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Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto Dedication On January 17th Bishop Gorman introduced a new component to our campus, the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. The Grotto at Bishop Gorman High school will enhance the spiritual life on campus by providing a special place for our students and faculty to pause, reflect and pray in the presence of our Blessed Mother, with glowing candles and contemplative music. It will be a place of quiet reflection in a natural setting conveying a feeling of warmth and welcome for generations to come. Our Grotto is patterned after the original Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in France where, in 1858, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared 18 times to Bernadette Soubirous, a young peasant girl. Although doubted at the time, she was later canonized a saint and Lourdes has become a sacred place where, through the

power of God, Our Lady of Lourdes offers comfort, hope and healing. At the dedication Bishop Joseph Pepe, blessed the statue of Mary which is featured in the Grotto (see photo). The Our Lady of Lourdes statue was carved out of marble by the artists at the Demetz Art Studio in Ortisei, Italy. Ortisei is a small village nestled in a mountain range in the Northern part of Italy, at the heart of the Alps. The Studio is a family business, founded in 1872, and has been creating outstanding works of ecclesiastical art for four generations. This holy place is dedicated, with gratitude and in remembrance of, Mr. Frank Fertitta Jr. Next time you are on campus, stop by and say a prayer at this peaceful and relaxing place.

Issue 4

February 2012

Mock Trial Teams Head to State! By Rebecca Arteaga The prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that on May 28, 2011, Megan Barry committed homicide by vehicle by driving while impaired or recklessly, causing the death of her child in the 2011-2012 Nevada Mock Trial Case. In the case, the defense must assert that her tragedy was an accident; her rollover car accident was caused by a gust of wind and her unsafe vehicle—not from her alcohol consumption. The defense asserts, the child was born with a chromosomal abnormality called Trisomy 13, making it impossible for her child to survive regardless of the accident.

Under the organization and direction of Mrs. Toomey, the three Bishop Gorman Mock Trial Teams are coached by attorneys, Bruce Dickinson, Chris Hamner and Judge Jennifer Togliatti. On October 10, the legal case of the

State of Nevada vs. Megan Barry was available to each team, and since then, the Bishop Gorman Mock Trial teams have been practicing their case. For nearly three months, the teams have been memorizing, learning, and perfecting their argument for each side of the case. On January 14, 2012, 14 High School Mock Trial teams tried to prove their case in the Southern Nevada Regional Mock Trial competition at the Regional Justice Center. The Orange Team of Bishop Gorman, comprised of Gianna Santoro ’13, Rebecca Arteaga ’14, Benjamin Schlichting ’13, Phil Froehlich ’12, Andy Ryan ’13, Michael McIntosh ’13, Conor Gaffney ’12, and Shannon Carson ’13, took first place overall at the competition by winning every round. Team and individual awards are given to students. Benjamin Schlichting ’13 and Natasha Sharma ’13 each won a best witness award, and Rebecca Arteaga ’14 won a best attorney award. The state competition is in Las Vegas on March 9th and 10th at the Regional Justice Center.

The social media world is not just for teens and tech-savvy friends, it’s a great way for everyone to stay in-touch! And as technology continues to change the way we communicate, Bishop Gorman plans to grow with it! The official Bishop Gorman High School Facebook page will give students, parents, and friends of the community a way to find out what is happening on campus daily! Mass uniform day, exam schedules, scores on last night’s athletic event – it will all be readily available to you! Visit “Bishop Gorman High School” under the pages section and “like” us!

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Dear Parents and Students: It seems like just yesterday that the school bell was ringing to signal the beginning of a new school year but now the second semester is upon us. As we begin the second semester, I would like to tell you about some activities taking place regarding technology on campus. In the December/January issue of Sharing the Pride, Mr. Kilduff stated that we would shortly be announcing a $500,000 foundation grant, funded over five years, to provide for technological advancements on campus. This grant will help to ensure that our students are well prepared to be successful in a digital environment. In preparation of implementing this grant, we have developed a Technology Task Force led by our principal, Mr. Kiefer, whose mission is to utilize current and relevant technologies to maximize student learning, promote digital literacy and advance the mission of

the school. One of the members of the Technology Task Force, Mrs. Amber Clark, recently held an inservice for all faculty members that focused on active learning in the classroom, technology to support teaching and learning and how technology is changing professional development. While we are taking several steps to enhance our technological assets and knowledge, we realize that technology is a double edged sword that requires oversight and responsibility. We recently upgraded our internet content filtering to monitor the websites that students can access on campus. This ensures that students can access necessary educational websites but not access social media sites, internet games, etc. As we continue to work with the students to help them become responsible digital citizens, we ask that you join us in this partnership and discuss with your student your expectations regarding acceptable use of technology as well as monitor their usage.

Memos from the Finance Department:

Additionally, I would like to personally invite you to attend a special presentation on Wednesday, February 15, at 6pm in the theater. Linda Fogg Phillips is the co-author of the book “Facebook for Parents: Answers to the Top 25 Questions.” She will discuss how social media can be used both in positive and negative ways, how to monitor your student’s usage of social media and answer any questions that you may have. This presentation will coincide with Mrs. Phillips’ presentation to the students on Tuesday. It is our hope that providing these two worthwhile presentations will lead to meaningful dialogue between parents and students regarding the importance of appropriate use of technology. Sincerely,

Assistant Principal for Student Services

Summer Enrichment 2012 Summer Enrichment registration for summer 2012 will begin in mid-February. Please check Edline and for details.

Financial Aid You may now apply for financial aid for

the 2012-2013 school year. Log on to www.bishopgorman. org where there is a link to FACTS Grant and Aid under the Admissions tab/Financial Aid. Submit your application and pay the required fee online. The deadline to apply for financial aid is February 24, 2012.

For your planning purposes, classes will be offered during the following sessions:

Please be aware that you must be VERIFIED by FACTS for your application to be reviewed by the Tuition Assistance Committee. Incoming Freshmen that have been verified and reviewed by the deadline will receive a notification award mid-March. All returning students that have been verified and reviewed will receive notification award mid-April.

Session 1

June 4 – June 15 (2 Week Session)

Session 2

June 18 – June 29 (2 Week Session)

Session 3

July 2 – July 7 (1 Week Session)

(Monday through Saturday, with no class on July 4th)

Session 4

July 9 – July 20 (2 Week Session)

Session 5

July 23 – July 27 (1 Week Session)

Registration - 2012-2013 School Year

Please watch your mail for further information regarding registration for the 2012-2013 school year.


Gael Pride

Notes from Student Services

“We the People” Prepares for State

The Student Services Staff would like to thank everyone for a great first semester. The number of disciplinary infractions and detentions were down school wide, and as we begin the second semester, we would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents and students of some of our policies.

The Bishop Gorman “We the People” Team is preparing for the annual state competition, having won the district competition in December.

Students in Honors Constitutional Government study the Constitution. Then they compete in the national competition called “We the People” in which high schools represent their congressional districts at local, state and national levels. Competition includes six teams from each school. Each team makes a four minute congressional–style presentation after which they submit to a six minute vigorous cross examination. Judges are respected members of various professions, including primarily law, education and business.

If your student is absent, please call (732-1945 ext. 4049) or email ( the attendance office each day that the student is absent. If you are unable to call on the day of absence, please send a note with your student the day that they return to school.

• For the safety of students and to minimize disruptions to the academic setting, we are unable to accept deliveries (i.e. flowers, balloons, etc.) from outside organizations. • In an effort to minimize the disruptions to the classroom

setting please ensure that your student has all of their materials (homework, lunch money, practice clothes, etc.) prior to leaving home in the morning.

M a t h T u t o r in g

The district competition for the 1st and 3rd Congressional Districts was on December 3, 2011. The competition was spirited, demanding and collegial. And when the dust had settled, the Bishop Gorman team had won the championship as well as all of the six team awards. That success also gained an invitation to the state competition on Saturday, February 4 in Las Vegas. Our team, made up of 36 seniors and one junior, is working hard to hone their knowledge and speaking skills in preparation for what will be a very exciting and demanding event.

With the new semester starting, are you hoping to help get your student off to a good start academically? There are a number of places you can turn to for help: 1. Teachers are available before and after school. 2. has a number of student resources available which accompany the math textbooks. 3. There is an experienced math teacher available to help in the math lab during 4th period on regular-schedule days. 4. The National Honor Society offers tutoring in all subjects from 2-3 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 309.

Please ensure that your student is in appropriate dress code prior to leaving for school each morning.

There are four sweatshirts that are sold in the campus store that can be worn to school on a daily basis. These are the only four sweatshirts that are part of the dress code. All other Bishop Gorman sweatshirts should be worn to extracurricular activities and after school hours.

If you have questions regarding any of these policies, please do not hesitate to contact Tracy Goode, Assistant Principal for Student Services at 732-1945 ext. 4011.

This semester there is yet another opportunity to receive FREE MATH TUTORING! Our BGHS chapter of Mu Alpha Theta will be offering free math tutoring after school every Wednesday (except early dismissal days), beginning February 1 from 2-3 pm. The tutoring will take place in room 304 or 303, alternating each week. Make sure to send your student in order to get the help he or she needs from some of the top math students at Bishop Gorman! Are there too many other activities after school? No problem! In addition to after school tutoring, students can also sign up to receive


FREE ONLINE MATH TUTORING via It’s an online organization that allows students to receive help in mathematics from other students. Since Bishop Gorman’s own Mu Alpha Theta members have volunteered to serve as tutors on the site, our school receives free online tutoring for 50 students for each active tutor we provide! Please see Ms. Block (room 304) or Mrs. Pittmon (room 303) to sign up today! We look forward to working with your students this year, and we hope to help them better understand what they are learning in their math classes!

Campus Ministry


On Saturday, December 10th, over 300 students, f a m i l y , and alumni gathered to benefit 13 non-profit groups in the Las Vegas community. Trail mix snack bags were made for the TRENDZ Youth Center, school supply packs were organized for St. Joseph Catholic

Elementary School, blankets were fringed for the Las Vegas Rescue Mission and a local dog shelter, and clothes were sorted for Matthew’s Closet, to name a few! All the organizations were able to give their clients something special during the Christmas season. Santa and Mrs. Claus even made a stop at the event to keep our volunteers motivated! Thanks to all those involved. Look for more service events like this in the future!

Mite Box


Going above and beyond! Michael Guinto

’13 hosted a massive clothing drive for our very own Matthew’s Closet. He collected clothing, sorted the many bags, and delivered it all as well! It was no easy task, but Michael made a big difference! Way to go! Aidan Coronel ’13 not only participated in the Santa

Thanks to the continued generosity of our students and staff, our Matthew 25 Board has been able to assist many Las Vegas families with their rent, utilities, medicines, groceries, and other needs. Each year we generate approximately $50,000.00 and we have received many heartfelt thank you notes in response to monies that have been given to local individuals. WEEK WEEK WEEK WEEK

Run, but also raised over $1,140 for this yearly benefit for the Best Buddies Program. If we challenge ourselves we can accomplish so much more, and these two students are shining examples of that!



n past years Mite Box encouraged students to submit rhymes for the weekly slogan, but this school year, we made a change by asking students to submit quotes about giving. Some motivating examples have been: Only A Life Lived For Others Is A Life Worthwhile Act As If What You Do Makes A Difference - It Does! The Time Is Always Right To Do What Is Right. Simply reading these quotes encourages us to do what we can! If you have one you’d like to share, please send your suggestion to and perhaps we’ll use YOUR idea, too!


5: White $106.92 7: DiMaria $210.00 9: Rivera $135.00 11: Sikora $53.58


6: Miller $108.66 8: DiMaria $462.00 10: Migneron $151.62 12: White $379.43


Counselor’s Corner 2012-13 COURSE REGISTRATION BEGINS IN FEBRUARY Course registration for the 2012-13 school year will start the beginning of February. In order for registration to take place, two items MUST be completed: 1. All forms and the registration fee of $500 are due to the tuition office. 2. Service hours should be completed as follows: a. Freshmen: a minimum of 12.5 hours b. Sophomores: a minimum of 37.5 hours c. Juniors: a minimum of 62.5 hours

receive the results in May. If students fail any section of the tests or are absent for any test, the make-up testing will be done in November of their senior year. This is a full day of school for all students, including juniors and seniors. Also, students must be in proper dress uniform. SENIORS College Decisions: Many of you are starting to receive decisions from the colleges to which you are applying. As you receive this information, please update your Naviance Family Connection account. Were you admitted, denied or waitlisted? Inquiring minds need to know!!! This information remains confidential so please don’t hesitate to share. Admission decisions from each of the colleges you have applied to need to be recorded in order to pick up your cap and gown in May.

A letter went home to every parent from Campus Ministry to let you know where your child was at in terms of hours. If you have questions please contact Susie Portz, Coordinator of Service Hours, or 476-4030.

Scholarship Information: Many colleges will include scholarship information in their admission letters. Some will send this information separately. Regardless of how you receive the information, please make a copy of your scholarship letter and give it to Mrs. Burford in Student Services. Scholarship information is listed in the graduation program and we want to make sure that you get recognition for the scholarship you receive. You do not have to attend the school offering the scholarship in order for the information to appear in the graduation program. We include college related scholarship as well as outside scholarship information so please bring us a copy of everything you receive.

A pass will be sent for each student. Please make sure to be on time and prepared! The course registration guide will be available the end of January on the school website at and Edline. Parents are encouraged to go online with their students and review the content of the courses and the prerequisites necessary for each class. JUNIORS Juniors will be taking the Nevada Department of Education High School Proficiency tests during the week of March 5-9. The tests are Math, Reading, Writing, and Science. The tests will be given in the morning, Monday-Thursday. There will be two testing rooms, the Tiberti Student Commons and the Auxiliary Gym. The students will be divided according to alphabet. Please encourage your student to get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, bring two #2 pencils and in general, have a serious attitude about these tests. We will

Welcome to the second semester, freshman parents! I am pleased to say that for most of the freshmen, the transition to high school has gone quite well. They are an amazing and active class. Many of them have become active in sports or the fine arts. Additionally, there were 262 students who received at least one nomination for the freshman of the week award. Recent winners are Carter Lambeth, Shayna Berger, Alex Ward, Chris Page, Chase Jeter, Krystal-Jo Weiss, Sean Kenny, and Cooper McColeman. Congratulations to them and their parents. At the end of the first semester, teachers have been asked to name their academic ALL STARS, as well as their

Quote of the month: “Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant.” Anthony J. D’Angelo

Most Improved students. Those names will be published in the next Sharing the Pride. As we move into the second semester, we will be looking at registration for summer classes as well as registration for next year. It is often helpful to make an appointment with your child’s guidance counselor to choose next year’s classes. Please remember that no registration can take place if a student has not completed at least half of their service hours. For freshmen, that amounts to 12.5 hours. If you need assistance or suggestions, please contact Campus Ministry. If you feel that your child is still having difficulty connecting with the school, please be sure to contact either the guidance counselor or the dean. Perhaps we can still suggest some activities that they can join. Also, the school


will hold its Sadie Hawkins dance on Feb. 11th. It is traditional for couples to dress with a theme, or matching shirts, or to come as a famous couple such as Raggedy Ann and Andy (Dean Sanchez and I did that one year!). Please monitor the before and after plans carefully. Bishop Gorman does not support after parties, or the rental of hotel rooms. Your child may feel pressured to be a part of a “group”. Keep in mind that the majority of those attending are not a part of this. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call me. We want to keep them safe.

Irene Anderson

Dean Freshman PRIDE Program

Athletics | Activities Sadie Hawkins Dance


Sadie Hawkins Dance:

Nick @ Knight


February 11th: 7:30pm-10:30pm (lock in 8:00-9:30pm)

Rosco Allen ’12 Zhane Dikes ’12,

• Ticket Sales: January 18th-February 8th at lunch and after school. • Ticket Prices: Couple $45/Single $30 (At the door prices: Couple $55/Single $40)

Shabazz Muhammad ’12 on being nominated to the

2012 McDonald’s All American Games!

* Guest passes are available on the Bishop Gorman website and the ASG Edline page. They are due 3 days prior to the dance.

Theme Dress for Spirit Week

Monday, February 6th: Superheroes vs. Princesses Tuesday, February 7th: Old school Nickelodeon day (Real people like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) Wednesday, February 8th: Phil & Lil Twin Day (Dress like a twin with someone else!) Thursday, February 9th: Nickelodeon cartoon character day (cartoon people like Spongebob) Friday, February 10th: Girls (extreme orange) vs. Boys (extreme blue)

Sophomore Class Ring Orders

Jostens will be on campus on February 17th presenting class ring options to Sophomore students interested in buying a class ring. They will return on Tuesday, February 21st and Wednesday, February 22nd during lunch to take those orders. This year’s ring mass will be held on May 6th. More information will be forthcoming as the date approaches.

On January 3rd Coach Tony Sanchez was one of 17 coaches who participated the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl as the coach of the offensive line of West team. He had the privilege of coaching one of his own players, Ronnie Stanley ’12. Congrats to them both…what an honor!

Tour London & Paris!


Guitar Jam V

June 6 through 16, 2012

Director of Instrumental Music – Steve Purifoy

Approximate Cost to Students - $3,822

Thursday, February 16, 3pm & 7pm Black Box Theatre

This will be a private BGHS Trip open to all current Bishop Gorman students in good standing, and their family members. All travelers must have a valid US Passport.

General admission: $10

For tickets, visit or contact the Box Office at 702-476-4175.

Contact Mr. Kerry Lieb at for more information, or visit



Knight of the Gael

save the date

Parents’ Educational Series Spring Class offerings

Knight of the Gael just keeps getting better! While keeping true to tradition, it has managed to evolve throughout the years thanks to the loyalty and generosity of our community. Please join us on

Thursday, March 22nd at the Red Rock Hotel Casino & Spa

Mark your calendars!

Yoga – Mrs. Ramos Ceramics 1 & 2 – Ms. Dawson Digital Photography – Mr. Cava Scripture – Mr. Urso Constitutional Government – Mr. Goertemiller Every Tuesday evening 7PM to 8:30 PM Beginning February 28th until May 8th NO CLASS the week of April 3rd. Registration: February 6th through February 23rd For more information, please contact Mrs. Tessa Rivera or Mr. Chris Hall also at 702-476-4053

for a memorable evening as we celebrate

30 Years of Knight of the Gael and honor the incredible work of

The Engelstad Family Foundation Betty and Ralph Engelstad and their daughter Kris have done so much for our community throughout the past three decades. We are privileged to be able to express our gratitude to these dedicated and inspirational members of our Gorman family. We also promise to entertain you with a look at our current student activities as well as present an exciting vision for the future. Look for your invitation in the mail or call (702) 476-4032 to reserve your table now!

Hearing & Vision Screening The Health Office is having a Hearing and Vision Screening on March 13th for the sophomore class. I’m looking for Nurses to help volunteer for that day between 7:30am until 1:30pm. We serve lunch to the nice nurses that help! Please email Kathy Long at klong@bishopgorman. org or call 476-4047, before February 15th if you can help.

Bishop Gorman’s MicroBank The Bishop Gorman MicroBank’s primary goal is to help developing businesses in third-world countries. The microbank will accomplish this goal by making micro-loans to entrepreneurs in these countries through the Kiva microfinance institution. Once it gains some lending experience, the microbank will extend its lending investments to other microfinance institutions, some of which may yield profits thus expanding its lending potential. The Bishop Gorman MicroBank’s secondary goal is to learn more about finance in banking by participating firsthand in these endeavors.


Members and advisors of the newly formed Bishop Gorman MicroBank

Go Gaels! Stop By The

Hammes Campus



ms! Our New Spirit Ite

Sports Team T-Shirts! $18.00 (all sports available)

tore the Campus S new items! website for

Visit For more information visit: PRESORT STANDARD U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 37 Las Vegas, NV

Bishop Gorman High School 5959 S. Hualapai Way Las Vegas, NV 89148


Sharing The Pride  

Sharing the pride magazine

Sharing The Pride  

Sharing the pride magazine