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play earlier or modified versions of yourself as you age. If you own your own avatar, you can license that iteration of yourself as often as you like. What if Harrison Ford could play the 30 year old Han Solo again, or license someone else to play him? What if Arnold Schwartzegger could look like Conan the Barbarian or the Terminator again? When you own a given avatar of yourself, you can license it any why you like and you can determine who plays you. If you don’t own it, and someone else does, they are the only ones with that control. If you aren’t working on the tech side of Hollywood, and haven’t been to NAB or any of the big gaming conferences where platforms like Unreal Engine and Unity are showing their “film and television solutions”, this advice may seem insane.


t’s important to remember that when Hollywood makes big shifts they happen overnight. There was a time when Hollywood shot movies on film rather than tape or digital drive. There was a time when Hollywood’s studios were the power houses, not worldwide retail giants like Amazon or digital subscription services like Netflix. There was a time when Hollywood used models, optics, prosthetics, and makeup to create special FX. Now almost everything is done digitally in the vast majority of commercially produced Film & TV projects. Over the next five years you’ll see an explosion in the number of actors playing digital characters including digital

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versions of themselves. You’ll see producers, even indie producers, shooting their projects on green screen using digital sets, digital characters, digital special FX, and the occasional live actor in costume to create fully composited content in real time. These production tools make creating great content cheaper. These technologies allow producers to make great movies faster. These solutions give producers assets they can use for decades which cuts the cost and increases the value of future projects. 21st century actors need to understand their own options and opportunities in this brave new world, or they’ll find themselves without the options they need to support a lifelong career doing what they love. –

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