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Letter From The Editor

Hello and Welcome to BIG Medicine Magazine™ – The Magazine for BIG Thinkers!

Angela O’Mara Editor-In-Chief Founder

Ever since I was young I have loved magazines. Growing up I had subscriptions to so many different types of magazines and I can vividly recall my excitement when the postman showed up with new editions for me to read. I have never lost this zest for reading, or my joy at discovering new things in the pages of my magazines. Publishing has changed. Many of us now get our news online in digital format and, as a result, have forgotten the joy of hearing the newspaper thud on the driveway as the paper boy cycles by, or the snap of the letterbox followed by a swish of the plastic wrapped magazine as it skims across the carpet. Digital magazines don’t bring that same special excitement that we feel when we hear the sound of the pages rustling as we peruse the content. We can no longer fold the magazine to a page that interests us, a page we want to savor and read later when we have more time to enjoy it. We experience less with a digital magazine and statistics prove that people also respond less to digital stories and advertising than they do to traditional printed paper news, which is why BIG Medicine Magazine™ is delivered to its readers in both print and digital formats. Our readers love this. They tell us that the quality of our print edition is matched only by the content that covers its pages. BIG Medicine Magazine™ readers want a high quality product that contains high quality content. Our readers want more than advertising pages, and they want more in-depth coverage about the medical industry. They also want information and stories they can share. In this issue our Editorial Team brings to you stories that matter. Stories of real people – not just doctors and nurses – but people who are doing meaningful things outside of the surgical schedule. The aesthetic industry is not only about clinical science. It is much more. It is an industry that attracts many of the most creative and brightest minds of the 21st century. I have worked in the aesthetic medical industry for over 26 years and have met so many interesting doctors, nurses, staff members, CEO’s of large corporations, manufacturers and scientific product developers who are, in addition to being leaders within their specialty, also real people that have fascinating personal stories and interesting lives beyond their professional careers. This issue focuses on several people that are making a difference and the Editorial Team at BIG Medicine Magazine™ will continue to share these stories with you in upcoming issues. This is an industry that embraces change. There is a new movement taking place in medicine and you are reading about it here in the pages of BIG Medicine Magazine™ – The Magazine For BIG Thinkers! Enjoy

MEDICINE MAGAZINE™ The Magazine for Big Thinkers

BIG Medicine Magazine™


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MEDICINE MAGAZINE™ The Magazine for Big Thinkers

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Red Carpet Retail


To Network or Not

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How To Prevent Lawsuits • Dan McNeff

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The Business of Skin Care • Cherie Dobbs

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Doctors That Make A Difference • Dr. Corey Maas • Dr. Babak Azizzadeh • Dr. Juris Bunkis • Dr. Jospeh Niamtu, III

20 - 26

Nurses That Rock • Maggie Lockridge, RN • Sylvia Silvestri, RN • Cristina Chiappe, RN • Jill Tucker, RN

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Industry Transformers • Dr. Cory Goldberg • Carsten P. Walton & Hilke Potter • Jamie Parrott & Jim Parrott • MedResults Network Spotlight • Dr. Tess Mauricio How To Get On TV • Giles Raine

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Nurses That Rock! Many of today’s nurses are entrepreneurs in their own right seeking out individual fulfilling, philanthropic and creative ways to practice their craft...

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the complete breast sizing system

BreastScale Cups translate CC volumes into bra-cup sizes that patients understand Combine the Cups with Silicone sizers to allow for easy implant size calculations Make patients feel confident as volume changes are demonstrated on their person


Red Carpet RETAIL While on-line shopping and on-line consultations are at an all-time high, let’s not forget that the real way that doctors treat patients is in person at their brick-and-mortar medical offices. Traditional retail businesses such as Macy’s and JC Penney, while continuing to see their on-line sales increase, understand the need for continuous branding in the form of customer visits to their stores. Recently they began offering craft workshops and yoga sessions (among other things) at several of their locations and, while they did see some people leave the stores empty handed, they say what they reaped in terms of customer and brand loyalty was priceless. Here are a few ideas of ways you can keep patients coming back: • Offer a monthly Beauty Bar – a casual event where patients can learn about the new non-invasive health and beauty treatments that you offer • Develop a Retail Center offering a variety of skin care products, recovery garments and health supplements that will keep your patients coming back in to purchase more • Team up with a local Fitness Pro and offer a monthly fitness activity such as a morning walk, or late afternoon run. Building team spirit among patients and staff can be very influential and develop a great referral network

Connect with a local charity and raise awareness by offering monthly promotions with a portion of the funds going to the charity of your choice.

What EMPLOYEES Do When YOU Are NOT In the Office? Many of us think that the best way to get an employee to do a good job is to watch over their shoulder and give constant direction. However, according to a new study authored by Harvard Business School Professor Ethan Bernstein, that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

The study lasted five months and the staff were shielded from their manager. Here are the details: • 10 to 15% were more productive, than those staff members being observed • Employees were more resourceful and thought decisively when left alone • Workers were more efficient as they felt less pressure • Camaraderie among workers was higher

Next time you’re out of town make sure you have left instructions on the work you expect to be accomplished during your absence. Then go and enjoy your trip with the assurance that while the cat’s away, the mice will most likely get the job done. 6

BIG Medicine Magazine™

To Network or Not Deciding where to spend time on social media networks leaves many of us perplexed. According to the Pew Research Center, three out of four Internet users are on social media. Their site preferences, however, are split. Perhaps these statistics will help you decide where to best place your efforts. • 71% of Internet users like Facebook, and nearly half of them are seniors • 22% of Internet users like Pinterest and LinkedIn. Those users with a college degree and an income of at least $75,000. prefer LinkedIn, and four times more women than men use Pinterest • 18% of Internet users like Twitter and Instagram • Instagram users are aged between 18-29 and that demographic has increased from 28 to 37% since 2012 • Few Internet users over the age of 50 use Twitter or Instagram

Want To Do MORE Of What YOU Are Good At? In the early days of practice building most physicians find that they enjoy wearing lots of different hats as they begin to grow their business. When the practice is more established they become better skilled in their chosen medical profession with a patient base that supports the practice specialty. However, with success comes less time to do many of the smaller daily tasks, and the only way to continue to grow is to hire people to help. So how do you do more of what you are good at and turn the rest over for other people to manage? Here are a few hints at what Corporate America does. • Hire an experienced Practice Manager or CEO – one who sees the business growth potential and one that understands your specialty • Take an inventory of what is lacking at the practice in terms of staff support • Ask colleagues what their best hiring practices are • Look for real talented people. Don’t hire based on hourly wage acceptance

Hire people who are as good at what they do, as you are at being a doctor.

BIG Medicine Magazine™


ClearChoice Jewel Peel Professional System ®

“We Dont’t Just Peel..... We CORRECT with Healing”

This 3 Step Treatment Contains Copper Peel, Neutralizing Masque, and Post Copper Peptide Serum! • Great Results with No down Time Peeling • Finally a Peel For Summer Seasons • Firms Degradation of Elastin • Minimizes Extensive Skin Cell Damage • Recontours Sagging Skin(Jowls/Neck) • Triggers Collagen Production • Improves Skin Radiance and Clarity • Safe for ALL Skin Types • No Prep! Perfect for First Time Peel Tx For more information contact: Dermastart, Inc. T: 866.589.2949 E: W:

“Beyond Bootcamp: How We Do It” An interactive, rapidly paced meeting, jammed with demonstrations and videos of the newest techniques and technologies by thought leaders from across the country…absolutely NOT your same old meeting! Demonstrations powered by PivotHead—real-time, full color projection from a surgeon’s point of view! Hang out with the experts in a relaxed, peer to peer, resort environment….family friendly as well... What they’re saying…..“This meeting is a cross between “Bootcamp”and “Controversies”….Must be there! Attendance is limited to 150 to assure maximal emersion in this new educational format.

Register at




Do You Live In A SUE Happy World? Learn Here How To Prevent Lawsuits It is an unfortunate fact of life that all doctors and their practices are easy targets for lawsuits regardless of merit. It is also highly possible that during almost every doctor’s professional career they will at some point need to defend themselves against a lawsuit and, should they lose, may find that a judgment against them comes at a massive and devastating financial cost. Dan McNeff, CEO

Doctors are not powerless to defend themselves, as Dan McNeff, CEO of Legally Mine, a provider of personal and business lawsuit protection services and products based in Salt Lake City, Utah notes. It is possible for doctors to create the legal equivalent of a bullet proof vest that will help them reduce and minimize the impact and financial trauma of a legal attack on their business practice and personal assets. “It is important for a doctor to understand that all lawsuits have two critical elements,” said McNeff. “The first is cause and the second is motivation.” According to McNeff, the cause of a lawsuit can vary in both its nature and who is at fault. Due to the laws of vicarious responsibility, fault can be extended from a medical assistant to the owner of the practice who may or may not have had any contact with a patient or other litigant. The motivation for lawsuits is always valuable assets that can be obtained through the lawsuit. In other words, when a patient sues a physician it is generally for money or other valuables. However, in order for a lawsuit to be successful and meet its intended desires, both the cause and motivation must be in place. The causes of lawsuits often fall out of the control of the people being sued, but the motivation (i.e., personal assets) can and must be controlled if you want to terminate the lawsuit. No trial attorney wants to work for free, so before filing a lawsuit they will check to make sure any legal action they take on another’s behalf will provide achievable cash awards in the end. Since the cause of a lawsuit cannot be controlled, the real key to lawsuit protection is making sure that personal assets are protected and can never be taken in a lawsuit. This can be achieved with the proper use of both a Family Limited Partnership, (FLP), and Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s).


BIG Medicine Magazine™

“It is essential to note that the strength of these entities varies from state to state, and the language used in the business entities themselves makes a tremendous difference in how the judge treats any ruling,” stated McNeff. “If used and created correctly, these tools can stop a judge from taking any assets, regardless of the ruling.” McNeff further stated that once a trial attorney recognizes that there are no means of obtaining assets from a judgment, the lawsuit becomes worthless and most likely will not be pursued. All assets can be either safe or risky, with the risky asset being able to create a lawsuit on its own, whereas a safe asset could not. A car is a great example of a risky asset because mechanical failures within the car can create an accident. A bank account cannot create a lawsuit without manipulation from its controller. All risky assets need to be housed in their own asset protection entities to ensure that if it creates a lawsuit, unrelated assets will not be involved in the suit. Safe assets can all be housed in one properly written entity. In recent years in the state of Maryland there have been numerous lawsuits filed for Lead Paint Poisoning. A landmark judgment was rendered against a landlord for ten million dollars. In this case the defendant had an LLC to protect his assets, but it used the wrong language, was set up in the wrong state, and was organized incorrectly, and all of his assets were organized in one LLC. Because of these mistakes not only was the judgment rendered, all the properties owned by the defendant were seized in the lawsuit. At the same time other lawsuits were initiated against other landlords. These lawsuits were terminated within days because the prosecuting attorneys found that

the LLC’s were owned in the right states, and were organized so the judge could not distribute assets out of the entities. The asset protection was organized so that no one asset could be held liable with another. “Most malpractice cases against surgeons are settled out of court by an insurance company, but a trial attorney may look at the personal assets owned by a surgeon and decide that pursuing a lawsuit will render more money than the insurance covers, or that the insurance company is offering,” stated McNeff. “ In these cases, the surgeon who has protected his or her assets in a properly organized LLC will find that they can force a settlement from the insurance company should the prosecuting attorney find that there will be no access to personal assets regardless of the judgment.” Simply placing assets in an LLC with no regard to language, or the state in which it is organized, will rarely result in successful asset protection. Simply placing your practice in a corporation is a guaranteed disaster waiting to happen because judges have the right to pierce most practice corporations and the result will almost always be the loss of personal assets. For most people, assets reflect a lifetime of effort and investment decisions, and you want to protect them from damage, loss of disgruntled patients. The key to any good lawsuit protection plan will include ways to maintain control of your assets without direct ownership, shielding you from legal attacks. Should you decide you wish to place your assets into an FLP, LLC or any other protected business entity, you must make sure that you are working with a highly reputable company that understands the laws in your home state.

According to McNeff, the cause of a lawsuit can vary in both its nature and who is at fault. Due to the laws of vicarious responsibility, fault can be extended from a medical assistant to the owner of the practice who may or may not have had any contact with a patient or other litigant. BIG Medicine Magazine™


The Success Business of SKIN CARE Cherie Dobbs is well known in the aesthetic medical and med spa industry. For over twenty three years she has been a notable formulator, developer and educator on skin care. She is also the founder of Dermastart, Inc., a leading aesthetic skin care company that formulates the ClearChoice and Prana SpaCeuticals brands.

Cherie Dobbs, President

From the age of ten Cherie was influenced by her mother who worked in the beauty industry. As Cherie notes, “I grew up in Newport Beach, California with a mother who worked in the beauty industry and I was surrounded by a fantastic combination of exotic and international people who, in my eyes as a ten years old, were the most beautiful and breathtaking people you could imagine.” As a young girl, Cherie accepted that beauty just happened. She thought that everyone was born beautiful and it wasn’t until she reached her teen years that she realized that true outer beauty is a combination of maintaining what you have, avoiding over-exposure to the sun, combined with a little added help from high quality beauty products. This was the catalyst that inspired her to focus her career in the aesthetic beauty industry. Beginning in the sales of facial implants, laser technology and a variety of other aesthetic treatments, Cherie quickly realized that her passion was in the science of skin care and decided to train as a clinical aesthetician. She knew that was just the starting point and that she needed to be the most knowledgeable person in the room when it came to developing and distributing skin care products that were safe and effective. As she had developed an extensive network of aesthetic surgeons from her sales days, Cherie found she could draw upon the great wealth of knowledge these doctors held. She also found that many of them were not only


BIG Medicine Magazine™

willing to allow her to “pick their brain” as she puts it, but also openly introduce her to some of the proven and newer product ingredients that were not yet commercially available. “When I first started Dermastart, I did not have the range of products that I do now,” said Cherie. “I realized from day one that the only way I could effectively compete against the larger, better resourced and established skin care companies, was by having a fanatical focus on detail and quality.” It is an old chestnut that ‘knowledge is power’, but one that always holds true even today. Cherie’s ability to take the time to learn about and understand ingredients and formulations has allowed her to better lead the scientific development of the DermaStart product and team, and to create unique and top selling skin care products. Now known for her development of a broad range of advanced skin care products that often include new to market clinical grade ingredients, Cherie notes that although counter intuitive, her success as one of the top US skincare companies is because she is fiercely and proudly old fashioned! “One of my guiding principals at Dermastart is that we only deliver products that work,” explained Cherie. “It’s easy to create a beautiful package with a liquid that feels and smells nice, but it is incredibly difficult to consistently develop and deliver truly effective products that customers love.”

It is a known fact that the whole aesthetic industry is currently beginning to feel the first tremors of massive and dynamically progressive change. Many skincare and other aesthetic manufacturers and vendors within the industry are being purchased and absorbed into the mega-medical companies, as well as non-traditional corporate America. By all appearances, the aesthetic industry might be seeing a return to the early years when only a few vendors controlled the market. Cherie is positioned well because her boutique skincare products sold under the ClearChoice, and Prana SpaCeuticals brands, as well as her rapidly growing private labeling capabilities, helps her customers keep their product mix select and exclusive, further defining their aesthetic medical spas and medical practices as unique, special and different. A great example of this is the recently launched peels that have a two- unit dosage. The usage guidelines make DermaStart peels easy to use and the patient results are impressive. Of equal importance to all med-spa and aesthetic medical practice customers, is that these are very profitable items. Another spectacular hit is the Sport Shield SPF, a product category in its own right that is now seen and accepted by all ClearChoice and Prana SpaCeuticals consumers as a must have item for all seasons.

As Cherie points out, skin care products if correctly managed by a practice or med spa, can be a very important and significant part of recurring residual income. It is also another reason for continuing patient engagement and interaction further helping develop better patient relations. “I know our success is in great part that we don’t treat our customers as a destination that we ‘just’

ship product to,” said Cherie. “If our customers allow us, we like to work as partners and help them manage product inventory, all the way up to educational events. Quite simply if our customers do well, so do we.” With the new educational program Cherie is rolling out called Face Detailing™, she is sure to keep customers very happy. Face Detailing™ aims to help esthetician’s understand how to

assess skin better… creating client loyalty and individual results driven goals. Dermastart, Inc., ClearChoice and Prana SpaCeuticals are headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida.

“One of my guiding principals at Dermastart is that we only deliver products that work,” explained Cherie.

BIG Medicine Magazine™


Doctors That Make A Difference In a world economy that is under constant

Dr. Corey Maas

stress, world class

Specialty: Facial Plastic Surgeon Location: San Francisco, California Cause: Beauty For Books™

business leaders such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, among others, understand the true value of giving back. Giving back doesn’t necessarily mean giving away half of your wealth. It could mean a commitment of time, innovation or community involvement as is the case with the doctors featured here in “Doctors That Make A Difference.” 14

BIG Medicine Magazine™

Dr. Corey Maas

Reading has always been high on my list of favorite things to do but it wasn’t until my children began to read that I realized the true joy of reading as a parent. As my children grew, I was able to watch them progress academically because they had access to great books. It became clear to me, however, that not all schools had funds to adequately provide enough books for their students and that many inner-city and rural libraries had a shortage of books. I have a strong commitment to literacy. Many successful people take for granted the availability of reading materials in the home and, after speaking to a number of patients that are teachers, I learned that many of the public schools don’t even have libraries let alone books for children to take home. After speaking with the charitable giving officers from the San Francisco Unified and Oakland Unified School Districts, I learned that many (if not most of the students) had no books at home at all.

At my practice, we began hosting Books for Botox parties which have been a huge success. Then in 2007, I formerly began Beauty for Books™ a California-based 501c3 non-profit organization serving under-funded primary and elementary schools in the United States. The goal of Beauty for Books™ is to generate books and reading materials for schools and children that are in need of reading materials at home. We also raise funds and collect donations for the purchase of books amongst schools. The organization now includes a group of licensed physicians, nurses (and other health care professionals working under the direction of participating physicians). Participating physicians identify needy schools and educational libraries in their communities that would specifically benefit from the program, and they then create an agreement to provide grade K-8 appropriate books and reading devices that are generated by donations from their respective communities in exchange for free aesthetic services and products provided by the participating physicians and their practices. Over the past few years the Beauty for Books™ program has collected and donated tens of thousands of books by offering complimentary skin and aesthetic

Dr. Corey Maas reading to students of a local San Francisco area school.

treatments with medical and aesthetic professionals in exchange for books and donations. My program is run annually, usually during the holiday season, at which time family, friends and patients of the respective practice will come together for a fun evening of aesthetic education and complimentary treatments in exchange for donations of selected books that are then given to the school or library that has been selected by the participating medical practice. We do some internal and external marketing to let patient attendees know that in exchange for the donation of five or more new or nearly new K-8 appropriate books, they have the opportunity to randomly draw from a bowl to gain a free service such as Botox or a Restylane injection treatment. This has now evolved thanks to choices of Botox, Dysport or Xeomin, also Juvederm, as well as our TMC skin care products and spa services. The first year, we garnered over 1000 books which not only excited me but, as we brought these books to the beneficiary schools, they became excited too. After discussion with some prominent contributors to other San Francisco charities, we decided to have a gala to celebrate and promote literacy and at the same time have a little fun and learn about beauty by inviting local successful beauty businesses, spas, salons, etc. to attend

the gala and set up booths so that party goers could get a small treatment such as nails, hair, facials, makeup, lashes, etc. The businesses loved the interface and the female attendees loved the spa treatments. The men, of course, came more to support (or meet) the great female supporters of the charity. Last year’s gala had over 700 people and the W Hotel in San Francisco admirably donated the facility and helped us create a great event. I also have to give full credit to my wife, Kristin, who has really embraced the idea and turned it into a very worthwhile volunteer project that now has an outstanding board that is taking the Foundation to the next level. Our mission for literacy is now in its eighth year and while I am happy to say that more and more children have experienced the increased choice of available books and the delights of reading because of our program, the need of our Foundation has never been greater. More and more educational departments are experiencing massive budget cuts that are affecting the educational cornerstone that books provide, directly affecting the future of so many children from Kindergarten and on up.

Sausalito School Districts, and estimate that well over 50,000 books have been donated since we started seven years ago. Our next big leap is to recruit more California aesthetic surgeons to join with us. To participate, physicians must identify geocentric school districts in need and agree to make it a 100% time and materials donation. Ultimately I would love to see this initiative go nationwide. The schools commonly invite me to come to their school and do a reading or talk about becoming a doctor. It’s very gratifying to look at the eager faces of the children as I explain the important impact reading has made on my life and what fulfilling opportunities I have each year due to my access to books and reading. I tell doctors that are interested in participating in our program that the feeling you get when these kids surround you with appreciation and ambition is really quite fantastic. I’m a firm believer in education and helping kids get excited about reading and giving them access to books keeps me connected with education in a way I never expected.

We have commitments to the San Francisco Unified School District, Oakland Unified School District and Marin CityBIG Medicine Magazine™


Doctors That Make A Difference Dr. Babak Azizzadeh

Specialty: Facial Plastic Surgeon Location: Beverly Hills, California Cause: Facial Paralysis and Bell’s Palsy Foundation It began one day when my wife was watching TV and saw the story of Mary Jo Buttafuoco on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Mary Jo had been shot in the face and suffered facial paralysis as a result of the shooting. My wife called me and said, “Babak you can help her, I know you can.” One event led to another and it seemed that all of a sudden I was helping this wonderful and courageous human being regain her smile. Dr. Babak Azizzadeh with facial paralysis patient Gracie Doran preparing for The Doctors TV Show.

At that time there were no other organizations that focused on individuals suffering from life-altering facial deformities caused by nerve damage and Bell’s palsy. As a facial plastic surgeon my emphasis is on the head and neck and, over the years, specific nerve grafting techniques and procedures have been developed that allow these patients to regain movement in the face. The Facial Paralysis and Bell’s Palsy Foundation is a grass-roots organization that has grown due to the generous efforts of my patients, family, friends and strangers who really want to make a difference in these people’s lives. Our organization is unique because we have a strong focus on support groups. These routine meetings are on-going and are a way for people with various facial nerve disorders to get together to discuss living and coping with their situation. It’s a wonderful way to increase awareness and create a support structure. One of the great things to come out of this type of support has been the willingness of many patients and their families to be able to share their story. Some have even been brave enough to share their stories on TV shows such as Oprah and The Doctors. Facial reanimation surgery has been so gratifying to me. It also brings an amazing joy to my staff at work. It has helped us develop a better sense of team spirit due to its “give back” nature that is not necessarily felt with a 100% aesthetics only practice. One of the most gratifying moments is watching the look of joy on a patient’s face as they examine their face after surgery. When they look at me and smile and their face is no longer as crooked as it was before is deeply moving.

For the past two decades, Dr. Azizzadeh has been actively engaged in clinical research helping to advance the field of facial plastic surgery. At UCLA, Dr. Azizzadeh collaborated with Nobel Laureate, Dr. Louis Ignarro, in evaluating the role of nitric oxide in facial plastic surgery. Currently, he is the principle investigator of a stem cell/facial nerve regeneration project at Cedars-Sinai’s Regenerative Medical Institute and Co-Director of the Multispecialty Aesthetic Clinical Research Organization (MACRO) where he has ongoing clinical trials in facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty. Dr. Azizzadeh has published numerous textbooks and peer-reviewed articles, received many honors and awards as well as presented at the national and international level. He is the author of the best-selling consumer book Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets as well as the lead editor of four medical textbooks that are used by medical schools and residency programs to train upand-coming plastic surgeons (Master Techniques in Facial Rejuvenation, Master Techniques in Rhinoplasty, Master Techniques in Blepharoplasty, Facial Nerve).


BIG Medicine Magazine™

Doctors That Make A Difference Dr. Juris Bunkis

Specialty: Plastic Surgeon Location: Newport Beach, California Cause: Honorary Consul - Republic of Latvia in California I am a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, CA, a diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a diplomat of another kind – the consul for the Republic of Latvia and a member of the Los Angeles Diplomatic Corps. Growing up I never dreamed that I would become a plastic surgeon, and I certainly did not think I would become consul for the Republic of Latvia. I was born of Latvian parents in a refugee camp in Germany after WWII. My parents immigrated to Canada, where I went to high school and completed college and medical school at the University of Toronto. After finishing my residencies in general surgery at Columbia University, and plastic surgery at Harvard University, I taught at the University of California, San Francisco prior to entering private practice in 1984. Throughout my professional career I have done a lot of volunteer work. It was never a conscious decision to be involved with the needs of others outside of my practice it was something that just became a part of my life. In the early days, I made many medical mission trips to Guatemala and elsewhere to work with other surgeons performing cleft palate repair surgeries in impoverished villages. I have organized multiple charity events, coached sports teams, sat on the Little League Board of Directors, and have been a volunteer deputy with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department for many years.

Dr. Juris and Tina Bunkis with President Berzins of Latvia.

My children were very involved with sports and we did not have much time to spend with the Latvian community. You can imagine my surprise when I received a call from the Latvian Embassy in Washington, DC in 2010 asking if I’d consider accepting a role as the honorary consul for Latvia in Los Angeles! Not knowing anything about the task, I requested information and received a diplomatic pouch containing applications and description of duties. My parents encouraged me to donate some of my efforts and time to the country of our origin and I accepted the challenge. I made trips to Washington, DC and Riga, Latvia for interviews and I was chosen for the position and received my diplomat ID from the US State Department, signed by Hillary Clinton! What does my position entail? Shortly after being appointed, I was notified by the foreign ministry in Riga that the Prime Minister would be traveling to LA with an entourage of ten politicians and some fifty business executives. It was my duty to arrange this visit, to the smallest detail. I was to coordinate all movements with the US Secret Service detail, to plan all the meetings and social events, to arrange transportation and meals – much of it on my dime! The meetings were a great success and during the time the Prime Minister was here, I promised to bring a trade delegation to Riga the following summer, which I did along with heads of corporations such as Boeing, Proctor and Gamble and Warner Brothers. We brought a large trade delegation to Riga of some 30 plus companies! I was able to arrange meetings with numerous government ministers, the Prime Minister and President, along with many very interesting social outings as well. I was interviewed on television and by print media multiple times. It was a nonstop whirlwind for five days.

Dr. Juris Bunkis being sworn in as Honorary Consul.

The consulate is located in my office in Newport Beach, CA. I have daily tasks to perform as the local consul. I receive inquiries daily about passports, visas and citizenship. We do not issue passports at my office but I do have to help people get the right information to the Latvian Embassy in Washington, DC. My role is very different from my role as a surgeon. I receive calls from Latvian citizens who have been robbed or put in jail, from relatives who want to know how to legally transport ashes back to Latvia, and a whole host of other unusual requests. Most of the inquiries I get pertain to business, including Latvian companies looking for markets or partners in the US, film makers wanting to place their films into festivals, and US small business owners inquiring about company or tax laws in Latvia. What I love the most about this position is the absolute intellectual rush. My wife, Tina and I receive invitations to monthly consular meetings in LA which always have fantastic speakers and venues. We get invited when important people visit LA (everything from professors giving talks to foreign dignitaries), and have been invited to many events in LA for national days, emperor’s birthday celebrations, mayoral inaugurations, meetings with Congressmen and Senators, tours of studios and meetings with CEO’s of various film companies. I have loved my plastic surgery profession; it has been very good to me. And now I am equally honored and blessed to be a diplomat of another kind. BIG Medicine Magazine™


Doctors That Make A Difference Dr. Joseph Niamtu, III

Specialty: Oral Maxillofacial Surgery/Cosmetic Surgeon Location: Richmond, Virginia Cause: GREATER RICHMOND ARC, SAFE HARBOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SHELTER

April and Dr. Joseph Niamtu with sons Evan and Joey.

As the father of two profoundly disabled sons many people wonder why (or how) I can offer a good deal of my time to helping others in need. My response is that I have always felt that all doctors have an ethical and moral requirement to give back. Since having two special needs children of my own, I have focused the majority of my pro bono efforts towards children in need.

Both of my boys, Joey and Evan, have severe cerebral palsy. When Joey was born he appeared to be a normal, healthy child for the first three months of his life. Then he began having seizures and missing milestones and, upon diagnosis, his doctors said he would never be able to walk, talk or develop mentally. He had numerous gastrointestinal problems and went through several surgeries in the first few years of his life. My wife April and I were not sure he would make it through some of these surgeries but he did. I come from a family that embraces the attitude of never “give up” or “quit”. A mantra I have maintained all my life. April and I decided to have another child as one of our primary concerns was who would look after Joey if we weren’t around. We both underwent significant genetic counseling and blood testing and were assured that Joey’s condition was a genetic mutation in early pregnancy that was extremely rare. We were told that the chance of us having another child with this condition were next to zero. We were elated when April became pregnant with our second child and did everything in our power to keep April healthy and to do the necessary testing for a safe pregnancy. While Evan appeared normal and healthy at birth, he didn’t roll, or crawl, which were all too familiar signs to us. Then at about three months he


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began having seizures and the doctors told us that he had the same syndrome as my first son. He began having the same G.I. problems that Joey had and April and I spent so much time in the local hospital ER that it soon became a way of life. That was over fourteen years ago. I now live with the fact that neither of my children will ever walk or talk, are fed by a tube and can do nothing for themselves. It is not an easy fact to live with but one that we have chosen to accept and embrace completely. As a doctor and teacher it is hard to know that I can never teach my children. My children can only laugh and cry, so I make it my job to make them laugh as much as possible. April and I feel fortunate that we have been able to work together over the years to modify our home so we did not have to institutionalize our sons. This included adding a wing to our home along with wheel chair ramps, an elevator and around the clock nursing. I am fortunate that I am in a position to afford this type of care. However, we have also found that there are many families in worse situations than ours, families that are far less fortunate and we feel it our duty to help them. Over the years, April and I have worked feverishly with many charitable organization and I offer probono surgery wherever I can. We are also ardent

contributors to groups like the Greater Richmond ARC, which was established in 1954 by families for families. Since that time they have grown into a respected organization that each year helps over 1,400 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. April and I are ongoing sponsors of ARC’s Annual Ladybug Wine Tasting event that benefits infant intervention. I am also a community spokesperson for Safe Harbor domestic violence shelter whose aim is to end the cycle of domestic violence. I often find myself treating facial injuries for shelter residents pro-bono and recently operated on a woman whose husband shot her in the head with a 40 caliber handgun while she was holding her infant. She lost vision in her left eye but I was able to treat her scars and facial damage. Additionally, we have been involved with the Richmond Branch of Operation Smile and have worked with many other charities including Connor’s Heroes, Noah’s Children and Heal the Children, which are groups that support children with cancer and other serious diseases. My wife and my staff and I now have a 30 year history of volunteering and giving back to the community. It’s been a part of my practice mission since day one.

January 24 & 25, 2015 LOS ANGELES 2015


Chairman: Dr. Lawrence Moy

NON-SURGICAL REJUVENATION AND REGENERATIVE TECHNIQUES FOR THE FACE & BODY Join us at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Rey on January 24 & 25, 2015 as we discuss and demonstrate the newest advancements in non-surgical approaches to facial and body aging. New techniques and technology for skin tightening including lasers, RF technology and other ablative technologies will be featured. Facial fillers, skin topicals, and other rejuvenative and regenerative approaches to aging will also be included in our lectures. Several of the leading aesthetic manufacturers will participate in on-going workshops and breakout sessions. AACD Los Angeles 2015 will include faculty who are recognized and established leaders within their specialty, as well as those that actively participate in aesthetic treatments under study or clinical review. It is our hope that you will want to be part of what will be an important and influential aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology meeting recognized for its scientific and academic leadership. We look forward to seeing you in 2015!

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Register now and make your hotel reservation at The Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey. Mention Advanced Aesthetics & Cosmetic Dermatology LA 2015 to receive specially discounted rates. Please make reservations early as the hotel sells out.

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Nurses That Rock! Medicine has changed a lot for nurses since the days of Florence Nightingale. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration there are over 2.8 million RNs (including advanced practice RNs) and 690,000 LPNs in the nursing workforce. In recent years the nursing workforce grew substantially adding over 500,000 new RN’s to the labor pool. Not all nurses, however, continue tending to the sick and the poor under the guidance of a hospital or administrator. Many of today’s nurses are entrepreneurs in their own right seeking out individual fulfilling, philanthropic and creative ways to practice their craft. Here are the stories of four such nurses.


BIG Medicine Magazine™

BIG Medicine Magazine™


Nurses That Rock! Maggie Lockridge, RN

R.A.W. - Rebuilding America’s Warriors Palm Springs, California Being one to always land on her feet, it didn’t take more than a few calls and within a few days Maggie was back in business. In 1994 Maggie Lockridge opened Shanteque at Le Meridien Hotel. Shanteque rapidly became the overnight recovery center of choice among many plastic and aesthetic surgeons operating in Beverly Hills and the surrounding cities. At Shanteque, Maggie employed 38 nurses, owned 3 luxury black town cars and catered to between 180 and 220 patient stays each month. Over the course of her seventeen year career owning and managing recovery centers in Beverly Hills, Maggie and her team oversaw the successful recovery of more than 40,000 plastic surgery patients. “Going to work at Shanteque was something I looked forward to every single day,” exclaimed Maggie. “We all knew just how lucky we were to work in such a wonderful setting and to take care of people in the luxurious and glamorous way we did. Shanteque was pure joy.” Maggie’s signature black town cars were well recognized in the back alleys of Beverly Hills where they would lie in wait to secretly whisk patients to the gorgeously appointed rooms of Shanteque. To this day, nobody knows better than Maggie Lockridge how to design a room so that it not only disguises vital medical equipment, but also make hospital beds actually look cozy and inviting. During its heyday, Maggie would arrive at Shanteque at 6.30 a.m. and often stay until 10.00 p.m. While most of Maggie’s patients recovered successfully and without any complication, Maggie says that occasionally she was more than grateful for her RN degree, especially when a patient suffered a hematoma and she would have to scrub in with the doctor late at night. Maggie Lockridge with wounded Army veteran and R.A.W. warrior Aaron Kimes. Aaron had a major abdominal scar revision.

During the Vietnam War era Maggie Lockridge served as a nurse in the U.S. Air Force Nursing Corps., caring for wounded soldiers stateside. The love of country and those that serve stayed with her throughout her life. Her nursing career eventually came full circle. Looking back on her much celebrated career Maggie says she is nothing but grateful for the incredible opportunities she has experienced as a result of her choice to become an RN. Born in Springfield, VT, Maggie attended nursing school in Boston, MA, worked for five years in various fields of nursing in New York City, raised


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her children in Hawaii, and in 1987 a move to Beverly Hills found her in the position of Administrator of Le Petit Ermitage Hotel catering only to those who traveled from around the world to have plastic surgery by the surgeons to the stars. Unfortunately, within a short period of time, the owner experienced a foreclosure, and Le Petit Ermitage was dissolved. “The hotel recovery center was such a dream job,” said Maggie. “Then one day the owner decided to close the hotel and we were all out of work.“

Then, as quickly as Shanteque began, it ended. To Maggie’s complete surprise, two women walked in one day asking to buy Shanteque. Maggie threw out a price. They said yes. Shanteque was sold and Maggie spent the next two years writing memoirs and publishing a book, Facelift Hotel, which is still a best seller on Amazon. However, Maggie was not done. In 2007 she was watching journalist Bob Woodruff’s TV special on recuperating from traumatic brain injuries as he had sustained one while covering the war in Iraq. Bob was still recuperating from the explosion that literally rocked his world. At the same time the Walter Reed Veterans Hospital scandal was erupting in the media. Instantly, Maggie realized that although she could not

help these veterans psychologically, she could help them aesthetically. That night she wrote to thirty trusted doctors in Beverly Hills asking if they would join her in the Iraq Star Foundation that she was forming. Within a few days she received a call from Dr. Norman Leaf who offered to be the Medical Director of the Foundation, a position he continues to hold today. All 30 of the doctors she wrote to came on board. With a change of name since the war in Afghanistan, R.A.W. (Rebuilding America’s Warriors) now has 330 contributing surgeons nationwide. The surgeons at R.A.W. are made up of all specialties including plastic surgery, ocular surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, and pain

management to name a few. R.A.W. currently serves 49 U.S. States with its pro-bono surgery programs, and now is proud to say that it has added 10 different dental teams that work around the country with the support of the country’s largest dental implant manufacturers and the Beverly Hills Dental Lab that has donated crowns, bridges and other dental prosthetics. The Infinite Hero Foundation recently awarded R.A.W. a grant of $100,000.00 to provide aesthetic and reconstructive procedures and dental restoration to wounded and disfigured veterans. All donations to R.A.W. go directly towards the soldier’s transportation, hotel accommodations, food, surgical costs, medical supplies, hospitalization,

anesthesia, medications, and aftercare. Rebuilding America’s Warriors Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation. “Operating the Iraq Star Foundation and now R.A.W. has become a full time job that I never expected. Up to this point in my life I have to say it is the best job I have ever had,” said Maggie “To see the look of sheer happiness on the faces of the veteran and their family when the result of their surgery is revealed is unbelievable. To watch their confidence level soar as they begin to rebuild their life after surgery is tantamount to nothing I can ever describe.”

R.A.W. Medical Director Dr. Norman Leaf with wounded veteran Bobby Henline.

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Nurses That Rock!

Sylvia Silvestri, RN

Beverly Hills RN Beverly Hills, California

The traditional method for many nurses to find a job when starting their nursing career is either through a nursing employment agency, a hospital HR department or even the classified section of a trade journal. However, Sylvia Silvestri’s path to nursing entrepreneurship has an almost “true Hollywood story ” ring to it. But then luck is a combination of opportunity and preparation! Sylvia gained her RN degree at the Loma Linda Medical Center in Loma Linda, CA. Like many Los Angeles’ residents who live within sight of the Hollywood sign and are used to the frequent celebrity sightings at local restaurants, stores and coffee shops, Sylvia never considered that she would become an important part of this world. Upon graduation Sylvia literally met her future boss and mentor who would completely change the course of her professional career, after she moved into a new apartment in Los Angeles, CA, and happened to move in next door to a plastic surgeon. “I was very fortunate that I fell into the aesthetic industry by chance,” said Sylvia. “I moved in next door to Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, a plastic surgeon. We became instant friends and he and his nurse trained me on all aspects of plastic surgery.” That was seventeen years ago and since that time Sylvia has worked with many award winning TV shows and their featured doctors. TV cameras have since become a frequent part of Sylvia’s professional work life. A nurse is, of course, a vital and indispensable part of the surgical process, and Sylvia has helped with the enhancement, perfection and recovery of some of the most celebrated beauties of our time.


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Working in the busiest and most exclusive operating rooms and recovery facilities throughout the Los Angeles area, from CedarsSinai Medical Center to private operating suites in Beverly Hills and beyond, Sylvia is now as sought after as the doctors for whom she has assisted. Her ability to work with the special requirements of Hollywood celebrity patients has placed her in the unique position of being the “go to” person when a media crew needs a real nurse for a TV shoot. Sylvia has worked with many of the top physicians including Dr. Jason Diamond, of E! TV Dr. 90210 fame, as well as other doctors featured on award winning TV shows and networks such as The Swan, MTV, VH1, Entertainment Tonight, CNN and many others. While she still greatly enjoys working in the operating room, her career path has grown to where she now also consults for several major aesthetic manufacturing companies, trains medical professionals in the administration of facial fillers and a variety of skin enhancing treatments, and assists in selecting surgeons for travel to Dubai and other foreign countries. “I also travel three or four times a year myself to New York and Nevada to teach and train other practitioners,” said Sylvia. “Having licenses in different states is very beneficial as I have connections all over the country and it allows me to visit and inject patients in other states, and offer training courses.” Being a nurse in Beverly Hills is very competitive according to Sylvia. Doctors and patients are used to the very best and can both be equally as demanding. While patient care and physician support is extremely important no matter where you live, it is often taken to a whole new level

In Beverly Hills, where face equals fortune, and nothing less than perfection is the expectation. “Beverly Hills was intimidating when I first started working there seventeen years ago as I was surrounded by so many amazing and talented doctors and people with fascinating lives. It took me over six months to feel comfortable,” says Sylvia. “Now I walk around in my scrubs just like the doctors do. I can hardly turn a corner without running into someone I know, or someone I have worked with. It’s a great feeling.” The unique nature of Sylvia’s work has placed her in the interesting position of being able to offer highly specialized patient centric services. As well as assisting where necessary with surgical procedures, Sylvia also consults and refers patients to doctors for surgery, and trains other physicians and nurses on injectables, microneedling techniques and platelet rich plasma treatments. She’s also adept at offering practice and marketing tips. Medicine always needs great nurses, and in Beverly Hills, Hollwood and Los Angeles, it seems the role of the modern day nurse is expanding far beyond the OR.

Nurses That Rock!

Cristina Chiappe, RN

South Bay Career Institute Los Angeles, California

For Cristina Chiappe nursing has been more than a career. It has been a vocation for most of her life. Born in Chili, after completing college, she moved to Los Angeles where she obtained her teaching credentials from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Upon finishing UCLA, Cristina became a teacher at the Centinela Valley Adult School in Lawndale, CA where she worked for over twelve years. However, not too long ago, Cristina lost her job due to budget cuts and, as a result of a long period of unemployment, she also lost her home. As Cristina has always measured her own career success based on the success of her students, it was a deep and personal blow to not be able to continue making a difference in the lives of her students, many of whom had made great personal sacrifices to attend her classes. However, through sheer determination and a little bit of creativity, Cristina kept her commitment to her students and continued to teach them through a Medical Assistant program without a school or a salary. To help the leftover sixteen students from her class, Cristina set up a school in secret.

a state of shock,” said Chiappe. “Modesty aside, I ran a good program, and the medical community in my area recognized that my students were well-prepared.” Chiappe, a member of the board of neighboring Hawthorne School District, tried to fight the termination of her class. Her class was canceled anyway. Chiappe’s commitment to her students made her decide to keep teaching - without pay. It was a risky move. Even though Chiappe received a business license from Los Angeles County to run a nonprofit school, her application for a permit from the city of Lawndale was turned down due to inadequate parking. So she rented a space, and the class met in secret. “I didn’t want to leave my students with nothing. The school district cut the money back, but this was not at all about money. It was about education and a future for my students,” she said. “The students wanted to continue so I proposed that if we could open our own site…we’d be able to buy all the equipment so that they could have hands-on training. And we did it.”

This may sound like another Hollywood movie, but it is the true story of a woman who refused to take no for an answer. Profiled by CNN for her determination to see her students graduate from her initial program, Cristina has gone on to not only pull herself out of financial difficulties, but also to help young women and men, armed with Medical Assistant and LVN qualifications taught by her, move on to finding careers of their own in medical offices across Southern California.

Of her 20 original students, 16 stayed on. They used their tuition refund of $1,600. each to purchase over $15,000. worth of used medical equipment so they would have something to practice with. They bought sterilizers, machines to measure lung capacity, surgical instruments, a blood spinner, CPR dolls, a fake arm with a needle to practice drawing blood, books, an examining table, an electrocardiogram machine, instruments to test hearing and vision, and more.

“I never dreamed they would sacrifice my program, because it had helped so many people in the community. Honestly, I was in

Students met with Chiappe four days a week and finished the course with a graduation ceremony complete with caps and gowns. All 16

of Cristina’s graduates were placed in 160-hour “externships” in medical offices. (An externship is similar to an internship, generally offered by career college educational institutions to give students short practical experiences in their field of study.) By now, they have all been hired on full time as medical assistants. Since then, Chiappe has formed the South Bay Career Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides a variety of Medical Assistant and LVN programs primarily to under-privileged women and men. In addition, Cristina works full time as a teacher at Family First, a charter school for high risk young adults many of whom were previous high school drop outs. To date, Cristina has trained over 1600 students though her vocational training programs and says that this is just the beginning. “You do what you have to do,” says Chiappe. “And sometimes you have to show the world what is happening with the state of education especially in California. I have no regrets whatsoever. If anything, I’m more determined than ever to help these young people build a dream career in the medical commuity.” Charitable donations are welcome. For more information, Chiappe can be reached at or (310) 901-3704.

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Nurses That Rock!

Jill Tucker, RN Jill Tucker Nursing Services New York, New York

Jill Tucker has been a nurse for over twenty-five years, the majority of those years in the plastic surgery field in New York City. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at DePaul University in Chicago, IL, Jill relocated to New York and began her career as an Operating Room Nurse with The Hospital for Special Surgery. She then moved on to a role as an Occupational Health Nurse, working in the medical departments of Fortune 500 corporations. During that period Jill was also part of a team that promoted and led blood donor drives for New York Blood Services. However, it was while working as a Private Duty Nurse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that Jill gained valuable insight into the special needs of her patients—both in pre-surgery preparedness and consultation, and in post-surgical care and recovery. Using this knowledge, and networking with some of the city’s top nursing talent, Jill has now meticulously assembled a select staff of health care professionals that offer roundthe-clock nursing and care services to a broad spectrum of patients and medical specialties. “I’m a later-in-life entrepreneur,” says Jill. “My early work in medical facilities certainly prepared me for the work I do now. I never realized, however, how exciting being an entrepreneur could be.” Jill and her team of RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s, Visiting Nurses, Aides, Medical Assistants, Home Companions and Therapists, can be scheduled to cover any area of medicine but they choose to specialize in pre- and post-operative plastic surgery care, orthopedic recovery, long-term


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home care, IV antibiotic therapy at home, and operating room staffing. “Generally I am recommended by the plastic surgeon or orthopedic surgeon who has performed the operation on the patient,” continued Jill. “However, elective surgery is a small world and many patients refer me to their family and friends once they hear that they are also having surgery.” According to Jill, who now practices in New York City and Washington, DC, hiring a recovery nurse to come to the patient’s home is a fast growing business as hospital stays and over-night recovery facilities are becoming much more costly due to the changes in health insurance. For a patient, it is far more comfortable, as well as being convenient and cost-effective, to hire a nurse to stay overnight or attend to them daily with whatever medical after-care the procedure requires. As a concierge home care nursing service Jill offers the highest quality health care professionals to a very discerning clientele. Much like other exclusive and affluent communities, her patients in New York and Washington have done their homework when it comes to aesthetic surgery. Their expectations are often high and, as they are paying out of pocket for a treatment, they are also not willing to accept a hospital mentality when it comes to their personal care. Jill Tucker Nursing care is customized for each patient’s medical need. Conditions are assessed and options and procedures are discussed in advance as Jill is a firm believer that preoperative consultations not only better inform

the patient, but also help to reduce stress before surgery. She also discusses with the patient any preventative care and preparation for surgery, medical health history, medical facilities and any alternative care options. In addition, all aspects of health care coverage is carefully coordinated and overseen by Jill. As well as home health care services, Jill Tucker Nursing also provides services to international travelers and business professionals. Nursing Services are available to guests staying at the finest five-star hotels in Manhattan and Washington DC. So what keeps Jill Tucker in high demand? Concierge nursing has been quietly increasing across the nation. However, the significant increase in hospital care costs, as well as the concern among patients and doctors of the heightened risk of infections being found among patients at hospitals and surgery centers has made at-home nursing even more important. “All aspects of the patient’s health care after surgery is completely personalized by me,” said Jill. “Once a nurse always a nurse, the concerns and comfort of the patient are always placed first. That’s our team motto and what keeps my business thriving.”

94% of the world’s lawsuits are filed in the United States. Malpractice lawsuits are on the rise. Plastic Surgeons have the 3rd highest risk of being sued. The risk of being sued is directly correlated to the amount of money that would be attainable in a lawsuit. ARE YOU BURYING YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND? Is this your legal strategy for preventing and stoping lawsuits? It’s time to rethink your plan... Did you know that less than 0.05% of attorneys have any education or experience in asset protection? Allow Legally Mine to eliminate the threat of being sued and learn from over 40 years of lawsuit prevention and tax education experience.

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Beauty From Within Is Crossing Borders! The true 21st Century Renaissance Man can be summed up by leading surgeons such as Cory Goldberg, M.D., F.R.C.S.C., F.A.C.S., a dual board certified Plastic and Craniofacial Surgeon who, in addition to running a successful practice in Toronto, Canada, also finds time to travel on surgical missions with Operation Smile to such far-away places as Egypt and Cambodia. He also travels the world teaching and will be lecturing in Israel later this year, before embarking on a more extensive speaking tour in the USA.

Dr. Cory Goldberg

As an established lecturer with Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Canada Dr. Goldberg is a recognized leader on a variety of subjects including Dysport, a prescription injection for temporary improvement in moderate to severe frown lines, and Selphyl, a Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) technology. He also lectures on the many health benefits of nutricosmetics for both personal and patient use, a subject that is new to many of his physician counterparts outside of Canada and parts of Europe. With such dedication to medical science, it is clinically significant that Dr. Goldberg has not only become academically interested in GliSODin Skin Nutrients (GSN), a professional nutricosmetic oral supplement, he also uses them with dramatic results. GliSODin Skin Nutrients was designed for aesthetic practitioners and developed to deliver targeted skin healing benefits, as well as to maximize cosmetic surgery results. Consisting of the patented antioxidant enzyme GliSODin®


and therapeutic-grade nutraceuticals, GSN products help reduce the damaging effects of free radicals, which are said to be a major cause of skin aging, and provide the nutrients that are essential for beautiful, glowing skin. Dr. Goldberg first began using the GSN Pre & Post Formula in combination with facelift and other cosmetic procedures. However, when he personally lost over 40lbs of weight while using GSN Slimming and Detoxification Formulas he became an enthusiast and approached Corina Crysler, Executive Director, about becoming more involved with the company. Since then Dr. Goldberg says he uses GliSODin Skin Nutrients throughout his practice, has developed a variety of treatment protocols and is actively involved with the science and clinical study aspects of the company. “GliSODin® is the first patented technology which contains a bioactive form of superoxide dismutase (SOD) derived from the French melon, Cucumis melo, and is protected by a gliadin biopolymer

layer,” said Dr. Goldberg. “For this reason, SOD reaches the small intestine where it can be effective in the human body. Found in all living species, SOD is known as the ‘enzyme of life.’”

GliSODin® - No Longer A Secret

GliSODin Skin Nutrients has been quietly on the market in Canada, Mexico and Europe for some time. In 2001, François Vix, a former brand manager and senior executive for L’Oreal, Lancôme, and Johnson & Johnson, discovered an orally stable form of the antioxidant enzyme SOD, which was developed by two French immunologists. It was later trademarked GliSODin® and is derived from a French melon that contains 7x more SOD than regular melon. In 2007, François partnered with Corina Crysler, one of North America’s leading natural health product experts and the formulator behind GliSODin Skin Nutrients products. Prior to this, oral administration was highly ineffective due to the activity of the SOD molecule being destroyed by stomach acids.

I n dI n u ds ut sr ty r yT rT ar an ns s f f oo rr m ee r r

BIG Medicine Magazine™

HEALTH BENEFITS OF NUTRICOSMETICS The anti-inflammatory and immune system modulating effects for the SOD-gliadin (GliSODin®) combination have shown in published studies that, while no such effects are observed with SOD or gliadin alone, the SODgliadin combination is very effective. Absorption of SOD in the human body has been shown to improve fine lines and wrinkles, increase natural photo-protection, assist in wound healing, and reduce inflammation.

Nutrients is the first product to market that brings beauty from the inside out. With massive growth in Canada and across Europe, (GliSODin® has sold more than 200 million daily doses and has been prescribed in over 30 countries), and based on world response to this product and the anticipated and massive growth of nutraceuticals in the USA, GliSODin Skin Nutrients could very well change the face of the aesthetic industry.

SOD and Aging

Dr. Goldberg is a Plastic Surgeon who is dual certified by both the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. After earning his MD degree from Queen’s University, Canada and completing his Plastic Surgery residency training at the University of Toronto, including a Master’s of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering, he did sub-specialty fellowship training in Craniofacial Plastic Surgery at University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. As such he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to reconstructive and cosmetic facial surgery. Dr Goldberg’s practice is a mix of reconstruction including craniofacial surgery, medical aesthetics, and cosmetic surgery, allowing for practice growth with GSN.

Oxygen is essential for life, however, it is also a very reactive molecule. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are free radicals (O2°¯, H2O2, OH°) created from oxygen that are unstable and may cause cellular damage. The imbalance of ROS and available antioxidants to neutralize their harmful effects is defined as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is linked to causing inflammation. Inflammation and oxidative stress can cause many degenerative diseases, and are the main causes of aging. “Under normal physiological conditions, a balance between these species and the body’s anti-oxidant defenses exists, however, certain conditions such as smoking, pollution, exposure to sunlight (UV radiation), metabolism of sugars related to high intensity exercise, the progression of aging, infection and the subsequent immune response, can increase the production of ROS like the superoxide ion (O2-) and the hydroxyl ion (OH-),” explained Dr. Goldberg. “This will disrupt the natural balance within the body and ultimately lead to oxidative stress, but with GliSODin® we have the ability to control oxidative stress internally.” Beauty from within is a new concept in the aesthetic industry. While physicians are offered a wide array of tools and technologies to help reverse the signs of aging and return youth to wrinkled skin tissue topically, GliSODin Skin

“At my practice the addition of the GliSODin Skin Nutrients line has been very well received by my patients,” said Dr. Goldberg. “Not only does it work in harmony to help patients heal better and faster after surgery or a cosmetic treatment, but it has also become a daily regimen for many, which brings them back into the practice regularly, keeping us connected and making us first in mind for future procedures.”

Lecturing in the USA

Dr. Goldberg will be speaking at a variety of aesthetic medical symposia in the USA in 2014 and 2015. Keep your eyes on the podium for this exciting lecturer.

Advanced Anti-Aging/Dermal Formula Formulated specifically to fortify the skin with the nutrients necessary to support its structure and function, this formula provides the skin with essential antioxidants to fight the signs of aging, and protect it from environmental factors. It is the fastest way to get the famous GliSODin® glow. A perfect daily supplement for age 35 and over. Advanced Skin Brightening Formula Promotes a bright, clear complexion, minimizing the damaging effects of sun exposure. It contains ingredients to increase the concentration of antioxidants, assists with evening out the skin tone, clears acne, provides photo-protection and nutrients to the dermis. Works best with skin 35 and younger, as well as for those with prolonged sun exposure. Advanced Detoxification/Cleansing Formula Designed to purge toxins through the eliminative pathways, without the use of harmful laxatives or diuretics. Many studies have shown that poor health and oxidative stress can lead to blemished, discolored and dull skin, and premature aging. Advanced Slimming Formula A complete system for healthy weight loss and management, this product is a safe and effective way to enhance the effects of body contouring and liposuction technologies. It helps to maintain weight loss goals and complements a healthy lifestyle, while providing beauty benefits such as an improved silhouette and a more toned physique. Advanced Lymphatic Formula Designed to assist lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling caused by fluid retention in the body. Contains ingredients such as burdock and artichoke and has purification properties that help to eliminate toxins from the body. Advanced Pre & Post Formula Recommended for use prior, during and after invasive aesthetic treatments including surgery. The specially designed formula prepares the body for cosmetic procedures to enhance recovery time. The Pre & Post Formula was formulated to address all levels of wound healing by helping in connective tissue formation and maintaining immune function.

I I nn d uu ss t t r ry y T rT ar na s nf so fr m o er rm e BIGr Medicine Magazine™


Want A Perfect Size Breast Augmentation? ASK AN ARCHITECT Bringing BreastScale To Market in the USA For Carsten P. Walton having conversations about breast surgery was never unusual as his father is a leading plastic and reconstructive surgeon in South Africa. However, it was when a dinner conversation turned personal (Carsten was discussing a girlfriend with his father) that BreastScale, a revolutionary new idea in breast surgery perfection, was realized.


Patient expectation of surgery was a recurring theme of Carsten’s conversations with his father. Carsten mentioned that his girlfriend would like to arrange a consultation for a breast augmentation. “She wants to go up from an A cup to a C cup,” he said. “Sure. That’s somewhere between 280 to 330 CC,” was the reply from his father. Carsten, a trained architect who, together with his mother Hilke a master architect, jointly runs the architectural practice 7Circle, a company that focuses on luxury residential projects and boutique medical surgery centers around the globe, with projects in the USA, Australia and South Africa, was astonished at his father ’s answer. “You mean there isn’t an exact sizing system for a surgical breast procedure?” inquired Carsten who says to this day he is still shocked by this fact. “No, not really,” answered his father. “Breast implants come in volumes that are measured in CC’s, and as plastic surgeons we rely on training and experience.” As this conversation evolved, three questions about breast sizing came to light: 1. Surgeons speak in CC Volume, while patients speak in bra cup sizes - Why is there NO common language? 2. How is existing breast volume and asymmetry established to determine a starting point for proper calculations and a perfect bra fit? 3. How are changes in breast volume demonstrated ON the patient in 3D so they can be certain that the size they are being given is the actual size and weight that they want? As breast surgeons know, the implant decision is primarily guided by the surgeon who estimates the correct implant size based on individual skill and experience. Even the use of computer generated predictive software is not always enough to give a patient the true sense of how an implant will actually feel, weigh and look. Consequently patients are often disappointed

because the expectations of their surgical result can be dramatically different to the actual physical surgical result. Carsten used his experience in architectural design to create and develop a prototype that surgeons could use to simply and efficiently solve this problem. After bringing the prototype of BreastScale to his father and several of his plastic surgery colleagues for validation and testing, they encouraged Carsten to further develop the system. Although Carsten had chosen to pursue architecture, he was always inspired by the medical world due to his father being a plastic surgeon and his mother being a medical facility architect. The invention of BreastScale stands as a testament to this. Hilke has been involved in the architectural medical industry for over 40 years operating her own architectural practice, designing among others one of South Africa’s premier award winning private surgery centers, hosting 120 beds. Together they developed BreastScale, a new innovative system used to size and measure breasts so that patients can experience a near perfect breast surgery result. What makes BreastScale unique and different to any other sizing system are the colorful plastic breast volume measuring cups, which not only measure CC volume, but relate CC measurements to realistic and accurate international bra-cup sizes, allowing patients to better understand volume changes. Most surgeons would agree that patients think in bra-cup sizes and will ask their surgeon to augment them from one cup size to another – usually from a smaller A or B size, to a larger C or D size. Surgeons, however, work in CCs because that is how breast tissue is measured and how breast implants are manufactured. BreastScale easily translates this difference in size, mathematically allowing the patients to experience, test and have their new sizes demonstrated on their own body. BreastScale helps doctors simplify breast volume calculations which give patients a more

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predictable outcome – a more predictable outcome leads to a more satisfied patient result! BreastScale can be used with all types of breast procedures and is ideal for detecting breast asymmetry. The system is designed to compensate for the irregularity that exists within the bra manufacturing industry by making the cups adjustable to measure ‘three-tiers’ per bra cup size, all relating scientifically and mathematically back to CC volumes. The surgeon can then advise accordingly and select the necessary breast implant size, type and style from any of the leading breast implant manufacturers. “In today’s world, patients are informed, proactive and more engaged about their selected surgery, especially when it comes to breast sizing,” says Carsten. “Creating a system that allows surgeons who work in CC volumes, and patients who think in bra cup sizes, to communicate in a common language is vital as patients want to participate in selecting their new breast size.” While relying on the surgeon’s expertise and advice to guide patients through the available possibilities is obviously vital to the success of any surgery, utilizing a tool that can better captivate patient interaction is what has been lacking in the breast surgery market. A considerable amount of research has been involved in the development of the BreastScale system. While Carsten jokes that creating the cups started off as a fun day with a model who had a perfect C-Cup, and a lot of plaster, the ultimate intellectual property of the system came as a result of 3D scanning, consultation time with plastic surgeons and patients, meetings with bra manufacturers, plaster and clay molding, silicone molding, advanced computer modeling, vacuum forming, ratio models and calculations, industrial designing, 3D printing, field testing, injection molding, constant recalibration, more field testing and, after three years and a lot of start-up costs, BreastScale ultimately made it to market.

Carsten P. Walton and Hilke Potter

Part of the BreastScale research included a study of 1,200 women in Australia, South Africa and the USA who had recently undergone breast surgery procedures. The study concluded that 57% of patients were unhappy or dissatisfied with their post-operative breast size. Hilke explained that the surgeon or nurse can use BreastScale to demonstrate various volume changes on the patient, giving her the opportunity to test, feel and experience the breast implant sizes and options available. This process creates a more comprehensive consultation experience, improves communication, and allows for more realistic expectations after surgery. The BreastScale system has been adopted by surgeons in Europe, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and the USA. The BreastScale system debuted at the California Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS) Annual Meeting in California. Surgeons who are often early adopters of new technologies that ultimately become indispensable industry standards, were fascinated by the system and pleased with the solution that BreastScale can bring to their practice. Dr. RJ Walton, Professor of Post Graduate. Education - Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Former National Secretary of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) South Africa for 18 years, has been the longest user of the BreastScale System and notes an increased 20% closure rate among new patient breast surgery consults.

“This greatly enhances the workflow within the practice,” says Dr. Walton. “My nurse loves interacting with the patients this way, it saves me time, and the added accuracy of taking the calculations and ‘trying-on’ of the new sizes makes the patient feel at ease, moving the final decision making process along faster.” BreastScale believes that surgeons using the system will offer an “enhanced consultation experience” as patients can better understand that there is a mathematical process to measuring existing volume and establishing their new volume and breast size so they obtain the perfect fit.

So what’s next for BreastScale? BreastScale has only recently entered the US market and has been met with an overwhelming level of interest from plastic and cosmetic surgeons, as well as medical manufacturers and distributors. Patients are loving it! “By creating a common language which both patient and doctor can understand, makes the patient feel confident about her selected surgery and choice of surgeon,” said Carsten. “I am proud to have developed this tool, and look forward to a time when the percentage of ‘satisfied’ patients more closely reaches onehundred percent.”

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How One Good Deed Built A Multi-Million Dollar Company For Jim Parrott, the entrepreneurial spark has always been a part of his character. As a young boy growing up in a rural small town in central Ohio, Jim sold chickens to make extra pocket money. In his early teens he started a small repair shop on the family property where he would help locals with various machinery repairs. However, his first significant entrepreneurial venture was in graduate school in Dallas, Texas where he, and a small group of fellow MBA students, successfully formed a company called Diagnostic Aids which produced a self-administered pap test for women. Jim’s future was bright and after a number of years, and a variety of managerial positions with a large industrial company, Jim moved his family to the beautiful island paradise of Maui, Hawaii where he founded a full-services personnel agency called Aloha International Employment. This was during the mid-1980s where life in the Hawaiian Islands was not as commercial as it is today and Jim’s business grew rapidly. “As well as bringing employment opportunities to people on and off the island, I learned about the human resources side of running a business,” said Jim. “Little did I know that this experience would keep me in good stead for other business opportunities yet to come into my life.” Ultimately selling the business and moving his family back to the mainland, Jim returned to the medical industry working with a variety of healthcare companies including Homedco, Baylor Medical Center and Hoffman-La-Roche. Then, once again, the entrepreneurial spirit called and Jim formed Practicus, a healthcare consulting company that worked with medical startups including formation and launch of a national PPO. Practicus also worked with dozens of physicians and medical centers who were expanding their practices into new revenue streams such as capitated programs, research, clinical trials and travel medicine. As with most entrepreneurs driven by the desire to take on new challenges, Jim sold Practicus and went on to work with a start-up medical spa development company. In 2007 a group of investors recognized the potential of the company and bought it. However, as a result of the economic world meltdown that affected every industry including aesthetics, by 2008 the new owners had shut the business down in turn abandoning more than thirty newly-opened medical spas and leaving them without direction or support. “I had considered taking a hiatus from the business world after the sale of the medical spa


company,” laughed Jim, “but several of the spa owners needed my expertise and reached out to me asking for help.” As Jim explains it, the new owners had left the medspa owners high and dry and they needed help with everything from opening the medical spas they had purchased, as well as the day-today operations necessary to become profitable. At first, Jim felt a duty to help the spas that had been left to fend for themselves and worked pro-bono to help them stay open throughout the recession. As the recession ground on, with margins shrinking and costs increasing, the medspas began looking for every single opportunity to reduce costs. Prior to the sale of the medical spa development company, Jim had negotiated preferred vendor pricing and when one of the spa owners asked Jim if he could continue to get preferred pricing on the products, services and consumables that were needed in their med-spa, this was the entrepreneurial “Eureka” moment when the MedResults Network was envisioned. With a founding partner and using his close relationships with a few vendor partners who have since grown to become a cornerstone of MedResults Network, Jim was able to negotiate an extension of the discounts to each of the spas he worked with. After getting positive feedback from his group of nearly thirty spas that he was now helping, with the new company Med Results Network, he began to think that there were probably other spas looking for additional savings on the aesthetic products that he could offer through his partnerships. Jim felt this suggestion by the spa owner was nothing short of a stroke of luck and, like many other entrepreneurs before him, Jim decided to take on the challenge and move forward with the new company MedResults Network.

Jim and his partner invested heavily in the new venture and for the next two years working from home, Jim was able to grow the network to nearly 250 members and added several new vendor partners and additional new benefits for the group. By 2010 Jim Parrott had created yet another solid business concept that was now providing significant cost savings to over 250 medical spas, and was increasing sales to industry vendors that was surpassing many of their individual sales team’s efforts. It was a winwin for all. As some of the MedResults Network vendors held contracts which overlapped into the broader aesthetic industry, Jim decided it was time to expand into this arena. At the same time, Jim’s daughter Jamie had entered the last year of her MBA program at Pepperdine University. One of her assignments during the MBA Program was to perform a company business assessment with her classmates and Jim and his partner were delighted to let her use MedResults Network for the project. Although Jamie had a general understanding of the network, she really didn’t understand the full value and growth potential of what her father had helped create with MedResults Network. Neither did Jim. Not until he received the piercing analysis and scrutiny that only a team of young, eager and brilliant ”soon to be” MBA’s could deliver. The result of this major strategic analysis of the company led Jamie and her team to realize that a well- managed group buying system was highly sustainable because vendors would want to participate due to the increased sales volume. In turn, members would want to join because of the competitive pricing for the same quality products (from the same vendors) that many of them were currently buying. The biggest flaw in the company, however, was that Jim was a one-man show, and had little experience with the new technologies necessary for future growth. Jim decided it was time to hire someone, and it was obvious that the best candidate was his own daughter.

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After graduation from Pepperdine University, Jamie took on this role in 2010. In the four years since, Jamie and Jim have grown the MedResults Network to over 2000 members and 40 key vendors. “When I came on board, I spent the first six months learning every aspect of the business (GPO/buying network) and the aesthetic industry products, services, procedures, physicians, etc.,” said Jamie. “Our reporting systems needed broader and faster capabilities. I remember Jim did most of the financial calculations by hand and member contact was limited as would be expected from one man running the company.” She spent the next three years (and still) developing and adding new technologies to MRN that could support growth and assist in providing the best customer service to its members. She also initiated regular email campaigns and communications to the group as well as engaging in annual surveys to garner feedback. Since 2010, MRN has significantly updated its website, is able to digitally communicate regularly with members, has added a CRM system, developed intuitive reporting programs within CRM, and hired more staff, all to enable them to manage their existing member base and provide information to members, vendors and affiliates. “Currently, we have over 2000 members and are working with 40 significant industry vendors and growing daily,” explained Jamie. “Our criteria for accepting new vendors is stringent, we’ve actually turned down over 100 companies that do not fit within our requirements.” Jamie says she spent a good part of her first two years with MRN getting to know existing vendors and members. The better she got to know members, the more feedback they’d provide and they were always willing to put her in touch with the vendors they liked the most! As her relationships with vendors grew, she worked very hard to get to know each of their sales representatives on a personal basis, a major portion of their membership has grown due to vendor referrals. To this day, she still receives calls from reps that have moved companies and want MRN to work with their new company. Jim and Jamie constantly tell all of their new and prospective vendors that the key foundation to the success of the MedResults Network is based on their cautious and highly selective approach to accepting a vendor. Selection is made by conducting thorough research into reputation, industry leadership, degree of national coverage and willingness to support network members with product education. “The most important thing a vendor brings to MRN is a good reputation, they also have to be leaders in their industry category and have national coverage that will provide a benefit to our members,” commented Jim Parrott, “If through our membership we can bring some volume to them, they pay a small fee to us.” Jim further explained that before they select a vendor they may have several conversations with their executive team and reach out to several of their physician members for feedback. In some

Jaime Parrott and Jim Parrott of MedResults Network.

cases (where products can be tested), MRN has paid to purchase products and have their plastic surgeons and dermatologist members test them out first. Members are obviously concerned with results, so if a product doesn’t work, MRN will not offer it. Should MRN receive negative feedback from more than two or three members about a vendor, they will politely put the vendor on notice and have, in a few cases, dropped a vendor for poor service. “We’re always measuring feedback from our members so that we can guarantee that our vendors are performing as they have agreed to,” continued Jamie. “In addition, our commitment to vendors is that we’ll remain exclusive for the duration of the agreement—knowing that we’ll only be offering one brand for each product or service makes our selection process even more important for both parties.” So what’s next for MedResults Network? Digital communication is Ms. Parrott’s strength and she has now begun the aesthetic industry’s first true social business network – move over Facebook - MedResults Network Plus is growing rapidly. With the mindset that aesthetic businesses need to have excellent business managers, and provide the proper education and training for their businesses to succeed —MRN+ is rapidly becoming the one-stop-shop for MRN members.

we’ve seen this on LinkedIn, Aesthetic Everything, etc. In a sense with Plus, MRN is creating more of a ‘crowd sourcing environment’ by accumulating knowledge and educational content for the benefit of its members. MRN Plus is a comprehensive platform where members of the medical spa and aesthetic community can not only share ideas and create discussions, they can also access valuable content, find solutions to their business problems, and work directly with leaders in the industry who can help them grow. “We’ve done our due-diligence so that we offer all of these services in one place. As this is an online platform, the opportunity for Plus is endless, especially since most aesthetic practices are online or moving in that direction,” said Jamie “There is a lot of ‘noise’ on the Internet, but having an online presence is becoming a ‘non-negotiable’ in this industry.”

The value of Plus is not necessarily in the aesthetic networking opportunities it provides—

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Skin Sol


Platinum Services Group

Where Science Me

While all doctors want to reduce their credit card processing fees, most are happy with gaining just a few points. Doctors that work with EVO Platinum Services Group enjoy a reduction of their credit card processing fees by 15% or more? Many doctors and practices have turned to EVO to reduce their payment processing fees and improve their bottom line. Doctors are saving on average $272. a month ($3,264. Annual), with an average cost reduction of 27%. Other EVO benefits include:

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Lowest Fixed Interchange Plus rate Low, Fixed Transaction Fee

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New State-of-the-Art processing methods 24/7, 365 Customer Service/Technical Support

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AestheticLinkTM is the leading patient engagement cloud and mobile technology for aesthetic practices, dermatologists, and med spas. Developed in Silicon Valley, California, AestheticLink augments EMRs and helps aesthetic physicians satisfy stringent new HIPAA requirements related to patient security.

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Improve patient loyalty and retention Use innovative revenue generating opportunities Increase volume of patients and patient satisfaction

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Improve your practice efficiency View up-to-date industry trends Avoid HIPAA fines up to $1.5M / year

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With AestheticLink physicians extend the reach of their practice, offer a differentiating concierge experience to patients while providing private and secure consultations to both new and follow-up patients from anywhere anytime. AestheticLink is approved and recommended by leading malpractice insurance companies for doctors. Contact: Victor Gane, PhD. 650-485-2606

AQ Skin Solutions is an innovative topical anti-aging cosmeceutical line that utilizes Growth Factors (GF) technology. It was both developed and patented (U.S. Pat. 8,518,879) by Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani. Dr. AQ used his background in immunology to create a GFtechnology with an advanced method of producing growth factors and cytokines. Growth factors (GF) occur naturally in many different cell types within the human body, which play a role in cell division, angiogenesis, as well as collagen and elastin production. In the cosmeceutical field, GFs have proven beneficial in wound healing and epidermal remodeling. Consequently, GFs have been used to reverse the visible effects of aging skin, with amazing results. Contact: AQ Skin Solutions 949-698-9649

Merz, an established market leader in anti- aging products has teamed up with the Med Results Network as part of its ongoing product education strategy. Med Results Network is key in helping Merz create doctor awareness with innovative products such as Belotero Balance an advanced dermal filler that plumps the face and smoothens facial lines and wrinkles. A product such as Belotero Balance is known worldwide for its great science and is noted for its clinical results in the highly competitive aesthetic medical practice/med spa industry making it a perfect partner for the MedResults Network. Products such as this are becoming increasingly important and sought after as key items that help build medical practices and med spas as repeat patient destinations. Contact: Jamie Parrott 1-844-799-2384


I n dI n u ds ut sr ty r yT rT ar an ns s f f oo r m ee r r

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The MedResu has over 40 lea that bring volu aesthetic

MediWaste Disposal is a full-service medical waste disposal company that provides nationwide services to all MedResults Members and offers EXTREME discounts on various service packages.


• 35 years experience in waste management service • Full integrated waste management needs • In constant pursuit of customer service perfection

eets Skin Care

• Business practices that respect the environment Contact: Eric Barnes (855) 449-MEDI (6334)

• True remedy for the skin, AQ Skin Solutions products enable the body to heal itself • AQ Skin Solutions offers real results, not quick fixes • The rejuvenation obtained with AQ skincare will always look natural and healthy • With a variety of products available, patients will be able to complement the physician’s efforts from home • The ingredients of AQ Skin Solutions products are not toxic. They supplement the naturally occurring components of youthful skin. • AQ Skin Solutions offers topof-the-line results. The best for your patient is the best for you! • AQ Skin Solutions is exclusively for physician dispense only and are medical-grade skincare products

ults Network ading vendors ume savings to surgeons.

Community Compounding Pharmacy is a pharmacist owned and operated organization. Committed to providing the highest quality products and customer service, they specialize in patient-specific formulas ranging from topical pain creams to hormone replacement therapy. They are pioneers in the highly competitive compounding industry. Catering to the needs of doctors and patients, the staff of Community Compounding Pharmacy is continuously conducting research to ensure that they are on the cutting edge of compounding technology. Their topical formulas include products that have been shown to renew and revitalize skin, even pigmentation, reduce inflammation, reduce scars and keloids, and relieve pain.

• • •

Most medications are ready to ship in 24-48 hours Pharmacists available during business hours Official pharmacy for MedResults Networks

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Licensed in 28 states and still growing Free shipping for most prescriptions Open Saturday

Contact: James Bui, Pharmacist 855-770-2070


Specializing in insuring healthcare risks for over 42 years, Interstate Healthcare has become a national market leader. Whether you’re a physician performing cosmetic procedures, or a Medical Spa focusing on procedures that can safely be performed in Spa settings or in clean rooms, Interstate Health also provides compliance information that relates to an aesthetic practice. How do we set ourselves apart from other agencies? We:

• • • • •

Keep abreast of changes in laws, board decisions and other governing bodies Testify before committees of state legislatures, licensing boards, and other governing bodies about the aesthetic profession Review Informed Consent documents to assure they meet risk management standards Review and catalogue training certificates of employees/contractors to assure ongoing training deadlines are met Provide the Interstate Solution so you can focus on your practice. Contact: Kathy Morosan-McKinney 800-419-5999

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Infinite Beauty! Combination Therapies That Work - Featuring Skinfinity RF In today’s advancing world of aesthetic medicine stand-alone treatments are becoming obsolete and are being replaced with combination therapies due to patient demand. Many aesthetic practitioners are relying on multiple modalities to provide a more complete non-surgical solution for their patients’ anti-aging needs. Prior to this phenomenon, a single modality such as a laser would be offered up as a patient’s best solution. Today’s modern approach involves treating the skin at each layer with modalities that complement each other. Eclipse SkinFinity RF™ fractional technology has emerged as the ideal complement to this combination approach. As a color-blind microablative RF procedure, Skinfinity produces great outcomes for wrinkles and acne scars with minimal down time. This balances the efficacy of the traditional ablative modalities with the recovery experience that is similar to the non-ablative procedures. Traditional ablative devices like CO2 resurfacing often came with great risk, while the non-ablative lasers either fell short or simply did not work at all. By combining this revolutionary device with other proven modalities, Eclipse customers have found a more predictable path to superior clinical outcomes. The idea is to stimulate collagen growth by causing level 1 collagen formation (heat trauma) via radio frequency to the dermis while simultaneously ablating the epidermis for improved textural outcomes. This lays down the foundation for new collagen synthesis and serves as the primary stimulus on which the other modalities will build. Combination approaches can now be added to enhance the outcome. Eclipse MicroPen™ can also be used to help induce additional level 1 collagen formation by creating thousands of mechanical microinjuries via micro-needling (CIT). This simultaneously creates micro- channels which allow for deeper penetration and a higher percentage of absorption

of small molecule peptides and autologous growth factors. Utilizing the patient’s own growth factors to improve healing time and enhance the production of Collagen III & IV (non-trauma related Collagen) provides an advantage to the process that native levels of platelets and growth factors cannot match. One dermatologist that is experiencing tremendous success with the combination of SkinFinityRF™, Eclipse Micropen™ and Eclipse PRP™ is Southern California’s Tess Mauricio, M.D. who practices in San Diego. Dr. Mauricio has discovered how to successfully orchestrate the combination approach into her practice by customizing the Eclipse products as well as other select technologies. Dr. Mauricio has created the well-known Time Machine by Dr. Tess™, which utilizes a customized treatment regimen designed to meet the needs of each specific patient. Doctor Mauricio has received significant media attention with her age defying Time Machine By Dr. Tess™ combination therapy techniques.

“Often times I can delay or even avoid the need for a face lift! More importantly my practice has been able to turn back the clock on my patients’ aging process as much as a decade or more without surgery. The Time Machine by Dr. Tess™ is about taking the patient back in time by using a combination of specifically designed techniques merged with leading edge technology. The Time Machine by Dr. Tess™ is a way of assessing the skin as a global unit and not just simply addressing an isolated age related defect. Upon proper patient assessment a selected customized regimen is designed to correct and enhance the overall appearance of the patient in an optimal way. By applying sound medical knowledge with technology, we can do things to help our patients which may not have been possible 10 years ago. SkinFinity RF by Eclipse, and their other aforementioned products are used in my practice on a daily basis with great success and high patient satisfaction,” says Dr. Mauricio.

Beforeand andafter afterfollowing following treatment treatment. Courtesy Mauricio. Before CourtesyofofDr.Dr.Tess Tess Mauricio


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Eclipse will be announcing training workshops in the very near future describing successful approaches which can improve the signs of aging with these combination techniques and technologies. Please go to Learn more at,;

Multidisciplinary Ski Meeting at the RESORT at Squaw Creek, in Lake Tahoe, California (Thursday-Sunday).

February 26 to March 1, 2015 Please join us at the beautiful Resort at Squaw Creek in Lake Tahoe, California for an educational update on the latest advances in Facial Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. A multidisciplinary faculty of Plastic Surgeons, Facial Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists come together once again to bring you the most advanced and interesting winter meeting. • Watch live demonstrations of Ulthera, Zeltiq, Liposonix • See new products and debates on energy based applications in Aesthetic Medicine • Take a live injection workshop on all fillers including Voluma • Great educational programs for your nurses, patient coordinators and assistants • Interactive panel discussions on topics including Fat Transfer, Fillers, Neuromodulators, Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cells, Energy Based Systems for Rejuvenation and Lipolysis, Rhinoplasty, Facelifting and Oculoplastic Surgery • Live patient injection workshop with advanced applications and techniques

19 Hours of CME Credits Co-Chairs: - James Newman, MD and Corey Maas, MD Register and make hotel accommodations at The Resort at Squaw Creek. Ask for the California Facial Plastic Surgery special rates. Please make reservations early as the hotel sells out consistently.

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How To Be Interviewed On TV! Let’s Hear It From Giles Raine

“America’s FAVORITE PUBLICIST” As a publicist that places doctors on many well-known TV shows I am frequently asked by doctors how and why other doctors who, in their opinion, are less qualified, less established and even less skilled, have been interviewed on the news or have been guests on major TV shows!

When pitching an idea to a producer, you need to be knowledgeable about their show. Spend time watching shows you would like to be invited on. Pay special attention to show segments of interviews that have similarity to you, your techniques and/ or the technologies that you use.

The answer is surprisingly very simple. Regardless of how academically qualified or successful a doctor and his practice are, the primary interest and agenda for a TV show producer, is to create an interesting show that will entertain its audience.

Regardless of how innovative your technique, technology or procedure is, the TV shows audience is not clinically trained. The scientific importance and relevance is best explained and illustrated by following a patient who is experiencing the treatment or surgical procedure. The more visually obvious and unusual the patients problem, surgical procedure and or treatment is, the easier it is for a producer to select you and your patient as a guest. Producers are always looking for dramatic interest!

If you want to be on TV, then these are the steps that you will need to take in order for a TV producer or journalist to consider you as a candidate for a TV show or other media interview. Every TV show, magazine, internet site or other media outlet has its own specific format. It is important to understand the format of a show that you feel would be interested in you. For example; a talk show that has an older female audience demographic with hosts and guests who discuss lifestyle and relationships, may, not consider a surgical procedure story a good fit within their format. However, the same show may find that the same doctor or patient that has a topic relevant lifestyle or relationship that fits the shows format might be the perfect guest.


BIG Medicine Magazine™

The many years of clinical training deliberately teaches doctors to think and make carefully measured and conservative statements when asked a question. For many doctors who are pre-interviewed by a producer considering them for a TV show, this is not the type of response they are looking for. It is important to explain and summarize why your surgical procedure, treatment or technology is interesting and exciting within 20 – 30 seconds. It is also critical that you do this with energy and excitement!

Old fashioned, consistent and persistent follow up with the media delivers results. Most producers are very busy and unlikely to return your call no matter how academically respected you are. Producers are hit daily with phone calls and e-mails from many people (especially publicists) who also think they have the best and greatest story. Typically it can often take from several weeks to several months of consistent follow up phone calls and e-mails before the media will respond to you. I hope to see you on TV soon, and as they say in Hollywood ‘break a leg’!

As a medical media specialist at TPI, Giles is an expert in explaining complex scientific and medical concepts that will enable producers and editors to accurately and clearly ‘tell your story’ to readers and viewers nationwide. With over 30 years of PR and Branding experience Giles knows how to give the media what they need to produce a great show, interview or news story. This experience has made him an important resource for many producers, writers and editors worldwide.

The Professional Image, Inc.


The Aesthetic Industry’s Leading PR and Marketing Agency

Bridging the Worlds of Media and Aesthetic Medicine Since 1988

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