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The Industry Fair Wear & Tear Standard for LCVs

End-of-contract charges (continued) At vehicle return, representatives from the customer and from the leasing company must check and agree on the vehicle’s condition. All readily apparent damage to the vehicle will be noted on the vehicle collection sheet and both parties should sign the documentation (or hand-held device).


If, for whatever reason, a vehicle condition inspection is not possible, then this should be agreed in writing with a clear explanation of the reason for non-inspection. If the collection goes ahead, BVRLA members must advise the customer that the vehicle will undergo an inspection later in line with the agreed fair wear and tear policy/ return conditions. Customers will be asked to sign the condition report to that effect.

If the vehicle is not sufficiently clean to allow a detailed inspection, the return process may need to be abandoned and a charge may be applied. Customers will be asked to agree to abandon the inspection and sign the condition report to that effect. If the BVRLA member intends to charge customers for damage or missing items, customers must be advised of those charges no later than four weeks after the vehicle was returned. The BVRLA member must provide the customer with a summary breakdown of the charges, an explanation of how the charges have been calculated, and photographic/video or other documentary evidence supporting why the charges have been made.

In case of a dispute

In the event of a dispute about the condition of or damage to the vehicle, customers have the right to pay for an examination or review of the evidence by an independent qualified engineer, eg an engineer who is unrelated to the original inspection and agreed by both parties. The engineer’s decision will be binding on both the customer and the BVRLA member. If the engineer finds against the BVRLA member, the customer will be refunded the reasonable cost of the examination.

Customers must also be advised how they can query damage charges.

Licensed by the BVRLA for use by Volkswagen Financial Services from 1 January 2019 until 31 December 2019




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