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An International networking design experience

Bilbao Bizkaia Concept Design Awards is an initiative of Bilbao City Council and Biz-kaia Government coordinated by Bilbao Metropoli 30 and in collaboration with CEBEK, Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao and the University of the Basque Country. We believe in sharing experiences. In young designers exchanging ideas and projects Designers for all over the world are taking part on the first edition of the B AWARDS. From Hong Kong to Oslo, Singapore to Harvard and Kolding to Bilbao and Bizkaia. Share with us the moment. Bilbao Bizkaia redesigning themselves!!

DEFINITION & CATEGORIES CONCEPT DESIGN BIENNALE B AWARDS Bilbao / Bizkaia Design Festival have been created in response to the need for a stable foundation for design development in Bilbao and Bizkaia. Developing design implementation is a first step towards forming a structure for local proposals and progressing in a global relationship with other international proposals. Developing a strategy around design, taking advantage of its innovative profile, makes the Bilbao / Bizkaia GLOCAL Concept Design Awards an excellent platform for launching Basque production, making the most of both local and international talent and transforming it into a “GLOCAL� event.



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Everyday life has led us to understand the home as our main habitat and anything that can improve this setting, albeit in the exterior, as a whole, on an individual basis, such as developing an area; or in the interior, the furniture, lighting, etc... These new designs and advances create a pleasant environment in which to live. Thus, this category includes everything from designing furniture, houses, interior design,...


Graphic design in its different facets and mediums is the key element of this category. The wide range of proposals comprised in this section include: illustrations, publications, books, magazines, signage, etc.

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PUBLIC SPACES The reclaiming of public spaces by the people is one of the obsessions of this century, creating the need for continuous improvement in this area. This category seeks to reward concepts that improve this use, either through objects designed for outdoor use, local development proposals, plans, lighting,...

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PRODUCTS Concepts -great ideas that make our lives easier. Any and every innovative product that has not yet found a manufacturer merits a place in this category.

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One of the greatest problems faced by all major cities andrew bedov

This category is committed to developing concepts that facilitate mobility whilst causing minimal ecological impact. Proposals for environmentally-friendly vehicles, either collective or private; technological advances that facilitate this step; the urban planning of our cities; educating the general public in these matters; and anything that can reduce our carbon footprint in terms of mobility, belongs in this category.

PARTICIPANTS These awards are a recognition and an incentive for creative young international people and at the same time, the B AWARDS tries to evidence the importance of design in an innovative societywho looks toward the future. That is why the festival AWARD B team has made a careful selection has resulted in the participation of the following universities:

SCHOOL OF DESIGN, THE HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY Since it gains full university status in 1994, the current Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong Polytechnic University - PolyU) has worked to build a teaching model that seeks practical application, development and communication skills and the promotion of an independent thought. His entrepreneurial spirit is one of the reason of the Univertitie´s growing. The current campus, with more than nine acres adds two projects to expand facilities. This scaling will increase enrollment in more than 150 programs, mostly bachelor and master degrees, taught at the university. During 2005-2006, a total of more than 25000 students studying in the PolyU. Since its establishment in 1994 until 2005, had graduated about 240,000 people.

NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE The National University of Singapore (NUS) aims to stand out, above all, due to its global approach to teaching and research. The quality of education, coupled with high impact research and the concept of university as a public service to society, underscores all of its actions. It is considered by several international rankings to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world (Times of London, Shanghai Jiao Tong, Newsweek) and its MBS programme is often ranked amongst the top few (Financial Times, Asia Inc.).

KOLDING DESIGNSKOLE Kolding School of Design is a leading cultural and educational institution rooted in the Danish cultural heritage and with ambitions to promote innovation and value incremente base don knowledge, creativity and narration. The school is an independent institution that educates designers who specialise in a specific design domain but with significant knowledge of other relevant domains and their terms. A large knowledge of materials, techniques, design processes and the history of the design practice combined with the ability to see your specialist domain within a societal framework is the basis of all teaching at Kolding School of Design.


OF ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN AHO is an autonomous institution of the Norway University system and one of the leading schools in the field of architecture research, urban planning and industrial engineering in the Nordic countries. It is split into five institutes: Architecture, Urbanism, Industrial Design, Architecture and Technology of Design, and Form, Theory and History.



SCHOOL OF DESIGN If there is a university par excellence in the US, it is without a doubt Harvard, one of the most prestigious universities in the States and, in fact, the world. What is more, founded in 1636, Harvard boasts the title of oldest university in the US. Its Graduate School of Design (GSD) offers a fascinating setting for interaction and the exchange of ideas through a combination of disciplines –architecture, architecture and landscape and urban planning and design, together with study research–, and also offers MDes and a Doctorate course.


This public university has over 50,000 students, tutors and administrative staff. Also, 70 percent of all research in the Basque country takes place here, and its classrooms have seen the gradation of a quarter of a million students in diverse subjects. The institution is distributed on three campuses housing 31 faculties and schools, which covers a wide variety of subjects. The work of the University of the Basque Country is highly significant for this region, and today Basque Country cannot be conceived without it, and without the rich intellectual debate which has evolved around it.

JURADO The jury in its entirety will elect from among the 30 projects preselected, one project that will receive the Glocal Design Award. For the implementation of Local Design Award, the evaluation of nominations for B Awards were held by the jury unless the jury local member appointed by the UPV / EHU. One project will be chosen to receive the Local Design Award. The entire jury will choose 5 projects. These projects will receive an honorable mention and will be invited to the festival to present their projects in open shows in March in Bilbao. Travel expenses, lodging and subsistence shall be borne by the organization of B FESTIVAL AWARDS as indicated in the attached specifications.

PHILIPPE STARCK ”I like to open the doors to people’s brain.” - Philippe Starck Whenever we discover an object or a place designed by Philippe Starck, we enter a world of wall-to-wall imagination, surprises and fabulous fantasy. For more than three decades, this unique and multifarious creator, designer and architect has been a part of our daily lives by creating unconventional objects, whose purpose is to be “good” before being beautiful; iconic destinations, that take the members of his “cultural tribe” out of themselves and, most importantly, towards something better. His father, an inventor and aeronautic engineer, gave the young Philippe Starck the desire to create and the capacity to dream. Several years and several prototypes later, he was commissioned to work for President François Mitterrand. This was also when he began designing furniture for leading Italian and international firms. Philippe Starck designs his hotels and restaurants in the same way a director makes a film. He develops scenarios that will lift people out of the everyday and into an imaginative and creative mental world. His hotels have become timeless icons and have added a new dimension to global cityscape.



Tony Chambers is a graphic designer and editor in chief of Wallpaper*, the emblematic international design, fashion and lifestyle magazine.

Faculty member of PolyU School of Design and leader of RiCE Lab (Research in Competition and Exhibition Laboratory), Alvin researches across the fields of Spatial design, Exhibition, Creative industries, and the Pearl River Delta. As an independent curator, Alvin’s recent projects include DETOUR, CHINA BECOMINGS, RESPONSES, and VICE VERSA- the Hong Kong debut at Venice Architecture Biennale.

Chambers is an icon of design and cultural journalism in the United Kingdom. As creative director of Wallpaper*, before taking on the role of editor in chief, Tony became famous for changing the image of the brand, creating a well remembered and widely collected edition to mark the publication’s tenth anniversary and for inventing the Wallpaper* Travel Guides, in collaboration with the publishing company Phaidon. Before Wallpaper* he spent six years as art director of the emblematic men’s style magazine by Condé Nast, British GQ Magazine. Prior to joining Condé Nast, Tony was art director of The Sunday Times Magazine.

Dedicated equally to the community, Alvin serves as Chair of Friends of Architecture, Vicecommissioner for Hong Kong in Venice, and Cochairman of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale. Alvin is a board member of Ambassadors of Design as well as the expert team member of Cultural City Plan in China. Alvin graduated from the AA, made buildings in Toronto, Manchester, Hong Kong and Laos, and has received the Rome Award in 2004, Hong Kong Institute of Architects Award in 2007, and The Society of Publishers in Asia in 2008.

DAVID VAN DER LEER (Assistant Curator of Architecture and Design) joined the Guggenheim in October 2008 and has worked on the exhibitions Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward and Contemplating the Void: Interventions in the Guggenheim Museum. Prior to the Guggenheim, Van der Leer held editorial and curatorial positions at 010 Publishers in Rotterdam; the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), in Rotterdam; and Steven Holl Architects in New York. He has lectured internationally on architectural theory and is a regular contributor to publications such as Domus, Mark, The Architect’s Newspaper, Azure, and PIN-UP. He received his master’s in Urban and Architectural Theory from the Department of Art and Cultural Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

TOSHIKO MORI His name is synonymous with innovation and academia. An expert in materials, owner of her own architecture firm, she was the first woman to become Head of the Department of Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and, although she has now resumed her role as lecturer, she remains one of the most important women in this institution. From her offices in New York she maintains that architects should be public intellectuals, leaders of society and guardians of the quality of life of humanity.

COMITÉ LOCAL DE EXPERTOS The local comitee of expertises is icomposed by: Josu Rekalde (BBAA), Alberto Zulueta(Arquitectura), Javier Muniozguren (Ingeniería), Patxi Doblas (Comunicación Audiovisual), Briggite Sauvage y Garikoitz Iruretagoiena (EIDE) The local jury, comprising two members, shall be excluded from deliberating upon the local projects presented by Basque designers.

CONDITIONS • Each guest university will acomplish a pre-selection of 5 projects, one for each category convened. This first phase will give a total of 30 projects selected for the prize Glocal design, endowed with 10,000 €. This award is chosen by the whole jury. • The 30 projects selected will receive an honorable mention and will be presented at the exhibition space developed for the Festival. Also, the particpants will take part into the Virtual Showroom festival at the official web • The University of the Basque Country UPV / EHU should also run a pre-selection of 5 projects, one per category, who will opt for the Local Design Award, worth 5,000 €. This award will be chosen by the jury in their entirety unless the representative of the Basque Country. • In the event that a project won two categories: Glocal and local, would receive the entire prize of both awards.

GLOCAL AWARD Prize to be awarded to the best design of all submitted, regardless of category. Eligible for this award both local and international designers. This prize is worth an amount of 10,000 euros. May be candidates for the B AWARDS 2011, within the Glocal mode, the following persons or groups: • Students of any nationality who have completed or are studying at the universities invited to participate. • Students of any nationality who have completed or are studying in the faculties of Fine Arts, Engineering, Communication Studies and Architecture of the UPV / EHU. • Professionals and design studios that have active members born or resident in the Basque Country, Navarra and Iparralde.

LOCAL AWARD This award will be for the best design submitted by a Basque designer, regardless of the category. The purpose of this special prize is to promote Basque designers and their creativity, and positions both internationally and meet the local producers. This award will be endowed with an amount of 5,000 euros. May be candidates for the B AWARDS 2011, in Local mode, the following persons or groups: • Students of any nationality who have completed or are studying in the faculties of Fine Arts, Engineering, Communication Studies and Architecture of the UPV / EHU. • Professionals and design studios that have active members born or resident in the Basque Country, Navarra and Iparralde. There is no age limit.

DIPLOMA CATEGORY Selected as the best conceptual designs of each of the categories will receive a certificate of recognition signed by the jury, and the possibility of seeking a producer for their projects from Basque businesses.

GRANTS Selected as the best conceptual designs of each of the categories will receive a scholarship endowed with 6000 â‚Ź for internships in Basque and international companies.

RESOLUTION AND COMUNICATION OF THE WINNERS The jury’s decision will be made public through the web page www.bawardsfestival. com where you will learn about the projects selected as winners of the modalities Glocal Design and Local Design. We´ll also get contact via phone / email with the winners to inform the jury decision. In order to ensure the widest possible dissemination of the prize, we shall publicize the decision to grant the B AWARDS as detailed in the attached specifications. The awards will be presented in a solemn public ceremony held for this purpose.

PAYMENT OF THE PRIZE The payment of prize amount will be processed after the resolution was made public and the jury’s decision is subject to existing laws.










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Bilbao Bizkaia Concept Design Awards is an initiative of Bilbao City Council and Biz-kaia Government coor­dinated by Bilbao Metropoli 30 and...

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