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Issue #12 July 2021

In Search of Freedom Photography

| W:20.00 H:20.00 in | AW127564502

by Romessa Khan

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Issue #12 July 2021 July - 2021

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Artistonish - July 2021


Blue Delta Painting, Acrylic Pouring on Canvas W:14 H:14 cm 2019 Bill Mathis

This is the first piece I created for the original Rainbow Pride Series of six works. Blue was the dominant color in a Dutch Pour over a white foundation. Doing the first Pride Series was inspired by what I saw at the Washington DC Pride parade in 2019. It was so full of color and energy that I wanted to create collections of works that featured themes of the primary and secondary colors in the rainbow. And one other thing that I'll mention about fluid art - the result can sometimes feature something completely unexpected. Like the woodland creature so many people see in this piece. Can you find it?



Artistonish - July 2021

MM Good Painting, Acrylic on Paper - Cotton W:23 H:17 cm 2021 There is nothing quite as good as a cold orange juice on a hot summer day! Cher Pruys


Artistonish - July 2021


Characters Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:60 H:80 cm 2018 Characters Between Melodies. Christina Mitterhuber



Artistonish - July 2021

Jubiliant Sculpture, Mixed Media on Wood W:18 H:36 D:18 in 2018 Ed Whitmore

Wrought iron base adorned with blocks of wood painted with copper and bronze metal effects paint oxidized to create patina in lovely shades of green and blue. The piece exudes a kinetic energy, almost like it is dancing. AW127395840

Artistonish - July 2021


Warrior in the Feminine Painting, Oil Color on Board W:24 H:24 cm 2021 Earth Mother/Warrior. Harriet Forman Barrett



Artistonish - July 2021

Birth of an Idea Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:61 H:122 cm 2019 An idea is an explosion of possibilities... Larry Wolf


Artistonish - July 2021


All Our Burden Sculpture, Mixed Media W:5 H:12 D:5 in 2020 Reclaimed Atlas metal (unknown type) statue 'bearing' an angry orange head Lindsey Grant



Artistonish - July 2021

Red White and Blue Painting, Watercolor on Paper W:16 H:12 in 2010 This montage is my interpretation of things that represent the United State of America. Lisa G Bailey


Artistonish - July 2021


Mind Blowing Painting, Mixed Media on Paper - Cotton W:18 H:24 in 2021 Lisa Batchelder

Mind blowing is a collage. It is done in brilliant colors to suggest what's inside the mind at the very moment some one sees or is told something inconceivable. This is to show how the mind and its neurons cannot process the information. This pieces base paper is yupo and marbled with alcohol ink then collaged with a rag cotton paper that has been painted with water color and acrylic's.



Artistonish - July 2021

5th En Haut Photography, C-Type Photography on Photo Paper W:28 H:42 in 2019 - 2021 Femininity and nature embody the world of dance. Maria Isabel Reverberi


Artistonish - July 2021


The Pigeon Whisperer Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:100 H:120 cm 2020 A woman with pigeons Miri Baruch



Artistonish - July 2021

Os Cabolhinhos Painting, Oil Color on Linen W:28 H:40 in 2020 Monica Mendes

Catopezera: The Sound of Colors is a collection of 22 oil paintings that commemorate a traditional Brazilian celebration known as “Catope."

“Catope" is a ritual of folkloric expression influenced by African culture that has been in existence in the state of Minas Gerais for over 160 years.


Artistonish - July 2021


Todos por Um Painting, Oil Color on Linen W:28 H:40 in 2020 Monica Mendes

Catopezera: The Sound of Colors is a collection of 22 oil paintings that commemorate a traditional Brazilian celebration known as “Catope."

“Catope" is a ritual of folkloric expression influenced by African culture that has been in existence in the state of Minas Gerais for over 160 years.


Artistonish - July 2021


Stellar Rebirth - A Guiding Light in Troubled Times Digital Arts, Digitally Manipulated on Metal W:18 H:24 in 2021 Rick Hurst

Archival-quality Digital Transformation on Metal Panel Remain steadfast in your vision. Original digital photos of nature, architecture and original artwork, color-transformed and combined in multiple overlays.


Artistonish - July 2021


The Man Who Laughs ... Painting, Acrylic on Glass W:32 H:32 in 2021 Tatyana Shvartsakh

"Classic is always unique way for expression and imagination. She was blind, he was horrified with his own face but they were happy, because true love flourished between them. It was absolute and eternal feeling ...." Victor Hugo



Artistonish - July 2021

Kaleidoscope Painting, Ink Painting on Paper W:11 H:14 in 2021 Valeri Cranston


Artistonish - July 2021


Viscosity Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:170 H:180 cm 2021 Simon Hafele



Artistonish - July 2021

Beatrix Painting, Oil Color on Mirror W:16 H:20 in 2021 Gabriella Di XX Miglia

This portrait is on a mirror, the surrounding is reflected and changes the painting as you like it, it changes as you change the location and all is incorporated in the overall of the artwork. AW127065288

Artistonish - July 2021


Khmer Rouge Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:20 H:20 in 2019 Inspired by movie "The Killing Fields" Anthony Santomauro



Artistonish - July 2021

Strength Painting, Acrylic, Color Pencil on Board - Wood W:30 H:40 in 2020 Debora Levy

Modern composition with interesting mark making details. "Strength" painting was inspired by the resilience felt during these times. AW129752322

Artistonish - July 2021


Paradox Digital Arts, Digital Painting on Canvas W:11 H:8.50 in 2019 A. Galano

Have you ever wondered, when you are not "at your best", where would your best mental and psychological capabilities be hanging on to be able to recover you from distress? There is a paradox about having a better being than what we see us to be in reality, sometimes a worse one, and they shift from been present as the central source of behavior and emotions. This is a comparison to a situation of the sort, with the golden horse been the best of all.



Artistonish - July 2021

Fragile Light Photography, Digital Photography on Photo Paper W:24 H:18 in 2020 An elderly woman walking through a ray of light on the upper west side of Manhattan, New York City. Claude Beller


Artistonish - July 2021


Together is a wonderful place to be Painting, Mixed Media on Paper W:30 H:40 cm 2021 Magda Betkowska

My artwork shows the beauty of every woman with all her imperfection and tell that every one of them can be who she wants to be. She has a right to be weak, vulnerable, tender but also strong, funny, powerful or soulful and the key to her happiness is self-acceptance.



Artistonish - July 2021

Alaskan Island of Trees in Fog Digital Arts on Acrylic Print W:36 H:24 cm 2021 Debbie McCulliss

As a winter wildlife and nature photographer who is drawn to moody and dramatic scenes, I couldn't help but capture this photograph of an island of fir trees in the fog surrounded by the mountains of Alaska's Inside Passage on our boat ride to observe humpback whale bubble net feeding. The moment was fleeting, the experience is memorable.


Artistonish - July 2021


A Flower For You Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:24 H:24 in 2020 She is offering you a flower as a sign of friendship and love. Alex Alimohammadi



Artistonish - July 2021

Through the Looking Glass Painting, Acrylic on Paper W:32 H:14 in 2018 A lone figure in a dark, quiet interior looks out into the light, busy street. Aaron Krone


Artistonish - July 2021


Going Under Photography, Analogue Photography on Photo Paper W:18 H:12 cm 2020 Laurence Sachs

The photo was taken at the Pamat river marsh land in Truro MA (IN Cape Cod). This boat sat in this same location for a few years. Unfortunately a storm earlier in the winter of 2021 sank the boat. AW514758033


Artistonish - July 2021

Celine (Reappearance Series 8) Photography, Manipulated Photography on Paper W:8 H:10 in 2021 Paul Gravett

Starting with 100+-year-old photographs, the Reappearance series uses multiple exposure, intentional camera motion, and layering to create images that are entirely unpredictable and experimental. With these techniques, I explore the intersection of photography and contemporary art to create evocative, painterly portraits. Dust, tears, and blemishes that mark the original photographs add rich, abstract elements. Nothing is added or subtracted during the 'development' process. Emerging through the thick veil of time, the reappearance of the sitter is the survival of memory.


Artistonish - July 2021


Coronum de Arboribus Sculpture, Mixed Media W:7 H:9 D:8 in 2019 Metalsmithing: Fine and Sterling Silver, Copper, Laboradite, faux fur Crystal Hinds



Artistonish - July 2021

Galatea 1 Sculpture, Mixed Media W:35 H:68 D:20 in 2018 C.A. Stigliano

A female nude with articulated joints that it can be posed or manipulated—significantly—as a marionette. The surface is tattooed with sixty five images from art historical sources, and all refer to violence against women. Photo by Cary Wolinsky.


Artistonish - July 2021


Essential Element Ring Jewelry, Mixed Media W:0.50 H:1 D:0.50 in 2021 Madeline Davis

Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, & Black Tahitian Pearl

Essential Element Ring is apart of a larger collection called Essential Element. The collection was an experiment and marriage of techniques including CAD, 3D printing, lost wax casting, and fabrication.



Artistonish - July 2021

Santa Maria del Fiore Textile Art, Collage on Canvas W:100 H:70 cm 2021 Sarah Calzolaro

This is a fabric inlay work on canvas, depicting Florence “Santa Maria del Fiore” complex in a visionary, dreamlike fashion. The tecnique is textyle-based, as several pieces of cotton fabric are glued together in layers, to achieve the illusion of form and light changes.


Artistonish - July 2021


Infinite Possibilities Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:30 H:24 in 2021 Caren Akers

Acrylic medium is placed on canvas with palette knife and design etched. acrylic and metallic acrylic paint is applied in layers this allows for colors to change in different lighting AW127189392


Artistonish - July 2021

Consumed by Rage Photography, Digital Photography on Acrylic Print W:24 H:16 in 2018 Abhisar Gupta

Digital Photography, Print mounted behind Acrylic This is a photograph of a soap film. I have removed all colors except red to convey my message. Anger resulting from a struggle with major mental health issues has played a destructive role in my life. This piece serves as a constant reminder of lessons learned and inspiration to do better in future.


Artistonish - July 2021


Girl On the Cover Painting, Acrylic W:41 H:51 cm 2021 Luis Merino

In this piece, Girl on the cover, I incorporated a collage of woman and other aspects such as perfume cut outs etc. into the hair to and the painting shows a woman coming out of the water to show the power of a woman as part of Women’s History Month to memorize women and their amazing abilities.



Artistonish - July 2021

Hope Sculpture, Mixed Media W:24 H:50 D:2 in 2020 Nicole Ingalls


Artistonish - July 2021


Perhaps Mixed Media, Acrylic, Gold Leaf, Ink W:10 H:10 in 2021 Trisha Mitra



Artistonish - July 2021

Jump into Life Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:36 H:36 in 2020 This is a metaphor about the childhood thrill of trying new experiences and childish hopes for life Evy Olsen Halvorsen


Artistonish - July 2021


Bright Beginnings Painting, Mixed Media W:26 H:20 in 2013 Wonderful garden of color Lisa Brown



Artistonish - July 2021

A Primal Dance Painting, Oil Color on Panel W:40 H:40 in 2021 Oil On Mounted Birch Panel Todd Brugman


Artistonish - July 2021


Regression Photography, Digital Photography W:12 H:12 in 2019 Rick Lingo



Artistonish - July 2021

Satin Doll Digital Arts, Digital Photography W:20 H:16 in 2019 Natalie Jackson


Artistonish - July 2021


Cracked Red Cubes Sculpture, Stainless Steel Powder Coated W:24 H:58 D:24 in 2021 Year of Creation: 1956 Domenico Belli



Artistonish - July 2021

Self Portrait Painting, Flashe on Paper W:16 H:20 in 2021 Self Portrait with iPhone Bobbye Cochran


Artistonish - July 2021


Saint Laurent Painting, Mixed Media on Photo Paper W:120 H:79 in 2019 Rebecca Slivinsky

Clorox, Nail Polish Remover, Pile-sol, Lysol, and Windex Private collection of Savannah College of Art and Design AW127680836


Artistonish - July 2021

Flower Child Mixed Media, Other on Canvas W:16 H:20 D:6 in 2021 Michele Lois Keir

A sample from my original Aluminum Foil Art Collection. Aluminum foil was sculpted into a bust and enhanced with acrylic and found objects including jewelry, silk flowers and fabric. The canvas to which it is attached is painted with acrylic. Polyester stuffing adds 3D clouds to the sky.


Artistonish - July 2021


Future Passed Painting, Gouache on Paper W:18 H:12 in 2021 Tristan Lindo



Artistonish - July 2021

Blood Moon at Bryce Digital Arts, Digital Photography W:18 H:26 in 2021 Original Photographs by artist combined in PHOTOSHOP Steph Slater


Artistonish - July 2021


Abstract of 14 Bubble "Snowglobes" Digital Arts W:24 H:20 in 2020 Stephen Smith

Abstract Alcohol Ink Painting

Vibrant bubbles with snow globe effects, each of 14 totally with different inside, creating multiple scenes which show off different stories in one abstract...15 ink colors plus gold.



Artistonish - July 2021

Wave Sculpture, Stoneware W:13 H:7 D:12 in 2021 Daniela Kouzov

"“Water Series” is created to celebrate the beauty and power of the most crucial resource for life on our planet, water. As well as to draw attention to the fresh water resource crisis in our world due to population growth, over usage, and climate change."


Artistonish - July 2021


Untitled Photography W:12 H:20 in 2021 Reflection in a Baltimore, MD office building of nearby downtown buildings juxtaposed with the American flag. Jens Vange



Artistonish - July 2021

147 (A Triptych of 36x36” Panels) Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:36 H:36 in 2021 Rick Ruark

"The title ‘147’ refers to the number of total color mixes needed for the block colors. The minimum number of colors mixed on a block is 3, the maximum is 9.

When the panels are placed edge-to-edge, the painting size is 108”x36”."


Artistonish - July 2021


Arcus Sculpture, Mixed Media W:7 H:12 D:10 in 2019 David Cumming

Chlorites, Alabasters & Soapstones

David Cumming's sculptural work utilizes stone from Canada and around the world. He uses standard wood working tools to “slice” the stone and often draws on literary, political, artistic, architectural and satirical sources. "Arcus" is multicultural, identifiable as all peoples.



Artistonish - July 2021

Focused Drawing, Charcoal W:21 H:15 in 2021 Richard Soto

Richard is interested in the focus of narrative driven drawings and going about that by creating scenes of creatures doing tasks that give a glimpse into that character's daily and their personal routines. AW127086362

Artistonish - July 2021


Little Bluestem at Twilight Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:50 H:42 in 2021 Randall Bennett



Artistonish - July 2021

Flamingo Patterns Painting, Watercolor on Paper W:30 H:24 in 2000 Janet Mandel

Watercolor on Fabriano hot press paper

This piece is designed to explore the patterns in nature. The preening image in the foreground shows a close-up view of the flamingo and all the subtle hues of it's feathers. The flamingo's flight feathers are black-tipped, which creates an additional pattern when in flight.


Artistonish - July 2021


Eye of The City Painting, Mixed Media W:36 H:36 in 2021 Sharon Aach

Back-painted tempered glass panel. Various inks, resin, paints, and pigments are applied in a reverse order technique. AW127907578


Artistonish - July 2021

Social Distancing Digital Arts W:16 H:18 in 2020 Abstract representation of the social distancing paradigm. Bryan Bromstrup


Artistonish - July 2021


Blue Abstract Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:24 H:30 in 2020 Heidi Hybl



Artistonish - July 2021

Altar Installation, Mixed Media W:180 H:96 D:60 in 2021 Katherine Sepulveda


Artistonish - July 2021


Iridescent Clouds Ceramic Art, Clay W:11 H:4 D:11 in 2021 American Raku fired bowl. Rim surrounded by protruding freeform shapes. Kari Sabrie



Artistonish - July 2021

The Home Past the Clearing Digital Arts W:19 H:13 in 2020 Isaiah Sandoval


Artistonish - July 2021


Ring of Nuggets, Anello di Pepite Painting, Oil Color on Canvas W:94 H:69 in 2021 Bob Rispoli

This is an oil painting, the size is 69” x 94” on a 20lb cotton canvas. Nothing was left to chance, instead I poured in my creativity and came up with a supreme look that has nuggets which can be found within the center and outer line areas, if you look closely there are beautiful rings created



Artistonish - July 2021

Argalia Sculpture, Mosaic Work W:24 H:13 D:8 in 2020 Kate Hanley

Sculptural Mixed Media Mosaic

Bighorn Sheep Skull, Green Copper Mohave Turquoise Cabochons, Art Glass, Czech Glass Beads and Buttons, Rhinestone Chain, Wax Paste, Paint


Artistonish - July 2021


Hyacinth Macaw Textile Art on Fabric W:60 H:60 cm 2021 Hyo Kyung Won

Needle-Felted With Merino Wool On Linen Fabric on Circle Canvas Frame

While considering the topic of expressing various colors and expressing the feeling of this material, I chose the motif of “bird” that can explain the pictorial elements of “material”. The texture of wool can be felt through the touch, it can be stimulated to provide emotional experience.



Artistonish - July 2021

Old Man Shadow Walking Mixed Media W:9 H:11 in 2019 Photographic Transfer Elisabeth Koss


Artistonish - July 2021


From the Ashes Mixed Media W:32 H:24 D:4 in 2016 Karen Troyer

Fabric, Feathers, Wire, Wheels

My intention was to increase awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease. I used the phoenix rising from the ashes as a rebirth.The woman reaches behind, trying to stay in touch with reality,but doesn’t know what life holds beyond this realm.Is he standing there letting her go,or trying keep her with him?



Artistonish - July 2021

Waves Drawing, Ink W:11 H:8 in 2020 India Ink Francesca Brunetti


Artistonish - July 2021


Blue Towers Painting, Oil Color, Acrylic W:24 H:36 in 2020 Matt Gabler



Artistonish - July 2021

Mudslide Painting, Mixed Media W:10 H:8 in 2019 Acrylic, sand and hay. Lilli H. Sparrow


Artistonish - July 2021


Teal Chroma Painting, Acrylic W:14 H:11 in 2019 Laura Smethers

I fell in love with the background. I purposefully never finished the planned portrait because of it. The color, the feeling of the unfinished portrait, was more important than the original intentions. AW127023548


Artistonish - July 2021

Buddleia 174 Photography, Digital Photography W:7 H:9 in 2020 David McCrae

Color Pigment Inkjet Print

This series, ‘From a Scanner, Lightly,’ started when I bought an inexpensive scanner that is powered by the USB port of a laptop. I was excited to go outside to see what would obtain. The scanner provides unique images when operated in bright light, an unintended mode of operation.


Artistonish - July 2021


Alone is Not Lonely Painting, Mixed Media W:15 H:12 in 2020 Luz Mariel Donahue

Black Paper, Watercolor, Colorpencil, Chrome Paint, Cold Wax

This series has been shown in galleries in Los Angeles, California; New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Works from the Reflections series will also be featured in my debut museum solo show at New Museum Los Gatos in February. for framed photos



Artistonish - July 2021

Arcana Stairs Photography W:70 H:47 cm 2021 Christopher Sheils


Artistonish - July 2021


In Search of Freedom Photography W:20 H:20 in 2021 Romessa Khan

"From that creeping thing in the dust To this shining bliss in the blue! God give me courage to trust I can break my chrysalis too!" Poem by Alice Freeman



Artistonish - July 2021

Spot On Painting, Acrylic W:30 H:40 in 2020 Patricia Melekus


Artistonish - July 2021


Sins of My Father Will Never Expire Painting, Oil Color W:40 H:30 in 2018 Tony Armadillo

Depicts the concern of many D.A.C.A. families who arrived as infants or children. As adults, many documented non-citizens serve in the military but now face deportation; others like doctors and other professionals also face deportation. They contribute to the U.S.A. but the sins of their fathers carry over to them and they risk punishment through no fault of their own.



Artistonish - July 2021

The Way There Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:24 H:36 in 2021 Patti Walsh

This was a favorite of mine. Sold to a good friend who picked this one and had her two little girls each pick out their own paintings as well; I thought that was cool! AW127549094

Artistonish - July 2021


Homeostasis Digital Arts 2020 Emil Polyak

Digital, Interactive, Computed in Real Time

The project “Homeostasis” is a speculative interactive visual experience. It is a metaphorical representation of human interference with data interpretations. The animated artwork is generated in real time using a dataset containing cumulative changes in sea level for the world’s oceans since



Artistonish - July 2021

The Road More Travelled Painting, Acrylic, Mixed Media on Canvas W:36 H:36 in 2020 Samantha Iodice

I enjoy using found things to either create texture, or to become part of this piece. I was saving chop sticks for some time, waiting for the moment they were ready to use. The colors are exciting with bright, fluorescent under deeper tones illustrating the excitement of life despite the darkness that can pervade.


Artistonish - July 2021


Cannon Horse Sculpture W:22 H:15 D:4 in 2020 Cannon ball, wire, tread, earthenware clay, titanium, wood, paint Caroline Staller



Artistonish - July 2021

The Earth's Molten Core Sculpture on Bronze W:38 H:48 in 2021 Mary Neubauer

A data visualization of the motion of the Earth's core, as recorded by a polar satellite. Part of a recent series of work exploring data visualizations at a large scale. AW127365568

Artistonish - July 2021


Urban Waterscape Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:36 H:48 in 2021 This was a reference from my memory of a town in southern Italy that my family and I visited when I was young. Joseph Yonke



Artistonish - July 2021

Cycle Of Life Part One Painting, Mixed Media on Fabric W:30 H:40 in 2019 Ayelet Gal-On


Artistonish - July 2021


Resplendent Painting, Mixed Media on Canvas W:31 H:26 in 2021 Oscar Hammerstein



Artistonish - July 2021

Untitled I (Mitzpah Series) Painting, Watercolor, Gold Leaf W:5 H:7 in 2021 Cara Croke


Artistonish - July 2021


Untitled Spicule Necklace IV Sculpture on Copper, Brass W:8 H:73 D:1 in 2021 Clayton Salley



Artistonish - July 2021

On The Horizon 1 Installation, Mixed Media W:60 H:108 D:36 in 2017 Kristen Franyutti


Artistonish - July 2021


Pink Sky II Painting, Acrylic W:36 H:24 in 2020 A beautiful scene of the blue ridge mountains of virginia Sally Goodrich



Artistonish - July 2021

Out Of Lockdown Painting, Acrylic on Canvas W:24 H:24 in 2020 Linda Reymore

This portrait shows a young woman after months of pandemic lockdown in a foreign country during her first foray out for a bit of self-indulgence. With visible delight she appreciates the silliness of her appearance, the human contact, and the elation of freedom.


Artistonish - July 2021


Ghost Trees Combo 10 Digital Arts W:20 H:24 in 2021 Linda Colnett

Original Ltd Edition Of 10 Digital Print On Archival Paper

"“Ghost Trees Combo 10” began with a photo of shadows on the beautiful bark of a large Cypress tree which I admire on my daily walks in the Presidio. Through the process of altering the photo into five different images, it emerged as the background to the Ghost Trees"



Artistonish - July 2021

Star Trail Dancer Photography W:10 H:10 in 2018 Dancer amidst Milky Way star trail Scot Wittman


Artistonish - July 2021


The Shack and the Storm Photography W:15 H:11 in 2019 Carolyn Silvernail


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Issue #12 July 2021 July - 2021

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