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THE CHEAPEST ADVERTISING PLATAFORM We bring to mind that Bibfix速 was invented for all of us, runners or not, from the youngest to the oldest. It is a system that offers significant differences between traditional fastener and new bib fixer on the sport market. For example, the risk of not scratch, not to perforate the shirt, does not cause damage, is hygienic and does not transmit disease and finally, customized to your liking. Bibfix速 is developed in the sports market to replace the old way of contrast bib fixation in competitions (Athletics combined events, Hunting, Triathlon, Road Race and Marathon). Even though our product does not cover all the international market, our athletes have used the new bib fixer Bibfix速, at the Championship club in Berlin, Paris, London and New York and Mumbai etc. For these types of events we offer to our athletes, athletic clubs or organizers, Bibfix速 packet containing 4, 6 or 8 pieces, depending on the disciplines required and used. Fasteners can be customized with club name, the title of event, name athletes, brands or even images up to 5 colours.

Children's Competitions

An important fact is the use for children's competitions, our product that does not cause injury to children. In the case of loss of any fastener, to visualize it is easier for the white colour. However, in case of loss of traditional metal bib fixer, in the area of ​racing, it requires a metal detector for collecting, witch means increases costs for organizer.

CLIPDORFIX Partnership 

We recall our partnership from the beginning with the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation so far managing to be official partners and suppliers Bibfix® exclusive. In 2010 our collaboration is extended with the Athletics French Federation and Italian Athletics Federation. Our markets are beginning to open in 2007 in Spain, 2009 in Australia and to this date with the markets in countries like France, Italy, Benelux, Germany, Serbia, India, Singapore, Britain , USA and Japan.

The development of Bibfix® is not available only for sport events. We extend our market as well in : 

Sports Shops

The demand increases every year, reason for this year to debut with a new image of Bibfix®. We are in promotional campaign Running Kit Bibfix®, a convenient clear plastic storage place, for a good display of the content. The KIT contains 6 bib fixers and a mini drill to drill the bibs. We considered that the wide variety of types and thicknesses of paper, and our product for some countries still feel new, introduce the mini drill to facilitate the use of bib fixers could be a good option. Online sales: )

Marathon Travel Agents

Travel agencies do their own advertising directly through runner, offering along with travel or competition packages, a gift for a very original and exclusive use of his client.

Gift along with sports magazines, accessories and sporting goods (direct from manufacturer)

Used to high advertising costs around us, Bibfix® offers a simple, patented clip "Pin", with which will ensure that after the event / fair , the consumer has a pleasant and practical souvenir of your purchase. The cost of "Pin" is minimal, however it can be funded by other sponsors and thereby obtain benefits that increase with each consumer. Several editions of Sport Magazine dedicated to all the activity surrounding the RUNNER, have decided to reward the loyalty of its readers with a wonderful gift: an packet with 4 fasteners Bibfix®.  Athletic shoes manufacturers with their product PROMOTE its brand.

 Gift or souvenir pin contest and other competitions than Athletic Races

The double use of our product (bib fixer or advertising platform) has made that their use may be possible in any other competitions: racing, TV show, kids challenge, etc. Bibfix® can be customized with any drawing, logo, text or brand.

• Remembering Pin Football Teams Fans

A new market from the youngest to the oldest. Watching a game with your idol has to have its price. Recompense your football fans with a small gift with a picture of his favorite team, you will be proud to wear on their shirts.

 Supporters political parties. 

Being a supporter of a political party has no age. Bibfix® either. We therefore recommend the Bibfix®, a pin easy to carry, use countless times without spoiling your suit or dress.

Supermarket, Commercial Centre's Customize your new pin with THE NAME OF EMPLOYEE

• Advertising theme Parks for the children. Remembering pin in music concert

It is a pleasure for the young visitors, fans of the Disney fan that dominates all fun, takes a souvenir, a small "proof" they have enjoyed in these theme parks. Do not forget, the new Bibfix® is the advertising platform reach of all budgets. You can have a proof of your favourite Attraction Park at the price that your parents never will say: NO.

Remembering Pin in your favourite Music Concert The saddest moment in a concert is when everything is completed and should return home after spending a good time with your Idol and enjoying his master. Take a souvenir of your Idol even if its name, its image or only a fragment of his song, every moment that you have to be changed into joy.

 NGOs

and Foundations



CHILDREN DIE EACH DAY . WE CAN SAVE A LIFE. We can see this every day and can hear this every time of the day.

Offers athletes what they need, become known as NGO and get your contributions to provide earnings for the deprived what they need. The tiny cost of Bibfix® will not be a barrier for all of us could afford to save a life.

Bibfix Where and How can be used.  
Bibfix Where and How can be used.