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Jorge Safer "From Malaga to the World", this dossier is part of the life of Jorge Safer. In it, we will find

chapters of his personal life and experiences since 2000. And with them will also be his most prominent and relevant.

Jobs that have been filling his professional resume, and of course, emotional.

Biography Jorge became part of the Hip Hop movement, especially of Bboying (Break Dance), by the end

of 2000. That year was not any one year, thanks to his friend Samuel, Jorge entered this world, a world that was soon to realize that perseverance, effort and personal improvement would be the pillars from that same time could not be missing in your new career.

He trained around the famous Teatro Cervantes in Malaga with peers. Not a day that could

cause or reason to miss this train young. Moreover, if everything was thought by some

altercation came before them. As stated by the saying "More than you want you can". That showed itself, while still in the days of rain, took shelter under a small roof to keep dancing forever.

Jorge is a choreographer, professional dancer Break Dance, Cirque du Soleil, artistic director.

Actor in films, short films, television series and commercials. Present at corporate events and

event promoter. Dancer at private parties and musicals. Dancer and jury of national and international championships. Teacher and student.

A versatile artist, with its many facets, admits having grown over the years, both professionally and personally, through their careers, and their unforgettable experiences. Traveling around the

world, and fixing his essence, Jorge has taken his backpack by the U.S. (New York, Washington, Baltimore, Miami, Orlando, Philly, Virginia), Canada (Montreal, Toronto), Japan (Tokyo), China (Shanghai , Beijing), Hong Kong, Morocco, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Spain, Luxembourg, Sweden, France, Finland, and countless other places.

Backpack in which this young man carries most important thing, he's ilusion.


101 TV Video Link: After their long journey between the United States and Canada, George was invited to the program, giving an interview where he toured part of his career, experiences, hopes and projects.

Jorge teaches some steps bboying (break-dance) the show's host. 3

101 Live Music, 101 broadcast on TV, Late Show is the only fact in Malaga. Interviews, live music, guests from the worlds of politics, culture, art and sport. A program that highlights various partners and used the key of humor. With this formula, the program reached over 400,000 views in its online channel Vimeo.


Cirque Du Soleil "EL despertar de la serpiente" Video Link: Jorge has been a dancer in one of the world's most famous circuses, Cirque du Soleil.

After performing in Zaragoza to hearing from Cirque Du Soleil, among thousands of people from every country in the world, George was selected after overcoming 5 tests.

He had to go home for professional reasons, but Jorge was due back in 15 days to the next phase, which should overcome other five tests. The surprise came when he received a call

where he had been communicated directly elected to serve on the new show by Cirque du Soleil.

After reaping numerous worldwide successes with shows like Dralion, Alegria, Quidam and

Saltimbanco, among others, the Canadian company design a show for the first time is going to be released in Spain.


The creators of the cavalcade of the Expo-Zaragoza adopted the principles of the International

Exhibition, whose theme was "Water and Sustainable Development", to represent him in a "spectacular, with an air of fun and play."


They created a show designed to "invoke, evoke and provoke 'common theme to all the shows of the Company..

The show was attended by nearly 90,000 people a day for three months.



Short Film "LACRIMOSA" Video Link making off: Actor star of this film based on the evictions, a moving subject and topical. Lacrimosa is an original and innovative project, where Jorge noted for his performance and his dancing.


CNE Toronto-Canada Show "LA VIE" Video link: This show was made by artists from all categories, acrobats, gymnasts, dancers, jugglers, ice

skaters, etc.. Jorge was selected in an online audition to form demanding the show "La Vie" of this great Canadian company.


The show witnessed around 14,000 people a day.

The show was attended among others by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, 2010 Olympic gold

medalist and 2012 World Championship gold medal in ice dancing. Also featured the guest appearance of Elvis Stojko, Canadian figure skater, world champion three times, twice Olympic silver medalist and seven-time Canadian champion.


The show took place on the ice hockey of "Toronto Marlies"



Toronto, Ontario. The 134th edition of Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) was very

successful, attracting 1.39 million people over 18 days (August 17 to September 3, 2012).

“Paid attendance was up 13% over the 2011 CNE, which was itself a very well attended event,� stated David Bednar, General Manager of the CNE,


Bell Even Toronto-Canada Show "AURORA" Video Link: After the show "La Vie" in Toronto, Canada, Jorge was hired to work in one of the most important corporate events North America.

More than 200 companies and 2,000 guests came together to support the global leader in mental health centers, in order to combat the stigma surrounding mental illness.


Jorge was recommended by renowned choreographer and dance teacher Frenchman Stephane

Boko, which will guarantee jobs like dancing in Celion Dion show in Las Vegas for five years, or be a choreographer of Cirque du Soleil.

The event was the company responsible for shows Montreal-Canada.




TORONTO, Oct. 12, 2012 / CNW Telbec / - Bell announced that the 2012 Bell Event in support of CAMH Foundation has contributed $ 1.5 million more to support the world's leading care and research at the Center for addiction and Mental Health.



Model Air Brush George was chosen as a model by Alvaro Bleck, Air Brush agency Montreal-Canada, to perform work which used a new technique to real tattoos for movies, shows and corporate events.


TV Show "SALTA A LA VISTA" Video Link: The Spanish television Jorge Four hired to perform a show in one of its program. In it, two couples compete for a prize of 120,000 euros initial, testing their powers of deduction.

The couples had to guess who among four people, had worked at the Cirque Du Soleil. This time, Jorge was the right answer.



Collaboration biographical "TRIBUS URBANAS" After being the best (B-boy) Dancer in the Championship Andalusian Hip-Hop in 2003, George worked with the book "Urban Tribes", explaining part of their goals and dreams. That victory was the impetus you to fight for their ideals until today.


TV Show Fama Revolution Video Link: Jorge was a finalist of TV's most famous, most watched and important dance of Spain. He entered the Academy after passing grueling auditions, highlighting among millions of candidates vying for a seat every year.




After nearly four months living in semi-isolation, Jorge stressed and stressed his great work,

effort and constacia, overcoming, positive spirit, commitment, dedication, enthusiasm, and above all, unconditional support to their peers. It was the only Bboy that reached the final.

For he was a great professional and personal challenge, as I had never taken dance lessons, and had to deal with very different styles as Lyrical, Jazz Fusion, Commercial, Broadway, Street Dance.


Fama Revolution is a reality television competition focused on a dance given by the Spanish television channel Cuatro, based on learning and coexistence of a group of 50 dancers of different nationalities that form together and compete against each other to win the prize competition: a scholarship valued at 36,000 euros in a prestigious international dance school. The end of the program was seen by more than 645,000 spectators.


Commercial Tombola Video Link: Over a thousand people attended the casting organized to select the actors who appear in the

ad T贸 It was shot on the street Larios in Malaga, Spain, and was directed by famed British director Medhi Norowzian. The soundtrack was "Life is a lottery," the child prodigy Marisol.

He was selected by his mastery of dance and acrobatics.


It is also advertising model within its website,


Photographic model "Edu Gomez" The great photographer from Malaga-Spain Edu Gomez, in collaboration with artist Jorge Safer.



Film "7nation Army" Video Trailer Link : Jorge was recruited to participate in this ambitious project Seven Nation Army. The argument developed the story of a gang of mobsters, where Jorge rolled numerous action scenes.

As the world is hijacked by political values, ideological or religious 7EVEN the Army Nation will present his own sense of true values. Values based on logical answers and the most important needs and values that may end control the large jungle we call the world, the values of "48 laws of power.


Dance artist

Sharing the stage by Fama Revolution with artists like of: Antonio Orozco, Oceana, Soraya, Merche, Selena Gomez, Juanes, Alesha dixon, Marta sanchez, Ana torroja, Nena daconte, etc...


Malaganzters Crew Video Link: Jorge current Group is a professional group of break dance.

Performing a number of jobs as special events, theaters, private parties, TV shows, classes etc ... have traveled to Asia, America, Canada, Africa, Europe, compete globally and also promoters Break Dance competitions (b-boying)


The common ideal of the group is to bring this "dance" to the top, but always evolving movements maintaining the essence.


National and International Competitions For Jorge, the competition is their core motivation, for it trains more than four hours a day.

For him, the most important thing is to be in constant evolution, something achieved through a great deal of concentration. Is aware of how difficult it can be the beginning, therefore, strongly supports the new generations.





And something that is boundlessly proud to represent their city in Spain and other countries.

Harvest many successes and top positions in national and international championships. Have their attendance at events with more than 30,000 spectators.


Show Clubs He has worked in major global Clubs, private parties and corporate events.



Dance Teacher He has taught and teaches dance with its long history and experience gained over the years. It is therefore their special way of teaching, comes to life dancer but their movements.

Delve into their teaching, not leaving it in a few simple dance steps. Teach feel the reason, the origin, the dance culture, but above all, taught to understand what he calls the essence.


News Interviewed numerous times for different newspapers.


Dance Judge He was hired to assist the jury in numerous competitions. This work is hard and high in pressure by the high level of the participants.


Collaborations Altruistic Altruistic collaborates with Associations, Youth Homes, AMPA, youth projects and people of all ages.


Youth Association "PUNTO URBANO" President of the Youth Association "Punto Urbano" aimed at different targets. - Promote young people healthy values and social skills through the various disciplines that make up the urban culture. - Spreading the urban culture and its values to all kinds of people, especially groups of people at risk of social exclusion. - Collaborate, as far as possible, with activities not related to urban culture but are beneficial for youth. - Organization of lectures, seminars, workshops and courses, days where you work around some of the disciplines of urban culture. - Create and promote major events related to the entertainment world of urban trends.


Personal Note I realized I wanted to pursue dancing, the day I found and felt that dancing was what I really liked, which made me really happy. Overcome the difficulties that sometimes get in the way of dreams, I ignored the voices of fear and, knowing that the road would not be easy, I decided to pursue and go to realize my dream. My glare for dancing has led me to live unrepeatable and unforgettable experiences, to wonderful places that I could make with my steps, to meet people who have taught me great things, and this has made me the person I am today. The dance has made me feel happy every day. Although learning is life that truly lasts. I like to see people fulfill their dreams, I like to help people to realize that anything is possible if you want, if you put all of you. I came here with perseverance, excellence, balance, desire, enthusiasm and hard work. With all these years, I have overcome the bad times and enjoy my triumphs and successes. Because if I've learned anything, it is that everything brings experience, everything is learned. The important thing is to walk, but stumble and mistake. Sometimes it seems that something is impossible, unattainable, especially if you do not have much support, ... but I can say that nothing is impossible if you believe in it strongly. At least be given the opportunity to try. Run times to run, and no matter what happens, I know that I will continue to do my best to keep growing, to keep formรกndome, and offer my talent to also want to fulfill his dream. I have a lot of personal strength, and I confess that it is one of the pillars that makes my journey easier. I have confidence in the public that enjoys dancing, making my career continues to grow. That makes the ball remains alive and keep alive the magical essence that only gets giving dance movement feelings, gestures enlivening, energizing the daily rhythm. Thanks to dancing I could know myself, trust me more than anyone realize what I want in life and how I want, and all without deviate from my path. I had people who discouraged me to come to the street, but many knew they would get it. Travelled by almost everyone I met amazing people, learned from other cultures. I discovered that the real key to learning in life is traveling and meeting. Be open minded to new experiences makes us grow as people, because they are such, the experiences, that give meaning to life, and the years lived. Dismissal this dossier with a small part of me, referring to Malaga, my land, which accompanies me. Travelling the world gives me life, but I always want to go home, I always want to dance where I danced and be where I've always been. It's a feeling and a feeling that only those who know my city can understand. Here is where I make my life and where I think ways to achieve my goals. Malaga is my inspiration, now and forever.


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Dossier Jorge Safer, English.  

This is a file about some of my works.

Dossier Jorge Safer, English.  

This is a file about some of my works.