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Business women and their brands Icelandic Issue Spring 2011

The Cover: Photographer cover: Gisli Dua - Model: Julie Berthelsen - Location: The Blue Lagoon - Hair and make up with MAC cosmetics: Magnea Elínardóttir - Assistants: Eygló Ólöf Birgisdóttir Díana Björk Eyþórsdóttir Heiða Pétursdóttir Dam Íris Stella Sverrisdóttir Margrét Ásta Guðjónsdóttir. Photographer: Bjarney Ludviksdottir - Designer: Bjarney Ludviksdottir - Video and editing team: Lína Thoroddsen - Pétur F. Kjærnested Bjarney Ludviksdottir - Content / Text: Each BRANDit participant has designed their own text, representing who they are as a BRAND. Text: Runa Magnusdottir - Mary Schnack - Special Thanks: Birgitta Rún Sveinbjörnsdóttir Helgi Þór Guðmundsson Editors: Bjarney Ludviksdottir and Runa Magnusdottir

About brandit Magazine Our mission is to give each participant that takes part in the Global BRANDit program a unique and a special way to shine and share their message worldwide by using their BRAND new marketing tools such as their personally styled photos and video trailer. The BRANDit magazine is distributed online to women business owners from over 70 countries.

Iceland ProTravel, with offices in six countries, is the leading tour operator in Europe, offering that dream vacation, special family holiday or company incentive trip to Iceland. Our international staffs in Germany, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland provide you with the best possible arrangements and personal service. For those interested in riding the Icelandic horse, fishing for the biggest catch of their life, or playing golf in a volcanic surrounding, we have the perfect travel package for you. You will experience the Blue Lagoon, whale watching, the Northern lights and of course Iceland’s geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes and glaciers on our guided coach tours. Or you can explore Iceland on one of our popular self-drive tours.

With nearly 20 years of experience in Icelandic tourism, Iceland ProTravel can create tailor-made trips that suit your interests and budget. If you choose Iceland as your destination – let us guide you there! Click here to find more about us

Ann-Cathrin BrĂścker Co-owner and Managing Director

Thora and Gudrun

Founders of Puzzled by Iceland

Puzzled by Iceland offers your company a fun and memorable way to get your message out to the world with award winning puzzles. After creating quality, “easy-to-pack” souvenirs of famous Icelandic images, co-founders Þóra Eggertsdóttir and Guðrún Heimisdóttir applied their business and branding expertise to create unique and useful corporate gifts. The perfect promotional giveaway that will be noticed and used, rather than tossed away.

Puzzled by Iceland can design a puzzle to your requirements using a photo or graphic of your choice as well as your logo and company name. Click here to contact

A pamphlet with information on your company is included with each puzzle.

...flip and see more

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Give your customers a unique jigsaw puzzle that creates a lasting reminder of your company. Imprint your brand in the minds of your clients with an elegant and long-lasting jigsaw puzzle from Puzzled by Iceland. The puzzles instantly capture people’s attention. Plus, dedicated and uninterrupted brand awareness can be achieved as people have fun and put the puzzle together.

Puzzled by Iceland is available at Icelandair’s Saga shop amongst other stores.

Puzzled by Iceland is working with Unicef in Iceland, supporting children in need all over the world.

Pure design for ambitious people Founded in 2001, Hugsmidjan has established itself as a leading provider of platform-independent, database-driven web applications. Its primary product is Eplica, the CMS (content management system) of choice for nearly 500 global companies, organizations and individuals, with nearly 100 of those being for the Icelandic government and authorities. The perfect platform for all types of businesses, large and small, Eplica reduces the complexity of website management while increasing efficiency. The human element comes in on the user experience, where we combine high quality design (both visual and structural), unique accessibility and usability, and outstanding customer service. Eplica’s 100% web-based controls mean that users can manage their websites from anywhere. From code to content, Eplica enables users to control every aspect of a website—or use the creative team at Eplica for updates, writing and graphics. Flexible, fast, adaptable – Eplica’s software modules are in a constant state of development, enabling the seamless integration of new and emerging technologies.



Reinas development projects My name is Reina Uzcรกtegui Oviol and my passion is to help people improve their lives by working on social and economical development projects and programs. I live in Peru, which has one of the most vibrant economies in the world. My professional experience focuses on the field of strategic planning, design, execution, monitoring and supervision of development projects and programs in the public sector as a strategy to alleviate poverty. Capacity building, empowerment, social inclusion and political participation are matters of my concern. As vice-president of the non-profit Businesswomen Association of Peru (AMEP), I work with diverse women entrepreneurs to connect them with opportunities.

We can transform the way of doing business in Peru by helping women to access opportunities and promote their public recognition as an economic and social force that participates actively in national growth and sustainable development. This is my passion. And I look forward to working with women all over South America, and throughout the world.

Reina Uzcรกtegui


Inga & Stina Whether it’s travelling, camping, snuggling at home or a fashionable stroll down the street, Koffort’s Sweater-Blanket keeps you stylish, comfortable and warm. Made in Iceland from Icelandic machine-knitted pure wool, its style is reminiscent of the classic Icelandic sweater. The buttons used are made of natural materials, horn and bone. The Sweater-Blanket has sleeves and a cozy hood. When used as a blanket, it is closed at the bottom to cover the feet. It easily changes into a stunning sweater with loops and buttons on the inside.

The Fashionable Sweater-Blanket

The sleeves enable you to eat, read or work at your computer without a chilling draft and the hood gives you a bit of privacy when you want to rest. The hood also changes into a handy carrier bag or a cozy pillow. Comfort by Koffort. Order one here before your next trip!

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Why become a Connected Woman? is an open global platform for women business owners, to promote themselves and their Brands. By posting your own professional profile on you can:

;-) Create your professional profile

how do YOU want people to see YOU as a professional business woman

;-) Create your message points

that exemplify your BRAND and differentiates you from your competition

;-) Direct the URL to your CW profile

create your automatic signature, directing future clients to the professional woman you really are.

Click here, create your own profile

“What do you stand for?� Runa Magnusdottir


“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.� Coco Chanel

What do you stand for? Click here and book your complimentary meeting with the BRANDit founders. Tell us about you and your brand.


Gegga – Helga Birgisdóttir is an active Icelandic artist, a creator and a smiler ! She has participated in many groups as well as solo exhibitions in Iceland and abroad. She is very versatile in her art and she works with paintings, sculptures and functional objects. Influences from her former occupation as a midwife can be seen in her art as her focus is on love and the creation of life. Gegga believes we are all designers – creators of our life and experience. We all have the tools; thoughts, words and actions – and endless possibilities. To be aware of our strength and power is a great gift that changes our lifes in the direction we choose. Gegga is now finishing a book about the philosophy behind the SMILER. There she emphasizes the fact that “we are all one” and what you do to your brother you do upon yourself. Gegga is also taking the ideology of the SMILER further with lectures. Everyone understands a SMILE – it is without borders, doesn’t need a language and is a sign of love – all over the world. The Smiler has been nominated to the EUWIIN 2011 Award, the European Union Women Innovators & Inventors Network

A chinese proverb says: “If you smile five times each day for no reason you can change your life

Gegga´s passion is;

To help people bring out their powerful creator with a smile and to do so she designed the SMILER. The object has the important role of being a supporter of joy – you simply put it in your mouth – and smile with the world.


Explore innovation in new ways with Myutiq Many people think that innovation is about the next hot product or technology. But it’s much more. It’s how you sustain growth for 5…10…20 years. Innovation also helps you anticipate change. When innovation is at work, you have a powerful catalyst for seizing new opportunities and neutralizing the threats change can bring. Myutiq’s innovation strategy process leverages market tested tools and diagnostics to generate bold ideas and turn them into new revenue-producing products and services.

Myutiq: delivering innovation strategy with brilliance!

Karen Maples is the Founder and President of Myutiq, llc where we help our clients think about business challenges and innovation in entirely new ways. The result: new initiatives that spark growth and differentiation.

Karen Maples

Combining modern ART with history Raven Design creates a wide variety of unique designs, including popular jewelry and ornaments sold in more than 20 retail locations throughout Iceland. The design, created by founders, husband and wife team Hrafn J贸nsson and Hulda Sveins, are inspired by various ancient Icelandic patterns and sagas. Decoration for the home and health products are also amongst the popular products from Raven Design, including the award-winning Keilir health pillow.



Keilir the Health Pillow Keilir weighs only 400 grams and is great for travelling, so you never have to wake up with a sore neck again. It comes with a fitted pillowcase and a travel bag. Enjoy a more restful sleep with Keilir health pillows, at home and away from home. For further information please contact or

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Enjoy the rhythm with us! Multi Musica has publishced a new CD with songs from 11 countries; Mexico, Cuba, Chile, Brasil, Kenya, South-Africa, India, Greece, Rumenia, Spain and Iceland.


We all can make a difference! A part of the profit will go to development projects in Kenya in cooperation with Friends of Kenya and the Soroptimist Club of Skagafjรถrรฐur.

Join us on a world tour and listen to the rhythm Click here to buy the CD and contribute to a project Click here to listen to a song Click here and follow Multi musica on facebook


Founder of Multi Musica

“I would say that although my music may be or may have been part of the cultural background fabric of the gay community, I consider myself an outsider who belongs everywhere and nowhere... Being a human being is what truly counts. That’s where you’ll find me.” Annie Lennox

What do you stand for? Click here and book your complimentary meeting with the brandit founders. Tell us about you and your brand.

ELDING WHALE WATCHING Whales are perhaps the most mysterious and fascinating of all creatures. Some of the best whale watching in the world is off the shores of Iceland, where ocean currents create excellent viewing conditions. With decades of experience, Elding offers the most talked about whale watching tours in Iceland. Daily whale watching tours are offered all year round and are conveniently located just off Reykjavik’s old harbor.

The drama, joy and poetry of these beautiful mammals are seen on more than 95% of our tours. Tourists delight in the sightings of minke and humpback whales, white beaked dolphins, harbor porpoises and various sea birds, such as Iceland’s famous Puffins. Our guides blog about every single tour in our online diary CLICK HERE No whale watching tour is the same and the blogs give you descriptions about sightings, the whales’ behavior, weather and even photos. Due to our strict observation of IceWhale’s codes of conduct for responsible whale watching, whales often surface within a few meters from the boats. Elding is the first and only environmentally certified whale watching company in Iceland.

RANNVEIG Founder of Elding

Elding’s Whale Watching Centre

is the only one of its kind in Iceland, with free entry to all of Elding’s passengers. On board this “floating museum” you will find information about whales, birds, maritime life and important research projects in the bay. Iceland’s surrounding waters are as important as its land, and your trip to Iceland is not complete unless you’ve seen its beauty from the sea.

There is even more to discover here!

Since 1992, my work has been directed towards helping people. To do that, I have trained in various methods, including yoga, meditation, Reiki healing, homeopathy, biofeedback, and serving as a medium (clearvoiant). As a medium, I trained with Terry Evans (a certified spiritual medium and teacher from England). I help people achieve improved levels of personal well-being by helping them look inward. By connecting with our spiritual counterparts , we reflect our own inner potential – and experience the joy of being reunited with a loved one.


As a Passion Test facilitator, I work with a systematic process for helping you discover your life purpose and create a life that you love, thanks to the training by Chris and Janet Attwood. The beauty is that as I do this powerful work and help others, I learn and help myself as well.

Inga Thengils

Elinora + Innovation = My name is Elinora Inga Sigurdardottir and I am a business owner and an inventor. My mission is to be a mentor and a coach for inventors and innovators. I was elected as Chairman of The Icelandic Inventors Association in 1998, the first woman in Europe to be in that position. Ninety percent of the members were men, so in 2007 I organized KVENN (Icelandic Women Inventors and Innovators Network), to reach out for more inventive women and to get them the respect and recognition they deserve from society. Networking and business matchmaking have been my main goals. Icelandic inventors now have connections in the UK, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.


Recognition and reward is important to create positive role models for younger generations, and to encourage them to be creative and to realize their ideas. I As director of Elinora’s Royal Natural Snack, a dried fish skin as a chew treat for dogs, I continue to grow the company that came from my invention. I give lectures about innovation, networking and importance of role models throughout the world. I also plan exhibitions and conferences for inventors, in cooperation with both men and women. Tell me about your invention!


CEO Elรกs ehf Royal Natural Founder and chairman KVENN

singer & actress Greenland’s biggest star, Julie Berthelsen, has been called Greenland’s favorite role model and best singer. Raised in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital, she made her big break when she came in second place in a Danish Idol-like program called Popstars with her own song “Every Little Part of Me”. Several of her songs have been a big hit in Denmark and neighboring countries. Julie´s multiple talents have brought her to the big screen co-starring in the film “NUUMMIOQ” with Lars Rosing and Morten Rose, directed by Otto Rosing and Torben Bech. Julie’s warm and charming personality has captured the Danish public and she was invited to co-host one of the most popular events ever, the Grand Prix Eurovision song contests in Denmark.

Julie is a passionate fighter for the organization SAVE THE CHILDREN in Denmark and uses her music and voice to get the message across. On many occasions shehas been their spokesperson and public motivator. Follow Julie and her work on Facebook - or visit her web side

Seema Khinchi

Leaping Frog is one of the most renowned Production House in INDIA, formed in the october of 2005 by Seema Khinchi We have an extensive file of professional Directors and Production Team for all kind of projects both local and international. Leaping Frog makes it easier for our clients to break into the Advertising business and be seen by top agencys and clients since Leaping Frog sees everything that the client sees for their brand and more. Leaping Frog is one of the most respected production house in India and international and have worked with all top notches with Advertising, Prints and Television commercial including bollywood.

Leaping Frog production

bring COLOR to you project.

Leaping Frog strives to find its clients the most suitable professional for each project in the shortest time possible. The objective of Leaping frog is to provide personal, accessible and speedy services. Leaping Frog is a company which bases its revenues on providing its clients with excellent services thus the company’s most priced possessions are its staff, experience, good-will and know-how. We enjoy high credibility in our industry and have a privilege of working with the best names in our field. We have about dozens of talents projects under our wings to prove the best of our ability. We also have exclusive talents like stylist, hair stylist, make-up, photographers, DOPs, directors, location scouts, decor stylist etc in our portfolio to bring out the best project to deliver our client. Leaping Frog is a dream weaver. And at Leaping Frog we support all ideas that emerges out of nowhere.

Ölfus Sport

Popular for training, family outings, fitness and a total sports destination, Ölfus Sport in Þorlákshöfn has excellent indoor and outdoor facilities for most sports. Only 30 minutes driving distance from Reykjavík, the Sport Centre is a magnificent structure with an outdoor swimming pool, child-friendly indoor pool, gym, spa, and sports hall.

The outdoor facilities is what sets Ölfus Sport apart from other Sport Centres and a top location for children’s camps, training programs and extreme sports. Facilities include an artificial turf football court, three full-size grass courts, a fully-equipped track, a sand beach, a 25m swimming pool with waterslides, exciting bike and hiking routes weave in and around Þorlákshöfn, an excellent 18-hole links golf course, motor cross track, great surfing waves and great choices for horse sports. Outstanding views can be enjoyed from the large, fully-equipped gym hall. Private training is available as well as endurance and fitness testing and measurements. A premier spa includes treatment rooms, sauna, yoga facility, relaxation areas, and hot and cold outdoor tubs on the balconies with a great views all around.


Dagga Co-Founder of テ僕fus Sport

Gudridur Maria

General Manager

Karen Maples Karen Maples founder and President of Myutiq, tells her story about her BRANDit program experience

My B RANDit Experience I met Runa Magnusdottir on a hot, stormy day in Washington DC last summer. I immediately knew she was someone I wanted to get to know better, but I had no idea of the incredible experience that would unfold for me in Iceland several months later. It was Mary Schnack who told me about the BRANDit workshop to be held in Iceland on April 14-17. Although I knew a trip to Iceland was going to be a hard sell to my company’s board of advisors, my intuition told me this was something I must do. So, I took action to make it happen and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

The first day The first day of BRANDit started early evening on Thursday. We gathered as a group at the Hotel Arnarhvoll in Downtown Reykjavik. Bjarney Ludviksdottir had cleverly created a surprise presentation about each of us to begin each participant’s introduction. I was fascinated by the range of work, interests and personalities as each woman talked about her company and her products or services. Then we had dinner at the hotel’s Panorama Restaurant with breathtaking views of the harbor. It was the perfect setting to begin the process of connections that were to occur over the next few days. Throughout dinner Bjarney held individual consultations with each of us to start planning for the video day on Saturday. This was a smart way to get us thinking right from the start about all the elements that would go into a successful result for our videos.

Here’s where I have to rave about the attention to details. The BRANDit team did everything possible to make sure the total experience was flawlessly executed. In addition to the planning for Saturday, every meeting venue was absolutely fabulous – and more about that is to come! But, especially on Friday morning when Ingibjorg Greta, who insisted we call her “Greta,” met me at my hotel to drive us to Nautholl for our workshop day, I realized that for those of us who had come from international destinations – including Peru and India – we weren’t going to have to worry about any logistical detail. Greta’s vibrant and warm personality was an added bonus and made travel to each and every location a special event!

Your BRAND your Passion

Workshop Day When I walked into Nautholl and saw the large, open room with floor-to-ceiling glass on both sides, I was immediately energized, even before the day began. The workshop environment itself was going to help us open up our minds and thinking! Runa led the morning workshop: Your Brand, Your Passion. There couldn’t be a more perfect way to work on how to communicate your brand than starting with an examination of the true passion that motivates each of us. The combination of Runa pushing our thinking and the openness and sharing that took place was powerful and invigorating. More “ah-has” unfolded when we broke into groups of two to explore how to turn our passions into tangible goals. Runa motivated us to THINK BIG about what is achievable when we work with our passion at the core of everything we do.

But we were just getting started! Next up was Mary Schnack. Her workshop, “The Brand Called You” took us logically to the next step in brand building. She challenged us to think differently about who we are…. and what that means from the perspective of our image and our brand. We were also privileged to have a true breakthrough moment when one glorious woman expressed reservations about positioning her accomplishments. By the end of that conversation everyone in the room had embraced her “cocky” self, and we all gave ourselves permission to be proud and “pertly self-assertive”! That revelation worked wonders as we segued into working on our elevator pitch. By this time our heads were full; but something else happened when we started working with each other on our elevator pitches. The level of energy and excitement went up another notch as we helped each other build – sentence by sentence – a truly crisp way to convey the meaning and value of our brands. We wrapped up the day with Bjarney and Runa encouraging us to get a good night’s sleep – and to drink lots of water. All to make sure we’d be our most magnificent selves for the video and pictures on Saturday.

Video Day Every day of BRANDit was a truly unique experience, but Video Day was so very special! There was the intensity of polishing our final elevator pitches, combined with lots of laughter and complements as each of us had our make-up and hair done. It’s not often in our regular day-to-day lives that we get to feel pampered and fussed over. And everyone looked so beautiful! Bjarney and the entire team took the pressure out of the picture taking and video filming and made it fun. I knew when it was over that the end product for our marketing kits was going to be highly professional and impactful. Saturday night, we got to show off our fabulous new looks with dinner at another wonderful venue, Hotel Borg in downtown Reykjavik. The dining room was lovely, the food was delicious and everyone was in a happy mood. I think we were all relieved that we had made it through our elevator pitches and we were ready to party! The evening was full of champagne, picture taking, conversation and dancing – it was an exhilarating way to end an amazing day.

Sunday I woke up on Sunday feeling a bit sad, because I knew this was our last day together. The good news though, was that BRANDit had an excursion planned – and we got to explore Iceland as we headed toward our afternoon destination, Olfus Sport. We were welcomed by the owner, Dagbjort Hannesdottir, who had been my tablemate on Friday. What a great surprise to see her business in action! It was a wonderful, vast facility with every sports activity you could imagine. We indulged in swimming, spa, steam room and sauna. After a late lunch of lobster fixed three different ways that Dagbjort’s husband had trapped himselfwe headed back to downtown Reykjavik to prepare for our final celebration. The evening’s destination was Videy Island, a ferry ride away from Reykjavik Sundahofn Harbor. I am proud to say that the ferry rides were provided by Elding, the largest whale-watching operator in Iceland. And the owner, Rannveig Gretarsdottir, was another one of us – part of our merry band of BRANDit participants!

Celebration dinner Our Celebration dinner was at Videyjarstofa on Videy Island – a beautiful setting with an interesting history that includes John Lennon and peace! Runa had extended an invitation to the Icelandic Women’s Business Association to join us. The room was packed with phenomenal women – and a few men too! For me, it was like a graduation ceremony, as we prepared to present our newly crafted elevator pitches to this large audience. Each one of us in turn communicated our perspectives on the four days – the change it brought to us – and the lasting connections we had made.

The Value The marketing kit I came home with is packed with power and passion. I’m continuing to work with Mary to make sure I capitalize on the marketing kit in the most impactful way. Bjarney’s eye for photography is amazing. She doesn’t just create a professional headshot; she captures our passion and brand within the photos. The video adds the next level of wow, and is such a necessary communications tool in today’s world of marketing. Being part of a cutting edge, online magazine that can be easily viewed all over the world will be a big step in positioning my company’s innovation expertise globally. Possible the most important point though, is that this experience helped me create a good, strong elevator pitch. It took getting away from the office, away from distractions – and working with other passionate business owners in honest give and take – to assist me in developing a simple and direct way to describe the work that I do. As I reflect on BRANDit, I realize it was the total experience – the learning gained from the workshops, the opportunity for contemplation, and especially the camaraderie– that made BRANDit so worthwhile. In fact, I left Iceland with much more than a new marketing package for my company. I was taking home a suitcase full of lifetime memories and new cherished friendships. I also can’t begin to thank enough the entire BRANDit team. Each of them brought a special value to the creative process and experience…. and what a powerful combination they have created! I’ve already put in my request for BRANDit 2.0 :-)

The end... of a new beginning!

NEXT program

brandit Iceland 2011 The next brandit Program will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland October 13th - 16th 2011 Only 14 brands can attend in each program Click here and book your complimentary meeting with the brandit founders. Tell us about you and your brand.


Hair & Makeup asrtist

Behind the BRANDit team are three independent and powerful women with different backgrounds, experience and culture. Sharing one common passion, which is to advocate, empower and promote women’s entrepreneurship, one can not help but be smitten by their natural geyser of energy, possibility and productivity. Runa Magnusdottir (Iceland) a multiple entrepreneur and an international motivational speaker, trainer and a certified ACC executive coach. Runa is the founder and CEO of, a global community site for women entrepreneurs and the co-founder of BRANDit. During the BRANDit program, Runa lectures on her special workshop “Your BRAND Your Passion” providing the participants with an easy and a profound tool to enlighten their focus on their passion towards building their business. Mary Schnack (USA) of Mary Schnack & Associates is a communications and branding expert giving speeches and presentations worldwide for more than 25 years. Originally an investigative reporter, Mary is an award winning author and a PR specialist. She has extensive experience with branding training for small businesses and women-owned businesses through her work with the National Association of Women Business Owners, Women Impacting Public Policy and the Institute for the Economic Empowerment of Women. At BRANDit, Mary presents the workshop “The BRAND called YOU” helping participants to build up their unique elevator pitch and mission statement of who they are as a BRAND and an expert. Bjarney Ludviksdottir (Iceland) the Art- & Creative director and co-founder of BRANDit, is the co-owner of Eskimo models, operating in 7 countries. For number of years she worked as a casting director with some of the biggest BRANDS such as Sony, Nokia & PlayStation. During the BRANDit program, Bjarney and her production team, takes the result from the workshops and designs a brand new profile package, including new styled photos and professional video trailer. Bjarney and her team, also design a unique online BRANDit magazine after each program, distributed to other women business owners in over 70 countries.

BRANDit is a three-day global business training program designed for the established business owners who wants to refresh and reinvigorate her branding! In an exclusive group of max.14 selected established business owners, attendees will: 1. Identify their core PASSIONS and future VISIONS in the workshop “Your BRAND Your PASSION” 2. Define their Brand Positioning Statement in the workshop the “The BRAND called YOU!” 3. Create a BRAND new or updated elevator pitch, with input from other global busines people 4. Transform their BRAND new positioning statement into a cool presentation trailer for multiple usage 5. Receive professionally styled photos of them and their BRAND 6. Get a open coverage in BRANDit magazine distributed to business owners in over 70 countries Video content is in – it has been proven that websites yield better responses when a video is featured. It’s no surprise; the average Web surfer has a short attention span, and prefers a shiny moving picture to wading through pages of text.

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BRANDit magazine  

women business owners

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