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The hort. section Compiled by Brad Creme, Curator, Bendigo Botanic Gardens

First word This section of the magazine is an opportunity for horticulturalists to highlight their work in curating and developing living collections throughout botanic gardens in

Brad Creme

Australia and New Zealand. We can learn from each other’s sitespecific knowledge and practices. Our guest horticulturist this issue is Lindy Harris who shares her insights into managing and maintaining the living collections at Karwarra Australian Native Botanic Garden Thanks Lindy! If your garden has a special collection and you want to share stories about your horticultural challenges and successes, please drop me a line at and we’ll take it from there.

Karwarra Australian Native Botanic Garden Karwarra Australian Native Botanic Garden’s mission statement is: To use Australian native plants in a beautiful garden that inspires and educates. The name ‘Karwarra’ is said to be a derivation of the Aboriginal word meaning ‘place of wildflowers’. Karwarra Australian Native Botanic Garden (KANBG) is located at Kalorama in the Dandenong Ranges approximately 42kms from Melbourne’s CBD. It is dedicated to growing Australian KANBG Curator Lindy Harris

native plants.

The Dandenong Ranges attract many overseas, local and interstate visitors. Access to KANBG is through the Kalorama Memorial Reserve from Mt Dandenong Tourist Road. The reserve itself sits on a saddle and so our car park, garden entry, buildings, retail plant nursery and part of the gardens sit on relatively flat land in full or lightly filtered sun. The garden drops away at the


the botanic gardener | ISS 47 March 2017

Tbg iss47 march 2017  
Tbg iss47 march 2017  

THE BOTANIC GARDENer - Issue 47 - March 2017. The magazine for botanic garden professionals. Theme - Managing Risks - Feature Interview -...