves, but does not offer camouflage for someone who wants to hide their hips.



Dropped – This dress sits below your natural waist and rests on your hips. Brides with an hourglass figure might consider this a great option.

Ball Gown & Full Skirt

A-Line – A forgiving wedding dress silhouette, this style flairs out at your waist which will make shorter brides appear taller and help larger brides appear smaller. Side Wrap - A figure flattering gown, similar to the A-Line style that wraps a detail fabric overlay across the waist and/or bust creating a slim look through the waist and minimizing the bust line.




For chic touches, consider covering up with a structured satin-sleeved jacket, fur shrug or sheer capelet. A lace bolero looks stunning with a fitted gown. Bold, silk flowers are making a comeback in bridal fashion. Consider placing a silk bloom on the waist, shoulder, small of back or even flowing across the skirt or bodice. Recently, brides have been opting for colored gowns in lieu of the traditional white or ivory dress. If you are bold enough to go this route, consider jeweled tones in blues, greens and lavenders. Push the envelope by having your bridesmaids wear all white so you stand out! If you are having a destination wedding or a lowkey yet formal affair, opt for a short frock. Hemlines are on the rise and a tea length dress shows you’re a carefree, fun-loving bride. This style works perfectly for a garden wedding or romantic soiree at an art gallery. Since your shoes will be on full display, choose a classic style and color so the focus remains on you and your fabulous dress. ❤

- Resource



Side Wrap A-Line

Gowns by

Photos provided by Bridal Gallery


Featuring top designers including Allure, Casablanca, Pronovias, Maggie Sottero and more.

Bringing you the Best... ... after you say “ Yes”! Beakon Centre • 57th & S. Louise Ave. Sioux Falls, South Dakota (605) 332-8841 • 800-248-9188 Mon-Thurs 10-7 • Fri 10-5 • Sat 10-4 • Sun 12-4 Appointments appreciated

The Convertible

Wedding Gown

Featured gown by PRONOVIAS USA

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Many brides are now opting for a two-dress look on their big day. Traditionally, companies have offered detatchable trains, but now designers are adding detatchable skirts to transform your wedding gown into something completely different for the reception. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds; saying “I do” in your full ball gown then later with just one zip or unhook, you can detach the skirt or bottom half of your gown into something fun and flirty. All this can happen without footing the bill of two seperate gowns. ❤ 62

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Tuxedos starting at $69.95 - $119.95

Featuring Designers: Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, Perry Ellis, Lord West & more!

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Dressing the



man’s attire speaks volumes about who he is. A well-dressed man looks strong and confident. The style, cut and color of your groom's suit will convey emotions and meaning to everyone who sees him, especially you. Does he want to look smart and sophisticated? Does he want you to see him standing at the alter and remember your first and lasting attraction to him? His attire will make this hope a reality. There is a great emphasis placed on the perfect bridal gown. The groom’s wardrobe deserves the same care and investment. It should be as individual as he is. For today’s grooms, a custom tailored suit is becoming as popular as the always elegant tuxedo. A stylish two or three button suit in classic black, chocolate brown or phantom grey is a wise investment as it will remain in style and can be worn wih confidence for years to come. Purchasing your groom's wedding attire is a smart economic decision. A suit or tuxedo of fine Italian design can be purchased for the same cost or less than renting. The main benefits are obvious-you own it so he can wear it again, and there are no worries about incorrect rental sizing. Being a member of the wedding party is an honorable and costly endeavor. Groomsmen may be grateful if their money is spent on a new suit that they will own, rather than an ill-ftting tux that has been worn repeatedly by other men. Unlike bridesmaids dresses, an expertly tailored groomsman's suit is a useful addition to his wardrobe. Your clothier can help you choose the style and cut that best flatters your groom and his groomsmen. The clothier should have a tailor on staff, as custom tailoring is essential for fit in the sholders, and proper length in the arms and trousers. A custom tailored suit or tuxedo remains the dress of power, civility and diplomacy. At Halberstadt’s Men's Clothiers, we would be honored to help you be your best on your wedding day and from this day forward. ❤

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Not a tuxcreesaatered equal

Distinguishly dressing all your men from size 2 to size 74


Wedding Woes... Try it on! Make sure your groom, groomsmen, fathers, ushers, ring bearer and any other male in your wedding renting a tuxedo tries it on before leaving the rental shop! This includes everything including the studs, shoes and cuff links. Nobody wants fitting surprises on the wedding day. Also, most rental shops can make last minute adjustments and alterations to ensure the proper fit! 65

We offer one-on-one FREE consultation. New bridemaids color match program! New designer tuxes available! Give us a call today!

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Tuxedo Tips:

Making the Rental Process Smooth • If you are given a group number or name, be sure to pass that along to your bridal party members. This will cut down on confusion and guarantee they order the right tux. • Be sure your bridal party members are fitted by the deadline. Many places will charge a rush fee after the fitting deadline. • Make sure the person wearing the tux is the one to pick it up. Instruct them to take the time to try it on at the rental place.  • Be sure to advise your bridal party members of any down payment so they are prepared when they go in to get fitted and order their tux. If the bride and groom are planning to pay for the tux rentals, this should be done at the time of booking.  • Most tuxedos are required to be returned the day following the event. Be sure each person brings their own tux back.  This way, if there is damage or something missing the person returning the tux can take care of it.

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Featured gowns by Essense of Australia. We are an authorized dealer for Maggie Sottero gowns.

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Diamonds... Pearls...

We carry gowns by

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Accessories T


he right bridal accessories can compliment your gown without taking the focus off you! Start with all possible options: jewelry, shoes, hair embellishments, headpiece and veil, tiara, garter, gloves, purse, shoulder wrap, shawl, handkerchief, body glitter and even nails and flowers. Everything in moderation is the best rule to follow. This keeps you the focal point of the ensemble. Choose like colors. If your gown is off white, your purse, gloves, shoes and shawl or wrap should match so they look subtle and do not make your gown look dingy. Less is more when it comes to jewelry selection. Bith earings and a necklace may not be necessary. Opt for one or the other then add a dainty bracelet or anklet. If you are uncertain, ask your local bridal fashion consultant for suggestions that will pair nicely with your gown.

Christina Kjar Photography

Handkerchiefs and garters are generally okay as they are kept hidden and tend to not take anything away from your “look.” Brides with tattoos that will show may consider purchasing a tattoo cover-up kit for a more discrete and clean appearance. Your shoe selection could possibly be the best or worst decision you make for your wedding day. Remember, cute is great but your shoes need to carry you comfortably for an entire day on your feet. If fashion is a must, purchase a decorative heel for the ceremony and opt for a flat comfy pair for the dance. When it comes to the rest, keep your nail color neutral and body glitter to a minimum. Your are sure to feel beautiful on your wedding day. ❤

- Resource get your Black Tie Bridal Bucks Book for coupons for your accessories!

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Bridesmaids DRESSES! B

rides want everyone in the bridal party to look great and be comfortable. One way brides are accomplishing this is by choosing a color from one designer and allowing bridesmaids to select their own dress style and even their own style of shoes.

“Eggplant, black, aubergine and platinum are colors brides love,” says Michele Fenno from the The French Door. “As a bridesmaid in any wedding, you need to order your dress approximately 3 to 4 months prior to the wedding date.”

Another popular trend is a "color run" where each bridesmaid wears the same dress (or same style of dress), but in a different color. This allows for some flexibility in matching each bridesmaid with a flattering dress.

Other trends to be found in 2011 are tea and knee length styles, 3-D flowers and dresses with one shoulder. Chiffon and satin seem to be the first choice in fabric. ❤

Metallic footwear such as gold and silver are quite popular and match just about any color!

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It’s MOM’S Big Day Too! It’s one of the most important days of a mother's life… the day of her child’s wedding. When shopping for their dress for the big day, “Moms generally know what they want!” says Suzanne DeMore of The French Door. “They want to look elegant and be comfortable.” Most gown shops carry a variety of colors and styles for any wedding location. “Chiffon and taffeta fabrics, along with bolero jackets, are popular choices. Deep red, wine, black and eggplant are a few of the colors many moms prefer. When it comes to ordering their dress, moms should plan 8 – 12 weeks in advance,” adds Michele Fenno from the The French Door. To ensure the dress fits perfectly, it’s important to have the proper undergarments. “When it comes to dress shopping, it’s a good idea to purchase undergarments prior to shopping. Proper breast placement is important for proper fitting of the dress. Keep in mind that the bra should not only be comfortable, it should also support the breasts properly. This will allow the dress to fit the way it’s intended to. These tips are important for the bride, bridesmaid and mother of the bride/groom to keep in mind when dress shopping,” advises Cheryl Reich of Dakota Custom Bras. Many bridal shops offer a full-service alteration department so they can also help achieve the perfect fit! ❤

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Would you like a bra that gives you full support while making you look younger and thinner?

Now you can have it!

Over 200 Sizes Several Brands & Styles FREE Private Custom Fittings

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Choosing Your

Headpiece & Veil


eils today have become a style statement and depend largely on the style of wedding gown and the overall look you are trying to encapsulate. While tulle is the classic veil material, lace, silk and satin offer viable options for both the headpiece and veil. Both range from purely simple to quite grandly embellished with embroidery, pearls and sparkling gem stones. Likewise, the veil length can vary greatly from short blusters to cathedral length jaw droppers. When choosing your veil, consider your hairstyle, gown, purpose and budget. Consider your hairstyle. Are you wearing your hair up or down? If your veil doesn’t attach below your “do” consider one you can remove at the reception. For veils that will be worn for the duration of the event, be sure to have your hairstylist attach it. Your veil should not compete with your dress. If you're sporting an elaborately embellished gown, keep the veil simple. Veils containing ornaments should not start below where the gown embellishments end. Your veil, like your gown, should reflect the formality of your wedding. So don't adorn your head with a cathedral length veil for a beach front wedding! Finally, your veil is meant to compliment your dress, so don’t try to mimic it exactly.



Bird Cage

Elbow Photo by J.L. Johnson Bridals

Birdcage ~ A trendy style reminiscent of veils from the 40's and 50's. French netting achieves a non-traditional, glamorous look. Blusher ~ Short single layer over your face during the ceremony; pair with a longer veil. Flyaway ~ Multi-layered veil that barely brushes the shoulders for a more casual look. Elbow ~ Extends to your elbows without overpowering your dress; for a casual look. Finger Tip~ Flows to your fingertips when arms hang to the side and compliments most dress styles. Chapel ~ Extends 2 ½ yards from the headpiece to the floor and flows over the train for a formal look. Cathedral ~ Royal veil that is the most formal , extends 3 ½ yards from the headpiece and only pairs well with cathedrallength gowns. Double Tier ~ Consists of two layers, either two veils or one veil with a blusher that extends to different lengths. Waltz or Ballet ~ Falls between your knees and ankles; works well with trainless gowns. Fountain ~ Gathers at the crown of your head and cascades around the face to the shoulders or elbows. Mantilla ~ A Spanish inspired veil often made of lace which drapes over the head and is varying in length. No headpiece is necessary. Pouf ~ Gathered material at the connection point to the headpiece which adds volume; works with most veil and gown lengths. ❤ - Resource


Avoid wedding woes... Wedding Gown

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Shopping for your gown on weekdays is your best bet. Shops will be less crowed and you won't have to share your salesperson. If you can only dress shop on weekends, be sure to make an appointment. Also, try to get the first appointment of the day so you aren't waiting for your salesperson due to a backed-up schedule. Before placing your order with the bridal shop, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the salon has a complaint record. It's a good idea to put your down payment on a credit card. This way you have more control over the deposit if something goes wrong. ALWAYS get a written receipt detailing the dress you ordered, the alterations, any special services and the date your dress is to be available for pick-up or delivery.

To keep your gown looking its best at home: • Suspend it from a rod. • Do not lean it against a wall or door. • Leave it in the garment bag. • Unzip the bag slightly to prevent mustiness. • On the wedding day, remove your dress from its bag and lay it on a clean sheet or plastic until you are ready to dress.

Accessories Christina Kjar Photography

Gather your accessories the night before your wedding so that none are forgotten. Put one of your bridesmaids in charge of bringing them to the dressing site. Make sure you have options, just in case you change your mind at the last moment


Consider the length of time you will spend on your feet during your wedding day…A LOT! Make sure your shoes fit properly and are comfortable. The ball of your foot should rest on the widest part of the shoe; your heel should fit snugly in back; your toes shouldn't push or bulge against the front (make sure you can wiggle them). Shop for shoes at the end of the day when your foot is the largest. - Resource

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Trash My Gown?

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his phenomenon involves one last photo shoot in your wedding gown after your big day. But instead of posing for proper photos, brides dress up to swim in their gowns, splash in mud, roll on the beach, blast them with paintballs and even burn them. Advocates say that not only can it add an artistic element to your wedding album, but it's also potentially therapeutic and can finally free you from pent up stress left over from planning your wedding. Many brides today do not feel retiring their wedding gowns to the closet or attic for eternity is a fitting tribute. Because most mother's do not understand this, many brides are opting not to share the details until after the fact. Instead these brides breathe new life into their gowns freeing their spirits and creating art in the process then ask for forgiveness later. The philosophy follows the adage, "Ask for forgiveness rather than permission." Trashing a wedding gown is a highly controversal issue, therefore it has its' adversaries. While most understand the creative concept behind the act, the annihilation of the gowns has many dismayed

Gown Preservation Tips If you choose to keep your gown after your wedding, store your gown in a cool, dry area with acid-free tissue paper. Under your bed is a perfect area. This will protect it from light, dust and insects. 


and angry. Instead of treating the gown with such utter disregard, they feel brides have other options. Why not donate the gowns to Brides Against Breast Cancer? This foundation resurrects gowns with all proceeds going to grant wishes for those losing a battle with cancer. ( Those against the total destruction of gowns have suggested that the act is selfish because the gowns ultimately end up in landfills. Green friendly brides could potentially use care and still capture those creative images without destroying the gown, allowing it to be cleaned and still passed along to another bride. Brides must weigh the options and decide whether trashing their gown is the right move for them. ❤

- Resource

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Keeping your gown in an attic or basement may expose it to harsh temperature changes. Check your gown a couple times each year. Consult with your dry cleaner or bridal salon for advice and gown preservation services.


Questions to Ask! Bridal Fashions (Wedding Gown) ❤ Do I need an appointment to see and try on gowns? ❤ What is the price range of the gowns? ❤ How long does it take to order a gown? ❤ Will I be assigned a sales associate or will I try on gowns alone?

❤ Can I take pictures of the gowns I like? ❤ Do I need to bring special undergarments and shoes to try on gowns or do you provide these?

❤ Are some styles or fabrics better for certain seasons? ❤ Can any of the designs be customized? ❤ How much is the gown I’m interested in? ❤ What does the gown price include? ❤ How much deposit is required? ❤ When is the balance due?

Bridal Fashions (Alterations) ❤ How many fittings will there be? ❤ How far in advance of the wedding will the gown be

Bridal Fashions (Bridesmaids/Flower Girls) ❤ Do you offer discounts for bridesmaids’/flower girls’ dresses if I purchase my gown here?

❤ What styles do you recommend for a group with different sizes/body types?

❤ How do you handle dress orders and fittings for out-oftown bridesmaids? ­­Can you ship your dresses?

❤ How far in advance do we need to order the dresses? ❤ How long after we place the order will the dresses arrive?

❤ What is the price of the dress? ❤ Do you offer alterations? If not, do you work with someone who offers your customers a discount?

❤ If so, are alterations extra? If so, do you steam the gowns after final alterations?

❤ Do you offer discounts on bridesmaid accessories such as shoes and jewelry with the purchase of their gowns?

❤ How much deposit is required? ❤ When is the balance due?

ready for the first fitting?

❤ Does the alterations include bustles? If not what is the additional cost?

❤ Do you deliver to the church on my wedding day? ❤ Can I hire someone to bustle me after the ceremony? What is the fee?

❤ Do you steam the gown after final alterations? ❤ Do you handle care for the gown after the wedding? ❤ Can you recommend a good wedding gown cleaner/ preserver?

NOTES: ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________










Questions to Ask! Men's Attire (If renting): ❤ How far in advance do I need to reserve the rentals? ❤ What different styles do you offer? ❤ How old is the formal wear you rent out? ❤ Will I be able to examine the actual suit I will be wearing?

❤ What is included as part of the package? ❤ What is the cost? ❤ How do fittings/alterations work? Are they included in the cost?

❤ When can I pick up the ensemble? ❤ What course of action do you take if the rentals are not available for pickup on time or the wrong size is delivered?

❤ Is the ensemble cleaned and pressed before pickup? ❤ When is the ensemble due back and how do late fees

Men's Attire (If buying): ❤ How far in advance of the wedding do I need to place my order?

❤ What is included in the price? ❤ Are alterations extra? ❤ How many fittings will there be? ❤ Is there anything I need to bring to the fittings? ❤ Do you sell shoes and accessories? If not, do you have discount relationships with stores that do?

❤ Do you offer rentals for groomsmen? ❤ What is the cost of the tuxedo/suit I’m interested in?

❤ When would the tuxedo/suit be ready? ❤ How much deposit is required? ❤ Will you press or steam the tuxedo/suit? If so, what is the cost?


❤ Will I incur extra charges if the tuxedo gets stained or do you assume there will be some amount of wear and tear?

❤ Do you offer discounts for groomsmen if I rent my attire from your store?

❤ How much of a deposit is required? ❤ When is the balance due?

NOTES: ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Advice at a Glance! ❤ Style your hair and apply make-up before dress shopping, so you get the full effect.

❤ Be sure your are comfortable in the gown you select. You will be wearing it the entire day and don't want to take away from your experience.

❤ Bring your wedding day shoes and undergarments to your fitting.


❤ Keep an open mind when trying on gowns and try on many different styles. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, do not try on too many gowns in one day.

❤ The friction of a slip or crinoline can sometimes shred hosiery. Do a test run at home.

❤ If you’re the same height or taller than your groom consider wearing elegant ballet slippers.



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Wedding and Fashion Jewelry, Metal Trends About 75% of first-time brides will receive a diamond engagement ring and about 67% of repeat brides will.

Riddle's Jewelry

Rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because ancient Egyptians thought that the “vein of love” ran from this finger directly to the heart. Almost 34% of men’s wedding rings have diamonds.


Choosing your wedding T


he best and most important way to pick the perfect wedding jewelry is to find pieces that complement you and your personal style. Take into account your dress, hairstyle and veil when shopping for jewelry. It is important that your jewelry speaks for itself and does not outshine your dress. It is best not to purchase expensive jewelry if you are planning to wear your wedding day pieces one time. To avoid this, select styles that you may be able to wear on more than one occasion. Simple choices are often more elegant and can be worn with various articles of clothing. You should choose your necklace to match your wedding style and colors. If your dress features sequins and beads, you may want to forgo a large statement piece. Always take your neckline into account. A circular-shaped necklace looks best with a round neckline and a V-line necklace looks best with V-shaped necks. Consider your dress style when choosing your necklace and you’re sure to find a perfect match.

Gunderson's Jewelers

Attempt to match the beads and gemstones in your dress and headpiece (if any) with your jewelry as well. This creates a sense of consistency. Also, make sure that you wear similar metals so that your jewelry does not clash. Silver is an excellent color choice as it tends to complement most jewelry. Wearing family heirlooms or vintage pieces adds a special touch to your wedding attire. This is a unique idea but do not feel forced to wear something you are not comfortable with. Your jewelry selections need to be a representation of yourself. Brides who love the vintage look but do not have treasured family pieces can often find similar looks at flea markets. Choosing your wedding jewelry should be a fun process. Keep in mind that your jewelry should complement your dress and not take away from it. Consider these suggestions and you will look like royalty on your wedding day. â?¤

- Resource

An important factor you should keep in mind when choosing your earrings is your hairstyle. If you are wearing your hair long or down, you should wear smaller earrings. If you plan to wear your hair in an up do, drop or chandelier earrings work well. Be sure to match your earrings with your other jewelry to complete your look. If you feel like your arms are too bare, simply add a tennis bracelet or rhinestone cuff to add a little sparkle. Pearls go with just about anything and they are a safe choice if you are not sure what to wear. Pearls come in a variety of colors and give off a classy and elegant feel.


Gunderson's Jewelers




Awaits The Bridges at 57th, 2109 West 57th Street Sioux Falls, SD 57108, 605-338-9060 Lakeport Commons, 4830 Sergeant Road Sioux City, IA 51106, 712-255-7229

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Technology for Engraving Your W

Wedding Bands

hat is more romantic than looking inside your wedding band and seeing a personalized engraving with special meaning for you and your spouse? Your jeweler will be able to recommend the engraving process that will best meet your needs. There are a few methods currently being used in the marketplace.

First, there is hand engraving done by an artisan engraver using a hand tool called a graver. It is not a perfect process and the results will depend on the quality and skill of the craftsman doing the work. Also, commonly used is machine engraving which is much more precise but usually limited to one row of words using up to 20 characters. 80

Finally, a specialty process adapted to a not so new technology, called laser engraving, has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for couples who are thinking of engraving their rings. Wedding bands are now being created with entire messages that are clearly readable and up to 225 characters long. This allows the ability to write whole passages on the inside of wedding bands. Currently, bridal couples are engraving civil vows, religious vows, love poetry, even Shakespearean sonnets. This sentimental and romantic addition to your wedding bands can forever be a reminder of the commitments made and adds a special and unique touch to your wedding day. â?¤ - Jerry Biern, Wedding Vow Rings JEWELRY

Finding the

Riddle's Jewelry

Perfect Ring 1. The first and most important step you need to take involves learning as much as you can about diamonds and engagement rings. A well-informed customer is a satisfied customer. Browse online for information regarding a diamond's 4 C's (cut, clarity, color and carat weight), diamond prices, various diamond engagement ring designs and styles, diamond engagement ring costs, etc. Generally speaking, the higher the diamond's cut, clarity, color and carat weight, the higher its price will be. For example: if you were looking to buy a three stone diamond engagement ring, the ring's value would fluctuate in accordance to each of the three stones' quality. A 3 stone diamond ring with high quality, high carat diamonds would naturally cost more than a diamond ring set with low quality, low carat stones. A common misconception is that the carat weight is the main factor in determining the price of a ring, when in all actuality, all four of the diamond's factors contribute more or less equally to the ring's price. 2. You have now managed to successfully equip yourself with as much knowledge as you could find in regards to diamond engagement rings, so what now? Now that you have an in-depth understanding of the various diamond aspects and of diamond pricing, it is time to set your budget. Setting a budget will not only ensure you don't overspend, it will also help limit your search. For instance, you may have been deliberating between a classic solitaire diamond engagement ring and a journey three stone ring; a preset budget may make your decision easier. 3. After you've made your selection, you should be ready to complete your purchase. It is important to make sure the ring you've chosen (whether it be a solitaire ring, a 3 stone diamond ring or a ring set with multiple gemstones) comes with the appropriate GIA or AGS approved certificate of authentication. An approved certificate will not only guarantee your ring's authentication, it will detail the diamonds' quality. You ring's certificate should list the diamonds'

various aspects, including carat weight, cut, clarity, color grades any inclusions and blemishes which the diamond may possess, etc. It is crucial that you avoid purchasing diamond jewelry lacking certification since you will have no way of checking the diamonds' authenticity. 4. After you receive your beautiful diamond engagement ring, you should have it appraised and insured. If the ring is valuable you will want to insure it against possible theft or loss. You can have the ring insured by getting it appraised by a licensed jeweler or appraiser. A diamond appraisal should cost somewhere in the vicinity of a hundred to a hundred and fifty dollars and is a relatively simple procedure so you may not need to part with your cherished diamond engagement ring for too long. However, you should note that a three stone diamond ring, for example, would take a little more time and effort to appraise than, say, a solitaire diamond engagement ring. So if you have chosen a 3 stone diamond ring or a ring set with a multitude of diamonds you can expect the appraisal to take longer. After the appraisal is completed, you will be able to insure your ring for the estimated amount listed on your appraisal. You can add your engagement ring to a pre-existing policy or you can ask your insurance company to draw up a new policy. â?¤

- Riddle's Jewelry

Sioux Falls, SD


Specializing in Loose Diamonds and Custom Designs

y t i il

b a g n

i l B the

jewelry shopping

Bring in this VOW ad for a complimentary rhodium plating service. Good on one item only. Valid through 12/31/11 ($30 Value)

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Metal Talk: The most practical side of ring shopping (and overlooked)


verybody has heard the sayings “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and “a diamond lasts forever,” but have you ever thought about the metal into which the diamonds are set? Or how the style of ring that is chosen may affect the lifespan of a ring? Often times, the practical side of choosing one’s “forever ring” is overlooked, resulting in recurring problems, costly repairs and dissatisfied customers. Just like in every industry, jewelry also goes through trends and fads. From the newest designer engagement rings and wedding bands to the hottest trends in colored metals and colored diamond fashions, the possibilities seem almost endless! Knowing what styles you can see yourself wearing for a long time and the pros and cons of different metals can help to make your decision a little easier. The comparison chart below introduces some of the most commonly used metals and provides a comparison to consider when purchasing your ring.

Metal Type

The latest trend in engagement rings has been a micropavé vintage design usually set in either platinum or white gold. Micropavé is a type of setting where several small diamonds are set close together and held in by several small prongs. Though the look is The Diamond Room exceptional, customers often fail to notice the future maintenance the ring is likely to need, which can become very costly. Though white gold still seems to be the favorite, yellow gold and two-tone combinations are making a huge comeback! The best advice – stick to what you like and feel most comfortable wearing, but be informed about your purchase and the possible maintenance the ring could require with in the years to come. ❤ - Gina Opland & Dave Anderson The Diamond Room Sioux Falls, SD




Hypoallergenic, Strong, Durable Tarnish-resistant, Purity of Metal

Most Expensive, Scratches Easily Dulls Easily, High Melting Point Most Labor Intensive to Repair (costly)

White Gold

Affordable Alternative to Platinum Scratches less than Platinum Durable

Rhodium Plating Allergies to Alloys used (Nickel allergies)


Hypoallergenic, From Platinum Family Shine and Durability, No Plating Needed Affordable Alternative to Platinum

Trendy, Still Relatively New Not a Precious Metal


Lightweight, Inexpensive Durable and Strong

Cannot Size Smaller Not a Precious Metal

Tungsten Carbide

Permanent High Polish Appearance Highly Scratch Resistant

Cannot Size Smaller Not a Precious Metal

Yellow Gold

Most Traditional and Timeless Easy to Work with and Repair Does Not Erode, Tarnish or Rust

May Give White Diamonds a Yellow Appearance


Questions to Ask! ❤

How long does it take to order rings or do you have them ready to take home?

❤ Can a ring be resized later or does the decoration on it prevent this?

❤ Is there an additional charge to have a ring resized once it comes in?

❤ Once we’ve decided what we want, will you show us sample arrangements?

❤ What are the prices of the bands? Hers?/His? ❤ Do you have loose diamonds to choose from? ❤ Do you engrave? ❤ If so, what is the cost and how long does it take? ❤ If not, can you recommend a jeweler who engraves? ❤ How much is the item(s) we like?

Advice at a Glance! ❤ Many couples choose to have their rings engraved on the inside with their initials, wedding date, a short phrase or something else that is meaningful to them.

❤ Machine engraving is cheaper than hand engraving; however, the person that does the hand engraving makes a deeper cut which is a longer-lasting inscription.

❤ Make sure to put in writing exactly what you want

❤ Brides shouldn’t wear a ton of jewelry on their wedding day; less is often more! Items to choose from include bracelets, earrings, necklaces and other rings. At most, pair only two of these items along with your wedding rings. If you choose to wear a necklace, it should be small and discreet, no longer than 14-16 inches and never low enough to emphasize cleavage. In addition, pearls shouldn’t be larger than the largest pearl on the wedding dress.

your inscription to say. Keep a copy for your records.

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for more wedding jewelry tips.

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Ceremony Sites, Reception Trends, Wedding Rentals 85% of weddings are held in a church or synagogue. However, a growing trend is to hold the ceremony at an unusual venue such as a museum, zoo or garden. The average length of a wedding ceremony is 45 minutes to an hour. 80% of brides plan formal weddings. On average, a bride spent $16,378 on her reception in 2009.

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Unique Wedding F

Ceremony Site Ideas

or many couples, the ceremony location is a nondecision as their place of worship cannot be replaced. In lieu of the church, others are opting for a ceremony site with a bit more pizzazz. Many reception sites boast beautiful ceremony settings which offer convenience and should not be overlooked. But for those still looking for a truly unique experience, consider one of these alternatives.

Government Buildings - Often these buildings offer magnificent, breathtaking architectural elements. This untapped resource will make for a truly memorable ceremony.

Parks - In the right season, parks offer a picturesque outdoor setting with an abundance of natural scenery which may eliminate the need for pricey decorations. Tents can be rented and the reception can be held in the same location.

Zoos - This is fun for the whole family and a perfect fit for the animal lover.

Rivers/Lakes/Beaches - Usually fairly informal, holding the nuptials on the banks of the water can add an element of romance and tranquility. Consider holding the ceremony at sunset to take advantage of the glistening water and vibrant colors. Gardens - Garden wedding ceremonies offer fragrant flowers and a very relaxed vibe. Keep in mind that this can cause discomfort for guests with allergies at certain times of the year. Natural Wonders - Nothing will compare or signify a bigger leap into marriage like saying “I DO� from a waterfall, cliff or mountain top. Be sure to consider transportation for elderly or less mobile guests so everyone can partake.

Museums - Another great local option that offers architectural prowess and a distinctive backdrop for ceremonies and guests can enjoy the cultural offerings on display.

Family House or Backyard - For those with a smaller budget, consider hosting a backyard ceremony. Not only is it nicer on the pocketbook, but it also adds a truly personal touch. Tip: If you are having an outdoor wedding, visit your venue a year in advance to your wedding. Look at the flowers and plants as these will probably still be there at the time of your wedding. Talk to the City Parks and Recreation staff about logistics such as tables, chairs, music, food and drinks. Your event may require a sound permit, which is relatively inexpensive, or an alcohol permit. The logistics for an outdoor wedding are very different from an indoor one, but with proper planning and preparation, the payoffs (both in budgetary terms and in terms of being a memorable event) can be huge.

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Bel la L uce Pho tog rap hy

Take your special day to new heights!

Indoor/Outdoor Ceremonies and Receptions Classy, Private Chalet Onsite, Professional Catering White Linen or Buffet-style Picturesque Rolling Hills and Green Slopes Plenty of Parking


Our onsite event coordinator will gladly work with you or your wedding planner to create an atmosphere that will compliment your special day and stay within your budget.

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Ceremony Rehearsal Made W


hile the rehearsal generally ends with food and fun with your family and friends, serious work must be completed to prepare for the ceremony before the party begins. Always conduct the rehearsal at the actual ceremony site, even if your dinner plans are elsewhere.

Start by heading up to the alter and lining the wedding party up exactly where they will stand for the ceremony. If party members are missing, have someone else stand in their place. The bride and groom stand directly in front of the officiant, generally with the bride to the right of the forward facing officiant and the groom to the left. Next to the bride stands the flower girl, then the maid of honor and then the bridesmaids. Match up the guys on the other side. Then point out markers or even put a small piece of tape on the floor so they can find that exact point again. Rehearse the Recession first. Now that everyone knows where to stand, you will exit with the bride and groom leaving first, followed by the flower girl and ring bearer, maid of honor and best man then the rest of the wedding party. Keep everyone in line so you can come right back­­­in. Before the Processional, immediate family members are seated. This may include parents, grandparents, siblings and close relatives. Be sure to introduce ushers to those persons during the rehearsal so they know who it is they are seating the next day. Order of seating is generally groom’s grandparents, bride’s

grandparents, groom’s parents and then bride’s mother. Traditionally, the groom should be at the front of the church before the seating of the parents and grandparents begins. Now you must decide, do you want all groomsmen at the front waiting and only have the girls walk down the aisle? Or just the groom at the front and the rest of the wedding party walking as couples? If you want all the men set, they should enter with the groom and take their places behind him facing the audience to await the girls. Otherwise, once the music begins, the last bridesmaid and groomsman enter first, and so on with the children going just before the bride. Have them maintain a 20 foot distance between each couple by measuring it out and giving them a visual queue so they know when to start down the aisle. Finally, instruct them to walk slowly! Once the bride nears the front, the groom may take several steps toward her and offer his arm to escort her the rest of the way. The groom will be to the bride’s right. The bride's escort will then be seated, usually on the bride’s side. Once everyone is in place, the officiant may quickly run through the order of the ceremony followed again by the recessional. Here's a tip to enhance your ceremony, go against the norm and switch the guest sides so the bride’s friends and family are seated opposite her, directly behind the groom and vice versa. This will allow everyone to see the face of his or her loved one throughout the ceremony, instead of their backs.

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Involving Kids in your wedding M

any experts agree that it’s important for your children to be involved in the blending process of your two families. Your wedding day is the birth of a new family and a new life for your children, as well as the beginning of you and your spouse’s commitment to each other. Your child’s involvement in planning, preparation and the day itself will make the smooth transition a special memory. Depending on the age of the child, he or she could be a member of the wedding party (flower girl, ring bearer, best man, maid of honor, etc.), an usher or your chaperone down the aisle. Many families choose to have their children participate in the action of the ceremony. This could involve each child helping to light the unity candle, taking vows or exchanging rings or other tokens with their new parent. Studio Blu Photography

At the reception, you may want to give your children special duties. This could include being in charge of the guest book, greeting guests or taking gifts to the gift table and packing them in the car. Whatever you and your children decide, make sure it’s an age-appropriate task. You don’t want to overwhelm or make anyone uncomfortable. Also, be sure to discuss all plans well ahead of time, confirming that everyone is on-board and enthusiastic about his or her duties. ❤

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Personalize Your



lanning a personalized wedding reception not only takes extensive preparation, but it also takes creativity. There are countless ways to make your reception unique and unforgettable so consider the following suggestions when planning your special day. If you are steering clear of traditional themes, consider hosting a cocktail and appetizer party immediately following the ceremony. This will give you and your new husband time to take pictures and freshen up before the reception. Incorporate food inspired by you and your husband’s heritage and serve a signature cocktail that you and your new hubby created or that has special meaning to the both of you. For unique décor, opt for chair covers that stand out. Create personalized covers by embroidering your initials on just the bride and groom covers. Rather than having table numbers, designate tables using the names of cities and countries you and your husband have traveled or great movies that you’ve seen together. Consider displaying pictures from your parents’ and other family members’ weddings. They make for great conversation pieces and create an intimate and special touch. In lieu of Hershey Kisses or standard favors, print your photo and wedding information onto chocolate candy bar wrappers. Just before the last dance of the night, have fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and milk served in shot glasses passed around for a savory treat! If you prefer providing your guests with a favor upon their departure, consider giving picture frames. Have your photographer take pictures of each couple or family and send these photos to your guests after the wedding. Once they receive them, they’ll have a frame to put the photo into that will stay with them forever. Take your wedding to a higher level of sophistication with a digital monogram. Enlarge the logo enough so you can spotlight it on the dance floor. A great idea your guests will be sure to love! For a special way to thank your family and friends, create a slide presentation with photos to share with your guests. Have this displayed at the rehearsal dinner for all to see. Make sure you have access to a computer or slide projector beforehand. To really end your night off right, pass out sparklers to your guests for a beautiful light show! ❤

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Wedding Favors W

edding favors are small gifts that are tokens of appreciation to the guests from the bride and groom; it’s a thank you for attending the wedding ceremony. Choosing your wedding favors for your special event can be quite overwhelming. It is important to choose the right favor depending on your true personalities as individuals and also as a couple. When selecting your wedding favors, first consider your budget. Once you know how much you are able to spend, consider the type, style and/or theme of your wedding. A more elegant keepsake like treasure boxes, picture frames or bottles of wine would be suitable for a traditional ceremony, while home-baked and homemade gifts such as cookies, candles and decorative soaps may be just perfect for a more casual wedding. Homemade favors allow opportunities for one-ofa-kind gift giving and personalization that can't be found in a retail store. If you are thinking about making your own favors, take into consideration how much time you have or don't have to assemble the favors. Also remember that your appreciation gift doesn’t have to be costly or expensive to be elegant. Quite often the way you decorate, tag or wrap your little affordable gift turns it into an elegant and perfect wedding favor. Favors can also be based off family traditions or the latest trends. Brides are getting more creative in making their wedding day personal and unique. One of the latest trends in wedding favors is candy.

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Personalized candy wrappers with your names and wedding date offer an alternative to the traditional wedding favors. You can also purchase mint tins that may be personalized to match your wedding theme. Then fill them with candy. Once you have selected your favor, you should decide on how to present them to your guests. You may decide you want to decorate the guest tables by placing a favor at each seat. Another option is to display the favors all together at a table near the exit where they can easily pick up their appreciation gift on the way out. This is a good option for larger, breakable gifts such as wine bottles. And let’s not forget the always popular candy buffet! Supplying little paper bags so your guests can take some candy home will leave a smile on their face and a satisfied sweet tooth! Remember, whatever you choose for your favors, try to come up with an idea that is memorable of your special day. ❤

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The Right Venue Ceremonies, Receptions & Rehearsal Dinners


g up to

Build Your Own Menu • Attached Hotel with Pool Casino • Sports Lounge • Arcade


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Choosing the right venue is another way to make your reception one that will not soon be forgotten. You want your wedding venue to be a memorable yet cost-effective setting that matches your vision for the event at the price you are willing to pay. Take into consideration the number of guests you plan to invite, the size of your budget and how the setting matches your image of your wedding. Carnaval Brazilian Grill offers not only fabulous food but also a fun environment. If you choose the traditional Carnaval experience, your guests will enjoy the show as much as the food! Carnaval offers their regular menu or they can help you pre-select a customized menu for your event. By choosing a location with the perfect ambiance and staff that is well-trained to deliver superior service to exceed all expectations, you are sure to create an experience for you and your guests that will be cherished for years to come. ❤


Words of Love Y

Choosing Your Ceremony Readings

ou're getting married and you want the world to know what's in your heart. Choosing ceremony readings that represent the beauty and love of your relationship is a wonderful way to share these feelings and personalize your ceremony. Your readings should be beautiful, moving and interesting to your guests, yet still adhere to the formality and "feel" you want for your ceremony. There are so many choices and it can get overwhelming. Don't let this send you down the simple route of merely looking at a list of possible selections (usually provided by your officiant) and picking a couple readings. Visit your local library and look under topics such as poetry, literature, and wedding readings. Check your bookshelves and music collection. Some of the most beautiful words of love are song lyrics.

Love says be patient, don't panic, plan your future with confidence. Infatuation might lead you to do things you will regret. Love never steers you in the wrong direction. God, in His amazing, infinite wisdom, said it perfectly in Corinthians." Finally, to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your wedding day, be sure to obtain a list of rules and regulations before finalizing any choices. If worse comes to worse and you aren't allowed to use a reading that you just cannot imagine doing without - have someone read it at the reception. ❤

- Jean Neuhart

Don't be too quick to dismiss readings that have "been done." If you find yourself hesitating over a particular selection, take a moment to read the selection out loud; the spoken word has a much greater impact. Remember, you can write a suitable introduction to go with it. Including this intro can help make the "same old" come alive again. In a beautiful introduction to Corinthians 13:4-8, an aunt of the bride described the differences between love and infatuation. An excerpt follows. You can find them in scripture; "Infatuation is • I Corinthians 13:4-8 "Love is patient. Love is kind . . ." fleeting desire. • Ephesians 5:21-32 True love is a "Honor Christ by submitting to each other. . . . And the two shall become one." friendship that • Song of Solomon 6:3 has caught fire. "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine . . . " Infatuation says From selections of poetry we must get • Alfred, Lord Tennyson married right "In true marriage lies, Nor equal, or unequal" away, I can't risk • Anonymous Chinese poet, Han Dynasty "O, celestial beings, Let our feelings for each other, losing you. continue without diminishing."

Or excerpts from literature William Shakespeare from As You Like It ". . . no sooner met but they looked, no sooner looked but they loved, no sooner loved but they sighed, no sooner sighed but they asked one another the reason, no sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy . . ."


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HOTin Reception Trends!

You’re not alone if you have been envisioning a way to make your wedding reception unique and unforgettable. A myriad of extraordinary trends have graced the wedding scene and can make for the most memorable event that your guests will be talking about for ages. Having a wedding cake is customary, but having a candy buffet is a fun way to allow your guests to pick and choose according to their personal sweet tooth. A candy buffet makes for a beautiful setting if you coordinate the candy to match with your color theme. Consider displaying Christina Kjar Photography all white candy in clear, glass jars in varying shapes and sizes for an elegant and stylish arrangement. Just remember, when selecting your sweets, you need to make sure you choose enough to make for a visually appealing display. A new reception trend is mixing up the sizes, shapes and heights of tables. Using mismatched chairs, benches and stools is another way to add interest. It’s a quick and different way to change things up. Round tables of ten with matching chairs are a thing of the past!

Call on the services of a professional event lighting company and use uplighting to transform your reception walls and tables to bring in that touch of elegance. For a beautiful accent, include your custom lighted monogram on your dance floor or place it above the head table. Studio Blu Photography

Pinnacle Productions

Wedding trees are far becoming one of the most popular centerpieces at receptions. Whether you do it yourself or hire a rental company to supply the trees, make them a stunning focal point by decorating them in hanging acrylic crystal drops or beaded garland.

Use acrylic wedding confetti on reception tables. They come in all sorts of colors. For extra twinkling, combine these hot sparkles with LED lighting, lighted candles and/or mirrors and let your guests­­ marvel in the luminescent beauty! ❤ Washington Pavailion

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transform your wedding reception

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AVOID Wedding Woes... Don't take anything for granted! • Talk to the town clerk where you are to be married to make sure the officiant is certified to marry you there. • Ask about restrictions on photography and music at both the reception and ceremony sites. • Also, ask about fees for cleanup and parking attendants at the ceremony and reception sites.

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for more wedding planning tips!. CEREMONY AND RECEPTION

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Looking for the right place for your wedding reception at a reasonable cost?

Seating up to 300 Cloth Napkins Table Cloths • Skirting Personal Bar Food & Catering Available Three Meat Buffets Large & Small Private Rooms No request too big or too small

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Ways to Make a Memory-Maker! B

rides often find themselves dreaming of innovative ways to create a memorable atmosphere at their wedding. Unique wedding rentals can provide guests with interesting, even entertaining, reasons to remember how much they enjoyed your big day. Using a “Hollywood Skylight” is a great way to draw attention to your reception location. The 996 million candle power rotating light can be seen from miles around. What a great way to guide your guests to your reception! Looking for a fun way to get the party started at your dance? How about a light-up dance floor that flashes multiple colors and different patterns to the beat of the music? Your DJ can hook right up to the dance floor! This dance floor is sure to get your guests up and dancing the night away.


Another great “memory-maker” is a photo booth. Guests will have a blast with the photo booth and you will have memories to treasure forever because you can save all the photos on a memory stick. Sending your wedding party and guests a CD of photos from the night is a great way to say thank you. Carolan Rental in Sioux Falls has all of these unique wedding rental products and so many more! They even have tents as large as 80 feet by 300 feet! That size tent will seat 1000+ people! Using unique rentals is a great way to set your wedding apart and make your night memorable to all those who attend. ❤

- for Carolan Rentals, Sioux Falls, SD


Why Buy When You Can Rent? Wedding rentals are a great alternative to shelling

out hundreds or thousands of dollars for props and accessories you will only use one time. Plus, you may often rent more elaborate and beautiful items to enhance your ceremony and reception for far less than the cost to purchase them. Some traditional rental items include candelabras, tents, centerpieces, arches, dance floors, tables, chairs and linens. Be sure to check with your reception facility to find out if they have any of those items available for your use before you sign a contract with a rental company. There are several rental items for you to consider. If you are hosting an outdoor event, rent a restroom trailer instead of porta toilets. Trailers offer regular bathroom features such as lights, sinks and running water, not to mention several toilets. Isle runners can now be rented which will not only save

you money but are friendlier on the environment because they won’t end up in the trash. Not only can rentals save you money, but they can impress your guests with the latest styles and trends. Other benefits to rentals include a reduction in work for you and your wedding party. Often the rental companies deliver and set up the items, offering a huge convenience and reduction of stress to the couple. This will free up time that is needed to finalize other details the day of the wedding. Other items that are typically purchased that can now be rented include: flower girl baskets and ring bearer pillows, unity candle stands, cake knife and servers and even bridesmaid gowns. Rentals save you time and money, so why not take advantage of all they have to offer. �

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Money Savers ❤ Consider having your ceremony at the reception site. ❤ When deciding where to hold your ceremony, watch out for hidden costs such as the need to rent chairs because there isn’t enough seating.

❤ You could save money by not blowing bubbles or tossing birdseed after the ceremony. ❤ Invite your guests to your rehearsal dinner via e-mail to avoid spending money on invitations, postage and long-distance phone calls.

❤ Plan your rehearsal at someone’s home for a more intimate personal setting and to save money. ❤ Use potted plants or framed, enlarged photos of you and your groom as centerpieces. These can also double as favors.

❤ Search the Internet for discount gift companies who may even personalize items cheaper or for no added cost.

❤ If you are having a groom’s cake, have it cut up and boxed for favors.

HeyCinderella... happily ever after starts here!

Event Center Seating up to 350 • Upscale Guest Accommodations• Indoor Waterpark

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Questions to Ask! Ceremony Locations ❤ What dates and times are available? ❤ How many people does the space hold – seated and standing?

❤ Are there any requirements we must fulfill to get

Ceremony Officiant ❤ What dates and times are you available? ❤ Can you give us an overview of the service? ❤ How long is your typical ceremony? ❤ Can we write our own vows? If so, will you provide guidance?

married here?

❤ If outdoor, is there an indoor backup plan for inclement weather? If not, can we set up a tent?

❤ Is there a room in which my attendants and I can dress?

❤ Are there any restrictions regarding

a microphone? Is one available if necessary?

❤ Is photography or videography permitted

during the ceremony?

❤ Can we bring in our own flowers and decorations? ❤ Do you have any decorations we can use? ❤ If so, is there a charge? ❤ Is someone on staff to help coordinate seating the guests, cuing the processional, etc?

❤ Is throwing confetti, flower petals or blowing bubbles allowed after the ceremony?

of worship?

❤ Will you give a sermon or speech? If so, can we see a copy before the wedding?

❤ Do you permit photography or videography during

the ceremony?

❤ Do you have any restrictions regarding music? ❤ Do you have any retrictions on the bride's or bridesmaids' attire?

❤ Is there an organ or a piano? Can we hire an outside musician to play it?

or songs?

❤ Will you perform the ceremony outside a house

instruments or music selections?

❤ Are there ample electrical outlets to suit their needs? ❤ What is the capacity of parking? ❤ Will we or any readers be heard easily without

❤ Can we assign family/friends for readings/prayers

❤ Will you attend the rehearsal? ❤ What is expected of us in terms of pre-marital classes? ❤ How many pre-wedding meetings will we have

with you?

❤ Is there a fee, or is a donation acceptable?

NOTES: ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________












______________________________________________ 103

Questions to Ask! Reception ❤ What dates and times do you have available? ❤ What is the fee for site rental? ❤ Is there a service charge on top of the bill? If so, how much?

❤ Do you have an event director present on my wedding day?

❤ Will other parties be booked at the same time? How is that handled?

❤ How many people can you comfortably serve for a dinner or cocktail reception?

❤ Will anything affect the capacity of the space, ex: addition of a dance floor?

❤ Do you provide tables, chairs, linens, china

and glassware?

❤ Can we visit the site during another event to see the space set up?

❤ Does your facility have any decorations we can use? ❤ Is there a place to set up a gift table? ❤ Is there a place to change into going-away outfits? ❤ Who is responsible for setting up and tearing down the décor?

❤ How early can I get into the site to set up? ❤ Are there rules about noise level or the hours during

Reception ❤ Is there enough space for a band or disc jockey to set up? Where would the band or disc jockey be?

❤ Is there a dance floor? ❤ Is there food and beverage minimum? ❤ Is there an on-site caterer? ❤ Are there kitchen facilities and can I bring in an off-site caterer?

❤ Where can cocktails be served? ❤ Are there rules regarding alcohol? ❤ Is there a full bar option or just beer/wine? ❤ What’s the corkage fee if I bring my own wine? ❤ If outdoors: Is the ground even enough to set out chairs and tables for the cocktail hour and/or the reception?

❤ If outdoors: Is there a backup plan for inclement weather?

❤ If outdoors: Is there room for portable toilets? ❤ Could parking be an issue? ❤ Are there any additional costs: cleaning fees, insurancefee waivers, etc?

❤ Do you have liability insurance? ❤ Can you provide a list of references who have had weddings here recently?

which music can be played?

Advice at a Glance! ❤ If you are planning to hold your ceremony and

reception at two different locations, make sure the travel time between the two is not too long.

❤ Try to avoid having a long period between

the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception.

❤ Be sure to have a rehearsal for the ceremony.

Everyone in the wedding should walk through the entire program so that everything goes smoothly.


❤ If other ceremonies will be taking place on the same

day as yours, make sure you’re comfortable with the site’s procedure and you don’t feel you will be rushed or delayed.

❤ You and your groom should feel comfortable with the person who will marry you.

❤ It is nice to have someone cue the members of the processional so that each person knows when to start down the aisle.


Catering, Cakes & Beverages

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Festive Studios

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Caterers, Wines, Wedding Cakes Professional cake cutting services run between $.50 and $3.00 per guest/slice. 80% of couples will serve an actual meal of some kind at their reception. Wedding cake symbolizes fertility and prosperity. For just mints, nuts and punch, prices can start at around $5 per guest.


Mix & Mingle...

Catering Cocktail Reception Offers Flare! B rides looking for a wedding reception that offers a refreshing, laid back style or can’t decide on one menu item, should consider a cocktail reception! The guests will be pleasantly surprised since they are probably expecting the traditional buffet-style or to be served at their tables. A modern cocktail wedding reception is typically held from four in the afternoon until seven in the evening, and offers scaled down portions of traditional dishes or hors d'oeuvres into mouth watering bites. This celebration offers catering options that give a of variety in food offerings. It allows the couple to actually host their party. Parents, the bride and groom and guests are given

the opportunity to interact and mingle with one another through a cocktail wedding reception versus sitting intently at a single table.

Cocktail catering offers creativity so the couples can be inventive in terms of menu. Foods served may include an assortment of bite-sized samplings such as Japanese sushi or Chinese dumplings artistically presented on large platters. By choosing a variety of simple foods from different countries and some local favorites, guests and hosts alike will enjoy sampling various dishes. Unique offerings include fresh oysters with vinegar wine and onion, small crepes filled with Thai chicken curry and smoke salmon dip on crackers.

Simply Great Food


Located in the


of Downtown

Restaurant Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 6:30am - 8:00pm Monday - Thursday 6:30am - 9:00pm Friday - Saturday 6:30am - 4:00pm Sunday

108 S. Minnesota Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57104 • 605-367-3333 •



Couples who are looking to go more traditional should look at including comfort foods into mini meals. A great caterer will be able to find a fun way to incorporate tasty favorites like meatloaf or macaroni and cheese into bite size morsels. Some other favorites are miniature hamburgers, skewers of your favorite meat and veggies, meatballs on a stick, cheese squares and even tiny Chinese to-go boxes with your favorite Chinese dish and rice. In fact, your caterer may love whipping up variations of much-loved standards with gourmet twists. If you don’t like the thought of servers continuously walking around in the crowd, consider adding several food stations to the reception. Try to spread the food out around the room so guests are not crowded into one area. To make the reception more interesting, set up interactive stations where guests can watch the actual food preparations made by expert chefs like stir-frying, grilling, sushi rolling and much more. Of course, what is a cocktail reception without custom cocktail drinks? Cocktails traditionally include classic gin and tonic and whiskey sours. Or you can get bold and meet with a local mixologist to create your own modern concoction with various flavors, colors and presentations. Examples are Southern Bride, Wedding Belle, Tuxedo, Diamond Martini and Blushing Bride. Be sure to add a few non-alcoholic cocktails like Reno Cocktail and Baby Bellini for those younger guests or those who do not want to consume alcohol.

Hy-Vee Catering

Christina Kjar Photography

Christina Kjar Photography

Finally desserts! Most people love to eat the sweets. These may be served at a cartered cocktail reception along with the rest of the food on a separate table, as a late-night snack or along with the slicing of the wedding cake. Crowd favorites include mini versions of creme brulees, cheesecakes, cupcakes, s'mores and sundaes. â?¤ Resource

Hy-Vee Catering


...what your wedding is looking for!

26th & Sycamore 605.334.4570 49th & Louise 605.361.0313 37th & Minnesota 605.334.7231 26th & Marion 605.361.3442 10th & Cleveland 605.336.8947 57th & Cliff 605.271.7171 COMING SOON: 12th & Kiwanis

Find more Hy-Vee wedding ideas on


Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits

Want to have wine at your wedding meal but not sure what would be the best fit? From red to white and Riesling to Merlot, there are so many different kinds to choose from. How do you go about choosing? Check out this chart to help you choose the best wine pairing with your wedding meal.



Pinot Noir


Cabernet Sauvigno Zinfandel




goat cheese



ripe Brie






aged cheese


candied walnuts walnuts





smoked sausage lamb

grilled meats







spicy sausage

pork loin

beef stew



filet mignon

roasted chicken




sea bass

orange roughy

grilled swordfish






blackened fish






caramelized onions

black cherries



chili peppers

dried fruit



grilled peppers











sweet BBQ


Bolognese bĂŠarnaise


spicy Cajun


spicy chutney

light red sauce





















banana bread

crème brulee

dark chocolate

bittersweet chocolate

spice cake

vanilla pudding caramel sauce

espresso gelato


apple pie

white chocolate berries

grilled tuna


carrot cake


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Don't Have to End with Dinner


ith over 30% of couples today looking for a unique wedding experience for their guests, the reception scene is starting to take a turn for the extraordinary. If you want to wow your guests, incorporate one of these emerging trends into your reception. While catering for the dinner seems to be where couples focus their food budget, it might not tide guests over for a long night of drinks and dancing. Local rental companies have learned this and are not only offering the traditional chocolate fountain rentals but options to satisfy those late night guests

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at your wedding dance. Who doesn’t like a handful of salty popcorn to go with a nice cold beer? That’s right, popcorn machine rentals are a great option to bring out later in the evening and will keep your guests fueled and out on the dance floor. But why stop there? Nacho and cheese machines, hotdog machines and pretzels are also fun options that will be huge hits with your guests. When it comes to drinks, there are several new fads to consider. For hot summer weddings, try a frozen drink machine. Most offer two beverage options and are relatively inexpensive. For the kids, rent a sno cone machine. And for those guests looking for a classy alternative to booze, espresso bars stocked with flavored coffees and syrups offer the perfect alternative. Finally, for all couples who possess a sweet tooth, cotton candy machines are a dream come true. If you want to take that one step further incorporate a candy bar, not talking just Snickers but an entire bar full of your favorite candies. While you and your groom are planning the food for the reception, don’t forget snacks for the dance. Your guests will thank you at the end of the night! ❤ Resource


To Mint or Not to Mint! Wedding Mints… what can be said other than YUM! While wedding mints have been around for generations, they have proven to be more than just a trend and have gracefully withstood the test of time. Mints are truly an icon in the wedding world. While the look of the traditional cream cheese mint has changed in recent years from florals to hundreds of fun designs, brides are still embracing mints and adding their modern twists. Traditional wedding mints are made in various shapes and flavors and are very inexpensive when you make them yourself. A simple splash of flavoring can transform the experience for the taster. The most common wedding mints are butter mints, cream cheese mints, butter cream mints and pastels. All of these mints are fairly easy to make and easily freezable for up to several months.

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Here is a basic cream cheese mint recipe. For more mint recipes go to Cream Cheese Mints • 8 oz. cream cheese • 2 pounds powdered sugar  • 1/8 tsp flavoring and food coloring • Mix all ingredients and knead until creamy and smooth. Roll into tiny balls, dust with fine granulated sugar. Press into rubber or plastic molds. Immediately remove from mold and place on wax paper. Allow to dry. ❤ Resource


Trendy Cakes,

Delectable Flavors


our wedding cake will be a focal point of your reception ceremony. It should add to the joy of the reception and reflect you and your husband’s personal styles and tastes. You can use the cake to express your personality and style to your guests. The Cake Lady’s have provided some helpful hints and tips while searching for that perfect cake: Traditional may be a thing of the past Bling isn’t just for your engagement ring anymore. Sugar diamonds and bubbles have been very popular this season. They add extra sparkle to the cake that really makes it shine. Bright colors and modern designs are all the rage for 2011 weddings so don’t be afraid to stray away from the traditional white cake. You can also use your wedding cake to tell a story. You can top your cake with your favorite hobbies or even fictional characters. Ski slopes, hunting, and yes, even Star Wars are just a few ideas. The Cake Lady's have even made an exact match of a wedding dress. Christina Kjar Photography

May I have another? The look of the cake is important but you can’t overlook the taste. People will only remember the taste if it is bad so it is important to sample the cake before you purchase it. A popular flavor for 2011 is a champagne cake with shaved white chocolate and a whipped cream filling. If that doesn’t ignite your taste buds then try a dense buttermilk with


chocolate Bavarian filling. The Cake Lady’s also recommend a red velvet cake with cream cheese filling. Any of these flavors are sure to have your guests coming back for seconds. Limited cake budget? No problem! If your cake budget isn’t allowing for an extravagant cake, don’t sweat it! One solution is doing a smaller cake and putting it on a stand to heighten it. This way you can serve sheet cake to the majority of your guests, which will save on costs as well. Even if you decide on a smaller cake you can still add the bright colors and sugar diamonds to keep it chic and trendy. Don’t listen to the nursery rhymes “Bake me a cake as fast as you can” is not a lesson you should take away from the popular nursery rhyme. When choosing a baker it is important to explore all your options and SAMPLE, SAMPLE, SAMPLE! Remember, taste is the most important element of the cake. Finding the right baker is the number one way to guarantee the highest cake satisfaction. Also, The Cake Lady’s want to remind you that the best bakers fill up fast so don’t leave cake scheduling last on your list. Be sure to get an early start to ensure you get what you want! If there’s one thing to remember about cakes for 2011 weddings, it’s to not be afraid! This year is all about breaking away from tradition and tailoring your cake to fit your and your husband’s personalities… just don’t over look the taste aspect. Enjoy! ❤ Resource


Other Sweet Treats! Many brides are opting out of having a wedding cake to share with guests. Here are some other “sweet” ideas to share with your guests if you choose not to have cake.

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By placing mini cakes on a decorated table, your guests would be able to pick and choose their dessert. For example, you could setup a cheesecake bar and let your guests choose their desired topping. Another great way to treat your guests is to place different flavored cupcakes around your tables at the reception or place the cupcakes in an individual customized box that incorporates your wedding colors.

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If you are not a cake fan, a chocolate fountain with your choice of pretzels, fruit or cookies might be something you could offer your guests. Also, a candy or ice cream bar is another great way to tie in your wedding colors and appease each guest's sweet tooth! ❤ Resource

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Be Prepared: Catering Tips to Follow! There are many factors to consider when it comes to catering costs. Does the caterer provide real plates and silverware along with glassware? What about service? Will your caterer actually serve your guests or do you have to provide your own servers? Do they provide clean up and cake cutting services? Do they provide linens? Ask if there is an additional charge for these services or if they are included. Sometimes you may be able to provide these “extras” on your own and save money. Although it’s nice to serve your guests everything from appetizers to salads and desserts, by cutting out some of the “extras” and just serving your meat, potatoes and vegetables, you can easily save anywhere from $2-$5 per plate.


To book your caterer, you should be prepared to pay anywhere from 15%-50% down. Also keep in mind, many caterers have a limit to the number of events they can handle on a given day so be sure to book early. Always ask if EVERYTHING is included in your quote. You don’t want to be surprised later with things like tax and tip. Just remember, you will want to work with a caterer who is willing to take the time to answer your questions. You want everything to run smoothly on your big day! ❤ for the Marketplace Catering


Drinks For Everyone! Not everyone drinks alcohol. Some of your guests will be underage, others will chose not to drink. Consider making these non-alcoholic beverages available for your guests. • Punch • Coffee • Hot Tea • Coffee Bar (cappuccino, latte, frappuccino, espresso, etc.) • Iced Tea • Sparkling Juice (apple or grape) • Virgin Cocktails • Chocolate Milk • Flavored Milk Shakes & Malts • Bottled Water

AVOID Wedding Woes... Satisfactory Food

You want the food served at your wedding to be delicious, filling and pleasing to the eye. To make sure this is what you get, ask to attend a tasting with your caterer in advance. This should be at no extra cost to you. Have the caterer use the china that will be served at your wedding and the serving sizes that will be given to each guest.  Pay attention to these key elements: presentation, smells, flavors, texture and temperature.

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If you are not pleased with any of these factors, ask your caterer to make adjustments.


for more catering, cakes and beverage tips! 2009 VOW BRIDAL PLANNER


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Wedding “Spirits”

Only happy memories of your wedding celebration!


ith so many things to think about when planning your wedding, you may have overlooked this one thing…. if alcohol is going to be part of your wedding celebration be proactive and make arrangements for the safety of your guests ahead of time. Appoint a designated watcher, such as a groomsman to keep an eye out for any overindulgent wedding guests or any underage drinking. Advise your bartenders and wait staff to be observant also. You want your guests to have fun and enjoy themselves, but think twice about an open bar. Consider a cash bar or a table-by-table service. If guests pay for their own drinks, they are likely to drink less. If you are worried about looking cheap inviting guest to your celebration and not offering free beverages, consider a limited open bar such as before dinner only or consider serving free champagne or a wine-mixed punch.


Remember to keep the snacks coming. Food slows the rate of alcohol absorption so have plenty of munchies on hand throughout the night. Also be sure to have water and non-alcoholic beverages to keep guests hydrated. A new beverage trend is serving water in personalized water bottles at the reception. These make great wedding favors on the tables. At the end of the night, remind your guests that rides and rooms are available; have your DJ make an announcement. Some hotels even reserve shuttle buses for wedding guests to and from the reception. Following these tips will help start your marriage with only happiness and happy memories of your wedding celebration! ❤ Resource


Do-It-Yourself Beverage Bar Have plenty of ice - Plan on at least 1 pound per person plus what you need to chill beverages in your coolers. Make a beverage list and get the beverages early - Do not store them in the heat. Don't forget your cocktail napkins for hors d'oeuvres and beverages. Order/ purchase enough glasses so you do not have to rewash them (3-4 per person) or consider using disposable ones. Have water bottles on hand also. Have pitchers ready for juices or water - Use a separate cooler for "clean" ice for drinks. What you use to chill drinks in is not acceptable for a beverage. Renting a bar - The bar renting option is better than using a table for a bar if you have a bartender because the appearance is neater. Consider hiring a bartender - You are better off paying a little more to have an experienced bartender than worrying about relying on friends and family to man the bar. 


Money Saving Tip: Buy Your Own Alcohol If you are on a tight budget, kegs and drinks for your guests can add up quickly.  We recommend that you look for a caterer or facility that will allow you to buy your own alcohol and then return what you do not use (unopened bottles that is.) Simply purchase all drinks and mixes from a liquor store. Sometimes certain retailers will allow you to return unused/unopened liquor from your reception. Be sure to ask the attendant before purchasing. You can always have a friend act as your bartender. This will undoubtably save you tons of money. Resource

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Say thank you to your guests... with private labeled water bottles to personalize your wedding and customize your reception!

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Order 192 bottles for $100. The design is FREE (a $40 value). Each additional case is just $0.40 per bottle. Available in 12, 16.9 or 20 oz. Allow 1 month for production. New orders only. Must mention VOW when ordering.

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Advice at a Glance ❤ If you plan to serve alcohol, make sure to offer non-

❤ It is smart to hire a caterer who carries liability insurance.

alcoholic beverages as well.

❤ If you are having a tasting, be sure that the food will be prepared by the same chef who will cook on the day of

❤ If a caterer will not show you an operating license or health permit, don’t hire him or her!

❤ If you are having an outdoor wedding in warm weather,

your wedding.

consult with your cake designer about what ingredients

❤ It is a common courtesy to offer meals to service

will be able to hold up in the heat.

providers such as the officiant, musicians, the DJ, the photographer, the videographer as well as their

❤ If your cake is going to be topped with fresh fruit, find out when the fruit will be added. You want this to be


❤ It is important to make sure you have an adequate amount of wait staff to serve your guests. If you are having a seated meal, it is best to have one server for every 8-10 person table. If you are having a buffet, it is

done as close to the presentation time as possible for the cake to look its best.

❤ Remember that any flowers on or near the cake must be nonpoisonous and free from pesticides.

best to have at least one server for every 25 people.

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Questions to Ask! Caterers ❤ Do you offer all types of service: seated, buffet, station and cocktails?

❤ Who will be the chef on duty on our wedding day? ❤ Are there set menu packages or can one be custom-made?

❤ Do you offer special meals (kosher, low-fat, vegetarian)?

❤ Will you/the chef prepare special family recipes? ❤ Do you offer tastings to help your clients select the menu? Is there an additional charge?

❤ Would the tastings be prepared by the same person doing the food for our wedding?

❤ Is champagne for a toast included? If not, what is the charge?

❤ What happens if additional guests show up who didn't RSVP?

❤ Can you explain the bar fee? ❤ Is there a corkage fee? ❤ Do you offer children’s meals at a lower price? ❤ What is the server/guest ratio? ❤ Do you provide the tables, chairs, linens, china, glassware, serving pieces, etc?

Cake Designer ❤ Do you have a portfolio from which we can select a style?

❤ Will you create a custom design based on our vision? ❤ Have you worked with real flowers? ❤ If I want fresh flowers on my cake, do you provide them, will you coordinate it with my florist or am I responsible to get those to you?

❤ Do you offer a cake tasting? ❤ Is the cake prepared and then frozen or is it prepared fresh for the wedding day?

❤ How are your cakes priced? By the slice? ❤ Do you have a list of cakes with their prices that I can have?

❤ Is delivery and setup included? If not, what is the additional cost?

❤ Do you provide items like cake toppers, stands, tiers, cake-cutters, etc?

❤ Do you rent them? What are the costs? ❤ Will you create a smaller cake for display and prepare a less expensive sheet cake for serving?

❤ Will you prepare a groom’s cake? If so, what are our choices and what is the fee?

❤ How are the setup and cleanup handled? ❤ How are you licensed? ❤ Can we see your health permit?

❤ How far in advance do we need to place our order? Is
















your health department licensing up to date?

❤ Can we see your permit?


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Specialty Music, DJs, Ceremony Music 81% of guests remember the entertainment at the reception above anything else. Within 1 week after their reception, 78% of brides say they would have spent more on their entertainment and would have made it a higher priority. 65% of all couples that choose a band say that if they could do it over they world would choose a DJ or higher end band.


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Your Wedding



ou’ve picked the dress, the flowers, the colors and the photographer. All are important, but the one thing your guests will remember more than any other facet is your entertainment! According to several bridal publications, your wedding dance can actually “make or break” the entire day! This is reported as the #1 thing brides wish they had spent more money on. If your reception is great, your wedding will be remembered as great, just as bad reception entertainment will leave your guests with poor memories. Plus, who wants their guests to leave early in the night? That’s why setting a proper budget and picking the right entertainer is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Pricing vs. Value: Everyone in the wedding business is familiar with the phrase “How much do you charge?” This approach can lead you to choose a cheap entertainer. You should discuss with the entertainer your overall vision for the reception. Do you need an MC (Master of Ceremonies) who will keep the guests informed and entertained as the night progresses or are you looking for a low key DJ who lets the music do the talking? Just remember, you can often get two out of three, but seldom will you get the best price, best service and highest quality. List the factors that are most important to you and work in synergy with your entertainer.


References: Every established, reputable entertainment company will be able to share past satisfied clients as references. Search third party review sites where the impartial references can be found. Ask other wedding professionals with whom you are working for a referral, afterall they work with each other week after week and know which are professional and which are hobbyists. Music Selection: Music has the power to motivate. Usually the dance is the first time the extended families are all in the same place. Using music that is familiar to everyone is a great way to break the ice and get the party started. Most DJ’s have an expansive library to accommodate requests from the young to old, allowing everyone to have a great time. For special requests, make sure that your DJ has the exact version of the song by the artist you want; this could make the difference between slow, romantic first dance music and music that has been sampled by a hip hop artist. DJ Equipment: While you may not know which audio components are the best, your DJ should. The equipment used will translate directly into the quality of the sound. It is important that your entertainer has quality gear and a back-up plan if something were to fail.


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The Power of Lighting: Dance floor lighting has long been a staple to most DJ setups as it creates energy on the dance floor. Hot new trends, such as LED technology, have taken lighting to whole new levels. Up-lighting techniques can change your reception hall walls to coordinate with your colors. They are energy efficient, generate almost no heat and are safe if young guests wander near them. Textures are being added in conjunction with personalized monograms to create drama and branding for your reception and dance.

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Ask yourself: Does your entertainer have the personality and ability to fulfill your vision and expectations? Do they have good reviews? Do they have quality equipment and a back-up set? Does their music library have the songs you want played? If these questions are answered to your satisfaction, book the entertainer today! ❤

- Chris Hintz

Pinnacle Productions, Sioux Falls, SD


Express Your Music Style Throughout Your Wedding! I

t’s doubtful you’ll please everyone with the music selections at your reception. The good news is that some surefire suggestions will get (and keep) the party going. It’s essential to have a wide variety of music featured; a good way to achieve this is by mixing it up. Request that your band or DJ include some of your favorite tunes and intertwine them with different genres for a crowd-pleasing surprise. If your wedding is a formal affair, consider a string quartet, jazz band or instrumental music for the dinner hour. For dancing, keep it classy by introducing tracks from the 60’s or go completely instrumental and dance to the sounds of duo guitars or a classical ensemble. Let your guests show off their skills by introducing ballroom dancing: waltz, tango, foxtrot and even the cha cha! Guests will be on the floor all evening! For a less formal event, think smooth and sophisticated sounds. A jazzy, classical ensemble or swing band make for a light and airy ambience. The snappy melodies and rigorous drumbeats are sure to keep your guests jumpin’ and jivin’! After dinner, spin a few Motown hits and finish off with soul icons of the 70’s.

For a fun and upbeat soiree, think about having a rock or pop cover band. Music of 80’s is usually a big hit and it’s easy to find bands that solely play that genre of music. If that doesn’t toot your horn, go the completely different direction and hire a Latin or salsa band. This will surely fire up your fiesta! To completely personalize your reception and create a unique and unforgettable experience for your guests, consider hiring a steel drum band or an Irish bagpiper to play while your guests are entering or exiting your ceremony. A reggae band or barber shop quartet are other one-of-a-kind suggestions to feature during your cocktail or dinner hour. If you invited children to the wedding dance, incorporate such favorites as Hokey Pokey and Chicken Dance. These are best played early in the evening before the kids retire. Besides, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles and everyone can enjoy these fun classics. All that truly matters is that you express your personality throughout your wedding. Have fun with your planning and your guests will be grooving all night. ❤

- Resource

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How to pick


that perfect song

FIRST DANCE: Your first dance as husband and wife will be a memory you will cherish forever. It will be a moment you’ll fondly think back to long into the future. The song you decide to share that precious time with should be chosen carefully. It should provide a representation of your relationship and love for StudioBlu Photography each other. It should express the feelings you have for one another, allowing the two of you to get lost in the moment without having to say a word. Here are some suggested songs that would be perfect for a first dance: When a Man Loves a Woman - Percy Sledge or Michael Bolton The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton Bless the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts Here And Now - Luther Vandross Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion At Last - Etta James Thank You For Loving Me - Bon Jovi FATHER-DAUGHTER DANCE: Your father plays an important role on your wedding day. He walked you down the aisle and now it’s his chance to express his congratulations during the father-daughter dance. The following list will surely bring a glisten to both you and your father’s eyes. I Loved Her First - Heartland Through the Years Kenny Rogers Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle Unforgettable - Natalie Cole Father’s Eyes - Amy Grant Hero - Mariah Carey I Hope You Dance Lee Ann Womack


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WEDDING DANCE PARTY SONGS After both first dances have passes you’ll want a song that will get your guests out of their seats and dancing. You can go with some old time classics or spice things up with some fast-paced contemporary styles, whichever suits your tastes best. Here is a list of party songs that are sure to get your guests dancing to their beats: YMCA – Village People We are Family – Sister Sledge Celebration – Kool and the Gang Shout - Otis Day & The Night Mony Mony - Billy Idol You Shook Me All Night Long - ACDC Just Dance - Lady Gaga Cha Cha Slide - DJ Casper Electric Slide - Grandmaster Mambo #5 - Lou Bega

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Old Time Rock & Roll - Bob Seger Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison 125

Should I book a

BAND for my



hile receptions with bands have a reputation of being swanky or platinum, in reality, a good band can enhance your reception. The benefits of a band are all in the personalization and flexibility of a good, professional variety band. The band should have experience with wedding dances and offering a wide repertoire of songs and music styles. If you want, the band may be able to personalize the songs. Got blue eyes? Ask the band to change the lyrics to Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl.” If you want your first song to be longer or shorter, a band can adapt where a DJ with recorded CD’s cannot. Having a singer personally serenade your dance can add sentimentality, since the live person can feed off of your emotions and reflect your feelings back to you. Another benefit of a band is that the lead singer or band leader can act as your Master of Ceremonies to properly direct guests to the significant points in your reception (cake cutting, toasts, first dance, bouquet toss, etc.).

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Sioux City, IA

Before choosing a band, listen to the demo CD and see if you can watch them perform. Make sure the band has practice and experience with many types of music and talk with them about specific songs you want. Remember your guests may not share the same musical tastes so switch it up and keep it entertaining for everyone. Consider giving the band the flexibility to adapt to the crowd, not just your one, specific genre. A band will play “test” songs to watch the audience’s reaction. They will keep hitting on the same types of music that get the best crowd reaction on the dance floor. Great entertainment will keep your guests around for the fun and details you diligently put into place for their enjoyment. ❤

- Resource


Photo by Olive Juice Studios

“Their focus was on everyone. They had us up on stage, our friends up on stage and just random people in the crowd. They really tailored the show for the audience.” “We had nothing but positive feedback from our guests. I heard for months how our wedding dance was the best anyone had ever been to. I don’t know how many dances I’ve been to in the past couple years where the party really seems to fizzle out as the night gets late. Not ours! The dance floor was packed until the end!”

Deuces Wild completely customizes your entertainment for your wedding or special event. The show dares to go where you take it with music, dancing, comedy, dueling pianos and even a little improv. We ensure your night is the special event that everyone remembers for years to come. We get the entire wedding party involved and having fun from the moment we take the stage... the entire room joins in to complete the night of unifying celebration together! (320) 267-2313

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TOLL FREE: 800.691.5311 We will turn your reception into the party of a lifetime!


Music for your ceremony T

oo many brides place the emphasis and all their attention on the reception and wedding dance, without stopping to think about the reason for the party. Without the sacred vows between the man and woman, there is no reason to party. Religious or secular, long or short, the wedding occurs when the vows are spoken and a covenant is formed that bind the husband and wife together for better or worse, until death do they part. This is a monumental moment and deserves proper attention. The music you choose for your ceremony is as important as the other details of your wedding, but it is often overlooked. The music sets the tone for your ceremony. Do you want it relaxed and casual, romantic and intimate or reverent? No matter the venue for your nuptials, you do not have to settle for the church organist. Consider a harp or an acoustic guitar! Maybe a chamber orchestra or jazz band is more your style. Speak with the person in charge of your venue about options for outside musicians. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself. One couple who were chaperones for the marching band invited members to sit in the choir loft. The band played a powerful

rendition of the “Ode to Joy” and exited the church. If you are a member of a choir or have friends who are talented, invite them to participate in your ceremony. These personal touches make your wedding different from the others. Song selection is important to the message sent during your ceremony. Before choosing the latest pop song, google the lyrics. What does the song really say? Do you want this shared in honor of the commitment you are about to make? Often pop songs are not appropriate for your prelude music or ceremony. Some churches have lists of approved songs for weddings. If you are getting married in a church with a list of approved songs, talk to the minister if your song is not on the list. Provide him a copy of the lyrics and a CD of the song. Your song may subsequently be added to the church’s list of approved prelude music. If you want something different and memorable, talk to friends and look at internet videos for ideas. One bride with an amazing talent sang a song of thanksgiving to God for blessing her with a strong husband as her father walked her up the aisle. When the 2002 Miss Virginia USA got married, her mother hired a drummer for the ceremony. After the kiss, as they turned to exit the church, the drummer started a tribal beat that turned into a rich, rhythmic dance created on a single tribal drum.

With appropriate consideration, your ceremony can be set apart as the life-altering event it is. ❤ - Resource

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Questions to Ask!

your co-performers play?

DJ/Band ❤ Will you provide a song list to choose from? ❤ Will you take requests from us of

❤ ❤

Will you learn new pieces?

songs to play and not to play?

Can you suggest pieces that

Will you take requests from guests?

will fit our wedding styles?

❤ ❤

Do you know the religious

songs we want played?

Have you performed at our site? If so,

do you require any amplification?

If you’re not familiar with the site, will

you visit to assess the acoustics?

If you or one of your co-performers are ill on our

How many breaks and what

wedding day, do you have a backup?

length do you require?

Vocalists/Musician ❤ What instrument(s) do you and

What types of music do you usually play while the meal is being served and is it included in the fee?

Will you be the master of ceremonies announcing the first dance, toasts, cake-cutting, etc.?

How many hours does this include? Of playing time? Of setting up and breaking down equipment?

Advice at a Glance ❤

Be sure to purchase the sheet music for the ceremony

and have them delivered to the vocalists/musicians in

signed by both parties. This way everyone is on the

plenty of time before the ceremony to practice!

same page and everyone is paid for their services.

If you are having an outdoors wedding, be sure to place

musicians in a shaded area!

Contracts – You must have them! And they must be

entertainment prior to signing any contract. This way you know exactly what you’re getting.

Have the musicians arrive to set up at least one hour before the ceremony begins!

Ask for a sample CD or videotape of the prospective

If you think your reception will last longer than the standard 4 hours, simply hire the band or DJ for

Always have one or two rehearsals with live musicians!

Consider your reception locale, music can sound

your entertainment stay late, you are bound to incur

completely different when heard on the beach than

overtime fees, which are much more expensive.

in a grand ballroom. Make sure you take this into consideration when choosing a band or DJ.


another hour. If you decide at the last minute to have

Plan ahead and equip the band/DJ with a do-not-play list, as well as all your favorite tracks.



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Bouquets, Florists, Flower Meanings, Floral Preservation


Your ceremony and reception flowers set the mood for the entire day. 62% percent of weddings have a flower girl. Historically, flowers were brought into weddings to represent purity, fertility, new life and never-ending love.


How do you know which

Bouquet is right for you


ou want to ensure that you have made the right choice of bouquet for your wedding day. You want a beautiful bouquet, but also need to be careful that your bouquet does not over-shadow your gown. There are three very important things to consider when selecting a bouquet that is right for you... 1) The style of your wedding gown 2) The size of your body 3) The overall look and mood of your wedding

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TYPES OF WEDDING BOUQUETS Nosegays—Consist of round clusters of flowers. They can vary in levels of sophistication making them a good choice for any style of wedding.

Cascade Bouquet—Consist of flowers that come down below the main portion of the bouquet. These bouquets are most often used in traditional and formal weddings. Hand-Tied Bouquets –Made by wrapping the stems of the flowers, foliage and other accessories in a secure fashion. The stems of the flowers are often wrapped with a simple ribbon and are very elegant and classy. Contemporary Bouquets—These unconventional styles of bouquets are inspired by designs and patterns with no exact geometric form.

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Arm Bouquet—This elegant style of bouquet can be very simple or complex, depending on your preferences, and can be cradled in your arm.


Keeping your

Flowers Vibrant all day!


our florist is your best ally to helping you keep your flowers vibrant and fresh into the night. Ask which flowers are most durable, meet your vision and your budget and for specific instructions to make your flowers last from the first picture through the final send off. Young and Richards of Sioux Falls recommends the following. Keep the Flowers Cool: This is not always easy on hot summer days! Keep bouquets and other floral arrangements in a cool place — a well airconditioned room out of direct sun or even walk-in refrigerator — for as long as possible after delivery. During pictures, remove the flowers from the water they were delivered just long enough for each pose. The corsages and boutonnieres also need to be kept out of direct sunlight and as cool as possible since they do not have a water source. Keep the Flowers Watered: Your bridal bouquet and other floral arrangements (except the corsages and boutonnieres) will arrive in vases, urns or pots. Your flowers are still living and the containers are there Christina Kjar Photography to keep them moist and alive. If the bouquets start to show signs of stress like wilting or drooping, re-cut the stems at an angle and have someone refill the containers with cool tap water. Bouquets with holders are a special case. The holder has a water source at the base and is made of foam. In most cases the flowers have been properly hydrated at the shop so the bouquet should be fine for quite a while. If your bouquet shows signs

of stress, locate the base of the bouquet where all the stems are anchored, carefully remove the foliage exposing the foam and pour about ½ cup cool water on it, then keep it cool. Look, Don’t Touch: As beautiful as the flowers are, take your mother’s advise, “Look, don’t touch.” The oils in your fingers react with the blooms and cause them to brown prematurely. The difference may not be noticeable during your wedding, but the less handling they have to endure, the longer the life of the flower. ❤  

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any brides want to preserve their bouquets for a keepsake. There are four ways of preserving flowers that can either be done by a professional or yourself: air-drying, silicia gel, pressing and freezing. Air-drying is the most budget friendly because it does not involve any cost and can be done by anyone at home. You need to be aware with this process that the flowers will darken in color, shrivel up and lose their shape. In addition, air drying shortens the life span and takes about two to three weeks to accomplish. The second option for preserving flowers is using silicia gel. This process can also be done at home with the purchase of a few simple supplies from a garden center or hobby shop. It’s a great option if you do not have a large budget. However, the flowers may become brittle, darken in color, and lose their natural look, especially with roses. This option has a little longer life span than dried flowers and takes about ten days to complete.

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Floral Preservation

Another option you may want to consider is pressing your flowers. This can either be done by a professional or at home. The process works best for flowers with flat faces such as daisies, pansies and petunias. Flowers can last a lifetime when this method is used. However, they lose their shape and large, thicker flowers cannot be recreated to look natural. The last option to consider is freeze-drying your flowers. This is a process that cannot be done at home; it must be completed by a professional. This method is the most natural looking but can be spendy. Freeze-drying allows the flower to retain its shape and color as if it were fresh. The flowers can be redesigned into a display of the bride’s choice after the process is complete. The total process takes about eight to twelve weeks and can last a lifetime. ❤

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Memorial Flowers Flowers are one way couples can honor loved ones who have passed. Memorial flowers can be very significant but should be planned with careful consideration. Always be sure to inform those who also were close with the deceased so they are not taken off guard by the display on your wedding day. Here are several ways to include memorial flowers for your deceased loved ones: • Write a personal note to that person and attach it to a flower arrangement in his or her honor.


It’s all about the

et ails

photography by Bonnie’s Impressions

• Place a special flower arrangement in his or her favorite color at the ceremony and reception. Depending on the closeness of the relationship consider taking time to light a candle in the center of the arrangement at the beginning of the ceremony to signify the loved one's presence. • Leave chair vacant and adorned with flowers at the ceremony and reception.

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• Incorporate his or her favorite flower into your bouquet or the groom’s boutonniere. • Consider carrying something special in your bouquet in his or her memory. Some ideas include a ribbon, a small picture, a trinket, etc.

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• Depending on the person passed, you may even consider displaying a small memorial by the guest book complete with flowers and photos of him or her.

Brides Bouquets Boutineers & Corsages Toss Bouquet Bridesmaids Bouquets Flowers for the Cake Centerpieces for your Reception

• Place a single stemmed flower at the altar. ❤

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hoosing flowers for your wedding day is a big decision, one that requires more than just deciding on colors and types of flowers. Many brides are finding the benefits of silk flowers outweigh the benefits of real flowers. Sara Consoer from Fleurtations Silk Floral & Event Design lists these as a few benefits of using silk flowers, rather than real flowers:

No surprises. Your flowers are custom made just for you. Early delivery assures you that your flowers are just as you imagined. Always "fresh," no matter what the season. You won’t have to Fleurtations worry about your flowers wilting or freezing so they will always look "fresh". Always in Season. Silk allows you the freedom to choose the flowers you love without worrying about seasonal costs and the ability to get them in on time. Always light. Silks are half the weight of real flowers which makes them easier to carry. Scent free. There are no worries about allergies with silk flowers. Insect free. If you're having an outdoor wedding, silk flowers won't attract insects like fresh ones. Choosing to use silk flowers allows brides to be more involved as the flowers are being put together. Sara from Fleurtations says they keep brides involved by sending photos as they work on their flowers. By doing this, brides have the ability to make changes if the flowers don’t look exactly as they envisioned. With fresh flowers, making changes isn’t that easy. What the florist delivers the day of the wedding is generally what the flowers will be, whether or not it’s exactly what the bride wanted. Brides also really appreciate the fact that they can pick up their flowers in advance. It’s one less expense and thing to worry about when the wedding date arrives.


“Now days you can get flowers that are 'real touch' or 'true touch'. Not only do they feel real but they look real. There are many silk flowers out there that are incredibly realistic, sometimes indistinguishable from real flowers," states Sarah from Fleurtations. “Our moto is 'The Look of Real that Lasts Forever' because it's just that. We use ‘real touch’ silk flowers that look realistic and will truly last forever. You don't have to worry about the costly expense of preserving your bouquet after the wedding. Your bouquet will look the same after the wedding as it did before the wedding and for many years to come.” ❤

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How you can save on your wedding flowers! Brides are always looking for ways to save money. Here are some tips for saving money when it comes to your wedding flowers. Keep it simple - The more elaborate you are with your wedding flowers, the more money it’s going to cost you. Keep the season in mind – If the flowers are not in season at the time of your wedding, it may cost more. Choose flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding.

Smaller Bouquets – Instead of having all bridesmaids carry large, full bouquets, consider having them carry small bouquets of one or two dramatic flowers instead. Rent Flowers – Many large potted plants and flower arrangements are available as rentals. Smaller Guest Lists - Narrow down your guest lists. The smaller the wedding, the less decorations you need.

Have a small bridal party – The smaller the bridal party, the less flowers you need to provide for them.

Use Silk Flowers – Generally, using silk flowers is a cheaper route to go. This way they are already preserved too.

Choose an already beautiful location – By choosing a location that is naturally beautiful, you will have less decorating to do.

Ceremony & Reception – After the ceremony, arrange to have the flowers taken to the reception location to use again.


Flower meanings Different types of flowers carry different meanings with them and may be of consideration when choosing your wedding flowers. Here's a list of some of the most popular wedding flowers and their significant meanings.

3. 2. 6.

1: Freesia – Thoughtfulness 2: Daisy – Innocence, Loyalty, Love, Purity


3: Chrysanthemum – Happiness, Long Life 4: Peony – Happiness, Prosperity


5: Carnations – Fascination, Divine Love


6: Orchid – Love, Beauty 7: White Rose – Purity, Innocence


8: Red Rose – Love, Desire


9: Tulip – Love, Passion 10: Calla Lily – Magnificent Beauty

13: Asiatic Lily – Wealth, Prosperity 14: Stephanotis – Luck, Prosperity


10. 14.

11: Gardenia – Purity, Sweet Love 12: Hydrangea – Vanity


Photos by imji Photography Flowers by The Flower Mill



Questions to Ask! ❤ Can we see photos of weddings you’ve done? ❤ Do you have one particular style or will you work with

❤ What are the costs for the different elements we are interested in?

us to create arrangements that match our vision?

❤ Will the flowers we’re interested in be in season at the

❤ Have you done any events at our site? ❤ Once we’ve decided what we want, will you show us

time of our wedding? If not, can you suggest some similar looking alternatives to save money?

❤ How do you feel about transforming pew arrangements

sample arrangements?

❤ Are arrangements made the day of or before? How are they stored?

❤ Will you be available on the wedding day to arrange and set up or will someone else be doing this?

❤ Can you work with our cake designer if we want flowers on the cake? Are you familiar with the safety issues regarding edible flowers free from pesticides?

from the ceremony into centerpieces for the reception to help ease our budget?

❤ Are there delivery and setup fees? ❤ Will you be working on any other events on our wedding day?

❤ What time would the flowers be delivered and when would you (and your team) arrive to set up?

Advice at a Glance! ❤ Check to see if any bridemaids or groomsmen

have allergies to any particular flowers. If so, try to stay away from those types for bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.

❤ Don’t incorporate flowers that have a strong scent in your reception centerpieces.

❤ Floral arrangements should be delivered as late as possible, or kept refrigerated for freshness.

❤ Refrain from touching or allowing others to

touch your flowers. Oils from your fingers will brown and sometimes crush delicate petals.

Visit 138

❤ See how long specific flowers stay fresh. You don’t

want your bouquets or arrangements to start to wilt or turn brown halfway through your day.

❤ If the florist has more than one staff member

working with you, make sure that they are all informed of the exact plans for your wedding day.

❤ Bring pictures of types of flowers and arrangements that you like to your floral interviews. In addition, bring pictures of the ceremony and reception sites, and swatches of your dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses to find coordinating flowers.

to find more wedding florists. FLOWERS

Photography & Videography

Styles of Photography and Videography Photography is the #1 place a bride is willing to go well over her budget. About 10% of the bride’s budget is spent on photography and videography. The national average amount spent on wedding photography and videography is around $3500.


Different Styles of

Photography W

hen it comes to choosing a style of photography, it ultimately depends on the couple’s preferences. The best way to go about choosing a photographer is to look at as many photos as you can and choose your favorites. The two most popular styles of photography are traditional and photojournalistic. Another style is the avant garde style. None of these approaches is better than the other; it is just a matter of personal opinion. Each of these styles is summarized below to help you become more familiar with your different options. Traditional Wedding Photography This style of photography is portrait based and is a mix of portraits of family, wedding party and posed shots with the bride and groom. The shots are heavily choreographed with lots of control and involvement by the photographer. The traditional style puts a focus on body alignment, lighting equipment, proper backgrounds, the dress, print quality and making the bride and others look their very best in every photo. Advantages include predictability, repeatable results, pre-planned, easy to execute and simplicity. Disadvantages include timeconsuming, uncomfortable posing, looks somewhat fake and strain on event schedule when it comes to timing. This is right for you if... • You want your photographer to be like the director of your wedding • You want to know when you are getting your picture taken • You want to pose with all of your family and guests • You want to spend a lot of time posing every shot • You think candid shots such as photos of shoes, food or other items are unnecessary


Photojournalism This style of photography is a contemporary, documentary style that is compared to telling a story with photos. Photojournalism focuses more on candid shots and capturing priceless moments of your day as these moments really happened. Photojournalists do not direct the event, but record it as it happens without interfering. Advantages include natural looking, low stress, real memories of real moments and happens around your event schedule. Disadvantages include unpredictability, may not look your best in every photo and do not know every photo that will be taken beforehand. This is right for you if... • You want lots of candid in the moment shots of you and your guests • You don’t want to spend very much time on family and group portraits • You don’t want a lot of photography equipment involoved Avant Garde This type of photography stresses a unique, artistic style and breaks the rules of typical bridal portraiture. Often, these photos feature wide or unexpected angles, a tilted horizon, an unexpected environment or an unusual effect. Avant Garde demands the utmost level of creativity and is often compared to fine art. This style is not for everybody; people either really love it or hate it. ❤

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Capturing your memories V

With Style!

ideography is not for the amateur – it’s one of the most important tools for capturing all of your precious wedding day moments. Wedding videographers are not always cheap but they are one of the few things couples spend money on for their weddings that lasts beyond the day. Your wedding video is a keepsake that allows you to relive your VOWS, reception, dance and all the little details you could forget over time. This makes choosing your videographer extremely important. When interviewing videographers, don't get consumed with understanding camera-talk like shutter speed, frame rate and aperture. Instead, learn about shooting and editing styles and how those will represent the way your wedding is captured. Techincal terms aside, ask to see several examples of wedding videos they produced. Some videographers use only one camera which will greatly limit the fluidness of the final product. You will experience lots of back and forth movements and some choppiness in your final DVD. If you are looking for a more sophisticated movie-like finish, make sure your videographer uses a 3-camera set up. Using three cameras will eliminate camera movements on your DVD and capture more of your event. Find out if your camera operators have moving cameras and if there are multiple operators. This will ensure you are not just getting 3 static angle shots. This setup offers more close-ups and attention to what's happening, like your parents faces and the couple's expressions while they exchange rings.

equiped with wireless microphones. If your videographer uses only microphones from the video camera, hire someone else! Afterall, you want to hear your voices, not all the sounds generated by the congregation during your ceremony. Remember, a good videographer is one that captures the sights and sounds so they can be cherished for a lifetime! ❤

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Wedding Woes...

Be sure to start your search to find the right videographer early, especially if you are having your wedding during peak wedding months (JuneSeptember). Also, realize that most videographers require some kind of non-refundable deposit so make sure you that do your research before you sign a contract. Ask for referrals from photographers or other recently married couples. In the end, your wedding video could be one of your most cherished wedding gifts to yourselves so don’t make your decisions lightly.

Video quality should be a large consideration in selecting your video team. In fact, so should the audio quality, something most people don't even know to look for. Audio quality is essential in capturing the sounds and without it you might as well be watching your video on mute. To avoid this situation, make sure that you and your fiance' will be



What does it mean? Don’t be confused by all of the photography lingo. Here is a helpful guide of some popular effects and the meanings behind them.

Black and White—This is pretty self-explanatory but is extremely popular so it is worth mentioning. Black and white is an absence of color. Cross Processed—This is the procedure of intentionally processing film in a chemical solution that is meant for a different type of film. They are often distinguished by unnatural colors and high contrast. This type of toning fits more of the avant garde technique of photography and thus displays more of an artsy effect in the photo. Digital Enhancement—All of these effects are done on the computer, hence the word digital. This involves improving the brightness, contrast, color balance and sharpness of your images. You can also crop, resize, dodge, burn, adjust the color saturation and filter images. Resolution—This is the clarity or sharpness of an image and has to do with how many pixels are in an image.

Capturing those Memorable Moments with Photo Booths Adding a photo booth to your wedding can be a great way to capture those memorable moments by your guests you may not otherwise get to see at your wedding. These booths provide fun entertainment for your guests, giving them something to do besides “bustin’ a move” on the dance floor. Photo booths also serve as great conversation pieces to help break the ice and get people mixing and laughing! Photo booths are usually rented for 2-5 hours, depending on the style of your wedding reception and the number of guests. When pricing booth

rentals be sure to ask about the delivery and pick-up details. Also ask about the limit for the amount of photo sessions taken or if there are unlimited photos sessions. Finally, be sure to find out how many copies of the photos you will be given and if a disk of photos will be provided. Some photo booth rental companies will help you create a photo guest book. Since the photos are instant, guests place their photos in the book along with a personal message… what a great keepsake! ❤

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Money Savings HINTS! • If you book your photographer and videographer through the same studio or agency, a discount may be offered. • Be sure to ask if an album is already included in the overall fee. If not, ask if you can just get the prints and put them in an album on your own. • Ask friends and family or your reception site coordinator for any recommendations for freelance photographers. • You don’t necessarily need your wedding on a video; maybe just go without and rely on your photographs to document your day. • Only have the videographer tape the ceremony or stop taping after the first hour of the reception.



PHOTO SHOT CHECKLIST Photos to be taken before the ceremony: • Candids of the bride and the bridal party getting ready • Bride and Mother • Bride and Father • Bride with Brothers and Sisters • Group shot of bride with her bridesmaids • Groom and mother • Groom and father • Groom with Brothers and Sisters Photos to be taken during the ceremony: • Bridesmaids, flower girls and ring bearer walking down the aisle • Bride being walked down the aisle by her father • Bride and groom standing at the altar • The kiss • Bride and groom walking down the aisle • Bride and groom leaving the ceremony location Bride’s group shots: • Group shots with bridesmaids and groomsmen • Bride with her parents/grandparents • Bride with her mother • Bride with her father • Bride and maid of honor • Bride with immediate family • Bride with extended family

Bride and groom shots: • Bride and groom with bridal party • Bride and groom with all of the bride’s family • Bride and groom with bride’s immediate family • Bride and groom with bride’s parents/grandparents • Bride and groom with all of groom’s family • Bride and groom with groom’s immediate family • Bride and groom with groom’s parents/ grandparents • Bride and groom with both sets of parents At the reception: • Close up of bride and groom at head table kissing • First dance • Bride and father dance • Groom and mother dance • Bridal party dancing • Candids of guests and bridal party • Bride and groom feeding cake to one another • Bouquet toss • Groom taking off garter

Groom’s group shots: • Group shots with bridesmaids and groomsmen • Groom with his parents/grandparents • Groom with his mother • Groom with his father • Groom with immediate family • Groom with extended family

Go to

for a complete checklist! 145

Questions to Ask! Photography ❤ Can we see a portfolio of your work? ❤ What is your fee? ❤ How many hours are included? ❤ How many proofs will we see? ❤ How many albums are included in the fee? ❤ How many portraits are included in the fee? ❤ What is the cost for additional prints? ❤ Do we get to keep the proofs as part of the package?

Videography ❤ How many videographers/cameras and assistants will be there?

❤ ❤ ❤

What is your fee? How many hours of service and raw footage will that include?

❤ ❤

How many tapes of what length does that include? Is the final copy uncut or edited? Can we get an uncut version too?

If not, can we purchase them or do you always own them?

Can we see a tape of a wedding similar to ours?

What kinds of editing do you do and what are the prices?

If you’re unfamiliar with our wedding day site, are you willing to visit it and scout for shot locations?

Advice at a Glance ❤ Scout out your ceremony and reception sites

❤ ❤


with your photographer before your wedding day to choose the best settings for your formal photographs. Consider taking formal portraits before the ceremony so you and the wedding party can enjoy the cocktail hour. If you are superstitious and don’t want to take shots with your groom before the ceremony, just take all the formal shots that don’t include him ahead of time. Serve non-alcoholic drinks and hors d’oeuvres to those who will be posing for pictures prior to arriving at the reception site to keep your bridal party lively for the pictures. Take any photos immediately upon arrival before party members begin drinking or are distracted. Don’t forget to give the photographer and videographer any special instructions or restrictions by the officiant or the ceremony site ahead of time. Have your photographer take candid pictures of your parents that you could possibly have framed as gifts for them.

❤ Figure out before the wedding day if you want the ❤ ❤

videographer to interview your guests. Ask your photographer for a sample album of an entire wedding he/she shot to get a realistic idea of their ability. Make sure the photographer/videographer brings extra equipment in case something breaks or malfunctions so you're not left with important moments not photographed or recorded. Without him knowing, say something special to the groom on tape so he is happily surprised when he sees it. Also consider a special 1 year anniversary message recorded separately for that special night. The number of photos the photographer guarantees to shoot should be greater than the number you want to include in your album so you have the largest selection possible. The photographer or videographer you hire should have experience shooting in conditions similar to yours. Be sure to view samples of work done in similar conditions. The videographer should have a wireless microphone so guests won’t trip over cords.


Hotels & Transport at ion

Studio Blu Photography

Limos, Other Transportation, Guest Accommodations Transportation arrangements should be made 6-9 months before the wedding. Hotels often throw in extras as part of a wedding package, such as a free room upgrade! Be prepared to spend anywhere between $300 and $600 for basic transportation services; The price can easily go up from there. Only about 1-3% of the budget is spent on transportation/hotel but these items still play a crucial role in the wedding day. 147

Christina Kjar Photography

Transportation Styles M

any different types of transportation are available for your wedding day. The most traditional, the limousine, standard or super stretch, usually comes in either white or black. However, limo companies are now coming out with larger versions of the limousine such as Hummers, Escalades and party buses. These types of transportation are great for accommodating a large number of people.

Although some of these modes of transportation are unconventional, they will leave a lasting impression on your guests. With so many options to choose from, be sure to pick the transportation style that best represents the theme and style for your wedding day. â?¤

- Resource

Although a limo is the most popular choice of transportation, it is not the only way you can transport your bridal party. Many cities have trolleys that are available to rent for private parties. Trolleys are a great alternative because they not only fit a large number of people but offer a different romantic twist to your wedding. Other options include luxury sports cars such as a Mercedes or Lamborghini. Go with a more retro feel by choosing an old Cadillac Convertible or Ford Mustang. These small vehicles will offer a fun flare to your wedding. A horse drawn carriage for a romantic ride is a great option. Although these options will not be able to fit your bridal party, they are perfect for the bride and groom. Some less traditional transportation ideas include motorcycle, horseback, hot air balloon, a sleigh ride, golf cart or boat. Motorcycles and hot air balloons are great for those truly adventurous couples. Riding away on horseback is a romantic option for horse lovers. If you are having a winter wedding, consider a sleigh ride, just don’t forget lots of blankets to keep warm. Consider a decorated golf cart for an outdoor wedding. A boat could be perfectly suited for a waterside or destination wedding.


ience r e p x e the ousine m i l r a l of ste

e c n rillia


Whether accommodating a large bridal party, or just the bride and groom, Stellar Limousine can help you create special memories.




Let our professional chauffeurs treat you like...

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Transportation


hoosing a transportation service is a vital component of any wedding. The first thing to do is determine how many passengers you are planning on having and determine the size vehicle that best suits your needs. Besides the number of people in your bridal party, decide if you also want to provide transportation for personal attendants and parents. You don't have to choose the most practical vehicle, it's your wedding, get what you really want! SUV's and limousine coaches are often easier for dresses, therefore much more practical and friendly for brides.

Money Savings HINTS! • Arrange for an attendant or family member to drive you to the ceremony site and book a special vehicle for after the ceremony only. • Car rental companies often offer a discount on last year’s models. • If the ceremony and reception sites are within walking distance, then don’t blow your budget on transportation. • Be sure to ask about wedding packages. Some places will offer you complimentary champagne or upgrades. Also, services might be discounted if you book your bachelor/bachelorette party with the same company.

Always make sure you take a look at the vehicles the company has available before making any decisions. You want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want for your big day. It is important to book your transportation as far in advance as you can. It is recommended to book 9-12 months in advance to ensure you get the exact vehicle you want and guarantee it is available on your wedding day. Another important component is determining how many hours you need. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be rushed. It is better to plan for more hours then less so you aren’t being pressed for time. Determine if you need the vehicle to take pictures before the ceremony or after. Many companies will provide soft drinks and water but be sure you ask if you want anything else specific. Some provide champagne, but be sure you ask if you are responsible for bringing your own alcoholic beverages. Do not hesitate to ask for references when it comes to choosing a limousine company or other transportation service. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions about how long they have been in business and what kind of licensing they have. Follow these important guidelines to make sure everything runs smoothly on your big day. ❤

- for Royal Limousine, Inc. Sioux Falls, SD 149




any of the guests you invite to your wedding will be coming from out of town. You will not want to play host for all of your guests the entire time so find them all a place to stay while they are visiting. Most hotels allow you to negotiate a group rate when you book with them. Think about reserving a block of rooms for your guests to book from. This will ensure availability of rooms for the dates you need and allow your guests to stay in rooms next to each other. The number of rooms you will need to set aside is based upon your preliminary count of RSVPs. It would be helpful to designate a specific individual to be in charge of taking care of hotel accommodations if you are crunched for time. Also, inform your guests that they need to contact the hotel for a reservation at least three weeks before the wedding or they might not get a room in the block. Plus you could be held responsible for any unrented rooms in your block. You might consider the possibility of a bed and breakfast option for your guests. It offers your guests a homier feel. Regardless if you book a bed and breakfast or a block of hotel rooms, you should take the time to get the contact info for at least three hotels your guests can choose from! ❤

The Homewood Suites by Hilton® offers the perfect setting for your wedding guests. Spacious Studio and One-Bedroom Suites • Whirlpool Suite Suite Start® Hot Breakfast Buffet • Complimentary Shuttle Service Indoor Pool, Whirlpool and Fitness Center Voted The Local Best in Unique Lodging Experience for 2009

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Actor dramatization. Personalized hotel services are offered at the discretion of each hotel and may vary. © 2008 Hilton Hotels Corporation.

Money Savings HINTS! • If you’re having your wedding in the area where you live, consider spending the night at home. Have you’re attendants decorate your room and have a fridge stocked with champagne. • Consider having you or your guests stay at a bed and breakfast. Not only is this a romantic and unique option for accommodations, a bed and breakfast inn can often be cheaper than a hotel.

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Other Uses for


Brides who do not have guests traveling from out of town rarely think about using a hotel for premarital activities. However, hotels often have facilities that will make parties easier or provide the space and privacy that is needed by the bridal party and newlyweds. Most hotels offer meeting rooms that are perfect for low-stress bridal showers when the homes of family and friends are too small to handle the crowd. Tables, chairs, linens and setup can be provided for the party, along with hotel staff to clean up afterwards. For the same reason that hotels are great for bridal showers, they also work for bachelorette parties. In addition to a working party space, your guests can make use of the pool and hot tub before setting out on the town. On the wedding day, brides with small homes or who live with their fiancé, may want to rent a hotel suite in which to get dressed. Invite any wedding professionals proving hair and make-up services to meet you there. Hotel rooms make a great child care drop off point for your guests. Hire several sitters to watch the children, provide games and food and be sure your guests with children know it is available. ❤ - Resource


Luxurious motor coach transportation for your parties and your wedding day!

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Wedding Woes... Include hotel information in your out-of-town guest invitations. Provide a map with distances and driving times. Also, choose a hotel with group rates and reserve a block of rooms for your guests.  One great feature of being a member of is the ability for you to link your hotel accommodations on your personal bride page for your guests. You will be able to let your guests know at which hotel they can make their reservations, add a link to Mapquest so they can print out driving directions and a link so they can make their hotel reservations online. Special guest invites are available in the "For Brides" area on so you can let your guests know about your arrangements. Sending these invites along with your invitations is the most effective!

for more hotel and wedding transportation tips! 151

Questions to Ask! Hotels ❤ Do you offer a special rate for a block of rooms for

Transportation ❤ What types of cars/limousines/vehicles are available on my date?

wedding guests?

How many passengers can the vehicle(s) comfortably

How many rooms can we hold in a block? Is there a minimum?

How many rooms at the special rate are available on the dates we need them?

Is there a discount if we book more than one?

What is the fee? Is the gratuity included?

Do we incur any charges if not all of the rooms in the

What amenities does that rate include?

What are the charges for any extra amenities

block are booked?

What date must guests reserve rooms to receive the


(champagne, TV, bar, etc.) that we might want?

special rate?

Is there a honeymoon suite? If so, is it available on the

How do overtime charges work?

date of our wedding?

If an hourly rate: Does the clock start when the driver

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Do you have a courtesy shuttle for guest

leaves the base or when the passengers are picked up?

the driver wait for us at our location during that entire

transportation? If so, to what locations?

Will guests have the choice of single or double?

Is there a minimum numbers of nights stay required?

Can we get into rooms prior to our guests’ arrival to leave welcome baskets? Can we lave them at the front

If we book the vehicle for the duration of the event, will period?

How old are the vehicles, and what kind of insurance do you have?

Is each of these drivers familiar with the area?

desk for our guests at check in?

Gifts for Your Guests Staying in Hotels!

Want to do something special for your out-of-town guests? Make up some gift baskets to put in their hotel rooms or have the front desk hand them out as guests arrive at the hotel. Here is a list of ideas that you could include in a guest gift basket: • Toiletries (lotions, soaps, toothpaste, floss, etc.) • Food Items (fruit, nuts, pretzels, candy, cookies) • Notepad and Pen • Tea/Hot Chocolate Packets • Mints and Gum • Magazines • Children Items (coloring books, crayons, puzzles)


• List of Area Attractions • Maps • Recommended Restaurants • Schedule of Activities • Directions to Ceremony/Reception Locations • Handwritten Thank You Note • A List of Important Places (pharmacy, grocery store, ATM, etc.) HOTELS & TRANSPORTATION

Honeymoon & Travel

Dream Getaways

Honeymoon Planning, Destination Weddings 99% of all couples will take a honeymoon of some kind just after their wedding. Couples spend an average of $3,700 on their honeymoon. The honeymoon, on average, accounts for 14% of the wedding budget. 37% of honeymoon trips are to domestic locations; 63% are foreign. 153

Planning Your Honeymoon


o create an experience you and your new partner will never forget, plan your honeymoon together. This includes researching, possibly meeting with a travel agent and even making the reservations as a couple. The most important factor is that you’re both in agreement. Choose a locale you’re both comfortable with and that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come. Prior to choosing a destination, budget accordingly. It is important to not only plan for expected costs but unexpected expenditures as well. Consider transportation and lodging first, but be sure to budget for meals, transfers, souvenirs, sight-seeing, excursions, tips, taxes, etc. Don’t go into debt to finance your honeymoon. There are a wide variety of trips you can take that won’t break your bank. You may even get a better deal if you go through a travel agent as opposed to planning everything yourselves. This should be a once in a lifetime event for the two of you, so plan wisely. Make your reservations early to increase your chances of getting what you want. If plans change, you’ll have plenty of time to make


alternate arrangements. Don’t forget to give yourself enough time to apply for a passport. This can take up to eight weeks to obtain so prioritize at the top of your list if you’re traveling abroad. Consider making a list of what you’ll need to accomplish prior to your departure. This includes everything from making sure you’re up to date on any vaccinations you might need to contacting a kennel to board your pet while you're away. It’s not every day that you and your honey get to stroll the beaches of Mexico or visit the awe-inspiring museums in Europe, so don’t be afraid to splurge. Take advantage of all the great extras that may be offered to you: sunset sails, massage packages and extravagant meals. Whatever the indulgence, enjoy! Pamper yourself and you’ll be sure to have the time of your lives. For inspiration, travel brochures and magazines offer information on popular and exotic honeymoon spots. Find the best times to travel to these locations and where to go while you’re there. ❤

- Resource


10 Tips

For a Memorable Honeymoon Prepare a budget – Figure out how much you have to spend prior to booking anything. Plan your honeymoon TOGETHER! – Take into consideration each others likes and dislikes and travel to a locale you will both enjoy. Pick a smart destination – If you are on a budget, consider traveling to the Caribbean in warmer weather because it’s cheaper. Traveling abroad? Make sure to find a country where the dollar is stronger so you save moola! Take advantage of a travel agent – Someone will make all the arrangements for you and it won’t cost any more!

Traveling internationally? – Make sure your passport is current and you have the visas you need. Give yourself a minimum of 2 months to apply for and receive your passport. Share the love! – When you make reservations, let people know you’re honeymooning. You may get a hotel room upgrade, free cocktails on the plane, or a welcome bottle of champagne at your resort. Keep your affair private – A honeymoon is for the two of you, period. No pets, no kids, no company. Take more money than you think you’ll need – This will help cover any extra incidentals. You may consider prepaying for everything or choosing an all-inclusive resort so everything is taken care of up front. Relax – Even though resorts and hotels offer a wide variety of activities, take the time to enjoy your trip… and your new spouse! Be considerate of your spouse’s wishes.


Honeymoon Mistakes Forgetting to book a double bed – Cruise ships only have a limited number of cabins with double beds and sometimes these rooms need to be specifically reserved. Booking an early flight the morning after your wedding – Consider booking a later flight or even booking a trip that leaves a day after your wedding so you have time to rest and relax before having to board the plane. Sparing accommodations to save cash – This is your honeymoon... Indulge! Even if you think you won’t be spending the majority of your time in your room, don’t skimp on nice accommodations. Reserving a deluxe room will make your trip that much more special and memorable. Not setting a budget – Both you and your spouse need to be in agreement as to how much you’re planning to spend. This way, you’ll know what you can afford and what to avoid so money hassles won't interfere with your vacation.

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Not planning together – Make decisions and plan as a couple. This way, you both feel included and don’t end up dissatisfied. Spending every waking moment together – Plan one or two separate activities on your honeymoon. If you want to have a massage and your spouse wants to golf, do so! You’ll learn to appreciate the time you do share together. Not enlisting the help of a travel agent – Take advantage of travel agents. They will find you a great package with all the frills and even save you money while doing so. Keeping quiet about being on your honeymoon When making arrangements and reservations, tell staff you’re on your honeymoon – especially at restaurants and on cruises because you’re likely to enjoy special treatment. - Resource





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Honeymoon Dreams Come True!

Our Specialties Are Destination Weddings & Romantic Getaways. Contact Giselle at:

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Imagine… powdery, white sand at your feet, blue waters glistening in the sunlight and a gentle tropical breeze wisps in the air. Excitement builds as all of your closest friends and family anticipate the moment when you exchange your wedding vows. It’s a dream come true! Destination weddings are becoming more popular. Planning a wedding and honeymoon combo is easier than planning the two events separately. With only one location to scout and reserve, and resort coordinators to aide in your final preparations, your work is minimized. When planning your celebration, look at the honeymoon destination first because many all-inclusive resorts offer a wedding ceremony. Be aware that all countries have different legal requirements for getting married, including residence or medical requirements. Typically, destination weddings cost less than having a traditional wedding. On average, most couples spend under $10,000 to get married in the sun and sands of paradise. When figuring your wedding budget, the honeymoon accounts for approximately 14% of the total wedding costs. By combining the two into a destination wedding, you can save money, while creating a memorable event.

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The great thing about destination weddings is that you have a week or weekend of fun activities with your friends and family. As much as you are looking forward to seeing them, take some time for yourself. To avoid being exhausted on your wedding day, plan your ceremony a day or two after you arrive at your destination. Then to recover from all the fun and activities, plan to stay several days after everyone else has departed. For the extra relaxation, book a spa treatment for the two of you and just relax. After all, this special occasion is all about the two of you! ❤ - Dream Getaways Giselle Chaput, Sioux Falls, SD 157

Destination Weddings...

Advice at a Glance Destination weddings are not only beautiful and romantic, they are...

Easy. Most resorts have a full time wedding coordinator to help organize your event. Memorable. Exotic destinations will create memories to last a lifetime. Money Savers. Less expensive than traditional weddings, destination weddings include your honeymoon. Many resorts offer complimentary or affordable wedding packages.

To plan a destination wedding, ask yourself these questions:

Top Destination Wedding/ Honeymoon Spots:

• What kinds of things do my fiancé and I like to do?

• What are the marriage requirements at the locale where we are planning to marry?

• Hawaii • St. Thomas • Las Vegas • Jamaica • Disneyworld/Disneyland • St. Lucia • Antigua • Mexico • Aruba • Cruise Ship

Things to consider:

Select your resort by asking:

• Plan ahead!

• What kind of wedding do we want? Traditional? Beach? Elegant? Casual?

• How far are we willing to travel and for how long? • What is our budget for ourselves and our guests? • Will we need to apply for a passport?

• Build your guests' costs into your budget. • Send out save the date cards.

• Do we want an all-inclusive resort?

• Bring copies of all marriage paperwork to your destination.

• Who does the guest list include? Adults only? Select family and friends? - All About Travel, Sioux Falls, SD




• Passports • Driver’s Licenses • Airline Tickets • Hotel Reservation Confirmation • Money/Traveler’s Checks/Credit/Check Card • Calling Card • Emergency Phone Numbers • Prescription Medicine • Contraception • Aspirin • Small Makeup Bag • Toothbrush/Toothpaste • Brush • Valuable Jewelry • Camera • Headphones and MP3 Player • Underwear/Change of Clothing • Books/Magazines • Light Sweater/Jacket • Sunglasses

HER Checked Bag:

• Pair of Jeans/Khakis • Casual Shirts (t-shirts, tank tops, etc.) • Sundress/Evening Dress • Shorts • Cardigan/Sweater for Cool Evenings • Swimsuits/Swimsuit Cover-Up • Evening Purse • Lingerie • Socks/Underwear/Bras (strapless) • Jewelry/Accessories • Walking Shoes/Sandals • Evening Shoes/Sandals

HIS Checked Bag:

• Pair of Jeans/Khakis • Pair of Nice Slacks • Casual Shirts (t-shirts, short sleeves, etc.) • Light Jacket or Pullover • Shorts • Polo and/or Button Down Shirts • Tie and Sports Jacket (For nicer restaurants) • Swimsuits • Walking Shoes/Sandals • Dress Shoes • Socks/Underwear

Bathroom Items (pack travel sized if possible):

• Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Floss • Deodorant • Razor/Shaving Cream • Body Lotion/Sunscreen/Aloe Vera • Nail File/Clippers/Tweezer • Cosmetics and Make-up Remover • Lip Balm • Brush/Comb • Shampoo/Conditioner • Hair Accessories (clips, headbands, etc.) • Hairspray/Styling Products • Hair Dryer/Curling Iron • Feminine Hygiene Products (tampons, pads, etc.) • Soap and Face Cleanser/Moisturizer • Contact Lens Solution/Storage Case

Misc. Items:

• Travel Alarm • Antibacterial Wipes/Hand Sanitizer • Earplugs • Sewing Kit • Work Out Clothes and Sneakers • Chargers for Cell Phones, MP3 Players, Camera, etc. • Various Sizes of Re-sealable Plastic Bags • Small First Aid Kit with the following: Anti-itch Cream, Aspirin, Band-Aids, Antacid, Antihistamine, Motion Sickness/Diarrhea Medicine

Items to Leave with Family/Friends while you are away: • Your Itinerary with Hotel Information/Numbers • Photocopies of your passports, credit cards, traveler’s check receipts • A sealed copy of your wills, life insurancepolicy numbers and important financial information


Questions to Ask! Travel Agency ❤ Do you specialize in any specific type of vacation? ❤

What do your services include?

How long has the agency been in business?

Can you make any recommendations as to where and when we should travel?

Have you ever visited the destination we’re discussing?

Have you sent many couples to a particular resort?

Do you have any photos/brochures of positional hotels (including pictures of rooms)?

What is the cost of the trip we’re interested in

Destination Weddings ❤ What is the weather like in the destination we’re considering at the time we’ll be there?

Do we need to be concerned about drinking the water, eating any foods, or any safety issues?

Do we need a passport, a visa, or any other travel documents?

Do we need any immunizations?

What is the airfare for the dates and times we want?

Can we get a nonstop or direct flight, or do we need to change planes?

and what is included? (Be sure to get costs for all

How do these options affect the cost?

elements, such as transportation to destination, hotel

Is there a limit to the amount of checked or carry-on luggage?

accommodations, car rentals, etc.)

What type of travel insurance is offered?

What is the additional cost, if any?

How does payment work?

What is the cancellation policy?

Can we rent sporting equipment

(tennis rackets, skis, snorkeling gear, etc.) at our destination?

What is the rate for the cruise we’re interested in? Are port charges and taxes included?

Are meals and drinks included in the rate?

What is the payment policy?

AVOID Honeymoon Woes... ❤

• Make sure your passport is still current before you travel or allow 2 full months to get one. • Remember to keep all travel documents safe with you on the plane. • Upon arriving to your destination, lock your travel documents and other important items in the safe provided in your hotel room!


What is the cancellation policy?

• Don't over pack! Lugging heavy suitcases is not the way to start your honeymoon. Many are in tropical climates so light clothing items are great! • Finally, set realistic expectations of how much you will do and how many sights you will see. The object of a honeymoon is to become even more intimate with your mate… not to see as many tourist traps as possible and return worn out.


Home & Finance

Home Ownership, Financial Services, Insurance 82% of couples will purchase a home within their engagement period of 17 months or the year following their wedding. The average newly married couple in South Dakota will spend around $6,530/year on insurances in the Midwest.


Make Your Move...

Opening the Door to Your First Home I

f you’re like most newlyweds, owning your own home is a major part of the American dream. Though buying your first home can be one of the most exciting times in your life, the process can often be intimidating and overwhelming. The following steps will help you get started on the path to home ownership with confidence: Step 1: Get Educated: A recent survey from the South Dakota Housing Development Authority asked first-time home buyers what their greatest barriers were to owning. Nearly 40% said fear or unfamiliarity with the home buying process. Fortunately, there is a way to become more comfortable buying your first home. Seek out prepurchase home buyer education and counseling opportunities. Pre-purchase programs can explain the pros/cons of owning, preparing a household budget, credit reports, financing and the loan process, down payment assistance programs, shopping for a home, details of the purchase agreement and maintenance involved in owning a home. Multiple agencies that provide home buyer education opportunities across South Dakota. Visit to find one in your area. Step 2: Create a Budget: It is very important that you review your monthly spending and lifestyle before you purchase. Knowing your spending habits will help you determine the monthly house payment you can afford. You don’t want to get yourself into a situation where you are ‘house poor’ and have no budget left for dining out, taking vacations, buying clothes, etc. Only you can decide if you are willing to change some of your spending habits to afford a home. It is up to you, not your lender, to determine what amount of monthly payment you are comfortable with.


Step 3: Know Your Credit History: Before you apply for a home loan, spend some time reviewing your credit. Your credit history is a critical factor in determining if a lender can loan money to you. How well have you repaid your past debts: car loans, credit cards, student loans and so on? How you’ve paid your debts in the past gives lenders some indication of how you can be expected to pay back a home loan. Sometimes credit reports are inaccurate or perhaps there are some negatives you were unaware of. To check the accuracy of your's, you can obtain a free copy of your credit report from all three bureaus each year by going to Make sure you’ve corrected any errors and have developed a history of paying all of your bills on time. It will make the process a lot smoother for you. Step 4: Get Pre-Approved from a Lender: When you get serious about buying a home, it's crucial to find a lender and be pre-approved for the loan so you know how much you are able to borrow. You don’t want to begin looking at homes and then discover you’ve been searching outside your price range. Rule of thumb, a lender will want your monthly mortgage payment to total no more than 31% of your monthly gross income. However, the amount of monthly debt you have will also impact how much you can borrow. Remember, it is your responsibility to tell your lender how much you are comfortable spending each month. Since lending decisions are based upon your gross income (before taxes and other deductions


are taken out), you can often be approved for more than you are comfortable borrowing. During the pre-approval, your lender will also be able to advise you on how much cash you’ll need for your down payment and closing costs. They will also be able to direct you toward the various down payment assistance programs available for first-time buyers. As a first-time buyer in South Dakota, you may be eligible for a reduced interest rate loan and cash assistance for your closing fees. To learn more about the qualifications involved and to find a listing of lenders across South Dakota who participate in the South Dakota First-time Home Buyer Program, visit Step 5: Find a Reputable Realtor: Once you’ve been approved, it’s time to start shopping for a home. Using a realtor is the most efficient way to look for a home. A good realtor can make the home-buying process less time consuming and provide a valuable range of services, including: researching the list of homes for sale in your price range and showing you homes that meet your needs, providing you with information about the community, schools, real estate taxes and prices of recently sold homes in the neighborhood, assisting you in writing your offer to purchase and presenting it to the seller, negotiating the details of the sale and assisting you with arrangement for your closing. Because you’ll be spending a lot of time with this person, it’s best to find a realtor by asking friends, family or even your lender if they can give you a good referral. Step 6: Get a Home Inspection: When buying a home, it’s important to look past the decorations and furniture to the house itself so you prevent yourself from moving into a money pit. One of the best actions you can take to protect yourself is to get a home inspection. An inspector will go through the home with you and identify any current problems, potential problems and future maintenance issues that you will need to consider and provide you with a full written report of the condition of the home. The inspector has no emotional or financial interest in the home and can give you an unbiased evaluation of the home, its condition, what problems you may need to deal with and the approximate

costs for needed repairs. Once the inspection is complete, your realtor will help you negotiate any issues you would like the seller to assist with prior to the offer being finalized. Step 7: Close the Loan and Set Up a Savings Account: Closing day is the date you review all your final documents, sign them and pay any money you still owe. Once you sign all the paperwork, you will receive the keys to the house and you will be the official homeowner! It’s then time to start moving in and to celebrate your wonderful accomplishment. The most important thing you can do when you are a homeowner is to set up a savings account. You may not be able to furnish and decorate every room in your house right away. You may need to prioritize and get your savings account built up before fixing up your house. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility for maintaining your home. To prevent yourself from future financial problems, you must have a savings account set aside and money going into it each month. Owning your own home can be a wonderful thing! It brings a sense of pride like none other plus it can be a great financial investment. When you surround yourself with the right people and take these steps to properly prepare yourself, you will feel more comfortable and the process becomes enjoyable. Are you ready to open the door to your first home? Home ownership is an attainable goal for most people so make your move today! The Sioux Empire Housing Partnership is a nonprofit organization that provides free home buyer education and counseling programs to make your first home buying experience a great one. Knowing what to expect, what questions to ask and what costs are involved will make the process less stressful and will make you a more successful homeowner. We encourage you to take advantage of the free education opportunities by visiting our website at or calling (605) 339-0942. ❤

- Sioux Empire Housing Partnership Sioux Falls, SD 163


The Truth Behind Them


day doesn’t seem to go by without something on the news about housing. There are so many opinions on the good/bad, what is in store for the future and how government regulations will affect the consumer. In talking with other mortgage lenders across the nation, I feel truly blessed to live in our market. Most of the horror stories come from areas in which unemployment and speculation have ruined their markets. News stories about the lack of sales, declining values, foreclosures and the inability to get a loan seem to dominate the airwaves. These stories falsely put every community in the same barrel. I can tell you, our housing industry in the Sioux Empire is the envy of many across this nation. I would like to dispel some myths I have been hearing. Mortgage Myth #1 – You need 20% down to purchase a home. Congratulations if you have a 20% down payment! Having a bigger down payment can make the process of purchasing a home easier but there are many programs out there for people who have 5% or less to put down. FHA financing only requires 3.5% down, which helps the buyer cover closing costs. Conventional loans require 5% down. If you buy a home three miles outside of Sioux Falls, you may qualify for a Rural Development loan; this program requires no down payment. All these programs have some advantages and disadvantages so make sure to investigate which one is right for you. If you are a first-time homebuyer, look into the South Dakota Housing Development First-Time Home Buyer Program. They offer down payment assistance and low rate options.


Mortgage Myth #2 – My credit score suffers when I shop for a mortgage. Inquiries into your credit can affect your score. Your credit score can have an impact on which programs you qualify for and what rate you receive. However, if several lenders pull credit within a short period of time, iy should not affect your score. If you go to a lender every week for a month or two, then yes, your score may take a hit. If you are going to shop for a mortgage, do it by applying at all the lenders in the same week, if possible, to avoid issues that can affect your qualifying rate and terms. Mortgage Myth #3 – A 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage is the way to go. Rates on fixed rate loans are historically low. But the consumer has many options including 10year, 15-year, 20-year or even a 25-year fixed rate loan. Rates usually improve the shorter the term of the loan. Also, Adjustable Rate Mortgages are at historic lows as well and for the right situation, can save the borrower thousands in interest. Talking to a mortgage lender will help you determine what loan structure fits your financial needs. Mortgage Myth #4 – I will have mortgage insurance on my loan forever. If you have a loan that requires mortgage insurance, it will eventually fall off. For example, FHA loans drop the insurance when your loan balance reaches 78% of the original value of the home at the time of financing. Conventional loans will also remove your mortgage insurance at the 78% mark. You can always request it be removed early if you think your home has appreciated enough, but might have to do an appraisal to support the value. Mortgage insurance ia a great tool to help you get in to a home but it won’t be required forever. Under some circumstances, it's even tax deductible. HOME & FINANCE

Mortgage Myth #5 – Banks aren’t lending, it's hard and takes too long get approved. While it is true that state income programs have disappeared, people who make their payments and can show their income can and will get a loan. Some programs have increased their minimum credit score requirements to 620 or higher. If your credit score is under that, start working on it now! One or two 30-day late payments will not normally affect your approval but it may affect the interest rate you qualify for. When you go to the appointment with your mortgage lender, bring your most recent two years of income tax returns, current pay stubs and current bank statements. If you have all the supporting documentation, your lender should be able to tell you what you are approved for that same day, or shortly thereafter.

Mortgage Myth #6 – I can’t refinance my home because the value has declined. While it is true that some price ranges in the Sioux Empire have experience flat to slightly declining values, there are programs available that may allow you to refinance your home anyway. If you put 20% down when you purchased your home, you might not need a new appraisal, so check into it. There are always new mortgage myths but the important thing is to work with someone knowledgeable who takes the time to answer your questions. We live in a wonderful community where there are incredible opportunities to buy, sell and refinance your home! So get informed and make smart decisions for your financial future.❤ - Nichoelle Waldner First Bank & Trust, Sioux Falls, SD

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Home Ownership C

Pre-Home Buying Tips!

heck these quick tips before looking for a home:

1. Be honest with yourself when it comes to your budget. Don’t go outside your comfort level with a payment amount that makes you lose sleep at night. You will find yourself with heartache when you must forego other things to pay for your house. 2. Meet with a credible, local lender to find out how much you can spend on a home within the budget you set in quick tip #1 and get your pre-approval letter. 3. Meet with your realtor before you look at homes and create a list of “must haves”, “would really likes” and “it would be nice ifs” – this allows your agent to understand what is really important to you. Taking this time up front will cut down on the number of homes you see, capitalizing on your time. You don't want to look at “everything” in your price range. This gives the agent a chance to prepare you for the home buying process, making sure you know everything that’s going to happen and eliminating surprises along the way. 4. Be up front with your agent about your likes and dislikes, not doing so will frustrate you in the long run. If you find a home you want to grow old in, shout it from the roof tops! Hesitation may cost you! Watching it sell to someone else because your agent didn’t know how much you loved it would be devastating. 5. When you see the home that makes your heart “pitter patter,” and trust me, buying a home is an emotional decision no matter what anyone says – make your offer and quit looking! You may wonder, “what if something better comes along?" That’s totally normal. 6. Have you seen enough homes? There is no correct answer to this question. You’ll know when you find the one that “feels like home.” Some buyers will look at dozens of homes, some will see four or five; it just 166

depends on the buyer. Everyone is different and it works like shoe shopping, when you find the perfect pair of boots that fit like a slipper – BUY THEM – after you shop around and come back, your size is always gone. 7. When you sit down with your agent to make your offer, take their advice on what to offer. If your agent knows how much you like the home, it is easier for them to develop a strategy to help you make a smart purchase and look out for your bottom line. If you are in a competing bid situation, make your best offer up front bcause you may not get a second chance. Bottom line, if you are not intent on listening to your agent on negotiating, be prepared to lose a house or two. Your agent does this every day (just like you specialize in your career) and they really know how to make your dreams come true. 8. DO NOT make any big purchases during the time between your loan approval and closing on the house. Lending laws change almost daily so things like opening a new credit account, buying a different car or just making a substantial cash purchase could cause your loan to go from approved to not approved. 9. There are no stupid questions! If you don’t know what’s going on, just ASK. Don’t wait until after the offer is accepted or the closing is over. 10. Don’t make an offer before you’re ready. If you feel sick to your stomach or are only saying yes because your soon-to-be spouse is starry-eyed, think twice. If it’s meant to be, it will be. Bottom line? Buying a home is a big deal. Know what you’re doing or work with someone who does! ❤

- Jackie Fischer HJN Team Real Estate, Sioux Falls, SD HOME & FINANCE

Ten Qualities of a Great Realtor Agent


oes your agent have what it takes to make sure you are being protected through the transaction? Look for these qualities when searching for your agent: 1. Trusted. This person is going to learn a lot about you, including your finances. Remember, if you are completely honest with your agent, they can work miracles to help you achieve your dreams. 2. Listen then talk. Your agent should have your goals, wants and needs in mind. Agents work hard to make sure the house you buy is one you will truly LOVE. 3. Well Connected. If you are told by a local lender that you don’t qualify for a loan, don’t just throw in the towel. Chances are, your agent knows lenders for all sorts of situations. 4. Experienced. Just like you want the best in the business for your medical needs, you want an agent who has been around the business a long time. 5. Hard Working. Your agent should be working harder than you are – after all, it’s their job! 6. Results Oriented. While you should never feel pushed into anything, your agent should be working consistently to find your home. Researching properties, knowing the market and negotiation skills are huge when it is time to make the offer. 7. Referrals. Ask your agent for references from past clients and check them. Ask what percentage of business your agent is doing based on referrals alone. 8. Responsive. Your agent should communicate with you often and in a way that you choose (i.e., email, text or voice). Sitting and waiting is not acceptable. 9. Active. You should "feel" like you are their only client but want an agent who is active in the market. 10. Full time. What would possess you to work with any professional for such a huge investment in your future if they only work at it part-time? You’ll miss out while they are busy with their other job. Full-time agents are dedicated to being an expert. Although the Internet allows buyers more independence, realize there are still overwhelming benefits of working with a realtor who will help you make one of the biggest decisions in your life. ❤

- Jackie Fischer HJN Team Real Estate, Sioux Falls, SD 2009 VOW BRIDAL PLANNER


Home Buyers Face Decisions that Affect LongTerm Financial Picture Taking the step into home ownership is one of the most important financial decisions a couple will ever make. There are hundreds of loan programs available and it is important to find the one that best fits your long-term financial goals. First and foremost, you must have a mortgage consultant in your corner who is willing to take the time to understand your goals. Prospective home buyers often turn to the Internet to see what current interest rates are. These faceless websites will not guide the potential borrower through the many nuances of the loan process. They also offer programs to reel prospects in with attractive rates that are based upon unrealistic time frames. If a lender offers a terrific rate based on a 10-day lock-in period, it is unlikely that the potential home owner can find a dream home, get through the negotiation process and secure a lender within that time. This is called short-pricing and when it comes time to close, the rate that was originally offered is gone and the home buyer is bulldozed into a loan program with a higher interest rate. It is unlikely that a qualified loan originator whose business is based upon referrals will use unscrupulous tactics such as this to get new customers! Laying out your goals with your mortgage consultant will have a tremendous impact on choosing a loan program that meets your needs, like considering the length of time you will pay on the loan. If you know you will only be in the home for five years, it wouldn’t make sense to opt for a 30-year program or pay points up front to secure a lower interest rate. You would not be in the home long enough to benefit. Defining viable options for your interest rate and amortization schedule, monthly payments and any potential savings is your mortgage consultant's job! �

- Nichoelle Waldner First Bank & Trust, Sioux Falls, SD 168


Worksheet Budget Current

Monthly Income: Total Gross Pay #1 (+) Total Gross Pay #2 (+) Other Income/Child Suppport (-) Total Payroll Deductions (=) TOTAL NET INCOME Savings Rent/Mortgage Car Payment(s) Student Loan(s) Other Loan Payments/ Credit Cards Child Care Expenses Child Support/Alimony Insurance Medical Bills/Prescriptions Utilities: Gas Utilities: Electricity Utilities: Phone/Cell Phone Utilities: Water Utilities: Garbage Cable TV/Internet Groceries/Household Supplies Gasoline/Parking/Car Maintenance Home Maintenance Meals Out/Entertainment Hobbies/Health Club/Sports Gifts/Charities/Church Clothing/Laundry/Dry Cleaning Hair Cuts/Personal Care Children’s Activities

With Home Ownership

$ $ $ $ $

$ $ $ $ $

$ $ $

$ $ $







$ $ $ $

$ $ $ $









$ $

$ $

$ $ $

$ $ $








$ $ $ $

$ $ $ $













Advice at a Glance 24 Steps to Improve Your Credit. 1. Pay your bills on time. 2. Don’t bounce checks. 3. Think long term. 4. Start small. 5. Visit local lenders first. 6. Apply for a local department store charge or credit card. 7. Apply for a secured card. 8. Apply for a small loan or a low-limit credit card guaranteed by a creditworthy cosigner. 9. Review your credit report at least once each year and correct inaccurate information. 10. Review your credit report 2-3 months before you apply for a car, mortgage or home equity loan. 11. Avoid letting any account be turned over to a collection agency. 12. Avoid having judgments filed against you in court. 13. Bankruptcy is the LAST RESORT, rather than an easy way out. 14. Any time you are denied credit, review your report to see what negative information is reported. 15. After 6 months of working on your credit history, apply for another small loan or credit card. 16. Avoid switching employers. 17. Avoid moving from rental to rental. 18. Set up a savings and a checking account. 19. Have reputable credit references. 20. Work hard to increase your income. 21. Work hard to decrease your debt. 22. Demonstrate that you are living within your budget. 23. Avoid consigning and guaranteeing loans for others. 24. Avoid excessive inquiries into your credit report. - Sioux Empire Housing Partnership Sioux Falls, SD



Vendor Directory Beauty, Health & Fitness Body Contouring

LAZADERM SKINCARE CENTRE (605)275-6128 5011 S. Louise Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 57106 (605)235-1630 383 W. Steamboat Dr., Suite #103 Dakota Dunes, SD 57049 PLASTIC SURGERY ASSOCIATES OF SD (800)666-3349 • (605)335-3349 Sioux Falls, SD & Dakota Dunes, SD THE BODY GARAGE (605)334-2443 6301 S. Minn. Ave., #400 • Sioux Falls, SD 57108


DESIGNER DENTISTRY & SMILES (605)361-1900 6100 W. 41st St., Suite #101 Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Hair Designs & Spa

ARTIST HAIR STUDIO (605)498-0300 27171 469th Ave. • Tea, SD 57064 BELLE ÂME SALON & SPA (605)274-1060 5109 S. Cliff Ave., Suite #600 Sioux Falls, SD 57108 BELLE TOUCHE’ (605)275-6200 5005 S. Western Ave., Suite #180 The Bridges at 57th & Western (712)277-3335 1772 Hamilton Blvd. • Sioux City, IA DAY OF INDULGENCE Lyutsiya Anderson (605)361-4372 • (605)351-1272 5400 W. 26th St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57106

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Makeup & Skin Care

ARBONNE INTERNATIONAL Joyce Wermers (605)873-2593 • (605)520-4678 LAZADERM SKINCARE CENTRE (605)275-6128 5011 S. Louise Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 57106 (605)235-1630 383 W. Steamboat Dr., Suite #103 Dakota Dunes, SD 57049 MARY KAY - JODI VAN LEEUWEN



PLASTIC SURGERY ASSOCIATES OF SD (800)666-3349 • (605)335-3349 Locations in: Sioux Falls, SD & Dakota Dunes, SD THE BODY GARAGE (605)334-2443 6301 S. Minn. Ave., #400 • Sioux Falls, SD 57108 VIVAZ MEDICAL SPA Jill Kirby (605)328-9770 • (888)315-0882 5019 S. Western Ave., Ste #130 Sioux Falls, SD 57108


TRU MASSAGE THERAPY Danielle Rivera • (605)941-2747 4300 S. Louise Ave., Suite #104 Sioux Falls, SD 57106 Also located in Chancellor, SD


TANWORLD (605)361-1826 • (712)274-9360 4 Sioux Falls, SD Locations 2 Sioux City, IA Locations 1 Segeant Bluff, IA Location 1 LeMars, IA Location

Weight Loss Assistance

JENNY CRAIG (605)339-0656 3109 W. 41st St., #200 Sioux Falls, SD 57105 LAZADERM SKINCARE CENTRE (605)275-6128 5011 S. Louise Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 57106 (605)235-1630 383 W. Steamboat Dr., Suite #103 Dakota Dunes, SD 57049

Bridal Fashions Accessories

BRIDAL GALLERY (605)362-9603 • (800)867-7203 3101 S. Carolyn Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57106 LI BRIDAL & FORMAL WEAR (605)332-2443 • (866)263-9875 3101 W. 41st St. Sioux Falls, SD 57105 SEQUINS BRIDAL BOUTIQUE (712)225-6450 219 W. Willow St. • Cherokee, IA 51012

Men’s Attire

BRIDAL GALLERY (605)362-9603 • (800)867-7203 3101 S. Carolyn Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57106 HALBERSTADT’S AT THE MALL (605)362-8080 4001 W. 41st St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57106 LI BRIDAL & FORMAL WEAR (605)332-2443 • (866)263-9875 3101 W. 41st St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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MEN’S WAREHOUSE (605)361-1117 • 3801 W. 41st St. (605)361-6707 • 740 Empire Mall THE FRENCH DOOR BRIDAL (605)332-8841 • (800)248-9188 57th & S. Louise Ave. (The Beakon Centre) Sioux Falls, SD 57106 TIP TOP TUX (712)252-0318 500 Floyd Blvd. • Sioux City, IA (712)276-2423 5001 Sergeant Rd., #35 • Sioux City, IA (605)361-9745 2425 S. Shirley Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD


DAKOTA CUSTOM BRAS Cheryl Reich • (605)553-3152

Wedding & Bridal Party Gowns

A TOUCH OF ELEGANCE April De Kam • (712)451-6789 1423 Main St. • Rock Valley, IA 51247 BRIDAL GALLERY (605)362-9603 • (800)867-7203 3101 S. Carolyn Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 57106 JAKS FLOWER GIRL DRESSES (605)766-5257 111 S. Main St. • Viborg, SD 57070 LI BRIDAL & FORMAL WEAR (605)332-2443 • (866)263-9875 3101 W. 41st St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57105

THE FRENCH DOOR BRIDAL (605)332-8841 • (800)248-9188 57th & S. Louise Ave. (The Beakon Centre) Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Catering, cakes & Beverages Beverage Distributors

CALICO SKIES VINEYARD AND WINERY Will or Ashlee (712)441-5547 • (712)441-5565 2368 Able Blvd. • Inwood, IA 51240 DAKOTA SPLASH Jeff Palmer • (605)334-3294 3601 N. 1st Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 57104 HY-VEE SIOUX FALLS LOCATIONS: 26th & Sycamore • (605)334-4570 49th & Louise • (605)361-0313 37th & Minnesota • (605)334-7231 26th & Marion • (605)361-3442 E. 10th & Cleveland • (605)336-8947 57th & Cliff • (605)271-7171 W. 10th & Kiwanis • (605)334-3321 SID’S CROWN LIQUOR (605)332-5081 330 S. 1st Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 57104 WATER BILLBOARDS (507)223-7133 107 11th St. East • Canby, MN 56220

Cakes & Desserts

HY-VEE SIOUX FALLS LOCATIONS: ROXI’S ELEGANT BRIDAL 26th & Sycamore • (605)334-4570 (402)371-3409 218 W. Norfolk Ave. • Norfolk, NE 68701 49th & Louise • (605)361-0313 37th & Minnesota • (605)334-7231 26th & Marion • (605)361-3442 E. 10th & Cleveland • (605)336-8947 SEQUINS BRIDAL BOUTIQUE 57th & Cliff • (605)271-7171 (712)225-6450 W. 10th & Kiwanis • (605)334-3321 219 W. Willow St. • Cherokee, IA 51012

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SUGAR SHACK BAKERY (712)252-5598 700 Jennings St. • Sioux City, IA 51106 SUNSHINE BAKERY (605)582-3512 Serving Sioux Falls & Surrounding Areas THE CAKE LADY’S CAKES & CONFECTIONS (605)370-1909 2301 W. 50th St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57105


CARINO’S ITALIAN (605)361-8222 • (605)359-1624 2310 S. Louise Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 57106 FAMOUS DAVE’S 2700 S. Minnesota Ave. • (605)334-8800 Sioux Falls, SD 57105 201 Pierce St. • (712)277-8800 Sioux City, IA 51101 HONEYBAKED HAM SPECIALTY FOODS & CAFE (605)362-6163 3515 W. 57th St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57108 SE Corner of 57th St. & Louise Ave. HY-VEE SIOUX FALLS LOCATIONS: 26th & Sycamore • (605)334-4570 49th & Louise • (605)361-0313 37th & Minnesota • (605)334-7231 26th & Marion • (605)361-3442 E. 10th & Cleveland • (605)336-8947 57th & Cliff • (605)271-7171 W. 10th & Kiwanis • (605)334-3321 THE MARKETPLACE CATERING Laurie Larsen • (605)310-1258 Catering to the Tri-State Area

TONY’S CATERING (605)582-3512 117 N. Splitrock Blvd. • Brandon, SD 57005

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WHISK & CHOP CAFE (605)367-3333 108 S. Minnesota Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Ceremony & reception Ceremony Sites

GREAT BEAR SKI VALLEY (605)367-7317 5110 E. Rice St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57110

Decorations & Supplies WATER BILLBOARDS Plates & Silverware (507)223-7133 107 11th St. East • Canby, MN 56220

Reception Facilities

CALICO SKIES VINEYARD AND WINERY Will or Ashlee (712)441-5547 • (712)441-5565 2368 Able Blvd. • Inwood, IA 51240 CARNAVAL BRAZILIAN GRILL Todd or Natalie (605)361-6328 2401 S. Carolyn Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57106 GREAT BEAR SKI VALLEY Summer Park-like Weddings! (605)367-7317 5110 E. Rice Street Sioux Falls, SD 57110

IVY ROOM Tarah Sackman (605)271-7120 2425 S. Shirley Ave., Ste #118 Sioux Falls, SD 57106 K BAR S LODGE Nicole Haltiner (866)568-9748 • (605)716-7971 Offices: 2707 Mt. Rushmore Rd. Rapid City, SD 57701 Lodge: 434 Old Hill City Rd. Keystone, SD 57751 MARQUEE ROOM AT TAILGATOR’S Barb Storm • (605)582-2520 1013 N. Splitrock Boulevard Brandon, SD 57005 I-90 EXIT MINERVAS RESTAURANTS (605)334-0386 Various Locations (see ad for locations) 301 S. Phillips Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 57105

NORTH COUNTY EVENTS HALL Call: Jeff • (605)359-9100 2 miles N. of J&L Harley in Sioux Falls

OLD COURTHOUSE MUSEUM Andrea Bruce (605)367-4210 Ext. 3016 200 W. 6th St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57104 ORPHEUM THEATER CENTER Meg Lee (605)367-4616 • (605)367-7288 315 N. Phillips Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57104

HOLIDAY INN CITY CENTRE (605)339-2000 100 W. 8th St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57104

ROYAL RIVER CASINO & HOTEL Leslie Johnson • (605)997-5345 (877)912-LUCK (5825) Ext. 1345 607 S. Veterans Ave. Flandreau, SD 57028

HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES IN BRANDON, SD (605)582-2901 1103 N. Splitrock Blvd. • Brandon, SD 57005

SIOUX FALLS CONVENTION CENTER (605)367-4156 1101 N. West Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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SPRING CREEK COUNTRY CLUB Gerry Summa • (605)743-2000 27122 480th Ave. • Harrisburg, SD 57032 TEA EVENTS HALL (605)376-1550 • (605)413-9105 205 S. Main • Tea, SD 57064 THE MARKETPLACE CATERING Laurie Larsen • (605)310-1258 Catering to the Tri-State Area

VFW POST 628 Joyce • (605)338-0869 3601 S. Minnesota Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57105 • WASHINGTON PAVILION OF ARTS & SCIENCE (605)731-2345 • (605)731-2363 301 S. Main Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 57104 WHISK & CHOP CAFE (605)367-3333 108 S. Minnesota Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57104


DJ JER (605)360-1102 3108 W. Courtyard Ln. • Sioux Falls, SD 57108 • PINNACLE PRODUCTIONS MOBILE MUSIC (605)376-5716 • (877)454-9654 6204 W. 12th St., Suite #D Sioux Falls, SD 57107 SIMZ PRO LIGHTING Andrew Simmons • (605)610-9640 Serving the Tr-State Area

Wedding Rentals

A-1 PORTABLE TOILETS (605)335-0055 • (605)528-1710 (fax) PO Box 88504 • Sioux Falls, SD 57109

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ABC RENTALL (605)331-3644 1701 W. 12th St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57104 CAROLAN RENTAL & FUN CO. Jamie Carolan (605)336-7368 • (800)404-4783 3501 S. Minnesota Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57105 CHAIR COVER ELEGANCE (712)546-7094 • LeMars, IA 51031 Serving the Tri-State Area FUNKY MONKEY FOTOS (605)595-1248 Can deliver within 75 miles of Sioux Falls IDEAL WEDDING & EVENTS (605)362-0223 2425 S. Shirley Ave., Suite #102 Sioux Falls, SD 57106 JUST ASK RENTAL/TEA TRUE VALUE (605)213-2000 27163 469th Ave. • Tea, SD 57064 PERFECTIONFORYOU.COM (605)886-0890 • (866)586-4078 322 9th Ave. S.E. • Watertown, SD 57201 UNITED RENTALS (605)336-3672 • (800)584-7040 Sioux Falls, SD UNITED RENTALS, INC (712)258-4583 • (800)658-4747 6015 Gordon Dr. • Sioux City, IA 51106 •

Flowers Floral Preservation

DAKOTA GIFTWARE SUPPLY, INC. (605)886-0890 • (866)586-4078 322 9th Ave. S.E. • Watertown, SD 57201

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FLEURTATIONS Silk Floral & Event Design Sara Consoer • (605)838-6950 FLOWERCART CREATIONS Diane Mollet • (712)251-7140 663 N. Derby Ln., Suite #A North Soiux City, SD 57049 HY-VEE SIOUX FALLS LOCATIONS: 26th & Sycamore • (605)334-4570 49th & Louise • (605)361-0313 37th & Minnesota • (605)334-7231 26th & Marion • (605)361-3442 E. 10th & Cleveland • (605)336-8947 57th & Cliff • (605)271-7171 W. 10th & Kiwanis • (605)334-3321 SUNSHINE FLORAL (605)367-2980 Sioux Falls & Brandon, SD THE FLOWER MILL (605)274-6080 • (605)321-9196 3600 E. 10th St., Suite #100 Sioux Falls, SD 57103 YOUNG AND RICHARD’S FLORAL & GIFT (605)336-2815 • (800)529-1350 236 S. Main Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Home & Finance Furniture & Cabinets

DOSE’S CUSTOM CABINETS (605)261-4225 • (605)647-3277 Lennox, SD 57039

Mortgage Lenders

DACOTAH BANK Donna Larson (605)367-6412 • (800)881-5611 4 Locations in Sioux Falls 1 Location in Brookings

FIRST BANK AND TRUST Nichoelle Waldner (605)782-8088 • (605)782-8000 2300 W. 57th St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Personal Finance, Loans & Investments DACOTAH BANK (605)331-4000 • (800)881-5611 4 Locations in Sioux Falls 1 Location in Brookings

FIRST BANK AND TRUST Nichoelle Waldner (605)782-8088 • (605)782-8000 2300 W. 57th St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57108


JACKIE FISCHER, REALTOR HJN Team Real Estate (605)360-2574 101 W. 69th St., #101 • Sioux Falls, SD 57108 CHERYL MEINDERS, REALTOR Town & Country Realtors (605)521-5565

Honeymoon & Travel Destination Wedding

CUSTER STATE PARK RESORTS State Game Lodge, Blue Bell Lodge, Legion Lake Lodge & Sylvan Lake Lodge (605)255-4672 13389 US Highway 16A • Custer, SD 57730 SPEARFISH CANYON LODGE (605)584-3435 • (877)975-6343 10619 Roughlock Falls Rd. Lead, SD 57754

Travel Agents

ALL ABOUT TRAVEL (605)339-8911 • (800)390-6610 3801 S. Western Ave., Suite #103 Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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DREAM GETAWAYS (605)362-5077 Sioux Falls, SD Serving the Tri-State Area TRAVEL LEADERS (605)335-6968 • (800)888-8235 1010 W. 41st St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Hotels & Transportation Guest Accommodations HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES (605)361-0122 2501 S. Shirley Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57106

HOMEWOOD SUITES BY HILTON (605)338-8585 • (800)CALL-HOME 3620 W. Avera Dr. Sioux Falls, SD 57108 STAYBRIDGE SUITES (605)361-2298 2505 S. Carolyn Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57106 FallsSD

Limousines & Transportation PRAIRIE COACH TRAILWAYS (605)428-4777 • (877)428-4798 PO Box 125 Dell Rapids, SD 57022

ROYAL LIMOUSINE, INC. (605)332-7952 • (800)695-LIMO (5466) 725 N. Main Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57104 STELLAR LIMOUSINE (605)940-5138 • (605)310-9885 6601 W. Ribbon Pl. Sioux Falls, SD 57106

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Invitations & Stationery Invitations

DAKOTA GIFTWARE SUPPLY, INC. (605)886-0890 • (866)586-4078 322 9th Ave. S.E. • Watertown, SD 57201 MINUTEMAN PRESS Tom Homlund (605)271-7515 945 S. Marion Rd., Suite #107 Sioux Falls, SD 57106 PAPERWERKS (605)332-2599 3810 S. Western Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57105 STAMPIN’ SAFARI Sandy Hoefakker • (605)366-4059

Jewelry Jewelers

FAINI DESIGNS JEWLERY STUDIO (605)339-6956 6203 S. Old Village Pl. • Sioux Falls, SD 57108 GUNDERSON’S JEWELERS (605)338-9060 2109 W. 57th St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57108 (712)255-7229 • (800)444-4431 4830 Sergeant Rd. • Sioux City, IA 51106 RIDDLE’S JEWELRY David Stensrud • (605)361-0911 3609 W. 41st St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57106 THE DIAMOND ROOM (605)362-0008 • (800)888-0429 3501 W. 57th St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Music Band’s

RUDE BAND Garret Hansen (605)351-3282 Sioux Falls, SD 57108


ACOUSTIX ENTERTAINMENT (712)259-1747 Sioux City, IA 51101 COMPLETE MUSIC CALL: RUSS (888)893-3533 DAKOTA ENTERTAINMENT (605)331-1404 • (800)691-5311 2011 S. Minnesota Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57105 DJ JER (605)360-1102 3108 W. Courtyard Ln. Sioux Falls, SD 57108 • PINNACLE PRODUCTIONS MOBILE MUSIC (605)376-5716 • (877)454-9654 6204 W. 12th St., Suite D Sioux Falls, SD 57107


DEUCES WILD DUELING PIANOS For non-stop fun entertainment that will get your guests involved call: Nicoli Holm (320)267-2313

Specialty Music

MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS (605)310-9434 • (712)253-7381

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Parties, Gifts & More Bachelorette Parties

PASSION PARTIES BY DARLENE THE PARTY LADY (612)802-1569 • (888)5-TOYLADY PURE ROMANCE BY LISA BENSON Lisa Benson • (320)894-1903 SID’S CROWN LIQUOR (605)332-5081 330 S. 1st Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Bridal Showers & Gift Registries



GUNDERSON’S JEWELERS (605)338-9060 2109 W. 57th St. • Sioux Falls, SD 57108 (712)255-7229 • (800)444-4431 4830 Sergeant Rd. • Sioux City, IA 51106


FORGET ME NOT GIFT BOUTIQUE 5005 S. Western Ave., Ste. #110 Sioux Falls, SD 57108 (605)335-9878

Party/Guest Favors

DAKOTA SPLASH Jeff Palmer • (605)334-3294 3601 N. 1st Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 57104 PAPERWERKS (605)332-2599 3810 S. Western Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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WATER BILLBOARDS (507)223-7133 107 11th St. East • Canby, MN 56220

Photography & Videography Photographers

PHOTOGRAPHY BY KJ Kj Wingert • (712)276-4640 425 S. Rustin St. • Sioux City, IA 51106 STUDIOBLU PHOTOGRAPHY (605)275-0337 • (763)656-9100 401 E. 8th St., Suite #320 Sioux Falls, SD 57105

CARMEN’S PHOTOGRAPHY Carmen Carda • (605)887-3775 Located near Aberdeen, SD Serving the Tri-State Area


CHRISTINA KJAR PHOTOGRAPHY (712)368-2272 101 South Main St. • Holstein, IA 51025

PARAGON VIDEOGRAPHY Jesse Brauning • (712)301-6163

COMEAU’S CREATIONS PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY Luke & Machelle Comeau (402)2410404 PO Box 601 • S. Sioux City, NE 68776 FESTIVE STUDIOS Rick & Lisa Warkenthien (605)359-4455 • (605)359-4156 330 S. Phillips Ave. • Sioux Falls, SD 57104 HAYLIE SNOW PHOTOGRAPHY (507)873-4025 2858 Queen Ave. • Slayton, MN 56172

ARTISTIC VIDEO Derek Soukup • (605)359-1680

Preparation & Planning Wedding Coordinators FLOWERCART CREATIONS Diane Mollet • (712)251-7140 663 N. Derby Ln., Suite #A North Sioux City, SD 57049 POPPYSCOTT EVENTS Lisa Scott • (888)702-6397 705 Douglas St., Suite #355 Sioux City, IA 51101

KELLI HUNT PHOTOGRAPHY (605)275-4400 Located at the Bridges at 57th KERIGAN STUDIOS Doug or Ila Cunningham (605)990-2583 Mitchell, SD LYNN MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY Lynn Brower • (605)370-4506 704 Tiger St. • Harrisburg, SD 57032

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2011 VOW Wedding Planner  

The 2011 VOW (Vision of Weddings) is a full wedding planner with specific sections and filled with amazing articles, helpful tips and planni...

2011 VOW Wedding Planner  

The 2011 VOW (Vision of Weddings) is a full wedding planner with specific sections and filled with amazing articles, helpful tips and planni...