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Issue #8 March 2021

Bangles and Giggles | W:15.00 H:22.00 in | by Jan Guarino | AW127558434

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Issue #8 March 2021 March - 2021

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Artistonish - March 2021


New Growth Painting, Watercolor on Paper W:20 H:24 in 2016 Transparent Watercolor on paper Mc Ke nz ie Collins



Artistonish - March 2021

Victorian Outlaw Digital Arts, Digital Painting on Paper W:16 H:20 in 2020 Ana Gadis hLinare s

A self-portrait in many ways - depicts a woman armed with a roll of voting stickers and a medical face mask in the seemingly lawless dystopia of America in the year 2020. AW127394542

Artistonish - March 2021


Addis Ababa 3 Painting, Oil Color, Acrylic, Collage on Canvas W:82 H:78 in 2020 Oil, Acrylic, Collage, Fabric on Canvas H ana Godine



Artistonish - March 2021

Bangles and Giggles Painting, Watercolor on Paper W:15 H:22 in 2018 J an Guarino

The dynamic between the two girls brought me right into the image with their expressions and body language. And that's what I look for ~ something to bring me into making the decision to paint. It changes with each painting but knowing what it is helps me understand as to why I am drawn to paint it.


Artistonish - March 2021


La Kantisco Sculpture on Wood W:13 H:35 D:13 in 2021 Flamoyant, Oak, Pine, Copper Ix a Lope z-Palau



Artistonish - March 2021

In the Garden Mist of the Soul Painting, Acrylic on Wood W:11 H:14 in 2020 Candace H ut c his on

It's all and it's nothing: my de nition of the soul. White paint is all lights combined, but absence of color. Black paint is all colors combined, but absence of light. That’s why I choose to use black and white paint. The green splash added to her lips speaks to a sense of hope and renewal.


Artistonish - March 2021


Anxiety's Flight Jewelry W:6 H:4 D:1 in 2020 Nickel J e ss ic a Mc Cann



Artistonish - March 2021

In Control Mixed Media, Acrylic, Oil Color, Pencil Drawing, Photographic Collage on Photo Lilac h Ke re n

W:30 H:40 in 2021 I admire strong, powerful women. They ght for themselves, win or learn from failure, use the experience, and shape it into something useful. So much light comes to our world from our female leaders; I salute them and wish we had more like them.


Artistonish - March 2021


Dead of the Dead Printmaking, SilkScreen on Paper - Cotton W:28 H:31 in 2018 6/10 Silkscreen on Rives BFK Paper Me g Ann Moorhe ad



Artistonish - March 2021

Our Lady Sculpture, Mixed Media W:18 H:36 D:18 in 2019 Sarah Rie s e r

Mixed Media Soft Sculpture Hand-sewn, needle-felted, and wire-articulated dolls stuffed with hope & fears, feather & tears, but mostly polyester ber ll.


Artistonish - March 2021


Zig Zag Painting, Acrylic, Marker, Oil Pastel on Cardboard W:30 H:48 in 2018 Cam illa David

Zig Zag started with bold greens and shades of teal contrasting with complements and contrasts. Wanting the hues to pop and have dimension, I decided on a bright multicolored direction. To bring the piece together and create a sense of structure, I de ned shapes and gures with black marker.



Artistonish - March 2021

Light Wings Sculpture W:20 H:17 D:9 in 2019 Lollie O rt iz

Acrylic Plastic Sculptural Design created from laser cut materials. Design based upon original desire to re ect a spiritual image and drawing transferred to computer le and nal cuts. Design material allows light to lter through and enhance the art naturally or focused gallery light source.


Artistonish - March 2021


Kuro Piegare 9123 Sculpture, Mixed Media on Glass W:40 H:40 D:8 cm 2020 A M Be nz

This piece is the combination of traditions from the artists’ Italian heritage in the form of mosaic art and her love of all things Japanese, especially paper and paper folding. The motivation behind this piece is to show the beauty of cultural integration. Taking these two ends of the spectrum, two ancient art traditions from opposite ends of the world, two disparate materials (paper, glass) and then combining them with a sculptural element to all come together into one contemporary art piece. A combination of in uences creates a new beauty greater than the singular techniques of the past.



Artistonish - March 2021

The Illuminated Woman Digital Arts, Graphite Drawing on Paper W:59 H:36 in 2020 Mic he le Be nz am in-Mik i


Artistonish - March 2021


Unseen Mixed Media, Acrylic, Photographic Collage W:22 H:30 in 2020 Mixed Media, Photograph with Acrylic Tarja H arney



Artistonish - March 2021

Something Worth Saving Painting, Acrylic on Board - Wood W:24 H:30 in 2020 Linda De Ros a


Artistonish - March 2021


Suf x Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:72 H:98 in 2020 Oil, Mylar Paper, Tape on Canvas Sarah Gom e z



Artistonish - March 2021

Cooking With Magic Drawing, Color Pencil on Paper W:18 H:25 in 2018 An elven enchantress in the kitchen, cooking with magic! De an Roge rs


Artistonish - March 2021


Grace Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:20 H:20 in 2020 Robyn Thom ps on-Duong



Artistonish - March 2021

Merlin (0101) Photography, Color Photography on Photo Paper W:10 H:15 in 2020 Tje e rd Doos je

Model: Merlin Sen Photo shot at the model's home. Since this is a digital image, other sizes are also available. Height and width mentioned is minimal.


Artistonish - March 2021


Monet At Walden Pond Revisited Mixed Media, Glass Fusing Art on Copper W:11 H:17 in 2019 Glass Enamel on Copper Relief J ulie Sore ns e n



Artistonish - March 2021

Murmaider Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:37 H:24 in 2020 Allis on H e ddon

A free-form exploration of water, healing and a return to oneself. This piece is meant to be a focal point as it repeatedly holds your gaze and thoughts. You uncover something new each time it captures you.


Artistonish - March 2021


The Butter y Effect Digital Art, Digital Painting on Photo Paper W:17 H:11 cm 2008 Sharm aine The re s a Pre t orius

Ethereally Recycled – The Rose Revisited – Sacred Euclidian Space (5518) A: The Flower of Life – The Butter y Effect. Artwork/Series Description: Ethereally Recycled – The Rose Revisited – Sacred Euclidian Space (5518) A: The Flower of Life – The Butter y Effect: Enclosure Fathom Part 2, exhibition. This work is based on another digital version called ”Change: Yggdrasil (5518)”. The original digital version, was a tree, made up of components and also hiding a map of MARS – which means – ‘war’.



Artistonish - March 2021

Celebration Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:61 H:46 D:2.60 cm 2017 Rit a Wils on

Celebration was inspired by a series of photographs taken by a friend who visited the Middle East. I wanted to create an uplifting portrayal of the joy that comes with freedom of expression as evidenced in the women's faces and gestures.


Artistonish - March 2021


House of Jade Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:61 H:46 cm 2020 J e ss ic a Rut h Fre e dm an

House of Jade brings the viewer into her world of idealized harmony. The balance of monotone almost block-like architectural shapes juxtaposed against the ourishing greenery of palm trees, yearns to nd an equilibrium between the urban and the verdure. It speaks to moving beyond dualities, to nding a space that is encompassing of polarities.



Artistonish - March 2021

Blustery Day Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:14 H:11 cm 2021 Me rana Cadore t t e

I like the cropping of this portrait, with all the textures of the hair, skin and yarn. Those are complemented and showcased by the wintery lighting. AW782003414

Artistonish - March 2021


Along the Way Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:112 H:151 cm 2021 Barbara Fit z pat ric k

This work has a strong and inde nable feeling about it. Beginning as a realistic landscape it soon developed it's own compelling mood and character. It holds your attention. AW303369845


Artistonish - March 2021

Tawnee Sculpture, Modeling Sculpture Technique on Clay W:46 H:36 D:30 cm 2008 This is a portrait of a friend's daughter. It is red clay with a metallic patina. Diane Young


Artistonish - March 2021


The Magus Digital Painting, Computer Generated on Aluminum W:122 H:153 cm 2020 Am y Pe t rie Shaw

We come from the women of Africa. The Magus is a digitally created design printed on aluminum sheet. The artwork began as an acrylic painting on canvas, with digital elements added. AW216838537

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Artistonish - March 2021

And Memory Fades Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:91 H:91 cm 2020 E vy O ls e n H alvors e n

This is a painting of my husbands grandmother. There are many sepia photos of her and I felt she wanted to be remembered. In one she is standing alone in a large eld and in this one she is sitting on a fallen tree. She seemed to value nature and her style of dress, her sense of self. He never met her so I wanted to memorialize her in a way, hopefully in the way she would have wanted.


Artistonish - March 2021


Rising Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:30 H:30 cm 2020 Rox ana Sora

Rising is a combination of the sun rising and the ocean coming to meet it. Again my pouring technique provides a 3 dimensional effect. You will also see the movement in my technique. AW361129475


Artistonish - March 2021

United 11 (Lady Guitar) Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:70 H:120 cm 2021 Mohs e n Modiri


Artistonish - March 2021


La Vie en Rose Painting, Mixed Media on Canvas W:50 H:40 in 2021 Mixed Media: Pigment, Oil, Gel and Inkjet on Canvas Marie -Ange Ac k ad



Artistonish - March 2021

2 Women at a Bar Printmaking, Woodcut Print on Paper W:40 H:44 cm 2015 J os e ph Urie

One of a series of woodcuts on the theme of social, weekend events, of busy venues, such as bars, clubs, discos, restaurants. Many of these places pre-smoking ban, were very unhealthy to visit. In this woodcut, I introduce the smoke as an integral compositional element.


Artistonish - March 2021


Sparse Mixed Media on Paper W:5 H:11 in 2019 Film Poster on Paper Ann H uang



Artistonish - March 2021

It's A Mystery Painting, Acrylic, Pencil Drawing on Panel W:20 H:24 in Acrylic and pencil on Arches paper mounted on wood panel Barbara Rydz Ross


Artistonish - March 2021


Splish Splash Painting, Acrylic on Paper - Cotton W:23 H:20 cm 2021 Quinn is making the most of her bubble bath! Che r Pruys



Artistonish - March 2021

Eisrosen I (Ice Roses I) Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:60 H:80 cm 2018 Chris t ina Mit t e rhube r

"Eisrosen I " is part of my series "Eisrosen, 2018", which consists of 10 oil paintings with glitter on canvas. It is painted as an opposite to my series "WE in RED". Eisrosen - Ice Roses represents all cold feelings, like winter but also with an ironic passion. WE in RED in comparison represents all warm and hot feelings, like summer. These two series can actually be seen as a connection. One is not complete without the other. Which then again symbolizes the feelings of the human heart: cold and hot in a special way. Both feelings belong in life's heart.


Artistonish - March 2021


Pantaria Painting, Mixed Media on Canvas W:100 H:100 cm 2017 - 2018 E le na Gas t onN icolas

This painting is part of the quadriptych Mappa della Signatura. It is a logarithmic spiral representing the history of humanity through art. It was started by 10th graders, High School Spanish students in 2017. It was part of the exhibition Post Nebula Phoebus and the performance: Crossing the Great Waters in Search of the New World. it was also part of the students Artist Books movie Pantaria Trilogy (I You Hel)



Artistonish - March 2021

Persuasion Photography, Photoshop Software on Photo W:60 H:30 in 2018 Carly Tyll

Drifting among the fractals of memory and time, perception breathes passion. It fuels the wavering projections of the mind’s bias and bigotry, persuading those vulnerable to its grasp. Elusive to the conscious mind, emotion and belief dominate in darkness, pricking and prying at a sensitive yet profound capacity for reason. Envisaged as a woman wandering the landscape of her own human psyche, endowed by the burden of her own imagination, I suggest an inherent singularity to the forces that conquer and free the soul. Price re ects a 1/11 limited edition, made-to-order, archival, signed, Photo-Illustration print.


Artistonish - March 2021


Depression Episode Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:11 H:14 in 2020 Maris a Com panion

This is a self portrait I did during Dec of 2020 dealing with bipolar disorder and health complications during the year of covid. AW127376920


Artistonish - March 2021

Woman Sculpture on Silk W:38 H:13 D:13 cm 2018 Aom i Kik uc hi

When I was in Japan, I rarely considered the race issue because Japan seems to consist of a single ethnicity. While in NYC, I was a person in one of a minority group of ethnic. There, I consider the equality of human beings including the difference of race and sex. I thought that the difference in skin color would disappear when the skin is peeled. The difference between male and female disappears when the muscles are removed. The size of the skeletons is a little different, but when it comes to skeletons, all humans are equal. Based on this assumption, I made a skull with silk gauze being stiffen it using water-soluble adhesive. When I put hair on it, the skull looked like a woman to me.


Artistonish - March 2021


In Cross Intersection Graphics, Mixed Media on Paper W:50 H:73 cm 2017 Thors t e n Boe hm

"IM KREUZVERHÖR" is a re ection of the most complex, essential parts of a woman. The nun as a metaphor and unassailable symbol for innocence, virtue and loyalty, crossed by seduction, cunning and scam. As is so often the case, light and shadow are close together, for which the individuals have to decide. Both Christ crosses held in the hands symbolize the divine, as well as the satanic principle, in the religious-Christian belief concept. This can also be done as one across religious thought patterns and philosophical approaches allegory for the free will decision of a life-af rming, biophilic way of life or a rather energy-sucking way of lifebeing a vampire can be understood.



Artistonish - March 2021

Silk Glove Photography, C-Type Photography on Photo Paper W:16 H:20 in 2019 Maria Is abe l Reve rbe ri

Movement of light and object emphasized through mild manipulation. Digital photo manipulated in post. AW492863941

Artistonish - March 2021


Moonlight Painting, Acrylic on Cardboard W:24 H:30 cm 2015 Formal surreal Mixed Technique Acrylic on Cardboard Gius e ppe Grie co



Artistonish - March 2021

The Fisherman's Wife Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:60 H:50 cm 2020 The sherman's wife represents a bygone era of the families of the shermen of La Gomera, in the middle of the 20th century, where women waited impatiently and worriedly for the arrival of their Pom peyo Curbe lo husbands who came from shing, which represented the source of their income. She was the woman Mart in in charge of collecting the sh and selling it, managing the homes of those families that with few resources survived in a time when many needs were passed and where social rights did not exist. The painting vindicates the role of women, which occupies a prominent place so it cannot remain in the background.


Artistonish - March 2021


i3EMS-98 Skin Deep Drawing, Acrylic on Paper - Cotton W:45 H:55 cm 2020 Arat i Re ddyDevlin

i3EMS-98 Skin Deep is a series of paintings inspired by mechanical and organic shapes and forms. An interpretation by Reddy-Devlin of aspects of the in uence of make-up interwoven with her theme of robotics.



Artistonish - March 2021

Electricity Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:30 H:40 cm 2021 Feel the Power Silvia Sc hm idt ova


Artistonish - March 2021


Postscript Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:22 H:28 in 2021 A self-portrait, documenting the aftermath of a traumatic, pandemic-ravaged year Mat t he w Fe lix Sun


Artistonish - March 2021


Toward the light from Mirror Of Fantasy Mixed Media, Acrylic on Canvas W:100 H:70 cm 2018 - 2019 Shirin Moayya

Mirror of Fantasy series is about the peculiar traits of each psycho-pathology & shows how the expressionistic accentuation of the pictorial language can give a critical and disenchanted look at human discomfort while showing a deep emotional sharing.


Artistonish - March 2021


Pride Drawing, Charcoal on Paper W:18 H:24 in 2019 The beauty and dignity of womanhood are captured in this portrait. E lis abe t t a Marm olo



Artistonish - March 2021

Beauty and Strength Drawing, Watercolor on Paper W:16 H:20 cm 2021 E rin St arr


Artistonish - March 2021


Calming Purple Water Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:45 H:46 in 2020 - 2021 Lis a Bat c he lde r

Coming purple water is to get that feel that you are standing in front of a pond and you are watching the leaves and the beautiful color of the water is kind of surreal because it has got that cool purple feeling with the vibrant yellow sky.



Artistonish - March 2021

Detail Venus Adonis Fountain Caserta Italy Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:24 H:30 in 2009 Ant hony Sant om auro


Artistonish - March 2021


Relieving the NASA acid dolphins Painting, Spray Paint on Board - Metal W:35 H:48 in 2021 David H e nde rs on



Artistonish - March 2021

Hero in Uniform Painting, Acrylic, Mixed Media on Cardboard W:36 H:47 in 2014 Toria H ill


Artistonish - March 2021


Four seasons of Holy Mary Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:150 H:190 cm 2019 - 2020 J am e s Ke ayBright

This is a panel of the life of the Virgin Mary, but trying to show here as a young woman facing challenges - thoughtful at the Annunciation; Joyful meeting Elizabeth as someone who has some understanding of how she is feeling; lonely heading to Bethlehem; perhaps somehow shy and uncomfortable at the nativity with all the attention. Each of the seasons has a border based on medieval manuscripts, the borders are human and profane, the central panels are "sacred" There are stories that run across the borders of all four paintings: a happy farmer who moves into the sacred at the nativity; Isaac Newton always waiting for inspiration; a bishop and his friend death.



Artistonish - March 2021

Siblings Painting, Collage, Watercolor on Paper W:16 H:16 in 2019 Lis a Bailey

This painting expresses my love for cats and my guitar that I collaged together with ashback images of myself with my siblings. AW127411482

Artistonish - March 2021


Red Panda CXVI Photography, Digital Photography on Photo Paper W:14 H:11 in 2021 Mic hae l Goulding

My work celebrates the beauty of the female form and spirit. The price for the artwork includes the piece matted to 20 x 16in (50.80 x 40.64cm). AW730589025


Artistonish - March 2021

Feminist International Digital Arts, Manipulated Photography on Photo W:14 H:11 in 2020 Archival manipulated print. Feminism is now an international movement. Cons t ance Ve ps t as


Artistonish - March 2021


Cio Cio San Mixed Media, Fishbone on Velvet W:12 H:15 D:3 in 2020 Ala Park

Fishbone Artwork A three-dimensional shbone artwork on dark velvet backgrounds, displayed in shadow boxes; using only discarded sh bones. This is a completely original art form that I developed on my own in 1994, while living in my native country, the Republic of Moldova.


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Issue #8 March 2021 March - 2021

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