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BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


LaRae Wilson, an Indiana native who currently resides in Los Angeles, is the creative spirit behind fashion label, Bipolar Gear. Bipolar: having or marked by two mutually repellent forces or diametrically opposed natures or views. Bipolar Gear is the evolving, expression of individuality combining two extremes at the same time. Established in December of 2008, Bipolar Gear Designer LaRae Wilson’s passion for creating

groundbreaking colorful and eccentric men’s and women’s wear by creating pieces that make you feel sexy and young. This is a second career for LaRae, who has been in the education field for over 15 years. Inspired by the colors of her students clothing, she began a journey in the everchanging world of fashion. She describes her vision as, “me, my sewing machine, and my imagination”. Fashion is innovation at its finest, it is ever changing

and everlasting, as is this collection. Filled with the wardrobe of a confident woman seeking individuality and uniqueness of expression. LaRae took the mainstream indecisive woman and provided her with the combination of comfort, style, and a fresh look. “Our mission is to provide stylish comfortable clothing, while encouraging dialogue and promoting self- expression”.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue

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Valentine’s Day Trends

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue Major Williams Foxx City Recording Artist


Major Williams, a Dallas, Texas native is a hip hop recording artist who first began his musical career at a local friends house, as a pastime hobby; a hobby that would spiral into something far beyond the expectations of anyone bearing witness to what was yet to come. With a tireless work ethic, Major practiced his skills day and night until he finally begin to gain recognition from his critics and peers alike; but it was one friend in particular, former high school classmate, Deidra Dixon, that

would prove to be the most pivotal in Major's budding career. Overly impressed with what she heard, Dixon expressed her excitement to her brother, who just happened to be Academy Award winning actor & Grammy winning artist, Jamie Foxx, who in turn liked the music so much that he invited Major out to his home for a visit, thus prompting Major's decision to permanently relocate to Los Angeles, which also sparked the beginning of a newfound friendship.

But as fate would have it, after dodging the pitfalls he faced daily back home in the unforgiving streets of Dallas, Major would once again find himself in a similar situation when his music career begin to go belly up, leaving him with nowhere to turn. Following a slew of start and stop opportunities that included everything from modeling, acting, even fashion ventures, Major was forced to come to grips with reality and make a life altering choice; either give it

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


up, or give it one last try. Having actively sought his own independence for nearly a decade with modest results, Major's prayers were finally answered when fate found itself once again intervening in the form of a familiar face; Jamie Foxx, who after enjoying years of success was ready to focus his energy elsewhere. Taking him into his fold like a big brother, over the next year, Major's life would take drastic leaps and bounds as Foxx mentored, prepped and shaped him for super stardom, which almost immediately started to pay off as Major found himself recording some of the most awe inspiring, heartfelt, energy fueled music of his career.

Tried and battle tested, Major resurfaced with his call and response catchy single "Leggo"

Tried and battle tested, Major resurfaced with his call and response catchy single "Leggo", which would go on to not only catapult him into a new wave of notoriety, but also prove to be the confirmation he needed to never look back. Rapidly gaining buzz throughout the hip hop community as a force to be reckoned with, Major humbly accepted his challenge, fully aware of the long road that still lies ahead of him, especially since understanding now more than ever that there's only one direction left for him to go based on where he currently stands; and that's forward

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


Q:What do you love the most about your new project? Q: Where are you from? A: What I love most about my new project is that A: I am from Dallas, Texas, a hood called it’s all a reflection of me, my thoughts and the Bonton which was notorious for having a high way I see things. I get a chance to be random, crime rate every year. have fun and express myself on serious topics. Q: How long have you been in the industry? A: I have been doing music over 10 years at some The body of work is basically a warm up to what’s to come once I release my actual album capacity but as far as being an artist rapping I’d titled “Told Ya’ll” in the summer. say seriously 4 years Q: Was your project inspired by anything in Q: What is your biggest accomplishment in the particular? industry? A: My project was inspired by hearing no so A: To date I’d say my biggest accomplishment often, inspired by not being prepared to take would be that I am now signed to Foxx City advantage of certain opportunities and inspired Records with Jamie Foxx and that I landed myself a deal based upon the effort and energy I by me myself not having the courage to take charge and claim my spot. So now when you hear created for myself independently. Another one me on anything you’ll hear how sure I am of my would be of course having recorded songs with self and I am confident that I belong and no Mr.Foxx which are pretty dope. opinion or corporate person can tell me other wise. I have built myself, No Days Off Q: What do you love and hate about your industry? A: What I love about the industry is that it gives Q: What's the most unconventional element of your Music? you an outlet to connect with so many other creative and talented artist, the performing aspect A: I would say the most unconventional element of my music is that I study music and different in addition to recording projects. What I hate genres and tend to go off beat slightly and give most about it is that some individuals in certain you more real emotion in certain places on songs positions shouldn’t be allowed those position because it taints the quality of hip hop, but I now sometimes, I like to say that there are no mistakes in the recording process because you know in many cases that the industry is like dictate what the outcome is and you decide for Washington in many ways, political. yourself what is acceptable and cool. No filter Q: Is there any musician - dead or alive - that you Q: What are you currently working on? would love to collaborate with? A: Me and my team are actively promoting 2 singles released via Foxx City Records via iTunes A: I would love to collaborate with Patti Labelle, the late Amy Winehouse, Nas and Scarface to with a 3rd single pending release which may be name a few. out by time this article debut’s ha!!! On top of Q: What do you hope to accomplish in this next that Feb. 23 my brand new EP album titled Dangerously Kool will be available on iTunes so coming year? A: I started the year of with a resolution of being everyone must go and check it out.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


Q:What do you hope to accomplish in this next coming year? A: I started the year of with a resolution of being hot by summers end and so far me and my manager Willie Thomas are on the right track in producing those results. I’m very patient, but at the same time I am all about results which of course comes when you are putting in the right effort.

A: What makes me Bipolar I would say is the fact that in this industry you have to be unreal rather than real because your version of being real and keeping it true isn’t for everyone so you form multiple mask, which sounds crazy but many people in this industry would agree with this quote. It is very complex being apart of a industry that builds you up and plots for your down fall.

Q:What is your fashion style? A:My fashion style I would have to say is super random, I very weird with it at times and then I will do something typical like a white tee. It just depends on the moment, the event and the vibe at the time, plus living in Los Angeles where the weather is 90 % of the time great you can explore a lot.

I’d like to give a quick shout out to my family for being so support of the years and during my creative process because I turn into a mad I’d also like to state my appreciation to my mentor Mr. Jamie Foxx for giving me his cosign and multiple resource to obtain all the good that is coming my way this year. Other than that I’d like to thank this publication for the platform to express myself and tell my story, you guys are greatly appreciated.

Q: What makes you Bipolar?

“February 23rd my brand new EP album titled Dangerously Kool will be available on iTunes”

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue

It is very complex being apart of a industry that builds you up and plots for your down fall.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


“Why don’t Black men take care of their children?”


There is a thin line between racism and favoritism. Most of us grow up in homes dominated by our ethnic peers and customs, so it should be of no surprise if we are a bit ignorant of racial semantics. One could argue that the African-American portion of American history, though familiar, is not as understood or accepted. This conundrum has left a bitter pill to swallow for most Blacks that has given way to defensive posturing and unsubstantiated conspiracies. Nevertheless, it is as imperative as it is likely that African-Americans take responsibility and genuine initiative in educating themselves and their respective communities about the facts and flight of their culture and the experience.

Many African Americans have encounter a situation when they have been candidly quizzed or unfairly prodded about one or several intricacies, facts or myths concerning the Black experience. Despite, the source or the reasoning for the questioning, Blacks could and should always attempt to use this as a teachable moment. But one must first educate themselves least the questioning and the eventual response lead to strife, insensitivity or worst of all a renewal of division. My first experience, with this line of questioning, was in college. I admit, I was not good at it. What has become a one sentence substantiated, response was once a befuddling diatribe

of fact sprinkled- feelings that further confused the inquirer and rendered me an unfit source for civil discourse. I am a firm believer that attitude is the reflection of leadership. In this belief I have concluded that in those times when we are given the rare leadership moment of representing ourselves, the survivalist mode kicks in and we deliver a defensive response that lends itself to the creation of a less willing group of inquirers. How do we do this effectively? That in it is debatable. However, I took the privilege of providing a cliff notes to aid in the response to five of the top ‘black” questions.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


Why don’t  Black  men  take  care  of  their   children? Since slavery, the Black man was not allowed to take care of his children. The men lived in separate quarters from the women and children. Child slaves were customarily raised by the grandmother. A trend that is all too visible today. Several generations of non-exposure to child rearing, coupled with the income and employment inequality that Black men suffer in comparison to Anglo-Americans has contributed to the diminished role of the father in the lives of their children. Although this is not true for all Black men, the numbers are too out of favor to ignore, but with the continued education and upward mobility of the Black man in American society, we expect those numbers to shift in the favor of the African-American father for the good his children, his wife and of the entire American family.

Why do  Black  women  wear  weaves  and   wigs? Though commonly identified with AfricanAmerican women out of a perception of cultural necessity, the wig and weave can be attributed to fashion of all cultures. Many White celebrates and models were weave. Many of our early presidents and statesman wore them. Most women of all races love the versatility of weaves/wigs. African American women sight its functionality and corporate acceptance as primary reasons to wear them. African hair is more difficult to maintenance in a healthy lifestyle of activities like exercise and

swimming, plus most Afro-centric hairstyles like dreadlocks and naturals are not as accepted in corporate workplaces.

Why is  your  skin  darker?  Hair  kinky? Most African Americans are from west and subSahara countries. The land is hot and famine is commonplace. The dark hue and curly hair is a protection from the sun as is the thick brow of the Asian a protection against wind and sand and long thin hair a protection of Caucasians from the extreme cold of their respective region of origin.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


Why do  Black  people  have  weird  names? I would venture to suggest Osama bin Laden, Newt Gingrich, Chow Yung Fat, and Barak Obama as equally weird depending on one’s perspective

“Black people are educated on the struggle of their ancestors. It can be motivating but, when the obvious road blocks and failures arise, this can lead to bitterness”

Why are  Black  people  so  angry? Black people are educated on the struggle of their ancestors. It can be motivating but, when the obvious road blocks and failures arise, this can lead to bitterness. African Americans are sometimes lacking the generational wealth of leadership and opportunity proved to their White counterparts. With America being a competitive free market, losers are more abound than winners, so you will see a lot of discontent African-Americans who drive to succeed only to be thwarted from success. This can be attributed

to any race; however statistics show more persistent inequality and underperformance in the black community. However it is getting better as generations pass as seen with more prominent African- Americans in politics, business and science. Note: These  are  just  my  answers  to  these   ques3ons.  You  have  to  respond  in  the  best  way   possible  for  you.  But  know  your  facts.  Be  pa3ent   and  gentle  in  your  response.  As  an  added  note,   to  deflect  any  obvious  aDempts  to  get  you  to   dignify  any  nega3ve  stereotypes,  convey  to  your   peers  the  great  advancements  of  the  African   American  despite  slavery,  Jim  Crow,  in  the   aGermath  of  the  Civil  Rights  Movement  and   desegrega3on.  We  have  Blacks  in  space,  in   emergency  rooms,  law  offices,  boardrooms  and   of  course,  the  most  important  job:  the  Oval   Office.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue

“I'm too busy focused on now to worry about what's next, when next gets here it will become my now.” Mesha Cabbell~ Rain Owner

I LOVE RAIN BOUTIQUE BY LARAE WILSON How long have you been in the retail side of fashion? I’ve been doing this a long time…. my Barbie’s had boutiques (lol) I opened the first Rain Boutique in 2009.   How and why did you pick your boutique locations? A lot of foot traffic and areas with that old school

feel, somewhere you would go on a first date and order a root beer float with 2 straws thats the kinda sexy I was looking for. What do you like about fashion? The more things change the more they remain the same...To look back at a picture and think what was I wearing only to remember that I was fly at that time is what keeps the fashion world on it's toes.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


Q: What are the challenges you face, being a boutique owner? Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 YEARS. A: The economy as with most businesses and the A: Somewhere where this email can't reach me hang out appeal that the mall offers most teens ! and the typical consumer. Q: How do you choose what clothes you sell in your boutiques?  A: If you walk past and want to look back at it, thats the ideal product for Rain. Q: How do you spend your free time?  A: I spend all my free time staying busy...My babe tells me i don't know what free time means. Q: What makes you Bipolar?  A: Getting high on my own supply...I spend an equal amount of time on both sides of retail. Q: What is next for you? A: I'm too busy focused on now to worry about what's next, when next gets here it will become my now !


Artwork Done By: Mariah Miller Age 4

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


#10 All About You

#9 Hav Plenty

Nicole is crazy about her boyfriend, Robbie, and is heartbroken to find out that he's planning his future without her. She moves to a new city to start fresh, but strangely enough discovers that Robbie's brother Brian has rented her new roommate's room for the next month. Soon, Nicole and Robbie can't help but cross paths again, making them wonder whether they made the right decision.

Christopher Scott Cherot, the writer, producer, director, editor, and star of Hav Plenty, is also the chief source of charm in this jaunty, loosely stitched African-American love comedy.Cherot plays Lee Plenty, a would-be novelist with no particular address who falls hard for well-to-do, hard-to-get Havilland Savage. Plenty has trouble making headway with the object of his affection ( she's already got a fiance). Meanwhile, he connects with the rest of Hav's crowd, including her grandma, her married sister , and her vampish, hot-for-Plenty girlfriend. "Nancy! Sluggo! Elvira!" is how he greets Hav's sister, brotherin-law, and pal. Clearly Cherot has put his pop-cultural scholarship to good use.

This is a good movie for a rainy day and will make you question your past loves.


#8 Brown Sugar A woman wonders if it's just friendship or real love she feels when a close male friend announces he's tying the knot in this romantic comedy. Dre and Sidney became best friends when they were ten years old -- the same time that both first became aware of the first rumblings of the Hip Hop revolution in New York City. Today, Dre runs a successful record label, and Sidney is a respected music journalist. While both have always denied their attraction to one another, Sidney begins to have second thoughts when Dre proposes to his girlfriend Reese, a lawyer. Brown Sugar features supporting performances form real life Hip Hop stars Mos Def and Queen Latifah.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


#7 Jason’s Lyric This drama, set in a gritty part of Houston's outskirts, pits brother against brother as the two men try to cope with their childhood family tragedy. Jason and Joshua are opposites. Jason, an ambitious young TV salesman, is the straight arrow. Joshua, an aimless coke-head and frequently jailed petty criminal, is the black sheep. Their father, Maddog was a bitter and maimed Vietnam vet with a penchant for battering his wife, Gloria. To protect herself and her sons from Maddog, she throws him out of the house. In the ensuing fight one of the brothers fatally shoots Maddog. Jason is in love with Lyric, a feisty waitress. As he courts her, his brother Josh plans a bank robbery with his gang. In the end both brothers must face their past and do so in a violent shootout.

#6 Mahogany There is no need to film a bio on Miss Ross, anyone who is curious about the Diana Ross persona, her obsession with re-packaging her image and her crowd pleasing energy should be able to feast on all of the above in this very simple, light bit of entertainment fluff that is period perfect, complete with a campy runway show displaying Miss Ross' very amateur fashion designs. Her eye for style has always been much more successful in her real life on stage and off. Mohagany is about an ambitious fashion design student (Tracy chambers) coaxed into modeling and ending up the toast of Rome. The twisted love story in this movie is crazy. Billy Dee Williams vs. Anthony Hopkins. I CHOOSE BILLY DEE!!!

#5 The Best Man Taye Diggs is Harper Stewart, a struggling actor who flies to New York to be the best man of his college buddy's wedding and just completed a novel called "Unfinished Business." The book contains characters loosely based on his friends from college and mentions that at one point he slept with the bride to be. Can he stop people recognizing the thinly veiled truth as he prepares to be the best man at his best friend's funeral or will past betrayals finally be brought to the surface at the most unfortunate of times? This is a story of love, lust, imperfection and redemption and "becoming the best man that you can be.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


#4 Claudine The movie was written by the late Lester & Tina Pine, and directed by John Barry. Claudine was released by 20th Century Fox in April 1974. I consider it to be a classic and the predecessor to other revered Black romantic comedies like Love Jones, Boomerang and Brown Sugar. I own a DVD of this movie and truthfully, I find a way to watch this movie every week. I am not ashamed, this is my cinematic addiction and it brings me joy!



How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Love Jones

Slinky, sexy ''Love Jones'' brings new life to an old story: a courtship and all its predictable A smooth-jazz adaptation of Terry detours on the road to romance, McMillian's follow-up to Waiting with a boy-meets-girl inexorability to Exhale that claims to star along the way to love. Now this Angela Bassett as a 40-year-old formula fits suave black 20foxy single mom who falls for a somethings who live comfortably 20-year-old hunk while on in Chicago, flirt in warmly sensual vacation. Actually, this foamy, fashion and treat poetry, art and Second Chance at Love-type history as integral parts of their romantic fantasy stars the island of lives.There are some formulaic Jamaica. Whoopi Goldberg adds a moments, in particular the beatwhole lotta jerk pork as the the-train climax, but for the most heroine's best friend in a plot part, Love Jones is a savvy, devoid of real conflict; the treacly satisfying, and highly affecting soundtrack relies way too heavily romance that rings true. on shoop-shoop-ishness to signify good lovin'.

December 9, 2011


Adiam condimentum Purus, in consectetuer Proin in sapien. Fusce urna magna,neque eget lacus. Maecenas felis nunc, aliquam ac, consequat vitae, feugiat at, blandit vitae, euismod vel.

#1 FOR LOVE AND BASKETBALL Love & Basketball is, as one can infer from the title, about love and basketball. The film follows the lives of two next-door neighbors, one male and one female, from their first meeting on the court at the age of 11 until a fateful night a dozen years in the future. Through all this time, their passion for basketball is equaled only by their passion for each other, but it's never clear for either of them which takes precedence - the game or the relationship. In the final analysis, the feature debut of writer/director Gina Prince-Bythewood (backed by

producer Spike Lee) succeeds as a romance. The film's dialogue is excellent, fresh, a high percentage deliverer. Sanaa asks her sister, "Ever been in love?" Sister: "Yeah." Sanaa: "Ever been loved back?" Sister: "Sure ... after I cut 'em off." What person hasn’t said that? It is so crazy that you can love someone

and as soon as you take that love away, they decide that they can’t live without you. If there is a more perfect expression of life’s pains and elations than Al Green’s “Love and Happiness,” I don’t know it. Under Green’s seductive vocals, at the start of Gina Prince-Blythewood’s Love & Basketball, everything you see as the camera swings through L.A.‘s upper middle class burb, Baldwin Hills — sun-dappled trees, houses with green lawns and long driveways, kids shooting hoops — is suddenly vibrant and sensual.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue M-11 formally a New Orleans street hustler, has transformed into a profound voiced lyricist. He now delivers stories of lessons well-learned from his challenges of life occurrences.

Smokey Lane formerly known as Smoke Meezy was born and raised in Compton, CA on May 5 who is a multitalented artists who not only sings but raps as well as produces. Surrounded by a a musical family he begin playing at the age of 2. Not just an artists but Smokey Lane can play bass, lead guitar, keyboards, drums, trombone, trumpet, sousaphone and the harmonica. During junior high and high school he would go on to perform in a band. After a brief moment with the navy Smokey Lane realize music is where he interests lay. He from various groups including a hip hop group called Da Wood Chuccz And Milineum Mindz. In 2008 he began writing poetry and was featured on the record "Breaking Poetry Over Music Volume 3". He also produced and composed for some of the following recording artists Bad Influence,

Mando, Flash, Bre Roc and Mack Flossi, Nockturnal, Noni Spitz and a host of others. Smokey Lane uses life experience, observation, and personal struggles and triumphs as his influence when writing. On February 14, 2011 he released his debut album "Make Out Music" with the features singles "Tear ya bed down" featuring No One (Noni Spitz & Dae One) and "Stay With Me". Shortly after he begin working with artists Noni Spitz on "The Players Manual" where he coproduced with producer Dae One and is also featured on two of singles from the album "Sippin On" and "Celebrate". He continues to work with other artists including Mac Lucci on his single "Cali Life". Taking his talent further, Smokey Lane is also a film editor. He is working on various products from himself, No One, Rapper Big Pooh, and others.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue Q:Why do you work in your industry? A: I work in my industry full time because I love it and It's what I know best. Q:What projects are you currently working on? A: I am currently working on my own project entitled MAKE OUT MUSIC 2.0, which will be release on February 14th, 2012. Q:What is your biggest accomplishment in your industry?

A:My biggest accomplishment so far, is the release of my debut music video for my single "STAY WITH ME", which is now uploaded to YouTube. Q:What is the biggest challenge in your industry? A:The biggest challenge in my industry has always been finding the right situation to create more of a solid foundation to constantly work on my craft.

I'm convinced that "style" kills creativity

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue

INTRODUCING SMOKEY LANE BY LARAE WILSON Q:If you could work with another artist who would that be? A:There is no one in particular that I want to work with, I'm always open to work with anyone, as long as they like-minded, talented, of course, and focused.

Q:What makes you Bipolar? A: Usually, I find that when I'm surrounded by negative energies, they tend to rub off, so I make a strong effort to stay away from the unhappy, the unlucky, and the manic depressive.

Q:Where do you see your industry headed in the next few years? A: Though it's complicated, I do know for a fact that the music industry is almost totally viral, threatening traditional ways of music distribution, etc. As far as sound of music is concerned, the possibilities are limitless with all the collages and fusion of all the genres.

Q:What is next for you? A: Next seems to be now. I'm already working more behind the scenes on motion picture and music video sets, where I'm shooting, directing and editing- an avenue I have wanted to explore for awhile now. Q: Where can people find you? A: Twitter-@MrSmokeyLane or

Q:Tell me about your fashion style. A: If I ever had a style, I don't now. I'm convinced that "style" kills creativity, so I'm “I want to thank Bipolar Naked for allowing very open to many styles without committing me to be a part of this issue...LaRae you are to one. I take this philosophy with me, no AMAZING!!!� matter what industry or environment I'm in.


Ready, set, here comes the couture! If there is one thing to say about the Golden Globes, it is that it marks the beginning of a very high-fashion awards show season! A-list celebrities put on their fashion A-game starting on the Golden Globes red carpet, and if this past Sunday has anything to say for the fashion we will be seeing in the up and coming months, we

are in for a treat! Stylists have really worked hard to develop their celebrity clients’ personal styles and give them head to toe looks that are (no pun intended) award winning! Although not every star hit it out of the ballpark on the red carpet for the Globes, we’re sure they’ll make a comeback. But for those who did score some style points, they are now on our radar, and

we can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next! I personally love watching the red carpet arrivals live to see each celebrity make their grand entrance! It is also the best time to notice how trends become trends. What we see on the red carpet is bound to translate to everyday wear, so take note of these star favored color trends and you’ll be set for the spring!

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


opting for White were: Zoe Saldana, Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, Kelly Osbourne, Tilda Swinton, Judy Greer

This awards season one trend has really made a stand and that’s the white dress.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


opting for Black were: Angelina Jolie, Ashlee Simpson, Jayma Mays, Emma Stone, Amber Heard, Stacey Keibler

The failsafe red carpet color, black is always flattering. But the dark shade can be aging and younger stars often shy away from wearing black.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


opting for Fishtail were: Reese Weatherspoon, Paula Patton, Julianne Moore

Stars dazzled in dresses by Christian Dior, Lanvin, Versace, and Gucci. Many of the designs were strapless, several were beaded, and an overwhelming number had fishtail hems, extending into great bundles of fabric on the floor. When it comes to the silhouette it was all about the sexy fishtail, and so many stars showed off their phenomenal figures in the trend!

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


opting for Bridal were: Giuliana Rancic, Shailene Woodley, Jennifer Biel

With the Royal Wedding, Twilight nuptials and Kim Kardashian's short-lived Hollywood extravaganza, it comes as no surprise bridal gowns are the hottest red carpet trend this year. Bride-to-be Jessica Biel, who recently announced her engagement to Justin Timberlake, opted for a white lace gown by Elie Saab and Tiffany & Co. jewellery. The romantic vintage-style dress featured a high-neck and was split to the thigh - a hint at what is to come, perhaps?

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


opting for Nude were: Nancy McPhee, Sarah Hyland, Heidi Klum

If there was one overwhelming trend the 2012 Golden Globes had going on, it was a serious case of the pales. Did all the stylists get together and party-phone this trend into existence or was this merely a coincidence? You could call it a parade of champagne, a pallid paradise, or a nakie-nudie FANTASIA OF FLESH TONES, but most of the dresses we spied this year were decidedly wan in the color department. While they looked lovely on perfectly toned and spray-tanned bodies all airbrushed and perfectly coiffed, this was like a thorn in my side. The reality is that nudes and "blush" tones aren't all that hot on most of us....Still, the ladies looked lovely!

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


opting for Color were: Sofia Vergara, Michelle Williams, Kyra Sedgwick, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain

There were a few fun pops of color today, including a group that matched the carpet in red. A colorful, rainbow-inspired palette was no stranger to the SAG Awards' red carpet, and Hollywood's Alist starlets opted for a bevy of the most vibrant, striking kind. From warm fire engine red to shocking berry pink to serene Mediterranean blue, the gowns were jaw-dropping, not just for their artful cutouts and stunning owners, but for their playful, prismatic effect. If there's anything we learned, it's that these actresses can give the red-carpet hue a run for its money. Just look to Emily Blunt's diaphanous green Oscar de la Renta creation or Jessica Chastain's cool custom azure Calvin Klein column dress for proof that no color was too bold or too bright. Then, click through to see which other celebs got in on this technicolor trend.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


A group of four best friends from Los Angeles, California decided to take their passion for fashion to the next level. The journey begins with a fashion blog that creates a canvas for self-expression. These four girl’s early fascination with timeless vintage pieces helped to

ignite their new project, an up and coming web store. These classic vintage items are all personally hand picked, designed and styled with a unique combination of each girl’s flair.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


Q:What is Personally Styled? A:Web boutique for vintage clothing Q:How did the idea came about? A: It has been a childhood dream Q: Is Personally Styled an attempt to bring vintage back into the forefront of fashion? A:Yes, but its a collaboration vintage and modern. Q: How does it work mixing friendship and business? A: It can be a little rough but ultimately fun. We know how to separate business and friendship Q:Where do you see Personally Styled going in the next few years? A:We see it doing big things. we want to open multiple stores in which we not only sell the clothes, we style them. We are doing spring fashion week and only good things can come from there.

Q:Whats your target consumer if you have any that is? A: Young girls and women that love vintage. Q: How can people shop from personally styled? Q: What are you guys favorite piece of vintage item in your closet right now, that you cannot not live with out? A: purses, makeup, sequins Q: How would you define Los Angeles fashion? A: It is a melting pot because there are so many culture. People dress based their style on their moods. Q:What encouraging words do you have for upcoming black women who what to dive into this intense fashion world? A:Stay consistent, persistent and definitely stay true to yourself.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


...and yes I do need all that make up!!! .

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue

“Whether you are sixteen or over sixty, remember, understatement is the rule of a fine makeup artist.” Helena Rubinstein

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue

“I find that putting my makeup on and playing with different looks is really relaxing for me before the show.” Martina McBride

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


Women and teen girls are always particularly conscious about their looks and style. And when we talk about Valentine’s Day, it becomes further special to look stylish, trendy and dazzling personality. Women's dressing is the central part of their looks. Here are the tips by which one can have the trendiest looks on Valentine’s Day 2012!

other colorful floral colors as Valentine’s Day’s peculiarity is attached with the flowers. Flowers are the sign of love, affection, peace and romantic mood. So these colors will be the best choice on promising occasion of Valentine’s Day. Red color to be rock this year too, like previous years! Because it's the color of your heart and is the symbol of your love for someone special. All Just keep little stuff in your mind like exciting floral colors will give you an type of dressing, stitching design of awesome look on this occasion. your dressing, your makeup and hair style, your shoes and jewelery and One can wear red colored tops, skirts hand bags' choice! These all things and pants. Pinks are also a nice trend are much significant while building on this occasion. You have to go with up a trendy and up to date some prints that are much lively to personality. express your feelings to your loved ones. First of all floral colors to be worn on Now the shoes, tips that are one have Valentine’s Day like reds, pinks and to go with sexy high heel shoes,

stilettos and pumps. These kinds of shoes will look gorgeous on Valentine’s Day, giving you romantic and sexy looks on your dates. Stunning bracelets and chunky earrings will go rocking with your red or pink colored dress. Beautiful clutches would be the best hand bags on your dates of Valentine’s Day. Color idea of your all accessories must be in accordance to the color of your dressing, this point is very important in styling yourself! Various trends are introduced by fashion designers for the year 2012. And here are some suitable and the most romantic trends for one to give you a complete guide about the fashion trends of Valentine’s Day 2012.

BIPOLAR NAKED February Issue


Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and women have been spent days preparing for the party dresses and accessories valentine. With the growing trend of nail art, the latest craze Among girls is to get their nails painted with the never ending nail designs created by using paint, stickers, beads, flowers, stars and even stones. Even the popularity of nail piercing and wearing

jewelries like ringlets Also are Plain bright red nails looks growing day by day. breathtaking acres Also with Valentine’s Day dresses. Valentine’s Day is not just about Valentine’s Day nail designs can the red dress. Nail art with soft be fun and flirty as well. For pinks and red seductive looks creating a romantic Valentine’s fresh, romantic and dazzling. Day nail art, First begin with a floral nail art with soft colors is base coat of red nail polish. also a great idea for Valentine’s After the base coat dries Day. Undoubtedly, embellished completely, carefully create Valentine’s Day nail art is the adorable heart symbols with red most gorgeous designs for your nail color. Do not forget to nails manicure That cans turn cover nail with a clear nail glue into a real piece of modern art. to seal the design.

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