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From smartphone apps and training aids to aftermarket shafts and performance-focused apparel, these tools will elevate your game.

The GolfLogix app, designed as a digital caddie, utilizes proprietary 3-D mapping of greens on more than 13,000 courses (all measured to within a centimeter in accuracy) and diagrams the correct line to make a putt, displaying the putt’s total distance, elevation change, break, and optimal aim point. “This is like having an extremely experienced caddie with you every time you play,” says Pete Charleston, the company’s president and co-founder. “It removes any indecision about the putt that you have to hit.” $50/year;

The Under Armour Eyewear collection of Tuned Golf lenses features a custom rose-colored tint with blue coating, which filters light to better reveal the detailed undulations of a course (specifically on the green). The lenses are also fit into the brand’s fashionable and sporty frames, which allow golfers to enjoy better performance without sacrificing personal style. From $100;

Many training aids measure where and how golfers exert pressure through their feet during the swing, but golfers can’t realistically bring those pressure mats onto the course. IOFIT Smart Shoes, however, are equipped with pressure-sensor technology in the midsole and, through a Bluetooth connection to the shoe’s app, can track a player’s balance, weight shift, and centerof-pressure pattern, all in real time. $270;

To use the Blast Motion training aid, attach its motion capture sensor to the butt of a club and measure key metrics: For full swing, the sensor measures backswing time, downswing time, clubhead speed, and tempo; for putting, it measures 11 metrics including rotation change and impact stroke speed. Originally engineered for putting and full swings, the system will soon be able to measure the abbreviated swings that make up much of the short game too. $150;

When Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, Galvin Green attire can make all the difference. From thermal, skintight base layers that provide optimum warmth to outer shell layers made from proprietary synthetic materials that are soft and stretchy, breathable, windproof, and water-repellent, the line of golf clothing provides a layering solution that can handle any weather scenario. Even the brand’s cold-weather golf gloves stand out for their exceptional quality and warmth. What’s so great about playing in cold weather, you ask? The answer: never feeling the cold. From $60;

Breakthrough Golf Technology, a new venture helmed by Barney Adams, founder of Adams Golf, has created the Stability shaft, which delivers the putter face squarer at impact so putts stay more on line. The product features a low-density aluminum insert to reinforce flexural rigidity and a versatile aluminum connector, all encompassed by an eight-layer wrap of carbon fiber with a no-taper design to reduce torsional rotation. Expect improved accuracy, feel, and the ability to consistently control distance. $200; w

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