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Bianca Siregar DT/IT 10-2 Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Workshop Journal Week 1

Choosing Material & Creating the frame The first week of The Workshop I discussed with Mr. Riga how to make my product. We were also choose the type of the material, and I decided to use the cardboard for my sofa model. First of all I cut the 2 boards to 4 same sizes. In total there are 8 same sized boards. I use the Fret Saw to cut the whole board and make sure there are all in same sizes. I used cutter to cut the sides and make sure the edged is all equal. After the cutting process, I glued the board one another . I feel good about my work because it is easy to use and the size is also provided. My weaknesses is in making sure the size remain the same. I developed my idea,These first steps are not the same as my first plan because there is easier way to make it. Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Workshop Journal Week 2

Cutting shape and Making Cushion After finish cutting and gluing the boards i decided to move into cutting the real shape of the sofa . To start, I made the front view shape in the Google Sketch up. I’ve print it and cut the shape on paper,then stick the front view shape to the board. Mr Riga helped me in cutting the shape with the Fret Saw and make sure the curved are also cut neatly. For the cushion, i cut two a board in size of the middle of the sofa . Then i used color paper to cover the surface . it could help me when i do the paintings.

Cushion (board + Colored paper) Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Workshop Journal Week 3

Smoothing & Covering the Surface Cardboard I made sure the sofa have no sharp edge with using the sander . It was also my last stage of finishing in order to smoothen the sharp edges Before the coloring process I covered all of the surface. of the sofa. For the base and front back side of the sofa I used card board so it will be firmer. For the curved surface I used color paper. because it was more flexible than the card board. I measure the width, length and depth of every side and cut it . I also make sure that the card board or the paper fit in the shape of the side, so it would cover it perfectly.After the cutting process i glued it to the matched parts.

Colored paper Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Workshop Journal Week 4

For the 4th week, i’ve been working on the coloring process. The colors options are back to my first plan. The wood should be in gold and the cushion is in the turquoise. The problem is at the moment ,we didn’t have the exact color as i wanted. So i decided to use another color that would match the gold wood. I rechecked my product that it should have been fully covered and it should have smooth surface in all edges. When i did the paintings i did 3 layers and the color separated perfectly on the paper

Gold Red Velvet

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Because the softness of the brush, sometimes the color was spreading to the other side of the sofa. It made me have to do the coloring again. Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Mr.Riga told me to use the tape so it would cover the painted part. So, when i paint the other part of the model the color wouldn t mix up




I couldn’t find the match color for the cushion. There was some blue paint but the color is to bright. So, i decided too paint it with Red velvet color which is the combination of red and brown.

I was not satisfied with color because i think it looks too old. I combined the color of Light Green with blue and it came with this color. This is the color that i wanted on my design so this is the final color for the cushion.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Workshop Journal Week 5

Making and Coloring base wooden board

Color options Painted with Red

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

After finish coloring the main sofa, i decided to add some base for it. Mr. Jullian gave me a board which match the size with sofa. Before paint it i gave 3 colors of choices to think about . “Which one does match with the color of my sofa?” Black was too dark, Another Torquiest is too much, so I decided to use red color to give some more edginess in it. It was easy to paint the board. The surface was smooth and the size also wasn’t too big.

Workshop Journal Week 5

Final Product The final week of our workshop, i finalized my product with double coloring the base. When its fully dried i stick the base of the sofa with PVA glue and stick it to the centre of the wooden board.


In addition, i add some brick pattern on the painted base with black marker. I think the patterns add some more detail for my product because the body of the sofa it's already plain. First of all i divided it into 14 same sized parts. And make lines like brick patters

Add some brick pattern + Nails with Black pen Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Final Product However, at the 6th week of the workshop i have finished my product right on time . The design shape and color option were settled as i wanted . This is my final product for the DaVinci Building.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wacky Furniture Journal  

This is the Process journal

Wacky Furniture Journal  

This is the Process journal