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The camera has really changed from the old flash bulb cameras to the new digital cameras that provide digital photography. When you use a digital camera, you are bound to get clear and precise photographs but this depends on who takes the photo. Digital photography has been around for quite a while now and has actually phased the old camera's that were in the market. Even though you might still see the old film cameras most people are opting for the newer technology and therefore turning to digital cameras. This new age of digital photography out phased the old ways of processing film, however there are still some photographers who like to use film. Many of those who use film are actually photographic artist who often showcase their photos in galleries. The main reason that this new form of photography has become a big hit is because there are various ways that you can use the digital camera. Some of this ways include directly printing out your photographs by connecting it to your printer. You can also use your computer to store your photographs and then print them later. You can also take them to a photo store and have them processed and you can get full blown photos. Nowadays you will find that camera's do not need film and are instead full of memory that stores the images taken. Many changes came with digital cameras like the fact you don't need rolls of film anymore and you don't have to keep winding the camera to rewind the roll. Another difference that came with digital cameras is that you don't have look through a hole to see how the picture will come out. There is a screen for looking and you can snap a photo any time as long as your batteries are charged well.

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