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English, maths and ICT skills are the foundations which underpin learning and achievement in almost every area of life. They provide the opportunity for every learner to realise their potential.

Essential skills explained

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ESSENTIAL SKILLS EXPLAINED Free trial English, mathematics and ICT are the essential skills which enable individuals to work confidently, effectively and independently in life. The bksb solution is used to help people while they are learning vocational skills. It is not simply about knowledge in these subjects but about knowing when and how to use knowledge in real-life situations. Learners need to adapt and apply what they have learned to suit different situations that they face. Essential English, mathematics and ICT help people to reinforce skills in communication, problem solving, listening and time management Better skills will help to raise standards in education and improve employment prospects and further learning for all learners, regardless of age or ability.

WHAT IS bksb? bksb is a leading solution provider for skills development. Trusted by thousands of organisations and millions of learners, the bksb products provide your organisation with a truly outstanding tool for developing the essential skills of your learners, plus lots more besides. Each learner is treated as an individual, taking assessments which identify their current level and specific skill gaps.They can then access a huge range of learning resources to improve in the areas that need most help. This approach motivates learners by minimising repetition of those areas in which they are already confident. Many people, from all walks of life, are held back because of a lack of the fundamental English, maths and ICT skills needed to function in the modern world. bksb supports organisations and individuals to raise their skills, improve their confidence and fulfil their potential.

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Diagnostic Assessment identifies skill gaps and produces an Individual Learning Plan



The bksb process facilitates and drives a wholeorganisational approach to achieve outstanding skills development. This is underpinned by a comprehensive tracking, group-profiling and data-management system, providing invaluable evidence for inspection and funding.

Skill Checks to confirm competency in previous skill gaps

WHAT WE CAN OFFER bksb provide the widest range of skills development products available. We can support you with solutions for developing underpinning knowledge and solutions for practising the application of that knowledge in the problem solving of everyday scenarios. In addition, we develop outstanding products for everything from ESOL to preferred learning styles. Our current range, which continues to expand all the time, comprises: English & Mathematics Initial Assessment Diagnostic Assessments Learning Resources Skill Checks ESOL Assessments and Learning Resources ICT Initial Assessment Learning Resources Other Products And Services Learning Styles Assessment and Tutor Support Pack Dyslexia Quick Check Personal Learning and Thinking Skills Assessment Full tracking and group profiling tools

The bksb solution is suitable for all education and employment settings to raise skills levels. It is widely used and highly successful for SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, TRAINING PROVIDERS, UNIVERSITIES and EMPLOYERS. Here is how one organisation has benefitted from bksb:

BABA BANDA SINGH BAHADUR ENGINEERING COLLEGE CHANDIGARH Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College, based in Chandigarh, has been using the bksb solution to improve their students’ English skills since 2011. “bksb has engrained adequate proficiency of language in the students. Theory and practical are two aspects. Traditional language teaching used to tackle the theory part only where as bksb has proven instrumental in learning language coherently and lucidly. Besides teaching essentials of business English, it further simulates the communication aspects of English teaching. bksb has fabricated the language for daily use as well as for the business world.” Prof. Mohinderpal Kaur - Communication Skills, BBSB Engg College “bksb is a very wonderful initiation by our college. As it is an online software, it’s neither a burden on teachers nor on students. It is a skill oriented program. It covers all the communication skills like reading writing and speaking. bksb includes reading and writing related exercises and activities. With the development of these skills the students automatically gain so much confidence and hold on language that they learn how to speak well and effectively. On the other hand, it is a really magical stick for teachers, as it enables them to teach English language to non-English students in a better and innovative way.” Asst. Prof. Loveleen Kaur - Communication Skills, BBSB Engg College



RAVNEET KAUR “It helps me to enhance my grammatical skills along with developing appropriate vocabulary.”

HARPUNEET SINGH “This opportunity has given me a chance to brush up my English grammatical knowledge. Earlier I used to have a lack of confidence in building sentences but now the change is acknowledged by all.”

MANRTIPATJEET KAUR “This software has really proved wonderful as I can visualize the miraculous change in my skills after using this software.” ARVINDPAL SINGH “This program has really helped me in improving my communication skills and helped a lot in enhancing my personality. By joining this innovative program my confidence level has risen high. This program should be included in our curriculum.” SAMANDEEP KAUR “It not only helps in developing reading, speaking and writing skills but also improves the reasoning ability.”



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bksb is the UK’s leading suite of assessments and resources for maths, English and ICT. Like thousands of organisations and millions of learners around the world, the bksb solution can help to raise your achievement levels.

bksb Brochure - India  

English, maths and ICT skills are the foundations which underpin learning andachievement in almost every area of life. They provide the oppo...

bksb Brochure - India  

English, maths and ICT skills are the foundations which underpin learning andachievement in almost every area of life. They provide the oppo...