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Commencement Program Processional....................................................................... James Blucker, Pianist (The audience will rise when the procession enters the gym and will remain standing until after the Moment of Silence.)

Academic Procession The Honor Marshals...................................................................George Murphy Austin Scholl Jasmine Wyant

Posting of Colors....................................................... Kewanee National Guard HHT 2ND SQ 106TH CAV

National Anthem .................................................... “The Star Spangled Banner� arr. by John Philip Sousa James Blucker, Pianist Carrie Anglemeyer, Soloist Moment of Silence Student Remarks......................................................................... Morgan Nelson President, Student Government Association Presidential Address......................................................Dr. Thomas B. Baynum Presentation of the Class of 2012....................................... Dr. Rose Campbell Executive Vice President and Vice President of Instruction and ITS Awarding of Certificates and Conferring of Degrees...........................................Dr. Thomas B. Baynum Board of Trustees Dr. Jeffry Hawes, President, East Campus Faculty Senate Recessional......................................................................... James Blucker, Pianist (The audience will rise and remain standing in place until the recession has exited the gym.) Guest Reception Honoring Graduates............................Armory Front Lawn Sponsored by the Black Hawk East College Foundation A sign language interpreter will be on the right-hand side of the stage. 2

On Academic Regalia

On at least one solemn occasion during the academic calendar – Spring Commencement – the faculty of the college publicly display their full academic regalia and participate in the ritual of a processional and recessional from the commencement ceremony. The purposes of commencement are well-known, but the reasons for the peculiar dress of the celebrants and the order of the procession are often as confusing to the audience as they are, in fact, to the faculty. This note may help to explain academic costumes. Today’s academics are descendants of clerical schoolmen in the universities of medieval Europe. Like clergy, members of the bench and bar, and other learned professionals, the medieval scholar clothed himself in heavy robes to keep out the draft from unheated, windowless buildings. Like all members of medieval society, faculty enjoyed the visible symbols of their rank. These outward signs of accomplishment and authority were tailored into the robes. The need for such voluminous garments to keep the scholar from catching a cold is long past but the use of them to symbolize the dignity of the profession remains. Caps and gowns worn by our faculty are black. Black was the color adopted by mutual agreement among American colleges and universities at the end of the 19th century. In Europe, each university has its own distinctive gowns, varying in color and cut with each institution. A European commencement is a far more colorful occasion than its American counterpart. There are four basic academic degrees: the associate degree, the baccalaureate or bachelor’s degree, the master’s degree and the doctorate. Each has a special robe. The associate and bachelor’s gowns are trim, neat and unadorned, as benefits apprentices. The master’s gown is still simple, but fuller, with a hood draped from the shoulders down the back. Once used to keep the shaved heads of medieval clerks from freezing, the hood now is solely a badge of degree of scholarly achievement. The master’s hood is small and narrow, but displays the colors of the institution that awarded the degree. The doctorate robe has a generous cut, is faced with velvet, and emblazoned with velvet stripes on the ample sleeves. Most of the velvet facings and chevrons or stripes are black, but some are other colors. According to personal taste, doctors may display the color of their doctoral degree on their sleeves and facings: for example; royal blue for philosophy, green for medicine, purple for law, scarlet for theology. The doctor’s hood is lined in satin with the colors of the degree itself. All academic costumes include the square cap called a mortarboard. The doctor’s tassels may be either black or gold. Tassels of all other degrees may be black or the colors of the college or department from which the student graduated or is graduating. Stage party members wearing black, gold and red hoods are members of the Black Hawk College Board of Trustees. Their hoods do not represent academic rank; they indicate the trustees’ public service through their governance of the local college district. The three colors represent an integration of the colors of the college’s Quad-Cities Campus and East Campus.


The Black Hawk College Seal The official college seal was adopted in May 1969. It incorporates some of the oldest symbols known. The “Y,” or fork, is a key sign symbolizing the upreaching spirit, the striving of being. Above the key sign is the flame which represents knowledge, specifically the knowledge of liberal arts and sciences programs. The old chemical sign at right is for basic metals, which represents vocational and technical education. On the left is the philosopher’s sign which describes the nature of human intellect and symbolizes the active intellect present in adults who continue their education. The enclosing circle represents the continuing circle of education. The Latin phrase, Collegium Pro Populo, identifies Black Hawk as the College for the People.

Graduation Honors Summa Cum Laude graduates are identified by a gold honor cord. (60 cumulative hours and a 3.95 GPA) Magna Cum Laude graduates are identified by a white honor cord. (45 cumulative hours and a 3.85 GPA) Cum Laude graduates are identified by a red honor cord. (30 cumulative hours and a 3.75 GPA) The honor marshals are honor students chosen from the freshman class. They are selected by most cumulative hours completed at Black Hawk College and highest grade point average.



ANIMAL SCIENCE Mark Allonge, Cropsey Richard A. Brummel, Sheffield Emilie Sue Cerny, Sharon, WI Travis W. Collings, LaPorte, IN Dick Ronald Krahn, Westbend, WI Ashley Noelle Layton, Kasbeer Andrew M. Smith, Sherrard AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR Michael W. Huggins, Kewanee Jennifer N. Toland, Wyoming BASIC NURSE ASSISTANT TRAINING PROGRAM Crystal Ivetth Almanza, Kewanee Chandra Bond, Kewanee Madison Elise Carrasca, Kewanee Chandra Jean Galli, Kewanee Chessa Griffith, Kewanee Nicole M. Holton, Galva Madison Rose Mosley, Galva Jayde Mossner, Kewanee Amanda Nordstrom, Bishop Hill Beverly Scott, Galva Dominique Shaw, Kewanee Jessica Spears, Neponset Maggie Kaye Stoner, Kewanee

Kaitlin A. Wall, Kewanee Lindsey M. Wexell, Galva Stacie-Lynn A. Williams, Sheffield Taylor Nicole Williams, Galva Casey Jo Yelm, Galva BEEF PRODUCTION Mark Allonge, Cropsey Richard A. Brummel, Sheffield Emilie Sue Cerny, Sharon, WI Travis W. Collings, LaPorte, IN Derrick Tyler Eckberg, Walnut • Mary Margret Ginter, Prophetstown Dick Ronald Krahn, Westbend, WI Ashley Noelle Layton, Kasbeer Andrew M. Smith, Sherrard Kasi Christine Terpening, Knoxville CHILD DEVELOPMENT Melissa Ann Ford, Kewanee HORSE SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY Austin Michael Scholl, Menoken, ND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST • Rickelle Ann Bishop, Kewanee MEDICAL ASSISTANT Mary Angela Keith, Toulon

Associate in Applied Science

ACCOUNTING SPECIALIST Jessica Marie Harper, Bradford AGRIBUSINESS MANAGEMENT Landon Patrick Burke, Rock Falls Travis W. Collings, LaPorte, IN Matthew Frakes, Monmouth • Mary Margret Ginter, Prophetstown Jay S. Jackson, Fulton Brock N. Schmitt, Bradford Andrew M. Smith, Sherrard • Joshua Douglas Stahl, LaFayette Kasi Christine Terpening, Knoxville AGRIBUSINESS MANAGEMENTCROP PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY OPTION Christopher J. Harsted, Grand Ridge Benjamin Lawrence Hoffman Jr., Rock Falls Joshua D. Nobbe, Glenwood, IN • Terry L. Shreck, Kewanee AGRICULTURE MECHANICS TECHNOLOGY Joseph Andrew DeVenney, Buda Kendel Jay French, Springfield Casper Joseph Gensler, Toluca Robert Carl Salisbury, Henry Brett Anthony Sarff, Dwight 5

AGRICULTURE PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY Mark Allonge, Cropsey Richard A. Brummel, Sheffield Landon Patrick Burke, Rock Falls Emilie Sue Cerny, Sharon, WI Derrick Tyler Eckberg, Walnut • Mary Margret Ginter, Prophetstown Dick Ronald Krahn, Westbend, WI Ashley Noelle Layton, Kasbeer Garen Forbes Nelson, Joy Andrew M. Smith, Sherrard • Joshua Douglas Stahl, LaFayette Kasi Christine Terpening, Knoxville AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR TECHNOLOGY Chase Michael Keith, Toulon • Mark Alan Kuster, Kewanee Nicholas P. Taylor, Prophetstown BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING • Kimberly Jean Flint, Mineral Kevin E. Galbraith, Kewanee • Regina Lee Petersen, Mineral Jessica Leigh Turnbull, Toulon EQUESTRIAN SCIENCE Abigail Joy Billings, Lomira, WI Renee Len Blacker, Monticello • Kayla Renee Bridgman, Ewing, MO Rebecca Mae Brigel, Oswego

Class of 2012

PRACTICAL NURSING Ikenna C. Anyabolu, Galesburg Joanne Christine Bayer, Galva Kendra Kay Brown, Kewanee Dawn Marie Bryner, Kewanee Lindsay Anne Clague, Kewanee Victoria Jade Hart, Woodhull Jeri Ellen Hogeboom, Kewanee Garnet Rose Ireland, Kewanee Christina Marie Peed, Kewanee James Warren Peed, Kewanee Roxanna Collet Pollock, Kewanee Heidi Regan, Toulon Teri Lynn Stone, Galva • Jacqueline A. Wyman, Kewanee SWINE PRODUCTION Mark Allonge, Cropsey Richard A. Brummel, Sheffield Emilie Sue Cerny, Sharon, WI Travis W. Collings, LaPorte, IN Matthew Frakes, Monmouth Dick Ronald Krahn, Westbend, WI Ashley Noelle Layton, Kasbeer Andrew M. Smith, Sherrard WELDING Karl M. Schueler, Rock Falls

Class of 2012

Heather Carlone, Princeton Hannah Victoria Cresto, Naperville Ashley R. Ellsworth, Stillman Valley <Emily K. Ericson, Hudsonville, MI Alissa Ann Frederick, West Chicago Brice M. Howell, Greentown, IN Diane Marie Maroney, Chicago • Chelsea R. Neirynck, Kewanee Chelsey Schmidgall, Mackinaw James G. Schultz, Viola Mandolin R. Strelow, Mount Horeb, WI Katelyn Rose Wade, Adell, WI •<Kayla Marie Wells, Aurora GENERAL OCCUPATIONAL AND TECHNICAL STUDIES • Jenna Elizabeth Pence, Kewanee HORSE SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY Rebecca Mae Brigel, Oswego Heather Carlone, Princeton Alissa Ann Frederick, West Chicago • Chelsea R. Neirynck, Kewanee James G. Schultz, Viola Katelyn Rose Wade, Adell, WI HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE • Drucilla I. Davenport, Kewanee • Julianne C. Hurley, Coal Valley • Royal James Rice, Wyoming • Doreen K. Skriver, Davenport, IA NURSING ASSOCIATE DEGREE Heather Frykman, Kewanee

Associate in Arts

Nastassja Elle Bachman, Toulon Taylor Anne Beguelin, Joy Jennifer Lynn Brannock, Springfield • Nicole Dianne Donahue, West Jersey • Nicole Marie Earley, Fox Lake •▲❖Kyria Eastman, Kewanee • Meghan Nichole Ellis, Toulon Brian P. Folz, Wyanet Carol Ann Fredrickson, Galva Yasmin Gamboa, Kewanee

Associate in Science

▲❖Brittany ReAnn Anderson, Galva Ryan T. Blume, Kewanee Kara Ann Bosserd, Marshall, MI Ethan David Boyer, Maquon Tillie E. Brotherton, Central Point, OR ▲Nicholas Raymond Butts, Neponset Cheree Charmayne-Chantell Charley, Farmington, NM Nia-Imani C. Davis, Toulon Aaron Michael DeClercq, Kewanee Mattius P. Derycke, Kewanee Kiersten Dorethy, Macomb • Tyler W. Endress, Galva Alexandria Christine Estes, Annawan ▲Stephanie Marie Favri, Cambridge • Richard Allan Feltner, Kewanee Brenden L. Fredrickson, Kewanee •<Brooke McKenzie Fruits, Auburn, IN Angela Lynn Gibson, White Hall, AR Nikolaus Paul Grafelman, Galva Gilbert Godfree Gyamfi, Brampton, Ontario Tyler J Harker, Kewanee Kristen Virginia Havelka, Kewanee

Ag Transfer

John Patrick Andress, Dothan, AL Samantha Kathryn DeClercq, Kewanee

Michael Troy Minteer, Kewanee •❖Tyler Eugene Petersen, Sheffield Aaron Michael Pratt, Kewanee Jessica Ann Redenius, Kewanee Brian Michael Slutts, Kewanee • Jessica Ann Spencer, Tolono Samantha JoLynn Tapscott, Alpha •▲Robin Catherine Trigg, Kewanee

• Jonathan Lincoln Heaton, Toulon

Ryan Alan Rocker, Kewanee • Cole J. Rumbold, Wyoming •▲❖Brittney Rose Ryan, Kewanee Ashley M. Schultz, Kewanee Taylor Elizabeth Sellers, Kewanee • Sierra Rain Sherrod, Kenosha, WI • Sarah Marie Stahl, LaFayette Andrew James Stockdale, Veedersburg Maggie Kaye Stoner, Kewanee • Evan James Streitmatter, Wyoming Tia Marie Thompson, Kewanee Jessica A. Tompkins, Naperville • Tristan Anita Troudt, Priest River, ID Ethan Jeffrey VandeVoorde, Annawan Kayla Ann VanWassenhove, Bradford Tyler J. VanWynsberg, Kewanee •✚Lauren Anne Wells, Bonfield Johnathan M. Whitmer, Kewanee Javed Elvette Williams, St. Kitts, West Indies Kriston Matthew Wilson, Chicago

Cory Duane Link, Abingdon • Matthew David Allen Morrison, Conewango Valley, NY

• Joshua Douglas Stahl, LaFayette

Derek Tyler Hendrick, Toulon • Carrie E. Horsley, Galva Jared Barclay Huffer, Frankfort, IN Annie Laurie Huffman, Kewanee •❖Kayla Kathryn Hyett, Aledo Stephanie Infante, Round Lake Brett Kenneth Johnson, Bloomington Timothy Michael Johnson, Bellevue, IA •❖Tyler E. Johnson, Galva Collin B. Kelly, Kewanee Tina M. Landsiedel-Clarke, Kewanee Jacee April May, Stillwater, OK • Jesse Erin Miller, Grove City, OH • Sara Elizabeth Monson, Manlius • Morgan E. Nelson, Galva Tanner James Nelson, Annawan Blake Dylan Nowlan, LaFayette Victoria Rachel Oatley, Exeter, RI • Amanda Christine Oldfield, Atkinson Nolan Gregory Peterson, Galva Emily Sue Raupp, Poplar Grove Nicholaus Lee Riecke, LaOtto, IN Michelle Lynn Robinson, Kewanee

Associate in Liberal Studies

• Lora May Creech, Kewanee Jared Jeffrey Kelly, Walnut

Class of 2012

Maribel Guerrero, Kewanee Christopher G. Gunawan, Neponset • Arturo Hernandez, Elmont, NY •❖Cassandra M. Ingels, Wyoming • Yvonne Marie Johnson, Kewanee Phillip Johnson, Kewanee Lori Ann Johnson, Leslie, MI • Nelson Charles Kendall, Galva James Edward Kida, Kewanee • Jolene Janelle Kieser, Wyoming

• Richard A. Krafft, Sheffield • Paige L. Milburn, Toulon

Class of 2012

Class of 2012

Class of 2012

Apryl Renee Ptashnik, Neponset

l Phi Theta Kappa, International Honor Society of the Two-Year College Note: Phi Theta Kappa graduates may be identified by a gold stole. n Alpha Beta Gamma, International Business Honor Society Note: Alpha Beta Gamma graduates may be identified by a blue stole with Greek letters or a blue stole with emblem and Greek letters. s Psi Beta, National Honor Society in Psychology for Community and Junior Colleges Note: Psi Beta graduates may be identified by a blue and gold cord. ❖ Sigma Kappa Delta, the English Honor Society for Two-Year Colleges Note: Sigma Kappa Delta graduates may be identified by a green and gold cord. : Distinguished Academic All-American – National Horse Judging Team Note: These graduates are identified by the National Horse Judging Team Coaches Association as being in the Top 10 overall at the national level and must have a 4.0 GPA < Academic All-American – National Horse Judging Team Note: These graduates are identified by the National Horse Judging Team Coaches Association as being in the Top 10 overall at the national level and must have a 3.75 or higher GPA.


Black Hawk College East Campus Faculty 2011-2012 Professors Alan J. Abbott, Ph.D. Christine G. Bachelder, M.A. Lee E. Denzer, M.S. Sally W. Flesch, Ph.D., R.N. William J. Good, M.S. John T. Hartman, M.F.A. Dan E. Hoge, M.S. Donna A. Irvin, B.S. Andrew C. Larson, M.S. Robert E. Lee, M.S.W. Allan L. Markezich, Ph.D. Catherine Melear, M.S.Ed. Jodee Werkheiser, M.S Associate Professors Deana L. Bobzien, M.A. Aaron J. Callahan, B.S. Jeffry D. Hawes, Ph.D. Bruce Smith, B.S. Toni E. Smith, M.A. Assistant Professors Cheryl J. Ballantyne, B.S.N. Xixuan H. Collins, Ph.D. Kathy J. Dusthimer, M.S. Gary Werkheiser, B.S. Instructors Brian R. Arnold, B.S. Drew L. Cotton, M.S. Gayle A. Gerard, M.S. Jason S. Grice, A.A.S. Jenna C. Haenggi, M.S. Adam Kleinschmit, Ph.D. Katie A. Rushing-Anderson, M.S. Sharon K. Smith, M.A. Kirk H. Watson, M.A.


Adjunct Faculty Tom J. Akers Tony Allen Amanda Attig James Blucker Kathy Bausman Karen K. Brooks Kelly S. Camey Rita A. Currier Vickie S. Darwin Joseph DeGeorge Mary Ebert Kelly Ellerbrock Andrew Fisher Robert Fleming Amber Fox Kathie Gibler Richard B. Gilbert Norma J. Good Bob Grabbe Jennifer Grebner Shirley G. Hertz Carla L. Hillman Darcy C. Jeffries Katie Johnson Roger W. Johnston Shane Kazubowski Patricia Klein Melissa Kleinschmit Terry D. Lancaster Dale Lanning Paula D. Luft

Patricia L. Main Roger Mann Dorothy R. Martin Bonnie A. McCommons BJ McCullum Antonio M. Morgan Suzzanne Murray Lisa Nimrick Rita R. Olson Mattie M. Owens Ashley Phillips Linda Pont Beth Russell Carrissa Schoffner Anna Sheahan Jay Solomonson Beth E. Snook Jamie Stalf Lisa Stisser Anthony C. Strand Sherri S. Streitmatter Mallory Swanson Corey C. Terwilliger Jeremy Trill Candace L. Tschappat Christopher Waca David Wallace Timothy Wagner Mark L. Washburn Roberta J. White Susan Winters Lana M. Wolf Mike S. Yaklich

Board of Trustees

Evelyn L. Phillips, Chair, Orion Sonia R. Berg, Vice Chair, Moline David L. Emerick, Jr., Secretary, Rock Island John T. Ahern, Silvis Dorothy W. Beck, Rock Island Donna M. Frye, Moline Kylee Fox, Student Trustee, Moline

Executive Administration

Thomas B. Baynum, Ph.D., President Rose Campbell, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Vice President of Instruction and ITS Leslie Anderson, M.B.A., Chief Financial Officer Chanda Dowell, M.S., Vice President for East Campus Michael Phillips, M.S., Vice President for Administration Richard Vallandingham, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Services


Kim Armstrong, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Student Support Services Bruce Boyd, B.A., Associate Dean of Sustainable Energies Career Programs William McCullum, M.S.S., Assistant Dean of East Campus Glenda Nicke, M.Ed., Dean of Adult and Continuing Education Michael Rivera, Ph.D., Dean of Instruction and Student Learning Bettie Truitt, Ph.D., Dean of Instruction and Academic Support Richard Vallandingham, Ph.D., Dean of Students

Black Hawk East College Foundation Steve Spivey New Windsor, President Doug Parrott Toulon, Vice President Merle Hall Kewanee, Secretary Sandy Dienst Toulon, Treasurer Morgan Nelson Student Representative Alan Abbott Faculty Representative

Board of Directors John Ahern Trustee Representative, Black Hawk College Board of Trustees Brent Reed, Cambridge ABCA Representative Bill LeSage, Kewanee ABCA Representative Clint Block, Kewanee Chuck Deahl, Galva

Patty Varner, Galva Liz Breedlove Executive Director, Black Hawk East College Foundation Dr. Thomas B. Baynum President, Black Hawk College, Ex Officio Member

Chanda Dowell Vice President of East Campus, Janene Blodgett, Bishop Hill Black Hawk College, Steve Becker, Kewanee Ex Officio Member


Title IX Statement No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. Legal Citation: Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and its implementing regulation at 34 C.F.R. Part 106 (Title IX). Direct inquires to Dr. Kim Armstrong, Title IX Coordinator, Assistant Dean for Student Support Services, Black Hawk College, Building 1, Room B15B, 6600 34th Avenue, Moline, IL 61265. Phone 309-796-5006. E-mail: Students, faculty and staff at Black Hawk College participate in a variety of activities designed to assess and improve student learning and to bring about institutional change. Examples of such activities may include placement testing, surveys, collecting random samples of student work, exit testing, and portfolio evaluation.


East Campus Commencement program 2012  
East Campus Commencement program 2012  

East Campus Commencement program 2012