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The hort. section Compiled by Brad Creme, Curator, Bendigo Botanic Gardens

First word This section of the magazine is an opportunity for horticulturalists to highlight their work in curating and developing living collections throughout botanic gardens in

Brad Creme

Australia and New Zealand. We can learn from each other’s sitespecific knowledge and practices. Our guest horticulturist this issue is Bec Stanley whose team at the Auckland Botanic Gardens have brought scientific research, horticultural expertise and public education together in a new Kunzea display. If your garden has a special collection and you want to share stories about your horticultural challenges and successes, please drop me a line at and we’ll take it from there.

Bringing a taxonomic revision to life in a botanic garden Bec Stanley Curator, Emma Bodley Records and Conservation Specialist and Jeff Jones Native Garden Curator, Auckland Botanic Gardens In New Zealand Kunzea ericoides was split into ten species about two years ago. Living examples of the new species identified in a taxonomic revision of Kunzea in New Zealand by Peter de Lange in 2014 are now being displayed at Auckland Botanic Gardens (ABG). We just collected the tenth species ourselves in the wild in February. It’s a new little collection (within a native collection) the staff at ABG are collecting and planting together with a plan to interpret them to the public.

In 2014 New Zealand Kunzea ericoides was split into ten species. Until recently New Zealand Kunzeas were thought to be the same so everyone has a lot to learn in terms of why each is now considered different. We also now realise the Maori name ‘kanuka’ has been misapplied to all.

the botanic gardener | ISS 48 July 2017


The Botanic Gardener Issue 48  
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