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Abdel Rahman Bitar


Table of contents 1 Curriculum Vitae

25 Villa Landscape

5 Deco. Kiosk

27 Shading Element

7 Commercial Building

29 Snow Flakes

13 Complex Design

33 Model Making

17 Gju Compound

41 Photography

21 Zahar School

49 Paintings & Drawings

Curriculum Vitae

I personally think that architecture is a weird artistic combination of the people (their needs and how they feel and the psychology behind it) and the spaces we “architects” design. The building is successful when it adds a thing, a feeling or a memory to the people. “Architecture is a way of living”

About me Name: Date of birth: Place of birth: Nationality: Status: Mobile number: Email:

abdel rahman bitar 25-11-1994 Amman - Jordan Jordanian Single +49 152 57248652

Education German Jordanian university Architecture student BA

Amman - Jordan Tel : +962 6 429 4444 Http://

Islamic educational college class of 2012 British Igcse/gce program - gpa 91.9

Amman - Jordan Tel : +962 6 464 1 331 Http://

Koblenz University of Applied Sciences

Koblenz - Germany Tel : +0261 95280

internship bitar consultants - summer 2015

Amman Jordan Tel : +962 6 464 1 884 Fax : +962 6 465 1 466


Software skills autodesk autocad autodesk 3ds max - vray autodesk revit google sketchup - vray rhino - grasshopper

Personal strength Team worker good communication skills problem solving Working under pressure Leadership

adobe photoshop adobe illustrator adobe indesign Manual skills Sketching techniques charcoal rendering Watercolour rendering pencil rendering - prisma

Voluntary work The children’s museum - summer 2014 Amman Jordan Tel : +962 6 464 1 884 Fax : +962 6 465 1 466

Model making techniques

Languages Arabic English German

Hobbies Football swimming cross-fit

Painting graffiti reading

Traveling origami


The Kiosk

The aim of this project is to design a kiosk inspired by an architectural genre, in this case deconstruction. It is located in the school of architecture which is located in an old renovated building in the old town of Amman. The kiosk makes a contrast with its environment and can symbolise and enhance the creativity of the students studying there. While buying a hot drink or by just passing through the kiosk, each person is going to think about it differently.

Conceptual Site Plan Showing The Circulation

The Kiosk’s plan

3d Illustration


Commercial building design

The whole idea behind this project was to study and analyse the typologies of office buildings and how they have developed. The area of this project was somehow critical because it is an active area with a lot of pedestrian movement. It is as well close to the old town of Amman, which makes it much harder for people to accept such new buildings in their everyday routines.

The roof top is an outdoor area with a nice view, for the company’s events or any important occasions.

The company’s office pools, where employees work

This floor has restaurants for the public and the people working in the company

Library for both the public and the employees

An outdoor area with shops (active edges with the street) and seating areas with nice landscaping for both the public and the employees if they want to relax and get some air.


Ground floor

An outdoor area with shops (active edges with the street) and seating areas with nice landscaping for both the public (with their families) and the employees if they want to relax and get some rest. This area is going to make the people engage more with the building and accept it more.

Library floor

This floor has a reading area as well as a library which can be entered straight from the street using the panoramic elevator.

South elevation

This library is mainly for the public and the office building employees knowing that it is a publishing company “Abdel Hameed Shoman�.


Structural system The structural system is mainly a slab and beam system, with spans of 7m for the highrise building and a huge span with trusses and a reinforced elevator wall holding the large span.

Typical high-rise office plan

This floor is the typical office pool for the company, it is designed in a way that anyone could alter and change the spaces which make it more comfortable for the employees to feel more at home and work more efficiently. The grid is 8*8. 2m for circulation and other 3m squares are for working spaces which can contain 1 to 3 persons depending on what they work.

3d illustrations


Residential Compound Design This projects concentrates in rethinking the residential complex, the complex must be designed with respect to the site and based on some modernity movements and ways of design. The site is surrounded with three major streets and is located in a busy area in the capital of Jordan Amman called “Al Rabyeh� district. The site was a hub for bad behaviours and our design should take that into consideration.

The Programme We were asked to design: - six 80m2 apartments - Ten 120m2 apartments - Six 160m2 apartments Conceptual Thinking The site is located on a sloppy land, so I decided to abstract the contours of the land to divide it into three main platforms: - Private - Semi Private - Public (knowing that the Site is divided on two lands, one residential and one commercial) Other important aspect that I paid attention to while designing this compound is the concept of “social equity�. Where the hierarchy of spaces plays an important role in everyone feeling comfortable, secured and welcomed in this compound (both the inhabitants have their own privacy and the public have their own space).


1) Entrance from the residential part

2) The 160m2 app. and the 80m2 app.

3) Underground garage entrance

Site Plan

4) The Co op market entrance 3d illustrations to show - The site plan that shows the relations of the apartments to each other and the circulation of the residents living in this complex and the public circulation that are going to the co op market or just want to sit at the seating areas provided. - Apartments clusters (2) and the underground garage entrance (3). - The different entrances for both the private area (1), the commercial part with its own parking

5) The Co op market


Residential GJU Staff Compound

This project was about designing a compound for the doctors, professors workers of the GJU with their families. Knowing that the GJU staff is composed of people of different nationalities, different cultures, religious beliefs an so.

The Programme 14 apartments with a small cafe’ that has a view to the big garden in front of the built up strip. 5 row houses with an entrance from the street at the back, each house has its own parking area and his own entrance. 2 semi attached villas, they both have a small private area, but at the same time share the common garden


Site Plan South Elevation

Ground floor

The curvature of the pavements in the landscaping is a way to break the rigidity go the built up block.

The compound is going to Enhance the interaction of People (in the playground, the Cafe or on the terrace) and act as a way to break the social barriers between people.


Zahar School (Internship Work)

The school was designed according to the American standards in a project which includes 150 schools all around Jordan funded by the US AID. We were asked to go on site visits for some schools that need some renovation, design some expansions and designing this school.

Ground floor

First floor


Site Plan


North Elevation


Villa Landscape

This project is about designing a garden for a given villa. The site is sloppy 7m contour difference, so I decided that the design should be inspired by the Italian garden knowing that Italy has a lot of mountains and the Italian gardens have some special features as: -

Secret Garden Native Plants Garden Structures Stone Surfaces

Conceptual thinking

Semi final Site Plan

Conceptual Sections


Parametric shading element The aim behind this project was to design an element that can be placed in parks or public spaces. We studied where do people sit most of the times in parks and where are the spaces that people like the most. Shaded areas are the most popular areas in public spaces, so we decided to make a parametric shading element which changes its shape according to the strength of the sun.


Snow Flakes Project

This project is about exploring a unit and understanding the meaning of this unit as a part of a composite whole. This system is called “The bottoms up system�. Just like snow flakes and how these small flakes are able to give us such amazing white coat in winter. This was the main thing behind our concept.


After abstraction the snow flake shape into some prototypes. We started experimenting how could we put them together to give us different shapes. After that, we found a final shape that could form a variety of shapes with different functions (as you can see in these pictures) and worked on developing it to give us the final outcome.


Model Making

This model is for the architecture school of the hashimite university Zarqaa - Jordan. We were asked to make a model from scratch for this environmentally friendly building.


We were asked to express a situation and how did this situation or incident made us feel, using simple 3d objects (cubes, pyramids, octagons). I was sitting watching a TV series in my house when my cousin called me to help in a trouble he got into. In my model I represented the feelings I felt throughout what happened. How I was sitting calm watching a series episode escalating to this flow of adrenaline rush I experienced.


This model is for a house we documented and studied in an old area of Amman - Jordan. It was a different experience knowing the fact that this house was built around 60 years ago. It helped us to understand some of the residential building typologies and what aspects they took into consideration while designing long time ago.


On the right, is a project designed by me for the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. We were asked to design a house that suites his character and why would he feel comfortable in such house. The model on the right is basically an illustration on how did the communication evolve throughout history.



These pictures were taken from my trip to Morocco. I was really fascinated by the patterns and how much they care about the details. On the left picture, you can see the magnificent combination of colours in the tiles of a mosque. How these patterns and colours make a beautiful piece of art. On the right is a gate that I have personally loved.


These pictures were taken in India. India was one of the best experiences I had in my life. India is the country with the highest number of religions, you can notice how people there respect nature, animals and life in a different way. On the left is a tree in a palace’s garden. It was the largest tree there and you can see how many scenes this tree has witnessed. On the right is an amazing calligraphy work on the gate of Taj Mahal.


We have decided to go camping at one of the desserts in Jordan. No one could imagine how many different creatures are there and each one of them looks at you, like why are you intruding our privacy with your camera.


The car on the left used to be for my grandfather a lot of time ago, he gave it to my father and after that my father gave it to me. On the right, You can see the tea pot of my grandfather who used to heat up the water using some wooden logs in order to make us some tea.


Paintings and Drawi






Architecture Portfolio  

Abdel Rahman Bitar's Architecture Portfolio

Architecture Portfolio  

Abdel Rahman Bitar's Architecture Portfolio