National Bike Summit Program

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2011 National Bike Summit “Ask” Support continued dedicated funding for bicycling programs.

What is the Issue

Key Talking Points:

As Congress debates the future of transportation policies, programs and funding levels against a backdrop of deficits and budget cuts, we anticipate proposals to eliminate or dramatically change the status of the primary funding sources for bicycling, walking and trail programs. These include the popular and effective Transportation Enhancements (TE), Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS), and Recreational Trails (RTP) programs.

1. Make the Point - We recognize that every tax dollar has to do the most good. Particularly in these tough economic times, we can only afford to invest in solutions that solve multiple problems. Bicycling and walking programs do that, and they are essential to our community.

Key Facts and Figures

“We are concerned there will be efforts to strip federal funding for biking and walking in Congress either by eliminating the funding for programs such as Transportation Enhancements or Safe Routes to School, or by making funding these programs optional for states. Will you support continued dedicated funding for vital bicycling and walking programs such as the Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School, and Recreational Trails Program?”

• 14 percent of roadway fatalities are bicyclists or pedestrians. Small investments in improving roadway safety not only make our roads safer for bicyclists and pedestrians but also make drivers feel more comfortable and reduce conflicts among all road users.

Issue Papers

• Just 1.5 percent of federal transportation dollars currently support bicycling and walking, although these two modes represent 12 percent of all trips in the United States. Bicycling and walking are growing in significance to our transportation system and yet only a tiny fraction of transportation funding is allocated to these essential and affordable modes.

2. Make the Ask: [Make this ask before you leave the office. If the Member of Congress or staff person, starts to end the meeting, make sure to say...]

3. Make the Invitation: invite your Member of Congress to see for themselves the impact of these funding programs in their district.

• Bicycling and walking improvements are relatively inexpensive, highly cost-effective investments that create significantly more jobs per dollar than road repair and upgrades; they also boost local small businesses and increase real estate values. • In these tough economic times, we must invest in solutions that solve multiple problems: biking and walking are low-cost transportation options that improve safety, health and air quality; they reduce dependence on foreign oil.

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