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Organizational Communication Analysis Part IV - Public Relations, Public Affairs, and Media Paper COM/480

The report is the fourth of 5 parts in an analysis of the virtual organization Kelsey Garden in terms of their organizational communication. The business caters to building effective communicative relationships among men and women who share the common interest of organic gardens. By taking a look at the current organization plan of the business, we can have a glimpse of the going-on and look at methods of improving them.

Media can be seen as the most powerful communication tool, especially when the need for crisis management rises. It cannot be helped that sometimes bad publicity comes about, which could put an organization's integrity in jeopardy. Before giving others chance to destroy its reputation, crisis management must effectively correct any area of organization that could gain such critique and help restore the facility into an honourable and pleasing business. Areas like damage control should be top priority, and appeasing the detractors should come right after. People needed for this certain kind of task must have the ability to work under pressure. Experiencing a crisis poses a unique challenge to everyone because it is an opportunity to display your character's strengths.


Com 480 week 4 individual assignment organizational communication analysis part iv public relations,  
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