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Hello... ...I’m Joe Boyd, your outgoing President, and I’m here to tell you why it’s so important that you vote in your Students’ Union Leadership Elections. Every year during February, your Students’ Union hosts Leadership Elections where you and every BCU student gets the chance to choose who will lead the Union into the next academic year. This time last year, I was busy campaigning to try and win your votes that eventually made me President. And what a fantastic year it’s been! If you hadn’t voted for me, I never would have had the opportunity to lead a team of Student Officers into changing and improving things to enhance your student experience here at BCU. My daily life has meant that I’ve been in close contact with the University and lobbied on your behalf to introduce new ideas. I’ve also worked closely with the Vice Chancellor, Cliff Allen, to ensure that your views and opinions are heard. I cannot stress how important it is that you all use your vote when voting officially starts on Monday 24th February. Your Students’ Union is a democratic organisation, which means that by using your vote, you have your say! If you’ve been unhappy with things we have or haven’t done this year, or if you would like to change how your Students’ Union is run in the future, voting in our Leadership Elections 2014 means that the ability for us to change, lies in your hands!

If you’re an experienced voter, then you’ll know how the Leadership Elections work. If you’ve never done it before, or if you’ve never been sure about the whole process, then do not worry as this Election Special will take you through the process and clear up any grey areas you may have had. We want to make sure that every BCU student is confident with how to vote and are voting for exactly who they would like to lead your Students’ Union. As I get ready to leave my post as President in the next few months, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for giving me this fantastic opportunity to lead your Students’ Union - it’s truly been an unforgettable experience and has made me realise where my future lies. I wish the future leaders of your Students’ Union every success and I sincerely hope they enjoy the experience as much as I have. Joe Boyd President BCUSU @BCUSU_President

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information included within this publication is completely correct, Birmingham City Students’ Union cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. All details correct at time of printing. “Birmingham City University Students’ Union” and “BCUSU” are operating names of Birmingham City Students’ Union, Franchise Street Birmingham B42 2SU. Company Registration Number: 3426445. Charity Registration Number: 1142837.


Make sure you vote!

Leadership Elections2014 Decide who runs your Students’ Union next year! As a member of BCUSU, you have the right to voice your opinion and ensure we are meeting your requirements. One way to do this is voting for the Executive Officers who will lead the Union.

Voting for the candidate for each position who you believe will lead us in the right direction and make changes beneficial to you, is extremely important. You need to vote for whom you believe will represent your views and ensure you get the most out of your experience as a student here at BCU. All candidates will have different aims and objectives in their campaign and will have different ideas for the way they want your Students’ Union to develop. It is important that you take the time to read/listen to their ideas to ensure you know which candidate is standing for the things you believe in. Every vote does count and to ensure your Students’ Union develops in the way you want it to, you need to make sure you have your say as to which candidate should be a leader! Make sure you vote and take the opportunity to choose who will lead your Students’ Union next year!

To say Thank You... We’d like to thank you for voting by giving you one free tea or coffee every day, from 24th-28th February. All you have to do is collect a voter wristband from our polling station after you’ve voted, or if you’ve voted online, go to any BCUSU reception with a screenshot of your voting complete screen in exchange for your wristband. Drinks can be redeemed from any Sodexo or Students’ Union outlet.





Say hello to your candidates...

President Meet on pages 8, 9, 10 & 11

VP Student Development Meet on pages 12, 13, 14 & 15

VP Student Engagement Meet on pages 16, 17, 18 & 19

VP Student Experience Meet on pages 20 & 21

VP Student Voice Meet them on pages 22 & 23

Disabled Students’ Officer Meet on page 24

Ethical & Environmental Officer Meet on page 25

International Students’ Officer Meet on page 27

Mature & Postgrad Students’ Officer Meet on pages 28 & 29

Women’s Officer Meet on pages 31

Ethnic Minority Students’ Officer Meet on page 26

LGBT Students’ Officer Meet on pages 30


Voting couldn’t be easier... On Campus

Off Campus

Visit an ePolling Station with your Student ID card.

Use it! 24th-28th March

Turn on your computer! Make sure you’re logged in, click ‘VOTE HERE’

Follow the onscreen instructions & vote!

Shout about it!


Collect your FREE Hot Drinks Wristband If you’ve voted online, go to any BCUSU reception with a screenshot of your voting complete screen



RON or Re-Open Nominations is when, after reading through the manifestos, you do not think any of the candidates running should be elected, you can SELECT RON. This will mean that nominations are re-opened, in a separate bi-election at a later date, where you will be able to vote for a candidate you feel is more suitable.

If you have problems accessing elections or experience issues logging in, please visit your nearest ePolling station with your Student ID card or email: and we’ll be happy to help.


How we count your votes... BCUSU uses Single Transferable Voting (STV), which you may not have heard of before. It’s different to the way we vote in General or Local elections, and uses the theory that you don’t just vote for one candidate, you vote for everyone who is standing, in order of your preference. Here’s a simple explanation of what happens: 1. After voting closes, the votes for are counted 2. The number of times a voter (that’s you) has put a “1” beside their favourite candidate, “2” beside their second favourite candidate and so on, is recorded 3. To win, one candidate must reach a certain number of votes known as the quota 4. If no candidate reaches the quota (eg. 50%) after the first round of counting, then the candidate with the lowest votes, is eliminated 5. Voters who put the eliminated candidate as their first preference have their second preference votes re-distributed to the other candidates 6. This continues until a candidate reaches the quota 7. The candidate who then reaches the required number of votes first, is then declared the winner!

Your Vote Number the candidates in order of preference

4 1 3 2

The quota for this election is 50%

Results To win a candidate must reach the quota

ROUND 1 No candidates have reached the quota, so we eliminate the lowest scoring in Round 1 and redistribute his/her ‘2’ votes amongst the other candidates.

40% of the vote 10% of the vote 30% of the vote 20% of the vote

ROUND 2 45% of the vote Eliminated 35% of the vote 20% of the vote

Still no candidates have reached the quota, so we eliminate the lowest scoring in Round 2 and redistribute his/her ‘2’ votes amongst the other candidates.



55% of the vote Eliminated 45% of the vote Eliminated


Elect your President Niall Magennis MY TOP 3 GOALS

The President is responsible for ensuring your Students’ Union positively impacts on and enhances the lives of every Birmingham City Student, providing student leadership and maintaining relationships and responsibility for organisational finances and human resources.

• To change the Council tax exemption process, avoiding threatening, frightening letters from the council to students • Tackle the issue of poor and late feedback for assignments. With University fees at £9,000, our students deserve the highest academic and professional standards from our university. • To introduce a Book-swap service for first and final year students, which will result in reduced costs for new students or subsidise the cost of your graduation ceremony.

MY MANIFESTO As VP of Student Experience and if elected President; I would bring to the role a wealth of knowledge on student issues and the ability to address them. Further to my above three manifesto points, I plan to introduce more day time ‘Welcome Week’ events, to ensure that new students are provided with the opportunity to meet other students in a variety of environments. I also want to ensure that university timetables are sent to each student at least 5 weeks before their course starts, ensuring that our students are able to prepare for university life, from applying for part time jobs to arranging childcare arrangements for parent students. If elected President, I would work tirelessly to ensure that all our 23,000 students across all 8 campuses are fairly represented, having a strong and reliable voice within the Union and University! Remember- #magennis4president @Magennis4Pres

MY EXPERIENCE I am currently the elected VP of Student Experience and have campaigned on a number of different issues; • Working with the University catering company Sodexo to introduce a new sandwich meal deal • I was responsible for the provision and citing of the new smoking shelters at the Millennium Point Campus • Established the A-team volunteer team, to raise awareness of different charities and the student union advice service • Co-organised a group of BIAD students to re-decorate the Union bar based on student requests • Co-lead a project that resulted in the current inter campus bus service

Elect your President


Katie-Louise Newton-Smith

Monica Pruselaityte



• Engagement between campuses via chosen representatives

• Create a stronger relationship between the SU and BCU

• Awareness and involvement in BCU Media Groups

• Encourage the involvement of ALL campuses

• With the move to the city centre, I want to provide extra support with accommodation and travel

• Improve the communication between Media groups

MY MANIFESTO I am a very passionate person who will stop at nothing until I get the answer I believe as students we deserve. I’m loyal to the cause and a dedicated member of the Students’ Union! Awareness and involvement within BCU Media Groups is a massive opportunity to get all students, campuses, sports and societies involved in a fun and positive venture. I believe that engagement between campuses is the most important goal, we are all BCU students and we are proud of this! I want to enable students to make the best out of their university life by never missing out on an activity just because of geographic location. Moving to the City Centre from Perry Barr may be a scary experience, I want to provide a support network so the journey is smooth and successful. Once there I want to continue this network to create a community within BCU.

MY EXPERIENCE I am currently a student staff member at the Students’ Union I love working there because I’m at the heart of student activity. I am a third year media student, I have previously been involved in public speaking and debating and I have had the opportunity of leading large groups of students while I have been at university.

MY MANIFESTO Hey everyone! My name is Monica Pruselaityte (don’t try pronouncing it ;) ). I am in my 3rd year, studying Media & Communication and I would like to go for the President position. I have a lot of love for BCU and the Students’ Union and I have proven it time after time, from voluntary activities to filming and directing event videos. I have been involved with the SU since my first year. I do presenting for Scratch Radio, film BCUSU’s Event videos and promos, president for ScratchTV as well as work with BCU Student Homes. Last year I was elected as Media Person of the Year by the Students’ Union for all the voluntary work and event videos I have produced over the years and I feel very grateful for all of the opportunities I have been given and the wonderful people I met on the way.

MY EXPERIENCE I joined as a presenter for Scratch Radio and a member of Scratch TV (Formerly TigerTV) in my 1st year of university. Since then, I have remained a member of both of these groups: I am still a presenter for Scratch Radio and have been elected as the President for ScratchTV in 2013. We have just finished the process of re-branding and are releasing BCU’s first ever talkshow! I’ve enjoyed all of these activities and I am hoping I can continue doing them on a more influential level. I shall tell you more along the way of the election process.


Elect your President

Ace-Destiny Ryan

Tami Sankey



• Improvement of social aspects of BCU, e.g food outlets, bars, events and venues available for 2014

I am very passionate about enhancing students’ lives. You all have ideas of how to improve your Uni experience and I want to hear them! If elected as president I will:

• Improving Resources, e.g lockers, library books access, accessibility of plug sockets, seating, course costs (practical subject materials), using other course/faculty help. • Better integration of campuses - (not just in freshers week!) For creating new friendships and relationships along with future networking.

MY MANIFESTO Hello BCU peoples! My name is Ace and I’ll be a criminology graduate next year who would love the opportunity to be your president exec for 2014-15. Within this role I hope to improve one thing for every individual student at BCU and will be working with all students across ALL campuses. I think it is time for a female president to take lead as this has not happened for 15 years. I wish to pay more focus to smaller campuses, reintegration as a whole and up the anti and participation of our social side. I also wish to push for cheaper food outlets and bars with so many students in need of this and improved resources. We all know there are a lot of changes and improvements planned for 2015 but what about 2014? Vote for me - Vote for change - Vote for improvement (and free hugs)! <3

MY EXPERIENCE My first two years at uni I worked with the events department in the SU and also became vice-president of the cheerleading society. I have taken over the role of cheerleading president in my third year and understand the importance of the social aspect of BCU uni life. I want to encourage even more participation in sports or societies and improve the integration of campuses in terms of skills and involvement in bigger and better student nights!

• Make it possible for you to have a greater say in your education and student life. • Establish a sense of community across all campuses by improving transport links. • Spread the word that the Students’ Union has something to offer everyone!

MY MANIFESTO I’ve always had a lot to say and I know you guys do too! Developing forums in each faculty where you can discuss what’s important to you will make all the difference. There are too many people with great ideas that are never heard, this needs to change! Over 7 campuses we have a huge cinema screen, specialised course rooms, stages and even a bean bag room - think of all the fun we could have, if only we could get to them easier. There is so much to do but with difficulties in transport, people miss out. We need this to change! I fully believe that the Student’s Union has something to offer everyone but we don’t always communicate this effectively. I want as many of you as possible to get involved. I promise that I will listen, as well as talk and I hope my enthusiasm is infectious!

MY EXPERIENCE Last year I won the Students’ Union Contribution award for being involved in, some might say, far too many sports and societies! I’m nosy and persistent. These qualities have driven me to become involved in several things that have made a difference to students’ lives: • Faculty rep - negotiated lockers heading your way soon • ELSS student advisory board member – work with senior staff and students to bring about change • Student academic partner and mentor • Project co-ordinator for a national charity • Discussion with the Vice Chancellor encouraging essential cross-campus buses which are now being trialled.

Elect your President

Nadia Shafi MY TOP 3 GOALS If I were to be elected I would make our Students’ Union FUN, firstly get everyone involved yes everyone says that but the majority of students that want to join societies and they can’t afford it or its 2 fair from there accommodation or there campus . I want to be able to give everyone an opportunity to not only see what the students at BCU can accomplish also make sure everyone is acknowledged for their accomplishments. I want BCU to be the best it can be

MY MANIFESTO As my friends would say am a ‘’Special individual” if you invest in me your investing in yourself, your education, your experience and laughter.

MY EXPERIENCE Class council at college, organised a halloween party in my flat with 150-200 people at jennens, sat in a sound engineering lecture because I was bored and wanted to learn something new fantastic experience [my housemates studies this so I had an opportunity to speak to his lecture to sit in]



Elect your VP Student Development Derek Bickerstaff MY TOP 3 GOALS

The Vice President Student Development is responsible for creating a personal sense of belonging by increasing involvement in student groups and Students’ Union organised activity and enable students to fulfil their creative ideas, whilst improving employability and life skills.

• Aim to develop employability for all students through increased awareness of and enhancing volunteering opportunities. • Aim to provide final year student mentors for first and second year students on all courses - particularly those that involve placements. • Aim to ensure that all sports, societies and volunteering projects are accessible to all students across all campuses.

MY MANIFESTO I’m Derek Bickerstaff and running for the position of Vice President Student Development. I’m a 3rd year education student. I am very passionate about volunteering and making a difference. Many of us would suggest we attend university to gain a degree but I strongly believe we do this as well as developing life skills the skills prospective employers look for. These skills enhance our employability and that is something every student at BCU should have access to. As a student studying a degree that involves placement, I have had first-hand experiences on how daunting and stressful it can be. I believe having a final year student mentor can provide valuable support from someone that has experienced the same stresses and emotions. I believe all sports, societies and volunteering projects should be available to all students of different abilities and backgrounds and most importantly, to students across all campuses.

MY EXPERIENCE Throughout my time at BCU, I have been actively involved with the Students’ Union. I have particularly been involved with the volunteering project ‘Kids Adventure’ also holding different committee positions. My time and dedication towards volunteering and Kids Adventure was recognised by the Students’ Union when receiving the Volunteer of the Year Award 2012-13. I also am a member of staff of the Students’ Union and represented my course as a Student rep during my 2nd year.

Elect your VP Student Development


Jonathon (JONO) Hogg

Lauren Hoyle



• To offer more support to student groups, helping them develop and advertise to reach out to as many students as possible, independent of location.

• Re-introduce a revised Free Wednesday campaign to ensure there is a strong Wednesday programme available to as many students as possible, highlighting sports, societies, volunteering and academic workshops.

• To aid students involved in volunteering and charity work, helping them to achieve their desired final goal(s). • Based on student feedback, to enhance and expand the range of employability and support services the Students’ Union currently offers to students.

• Establish the right balance between sports, societies, volunteering, employment and student’s development. • Provide a personal sense of community at BCU and ensure student voices are heard and represented at University level.



Hi, I’m Jono. Since starting at BCU, I have always been involved in a sports team or society, this has given me a load of great memories and some amazing friends too! Unfortunately many students miss this experience, along with the other opportunities and services the Students’ Union has on offer.

If elected I want to;

I believe this can be changed by giving support to student led groups, helping them to develop and grow to reach as many as possible within the university, creating a greater student community. In addition, I want to be able to aid students focusing on volunteering and charity work, helping them fund what they do and making their goals more easily achievable. The Union also offers employability and support services, again used by the minority. With feedback from you, the students, we can tailor our current services, focusing on what is important to you!

• Provide a strong Wednesday programme not focusing solely on sports but also developing accessible societies, volunteering projects and progress student’s academic studies by having educational workshops available for everyone. • Inject life back into sports and re-boot that ‘ TeamBCU’ feel, and bring back Varsity. • Showcase extracurricular activities by having pop-up stalls at all campuses to raise awareness of the exciting opportunities the SU has to offer. • Campaign to ensure provisions for faith-based societies are sufficient in the new campus. • To champion students voice ensuring budgets are transparent and the Students’ Union’s offering is relevant.

Remember, it’s YOUR Students’ Union!

• Create a framework to support BIAD students in fulfilling their creative ideas that will support their chances to go to graduate fashion week.


• Develop cross-campus societies.

In my first year I became a member of the Climbing & Mountaineering society, taking on the responsibility of Gear Secretary in my second year. At this point I felt the club could give more to students of the university.

• Provide constant support for students, to listen to and develop ideas.

As the current president, I have seen some amazing changes as a result of both my work and the work of the current committee! Seeing more members than ever come weekly to do what they love, making great friends in the process is great! I would love the chance to help every student group achieve this!


Don’t spoil it, Hoyle it.

My name is Lauren Hoyle and I am a third year student studying Criminology. I have heavily immersed myself within the Students’ Union whereby in the past two years I have captained BCU Women’s Hockey team and have been honoured to be presented with the Guy Charlesworth award. I have also been elected as the LGBT Part-Time Officer for BCUSU where I have stood for student voice and enhanced student’s University experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed this and would like to continue my hard work for the Students’ Union.


Elect your VP Student Development

Khaleghdad Kamaly

Selina Kausar



If I’m elected as the vice president of student development, I will;

• To break the barriers between students and those officials associated with this University

• Develop and install variety of activities into improve student life experience. • Diverse learning community that strives for academic excellence through reward system. • Emphasis on education of the whole person and on the search for meaning and value as integral parts of the intellectual life.

MY MANIFESTO I will listen and support every student in their ideas in how to develop the student life experience by organising and hosting variance projects. Provide direction and collaborate with other members of student union to lead the Students’ Union into the right path.

MY EXPERIENCE I have some experience but limited. My only experience I have so far is contributing into my six-forum team on developing a new logo and design. During the process. I and my other team members had meeting with variety of different school staff on discussing the affects and progression of the six-forum from turning a six-forum from public into an Academy.

• Increase student involvement by acknowledging the great diversity amongst our students which ultimately is BCU’s speciality. • Increase awareness to all year students of current and upcoming activities

MY MANIFESTO Second year student, striving for an Industrial placement, faced with the harsh reality of the employment market whilst having limited employability history. It is this reality that is igniting my fuel to be elected, so I can help others to realise the great importance of enhancing your employability skills BEFORE entering the job market. Gaining a job, especially with a reputable company is hard. Organisations place great importance on experience; however to get experience, you need a job… and before you realise it, you are in a vicious cycle of struggling to find a good job and ultimately failing. I believe there’s endless ways to build your CV and enhance your skills. I aim to encourage greater numbers of students to engage more profusely with their creative side, join groups/societies and volunteer; helping yourself whilst helping others. I want you to realise, you can actually enjoy developing your employability skills.

MY EXPERIENCE • Involved in numerous presentations and pitched business plan to professional panels. • Managed groups made up of diverse characters; motivated and promoted a positive atmosphere encouraging greater work output. • I confidently and respectfully put across my ideas and plans, often influencing and persuading others to evaluate the current situation properly to make the best choices. • Team leader in projects; Marketing Fundamentals, Managing Organisations, People & Self and New Venture Creations. • Developed projects by being a strong contributing member. • Creative; generated innovative concepts for New Ventures Project; one of which was ultimately selected by the team to forth as our chosen concept.

Elect your VP Student Development


Prince Quao

Qadar Adde



• To ensure new and existing student societies can develop and succeed.

• To unite all students on all different campuses by creating effective campaigns and extra curriculum activities through Societies and Sports Teams.

• Ensuring effective communication across every department of the university. • To improve student employability and development

MY MANIFESTO I am Prince Nii Adjei Quao, current second year student of Birmingham City University, studding Business Information Technology. I am an extroverted, activity-prone, entertaining, persuasive and optimistic person. I am receptive and open to others and build relationships quickly. If elected as the vice president student development the following are my goals and target within my tenor which includes, ensuring new and existing student societies develop and succeed. This will be done by making sure societies spend within their budget and also making sure membership fees are affordable for students. I will also Ensuring effective communication across every department of the university, ensuring informations from every department are made available to students easily. Furthermore, I will ensure students employability and development are improved, by creating more volunteering opportunities and also creating workshops where students are able to seek advice on employability’s, sports and societies as well as academic questions.

MY EXPERIENCE I am currently a member of a student union group in the university, I have been to several student union meetings, so I am quite conversant with the way the union is being operated. I also am currently involved with a charity organisation off campus which helps me to have a reasonable amount of knowledge has to how a charity organisation is being operated. If elected, transferable skills such has, good communication, teamwork, and good presentation skills will help me to run effectively as a Vices President Student Development.

• To create jobs, voluntary opportunities for students to gain more experience and increase their chances of employability while following the Equality and Diversity Policy of the Students’ Union. • To develop and support the relationship between students, the community and the Students’ Union; ensuring all projects are effectively monitored to the interest of students.

MY MANIFESTO My name is Qadar Adde, 21; I am a second year Business student. I am a DJ who loves to cook and enjoy football. I am a Treasurer for BCUACS and Chair of Society- Working group. I have a variety of experience including working with community leaders, societies, and students. Being part of a society committee led me to apply for this role as I enjoy my responsibility and have gained a desire for ambition to develop the student experience at BCU. My goals: • To unite all students on all different campuses by creating effective campaigns and extra curriculum activities through Societies and Sports Teams. • To create jobs, voluntary opportunities for students to gain more experience and increase their chances of employability. • To develop and support the relationship between students, the community and the Students’ Union; ensuring all projects are effectively monitored to the interest of students.

MY EXPERIENCE I am a Business Course rep and a Treasurer for BCUACS. I am responsible for the general financial oversight of the society, funding and fundraising sales, budgeting and financial reporting. I am a chair for the society-working group under the BCU Students’ Union. I lead the presentations and engage societies in terms of pitching for funding and cast the votes of all the members. I have worked with Luton Borough Council and Bedfordshire Police while raising huge funds for community project to get young people of the streets. I have also worked as a part time Sales Advisor at Barratts.


Elect your VP Student Engagement Jake John MY TOP 3 GOALS

The Vice President Student Engagement is responsible for developing and driving a communication strategy to raise awareness and build student involvement, ensuring reduction of communication barriers and development of a bespoke Students’ Union presence on each Campus.

If elected my ambition for my year in office would be to inspire students to interact with each other, promote inter campus integration and develop BCU’s reputation as highly engaged university. I think the emphasis to start with finding what things interest the students at each campus and isolate the common ground and build from there creating a network to get everyone to feel that same “esprit de corps”- fighting spirit of the BCU tigers.

MY MANIFESTO I think the key to me being able to achieve these ambitions is my ability to listen to ideas of others I might not be my first choice but still pursue with the same vigor as though they were. It’s great being able to do pursue something you’re passionate about, but it’s pointless if you can’t be as excited about someone else’s passion. So the best way to promote student engagement at BCU is to get the students talking about it, one person’s positive experience and the word of mouth that generates can be more effective than most marketing campaign. We have to provide something students feel like bragging about on sites like the student room. We have to monitor TSR comments, see what we’re doing wrong, establish how to do better to then show that as a university we listened and this is what we have done about it.

MY EXPERIENCE I left school with no GCSE’s and went into a career which was unfortunately cut short. But the personal organisation, team motivational techniques and diplomatic skills I’ve gained invaluable to me today. Having left my previous career, I went to college and achieved my GCSE’s whilst working two jobs, and then I got my access to H.E diploma and guaranteed my place at BCU, despite dealing with serious health issues. I guess what I’m trying to say is I do not quit; I will always give my best in whatever I do. My greatest achievement is me.

Elect your VP Student Engagement


Sanya Nisar

Daniel Northfield



• Creating more exciting university societies related to all types of courses in order to enhance CV by showing experience of work done within the societies.

• Engaging more students by creating & developing more opportunities for creative collaboration through different projects utilising the different disciplines across the entirety of BCU

• Concentrating on fitness. Bringing forward ideas of how to eat healthy, exercise frequently, take part in sports, and yoga. • Finding ideas of how to manage money and time. Being a student managing money and time is important for a living purpose and educational purposes.

MY MANIFESTO I am a fun character currently studying Forensic Computing, I use new strategies and work within set areas to make room for improvement. My focus will be on creating more exciting university societies. These will be more related with needs for job aspects as current employers look for experience of work. The societies will be associated with the course an individual is doing. This can be used to enhance CV demonstrating what most employers will be looking for. Secondly, I will be focusing on fitness. I will be engaging students from all areas of the faculty to come up with ideas of how to eat healthy, exercise frequently, take part in sports, and yoga. Thirdly, I will invest time in coming up with ideas of how to manage money and time. Being a student managing money and time is important for a living purpose and educational purposes.

• Discovering what can be improved to increase student engagement within the councils, societies, and the Union, as well as engaging smaller groups of students • Including smaller satellite campuses in BCU & SU activities using BCU’s main city centre campus, which makes them aware what facilities are available to them as students

MY MANIFESTO I’m a current third year on a TV production course and organisation is the absolute key to orchestrating a successful production. The SU is much like a shifting, dynamic production in the ways it operates and the events it hosts. I believe i could bring my organisational skills to the Union to help shape the future of the SU to be more in keeping with what the next generation of students want as well as keeping the main focus on the heart of all BCU’s students. I believe my passion and dedication to achieving successful actions & outcomes would play a massive part as i take great pride in knowing people appreciate what gets achieved. No matter what, students will always come first and through engaging with more student groups, i hope to make the SU more accessible to larger groups of students that otherwise haven’t been aware of SU.

MY EXPERIENCE My interests are to build on my skills through communicating with people, I do this when I am coaching youngsters to dance which helps me physically to keep fit and to be able to concentrate on my goals. I also modelled for Diesel agency, which helped me to enhance my verbal communication skills because it is necessary to communicate with clients and to empathise with them. I have also in the past lead a sports team, where we had an opportunity to work with the directors of Umbro Sports in order to help us improve our skills and abilities.

MY EXPERIENCE I helped to series produce the successful ‘BCUSU Come Dine with Me’, and using this as a base, i hope to create many more fun, cross collaborative projects that include more students like this through the academic year. • 2013 NUS conference delegate • Active member throughout all of 2012/13’s student councils, and the 3 most recent 13/14 councils • 2 Year active member of the democracy committee • Founded 3 societies • Helped run the former ‘Tiger TV’ • Participated in 2 previous ‘collaborative BCU paid projects’ • Currently an active member of the student run & led collaborative ‘Birmingham City Sessions’


Elect your VP Student Engagement

Ella Robson

Baldeep Sidhu



• I aim to create a tighter relationship between the students of each campus.

• Create a strong link between BCU campus

• I aim to create a tighter relationship between the students within different faculties.

• Increase the range of activities taking place during employability weeks, to appeal to a broader range of students

• I aim to improve student engagement with the Students’ Union.

• Advertise course reps more vigilantly to create more awareness and improve the relation between student and reps



I aim creative and charismatic, and very enthusiastic in ensuring students enjoy their time at university. Birmingham City University has helped to craft who I am as a person and I feel it is imperative that students make their most out of their time at the university.

An outgoing lively individual, thriving to make new social relations wherever possible. Confident speaker and easy to approach. Increase advertisement of student reps to make students aware of their presence and duty, so they can easily identify and approach them to voice their concerns. Break down the communication barriers both between officials and students and also break the segregation within the student years. I also have a strong intention to create a better social link between each campus of BCU to create a stronger community and create a BCU culture to be proud of.

I really enjoy working hard to meet goals, I am running for this role as I feel I can use my skills and experience to improve student engagement.

MY EXPERIENCE Previously I have acted as the project manager for the two week takeover on Scratch radio, working with the team to be creative and produce radio content of great quality. I was a corporal in the Air Training Corps and have taken part in the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. As a student outreach ambassador I work alongside education liaison to help promote the university to prospective students.

MY EXPERIENCE Organised numerous events such as fresher fairs which involved calling up well established companies and asking for donations to help contribute towards my cause. Attending regional competitions such as; Geography county town and achieving first place and retrieving a golden medal for my school. Voluntary IT experience in school years; changing student passwords/logins, monitoring attendance, reporting late comers and illnesses etc

Elect your VP Student Engagement


Leanne Westcott

Jonathon Wright



• Create exciting events, trips and volunteering opportunities for all students, ensuring a fantastic level of support for students experiencing barriers due to personal disabilities, child responsibilities, or intensive courses.

• To work hard to ensure effective and increased visibility of the Students’ Union, campaigns and extracurricular activities through the university’s media and communication platforms

• Create a bespoke Union presence on every campus, catering for their individual and unique requirements by working with students to recognise demands; then, generate potential bids for funding. • Develop an online social network where students can create professional profiles and exchange skills, responding to ongoing demand.

MY MANIFESTO I am a current Vice President of the Union, founder of “Your BIAD” Society, and ex-Faculty Rep. I have concentrated on giving societies more presence and recognition, and focused on increased interest and participation with SU facilities. If reelected, I will continue to have a regular presence on all 8 campuses, to ensure YOU are at the forefront of all decisions. I will work with my fellow officers to guarantee all services are accessible to all students, regardless of their campus. I pledge to work with the marketing team to create more sense of community across all campuses by finding new, innovative ways to communicate with students. As a returning officer who has dedicated a year to understanding and resolving issues students have, along with barriers faced by the Union, I am in prime position to utilise this knowledge and spend a further year building bridges between students and communities.

MY EXPERIENCE • Led Margaret Street students in a project presenting a proposal for £14,000 from the Union and University to refurbish their social room into an inspiring space • Founded ‘Your BIAD Society’, a platform for students across campuses to socialise and share skills • Green Fund Project Team Leader, focusing on recruiting students to run sustainability projects engaging them in a greener lifestyles

• To aim to maximise university experience by finding solutions for students to become more involved with their university community • To continue supporting and developing a Students’ Union presence at all campuses - particularly smaller campuses so that all BCU students have the opportunities to participate in further engagement

MY MANIFESTO If I was elected as Vice President for Student Engagement I would be determined to fulfil the responsibilities of the position as I understand the benefits of getting involved, making new friends and enjoying different experiences whilst at university. I have transferable skills from the dedication needed to be the President of BCU’s LGBT+ Society as well as participating in an art residency. Both roles required me to engage people into attending socials and keeping close contact with media officers in order to promote and increase awareness of events. I have also learnt how to overcome different challenges and find practical solutions for them. I am currently studying at Margaret Street and therefore I believe in the importance of maintaining a strong relationship between small campuses and the Students’ Union. I’m incredibly hard-working and have full certainty that I would do a brilliant job if elected!

MY EXPERIENCE • Current President of BCU LGBT+ Society which requires leadership, commitment, hard work and organisation as well as being friendly and approachable • Current student at a small campus • Co-founder, host and blogger for ‘Open Art Night’ - a bi-monthly art exhibition we set up to help students gain experience in showing their degree work and receiving helpful feedback • Current Student Course Representative

• Running a campaign to find solutions to ‘Hidden Course Costs’, and raising awareness of unexpected fees

• Engaged fourteen other BCU students in a performance to the public

• Part of the ‘HEA Project, Reward and Recognition’ program, looking to reward academic staff by creatively engaging students whilst teaching

• Been involved with extra-curricular activities such as working in a three-month art residency and having responsibilities as an awareness campaign group leader


Elect your VP Student Experience Katie Llewellin MY TOP 3 GOALS

The Vice President Student Experience is responible for the development of member services and investigation of the feasibility of new services to promote the welfare and rights of students and ensure all student services are accessible.

• To create a schedule of bespoke events to appeal to specialists student groups within the university. • To assess the current commercial offering across all 8 campuses; concentrating on research and opinions from as many of the diverse student body as possible. • To create a more bespoke approach to welfare, support and advice for all campuses and students.

MY MANIFESTO Student experience has become a passion of mine and I believe that due to my increase in understanding of engagement issues; through my current Officer role; I can create and initiate creative solutions to solve the problem of the current ‘one size fits all’ offering. Not all students are the same, and I believe that we should value, celebrate and respect differences! I like to think that I am friendly and personable, and this means that I have communicated with a large variety and group of students. My understanding of students issues and needs has grown exponentially, and the desperate requirement for a more bespoke approach to events and services has become apparent. Through speaking to students, and just establishing what they want, I believe that I can massively improve student experience across the whole university, across all 8 campuses!

MY EXPERIENCE In my current role as an Engagement Officer I have proven myself to be hardworking, honest and persistent in perusing goals. A perfect example of this is the intercampus bus route that myself and my fellow SAB have introduced. Proposing the system in my manifesto last year; obtained funding, finalising and introducing the service within the first half of my term illustrates my enthusiastic and tenacious approach. My previous experience in relation to this role is varied. Working in festivals for many years has given me an extensive experience in specialised events and understanding the importance of personalisation.

Elect your VP Student Experience

Orjeta Neli MY TOP 3 GOALS • Work to bring back the expiry date on student ID cards • Make sport activities more affordable and more accessible. • Improving student employability

MY MANIFESTO My name is Orjeta Neli, I am a 3rd year Law Student and running for VP Student Experience. One of the main issue that is concerning students is the absence of an expiry date on the student ID cards therefore students not being able to obtain discounts. Many students miss out on taking part in sports due to the high costs of membership and session fees. I myself was put off joining a sport due to it not being affordable on a limited student budget. I hope to tackle this by asking the University to invest more money into sports. An issue for every student is employability. I hope to be able to create relationship with local businesses and prospective employers to provide exclusive work experience and internship during the students’ studies and after graduation. I am currently working towards this through a project called Outduction where improving employability is our focus.

MY EXPERIENCE As a student at BCU I have been heavily involved in the student experience. To get the most out of uni I engaged myself in many projects to improve experience for students. One of these projects is the Student Advisory Board where I express any concerns from students, relay it back to the board and then inform students of the relevant changes. In addition I have been involved with Student Mentoring, helping students with academic concerns. This has been a particularly important experience for me as it empowers and motivates other students to approach their tutors for assessment feedback. Furthermore I have enjoyed helping and promoting BCU through working as a student ambassador during applicant visit day and open days.



Elect your VP Student Voice Katie Davies MY TOP 3 GOALS

The Vice President Student Voice is responsible for democracy and voicing student opinion through relevant educational campaigns and consistent student representatives who ensure quality learning and teaching.

Utilize the communication skills I have developed so far as psychology student and promote the importance of communication among societies and sports teams. Goal 1: Improve student experience at BCU Goal 2: Help create new and improving ideas of participation. Goal 3: Promote welfare and rights of students

MY MANIFESTO I would like to reflect upon my experience as a student where I have been part of both a sports team and society and offer some key ideas to help improve the opportunities for students here at BCU. Its saddens me the closer I become to the time at BCU ending, and am extremely eager to be given the opportunity to work alongside the Studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Union.

MY EXPERIENCE I have currently filled the role of welfare officer for the LGBT society and social secretary for Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s basketball. Where I have assisted with organizing social gatherings and events.This involved using the most effective forms of communicating in order for these events to be successful. As a welfare officer I have offered a listening ear to fellow students, and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the society expand.

Elect your VP Student Voice


John Duddy

Jennifer Watkins



I want to pursue the key priorities of the role; ensuring a democratically run Students’ Union, providing effective representation, and safeguarding your learning experience.

• Make democracy more accessible. With drop in sessions at every campus, a weekly blog of work completed and a bigger social media presence for the student voice team, making it easier for students to give their views.

In order to successfully achieve these I believe the SU needs to; more effectively capture and respond to student voice so you can have your SU work for you, ensure that student representatives are well trained and supported to be effective, and push for student input in university decision making.

MY MANIFESTO There is a need to create a more localised and bespoke approach to interacting with you as students. Each campus has different wants, needs, and cultures. I believe that only by understanding and adapting to these can we provide the best experience for students. Adequate training and support for reps as it is critical in taking action on your voice and safeguarding your learning experience. Good reps not only report the things you tell them but are also able to act and make a difference. I want to facilitate this. Your voice (or representation of it) is important in decisions that affect you. I will work with the University to have you, or us on your behalf, involved in as much decision making as possible. I will also work to make it as easy as possible for you to tell your SU what to do through involvement in Student Council.

• Ensure all 24,000 of you get the best possible education for your money. Including improving library and teaching facilities such as fighting for wireless laptop printing • Improve engagement with Campaigns particularly Free Wednesdays. Well-rounded students are more employable.

MY MANIFESTO As a law student I have spent a lot of time debating and arguing cases. As VP student voice I aim to fight YOUR case, arguing to turn your opinions into positive actions, making your university the best it can be. I will make sure every voice is heard right at the top levels of the University. I am passionate about student life and I believe that your days at University should be some of the best days of your life. I aim to be open and to keep you informed with what is happening within our union. I want to make sure that you receive the best education possible, after all that is the main reason we are here and spending a lot of money in the process. Let the lawyer fight YOUR case. Vote Jenny Watkins for VP Student Voice

MY EXPERIENCE Previously I served as ICT course rep for 3 years, and a Faculty Rep for my final year. As Vice President Student Voice during 2013/2014 I started making the changes we need. I implemented more relevant and local representation through School Reps and I lowered barriers to getting involved in democracy through streamlining Student Council. There was also much work behind the scenes, both within the SU and with the University, which is still on-going. I think I have the knowledge, experience, and passion necessary for the role. As to whether I am the right candidate; that’s down to you.

MY EXPERIENCE • As a course representative I have worked hard to listen to student views and help them make an impact, facilitating positive changes in the department. • I have been elected vice president of the Mooting Society for 2 years. • I have previously worked as a volunteer adviser at Citizen’s Advice; therefore I am used to listening to people, and formulating solutions for them. • I have also worked as an ambassador for the law school; this means I have become accustomed to talking to large groups of people and giving presentations whether it is in a courtroom or to prospective students.


Elect your Disabled Students’ Officer Harriet Johnson MY TOP 3 GOALS

The Disabled Students’ Officer is responible for ensuring the needs of disabled students are met and reflected through campaigns, identification of issues and to be aware of common problems and concerns.

• If I am elected, I aim to improve communication between disabled students and the Students’ Union • I will facilitate a disabled group society inviting students to attend social gatherings which encompasses various activities and shared experiences to highlight any issues that disabled students have, between the BCU campuses • I will liaise closely with academic staff to bring disability awareness into the teaching environment as I feel this is one area that is a neglected issue

MY MANIFESTO Having had a disability throughout my life has shaped how I view education for disabled students. I chose to come to BCU because I found the disability support to be very proactive, and I would like to contribute to this supportive disability foundation by enriching the disabled student experience for myself and others. From my own personal experiences, I feel I can advocate for students and empower them by taking concerns seriously and liaising with student bodies to make sure their voice is heard and steps are taken to further improve University life. I would like to plan and promote a student network of advice and guidance for disabled students that will be consistent and reflective of their experiences. This will be a safe space for students to discuss the issues they come up against whilst at University, to provide support, and to socialise and connect with each other.

MY EXPERIENCE I have previously taken part in various student centred projects to improve the university experience for disabled students. I am currently involved with the Student Academic Partnership (SAP) Project, where we host monthly events in association with Birmingham MIND to promote mental health and wellbeing among the student body. I feel the experience I have gained from working at these events help me to support any disabled student issues.


Elect your Ethical & Environmental Officer Paige Mcanearney MY TOP 3 GOALS

The Ethical and Environmental Officer is responible for identifying environmental and ethical issues within the Union and University through running campaigns to increase awareness and ensure correct policies are implemented.

Increase awareness of the effects small things have on the environment, such as running water while brushing your teeth. My second goal is to get people to stop and think as to what they could do to help without changing their whole life. Finally showing that one small thing like recycling a bottle instead of sending it to landfill can start to change the world in a fantastic way.

MY MANIFESTO To start with I’m a small country girl that’s been thrown into a massive city so it’s a big change for me. With this I have noticed that ‘city people’ have a lot of different views as to what being environmentally friendly is. It’s not. The smallest things help. This will be my main focus helping students realise that they don’t have to change their whole lives just to help the plant. As well as this I hope to use the position to really boost the Eco team that is already in motion today. This will give the team a lot more opportunities and help work with the students union a lot more closely. I hope to also to show people helping in maybe gardening isn’t just helping the plant but themselves also, mentally and physically.

MY EXPERIENCE In my short time at the university I have been signed up to the Eco team who have started to grow and try and spread awareness at the society’s fair so far. I have also been involved in some gardening that has took place before Christmas. The team I am on is doing a clothes collection soon and also a night out helping the team grow in size and strength. Before this I helped my old primary school set up an Eco Club for the students to up-cycle, reuse, recycle and also grow their own flowers and trees.


Elect your Ethnic Minority Students’ Officer Adewale Alabi MY TOP 3 GOALS

The Ethnic Minority Students’ Officer is responsible for ensuring needs of ethnic minority students are reflected through identifying relevant issues, canvassing opinion and implementation of campaigns.

• Ensure students voice is heard at the higher/management level and work as team with the SU to achieve set goals. • Listen and act as appropriate to students challenges, concerns and contribution and ensure their involvement and participation is recognised. • Unite all students from different campus, create awareness of common problems continue the good work of past officers and abide by the rules and regulation of the Students’ Union.

MY MANIFESTO Hello students, my name is Adewale Alabi (Ade). I am a BSc (Hons) Nursing Student. Many students will know me as a friendly, easy going and confident person. I have been a student rep in my cohort since 2012. This time, working with all class reps and students to promote fairness, equal opportunities and to ensure student’s welfare are met is my priority. I believe my skills as a team player and active listener is right for this post. I believe students should have a great experiences while pursuing their academic goals. Here’s my plan for the manifesto: • Involve students’ view and opinion in the development of student’s life while studying • Continue to represent your view, belief and aspiration • Be open to dialogue to resolve any issue or concerns • Work alongside the management and SU to ensure students welfare • Lobby for improved student centred transport, activities and mobility issue

MY EXPERIENCE I have actively represent students in my cohort in many Board of Studies meeting, dialogue with the management and feed students back on the outcomes of every meeting. I have represented the University at different Colleges in an open forum question and answer sessions. I have engaged in different voluntary work such as student ambassadors in open days event. I have been invited by many field leaders in my course to talk to new student about my experience at BCU which was greatly appreciated by all. I am one of the administrators of Class reps group City South campus.


Elect your International Students’ Officer Peter Adamsen MY TOP 3 GOALS

The International Students’ Officer is responsible for working closely with international students to ensure awareness of issues and concerns and implement campaigns to ensure the needs of international students are met.

• Guide international students around the problems that I and other international/EU students have faced when moving to the UK • Arrange a mentor scheme between current international/EU students and international/EU fresher students • Increase awareness of international/EU specific societies and generally encourage international/EU students to join more societies

MY MANIFESTO My name is Peter Adamsen and I am an Automotive Engineering student at the Millennium Point campus. Through the scheme between my previous college and BCU I have been in the pioneering position of transferring to BCU following my Automotive Technology degree. Therefore I have faced all the issues, academically as well as privately, that the move to the UK provides. To enable students to transfer into the country and study with as little effort as possible by providing clarity about the usual issues such as housing, banking and the course are my main goals. My native language is Danish but I claim to understand Swedish, Norwegian and German as well as more or less fluent English ;)

MY EXPERIENCE As mentioned in my manifesto I studied Automotive Technology (HND) in Aarhus, Denmark. I have a passion for motorsports and I have travelled around with various rally and racing teams and enjoyed all the ups, downs and excitement that this kind of sport provides. Until recently I have been president of the Engineers Without Borders society and I have been course as well as school representative and represented the University on various occasions.


Elect your Mature & Postgrad Studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Officer Cynthia Mukando-Otanga MY TOP 3 GOALS

The Mature and Postgraduate Studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Officer is responsible for leading all matters relating to mature students; ensuring awareness of common problems, identification of issues and implementation of relevant campaigns.

Set up an active group where mature women (student) are understand and offered great opportunity like university trip for mothers and children as long as others student .Event where student children can participate and encourage their mother as for most mothers their kids are their motivation, involving those children will increase their joy and make them do more than what they could do in their studies.

MY MANIFESTO HI! My name is Cynthia, I am a mature student aged 28, single mother of two children, my boy is 5 and my little one she is 3. I still find the time to attend all my classes and manage to meet my goals, as they are my motivation. I will like all the parents rather fathers or mothers to take this opportunity to look how beautiful it will be to have event where our children can assists us on what so ever we are doing at university, when presenting our work and so onâ&#x20AC;Ś Having to organise university trip where our children can feet in just like students spending time without worrying on how our little ones are doing.

Elect your Mature & Postgrad Students’ Officer

KatIE Thurlow MY TOP 3 GOALS My main goals are to establish an environment that mature and post-graduate students can get together and meet other mature students from across the university. This could be in the form of an official society, or regularly organised social events. I’ll work with the Union and University to ensure mature and post-graduate students’ concerns are voiced and addressed. I would like events during the welcome week to cater for mature students, especially those with children.

MY MANIFESTO Hi there! I am a mature student here at BCU studying Children and Integrated Professional Care in the School of Education. I am a friendly and outgoing person who is not afraid to stand up for myself and others. I had been working full time for a few years before I decided to take the plunge back in to education, so I know first-hand how daunting it can be to be a mature student, especially in a new area! Although I am thoroughly enjoying my time here at BCU, I was disappointed to see how little was on offer for mature students, especially during the welcome week. I would like to change this by creating a fun and social environment for mature and post-grad students, with and without children. I will become an advocate for you all, and help you get the best out of your time here.

MY EXPERIENCE During my first year here at BCU, as well as becoming a representative for my course, I have become very involved with the Students’ Union. I became part of a pilot project called “The A-Team” which is part of the advice and support team, and involves helping students make the most of Union services. I am also a student partner in the latest Student Academic Partnership project. This is an ongoing project to see whether all schools in the university are meeting the needs and concerns of the students, regarding the Academic Manifesto, and where there is room for improvement.



Elect your LGBT Students’ Officer Naomi Goonery MY TOP 3 GOALS

The LGBT Students’ Officer is responsible for implementing campaigns and canvassing student opinion, to ensure that the social, educational and welfare needs of LGBT students are met.

• To ensure BCU is a safe and welcoming environment for all LGBT students • Provide a better link between the LGBT+ society and the university to ensure needs are met for all LGBT students • Better representation and accommodation for Transgender students

MY MANIFESTO My name is Naomi Goonery and I am a first year Theatre, Performance and Event design student. I am an active member of the LGBT+ society and currently hold the position of ‘runner’ on the committee. I am extremely passionate about the LGBT community and want to provide the crucially needed link between the society and the university itself, ensuring all LGBT students are represented. I want to put a system in place that encourages students to confidentially talk about any issues and needs they want in place, to enable them to feel safe and secure throughout there time at BCU. Furthermore I feel very strongly that transgender students do not have enough representation throughout the university, so I would like to propose at least one set of gender-neutral toilets in every university building so they feel comfortable in using them.

MY EXPERIENCE Since joining BCU I have become a member of the LGBT society and committee, in which I have been actively trying to expand the society, to establish that all LGBT students are aware of our presence and know who to talk to if they have any personal issues.


Elect your Women’s Officer Shareen Bi MY TOP 3 GOALS

The Women’s Officer is responsible for ensuring the needs of women students are reflected in everything the Union does, by canvassing student opinion.

• Empower women - Support building their confidence to stand out of the crowd and have their voices heard • Encourage and support women to express ambition, pursue it, and get recognition for their accomplishments • Get women student to become more active with extra-curricular programs such as societies and sports activities

MY MANIFESTO Despite the huge advances women have made in recent decades, their ambitions are still undermined in many ways. Parents, teachers, bosses, and institutions all give less encouragement to women than men, and women still grow up believing that they must defer to men in order be seen ‘feminine’... I am passionate to turn this around. I want women to be praised and encouraged to pursue their dreams and goals. To be the best they can be and never feel less than anyone else.

MY EXPERIENCE I’m currently a Student Ambassador, Activity & Fundraising Coordinator of the Palestine Society, (fingers crossed I’ll become President of the society next year). I organise and run various charity events for various charities and I’ve been volunteering as a ChildLine Counselor for past two years.

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#bcuStudent - Leadership Elections Special 2014  

Who's got you vote? Decide who runs your Students’ Union next year!

#bcuStudent - Leadership Elections Special 2014  

Who's got you vote? Decide who runs your Students’ Union next year!