2023 Commencement Ceremony - Quad-Cities Campus

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Vibrant Arena at The MARK Thursday, May 18, 2023
Quad-Cities Campus

On Academic Regalia

On at least one solemn occasion during the academic calendar – Spring Commencement – the faculty of the college publicly display their full academic regalia and participate in the ritual of a processional and recessional from the commencement ceremony. The purposes of commencement are well-known, but the reasons for the peculiar dress of the celebrants and the order of the procession are often as confusing to the audience as they are, in fact, to the faculty. This note may help to explain academic costumes.

Today’s academics are descendants of clerical schoolmen in the universities of medieval Europe. Like clergy, members of the bench and bar, and other learned professionals, the medieval scholar clothed himself in heavy robes to keep out the draft from unheated, windowless buildings. Like all members of medieval society, faculty enjoyed the visible symbols of their rank. These outward signs of accomplishment and authority were tailored into the robes. The need for such voluminous garments to keep the scholar from catching a cold is long past, but the use of them to symbolize the dignity of the profession remains.

Caps and gowns worn by our faculty are black. Black was the color adopted by mutual agreement among American colleges and universities at the end of the 19th century. In Europe, each university has its own distinctive gowns, varying in color and cut with each institution. A European commencement is a far more colorful occasion than its American counterpart.

There are four basic academic degrees: the associate degree, the baccalaureate or bachelor’s degree, the master’s degree and the doctorate. Each has a special robe. The associate and bachelor’s gowns are trim, neat and unadorned, as benefits apprentices. The master’s gown is still simple, but fuller, with a hood draped from the shoulders down the back. Once used to keep the shaved heads of medieval clerks from freezing, the hood now is solely a badge of degree of scholarly achievement. The master’s hood is small and narrow, but displays the colors of the institution that awarded the degree. The doctorate robe has a generous cut, is faced with velvet, and emblazoned with velvet stripes on the ample sleeves. Most of the velvet facings and chevrons or stripes are black, but some are other colors. According to personal taste, doctors may display the color of their doctoral degree on their sleeves and facings: for example; royal blue for philosophy, green for medicine, purple for law, scarlet for theology. The doctor’s hood is lined in satin with the colors of the degree itself. All academic costumes include the square cap called a mortarboard. The doctor’s tassels may be either black or gold. Tassels of all other degrees may be black or the colors of the college or department from which the student graduated or is graduating.

Stage party members wearing black, gold and red hoods are members of the Black Hawk College Board of Trustees. Their hoods do not represent academic rank; they indicate the trustees’ public service through their governance of the local college district. The three colors represent an integration of the colors of the college’s Quad-Cities Campus and East Campus.


Commencement Program

Prelude Music ..................................................................... Black Hawk College Jazz Ensemble

Corey Kendrick, Director

Special Prelude Music “Oberst Zahner”

Johann Kalensky

“The Light Eternal”

James Swearingen

“Orange Bowl March”

Henry Fillmore, ed. Robert E. Foster

Anthony Hernandez, Director

Black Hawk College Community Band

Presentation of the Colors* .................................................................................... Honor Guard

Moline and East Moline Police Departments and Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department

Academic Procession* ................................................. Black Hawk College Community Band

Anthony Hernandez, Director

National Anthem*

“The Star-Spangled Banner”

Francis Scott Key/John Stafford Smith

Arranged by Bill Moffit

Anthony Hernandez, Director Black Hawk College Community Band/Combined Choirs

Moment of Silence*................................................................................... Retiring of the Colors (As the Colors are retired, please remain standing in a moment of silence in respect for our country and in honor of the members of our military.)

“Black Hawk College School Song”* ...........................................

Introduced by Tim J. Wynes

President, Black Hawk College

“Thaxted” melody by Gustav Holst

Arranged by Dr. C. Edgar Crockett

Text by Dorothy Beck and Paul Cioe

Dr. Irene Leites, Director

Black Hawk College Community Band/Combined Choirs

(*Please stand.)


Welcome ..............................................................................................................Tim J. Wynes, J.D.

President, Black Hawk College

Professor Emerita Presentation Tim J. Wynes, J.D. Fritz W. Larsen

Board Chair, Black Hawk College

Student Remarks ..................................................................................................... Lauren Rogan

Beyonce Gonzalez

Emily Freymann

Abigail Tossou

2023 Black Hawk College Graduates

Presentation of the Class of 2023........................................................... Dr. Amy M. Maxeiner Vice President for Instruction and Student Services

Awarding of Certificates and Conferring of Degrees..............................................................................Tim J. Wynes, J.D.

Board of Trustees

Dr. Paul Lockard Professor

President, Quad-Cities Campus Faculty Senate

Recessional “Fanfare and Recessional” by James D. Ployhar

Anthony Hernandez, Director


The Black Hawk College Seal

The official college seal was adopted in May 1969. It incorporates some of the oldest symbols known. The “Y,” or fork, is a key sign symbolizing the up reaching spirit, the striving of being. Above the key sign is the flame which represents knowledge, specifically the knowledge of liberal arts and sciences programs. The old chemical sign at right is for basic metals, which represents vocational and technical education. On the left is the philosopher’s sign which describes the nature of human intellect and symbolizes the active intellect present in adults who continue their education. The enclosing circle represents the continuing circle of education. The Latin phrase, Collegium Pro Populo, identifies Black Hawk as the College for the People.

Graduation Honors

Summa Cum Laude graduates are identified by a gold honor cord. (60 hours at Black Hawk College and a 3.95 GPA or higher)

Magna Cum Laude graduates are identified by a white honor cord. (45 hours at Black Hawk College and a 3.85 GPA or higher)

Cum Laude graduates are identified by a red honor cord. (30 hours at Black Hawk College and a 3.75 GPA or higher)

Honors Regalia

l Phi Theta Kappa, Honor Society for Two-Year Colleges

Phi Theta Kappa graduates may be identified by blue and gold cord and/or gold stole.

n Alpha Beta Gamma, International Business Honor Society

Alpha Beta Gamma graduates may be identified by a blue stole with Greek letters or a blue stole with emblem and Greek letters

s Psi Beta, National Honor Society in Psychology for Community and Junior Colleges

Psi Beta graduates may be identified by a blue and gold cord.

v Sigma Kappa Delta, the English Honor Society for Two-Year Colleges

Sigma Kappa Delta graduates may be identified by a green and gold cord.

6 Military Service

Military service members honorably discharged or currently serving may be identified by a red, white and blue honor cord.

o NJCAA Student-Athlete All-Academic First Team

4.0 GPA

9 NJCAA Student-Athlete All-Academic Second Team

3.80-3.99 GPA

H NJCAA Student-Athlete All-Academic Third Team

3.60-3.79 GPA

J Black Hawk College Honors Program

These graduates are identified by a gold, black and white cord.




l Michelle E. Hames, Cambridge

Colton R. Minch, Sherrard


Tammy Jo Hausch, Wheatland, IA

Jenna M. Kitchen, Moline

Kaylee Mae Ortberg, Springfield


Emily M. Fout, Rock Island


Rebecca Linn Schroeder, Milan


Billy D. Blaser, Moline

nl Kotsikpa K. Dandonougbo, Moline


Sabria A. Abdelbanat, East Moline

Yawa Laure Abotsi, East Moline

Nailah M. Anders, Moline

Gabriella Arizpe, East Moline

Abigail Arreola, Moline

Jendaya K. S. Bailey, Rock Island

Aubrey L. Baze, Prophetstown

Erriea Janiyah Bea, Rock Island

Helana Carrie Bergstrom, Orion

Abby Sue Bindewald, Orion

Aniah H. Black, Carbon Cliff

Tara N. Bomleny, Geneseo

Chloe Glee Bos, Geneseo

Josie J. Bovee, New Windsor

Quinci Taylor Bumgarner, Rock Island

Makenna Brianna Cameron, Milan

Liliana Lisette Cervantes, Silvis

Miranda Clark, Rock Island

Rachel Marie Cottrell, Davenport, IA

Rebecca L. Cramer, Coal Valley

Liberty C. DePorter, Port Byron

Ramla Diasso-Adamou, East Moline

Whitney Renae Dickerson, Kewanee

Hailey Dole, Moline

Tiffany Ann Dunfee, Colona

Sylvie Dzadu, Silvis

Emmalee Noel Farrell, East Moline

Grace Elizebeth Foutch, Rock Island

Elizabeth Samantha Fowler, East Moline

Jaysea Ann Fuller, Coal Valley

Jaylee Madison Galbavy, Moline

Lillian Nicole Goodenow, Port Byron

Angelica Rose Grumadas, Colona

Ashley Marie Herrera, Rock Island

Madison M. Hipkins, Viola

Halen Lee Hotchkiss, Moline

Dah G. Htoo, Rock Island

Rylee Jean Iverson, Sherrard

Alyce Marcelle Jett-Ryan, Rock Island

Carina Ella Johnson, Silvis

Shalome B. Johnson, Moline

Avieyonna Paris Marie Kapua, Moline

Jasleen Kaur, New Windsor

Joy E. Kitterman, Rock Island

Emmalene C. Kongkousonh, East Moline

Ayva Renee Kovacic, New Windsor

Keeton R. Lawrence, Colona

Derick L. Levy, Rock Island

Monica Ann Logan, Rock Island

Rafael Lopez, Rock Island

Haven Andromeda Lynne, East Moline

Hamdala Mama, Silvis

Niang Sian Man, Rock Island

Alexia Martinez, Rock Island

Anna Jayline Martinez, East Moline

Montgomery Lee Matlick, Geneseo

Landyn E. McMeekan, Rock Island

Natalia I. Mendoza, Silvis

Hannah Claire Mohr, Silvis

Mysti J. Moody, Erie

Sirenity Kaylee Morales, Rock Island

Amy G. Munoz, East Moline

Emily G. Munoz, East Moline

Alexis M. K. Newberry, Port Byron

Christina Marie Olson, Moline

Isabella M. Palmer, Colona

Kaelyn Marie Patterson, East Moline

Alex D. Pauley, Geneseo

Cristee Paw, Rock Island

Lillie M. Phillips, Coal Valley

Sarah Marie Phillips, Silvis

Mackenzie Paige Powell, Kewanee

Morgan Alissa Quaranta, Silvis

Laquinntana Daquis Quinn, East Moline

Chloe Jona Radloff, Milan

Zanab Rangel, East Moline

Izabellē Redman, Rock Island

Yasmeen Maite Rodriguez, Silvis

Sonia Gisel Rosales, Moline

Aya Imad Salih, East Moline

Lola G. Sierra, Hampton

Saisha Singh, East Moline

Tara A. Smith, Port Byron

Emma E. Stone, Geneseo

Riley M. Sullivan, Andover

Analia Leoniris Torres, East Moline

Arianna Rexanna Torres, Silvis

Vanessa A. Welbeck, East Moline

l Jasmine Denae Whaley, Milan

Maddison Nevaeh Whitcomb, Taylor Ridge

Olivia Jean Wiese, Rock Island

Ashleigh N. Williams, Colona

Cindy Ely Zannou, East Moline

Leslie E. Zavala, Bettendorf, IA


Emma R. Fraser, Moline


Emma R. Fraser, Moline


Ndikumana Helena, Rock Island

Alexa Lee Jade Meraz, Silvis


Rebecca Linn Schroeder, Milan


Ryleigh J. Clark, Kewanee

Samantha Lynn Watson, Alpha


Reid Lewis Murphy, Silvis


Komlan Aziague, Carbon Cliff


BreAnna Aguirre, Davenport, IA

Laetitia F. Ausborn, Davenport, IA

Kadira Baba Traore, East Moline

l Nicole Lee Blanchard, Moline

JoLicia Ann Cooper, Rock Island

Samah G. E. Gorashy, East Moline

Mackenzie RaeAnn Gustaitis, Moline

Amy Leann Hunt, Moline

l Kurgan Daneck Macias, East Moline

Kibriyaa Ain Millbrook, Rock Island

Jennifer A. Motcho, East Moline

Brenda K. Prather, Milan


Samah G. E. Gorashy, East Moline

Carly G. Hancks, Moline

Danyelle Susan Lister, Moline


Ashley Marie Tillman, Rock Island


Samuel Bermudez III, Moline


l Michelle E. Hames, Cambridge

Colton R. Minch, Sherrard

Class of 2023

CERTIFICATES Class of 2023


Afi Amedoha, Moline

Shanique D. Battle, Portage, IN

Mariah May Binion, East Moline

Ciji Diane Burns, East Moline

MaValeria Carmona, Moline

Lori Renae Emery, Moline

Lydia A. Figueroa, East Moline

Cherrell T. Golden, Rock Island

Amanda Marie Hanssen, Davenport, IA

Galen A. Kempin, Kewanee

nl Tamara L. Kempin, Kewanee

Hailey M. Kress, Rock Island

Adriana Gloria Lopez, Rock Island

Tamara Lukac, Moline

Angel Imaini Mitchell, Moline

Chika E. Onyeche, Rock Island

Tiffany Amber Ortiz, Kewanee

Arvis Trinette Quinn, Davenport, IA

Dionna Ardella Reed, Rock Island

Hannah June Reynolds, Kewanee

Angela Marie Ringier, Coal Valley

Alicia L. Ross, Rock Island

Carly Lucille Stead, Aledo

Audry L. Thompson, Rock Falls


Ayhan A. Akram, Niles

Billy D. Blaser, Moline

Katelynn A. Johnson, Marseilles

nv Stefie M. Stodghill, Buda


Emily Elizabeth Freymann, Moline


Dominic Jo Baker, Kewanee

Matthew John Cook, Rock Island

Gavin Kain Gasper, Rock Island

Noah Matthew Keever, Milan

Bryce Christopher Lowry, Rock Island

Kaeden N. Moeding, Rock Island

Benjamin M. Oliver, Rock Island

Rajet Marie Rodriguez, Rock Island

John Robert Rohwer, Rock Island

Christ Hay Soe, Rock Island

Alijah M. Vallejo, Rock Island


Dominic Jo Baker, Kewanee

Matthew John Cook, Rock Island



Landon G. Cosner, Moline

Kiley Ann Griffith, East Moline

Jenna M. Kitchen, Moline

Kaylee Mae Ortberg, Springfield


Jonathan M. Barnhouse, Joy

Elaina Louise Benz, Reynolds

Jessica Bermudez, Port Byron

Jordan J. Bovee, Aledo

slv Christina M. Brown, Morrison

Ashley Jean Chumbley, Moline

Grace Lorainne Dean, Moline

Neal Cameron Eakins, Mishawaka, IN

Sairrah M. Elliott, Wyoming

Madison L. Flippo, Davenport, IA

Kelsey J. Frakes, Peoria

Nicholas W. Gomez, Moline

Shannon K. Honsa, Rock Island

Rachel Joy Hubbard, East Moline

Spencer Marie Hughes, Port Byron

Adisa Iriskic, Moline

Kara Elizabeth Mae Kline, Cordova

l Megan Brianne Krotz, Coal Valley

Kathryn Jeanine Kunkel, Princeton

Ben Peter Mahieu, Moline

Alyssa L. McAnally, Moline

v Piper Rae Nichols, East Moline

Drayson Mitchell Owens, Galva

Josie Marie Pennington, Rock Island

Traigh Caleb Priest, Davenport, IA

Brianne M. Ryckaert, Moline

6 Christina Williams, East Moline

Jordan Kellie Williams, East Moline

Kiara R. Wren, Rock Island

Isabel E. Zayas, Erie


Ayhan A. Akram, Niles

Billy D. Blaser, Moline

Gavin Kain Gasper, Rock Island

Noah Matthew Keever, Milan

Bryce Christopher Lowry, Rock Island

Kaeden N. Moeding, Rock Island

Benjamin M. Oliver, Rock Island

Rajet Marie Rodriguez, Rock Island

John Robert Rohwer, Rock Island

Christ Hay Soe, Rock Island

Alijah M. Vallejo, Rock Island


Dominic Jo Baker, Rock Island

Matthew John Cook, Rock Island

Gavin Kain Gasper, Rock Island

Noah Matthew Keever, Milan

Bryce Christopher Lowry, Rock Island

Kaden N. Moeding, Rock Island

Benjamin M. Oliver, Rock Island

Rajet Marie Rodriguez, Rock Island

John Robert Rohwer, Rock Island

Christ Hay Soe, Rock Island

Alijah M. Vallejo, Rock Island

Class of 2023


Alexa Lee Jade Meraz, Silvis


l Tabetha A. Lopez, Davenport, IA

Rebecca Linn Schroeder, Milan


Karah Danielle Howard, LeClaire, IA


l Ryland S. Bell, East Moline

Samuel Blaze Martinez, Moline


Kotsikpa K. Dandonougbo, Moline

Katelynn A. Johnson, Marseilles

Lisa Jean McKinley, Aledo

Stephanie Nuñez, Rock Island

Julianna Christine Reyes, Hampton


Della N. Welge, Colona



l Michelle E. Hames, Brandon, England

Johnny Antonio Maldonado III, Andalusia

Colton R. Minch, Sherrard

Mason J. Rivera, Coal Valley

H Reid Lewis Murphy, Silvis


Tyler James Bennett, East Moline

Tena R. Hughes, Rock Island

Torianna Lasha McCarty, Rock Island

Kyla Nicole McElroy, Coal Valley

Sossi A. Mozingo, Silvis

Brice Reddish, East Moline

Darrin L. Sheets, Bettendorf, IA

Jacob Paul Smith, Hillsdale

l Melissa A. Tatman, Moline

Taylor M. Wassell, Moline




Terrie R. Chance, East Moline

Holly R. Fttil, Elm Grove, LA


Mackenzie Jean Wayne, Moline

Kayla M. Willis, Moline


Carson Elizabeth Boyer, Quincy

Chance W. Cary, Bettendorf, IA

Jared Louis DeFauw, Davenport, IA

Alexandra D. Doran, Kingsport, TN

Sally Dykstra, Clinton, IA

Mackinzie Marie Hamlink, Amboy

Julie A. Harris, LeClaire, IA

Dylan R. Harshman, Dixon

Christian L. Jacobsen, Goose Lake, IA

Samantha Lynn Mallillin, Davenport, IA

Noah D. Northrup, Kirkwood

Elizabeth M. Sandoval, Princeton

Abigail Marie Scheidecker, Mount Morris

Alexa Mae Schmidt, Bettendorf, IA

Tonisha M. Spears, Milan

Jenna A. Stromquist, Cambridge

Kristen Leigh Wegman, Taylor, MO

Gregory Lane Zarvell, Kewanee


Amber Marie Bausch, Moline

6 Colton G. Cullinan, Bettendorf, IA

Morgan Marin Lundahl, Moline


Kristina K. Phares, Rock Island

lv Briana Raya, East Moline

l Ella Sabrina Scrutchfield, Moline


Koby Ernest Brooks, Prophetstown

Kira N. Finley, Silvis


sl Gracie AbDiel, Hampton, TN

Mariam A. Abdullah, Moline

Iman K. Adam, East Moline

Katelynn E. Agan, East Moline

Alondra Alegre, Moline

Abram R. Anderson, Orion

Xavier D. Anderson, Coal Valley

Garrett T. Atkinson, Dunlap

Moshtaha E. Bakhit, Silvis

Christal Barajas, Moline

Jami M. Barden, East Moline

Trevor J. Beckman, Rock Island

l Blerta Bekteshi, Silvis

l Leonita Bekteshi, Silvis

Destiny A. Ben-Nun, Bloomington

Emily Lynn Bennitt, Geneseo

l Aubry R. Berry, Rock Island

l Olivia A. Bizub, Moline

Morgan G. Bjorkman, Colona

l Lauren K. Bloomquist, East Moline

Logan C. Braun, Rock Island

lv Micah J. Brotzman, Davenport, IA

Diana Kathryn Burrill, Rock Island

Mia J. Burrill, Moline

9 Kenadie Marie Buysse, Colona

l Jenna Brooke Campbell, Moline

Elias Castellanos, Rock Island

Samantha Jean Celestino, Prophetstown

Celia Nicole Cervantes, Moline

Maura D. Chandler, Milan

McKensie L. Chard, Taylor Ridge

David M. Cherrington, Moline

Esther Hniang Tha Chin, Rock Island

o Maverick Anthony Chisholm, Milan

Jae Florence Molina Corales, Colona

Lydia R. Cullett, Moline

Ayla Coulter, New Boston

Jaxon R. Crawford, East Moline

l James Davis Crockett, Atkinson

l Alexander C. Curry, East Moline

Khloe B. Damm, Mason City

Brooke L. Daniels, Reynolds

Lauren Roberta Day, Port Byron

Anysa Junette DeLaRosa, Moline

Kimberly Anne Dietz, Colona

Madalyn M. Dwyer, Moline

l Alexandria E.C. Earnest, Moline

Justin M. Egan, Overland Park

Kylynn Dionna Ellis, Moline

Kendon Xavier Ellwood, East Moline

Hope L. Elmer, Geneseo

Lydia Y. Evu, Moline

Dominic B. Ferrari, Rock Island


Trevor D. Feurt, East Moline

Gracie N. Forret, Silvis

Nicholas Wyatt Frey, Milan

Alexandra Garcia, East Moline

Ariana M. Garcia, Moline

l Christian Garcia, Rock Island

Spencer E. Gardner, Sherrard

Sara Reilly Gaskill, Erie

Brooke E. Gatter, Geneseo

l Shakira’a Austine Gbenyo, Milan

Taylor C. Glynn, Moline

Henna Rae Griffin, Geneseo

Suveah R. Gritton, Orion


Alexis P. Grove, Belton, MO

Wylie Joe Halferty, Stockton, IA

Autumn Nichole Hankins, Moline

l Isabella Michele Hart, Geneseo

l Courtney E. Harvey, Oak Forrest

l Jennifer Virginia Hatt Khrapov, Moline

l Charly M. Heber-Spates, Rock Island

Payton M. Henderson, Davenport, IA

Nicholas S. Hernandez, Colona

Rebecca Za Hlei Iang, Rock Island

Christian L. Hobbs, Omaha, NE

Montana M. Hogan, Lynn Center

Shelby C. Holley, Geneseo

l Larissa Renee Horton, Coal Valley

Hillarie D. James, Colona

Trace Michael Jenkins, Davenport, IA

Callie L. Johnson, Rock Island

Corrine T. E. Johnson, Illinois City

l Hailee Marie Johnson, East Moline

Sadie R. Johnson, Port Byron

6 Kayla J. Jones, Louisville, KY

6 Sarah M. Kaha, Milan

l Travis A. Kane, Cambridge

Kaylyn M. Keegan, Moline

Savanna Jade Kern, Moline

Brandie Lynne Marie Kirksey, Moline

nl Nichole J. Kutzman, Rock Island

Chase S. Kwinski, Moline

Paige Michele Laingen, Geneseo

l Renata V. Lara, Moline

l Zoey E. Larson, Cambridge

6 André Lewis, Davenport, IA

Matea S. M. Lira, Sterling

Alexandra N. Lloyd, Aledo

Adriana Gloria Lopez, Rock Island

H Ethan Paul Luzum, Calmar, IA

Ashley Marie Lyon, East Moline

s Roxanne L. Malone, Rock Island

Kaitlyn M. Mandel, Rock Island

Allison P. Maring, Coal Valley

Hailey Marie Martin, Moline

6 Daniela Martinez Hernandez, Rock Island



Abbie R. May, Rock Island

l Samuel Richard Maynard, Moline

Karlie P. McDonnell, Moline

Amber Lynn Meagher, Ladd

Ava M. Michael, East Moline

Dyonnvia Dezaray Millbrook, Rock Island

Kendra E. Miller, Colona

Alexis Grace Morel, Bettendorf, IA

Kade M. Morse, Hampton

Brendon R. Mosley, Bettendorf, IA

l Dalaina R. Mower, Rock Island

Austin Michael Muller, Rock Island

Jennifer Lyn Murphy, Aledo

Mitchell Prescott Cullen Murphy, Bloomington

Lauren A. Myers, Moline

Lauren Elizabeth Neumiller, Cordova

James Nordstrom, Orion

Kylee Fallon Parker, Springfield

Tyler Michael Parr, Rock Island

Hannah E. Passno, Orion

l Danielle Elizabeth Pement, East Moline

Alejandro F. Peña, East Moline

Hailey Michael Peters, Illinois City

Tyler K. Petersen, Coal Valley

Kailyn E. Peterson, Cordova

Ella M. Pettit, East Moline

Eric Philip Poston, Moline

Renee Price, Tipton, IA

Sidney Lauren Quam, Aledo

Anayeli Ramirez Xique, Moline

Jamal K. Randle, Rock Island

Abbigale I. Rasmussen, Rock Island

Joseph Marc-Tyler Redell, Moline

Allyson R. Reed, Albany

l Landon M. Reed, Coal Valley

Michelle L. Rhodenbaugh, Woodhull

Alexis Rae Robertson, Geneseo

Norma Jean Robinson, East Moline

Jl Lauren Chelsee Rogan, Milan

Mariela Rojo, East Moline

Marco A. Romero Murillo, Colona

Noah M. Ross, Coal Valley

Noah V. Rumpp, Moline

Emma Nicole Saltzman, Aledo

Abigail M. Sandlin, Colona

John D. Savitch, Spring Valley

l Say Say, Rock Island

Ryne P. Schimmel, Moline

Andrew Gerard Schipper, Erie

Ashley M. Schnell, Coal Valley

Gavin M. Sebby, Shorewood

Alejandro Solis, Rock Island

l Maximus Wolfgang Sottos, Geneseo

Tenley G. Sproston, Aledo

o Samuel Thomas Spurgetis, Moline

Devin N. Stanley, Moline

Hannah Renee Staub, Geneseo

6 Griffin Robert Stephenson, Rock Island

DonaVan S. Stewart, East Moline

Briley Elaine Swiger, Aledo

sv Erin E. Teggatz, Rock Island

Ashley Lynn Tharp, East Moline

Leslie Erin Thompson, New Windsor

l Rhyse M. Thompson, Milan

Amber Nicole Thomsen, Bettendorf, IA

Jessica Torres, Silvis

Jacey Marie Upton, Rock Island

Jordan E. VanHoutte, Colona

Jandi L. Varble, East Moline

l Elisabeth Genevieve Wallin, Coal Valley

Regan E. Walston, Cordova

v Eric M. Ward, East Moline

l Mikala R. Warner, Colona

lv Mackenzie Jean Wayne, Moline

Lauren M. Weeks, Rock Island

Samuel M. Wellman, Davenport, IA

Tyler James Wessels, East Moline

l Lennon B. West, Moline

nl Mariah Danielle West, East Moline

Hayley M. Whitten, Silvis

lv Madisson K. Willard, Morrison

Natalie Jayne Wilson, Woodhull

l Rachel Lynn Worley, Moline

Isabella M. Wright, Rock Island

l Logan R. Wyers, Rock Island

Caitlin J. Yeager, Maquoketa, IA


Amadou Bah, Moline

lv Dede E. Barrigah, East Moline

Heaven M. Cunningham, Rock Island

Victoria Catherine DeClercq, Moline

Delaney D. Dixon, Coal Valley

Elizabeth Margaret Fish, Morrison

Madison Claire Fuller, Davenport, IA

Emily K. Gamble, Franksville, WI

Beyonce Gonzalez, Moline

lv Maria Rose Guerrero, Davenport, IA

ol Brooke Larynn Harms, Geneseo

Joseph B. Hennings, Milan

Jonathan Faustino Hernandez, Plainfield

Shania Johnson, Davenport, IA

Lindsey C. Kelley, Des Moines, IA

Cain J. Kilcoin, Reynolds

Alexandra R. Majetic, Moline

l Christian Manzi, Moline

l Sawyer John Mital, Coal Valley


Nathanael E. Monzon, Orion

o Patrick William Mulcahey, Bloomington

Lindsay Mae Nash, Moline

Tiffany O’Leary, East Moline

Giacomo J. O’Neill, Lombard

Brayan Perez, Rock Island

Aidan James Perry, Moline

Sam E. Petrie, Ophiem

Bryanna L. Petroff, Port Byron

Hl Payton T. Plym, Seatonville

Abigail Kristine Roberge, Aledo

Lydia Lynn Robertson, Moline

Jl Abigail Sancken, Geneseo

Kara B. Schipper, Erie

l Sophia Noelle Slyter, Davenport, IA

Mason J. Smith, Colona

Kwadzo Josue Soglo, East Moline

l Eric R. Thorndyke, Orion

Jl Abigail V. Tossou, East Moline

Maximus Alexander Weston, Rock Island

Joseph A. T. Ziegler, Rock Island


Black Hawk College Quad-Cities Campus Faculty 2022-2023


Paul Lockard, Ph.D.

Matlub Ahmad, Ph.D.

Mary Beth Kwasek, M.A.

Brian Glaser, M.A.

Lisa Miotto, M.A.

Wendy Bock, M.S.

Torria Norman, M.A.

Douglas Davidson, Ph.D.

Jodee Werkheiser, M.S.

Laura Snook, M.S.

Mark Esposito, Ph.D.

Jay Pearce, Ph.D.

Connie McLean, M.A.

Amy Smith, M.B.A.

Marilynn Bartels, M.S.

Galen Leonhardy, M.A.

Valerie Koster, M.S.N.

Traci Davis, Psy.D.

Todd Linscott, Ph.D.

Kathy Dusthimer, M.S.N.

Kenneth Nickels, M.S.

Dianne Abels, M.S.P.T.

Jenni Wessel-Fields, M.S.

Cheryl Ballantyne, B.S.N.

Trudy Starr, M.S.N.

Emily Lehman, Ph.D.

Cynthia Becker, M.S.N.

James Larrabee, M.Phil.

Karin Barrett, M.S.N.

Nicole Banks, M.A.

Nina DeBisschop, M.A.

Kora Smith, Ph.D.

Melette Pearce, M.S.

Brigette Dorrance, Ph.D.

Theresa Bries, M.A.

Allison Beck, Ph.D.


Krisann Bergo, M.A.

Christopher Appuhn, M.S.

David Miller, M.S.

Katie Johnson, M.S.

Jody Lindstrom, M.S.N.

Ewelina Bergert, M.B.A.

Darcy Jeffries, M.B.A.

Angela Czubara, M.S.N.

Daniel Garcia, M.S.N.

Jodi Becker, M.S.Ed.

Sarah Nelson, M.A.

Andrew Hoogheem, M.A.


Robyn McVey, M.S.

Michael Staub, M.S.

Marcella Davis, M.S.N.

Seref Onder, Ph.D.

Jacob Winters, M.A.

Annie Oldenburg, M.F.A.

MaryBeth Stopoulos, M.S.


Irene Leites, D.M.A.

Rachel Duffy, M.S.

Susan Johnson, M.A.

Regina Wilkerson, M.A.

Merriam Jolly, M.A.

F. Paul Smith, A.A.S.

Emily Thomas, M.S.

Corey Kendrick, M.Mus.

Alicia Esposito, P.T.A. – A.C.C.E.

Colin Grennan, M.S.

Kelli Widger, M.A.

Katie Kepler, B.S.

Georgjean Pitsoulakis, M.A.

Jacob Pender, M.I.S. /M.B.A.

Brad Watson, Ph.D.

Mahesh Dawadi, Ph.D.

Sana Harb, D.B.A.

Ian Hutto, M.S.N.

Paul A. Morris, M.A.

Terrance Gray, M.A.

Joshua Bunker, M.S.N.

Faythe Elsbury, M.S.


Claudia Alonzo

Steven Ames

Steven Banks

Daniel Barwick

Timothy Black

Beverly Bleigh

James Buennig

Mitchell Carter

Terry Clayton

Debra Collins

Jon Debord

Brian Dillie

Logan Eggers

Jill Foster

Janet Francisco

James Fudge

Tamara Fudge

Derek Gottwalt

Denise Haga

Jordan Harris

John Hartman

Anthony Hernandez

Breann Hirst

Dan Hoge

Tasha Huber

Grant Iles

Daniel Jecks

Adam Kruckenberg

Jonathan Lambert

Paul Lange

Jodi Larson

Bruce LeBlanc

Rita Ledbetter

Yolanda Lira

LaVerne Logan

Maria Lucas-Murillo

Sherry Maurer

Tyler Melin

Allison Minicz

Antonio Morgan

Michael Nelson

Kristi O’Brien

Andy Parrott

Gwen Pokora

Rene Powers

Tarah Rayos

Jeanette Scott

Melinda Shelton

Lauren Shuda

Todd Slothower

Lynne Stukart

Johnny Sullivan

Kathrin Thomas

Michael Wallace

Tracy Waytenick

Reginald White

Joel Wilford

Zixuan Yan

Carol Zimmerman


Michelle Johnson, M.A.


Board of Trustees

Fritz W. Larsen, Moline, Board Chair

Douglas L. Strand, East Moline, Vice Chair

Christian H. Jackson, Geneseo, Secretary

David L. Dyer, Galva

Samantha J. Gange, Rock Island

Kimberly D. Goodley, Annawan

Jeffrey M. Swan, Colona

Jonwyn Ayres, Student Trustee, 2023-2024

Executive Administration

Tim J. Wynes, J.D., President

Amy M. Maxeiner, Ed.D., PT, Vice President for Instruction and Student Services

Steven J. Frommelt, MBA, Vice President for Finance and Administration

Richard G. Bush, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Economic and Workforce Development

Stacey L. Cary, MBA, Director of Human Resources

Shawn A. Cisna, M.A., Chief of Police

Barb A. Courville, B.S., Associate Dean of Adult and Continuing Education

Sandra J. Cox, B.A., Manager of Administrative Systems and Co-Chief Information Officer

Zenaida Landeros, E.M.N.A., Executive Director, Black Hawk College Foundation

Kathleen M. Malcolm, M.S.W., Executive Director of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Ryan E. White, B.A., IT Systems Manager and Co-Chief Information Officer

Danielle M. Williams, M.A., Executive Director, Black Hawk College East Foundation and East Campus Community Liaison


Heather F.W. Bjorgan, M.A., MBA, Dean of Enrollment Management

John W. Castree, M.A., Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Karima T. Gahagan, M.A., Dean of Academic Services

Daniel C. Marvin, Ph.D., Dean of Economic and Workforce Development

Erica Koch Wight, M.Ed., Dean of Health and Human Services

Black Hawk College Quad-Cities Foundation Board of Directors

Greg Ryckaert Chair

Steve Layer Vice Chair

Dave Emerick Treasurer

John Daly

Julie Gelaude

Wes Llewellyn

Rico Navarro

Brian Neff

Lori Pappas

Zenaida Landeros Executive Director, Black Hawk College Quad-Cities Foundation

Tim Wynes President, Black Hawk College Ex-Officio Member

11 Thank you to Heritage Landscape Design for providing the plants for this evening’s ceremony. 4500 49th Ave, Moline, IL 61265 www.heritagelandscapedesign.com 309-797-9900

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. Legal citation: Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and its implementing regulation at 34 C.F.R. Part 106 (Title IX). Students should direct inquires to Title IX Coordinator Jana Koch, Black Hawk College, Building 1, Room 377, 6600 34th Ave., Moline, IL 61265. Phone 309-796-5177 or email kochj@bhc.edu. Faculty and staff should direct inquiries to Deputy Title IX Coordinator Stacey Cary at Black Hawk College, Building 1, Human Resources, 6600 34th Ave., Moline, IL 61265, phone 309-796-5225 or email carys@bhc.edu.

Students, faculty and staff at Black Hawk College participate in a variety of activities designed to assess and improve student learning and to bring about institutional change. Examples of such activities may include placement testing, surveys, collecting random samples of student work, exit testing, and portfolio evaluation.

Should you need accommodations or this information in an alternative format, please contact Disability Services at 309-796-5900.

Quad-Cities Campus 6600 34th Avenue Moline, Illinois
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