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Bad behaviour On the evening of Friday 18th December 2009, in my capacity as a Parish Councillor, I visited the new youth facility on School Lane playing fields to see how our money is being spent. I saw there some 30 youngsters enjoying themselves. They were playing table games or sitting around talking to each other. There was a lot of noise. They were kids being kids and they were well supervised. Our money was being well spent and if someone could see fit to donate a computer to them, then that would substantially increase the facilities available to them. Outside the premises there was a group of yobs who epitomized everything that appears to be wrong with so many young people. They were swearing, drinking alcohol and generally misbehaving. One of them took a running jump at one of the roller shutters and then turned to me as if egging me to do something about it. I did. I told him succinctly what I thought of him. His mates all laughed at him and he, and I and them all went our separate ways. I rang the police when I got home. Later that night there were problems in the village with youngsters causing criminal dam-

age in the village centre, in full view of a large number of people outside the Earl of Stamford. No one saw fit to ring the police. Fortunately, through good policing and the use of the available C.C.T.V. the police were aware and when they had the necessary manpower they moved in and detained all of those concerned. I make mention of this because it seems to identify one or two areas of concern. For example the vast majority of kids using the youth club were good kids enjoying themselves, whereas the ones outside, who were in a substantial minority, appeared hell bent on causing trouble. The later incident in the centre of the village involved a relatively few youths, the majority of whom I believe came from outside the village. They were intent on vandalizing our village. It is often said that all it needs for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. The police need to be made aware of the idiots who would destroy the good name of the new youth club and to be informed when antisocial behaviour is taking place in the village The police have a great deal of sophisticated equipment but crystal balls they have not! It is equally important that parents should be aware of, and take an interest in, what their children are doing. If the children are brought up to respect law and order and to be accountable for their actions then generally they react positively. And finally, the police are only part of the criminal justice system. Once offenders have been caught, then their punishment is decided by others. The Crown Prosecution Service, the Courts as well as the police, in determining that punishment are all governed by the rules laid down by the Home Office. These rules have evolved over the last ten years or so and during this time the laws of the country have become a laughing-stock. However, these are the rules we are presently stuck with and we must learn to use them to our advantage where we can, if the streets are to be reclaimed from the yobs. We can all do our bit to help achieve this. We constantly hear that ‘There is no point in ringing the police. Nothing ever happens!’ Well, all I can say is that I have tried it and it does work from time to time. When it does not, then I complain long and loud until I get action. It will only improve if we all adopt the same policy. Please, keep the police informed. D J Gaskell

Dogs So…again… I am brought to writing to your letters page regarding the matter of dog fouling in Birstall, School Lane Park. I have been a resident of Birstall for thirty three years, and a dog owner for 26 of these and I am sick and tired of the constant whinging of Birstall Parish Councillors on this matter. The only reason we (dog owners) are being targeted on this is because these councillors cannot find any solution to the real

Noticeboard all details printed free That Blood You Always Meant to Give Can We Have It Now? People can’t give when they’ve got the flu. To build up supplies in preparation for the flu season, NEW DONORS ARE NEED NOW. Please don’t leave it to someone else. Your next blood donor session is at Birstall Methodist Church Rooms, Thursday February 18 To book your appointment for a session call 0300 123 23 23 or visit problems on Birstall School Lane Park – which are – the youths that congregate there every evening. I myself walk my dog on this park (on the lead), poo bag at the ready – and have to say that I very, very rarely meet any other dog owner who does not do the same. If these councillors got off their butts and came to the park (which I doubt any of them have done in the past year!), in fact why don’t some of them volunteer to be our next Dog Warden, they would then see for themselves that gangs of youths, on bikes, motor bikes, cars, on foot – drinking, throwing their rubbish down are the real problems on Birstall Park, not dog owners. So…come on councillors – start dealing with the problems in Birstall and stop picking on us just because you think we are an easy option to much more difficult problems. Pat Herbert There is no doubt that there is a dog mess problem and that it poses a risk to children and others, as well as our staff who have to maintain the grass, and it is a worthwhile objective for the council to try and keep its land in good condition. Steve Blackburn, Clerk to Birstall Parish Council

Thanks Dear friends Once again I am writing to thank you all most sincerely for the wonderful poppy total outside McColls, Sibson Road of £522.77 This breaks all previous records and I am truly amazed and heartened by all of your efforts, special thanks to Krustys for the lovely mugs of tea, that kept me going. Thanks to you all for the £10 and £5 notes and all monies in between and the little boy who bought a cross for one penny from me, a poppy seller in waiting who knows. Bless you all see you next year again along Sibson Road. Val Joyce Vice President Birstall Women’s Section, Royal British Legion

If this session is not convenient for you please call or visit the website to find out about other local blood donor sessions •••

Loughborough Farmers Market Devonshire Square, Loughborough Between 9am and 3pm Every month Next market January 13 Wide variety of local produce: meats, sausage, bacon & cured meats, rare breed meats, meat, savoury & fruit pies, fruit & vegetables inc organic, plants & flowers, herbs, therapeutic herbal products, honey & beeswax products, chutneys & pickles, jams & preserves, homemade cooking sauces, wholemeal flour, muesli, fruit juices, eggs & cheeses, bread & cakes. To book a stall or find out more call Markets and Fairs team 01509 634624, email: or log on to ••• Improve your conversational

Spanish or German by joining a free group that meets in Birstall once a week. To find out more contact Ellen on 2674876 ••• Birstall Methodist Church Saturday March 27 10am-2pm

Table Top Sale Tables @ £10 Contact Mary 2672606 ••• Thurcaston & Cropston Parish Council

Film Presentations ‘The Boat that Rocked’ Friday Jan 22 (104 mins) They say that laughter is good for us. January’s comedy is the high-spirited story of how the world was changed by rogue disc jockeys who broadcasted from a boat in the middle of the North Sea. The songs they played united and defined an entire generation and drove the British Government crazy. This film features an unbelievable selection of music ‘Creation’ Friday Feb 19 (108 mins) Based on the biography of Charles Darwin’s great, great grandson, it recounts the relationship of Darwin with his daughter Annie as he writes the ‘Origin of Species’. Having just returned from the Galapagos Islands, Darwin feels a rift with his wife, Emma, concerning their Faith. With great soul-searching, the manuscript is finally completed and Emma packages it up for the publishers. Thurcaston & Cropston Parish Council will be showing these films at Thurcaston Memorial Hall. Starting at 7.30pm, tickets cost £4, concessions £3.50. Price includes refreshments and a lucky prize draw. Advance tickets can be purchased via the parish office 0116 236 7626 or at the door •••

The Women’s World Day of Prayer 2010 Arranged this year by women of Cameroon Preparation Day Lunch & Slides on Sat Jan 23 at 12noon Birstall Methodist Church Hall •••

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