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What is the difference in job duties of each?   What education, certification and or licensure is  needed for each?   Find out in this short presentation.

We will cover:  CNA (Certified/Basic Nursing Assistant)  LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)  ADN (Associates Degree Nursing – Registered 


•Provides hands‐on care • Performs routine tasks under the supervision of 

nursing and medical staff such as: •Helps patients to eat, dress and bathe •Serves meals, make beds and tidy up rooms •May take temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate or    

blood pressure •Escorts patient to appointments or on walks •Cleans patient’s bed and body

CNA Career Options Include:  Nursing homes  Hospitals  Mental health settings  Home health care

CNA (Basic Nurse Assistant) Academic requirements     

8 credits Offered twice each semester and once in summer Not eligible for Financial Aid, so need other funding sources No prerequisite courses Must be able to provide Social Security number for Illinois state  background check  Must pass and exam after completion of the program to become a CNA  (Certified Nurse Assistant)  Individuals are eligible to take exam if they 1. 2.

Complete BHC’s Basic Nurse Assistant Training class Complete the 1st level of BHC’s Associate Degree Nursing program (NURS  112 and NURS 138)

•Takes vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure, 

pulse and respiration •Treats wounds, prepare and give injections •Observes patients and report adverse reactions to  medications and treatments to physicians •Collects samples from patients for testing, •Feeds patients and record food and fluid intake and  output •Assists patients with bathing, dressing, personal  hygiene •May help with ICU or post‐operative recovery rooms

LPN Career Options Include:  Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities  Nursing homes  Private doctor’s offices  Public health agencies  Home health care services  Private duty  Temporary help agencies

To become an  LPN you must… Complete Black Hawk College’s 

Practical Nursing Certificate  program Successfully pass the NCLEX‐PN  (National Council Licensure  Exam). 

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)  Fall start program only (apply in February)  Take TEAS (Test for Essential Academic Skills) test  Pre‐requisites include:  Take Math 080 or test out based on Compass  Take Writing requirement (Eng 101 or Comm 100)  Take Anatomy and Physiology (either PN 110 or Biol 145)  Recommendations to succeed at TEAS  Study – Study guide available at  Take reading class if recommended on Compass  Take Eng 101

•Record patient’s medical histories and symptoms, help 

perform diagnostic tests and analyze results, operate  medical machinery, administer treatment and  medications, and help with patient follow‐up and  rehabilitation •Teach patients and their families how to manage their  illness or injury •May choose to continue on to get a Bachelor of Science in  Nursing (BSN) to allow for more responsibilities

RN Career Options Include:  Hospitals and clinics  Nursing homes  Private offices and clinics  Private and public schools and colleges  Government agencies/military  Visiting nursing associations

RN (Registered Nurse)  To become an RN you must complete our Associate Degree 

Nursing (ADN) program and successfully pass the NCLEX  test.    The ADN program admits 40 students each fall and spring  based on a point ranking system (NOT a wait list!)   Students who earn the highest ranking are selected for  admission.  Ranking is based on cumulative GPA, Nursing Entrance test, 

required course grades, and any previous degrees obtained.

 See next page for courses

Prerequisites as determined by Compass Math MATH MATH MATH MATH MATH

080 (Basic Math Skills – 3 credits) 081 (Basic Algebra – 3 credits) 086 (Fundamentals of Algebra – 5 credits) 091 or 090 (Intermediate Algebra – 3-5 credits) 085 (Plane Geometry – 3 credits)

Reading REA 093 REA 098 English Writing ENG 081 ENG 091

(Academic Reading I – 3 credits) (Academic Reading II – 3 credits)

(Writing Fundamentals I – 3 credits) (Writing Fundamentals II – 3 credits)

Prerequisites to Program Requirements For Psyc 200 (Human Growth and Development) • SBS 100 if needed based on Compass Reading Score– (Intro to Social and Behavioral Sciences – 3 credits) • PSYC 101 (Intro to Psychology – 3 credits) For Biol 146 (Anatomy and Physiology II) • Biol 145 (A or B grade required) Prerequisites include • • • • •


*CHEM 110 or 101 (Intro to Chemistry or General Chemistry – 4 credits) *BIOL 100, 101, or 105 (Intro to Biology, General Human Biology, or General Biology I – 4 credits) College level in reading or completion of REA 098 College level writing or completion of Eng 091 Algebra level or Completion of Math 080

An Anatomy and Physiology placement test is available. If passed with a 70% a student would be waived out of the CHEM and BIOL requirement for BIOL 145. For more information go to

Program Requirements Program Requirements Gen. Eds. (completion increases ranking at time of application)

 

*BIOL 146 (Anatomy Physiology I – 4 credits)

Nursing Courses NURS 112 (10 credits)

PSYC 200 (Human Growth and Development – 3 credits)

NURS 138 (1 credit)

ENG 101 (English Composition - 3 credits)

LPN Only – take NURS 112P NURS 122A (5 credits)

Nursing Program Level

1 NURS 112P is for LPN transition


NURS 122B (5 credits)

 

*BIOL 261 (Microbiology – 4 credits)

Choose one:

Phil 100 (Logic – 3 credits)


Phil 103 (Ethics – 3 credits)


Summer Courses Supplementary NURS courses may be recommended or required at this time (or at other points)

Spec 175 (Intercultural Communications – 3 credits) OR Anth 102 (Cultural Anthropology – 3 credits) OR Foreign language (Spanish, French or German – 4 credits) Math Elective – Choose one:

NURS 216 (10 credits)


NURS 226 (10 credits)


Math 108 (Statistics for Gen. Educ. – 3 credits) OR Math 110 (Math for Gen. Educ. – 3 credits) OR Math 112 (College Algebra – 4 credits) OR Math 116 (Trigonometry – 3 credits) OR Math 118 (Precalculus – 5 credits)

SOC 101 (Principles of Sociology – 3 credits)

NURS 230 (1 credit)

Completion of the Prospective Nursing Student Online Orientation needs to be completed by the time a student applies to the ADN program.   However, students are encouraged to do this earlier.  The Orientation can be found at   You DO NOT have to have all of the general education requirements done before applying.    “B” or higher is required in both Biol 145 and 146.

•Students need to complete an ADN program application packet. •Applications packets and deadlines are available online at . •Students must complete the Prospective Nursing Student Online Orientation at Login to myblackhawk is required to access the orientation. •Students must take the Nursing Entrance Exam (TEAS) before application due date.

Spring Admission ‐ Apply by September 15th (Priority Date).   Final application date is end of September. Fall Admission ‐ Apply by February 15th (Priority Date). Final application date is end of February.

•Students should apply early in the priority filing period. Not all 

eligible applicants will be admitted regardless of the date of  submission of their application.  •The student who wishes to enter the Associate Degree Nursing  Program must meet requirements based on his or her  classification  (i.e. college student, high school, advanced  standing).  •Preference will be given to Illinois residents. 

•Students must achieve a “B” in BIOL 145 and 146 in order 

to proceed to the next level in nursing.  •GPA must be 2.7 or higher (the higher the better!) •Completion of all prerequisites for required courses with a  grade of C or above  •Completion of all developmental courses with a grade of C  or above  •Completion of Nursing entrance exam 

•Have earned a high school diploma or the equivalent

•Completion of the Prospective Nursing  Student Online Orientation is required by the  semester you apply.  However, prospective  students are also encouraged complete it  earlier.  The orientation can be accessed at   MyBlackhawk login will be required to access  the orientation.

All students who apply must  Complete  steps to enroll at Black Hawk College.      Complete the Pre‐Admission Test Complete the ADN Program Application for Admission at Submit all of their documentation (all transcripts ‐ including BHC ‐ and Compass scores).   Complete Prospective Nursing Online Orientation at Login to myblackhawk is required to access the orientation.

Are you interested in pursuing one  of these degrees or certificates?  Visit for more 

information  Complete the steps to enroll at BHC.  Go to for the  steps.  You can also contact an advisor at 309‐796‐ 5100 or for more  information.

How to become a CNA, LPN or RN Presentation  
How to become a CNA, LPN or RN Presentation  

How to become a CNA, LPN or RN Presentation