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Stacey Kent

CHRISTENSEN PERFORMANCE HALL on The Madeline Janis Courter Stage

April 6, 2024 8:00PM

Graciously Sponsored By TOM AND LINDA UHLER

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BIG ARTS, now in its fifth decade, was created by and for the community. Time has not diminished our devotion to a fundamental purpose and principle: To provide a warm and welcoming place that celebrates the arts, and the artist in all of us, and helps remind us of our shared humanity.

Throughout the recent rough years of closures and cancellations, we never closed our doors. We flung them open to host several free gatherings, complete with entertainment, food and beverages, and to offer a space in which we can revel in the joy of being together again.

Now, a full season of great lectures, workshops, films, fine arts exhibits and performing artists is back! It is deeply rewarding for us to see the hallways, galleries, seats and classrooms filled with new and old friends enjoying all that BIG ARTS offers.

Our commitment to community extends to the stewardship of our donors’ dollars. While our foundation is strong, we took a financial “hit” during the canceled seasons. With a brand-new season up and running, we look to our loyal friends and patrons to help us weather the changes and continue to flourish.

Thank you for including BIG ARTS in your charitable giving. Every dollar is deeply appreciated. Your support signals your belief in our mission and ensures that BIG ARTS continues to be a vibrant community partner in Sanibel and Captiva’s enduring quality of life – now and for decades





Stacey Kent

Stacey Kent is an American jazz singer in the mold of the greats, with a legion of fans, a host of honors and awards, including a Grammy nomination, album sales in excess of two million, more than half a billion streams, Platinum, Double-Gold and Gold-selling albums that have reached a series of chart-topping positions.

Her worldwide fan base is testimony to her ability to cut to the emotional heart of her songs with delicately nuanced interpretations that transcend borders and defy categorization. Her unique multi-lingual repertoire includes originals written by Jim Tomlinson, her saxophonist/ producer/composer/arranger husband, in collaboration with the Nobel Prize-winning author, Kazuo Ishiguro, with whom they have worked since 2006. She has also recorded with Brazilian legends Marcos Valle, Roberto Menescal and Danilo Caymmi, as well as the celebrated French string quartet, the Quatuor Ébène.

A comparative literature graduate with a passion for music, Stacey traveled to Europe to further her studies after receiving her degree from Sarah Lawrence College in NY. Through a series of twists of fate, she found herself in London where she enrolled in a graduate music program at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where she met her future husband and musical partner, Jim Tomlinson.




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Great communities create great organizations – not the other way around. In 1979, BIG ARTS was created, by, and for the community, and owes its rich history to a small band of dedicated artists who drew inspiration from each other and from the breathtaking island beauty that infused their work with grace and authenticity. They set out to create a special gathering place where artistic and educational experiences were accessible to all. Today that vision is alive and well. With the help of our loyal donors and supporters, BIG ARTS will carry that vision forward –providing joy, inspiration and a sense of community for generations to come.


To create great arts, entertainment and learning experiences that always inspire, enrich and delight.


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