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Carrickfergus is home to the 12th century Carrickfergus castle one of the best-preserved Norman castles in Ireland. It was built around 1180 by John de Courcy The church of St. Nicholas also dates from the late 12th century. Belfast Lough itself was called 'Carrickfergus Bay' well into the 17th century. Carrickfergus and the sur-

A review on one on the Windrose in Carrickfergus. “Probably the best restaurant in Carrick. Great location overlooking the marina, with outside seating for those summer evenings.

Food isn’t cheap, but is priced fairly. The menu is broad, and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve eaten here. I found the service a bit hit or miss a couple of times (slow, wrong orders etc), but that may just have been bad luck with newer staff - on other occasions it was great.”

rounding area were, for a time, treated as a separate county, although it is today part of County Antrim. The song “I wish I was in Carrickfergus ........" Is one of Ireland's most beautiful and haunting folk songs, a lament from one of its many sons who emigrated abroad. And when one considers the manifold attractions. The lyrics are dedicated to, Carrickfergus andits natural beauty, it's little wonder why our balladeer yearned for home.

In Carrickfergus there is a wide range of accommodation available. These can range from B&B’s to hotels. The most common hotel for tourists to stay would be the Clarion hotel. The Clarion hotel is popular because it is close to the town centre. If you are looking for accommodation Carrickfergus has many hotels and bed in breakfasts plus UK cottages and self catering accommodation as well as directories for camping and caravan parks.

Whatever you want to find around Carrickfergus; shops, businesses, hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, cinemas, theatres. Carrickfergus directory, classified system and

Carrickfergus throughout the course of The Troubles had a reasonably large paramilitary presence in the town, Mostly through the presence of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA).

events guide will help you to find out what's on and where to find things in and

The Battle of Carrickfergus, part of the

around Carrickfergus.

Nine Year War, that took place in and

Entertainment and Leisure You can use our Carrickfergus cinemas, UK theaters and what’s on guide to plan your day or evening out. Downstairs at the Windrose has good entertainment - “I especially recommend the nights when 'Fusion’ are on - they’re really good! Beware eating downstairs towards 9pm as one night our meal was ruined by quite a loud and intrusive singer who kept demanding applause and then a pub quiz! Great for an earlier meal though.” Carrickfergus also caters events at the castle, for example Status Quo and Jools Holland have recently preformed there.

Carrickfergus Castle is one of Northern Ireland’s most striking monuments whether you approach it from land, sea, or air. With over 800 years of history behind it. Today it IS under the care of the NIEA and is open to

around the town in November 1597. It was

the public for days out, or to those

fought between the crown forces of Queen

wishing to learn more about its his-

Elizabeth I and the Scots clan of McDon-

tory. Apart from its initial construc-


tion, there have been a number of

Nevertheless, the decaying castle with-

alterations to the castle over the

stood several days of siege by the forces of

course of its history.

William of Orange in 1689, before surrendering on 28th August: William himself

After use as a prison in the 18th cen-

subsequently landed at Carrickfergus on

tury it was further strengthened and

14th June 1690. During the Seven Year

served as a magazine and armoury

War, in February 1760, the whole town was

until 1928. Cannons from the 17th to

briefly captured and held to ransom by French troops landed from Francois Thurot’s naval squadron, after the defenders ran out of ammunition.

19th centuries are on show in the castle, while the keep houses historical are other popular displays.

Carrickfergus Brochure  

Useful and relevant information about Carrickfergus: history, monuments, accomodation and restaurants

Carrickfergus Brochure  

Useful and relevant information about Carrickfergus: history, monuments, accomodation and restaurants