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Affordable Storage is a company with a social conscience. We want to support community programs and world charities that are making a difference. 

Visit our Affordable Gives Back page to learn about the projects we have been financially supporting.

Community Announcements - On our large street signs we like to post announcements of interest to the community. Groups can submit their announcements by phone, in person, or online. They can also download the form and fax it. You can print off a Community Announcement form here. In the past we have posted birthdays, anniversarys, successful local Ironman finishers, school concerts, and more.

Twitter - We also mention the Community Announcements on our Twitter page. Sometimes, we have too many announcements for our big sign, but we can publish everyone's announcements on Twitter.

Facebook - We use Facebook in the same way as Twitter - to help promote local events.

We will publish anyone's public service/non-profit announcement. They don't have to be clients of Affordable Storage. If you know of a local non-profit organization that we might be able to help, please let your site manager know.

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