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ebrary速 App

User Guide for Android速

Welcome! This guide shows you how to:

Use ebrary controls

Search online for topics & books

View & evaluate search results

Download a book to your device

View & manage your downloads

Check due date and return a downloaded book

Delete a book

View & change ebrary settings

Copy and paste from downloaded books

Set up your ebrary and Adobe速 accounts

Important: To search or read online, you must be signed in with ebrary. The first time you download books, you must provide your Adobe ID. See Setting up your Adobe account for details.

Tap here to turn the page

Turning pages & zooming As you read a book in ebrary:

Tap on the left to go to the previous page

Tap in the center to display Reading Controls

Tap on the right to go to the next page

Note: You can also swipe to turn pages

Double-tap, spread, or pinch to zoom in and out

Using ebrary controls Location of controls may change slightly depending on your device, screen orientation, and the ebrary mode/screen you are using: • Downloads (List View & Grid View for books in search results and your downloaded books)

Start a Search

Toggle between List View and Grid View Scroll left or right to see more

Highlight indicates current screen • Online Search (Simple & Advanced)

Toggle between Simple & Advanced Search

• Read (for reading, searching within a book, downloading it, viewing book info, and returning it)

Current screen

Tap to show menu

Search in this book

View its TOC

View book info

Download this book

Using the reading controls Tap on the center of a page to display or hide the Reading Controls.

Current search word(s), or enter a new search

Jump to prev or next search result in this book

Exit search mode

Popup menu for:

Change settings (see Viewing and changing ebrary settings)

Return to online search Found word(s) highlighted Current chapter title

Jump to next chapter

Jump to prev chapter Current page

Scroll through this book

Page count of this book

Searching online You can do a simple online search for a word or phrase such as a topic or book title, or do an advanced search. To search for a phrase, enclose it in quotation marks. Simple search:

Enter search text here

View advanced search screen

View recent search results

List of recent searches (advanced & simple)

Advanced search:

Enter text to find books that match multiple criteria

Return to simple search screen

Note: Searching within a book (whether online or downloaded) works the same as simple search. Searching for a phrase within a downloaded book doesn’t require quotation marks.

Online search results View the online books that match your search (as a list or grid), then:

• Select a title to read, search, or download • Do another simple search from this screen, or • Return to the Online Search screen

Return to searching

Toggle between Grid View and List View In either view, tap a book to read, search its text, or download

Evaluating your search results When you are looking at a found book in an online search, you can tap the button to display the book’s table of contents to see how strongly each chapter meets your search criteria. Note: If that button is not visible, tap the the popup menu and select Download.

button to open

Current online search criteria

Bars indicate how strongly each chapter matches your search

Tap the button (or open the popup menu and select Info) to display the book’s publication details.

Tap to close the book info panel Note: After a book is downloaded to your device, it is “on loan,” and the info panel shows the due date and number of copy/prints allowed.

Downloading a book & managing your list When you find a book you want to read offline or copy quotes from, tap the button to download it to your device. Note: If that button is not visible, use the the popup menu and select Download.

button to open

Depending on your settings, you may see an alert message about document size. When the download is complete, the book is “on loan” to you and is added to your downloads. View all your “on loan” (downloaded) and imported books in an A-Z list or a grid. Badges show you their status.

View title, author, pub info, cover & badge In Grid View you can see more books (cover & badge only)

Imported PDFs have no badge or due date

Badges: ebrary book “On loan” Remaining days, for books near due date Loan term is over and book is locked

Tap on a book when you want to:

• Read it • Search its text • Check its due date • Return it

Checking info and returning a book To view due date and other information about a book, tap the button on the Reading Controls screen.

Return to Reading

Due date and number of copy/ prints allowed

To return an “on loan” book, tap the Reading Controls screen.

button on the

A confirmation message appears.

Tap OK to return the book—or Cancel if you changed your mind. Note: You must be online to return a book. Returned books are automatically deleted from your Downloads list. Expired books remain until you delete them. See Deleting a book.

Deleting a book Use the Downloads view to delete a book. You can use either Grid View or List View. 1. Press/hold the cover of the book you want to delete. 2. A confirmation message appears. (Some devices activate a delete “mode” where you can select multiple books­­—a green check mark indicates the selected books.)

3. Tap OK to delete the book(s)—or Cancel if you changed your mind. Note: If you delete a downloaded book before it is due (to clear space), it’s still “on loan” to you and you may use a copy on another device. If you return a downloaded book, it will be automatically deleted from your Downloads list.

Viewing and changing ebrary settings As you read, search, and download ebrary books, you may want to adjust screen brightness (for reading at night). If you are concerned about download speeds or cell phone data limits, you can set alerts for file sizes on mobile and wifi networks.

See Setting up your accounts Change screen brightness within ebrary app

Set download data size alert—always, never, or to a specific PDF file size

Copying excerpts from downloaded books You can copy and paste excerpts from downloaded ebrary books (attribution is automatically included). Use the button in Reading Controls to view the number of Copy/Prints remaining.

Select and copy as usual

Paste as usual— the citation is included below the text

Setting up your ebrary account Before using this App to search for, read, or download books, you must first either sign in with your ebrary username and password, use a nuetral email ID and passcode or use the Facebook sign-in method.

To sign in with your ebrary username and password: 1. In the ebrary App, go to Settings, then tap ebrary (under Accounts), and enter your ebrary username and password. 2. Tap Sign In. If your ebrary username and password aren’t recognized, it may be that your ebrary site uses a custom sign in, and you’ll need to use the Facebook sign-in (see next page). If you don’t have an account you can create one for free.

To create your ebrary account: 1. Access your regular ebrary site with a web browser. 2. Click the “Sign In” link at the upper-right of the ebrary screen. If the page doesn’t say “Please sign in to your personal ebrary account”, then your ebrary site has a custom sign in, and you’ll need to use the Facebook sign-in (see next page). 3. Click “Create an account” and follow the prompts. 4. Return to Settings in the ebrary App, tap ebrary (under Accounts), and enter your new username and password.

If you have any questions or are unsure of your library custom login, please contact your librarian.

Pairing you ebrary account with your device In addition to using your ebrary login or your Facebook ID you can pair your device with your ebrary account through an email address. This method enables you to use a neutral email account on your device when your ebrary ID is obscured by a proxy server and if Facebook login is not available. Using an email ID secures your account in the event of loss or theft of the device(s) by requiring a passcode entry for each new session. The passcode is a simple alphanumeric key of 4 or more characters. The passcode can be reset at any time through your ebrary account as long as your paired email address is still active.

To pair your account with your device using an email address: 1. Using your browser access your ebrary account as you normally would. 2. Navigate to the M ySettings page and click the M obile Setup button under the heading: Connect your m obile devices to your ebrary account. 3. You will be asked to enter an email ID. Ebrary will send a link to this email ID to request a passcode. The combination of email ID and passcode will be used to login to each of your mobile devices (up to 7) . 4. Be sure to stay logged in to your ebrary account while waiting for the email message. Normally the email arrives within 2-­‐3 minutes – sooner depending on your email service. 5. The link in the email will lead you back to the ebrary site with a simple double entry dialog box. Enter at least 4 alphanumeric characters to set your passcode. This code will be used frequently on your devices to establish a secure link to your ebrary account.

Using your email ID to login to your device: 1. After you have established the email ID and passcode. 2. Download the app (if you haven’t already) to your device and open it. 3. On the login screen push the email/passcode button. 4. Enter your email and passcode and begin to browse your ebrary content.

To sign-in using Facebook: If you are having problems signing in because your ebrary site uses a custom sign in, you can use the Facebook sign-in instead. Important: Using Facebook to sign in to ebrary does not give anyone access to any of your Facebook information, and Facebook cannot see what you search for or read with ebrary. Signing in to ebrary with Facebook simply confirms that your account has access to ebrary. Associate your personal ebrary account with Facebook: 1. Access your regular ebrary site with a web browser and sign in to your personal ebrary account as usual. 2. Click the “My Settings” link at the upper-right of the ebrary screen. 3. Click the “Login” button for Facebook and follow the prompts.

Now you’re ready to sign in to the ebrary App using Facebook: 4. Return to Settings in the ebrary App, tap ebrary (under Accounts), and then tap “Sign in with Facebook.” 5. Follow the prompts.

Setting up your Adobe account If you want to download PDF files that are encrypted with Adobe’s Digital Editions® technology, you must sign in with your Adobe ID and password. If you don’t have an Adobe account, you can create one for free. 1. In the ebrary App, go to Settings, then tap Adobe ID (under Accounts) to display the Adobe sign-in screen. 2. If you already have an Adobe ID and password, enter them and tap Authorize.

If you don’t, tap “create one” to go to the Adobe website, and follow the prompts to create your Adobe ID and password. 3. When you are done, return to the Adobe Authentication screen in the ebrary App, enter your Adobe username and password, then tap Authorize to sign in.

Help & Support For additional assistance, please visit ebrary’s Knowledge Base at: http://support.ebrary.com/kb/category/en/mobileapp/ We hope you enjoy using this App and welcome your email comments at: feedback@ebrary.com

Legal ebrary App User Guide for Android (v1.3) © 2013, ebrary. All rights reserved. ebrary is a registered trademark of ebrary, inc. For additional legal and privacy notices, please visit http:// www.ebrary.com/corp/legal.jsp. The ebrary App contains Adobe® Reader® Mobile software under license from Adobe Systems Incorporated, Copyright © 1995-2009 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. Adobe, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Digital Editions are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Android is a trademark of Google, registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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