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It’s time to stand out with a powerful personal brand! Jeff Bezos of Amazon sums it up best; ‘your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room’.

What do people say about you? How do colleagues or people in your network describe you? It’s often the throw away comment: ‘Do you know Mary?’ ‘Oh yes, Mary’s great, always good fun and enthusiastic – I love working with her’, no problems there. But what if the response is more, ‘oh yes, Mary. She’s great, but she’s let me down a few times - I know she’s busy, but it’s beginning to annoy me’. Such comments are part of everyday conversation, and may be just one person’s opinion, but if similar comments are consistently made when your name comes up, these quickly become part of your reputation and personal brand. In the digital world we live in, personal branding can be dismissed as superficial; as a curated, idealised image that is used by ‘influencers’ to raise profile and In the words of attract Oscar Wilde: followers and l i ke s. Yo u r ‘Be yourself; online profile everyone else is important, is taken...’ but it is only a part of your brand. Your personal brand encompasses every interaction: the way you show up and people’s experience of being around you. To have true impact, you should be


authentic, (because we can all spot a fake), and it would be exhausting to keep up the pretence of being someone you’re not. Your brand identity should be the real you, the best you. In the words of Oscar Wilde: ‘Be yourself; everyone else is taken.’

Fabulous Consider how you show up:in person, on the phone, on a good day and on a bad day or when you are under pressure. It is who you are (your personality), what you do (on a functional level) and how you do it (your behaviours). The great news is, this is a powerful tool available to everyone. You don’t have to be the smartest, the most creative or have impressive qualifications. If you have ever felt overlooked, struggled to have your voice heard in a meeting, believe you lack presence and gravitas, or dread pitching and presenting, this is for you. By developing your brand, you will build your confidence, know what you stand for, and differentiate yourself from the ‘competition’, be it as a business owner or standing out within your organisation.

One of my greatest frustrations is when a client arrives at my door having missed out on a fabulous promotion or a dream client. It takes time to establish and build your brand but with clarity of your message and consistent communication, you will start to build profile and reputation as an expert in your field. Actively build and manage your brand and opportunities will come your way. You will become the ‘front of mind

person’ when a dream role becomes available or a customer is buying your service. A client of mine has recently been promoted into her dream role. Always a champion of diversity within her organisation, she is a tireless supporter of young women within her profession and actively seeks opportunities to speak up on her passion for inclusion. When the organisation she works for recognised their need for a Diversity Manager, she was the first person that came

FL regional winners announced Forward Ladies has announced the winners of the 3 regional finals of the National Awards and Summit for 2019. The National Awards Series, which acknowledge and promote the fact that women are an integral and invaluable part of every business, are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. Forward Ladies continues to recognise and honour the most respected businesswomen, across a wide range of business categories. CEO Griselda Togobo said: “It is 100 years since women first got the right to vote in the UK, but gender equality remains elusive. Whilst we have clearly

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made progress over the years, our mission to achieve equality and bring diversity to leadership roles is not yet complete. That said, this has been another fantastic year for women and that should be celebrated, and through our National Awards we are once again delighted to showcase the very best women in business. “The calibre of entries has been increasing year on year, and our

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