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NEWS 4 YOU Issue nº1

07/ 05/13

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Project Work – 10th C

The opening of a Photography Centre in Bragança Georges Dussaud offered 135 photographies to the Paulo Quintela Centre of Bragança as part of the exhibition “Crónicas portuguesas”. The centre was inaugurated on April 25th. The photographer’s decision to donate the photos is due to the communication of the city hall to open a photography centre named after him. Georges Dussaud is a notable name in French photography. The exhibition highlights the stories and memories of the people from Trás-os-montes. This collection holds an immense artistic and cultural value. The centre is willing to be open to all the schools in the region as part of an educational resource

António & João Pedro

The 10th C class poll The teacher conducted a survey to the 10th C students. Its purpose was to know the type of activities students usually do when they surf on the net. That is, it was expected to find out how many of these students use internet just for entertainment or if they use internet as a source of information. The survey also asked how many students enjoyed having a social networking account and if all students had a Facebook or a YouTube account. Here are the results we’ve got: In a sample of 23 students, the average of time online is 3 hours a day. All students visit YouTube regularly, they use web for entertainment and download music and films almost every day. 15 students use the web to get information; 19 students enjoy using social networking and have a Facebook account; 8 students have a YouTube account; 9 girls consider Twitter a useful social networking in order to follow celebrities and to get to know lot of other things; 10 students use Skype to communicate with their extensive family or friends; The girls visit sites such as:, tumbler, Istagram, keek and Deezer. To sum up, girls are more addicted to internet than boys. Boys are kin on online games, PS3 etc. Marco & SÊrgio

Thumbs up for football Barça vs Bayern, an epic game!

- Since 1802

Last Wednesday, a lot of people weren´t expecting to experience the end of an era. Barça was humiliated by Bayern München in their own stadium, Camp Nou. The final result was 0-3 because Bayern has dominated the game. Bayern opened hostilities at 48’ minutes with the goal scored by Robben, an amazing goal! Then, Barcelona lost temper which led to a goal by Pique into his own net (72’ minute). The last goal (77’minutes) was scored by Müller, a great heading goal! Barça was eliminated from Champions League. Nobody was expecting this huge result. The team of the decade was hit by a great opponent whose aim has always been to win. Marco Selas & Paulo Ferro

Person of the year: The anonymous citizen

It wasn’t easy for us to decide who would be person of the year but after days of discussion, cups of coffee and a few scratches we finally came to a conclusion: NEWS 4 YOU person of the year is the anonymous citizen, it can be you, it can be me. The fact is that anyone with a mobile phone or a digital camera can have an important role in today’s world, he/she can even influence the course of events. We see that every day on television, on the internet, even On newspapers and magazines. If we think about what has recently happened in Boston, you can see how important this

anonymous citizen was. He took pictures both of the suspects and the victims, consequently, he contributed for a better perspective of what had happened, helped the authorities to find the guilty ones and helped the mass media to do their work. We had already seen this in other occasions, for example when there is an accident or a natural

disaster. There is always someone with a camera ready to capture the event and share it with the world. There is only one risk: to be watching doesn’t mean to become a paparazzo. Privacy is still important and so, no one wants to see a picture of him/herself in an intimate situation.

There is always a line. Stay on the side of what is true and essential.

Filipa & Inês Poças



Issue nº1 - 7th May 2013

The Star who keeps shining The big star Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco on November twenty-seventh, 1940. He was baptized with the name “Lee Jun-Fun” but he grew up in Hong Kong (China) and died on the twentieth of July 1973 (cerebral endema) Lee’s father decided that he should change his life, so Bruce Lee went to USA looking for a new start and better life. He Landed on America where he attended the university to study philosophy, at this time he met his future wife: Linda Emily. He began teaching martial arts, and later on he founded two schools where he developed his own martial art: “Jeet Kune Do”.

Bruce Lee became very famous for his style of fighting and philosophy of life, therefore he was chosen to participate in a TV series which was called “The green Hornet”. Then, he started his career as a movie star. His physical fitness impressed several film producers, so he was invited to do a lot of action movies and series in Hollywood. His last action film, which had a lot of popularity worldwide, was “The Enter of the Dragon”. Nowadays, Bruce is still on the top of the great artists that he has inspired… He wasn´t an ordinary fighter, he was much more than that… He influenced a lot of people with his thoughts, such as this one: “Be Like Water.” Diana & Flávio

Review of the film Magic Mike Magic Mike is a comedy-drama film which was released on June 29th in 2012. The main character is Magic Mike (Channing Tatum), who is a male stripper, there are others mates at Xquisite Strip Club like Adam (Alex Pettyfer) and Ken (Matt Bomer). The plot is about the lifestyle of this group of friends, and Magic Mike’s love story with Brooke (Cody Horn). Although Mike works as a stripper he has big plans. The club is owned by Dallas (Matthew McConaughey), who dreams about creating an "empire" of strip clubs. Mike soon meets nineteen-year-old Adam who has recently been fired. Mike takes Adam under his wing and encourages him to begin stripping at Xquisite. Then, Mike is introduced to Adam's sister Brooke and, despite his on-and-off relationship with a woman named Joanna (Olivia Munn), he falls in love with Brooke and promises to look after Adam. Adam falls further into the excessive lifestyle of the Xquisite dancers, using drugs and having sexual encounters with many clients. When Dallas tells them about his plans of moving their act to Miami, Mike talks to his girlfriend and confides her that he is tired of that lifestyle and wants to get a small furniture business. However, the bank declines his loan application and Mike realizes that he has to stay in the business to keep on paying his bills. Adam begins using drugs regularly. A few days later, Mike and Adam perform for a private party and they get in trouble for leaving a package of drugs, worth $10,000. When the show at the club is over, Mike and Adam take drugs and go to another club. The next morning, Brooke finds Adam on the floor and gets really angry with him, blaming Mike for failing to protect her brother (as he had promised). She breaks up with Mike. Later on, Mike ends up paying Adam's debt. Mike decides he's had enough and leaves the club driving away to end up at Brooke's flat, where he tells her he is through with stripping. After realizing Magic Mike isn't coming back, Dallas invites Adam to replace Mike as the front man of the dancers. Then Adam calls his sister to tell her that Mike had paid off the drug dealers for him. Brooke feels touched , talks to Mike, they forgive each other and decide to begin a relationship. In our opinion, although the ending is a little disappointing, since Adam is stuck in the business, it’s a great film because it’s funny. That’s why we totally recommend it. Ana Sofia & Tatiana

WHAT?!?! Tattoo mania or style, we tried to understand what’s going on…The majority of teens want to make a tattoo. This is because they have a special reason to do one or just because they find tattoos beautiful. Girls like butterflies and hearts. Boys prefer skulls and flames. But the problem is the addiction they cause. Let’s take an example: the famous UK band One Direction… It all started with one tattoo just for fun and now: Harry Styles has 42 or 43 tattoos, Zayn Malik has 37, Louis Tomlinson has 8, Liam Payne has 3 …Some fans, the famous directioners, are really worried about it. They wonder: “is this just for fun or did it become an obsession?” They must know that some diseases, such as skin cancer, are caused by tattoos ink…Our advice is that they should pay attention to what they are doing before it’s too late…

Inês Santos & Mariana

THE CRIMI NEWS Fight on American Idol On last Thursday, after a disagreement during the recording of ''American Idol'', the story of the ups and downs of Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey created another chapter. Nicki used the twitter to comment with her fans about Mariah’s insecurities. And Nicki has also mentioned that Mariah is about to be replaced by Jennifer Lopez in that famous show.

Cristiana & Mª José


Date today 07/05/13


BREAKING NEWS The famous “Herbie” actress set her own son on fire after an L.A psychedelic party, where she had taken drugs and had alcoholic drinks.

This horrendous crime shocked the whole world and is now the news hit of the decade after Michael Jackson’s death.

We have found out that Lindsay Lohan was sentenced guilty for murdering her own son, this last weekend. It was said that when she committed that crime, she was under the influence of both alcohol and drugs. this whole thing happened at 7 am, after a psychedelic party hosted by Justin Bieber in the party city. When she got home , she set her own child on fire. The kid was only 3 years old !

She was sentenced to death and her life is ending in about one month, that’s when she will enter the electric chair room. People we talked to, said she should go to hell, and marry the Devil! After the scandals with drugs and alcohol, now she’s showed us her worst Lindsay’s side, committing a crime which none of us would expect.

Bárbara & Sara

The Sign Star of the week

Taurus – If you were born from 21st of April to 20th of May this is our prediction:

Health – you will have problems but they won’t be very serious. Family and friends – you will be lucky about friendship Love – you will have a hot relationship Career – you will be promoted Lucky day – 6th May Carina & João Abel

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