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FRONT COVER Something Really Rad gets to go here

You never know where the inspiration may come from, you never know where the dream can take you, but if you believe, truly believe and work hard, your dreams will never let you down. For us, the inspiration came one day at gate practice behind our shop. You see we had a small little company called “TECH” and we made custom race pants and jerseys. We were supplying Haro, Redline, Cyclecraft, even S&M, all of the big BMX teams with their gear. And with this company we had a “Factory” team of our own that consisted of Billy Harrison, Kiyomi Waller, Glenn Pavlosky, Brian Lopes and Bogi Givens. Maybe you have heard of them. Well we never were able to get a solid frame sponsor for our team and one night while doing gates behind the shop we came up with the idea for the first Supercross rear end. We had already been playing around with the idea of using some left over frames that ELF made for Boss but got rejected for bad chrome to fund the team, and when we were doing gate practice that day we decided that we needed to do it right and design our own frame. On the spot we drew up the plans for the original Supercross “secondary seat stay” design frame, and I guess as they say, the rest is history. We never planned on starting a BMX frame company, it just happened.

And I don’t know about you but we are sure glad it did. Over the last 25 years we have travelled the world and the country doing what we do. BMX. And we wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything. We have watched our riders win races, lose races, represent their countries at the UCI BMX World Championships, The ABA Grand Nationals, the NBL Grand Nationals, Redline Cups, State Races, Local Races and even at the biggest sporting event in the World, the Olympic Games. We have built some cool stuff, we have built some crazy stuff, we have innovated, we have dreamed, and we have constantly tried to push the envelope of what can be done with a BMX bike to offer the most performance and fun that you can have on 2 wheels. We may not be the biggest bike company in the world, but luckily that was not our goal. We just wanted to build the best bikes for BMX that we could and to have a bunch of fun with our friends and our bikes. I think that we have achieved that goal, and we are looking to how much fun we can have the next 25 years. We hope you enjoy reading this catalog as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Everything we do at Supercross is a labor of love. The catalogs included. We don’t do it for the money, but do it for the fun. Now when you are done reading this guide go grab your bike and have some fun!! Thanks for the good times there are many more ahead - Bill Ryan / Owner-Founder-Designer-Head of Sanitation For more info on Billy and all the rest of our Supercross BMX riders and history visit our website at

25 years ago Supercross was founded by doing gates behind the shop, today 25 years later we still do gates behind the shop, but now on a completely different level as Jeremy demonstrates with this fire jump on the Supercross BMX playground. Keeping the tradition alive for 25 years. #loveBMX


The two riders on this years cover represent two decades of Style and Fun. Todd “Stiffy” Steen was one of the first riders to ever drop a nose in BMX while racing. And Jeremy Rommel, well you have seen him ride. What more do we need to say. Bonus Information - The Picture of Todd on the Cover was taken in 1992. The Same year Jeremy was born. Talk about BMX spanning generations. Photo of Todd Steen taken by the one and only Spike Jonez of BMX Action Fame. Photo of Jeremy Rommel taken by Jason “Shooter” McGuire of USABMX fame.

With over 4 years in the making. The new Supercross ENVY BLK is Ultra light, Super stiff and amazingly strong. If you are uber serious about your racing, and demand that you are riding the best. Turn to page 6 to find out why you are going to want to get on one of these today as your new race bike. “Supercross is the new BLK”.

Lighter, Faster, Stronger, is the mantra cry in the Supercross offices. Everything we do has to be an improvement on what we did last, or why bother doing it. I think once you see the new ENVY v5 you will see that not only did we meet our goal, but we surpassed it. And why not, if you can’t strive to be the best, why try at all. Turn to PG. 12 to learn more.

You have to remember and honor your roots. And the SX450z is just that, and honorarium to the Cro-mo race frames of past, but with a new school attitude that makes it fun to ride and attack the tracks and trails. Read more about it starting on PG. 22, Get one today before they are gone.

Stephanie was the first Supercross Factory Girl. She was an ABA #1 Am Cruiser title holder, numerous NAG plates and was a founding member of the ABA’s Womens Pro Class in 1998. She could jump, she could laugh and she could start a mean food fight. All traits that are important when riding for Supercross. We caught up with Stephanie as we were working on the catalog and asked her about her time on Supercross and here is what she had to say. “Supercross & Bill Ryan were a pleasure to ride for & represent. It was a difficult time for us riders & the team back then, but we were a family. Bill looked out for us & we took care of reach other, that’s what I loved most about BMX, and Supercross, it was a family. I didn’t realize the impact I had on the future of other girl racers in regards to Supercross until recently. I am very proud & humble for that, all I wanted to do was my best & try to give other females encouragement. I cherish the time I had on Supercross & congratulate them on 25 years! Here’s to 25 more! Thank you for all you did to help me!” - Stephanie Anderson We would like to also thank you Stephanie, you helped forge a new path for Women BMXers and Supercross that continues today. It is an honor to call you a part of the Supercross Family

“Chainsaw” as he is known to friends was the second PRO on the Supercross Factory Team, James and team mate Ray Luscombe shared many adventures and road trips on the Supercross Factory team. Ask either of them about the “Mystery Machine” Van we sent them out on the road in, or James’ adventures to Subway on the road. We guarantee you a good laugh out of any of those stories. James may not of been the fastest Pro on the circuit, but he fit the Supercross way of life. He was having fun riding his bike, had a great attitude and was always down for a little fun. James is still having fun, and riding bikes and keeping that smile on his face. We are proud to of had so many great riders in the Supercross Family over the years and James is one we are proud to still call a friend 20 years later. Do what you love, love what you do. #loveBMX

Not all Carbon is created equal.

Just as with aluminum and steel, there are different grades of material for different strengths and needs. We have been working with some of the worlds leading carbon suppliers on the ENVY BLK for almost 4 years, ensuring that our High Modulus / Nano Tube Carbon is the best material available to build you the Lightest, Stiffest, Fastest Carbon Race Frame Possible. Estimated ENVY BLK Pro Frame Weight is a featherly light 890 grams or 2lbs flat.

People ask is Carbon a “Fad”. It is the same type of people who asked if Aluminum was a fad. Look at the track today, 90% or more of all the race bikes are Aluminum. Carbon is the next level progression, and with the technology advancing as it has with the new Nano Alloy resins, High Modulus Weaves, High Compaction molding processes etc... You can see why Carbon is the direction everyone is headed. When we first started working on our new Carbon Frame in 2007, we ended up choosing Aluminum, as the Tubing we were able to get from Easton® at the time allowed us to build a Lighter, Stiffer, and Faster frame with Aluminum. And with that, in 2009 we introduced the Supercross ENVY which has been the lightest production race frame in the world for the last 5 years and counting. But times change, and the advancements in carbon materials and building technology have led us to produce the new ENVY BLK. It is the most advanced Supercross Frame built yet. From it’s High Modulus Carbon, the Low Void compaction, and Nano Alloy resins, it seriously uses Formula 1 and Fighter Jet Technology to build you a Superframe.

The Colors shown to the right are just a few examples of possible “Limited Edition” Team Colors. All Supercross ENVY BLK Frames will come with a certificate of authenticity

All of the Carbon Sheet is hand selected from the finest suppliers, Torray, Mitsubishi etc... and then it is precision cut and hand laid into its forms. The resins are hand brushed to optimize material placement. Then it is put into our STEEL compression molds which hold our material forms in the 3d optimized shapes needed for the ultimate in strength and stiffness, all while allowing the compliant ride you are looking for to ensure powerful gate starts and ultra fast cranking for the 3rd and 4th pedals. Due to the high cost involved in building tooling for the ENVY BLK frames we are starting out with 4 Pro sizes, Pro, Pro Plus, Pro XL and Pro XXL, but eventually we will be bringing this Carbon advantage to all sizes of riders with the Junior , Expert and Expert XL sizes already in planning. If you are serious about wanting to win, and want only the best, be sure to look at an ENVY BLK at your favorite Supercross BMX dealer when shopping for your new frame. We guarantee you will be impressed. Keep your eyes peeled on for release dates.

The new Supercross SLT BLK Carbon fork is our first venture into a full Monocoque Carbon Fiber fork. The Manufacturing process of a solid 1 pc fork allows a stronger connection from the steertube to the fork blades so it is a stiffer and stronger structure, all while keeping the weight down. The SLT BLK Fork uses a tapered Steer Tube which goes from 1 1/8� at the top to 1.5� at the base to further enhance the forks stiffness and strength. Add in the full carbon w/ aluminum insert dropouts for a 20mm hub and you have a fork that is under 20 ounces that is ready for whatever course you are ready to throw at it. The SLT BLK Fork is available in a Neutral Gloss Carbon as shown and also in a Limited Edition CYAN to match up with our ENVY BLK and our ENVY v5 Frames. The SLT BLK fork uses the same Axle to Crown Measurement as our regular SLT 20mm Fork. The SLT 20mm Fork Specs are found on page 28.

The Supercross Quick Twitch 20mm Hubs are a perfect pairing with the SLT BLK Fork

The Supercross ENVY BLK and SLT BLK Frame fork Combo kits are also available. Please check for Current Availability and Color Choices.

Limited Edition SLT BLK Forks are Color Matched to the ENVY BLK Frames for a perfect match of style and strength

You may of seen the guy on the Pink “Girls” Bike doing some crazy Back flip or Tuck No hander, you may of heard Redman call his bike the “Fishing Lure” or you may of seen him power down a couple of Carl’s Jr’s Breakfast burgers as he is running thru staging as he’s running late for his Moto. And undoubtedly you have seen that guy in practice that finds the line no one else sees, usually tripling in and then tripling out of the rhythm. If you have seen any of that, you have seen none other than Jeremy Rommel. Jeremy has been a member of the Supercross Factory team for over 4 years now, he started off as an amateur on the team and has grown into his position as Elite Man / A Pro. For Jeremy, BMX is his life, so it is easy for him to do this lifestyle as it is who he is. Whether Jeremy is on his Race Bike, his Park Bike, his Road Bike or his Mountain Bike, it is all just fun and riding for him. Jeremy started racing at 6 and has been non stop racing ever since. Since the day he took his dads old Drywall Board and scaffolding and built some jumps in the front yard to the full blown track in his back yard, or that thing called the “playground” at the Supercross shop and every track around the World, Jeremy just wants to ride. And some would say he is living out every little BMXers dream, by working at Supercross, as well as touring the World racing and riding his bike. And he would have to agree. Now Jeremy may not be up for the #1 Elite Title just yet, but he is using this last year as an A Pro to really get his core foundation built to get ready to run AA Pro and Elite next year. And one thing Jeremy knows is that you have to keep it fun to succeed.

So to keep it fun, he has been doing some fun road rides with team mates Jared Garcia and Dani George, doing a bit of Dirt Jumping in the yard. A burnout or two here and there in his MSP. Keeping it light and fun, while dedicated towards the goal. And because Jeremy believes in “paying it forward” , he has started up his own local team “JSR - Jeremy Scott Racing” as shown below. This is a group of kids that he helps train and

Jeremy is always helping out at the local track and decided to help give back to a few little rippers so he started up “JSR” . It is comprised of a great group of local kids that he trains and is helping give some direction and motivation too. Be on the look out, as these kids rip and are regularly making their mains at the Nationals now. Paying it Forward. #loveBMX

encourage so that they can hopefully one day be in the spot Jeremy is, living their dreams riding a bike for a career. When you see Jeremy at the track, or maybe helping set up the Supercross Pits, be sure to stop by and say hello, Jeremy always has time for a fellow BMXer and to compare lines around the track or who has the best cheese burgers. Who knows you might learn a thing or two. #loveBMX

JSR / Supercross Team Roster ( L to R )Taylin Beadle - 5g, Bella Hammond 8g , Caleb Pullen 7x, Ty Beadle 7x, Gavin Rodriguez 5i, and Lance Hooper 8i. Not Shown Dark Vader - Korban Corbett 19/27x

Dani George, real world testing her ENVY v5 in front of thousands, on UCI Supercross Tracks around the World

The ENVY v5 Pro XXL to the right Shown in custom Matte Black weighs in at feather light but Supercross ready 3.1lbs.

2014 ENVY Spread Details - Colors

Progression is what drives us. Every time we build a frame, we are constantly looking at it and analysing it to try to make it better. So say we should leave good enough alone. But that is not the Supercross way. We live to push it to the cutting edge. The best materials, the best welding procedures, we specify our own Argon mix and specific welding rod. All in pursuit of perfection. We want to ensure that when you get on a Supercross, you know you are riding the best. The new ENVY v5 starts where the v3 left off. It utilizes the same World Championship winning geometry, but gets an all Brand new 7005 Ultra Lite Race Triple Butted tube set. All brand new molds for the top and down tube to increase strength and rigidity as well as maximizing dent resistance. The top tube and down tube are larger at the head tube to better support the all new 1 1/8� - 1.5 Tapered head tube, the center sections are thicker to increase dent resistance, and the downtube is wider at the BB shell to further enhance pedaling efficiency. The top tube is now a tapered tear drop shape with a flat ridge bottom to maximize strength and minimize weight, the seatmast is a wider bulge butted piece , the rear stays are tapered and butted. Until you get one of these frames in your hands, you can’t begin to believe the amount of time that goes into each frame size to make the most efficient use of the tubing shapes and walls to built you the worlds finest racing machine.

Every Supercross ENVY v5 starts off as a custom Supercross Exclusive tube set. We don’t believe in Hydro forming due to the varied walls it produces, and rather to use a more expensive Taperwall butting process that draws the tube to a precision wall thickness. Each tube is also formed to the most efficient shape for it’s particular job on the frame. From there each tube is precision mitred and hand loaded into it’s fixture and is hand tig welded to ensure the perfect weld penetration. After each frame is hand welded they are annealed and straightened and placed into an alignment fixture to keep the frame perfectly straight while it is being heat treated. Half way through the heat treatment process it is checked again, and if needed, fine tuned on the alignment table to ensure 100% accuracy on your frame. Only once we know it is straight and race ready, is it finish aged to perfect T-6 hardness. After the frames are finish aged, they are again checked for alignment, and then the head tubes, and BB shells are machined and threaded to accept the Integrated headset and euro bb’s. Machining and threading after Heat Treating is a much more expensive way to build a frame, but the best way we know to make sure that your assembly is perfect every time.

The ENVY v3 is the end of an era with Supercross. After starting to work with Easton® over 8 years ago to develop the finest Aluminum Race Frame possible, this is the last generation of Supercross BMX race frames to use the Easton® tubing. It is also the last generation ENVY to use a std. 1 1/8” head tube. While these may sound like some big changes, and you may be wondering why we would ever abandon the Easton® tubing and why we would increase the head tube size, to you, we have to say, wait until you ride a v5, and for the purists, the ENVY v3 will still be being built until we run out of the Easton® tubing we have been hoarding away for the last few years.

2014 ENVY Spread Specs - Side Bar - ENVY v3

Next we send the frames out for Powdercoat, Polish or Anodize based upon your order and then apply the Supercross ENVY v5 graphics to match.

Then comes the fun part, pick your size, your color and now you get to take your ENVY v5 out and go ride!!

But once the Easton® tubing is gone, production of the ENVY v3’s will be done forever. So if you want one, you will need to grab one soon. And you can see for yourself why the ENVY helped us grab 2 Back to Back Golden Crank bike of the year titles. The Supercross ENVY v3, uses all the same Geometry as our other Race Frames, and is available in sizes from Micro 20” all the way up to Pro XXXL 20” and in Cruiser sizes from Junior Cruiser to Pro XL 24” Cruiser. There is a size to fit almost everyone.

ENVY v3 Pro XL in Gloss Black Shown, but available in all sizes and colors

On the gate, it seems like there is a “Mad” woman behind those mirrored lenses and Fly F2 Full Face helmet, she snaps out of the gate like a woman possessed and jumps her ENVY over anything the boys will jump and more. Well who is that masked woman? None other than Dani George. And she is far from a Mad woman, she is one of the nicest and happiest people you will ever meet, but attacks the track like she is a woman possessed. 2014 will be almost like Dani’s Senior year with the Supercross Family, which is a fitting metaphor as Dani is currently enrolled in University majoring in applied mathematics. And being one of the “Seniors” on the program she tries to help out all of the younger riders on the team and tries to offer words of advise and mentoring to help them all achieve their dreams. And Dani has a lot of worthwhile advice she can offer from her experiences. She started doing the UCI Supercross races at 15 and has more stamps on her Passport than most people twice her age. She has raced her Supercross ENVY in almost every continent on this planet. Dani is also a former ABA #1 Amateur so she knows the struggles of what it takes to get to the top and how hard she has to train and dedicate her life to whatever goal she puts in front of her. So when you hear Dani speak, you might want to listen. She might know a thing or two about what she is saying. And Dani’ has a favorite saying “ I don’t want to just be good at BMX ( racing ) but rather be good for BMX” with this, she took it upon herself a few years ago to start a foundation to help keep BMXers racing as well as keep them in school with her Dream For Your Future Foundation. This last year she raised money and was

able to help 2 needy BMXers out with Scholarship money to help with their College Education. Her foundation is in it’s infancy stages, while she is attending College and pursuing her dreams of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio herself, but she is using it to learn and work for the future so she can genuinely help others in their dreams of the future. 2013 has been a busy year fro Dani and some may of found her schedule a little overwhelming, she started full time at University, helps out at the Supercross offices part time, started her foundation, tries to keep her website ( updates as long with her other forms of social media. Raced all of the UCI Supercross World Cup races as well as it being her Rookie year of Elite Woman on the USA BMX side of the race course. A pretty busy schedule for sure.

And while maintaining this busy schedule she has kept herself in the top 10 Womans Pro Standings in the USA BMX and the top 5 of USA Elite Women in the UCI Rankings. Now for 2014 that she has acclimated to her crazy schedule get ready to watch Dani try to add another Silver Cup to her trophy collection as she tries to pick up a USA BMX # 1 Womans Pro Title on her way to Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games. And all of this while eating a cookie with a Smile. Next time you see Dani at the races, be sure to go up and say hi to “The Danimal” we are sure you will be glad you did. Just be careful not to get hit with a water balloon coming out of the Supercross Pits on your way over, it most likely was Dani who threw it

The Supercross BLUR Team Issue, may be our least expensive race frame, but it packs in all the features of frames costing twice as much. The BLUR features the same race winning geometry as the ENVY and the ENVY BLK , but uses a more affordable, tried and true seamless 6061 T4/T6 Aluminum Tube Set. Starting off with a Campy Integrated Head tube, and flowing into it’s custom shaped top tube and down tube, the Supercross BLUR, instils confidence as you attack the track, add in it’s custom tapered and butted rear stays and you have a frame that accelerates like some that cost twice as much. Add in the fact that the BLUR is available in a wide array of sizes and colors that will please any size and style of rider and you have a world class frame that still allows you to have money to get to the track. We guarantee that after you look at the BLUR, you will see the quality and attention to detail that goes into EVERY Supercross Frame and see why this is the frame for you.

Last year, when the Supercross “Team” took the prestigious Golden Crank Team of the YEAR award, we were shocked, stunned and so, so proud it was unbelievable. Why were we shocked? Well you see, we don’t look at it is as much of a “team” but more of a “Family”. Most teams out there are put together for a goal of chasing the team title, which if that is what you want to do, that is awesome, follow your dreams, but the Supercross Philosophy has always been a little different. From the get go with our first rider, Billy Harrison, it wasn’t about the win, it was about the adventure, the journey, the fun. And we have tried to continue that tradition on over the years. Some people may say that we don’t take things serious enough, and those people don’t know what ticks in the Supercross Family. As a “Family” the Supercross Riders have brought home, World Championship Titles ( Samantha Cools with Junior Women and Junior Cruiser, and Nate Padilla with 16 Boys ) ABA #1 Pro Titles ( Samantha Cools with Back to Back Women Pro Titles, Kenth with 3 #1 Vet Pro Titles, Jimmy Brown with Canadian #1 Pro and Kaila Sweeney with multiple Canadian #1 Women Pro Titles ) and ABA #1 Amateur Titles ( Dani George with #1 Am Girl ) They have won numerous ROC Titles, NAG Titles, State Plates, District Plates, you name it and the “Family” has been out there going for it, giving it their all trying to be the best for themselves as well as the “Family”.

Now while it is true, we don’t run team cards, and we may be the loudest pits at the races with everyone playing a little bit of Basketball in between races, maybe a water fight if it is hot amongst a million other things, that have gotten us called a “Circus” and a “Team of Nuts” but when it comes time to get down to racing, every rider on the Supercross “Team” puts out 100% on every lap and every rider on the team encourages and cheers the others on. Win or lose, we all celebrate the day and everyone’s accomplishments. If that is what it means to be a “Circus” or a “Team of Nuts” then so be it. Life is meant to be Fun, and racing should be too. No one started racing because they thought it was going to make them rich, we all started racing because it was the most fun we could have with our bikes and our friends in the dirt. And all of our riders have the same sickness that they want to do nothing but ride their bikes. And with that they want to do their best. They put in the training time in the gym, they do their sprints, they get their Pylo’s in, but along with all that seriousness, you need to have some fun “Sometimes you just have to laugh a little “ . So the next time you see the Supercross Truck roll in to your local National and pop up our “Circus” tents. Be sure to stop on by and say hello, we guarantee you the riders will greet you with a smile and sometimes we have stickers, posters or catalogs to hand out and who knows you may get dragged into a water fight or a quick game of hoops too. But when it is race time, you will have to excuse us as they all have a job to do, to go out and race to the best of their ability and show you what their Supercross’ can do on the track. Thanks again for believing in our “Family” and voting us the 2012 USA BMX Golden Crank “Team of the Year” It really humbled us and helped solidify our belief of letting the riders have fun as well as helping them achieve their own personal goals. See you at the races!!

You have to know your history , and pay respect to your roots. BMX started decades ago on modified Schwinn Sting -Rays® which were hi tensile steel, brazed and mig welded. Basically death traps by today’s standards. A few BMX dads started to modify these old bikes, and a few even decided to start using Cro-mo tubing that they had been using for their race cars and dragsters. With that the first modern BMX Frame was born. Now with Supercross, we didn’t build the first modern BMX race frame, heck I don’t think we were even in the first 50 BMX Brands to build frames, but when we did start, we built Cro-mo , which 25 years ago was the best at the time. And the new Supercross SX450z pays tribute to that.

Unlike all the other company’s that are building Modern Retro bikes, or tribute bikes, the SX450z is built to ride. It is classic in the form that it built from Steel ( Air Hardened Triple Butted Cro-mo to be exact ), and it is Triple Show Chrome Plated, ( got to love Chrome right? ) and it has a Retro style inspired graphic. But that is where the Retro, or Tribute style ends. After that it is all modern, and probably, if not definitely the most advanced Cro-mo race frame available.

A Modern Classic you can Race today!! It starts out with a full CNC machined Campy integrated head tube, a custom air foil designed triple butted air hardened Cro-mo tube set, a Butted and tapered seatmast with built in seatpost clamp, a CNC’d Euro BB shell, tapered and butted seat stays and chain stays, and back side CNC’d laser cut dropouts w/ 15mm slots welded on to the cut and capped stay ends. And of course what would all of this Cro-mo gooddness be with out a full race pedigree so we build it up in our world famous and World Championship winning, Supercross geometry of the ENVY and ENVY BLK race frames. The Supercross SX450z is a limited production for 2014, we are only going to build 25 pcs of each size in a limited edition Show chrome. Including the Limited Edition 26” BMX Cruiser Size. So you may want to get yours today as we are sure they are going to fly off the dealers shelves as fast as they are on the track.

When you are a BMXer you don’t just spend all your time at the track, you like to hit the Trails, ride a little bit of street, do a foot jam or too, you just love to ride. Doesn’t matter if you are at the track or not. Well because of that reason we are proud to offer you the new Supercross SX 450 F-mod. This is our “Freestyle” version of the new SX450z Cro-mo race frame. The SX450f utilizes the same Air Hardened Cro-mo tube set, but is a little “Beefier” in a few places, the same CNC’d Campy Style Integrated Head tube, but with a CNC’d MID BB shell, removable 990 Mounts and Gyro tabs and our “Freestyle” Geometry. This thing is meant to ride. Trails, the skatepark, around the neighborhood, this is a do all machine. Available in 20.5” TT, 20.75” TT, 21” TT, and 21.25” TT sizes. Available in Show Chrome as Shown and special Matte/Gloss Cyan Blue and Matte/Gloss Black

Admit it, you have always wanted to have your own little backyard track, somewhere that you can ride 24/7 and change the jumps when you want, have your friends come over for a jam session. Well that is what we wanted to. I guess we just built it on a bigger scale. When we ran out of room years ago at the old shop, we had to start looking for a bigger building, and when we ran across this shop with 3 acres of land, we knew that this was the new home for Supercross. The building was not as nice as the others we had looked at, but it worked, the power was good, only had to add a few new panels for the welders, just enough office space, sure a few people may have to share on occasion, but we are all friends, but the land!! We needed the land! We had a plan. Well a year after we moved in we got the first of the 270 dump truck loads of dirt we needed to build our playground. Then we got the hill plans from Johan to build our UCI replica start hill. And

hired a few front end loaders and got to work. Austin drew up a plan based on everyone’s ideas and Jeremy and Bill got out with the tractor and starting dropping off mounds of dirt. The Plan was starting to come together. Next came the pouring of the concrete for the foundation of the start hill, hoisting up the beams, putting in the light poles. Then Alan Mitchell generously donated his time to build us the ultimate 4 man barrel gate, Chris from Freelap® stepped up and helped us get a Freelap® Timing system installed and what was going to be a fun little practice track, became the ultimate training track for our riders who are on the track to RIO in 2016 and beyond. Of course everything seemed to go to easy, so after we put the final nail in the 8 meter start hill, we had the city tell us that the neighbors had complained and wanted the track gone. So then the gloves came off and the fight begun. It is still in jeopardy of having to be torn down, but until then it is a regular training spot for the team and a daily riding spot for Dani and Jeremy after work. We have already had a few photo shoots for PULL BMX Magazine, and BMX Plus! magazine and hopefully many more to come.

Rad, happy, fast, kind, quiet, chill, shy, helpful, skilful, smart, caring, bashful, strong, accountable, respectful, focused, intimidating, silent, truthful, trustworthy, awesome, sweet, fun, quick, powerful, decisive, undoubting, resilient, backside, JT, The Jet, Jared Garcia. These are all words that can be used to describe Speedline Components’ “The Jet” Jared Garcia. Hailing from the notorious high desert of California, Jared was always good friends with Supercross BMX and will always be considered a high desert boy. 2013 was Jared’s first year as a part of the team and he mainly focused on representing Speedline Components at the UCI Supercross World Cups. And represent he did. So far, 2013 has been Jared’s most successful year at the World Cups and he made sure to leave the impression that he and his Supercross Envy is a force to be reckoned with. Jared has not only gained the respect of international riders but has also caught the attention of the USA BMX national head coach and program director. Jared has been on the come up for years now and we here at Supercross are willing to go to world’s end to help him on his journey to the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Aside from being a prospective Olympian, Jared spends tons of time at the local BMX track hosting beginner clinics and helping out the younger generation. Not only is he chasing his own dreams, but he is helping kids chase theirs.

Jared not only leads groups around UCI Supercross Tracks, but does the same thing at USA BMX tracks too. Not too bad a year for a “Rookie” Pro.

When we introduced the SLT forks, they quickly took the reigns away from the Pro LT forks as being our number one seller. They are a few ounces heavier than the Pro LT but have no weight limit and can be used for Racing, Trails, Skateparks, Street etc.. whatever you want to do, the SLT’s will take it. Part of the secret to the strength of our SLT fork is the Cold Forged Butted Cro-mo steer tube that has an internal spiral fluting. This maximizes the strength while minimizing the weight. Add in the Seamless Cro-mo butted and tapered legs and the laser cut cro-mo micro dropouts and you have a 27.5 ounce fork that can take anything you can throw at it. And the SLT was the first of our 20mm Axle Forks, and rightfully so, it is a stiff Cro-mo fork and the 20mm Thru Axle is even stiffer. The 20mm SLT Forks are available in 20” and 24” Cruiser sizes and we have a wide array of colors to match up with almost any bike. Gloss Black, Gloss White, Limited Edition Show Chrome as well as Limited run Powdercoat colors of Cyan Blue, Fire Orange, Yellow, Guards Red and Neon Lime Green. Available with or without a matching Supercross 20mm Quick Twitch Hub and Alloy Thru Axle.

Curtis Frerichs sunset tuck no hander at the park on his Supercross Passion and SLT fork

And for those of you who have not yet seen the advantage that a 20mm front Thru axle can do for you, and for the Street and Park riders who are still using pegs. We still offer the SLT fork in a 3/8” version in both 20” and 24” Cruiser sizes. The Std. Axle SLT’s still have all the same features as the 20mm SLT forks, the same post weld heat treating, the same built in compression system. All of the features you love in the 20mm fork in a 3/8” axle version. Available in the same colors as the 20mm SLT forks.

It was the end of 2005, Kenth was just coming back from a bad motorcycle accident and didn’t know if he was really ever going to race again. And we made him an offer to be our new AA Pro. Were we crazy?? Maybe, but Kenth was a great person, always helping out at the local track, training local kids and the whole time going to school for his masters degree. He fit the mold of the Supercross team. We hoped he would make a main here and there and be a great part of the Supercross Family. Well 9 years later, Kenth has not only been a great part of the family, but brought us home 3 ABA#1 Pro Titles in the Vet Pro Class and an NBL #1 Masters Pro Title. Not bad for a guy that they didn’t think was going to walk proper let alone ride again.

Going in to the 2014 season Kenth is still planning racing when he can, but is also focusing his attention on the “Future Olympians” as he gets them ready for the 2016 Games in Rio. Kenth still rides locally and on the Olympic Training Center track as well, and it makes for good times when he tells the Future Olympians that they have to flow the track better than he does, or beat him to the first turn or they have work to do. Kenth is proof positive that you don’t have to do all your work in the gym, but a combination of Gym, good nutrition and doing what you started to do this for in the first place , “RIDE YOUR BIKE”. So while Kenth may not be looking to grab more titles for Supercross, he is definitely looking to help train our riders to help them bring more titles home for themselves as well as us.

Kenth enjoying some track time with the next generation of Fallen Champions, his son Tristan.

After Kenth graduated from University of New Mexico, he decided to put his knowledge to work. One way was becoming an official coach with the Olympic Training Center to help make our Athletes Stronger, Smarter and better prepared for the big races ahead of him, and while that may seem like a full time job, Kenth decided to open up his own Training and Nutrition center that is open to anyone to come in and get the benefits of all of his knowledge. A few of his regular clients are Triathaletes , Pro Road Bike Racers, Pro Mountain Bikers and of course our own Kalvin Davis.

Kenth leading a lap at the 2012 USA BMX Grands. Even though he only races a few times a year , he still has pull.

The Pro LT Forks have been a Supercross mainstay for over a decade and were our most popular fork and most copied fork for almost as long. And once you pick up a set you will see why. The subtle taper of the Seamless Cro-mo Butted legs, the micro size dropouts, and then of course there are the details you can’t see, the internally butted legs, and steertube, the post weld heat treatment. The internal ED Black Oxide rust proofing. All of this combined add up to a feather light 24 ounce cro-mo race fork. As light as Carbon but with the strength of steel. The Supercross Pro LT Race Forks are available in 20”and 24”cruiser sizes. Both sizes include our internal welded in compression nut and our 7075 Aluminum Supercross Flush mount top cap. Both sizes are available in either Gloss Black or Gloss White powdercoat.

Supercross Pro LT Forks are available in a 1 1/8” steertube size only, and have a suggested rider weight limit of 170lbs.

Only 565 grams and Available in 3/8� or 20mm Axles

Supercross LT-A Forks are the 7005 Aluminum Counterparts to the Pro LT - Same Geometry only Lighter

We build our Supercross Mini/Jr forks in 2 styles, our traditional Heat Treated, Butted and Tapered 4130 Seamless Cro-mo and our new Butted and Tapered the Aluminum the LT-A. The LT-A Mini/Jr. Race Forks use our 7005 Taperwall Technology from the ENVY Frames but in a fork. The Pro LT-A Fork weighs in at a featherly light 19 oz ( 565 Grams ) and the Mini/Jr. is even lighter at 12.5 oz. ( 350 grams ) All LT-A Forks are available in Polished, Black Anodized & White Powdercoat.

Kalvin has been a part of the Supercross Family for many years. He started with us when he was 15, and then took a break when he started college to go back to his local 505/ Supercross team, and ended back up on the Factory team a year or so later. The team just wasn’t the same with out Kalvin. If you need a spiritual lift, Kalvin is the man, you want a good laugh, go see Kalvin, even if the laugh is watching him walk into the gym in his boxers while it is snowing out. You never know what Kalvin is going to be up to. But you can be sure that he is always there for the entire Supercross Family and that when he gets on the track he is going for the win. Proof of that is this year in New Zealand where Kalvin broke his hand in practice at the 2013 UCI BMX World Championships, and still pulled off the World #3 Plate. Kalvin is currently finishing up his last year of Undergrad at University of New Mexico, so Kalvin is further proof that you can be on the top of your race game and still continue with your higher education. Kalvin hopes one day to be a City Planner to help make more city’s BMX and Bike Friendly. Keep an eye on Kalvin’s Twitter and Instagram for some funny BMX related items as well as some spiritual inspiration.

“Sometimes you Just got to Laugh a Little” - To understand that saying, is to understand “The Hitman” Justin Anderson. Everybody knows that if you are on the Supercross factory team, you aren’t just on the team, but you are part of the family. And that’s why we picked up “The Hitman” in 2013. Justin is all about family. He always has a positive attitude and it is that attitude that the rest of the Supercross family feeds off of. He can sit around with the rest of the team and make us all laugh and uplift our spirits. He makes the races more enjoyable for everybody and that is the spirit Supercross BMX embodies. The team was not very familiar with Justin and his family when he first got on the team but Bill and Justin’s Dad Wendell have history that goes back years as they raced together as kids all around the South Bay , Ascot, Harbor , Alpine Village, and they knew that Justin and the rest of the Family would click right away, and that they did. Justin is very outgoing and fun so it is no surprise that the rest of the team took to him very quickly. If I were you, I’d watch out for Justin at the races. He may have a water balloon or two ready to throw whilst taking cover in the Supercross pits.

Supercross Handlebars have been a mainstay for us since the companies inception. Our longest running bar is the “Straight 8” with over 12 years of production on the same bar, there are thousands of them in use, and based off of the “Straight 8” is our new Flatline Bar, which has quickly become our most popular bar with it’s flatter bend. And off of these 2 main Bars, we have a full line up of bars in a wide array of heights and widths to fit almost any rider. The Regular Bend ( 11º Back and 3º Up sweep ) - Straight 8 Style of Bars are available in the following sizes: Straight 8 - 28” wide and 8” tall, Straight 6 - 28” wide and 6” tall, Lo Cruiser - 28” wide and 5” tall, and Chopper Bars - 28” wide and 8.5” tall. Stock Colors are Gloss Black, Gloss White and Limited Edition Show Chrome. The Flatline Series Flat bend ( 6º Back and 2º Up sweep ) bars are available in the following sizes: Flatline - 28” wide and 8” tall, Little Flatty’s - 27” Wide and 7.75” tall , HUGE Bars - 28” wide and 8.25” tall , Massives - 30” wide and 8.5” tall and the new Flatline Cruiser Bars that are 28” wide and 6” tall. Stock Colors are Gloss Black, Gloss White and Limited Edition Show Chrome . Some Models may be available in other Limited Edition Colors. Please check the website for details.

Supercross LT-A Bars are for the Little Rippers that get it done. Available in 4 sizes to fit most of the Little Guys, they offer you the strength and lightness of our Butted Taper wall Aluminum and give you the control of a famous Supercross Bend. We purposely build the bars a little on the wide side so you can trim them to your own taste. You can always trim a bit, but it is real difficult to add on to the width if they are too narrow. The Supercross LT-A bars will work on Class and Cruiser size bikes. Pick up a pair at your favorite Supercross BMX dealer today or keep checking on for limited production run Powdercoated and anodized colors.

Dani’s Signature Luna Bars are available in Black, White and Limited Edition Signature colors to match her current bike colors

Dani has her own Signature Bar. At 5’3” and as much power and style as most of the AA Pro’s she needed a Bar that fit her power and riding style, but also fit her size. Her first Luna Bar was based off of our popular Pro LT bar, but was sized down a bit a little lower and a little narrower to fit her size. Now Dani is up on the Flat Bar bend and we have modified her Luna Bar to fit her ever changing riding style. The new Luna v2 Bar is the same 7.5” Height and 26” width, but with the 6º Back Sweep and 2º upsweep.

When it was time to give Jeremy a Signature bar it was pretty easy. Take some Supercross HUGE bars, paint them in some cool wild colors and presto, you have a Jeremy Rommel Signature bar. Guess it makes it easy when you make stuff the riders love to ride. Pick some up today at your favorite Supercross BMX dealer. Or check online at for new color ways.

2012 Race Of Champions #1 and NAG 9 2011 Race of Champions #1 and NAG 4 2010 NAG 4 2009 NAG 9 Redline Cup 1 2008 Nag 7 Zach Tossett or “Lil’ T” is carrying on the tradition of fast BMXers coming out of Minnesota. He has been on top of his game for years and had been the Minnesota state champ for years before attacking the national scene. Well, Lil’T isn’t so little anymore. Since he has been on the Supercross factory team, he went from one of the shortest to one of the tallest members on the team. Zach has rode Supercross frames for as long as he can remember. He rode for the Mike’s Bikes bike shop team which was co-sponsored by Supercross, then eventually he got taken under the Supercross BMX wing riding for the Speedline components team. Zach was on Speedline for a year or so when we decided that he was ready to make the jump to from Speedline to the Supercross BMX factory team. Zach has always been at home on his Supercross Envy even when he was a “Lil’” tike. Zach is an up and coming expert grabbing a few podiums here and there as well as winning the Race Of Champions the last 2 years at the Grands. Consider your self warned, Zach will really be one to watch in the future.

Rachel was one of the new additions to the Supercross family for 2013 and throughout the year, we all learned a lot about her. Some of the things that stood out most about her personality was that she was always respectable and focused when she needed to be but overall she was quirky and fun. So to match her personality, we sat down and put together this wacky interview with “The Boss” herself. If you could get rid of one US state, which one would it be and why? I’m going to have to say that I wouldn’t get rid of any because the flag would look weird with only 49 stars. Plus I don’t want to make anybody mad. What do you like on your sandwiches? Honestly, I love food and would eat just about anything. But my typical sandwich is ham and cheese.   How many times a day do you open your fridge? Way to many times to count, like I said before I love food!   Which superhero would represent Supercross BMX better? Batman or Spiderman? Why? Well I haven’t really seen all the movies but based on what I do know I say Spiderman, because Batman seems dark and Supercross colors are very bright!   How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?  I say its depends on how saliva you have, gross... but true.   What do you think about while you’re sitting in class bored out of your mind? Things like: “When will this class be over?” “I’m hungry.” “I’m tired.” “Yes, it’s practice night!”   Who do you think can eat more food in one sitting? Dani or Jeremy? I’m going to have to say Dani because she has that win or die trying attitude.   How many balloons can you fit in your house? That is a very good question.... I was going to give you a random answer, but my dad made me do that math and if he was correct with how tall the ceilings are, about 22,500 balloons would fill up our house, if each balloon is about 1 foot.   Anything else you would like to say? I would like to thank everyone that has been helping me out lately, Supercross BMX, God, my mom and dad, Kim Hayashi, and all my friends, family, and sponsors.

Our smallest stem, for the real little guys. The Supercross Racerhead Micro. Just because it is tiny, don’t think we skimped on any details, just like all of our other Racerhead Stems it is precision machined from blocks of billet 7075 T-6 Aluminum. and uses all Grade 8 hardware.

Our most popular stem is the Racerhead FL. A simple, clean and functional front load stem. It features full 3d CNC machining, all the weight releavement possible on the sides, inside and the internal part of the faceplate. It is Ultra Light and Super Strong. And at 250 grams or only 8.8 ounces, it appears we have achieved our goals. The Supercross Racerhead FL is available in both a 48mm and 53mm reach, both with 1 1/8” clamp areas. And as with all Supercross Stems we use only the finest Grade 8 hardware and include a 6mm allen wrench with every Racerhead FL stem. Stock colors are Black, White, Polished, Red, Blue, and Gold.

The Racerhead Micro is only available in a 30mm reach and is set up to work on 1” forks. The sides have been relieved of any excess material as well as the insides of the top cap. Anywhere we could shave excess material we did and got it down to a featherly light weight of 90 grams. Available in Black, Red, Blue and Gold.

The Racerhead TL is our traditional style Top Load Stem. CNC machined from Billet blocks of aluminum right here in Apple Valley, the Racerhead TL has all kinds of 3d shaping going on. The sides have been machined in to shave weight while maintaining strength, the inside of the top cap has been relieved for weight loss, as well as the bottom of the stem. All structural parts have been maintained while trimming any and every bit of excess material. The rear clamp area has been rounded to eliminate the chance of racking your knee on a sharp corner as well as indenting the clamp area so that all extra material has been shaved away. All this CNC work takes time, but builds a lighter and stronger stem. The 55mm Pro XL version weighs in at a light weight 10.8 ounces. The Racerhead TL is available in 3 Pro Sizes, 45mm x 1 1/8” - Pro, 55mm x 1 1/8” size Pro XL and the ultra long 65mm x 1 1/8” Pro XXL. Stock colors are Black, Polished, Red, Blue and Gold. Check for special runs of Limited Edition Colors.

The Mini Racerhead TL Stems are perfect for all your Mini, Junior and Expert builds. They are a 1” bore for the fork and are available in 1 35mm or 45mm extension to really help fine tune your ride. They are CNC Machined from 7075 T-6 billet here in Apple Valley and use Grade 8 hardware. The Mini Racerhead TL stems are available in Black, Red, Blue and Gold Anodize. On occasion we do limited runs of Polished stems. The

The SLT Cranks are finally a reality, originally when we started on the SLT cranks, they were hollow forged Aluminum. But we wanted the best, and while we were working on the Carbon ENVY BLK frames and the SLT Forks, we started working with our friends at Race Face to make our crank a reality and it quickly became apparent that the Carbon Hollow Crank was going to be the way to go. Race Face has been testing their Hollow Carbon Cranks on the Downhill MTB circuit for the last few years, and we have done real world testing on them for BMX applications, headed to the CAD program and did a few tweaks to optimize them for BMX racing use. What we end up with is a 600 gram Hollow Carbon Crankset including the EB30 BB kit, that can put up with the beating that BMX throws at it. The Cranks are formed on Steel Molds and have no Aluminum Skeleton, it is pure High Compression High Modulus Carbon Fiber. Super Stiff and Ultra Light. Add on a removable 104 BCD Aluminum Spider ( Carbon Upgrade available ) and you are able to use any 4 Bolt Chain ring to get positive power to your rear wheel. The SLT cranks uses a 30mm Spindle popular on the BB30 and PF30 cranks due to the extra rigidity and strength, but uses our EB30 Sealed Bearing Bottom Bracket to work with all current EURO threaded shell Frames. And with Optional Spindle and BB kit will work on all the new BB30 and PF30 Frames as well. Instant Compatibility and Increased Strength and Power Transfer.

Dani has been “Real World� Testing her Supercross SLT Carbon Cranks all year. USA BMX Tracks, UCI Supercross Tracks The Olympic Training Center, the Supercross Playground, where ever Dani has ridden her Prototype SLT cranks have been with.

And to make sure that you never have problems with stripping your cranks out, we use Heat Treated Cro-mo Pedal inserts on the arms for a lifetime of trouble free use. The Supercross SLT Carbon Cranks are available in 170, 175 and 180mm lengths and in a Clear Gloss Carbon Finish only. Production Available Spring 2014

Jeremy high above the “Berm Jump” at the Supercross Playground - “Real World” product testing. You have to have confidence in your equipment to go that far and that high. 42ft gap at speed.

Prototype SLT Cranks Pictured. Production Cranks have Removable 4 bolt 104 BCD Spider Production will appear different than the Prototypes Pictured

Favorite Food? Cheeseburgers Pet Peeve? When people ignore me Dream Car? Jeep Favorite Food? Adobo and egg rolls Pet Peeve? Rude people Dream Car? Red Ferrari

Favorite Food? Pasta Pet Peeve? Stinky people Dream Car? A Blue Bugatti

Everyone in BMX recognizes the dynamic Supercross BMX trio consisting of Tristan Mitchell and twins Kyle and Katin. They all too often get grouped together which is understandable because Kyle and Katin are twins and big brother Tristan is only a year older and well, they are all crazy fast and skilled. We here at Supercross think all three of the brothers are rad but we wanted to show everyone how different they all are so we asked them three questions and we got quite the range of answers. So far in 2013, the boys are not only killing class and cruiser at the USABMX nationals but they are also beginning to dominate the road bike scene. With a handful of podiums and a few wins a piece in both BMX racing and road biking, the Mitchells are true cyclist at heart. All the kids love hanging around with the Mitchells at the track and there stands a reason. All three of them have great attitudes and are fun to hang out with. Their personalities are reflected in their bright and wacky bike color combinations. They already grab everyone’s attention but now they have their bright Supercross Envy’s to supplement their awesome skill and style.

The Ultimate Cro-mo Race Crank Set up.

White Powdercoat 175mm Supercross Strong Arms shown with Speedline Gold Anodized 4 bolt 104 BCD Spline Drive Spider and 19mm Speedline Sealed Bearing Outboard BB kit.

Supercross StrongArm Cranks have been a Supercross Standard for years. They are a Heat Treated Cro-mo Crank set that runs on a tried and true 19mm x 48t spline system. Use them for your dirt jumper, your MTB or your race bike. They will not let you down. Their 2pc stamped dome shape arm allows for a full wrap around both the Spindle and Pedal bosses for the maximum in strength without adding un needed weight. Available in 170mm, 175mm and 180mm lengths in Black, White and Limited Edition Show Chrome. Pick up a set at your favorite Supercross BMX dealer today.

Speedline Sealed Bearing Bottom Bracket Kits are the perfect thing to keep your Supercross Strong Arm Cranks spinning smooth. With it’s alloy cups and double sealed bearings, they are light and smooth. Just what you want in your BB kit. The Speedline Sealed Bearing BB kits are available in 19mm Euro, 19mm Outboard and 24mm Outboard to fit a variety of your favorite Cranks. Please check for more details and to find out which one you need for your cranks.

The Speedline 4 bolt 104 BCD spline drive spider is the perfect companion for our Supercross Strong Arm Cranks. The Speedline spider slides right on the 48t splines of our 19mm spindle and makes for the most positive power transfer as it is driven directly off of the spindle, just like your cranks arms are. And since you are not side loading your spider by only torquing down a single bolt to attach your spider to your crank arm, it stays truer and keeps your chain ring in perfect alignment. The Speedline Spline drive Spider works on all 19mm x 48t spline cranks. The Speedline Spinedrive spiders are CNC machined from 7075 T6 Plate and have a Hardened cro-mo spline drive center to last a life time. Available in Black, Polish, White Powdercoat and Blue, Red and Gold Anodized finishes. They are the perfect addition to your Supercross Strongarm cranks. Please visit for more details or pick one up at your favorite Supercross BMX or Speedline Parts Dealer today.

The Supercross Quick Twitch are the progression of our Pro LT cassette hubs. The Quick Twitch Hubs were designed to offer riders a quicker engagement , and quicker leg adjustment on the gate. With the 36 pawl teeth biting into the 120 point ratchet ring you get almost immediate response out of the gate and through the turns. T he Quick Twitch uses a oversize aluminum axle’s with Cro-mo End Studs. Large precision ground sealed bearings and a Hardened Cro-mo driver with our exclusive Titanium lock ring. The Driver uses an industry standard Shimano® spline pattern for ease of gear changes. The Quick Twitch Hubs are available in the conventional 3/8” axles or the new Oversize 15mm and 20mm variants.. The 15mm rears use the same internal ratchet mechanism, and frictionless bearings as the regular Quick Twitch hubs but use , the larger oversize axles to fit the modern day frames and forks that need the larger axles. Supercross Quick Twitch Hubs are available in Black Anodized, Polished, White Powdercoat, Red Anodize, Blue Anodize and Gold Anodize finishes

The 20mm is designed to work with all 20mm Front Forks.

2014 will be Simon’s second year on the Supercross Program. And Simon fits the Supercross Program well. He made the main at 2012’s Redbull Revolution, Won the 2013 Season Opener at Saint Étienne and is a constant threat at the UCI Supercross World Cups. Just like the rest of the team he loves to joke around and have some fun with his bike. You can keep up with what is going on with Simon via his page on the Supercross BMX website at team/international-pros/simon-duchene-elite-men-france.html and no , I don’t think we could of made that URL any longer.

Amanda Carr, eats sleeps and breathes BMX, is it any wonder she is a part of the Supercross Family. Not only is she an active racer, but at 23 she is also the president and track operator of her local BMX track, Charlotte BMX in Florida. Now Amanda is making a run at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio while representing Thailand. You can follow along on Amanda’s journey towards the Olympic Games as she posts weekly VLOG’s on her site and we also link to them from her profile page on They next time you see Amanda at the races be sure to say hello as she is always wanting to meet her fans and offer words of encouragement to the younger riders.

The Supercross Pro LT Hubs have been a BMX standard for over a decade. With its Hollow oversize 17mm 7075 T-6 Aluminum Axle, double sealed bearings, and 72 points of engagement, it is light weight, smooth and solid. Everything you could ever ask for in a hub. Add in a Shimano® compatible splined driver, new oversize volcano washers and you can’t get much better than this hubset, especially for the price. Add in the fact that it comes in 36h and 28h drilling’s and a bunch of colors just makes it that much easier for you to choose which ones to get to build up your ultimate wheel set for your bike.

The Supercross Pro LT Hubs are Available in Black , White, Polish, Red, Blue and Gold.

Our Pro LT Hubs are also available in a Mini Version with an ultra light front hub that weighs in at a scant 120 grams. The Rear cassette uses the same powerful springs and 72 point of engagement, but you can get an optional Titanium or Aluminum driver to further reduce the weight of your hubset. Available individually or in pairs.

Everyone wants custom wheels. And at Supercross on occasion we like to fill that need. We do custom powdercoating, anodizing and wheel lacing. Everything you need to get that custom set of wheels. Pick your favorite Hubs, Supercross Quick Twitch or Pro LT, your favorite Alienation or Speedline Rim, add in some stainless or Titanium spokes, Alloy nipples and you have the start of an ultimate dream wheel set. Due to availability issues and powdercoat or anodize time frames, custom wheels may not be immediately available. But trust us they are worth the wait. Take a look at the wheels on our Supercross Factory Team Riders bikes and you will see what we mean. Full customization to complete your Supercross, your way.

Sidebar on Speedline Rear Cogs and Chains

Visit for more details or see our Facebook for examples.

When you are running the best hubs, you want to run the best cogs. A good cog will help your chain run smoother and give more accurate engagement on your cassette body. Thats where the Speedline Cassette Cogs come in. Available in either Heat Treated Cro-mo Steel, or Heat Treated 7075-T6 Aluminum, they are precision machined to match up with any Shimano速 compatible splined cassette hub. They have machined in spacers and the tooth pattern is precision cut to run on any and all 3/32nd chains including half links. Pick up one today at your favorite Speedline Parts Dealer or look on for more information.

Speedline Cassette Cogs are available in 13t, 14t, 15t, 16t, 17t and 18t sizes.

You know that guy you see in the 28x class that is jumping everything, on flats and has a huge smile on his face. Yep, that is the one and only Randy Roberts, and we couldn’t be prouder to call him family for over a decade. 2014 will be Randy’s 12th year rockin’’ the Supercross Factory Colors. And the stories and adventures along the way have been legendary. When we first added Randy to the team, all we knew was that he was a cool local rider that had some cool style, went fast, but more importantly was a great guy to hang out at the races with. Since we put Randy on the team we watched him turn A Pro beating one of his best friends Mikey Day ( who went on to be the Silver Medallist at the 2008 Olympic Games ) on a pretty regular basis, pull some of the cleanest 3’s on his back yard trails, chauffeur the Supercross Limo and his Party buses, help any and every local kid that needed it, and the whole time, he has done it with a smile and with style. Aside from being a great friend and a great racer, Randy has played a very important part in product development. Many of the products that you are racing on today have gone to production based off of Randy’s input, sometimes without him even knowing it. Randy tested our first Easton® Tubed Ultra Light Frame without even knowing what he was on, he built it , raced it jumped it and treated it like a regular bike for over a year before we put the Scandium S7’s in to production which later paved the way for the ENVY of today. Those Supercross Cassette Hubs you are running, yep, Randy and Mikey tested the first fast engaging hubs for a year before we put them out. When we first started playing with Anodized frames, who got the first one, yep, “The Bulldozer” , even if he did strip the Bottom Bracket putting it together in a hurry to get to Transworld for a bike check. (http:// randy-roberts-bike-check-supercross-evopro-xxl/) So you can see Randy has

been more than a rider, he embodies everything we are about here at Supercross and he is Family. So next time you see him at the races be sure to say “What up”....

If you have been around BMX for more than a year or two, you undoubtedly know Lil’ Kim, and if you don’t you aren’t paying attention. Kim may not of been on the Supercross Factory Team for over a decade like some of our riders, but has always been a friend of the Family, and when she was officially put on the Speedline/Supercross factory team, she didn’t waste any time becoming a HUGE part of the program. And who wouldn’t want Kim to be a huge part of your program. In case you didn’t know, Kim has over 5 Pro #1 Titles, a UCI World Championship, ABA Amateur Titles and has been called one of the winningest Girls in BMX. You would thing that with accomplishments like that behind her, Kim might be un approachable, and that is the furthest thing from the truth. Kim is constantly at the track and helping the younger riders, she believes very strongly in the “Paying it Forward “ mentality and with that she fits into the Supercross Family perfectly. Although Kim does not currently actively pursue Titles in BMX for herself, ( She is currently pursuing her Dental Degree so soon we can call her “Dr. Kim” ) she still loves to race and ride and is at the track every week riding and teaching her “future stars” such as Supercross Factory Rider Rachel Mydock and others. Kim is always in the Supercross pits, offering words of advice and encouragement to the entire team, and with her racing history, who wouldn’t want all of that advice and input. Her professionalism is enacted into the entire team as well as her sense of fun and humor, you may see her offering advice on how to take a turn, or to set up for a jump, or where to go down the rhythm, and she can also be seen egging on the Mitchell Bros. about who to hit with a water balloon, or where to hide someone’s phone. Kim always helps keep the spirit productive and fun. And when she is there to race, she puts on her game face and gets the job done, all the while being there for all of her team mates and friends. You couldn’t ask for a better team mate than Lil’ Kim, and she is a wonderful role model. Next time you see here at the races be sure to stop by and say “Hi”, we guarantee she will have a smile for you and some advice if you need it.

Saddles are a very personal part of your bike. It adds a bit of style to your ride. Our Supercross Pivotal Saddles, use a High Impact Nylon Base, a Hollow Cro-mo Pivotal Bolt, and our own design cover that features a blend of Embossed Hi-grade Synthetic Leather and Kevlar sides for extra tear resistance and to give it that full moto style. Our Supercross Slim Pivotal Pro Saddles are available in Black w/ Dark Grey Kevlar, White w/ light Grey Kevlar, Tuxedo ( white top with black kevlar) , Blue w/ White Kevlar, Yellow w/ Dark Grey Kevlar, Red w/ Dark Grey Kevlar and on occasion we will do custom limited run color combos. Pick one up at your favorite Supercross BMX Dealer today and keep your eyes on for updates on limited run color combos.

Some people still prefer railed saddles for extra adjustment. And we still make them. Our Supercross Railed Saddles use the same Hi Grade Synthetic Leather and Kevlar tops as our Pivotal Saddles, the same High Impact Nylon Base, but they are molded on to Hollow Cro-mo Tubular Rails to keep them light and strong.

Supercross Railed Saddles are available in Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow and our Black/White Tuxedo Version. There is a color to match up with just about any build combination.

Dani’s Current Signature Saddle is available in the Black w/ Silver. Cyan Blue and Yellow or the White Version with Purple and Neon Orange Accents

We have been doing Signature Saddles for our Supercross Pro’s for years. It is the same High Impact Nylon Base, the same Hollow Pivotal Bolt, but with a little bit of the riders style thrown in. The Signature Saddles will be ever changing and will be limited production so if you see one you like, make sure you grab it quick before they are gone. On the board for 2014 are Dani’s new Signature Saddles, Jeremy and even “The Jet” Jared Garcia will be getting one. #loveBMX

The Supercross E-line saddles are the perfect race saddle. They are ultra light ( only 170 grams including the hollow bolt ) so you are not adding any extra weight, they are slim so they stay out of the way and they are easy to adjust with the simple 1 bolt pivotal adjustment. What more could you ask for?? Oh yea, colors. We have that too! Available in Black, Clear White, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Yellow and now in the new Ultra Brite colors of Hi-Vis Yellow, Neon Pink, Cyan Blue, and Neon Fire Orange.

WARNING: ALL HI-VIS and NEON Colored Saddles will FADE. They are not UV Stable and will discolor

Supercross SLT Alloy Pivotal Posts do just what a post is supposed to do. Support your saddle. Pretty simple. The Supercross SLT Posts are cold forged for maximum strength and utilize a thin tapered wall to keep the weight down. The Supercross SLT Alloy Pivotal posts are available in 27.2mm x 300mm for most Pro Size Bikes, and 22.2x150mm for most Mini/Junior/Expert Bikes. Stock colors are Black Anodize, White Powdercoat, Polished, Red Anodize, Blue Anodize and Gold Anodize. Occasionally we will do custom limited runs of “Team” colors so keep looking on to see if we do your favorite color.

NEW FOR 2014 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Supercross SLT Composite Posts are ultra light micro posts (under 60 grams), perfect for slamming your saddle down on the frame. They are injection molded from hi-impact resins with long strand nylon composites injected in. It is molded around a light weight aluminum threaded insert to ensure a tight and positive clamping of your saddle without stripping out. Available in 27.2 and 22.2mm diameters and in a Matte Finish Black or a Matte Finish White.

The Supercross SLT Carbon Pivotal Posts have been a top seller for many years. It is a High Impact Nano Carbon Wrap on a light weight aluminum post. They are so strong that we make them in the longer 400mm length so you can use them as your race post or a cool down post and not have to worry about them flexing or breaking on you like some of the other cool down posts on the market. Currently available in 27.2mm only and in the Matte Natural Carbon with the Black anodized pivotal head. Pick one up at your favorite Supercross BMX dealer today.

The full suspension prototype, eventually became known as our “Propel” and right out of the gate, we figured out that building a bike with suspension and linkage was a bit more difficult than a regular hardtail, so we enlisted the help of Jerry Vanderpool from Hippie Tech Suspension to help us get that dialed in. Well in the meantime, we had been building the “Shine” Hardtail 4x/Dual Slalom frame and people were pumped, it was stiff, fast, light, just like one of our BMX frames, and the sales took off. So much so that we started putting together a little team of former BMXers that wanted to start racing mountain bikes. And we started seeing riders across the country take their “Shine” to the top of the box. It was a racer and it was fun.

We get that question a lot! Ever since we built our first MTB frame back in 2004, the MX-26, we have had people ask this. And the answer , yes we are a “BMX” company, but what does this mean? It means we like having fun on our bikes and with our friends, and since we discovered the 4x and Dual Slalom events, are a lot like a BMX race ( Heck a 4x race uses a gate and everything, you tell me that it is not just a Big BMX event ) , well we had to dive right in. Our first venture into the MTB world was the original MX26 frame, a simple Cro-mo frame with BMX inspired geometry. Both “BIKE” magazine and “DECLINE” Magazine gave it great reviews and even commented, why did it take a BMX company to get it right. Well even though most people thought that it was a BMX company just trying to get into the MTB world, it started

This whole time we kept prototyping, and developing and trying to come up with what works, and we were lucky enough in 2011 to sign Blake Carney to the team to be a Racer and Product Development specialist. With Blake giving rider input along with a few suspension “Guru” offering input on to our suspension platform, we think that 2013 is going to be a “Big” year for this “Little” BMX company who is just wanting to build the best bikes possible for our friends to go for a ride and play in the dirt. 20” wheels, 24” Wheels, 26” wheels, as long as we can have a good time with it and keep pushing to build the best, it is all “BMX” to us. a new craving for us. The Big Wheels are fun to ride, and you can grab one and hit the track, just like a BMX bike. We only built 60 of the MX26 frames, and we sold one here and one there, but it got the brain going and we started coming up with new ideas. We wanted to make it better. Lighter, Faster, more fun on the big wheels. So with that in mind when we introduced our ENVY frame we started working with Easton® and built our first Full Suspension frame and our first Aluminum Hardtail. The Shine. Read on and see what we have been up to lately. We think you will like what you see!

The SHINE v2 takes everything we have learned while Blake has been racing 4x and Dual Slalom around the world, coupled with our years of BMX racing heritage and experience with the Easton ULR tube sets and combines it into one lean mean racing machine. The Shine v2 uses a removable dropout system that allows you to use either 135x9 dropouts, 142x12 dropouts or a BMX style dropout. It has a new Tapered head tube to take advantage of the latest Suspension forks with the 1 1/8� - 1.5 steerers.

The ISCG05 tabs allow you to run the most current Chain guide systems, and the new cable routing keeps the cables up and out of the way and has an improved path to the rear derailleur and disc The Largest Shine v2 frame, is our new Extra Large,  and it weighs in at a light weight 3lbs 14 oz ( 1750grams ) in Powdercoat w/ the 135x9 dropouts. The Shine v2 comes stock in Gloss Black, Gloss White, Magic Yellow, Cyan Blue and Limited Mirror Polish. Stock sizes are Small, Large and X-Large. Full Specs are on the page below to the left. Order yours today from your favorite Supercross BMX Dealer. Or click online to for more info.

The Propel is our 4x / Dual Slalom Frame with the “Monkey Motion”. While it may look like a basic 4 bar design, you have to agree that “simplicity” is something you will be wanting on a frame that you are going to put a beating to. The Propel uses Easton ULR Taperwall 7005 Aluminum like our Shine and ENVY frames to keep it light and strong. Then we add in huge CNC’d shock linkages and sealed bearing pivots to keep the motion moving forward and fast like it should.

The Propel is available in 2 sizes, Short and Long. Please look below for the full geometry specs. The Supercross Propel uses a 73mm Euro BB shell with ISCG05 tabs, and Campy Integrated head tube. It requires a 6.5”eye to eye shock with 1.5” of travel to give you a comfortable 3.75” of rear wheel travel. You will need the 22mm x 8mm shock bushings. Or you can get your Propel set up with a Manitou Radium shock installed. The Seatmast requires a 31.9mm clamp and a 27.2mm post. Rear wheel spacing is a standard 135mm for 9mm axles. Check one out at your favorite Supercross BMX Authorized Dealer today.

Our MTB Team is not very large, as a matter of fact currently it is only 1 rider, and that 1 Rider is none other than Blake Carney. This will be Blake’s third year racing for us, and he is now heading up the MTB Team program to start up a new “Shredder” program to get more up and coming MTB’rs on Supercross Mountain Bikes. As well as handling team sponsorships and media relations with the magazines. Blake has a fairly long list of accomplishments behind him already - 6 time USA MTB 4x World Championships selection - 2nd at 2008 and 2012 National Championships - 8th at 2009 World Championships - 3rd at Unofficial 2011 Pump Track World Championships - 2nd at 2011 Whistler Crankworx Ultimate Pump Track Challenge - 3rd at 2011 Whistler Crankworx Giant Slalom

But always has time to help the kids and have a bit of fun at the BMX track with the Supercross Team. So whether you are at the MTB track, or the BMX track, be sure to stop and say “Hi” to Blake, you will know he is one of the good guys.

The SX450f6 is our all around Dirt Jump, Skate Park, big bike. Using the same Air Hardened Triple Butted tubing as our SX450 and SX450f but with a few tweaks to optimize it for the bigger wheels and bigger leverage. Campy Integrated headtube, Custom Tear drop shaped top tube and top tube gusset with stamped “Supercross” logo, Built in seatpost clamp, 73mm Euro BB shell, wide chain stays for tire clearance, with extra gusseting to keep it stiff. Laser cut 1/4” thick BMX Style dropouts with integrated disc tabs. Reinforced rear stays on disc brake side. You name it, this machine has it. It is ready to ride when you are. Available in 3 sizes to fit most riders. And available in 4 colors to fir almost anyone’s style. Matte/Gloss Black, Matte/ Gloss Cyan, Guards Red and Limited Edition Show Chrome. Pick one up at your favorite Supercross BMX dealer today. Specs: Head Angle: 69º with 414 Axle to Crown Fork Seat Angle: 71º BB Height: 12.75”/ 325MM BB: 73MM Euro Chainstay Length: 15”/381MM Drop Outs: 10MM Laser cut chromoly Wheel Spacing: 135MM Custom Butted and Shaped Air Hardened Triple Butted Post Weld Heat Treat Cro-mo Weight: 5lbs. ( 21” TT) Sizes : 21” TT, 22” TT and 23” TT

Thumper Bars are pretty simple, a Butted Alloy MTB Bar but with a BMXer’s bend. Available in 2 rises - 20mm or 30mm and available in Black or White. The perfect addition to ANY MTB bike. Pick some up at your favorite Supercross Dealer today.

Specs: Head Angle: 67.5º with 539mm Axle to Crown Fork Seat Angle: 72º BB Height: 13”/ 330MM BB: 73MM Euro Chainstay Length: 17.25”/438MM Drop Outs: Replaceable Wheel Spacing: 135MM Custom Butted and Shaped 6061 T-6 Aluminum 5.9” of Plush Rear Wheel Travel

When we jumped into the Mountain Bike Arena, we built some pretty cool, Downhill monsters and dubbed them the Thumper. We had a few riders racing them all around the world, from the North Shore in Canada, to Angel Fire etc... wherever there was a Mountain they were riding. With that, we found that for most of our escapades and in the So.Cal Mountains ( our home ) especially, the 8.5” Triple Crown was too much for what we were doing, we weren’t doing World Cups, we were doing the fun rides. And with that the new Enduro was born. Still in prototype stages, the new Enduro is a 5.9” rear wheel travel and designed to use a Long Travel Single Crown Fork. A little shorter travel, a little lighter, and a lot more manueverable and a faster all around bike. Like our Thumper before it, the Enduro uses all CNC Billet Linkages, sealed bearing pivots, and replaceable dropouts that let you choose from 135x9 or the stock 142x12 axle types and now uses a 1 1/8” to 1.5” tapered head tube. The Enduro is going to be ready to ride wherever and whenever you are. No more have to get a ride to the top, the Enduro is an all around Freeride, Mini DH, and ENDURO type of Bike. Keep checking for more details as the Enduro is ready to be released. There are 3 Sizes Planned, Small, Medium and Large - Colors to be announced.

Over the last 25 years, we have seen Supercross grow from being in a garage, to a small shop, to a big shop to back to a garage, a small shop, a big shop an even bigger shop and everything in between. We have done everything from all of our welding, CNC work and Powdercoating in house, assembly, decaling, seems like at one time or another we have done everything in house except for Chrome plating, Anodizing and Heat Treating. We have learned a lot, forgotten a lot and had a ton of fun in between. Since most of the people reading this catalog will never get a chance to stop by the Supercross Warehouses and with Insurance regulations being what they are, we can’t give out tours most of the time anyway, we figured we would give you a quick inside look of what has gone on over the years.

So on the pages to the right, you will see a photo collage a few random shots taken through the shops over the last few years. Anything from Stickering the new frames, the racks full of bikes ready to ship, Powdercoating, you get the idea, take a look to the left and see a few things that not many people have seen. It is kind of strange to think that years ago, we never even planned on becoming a frame company, we were happy just riding our bikes , and now 25 years later, we have built thousands and thousands of frames, forks, and other parts, have helped numerous riders achieve their dreams and have met many , many friends along the way. Hope you have liked your little glimpse into the Supercross BMX archives as well as what we are up to today. Please be sure to follow along on to keep up with the latest, lets not wait another 25 years to do this again.

In 25 years, we have gone through a few different Jersey designs. Here is a little bit of history on the famous “SX” Jerseys you are used to seeing on the track. When we first started the Supercross Factory Team, we had 1 rider to start. Billy Harrison as our AA Pro. Our gear sponsor was TECH leathers and they were all custom made to order, size, colors, logos. Billy and Bill sat down and came up with a cool design, Neon Green, Neon Blue and White. Classic Kawasaki colors some would say, or what Bill was going after was the look of the old school TW BMX Team that a few of Bill’s BMX hero’s Denny Davidow and Pete Loncaravich rode for. After the uniforms were done, both Billy and Bill were pretty happy with the results and they headed off to their first ABA BMX National. At that race Bill was explaining the new company to BMX Plus! photographer John Ker, and John told Bill that if Billy kept wearing those colors he would never get a

photo in the magazine because they blended in too much. John suggested we use Yellow and Red. He said he really liked the way those colors looked in the magazine. So at the next race Billy debuted what would become the traditional Supercross BMX colors - Blue, Black, Yellow and Red. These colors have stuck with us in one form or another since that day. Sometimes we lose the Red in the Uniform due to the Pant Sponsors color ways, and once, but only once did we switch up to a Blue/Orange combo because our Pant sponsor at the time only had Blue pants covered with Orange. But we always try to keep the Blue/Black/Yellow in the uniform. To your right are a few examples of Supercross Jerseys over the years. And you may ask how you can get one. Well it is very difficult to get one. You see, originally we only made jerseys for Supercross Team Riders, so getting an original one was just about impossible, then

when we started having to do Sublimation on the Jerseys we started offering a few of the models for sale. But after a few situations with over zealous parents mimicking the factory riders jerseys ( including the type style of the names on the back and actually silk screening “FACTORY TEAM” on them ) for their riders and causing trouble at local tracks in a supposed Factory jersey, we went back to the original intent. Supercross Jerseys are for Factory Team riders only. The only way to get one is to be good enough to earn your spot on the Supercross Factory team, or be lucky enough to have one of our Factory Riders sign and give you one of theirs at a National or Supercross event near you. Can you guess the years and the riders who wore the Jerseys to the right? You may be surprised. Check and if you read through the “History” section you might be able to figure it out.

When we first started Supercross, Australia was one of the first countries we exported to. Australia, England and Japan, And now after 25 years, Australia is still one of our largest markets, and I would have to say that part of the reason for that is the dedication of our distributor and representative down under, Shane Jenkins. Shane has picked up where all of the previous distributors left off and has brought the passion of the Supercross brand down under. Today, Shane runs Supercross Australia for us our own arm of Distribution in Australia to support the local dealers and riders, from Supercross Australia, we run a local Australian team with a few of the riders featured on the next page, and with Shane’s hard work we have a local Australian dealer network to make sure that all of our Supercross Riders and dealers have the proper support for all Supercross products. It is because of dedication like this from Shane and his team of riders that Australia continues to be our #1 country for export. Be on the look out for all for the new 2014 Supercross BMX and MTB products at your local dealer down under and be sure to keep an eye on the riders to the left. They are the best ambassadors we could of asked for to carry on the Supercross tradition miles away from our home base. They always have a great attitude and are willing to lend a hand and a smile to another rider. And they go pretty fast too Shane Started racing 1982 and since then has competed at 30 consecutive Victorian State championships, numerous National and World Championships, and has competed in the NBL circuit for a season chasing a NAG title. Shane is one of those guys who eats, breathes and sleeps BMX. He has a backyard BMX track, he runs - a BMX website that’s been running since 1996 and has a room in his house dedicated to his bikes. He started riding Supercross frames in 2002 when he fell in love with the Cro-mo UL that he was riding for a product review for his website and has since become a collector of Supercross products. Still riding a Cro-mo Supercross, the limited edition chrome Bolt LT, Shane shows his deep BMX roots and a bit of style along the way

Peter told us “I have been riding my bikes since before I could walk”. His first race was in early 2001 at the age of five. When Peter received his first Supercross as a gift from his mum and dad in 2007 he “fell in love at first sight”. He’s been riding Supercross ever since. Peter has travelled all over Australia following the national circuit and major events, he’s planning on taking his racing to an international level in the near future. Peter has come from our feeder team, Speedline/Supercross. He has always displayed amazing talent on the bike which is why we have him now riding as our full factory junior elite rider. With a couple of pro wins under his belt already the future looks bright for Peter.

Esther loves BMX!

Esther’s family moved from Tasmania to Victoria to allow Esther to continue to pursue her goal in BMX racing, to become one of Australia’s best female riders. She first caught our eye when she started to make podiums in the pro women’s class as a 15 year old, beating riders far stronger and more experienced than herself.

She bought her first Supercross frame in 2012 and instantly showed further improvement, it was only a matter of time until we decided that Esther was a great fit for the Supercross family. Her determination to overcome any obstacle in here way and friendly personality have made her a crowd favorite. Jade competed in his first BMX race in 1979. Like a lot of BMXers he went down to the local track with my older brother. He raced for four years until his brother quit, so Jade had to stop too. He returned to the sport in late 1986 were he raced through age class into the pro ranks. Over the years Jade has collected many titles at state and national level but also world plates. For Jade it’s all about the thrills and spills of BMX racing. When we asked him to elaborate this is what he had to say “the high point is being on the gate in a world title finals is the biggest buzz and I’d have to say the low point being broken with injury lying in hospital on the otherside of the world...broken !!” Jade first rode a Supercross just over six years ago and told us his first thought was “where have you been all my life”. His first Supercross was the EVO Is XXL. He’s now on a Supercross BOLT LT 20” with an ENVY cruiser. Jade is extremely happy with his results on a Supercross. “Since starting to ride my Supercross I have made mains at all the major events.”

What started as a joke on “Instagram” because everyone uses “Hashtags” has turned into a little bit of an animal itself. Everyone said we should use #supercrossbmx on every post and it would get our brand value up, well if you know us around here, we think it is cool to keep our brand value up, but we aren’t real big on the self promotion thing, and would rather pump up the sport, so Bill came up with #loveBMX. No matter what you ride, or what your favorite brand is, you have to Love BMX right? Now on the website you can buy Official #loveBMX T-shirts, hoodies, hats and decals to show the world what your favorite sport is.

Aside from the Stock Supercross Decal Kits that are available on we have proudly partnered up with Stasis to allow you to further customize and show off your Supercross by giving them the Art files for our Supercross Frames and they can customize a set to your specific needs. Foils, Neons whatever color combo you want, no matter how wild. And they also do custom Team # Plates, Helmet Decals, and other items to further personalize your bike and gear. Check them out on line today and customize your Supercross.

We were going to show off all the designs of Supercross T-Shirts here for you to see, but with style and our designs changing so often they may be out dated by the time this catalog goes to print, so instead we figured we will show off a few of the most popular styles and let you know that the best way to grab some of the Supercross Clothing is to check out and you can see what Shirts, Hats, Hoodies etc... are available. Luckily Jeremy is more serious at his riding than he is as a T-Shirt Model.

There is no way we could possibly put everything we wanted to into this catalog. There is not enough time or money to make that happen, it would of been a book of 200 pages or more. And not to sound bad, but we don’t have the time to do that, and we sure know that you don’t have the time to read that even if we did.

real time streaming news and updates. All of our specs on the products, photos of all the colors, team news and updates, who has the burn out record at the shop? Did Jeremy and Dani really do the 50 nugget challenge, did we really set a Supercross Track on Fire, Sneak peaks of all the prototype products, you know all the cool stuff you want to know. And want to know NOW.

Well that is the beauty of that thing they call the ”Internet”, you know in th epalm of your hand, have the access to all the latest and greatest things going on at Supercross BMX. It seems every year right after we send the catalog to print something real cool happens that we wish could of made the book, and we always say, “oh well that will be cool for next year’s” well with our website, and all of the other forms of social media, you have access to that news NOW. As it happens,

So be sure to bookmark our website as a favorite, on your computer, your tablet or your phone, and “Like” us on Facebook at SupercrossBMX and you can have all the information when you want it. 24/7 you can get updates, and find out all the information you want, tech specs, hub dimensions, and on each of the riders pages, you can see how they build up thier own personal Supercross’ as well as their own personal Twitter and Instagrams so you can keep up with your favorite riders on and off the track.

Now that we have taken up all your time reading through this catalog, and given you links to the websites, facebook, instagram, twitter etc.., for all the time killers, the most important thing about why we do Supercross is so you can ride! We build the best so you can ride to your best, after all, that is why we are here anyways is to ride, right. so.... what are you waiting for??? Grab your bike. Go ride!!!! Now!! We mean it!!! See you at the tracks!!

Remember, on the website, not only can you find Twitter and Instagram for us, but for all of our Team Riders too!!

Copyright Supercross BMX - 2013 - All Rights Reserved


On this page you are seeing none other than Dani George, 2011 ABA #1 Amateur Woman and UCI Junior Woman Champion and current UCI and USA BMX Elite Woman. Dani charged down the hill that night jumping a 40ft double in the dark and then launched a 25ft step up over a wall of flames. I don’t know about you, but to us that takes skills and a jumping prowess like no other. Look for Dani to continue charging hard towards the USA BMX #1 Pro Title and a shot at the 2016 Olympic Games. No “Danimal’s” were harmed in the making of this catalog. But a few cookies may of been consumed. Photo of Dani George taken by Jason “Shooter” McGuire of USABMX fame.

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2014 Supercross BMX Racing Performance Guide  

The official Online Version of the 25th Anniversary Supercross BMX Performance Guide. 25 years of BMX Racing Fun

2014 Supercross BMX Racing Performance Guide  

The official Online Version of the 25th Anniversary Supercross BMX Performance Guide. 25 years of BMX Racing Fun

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