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Solarville, USA - Business is booming, the population is popping and the demand for electricity is mighty powerful. Yet beneath the surface, electricity wasters threaten to take this city back to the dark ages.

CHAPTER ONE: Thankfully, Solarville is protected by The Renewables. Boasting the renewable energy powers of Wind Woman, Bio, Solar Man, Tank and Geo, these sustainable superheroes are on the job to ensure Solarville's energy is clean, safe and renewable.

Where are you guys headed?

Bio's competing in the Solarville Science Fair. We're going to cheer him on.

Solar Man, hurry up! We're going to miss the bus!

Sonny, it's a science fair, not a football game!

True, my steam-spouting friend. But Bio requires my support, and Solar Man never...

We know. We know. You never let down a person in need. I appreciate your support Solar Man.

Bio's project will be competing against nearly a hundred other science experiments. You guys want to join us?

I can't. I'll be next door at City Hall. The Mayor has called a press conference and I'm covering it for the news station.

Count me out too Bro'. I'm headed to Solar Bay to test the energy

potential of some gnarly waves.

I, however, will stand beside you as you go to battle. For as you know, Solar Man never lets down a person in need !

WE KNOW, WE KNOW!!!! NOW let's get on the bus!!!!

Deep within his lair, we find the dreaded

Watt Waster putting the finishing touches on a mysterious machine.

Is your contraption ready Boss?

Patience Wasteoid! Evil geniuses don't like being rushed.

Sorry Boss, but the press conference starts in 15 minutes.

With one final connection, this machine will transform me into an exact replica of the Mayor of Solarville.

Executing Phase One!!!

When I push this button, we will make history!

As Watt Waster's particle converter begins to hum and shake, an evil transformation takes place.

It's W o r k i n g ! I t ' s W o r k i n g ! ! ! The Mayor's own mother won't be able to tell the difference.

The transformation is complete. And with the real Mayor safely hidden away... it's showtime!

Now hurry Wasteoid. Get to the Science Center and execute Phase Two of our plan!

The state-of-the-art Solarville Science Center: one-hundred percent powered by clean, renewable energy and home to the Young Inventors' Science Fair.

Here we find the brightest young scientific minds, not to mention an uninvited guest... Wasteoid.

Wow! Look at all these great projects

So what is in your

tubes? Some sort of avocado smoothie.

Very impressive my

composting comrade. Nope. Green algae.


Explain, my

Not only does this green goop feed on

tiny teammate.

harmful carbon-dioxide, it also can be used as a renewable fuel source.

That's good goop!

There are lots of great

renewable energy projects here today.

Well my botannical buddy,

Solar man will stand beside you and cheer you on to victory!

Hey Sonny, isn't that Wasteoid, Watt Waster's lackey?

"Good eye my


Maybe he's just

he doing here?''


interested in

hombre. What's

He and his boss are only interested in misusing energy. I'll follow him.

Meanwhile, next door at City Hall, Watt Waster, masquerading as the Mayor of

Solarville, is holding a press conference.

What's going on Gale?

Gale Force of 'Watts Up Solarville?' is on hand to cover the event.

Apparently a new energy

initiative. The Mayor is

a big supporter of renewable

energy, so this should be exciting.

I am proud to announce a powerful

partnership. Beginning today, all of

Solarville's electricity will immediately be routed through WW, Inc.

WW, Inc.?!? That's Watt Waster's

company. Why is the Mayor doing business with that energy hog?

WW, Inc. will determine how

energy is produced and wasted... I mean used.

No questions. We must begin re-routing the

Mr. Mayor, are you sure this is a good idea?

energy to my lair... I mean to WW, Inc.

Wasteoid, where are you?

Here with the real Mayor.

Excellent! The plan is working. All of Solarville's electricity will soon be mine!

Deep in the Science Center's

basement, Wasteoid peeks out of a supply closet that hides the

Set me free Wasteoid! You'll never get away with this.

true Mayor of Solarville.

I'd tell you to save your

strength, but I love wasting energy as much as my boss.

As soon as I hit this button,

all of Solarville will go black.

All of Solarville's power will be transferred

to Watt Waster and no one - not you, not the Renewables - will be able to stop him!

With a sudden flash of light, Solar Man phases through the wall, ending Wasteoid's maniacal monologue. Did someone mention the Renewables?

You're too late!

Lights out Solarville

Solar Man! Game's up


Suddenly, Solarville

goes black.

What was that all about?

That's it. Time to alert the team.

Now what?!?

I'm sure Watt Waster is behind this.

Tank, are you there? I need you downtown. Watt Waster is up to something.

With those words, Tank's Zephyr 2000 surfboard elevates and rockets through the sky toward downtown Solarville.

Roger that. I'm on my way.

Now the power is out. What's happening?

I am unsure my cherubic chum...

Perhaps I can shed some light on the subject.

Sun power will get the electricity flowing again.

Assessing the situation, Solar Man spreads his sun-collecting photovoltaic cape.

Attracting Solarville's ample sunlight and converting it to clean electricity, Solar Man quickly restores power to the Science Center.

I'll use my wind power to get those turbines churning.

Greetings my timely teammates.

Looks like Solar Man has already restored power to the Science Center.

I'll surf over to the Solarville Dam.

But it will take all our powers to get the whole city surging again.

Becoming one with the wind currents, Wind Woman effortlessly flies to the Solarville Wind Farm.

Extending her arms, she directs powerful pockets of air pressure toward the idle turbines.

Suddenly the giant turbine blades begin to spin, delivering clean and renewable power to Solarville.

Meanwhile, at Solarville Dam...

Tank summons his considerable hydro powers.

He deftly and accurately shoots a powerful hydro-blast toward the center of the dam.

Within seconds, the forced current kickstarts the turbines, and pollution-free hydro power again flows to the town below.

At last, clean, green, renewable energy has returned to Solarvile.

Seeing the Renewables in action, Watt Waster and Wasteoid decide to make tracks.

The outage was enough of a distraction for us to steal the algae project and make our escape.

Brilliant Boss! We will be back at your lair in no time.

You're not getting away this time!

Punch it Wasteoid!

Just then...

Gahhck! The transformation is wearing off!!!

No!!! Can't be happening!

Using his ability to manipulate organic matter, Bio commands the ill-gotten algae to end Watt Waster's escape.

Uh oh!

Is that Watt Waster covered in algae?

Like I said, that's good goop.

After explaining the day's events to the media, the real Mayor tends to important business.

"...Sheila Ramirez and her computer made from recycled materials."


First place in the Science Fair goes to... Congratulations Sheila!

Sorry you didn't win buddy.

Besides, Bio earned the best prize of all.

It's cool. Solarville is in great shape with so many bright young minds working toward a better future.

"He caught the world's biggest energy waster."

Just another clean, beautiful day in Solarville, USA thanks to earth's most sustainable super team...The Renewables. To learn more about renewable energy and how you can make a difference, visit our heroes online at

The Renewables  

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