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The evening begins with a cocktail hour, a chance to meet other people, and look at the artist’s work up close. After 45 minutes, the first presenter (usually the visual artist), has 30-45 minutes to talk about their work using the projector to show whatever they want of their work and life. The same process is repeated for the second presenter. Afterwards, everyone is invited to stay and speak to the artists and guests.


OSALON was started as a critique group for artists to bring work and receive feedback. After seven years, the focus of the OSALON was broadened to include other art forms — poetry, literature and music. Presentations and discussions replaced the critique environment and OSALON was re-created to be a catalyst for exciting new ideas.

OSALON is a gathering place with some of the most interesting, artistic minds in Los Angeles – a meeting place for artists, poets, writers, film makers, gallerists, art critics and art lovers, where they can present their work to a sophisticated, welcoming audience. One enters the Salon through two sculpted copper gates opening up into a large room with music, soft lighting and a mecca of fascinating people. The idea was conceptualized by Linda Kunik, a Beverly Hills resident, artist, avid art lover, and graduate of Otis College of Art and Design. She longed to keep up with the artistic, philosophical discussions while inspired at Otis, so Kunik decided to create a salon patterned after the famous salons of Paris. A place where an artist can present their work to a sophisticated, welcoming audience and have an opportunity to explain who they are and their journey in the art world. It’s also a chance for the audience to get to know the artist, where the work comes from and why they make what they do.

“Presenters have told me afterwards that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience, because it was very different from other artist talks or readings they have done,” says Kunik. “Part of that is due to the ambience we’ve been able to create, in addition to the audience the salon has attracted — a ▲ Award winning poet, Alexis Rhone Fancher reading from her latest book ▲ Linda Kunik, OSalon Host

For ongoing updates about Proyecto OSALON with Lescay, or any future salons, please join us on Facebook or Instagram at @Linda Kunik and @ OSalon. — by Arielle Harris

▲ ESPIRITU DANZANTE by Cuban artist, Alberto Lescay Merencio gathering of supportive, interested people, who just want to meet and get to know artists and each other in an informal environment. Many friendships and art collaborations have been the result of meeting at the salons.”


Previous artists include Laddie John Dill, Mark Steven Greenfield, Miguel Osuna, George Schmerholz (Canada), Martin Varo (Hungary), Stephen White, Kamol Tassananchalee (Thailand), Carla Viparelli (Italy), Brendan Constantine, Barbara Bloemink, and Peter Frank. This September’s salon, is expected to be quite outstanding. Kunik is hosting Cuba’s Alberto Lescay Merencio, an internationally known artist, who will be the sole presenter on September 30, 2022. Two major works include El Titan de Bronce in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba and Cimarron near El Cobre outside of Santiago de Cuba. In 2021, he won the National Prize for Visual Arts for Cuba and in 2023 he is set to have one of his most important exhibitions at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana. During his time here, Lescay will have an in-person art-making experience that people will get to witness.

Traci Fellows Estates traci@fellowsluxurygroup.com213-408-9902Directorfellowsluxurygroup.comDRE#01019413 Beverly Hills Market Update PRESENTED BY TRACI FELLOWS * Sales represent closed transactions between 6/21/2022 to 7/21/2022 (Standard sales only) STREET NAME NEIGHBORHOOD SQ. FT. LIST PRICE SALE PRICE 725 N Camden Dr Beverly Hills 2,912 $9,485,000 $9,526,000 723 N Bedford Dr Beverly Hills 5,101 $8,495,000 $9,165,026 109 N Maple Dr Beverly Hills 2,568 $3,748,000 $3,960,000 206 S Hamel Dr Beverly Hills 2,276 $2,795,000 $3,000,000 9616 Highland Gorge Dr Beverly Hills 1,095 $1,479,000 $1,680,000 6376 Quebec Dr Hollywood Hills 3,894 $2,739,000 $2,887,500 8952 Wonderland Park Ave Hollywood Hills 2,991 $4,498,000 $4,750,000 2912 Lakeridge Dr Hollywood Hills 3,916 $3,995,000 $4,600,000 7503 Franklin Ave West Hollywood 2,900 $3,595,000 $3,750,000 8446 Kirkwood Dr Hollywood Hills 3,257 $3,450,000 $3,500,000 1335 Casiano Rd Bel Air - Holmby Hills 6,405 $2,699,000 $3,300,000 2244 Maravilla Dr Hollywood Hills 2,353 $2,595,000 $3,300,000 1161 Linda Flora Dr Bel Air - Holmby Hills 2,835 $2,550,000 $2,650,000 7300 Caverna Dr Hollywood Hills 1,632 $2,395,000 $2,765,000 8710 Wonderland Ave Hollywood Hills 3,331 $2,395,000 $2,425,000 2175 Basil Ln Bel Air - Holmby Hills 2,040 $1,750,000 $1,910,000 2699 La Cuesta Dr Hollywood Hills 1,276 $1,700,000 $1,845,000 8914 Wonderland Ave Hollywood Hills 1,660 $1,695,000 $1,875,000 3159 Lake Hollywood Dr Hollywood Hills 1,771 $1,599,000 $1,886,000 3709 Broadlawn Dr Hollywood Hills 1,966 $1,295,000 $1,625,000


After all, as the daughter of Holocaust survivors, she has intuitively learned how to be sympathetic and compassionate. She has long been drawn to the concept of service. She understands the crucial importance of mental health. She is a supporter of women, and their endeavors.Andbeing elected the city’s Mayor, she says, allowed her to sit at the confluence of all those interests.

Working in tandem with that is the BHPD Alert, where residents are given accurate and real-time information about what is happening in the community. Additionally, emergency service call response times have beenThesereduced.arejust two of the many goals that the Mayor set for herself when she was elected, alongside her other innovations such as ‘Business with Bosse’, where local businesses are encouraged to meet with one another at showcases. She also started ‘Live with Lili’, where the city’s residents can share ideas in a town hall-like setting. She launched the Mayor’s Mental Wellness Series where handpicked speakers can talk on the subject to anyone who would like to listen. And she continues to pioneer roles for women in office - her 30x30 initiative intends to ensure that at least 30 percent of law enforcement personnel in our city will be women by 2030. Her championing of women continues through her association with Visionary Women, a non-profit organization she co-founded with best friend, philanthropist and author Angella Nazarian.


hen Lili Bosse was elected as the mayor of the City of Beverly Hills in April 2022 for the third time, it was something of a full circle moment for her.

“I’ve always been somebody who’s a girl’s girl,” she said. “I really love connection and I hold my friendships sacred. I view them as a sisterhood and I think women are very inspiring, intuitive, and innovative. And I really felt when I co-founded Visionary



There were also, however, the nuts-andbolts issues that she had to deal with from day“Whenone. I was installed in April, I focused on quite a few issues, number one: safety,” she said. One initiative months in the making, includes the Real Time Watch Center, a new hub to coordinate the city’s many surveillance tools, allowing for consistent monitoring of over 2000 cameras watching over the city. The goal is to reduce the amount of time it takes officers to respond to calls, facilitate early intervention in criminal activity, and improve evidence and information gathering. “I'm very excited that it is now fully operational in our city. I think that it really provides a model for what makes Beverly Hills so unique.”

When she’s not working, she enjoys sharing and connecting through her social media platforms, walking around the city and prioritizing family time. “I love spending time with my amazing hubby Jon, our sons who are always often my best teachers, and stealing time with dear girlfriends to share open-hearted, deep, thoughtful, soulful conversations. All of this makes me feel so alive and grateful. I love, love, love to listen to music and dance and I often keep dancing even if the music has stopped,” shared Lili. She’s not the type of city official to sit behind a desk in a cloistered office, instead choosing to be out and about, engaging with her community, often dressed in bright bold colors or her signature orange and white jeans.

“What I value most is being an accessible Mayor. In my previous term I led a 'Walk with the Mayor' every Monday where hundreds of people showed up to connect and create a sense of community together, and in my current term with ‘Live with Lili’, we host a monthly informal town hall-like gathering. It is important to be open-hearted, openminded and to really hear what others share. There is a big difference between listening and hearing. I truly open my heart and hear what others say.” She sees herself as a mentor as much as a Mayor, and hopes that other young people will follow in her footsteps and consider a life of community and civil service. Even if they don’t, however, she likes to impart the same life advice to anyone who asks. “It all starts from the inside out. Once we truly accept all of ourselves, even the parts that we wish were different, the more we can truly live a happier, fuller life. Have the courage to trust your instinct and take chances no matter how out of the box the ideas are. In fact, it’s more fun that way!”

“I just want to feel a sense of gratitude every day. I live my life now every day in gratitude. I wake up every morning feeling grateful and I go to bed every night, counting my blessings. So I would say 10 years from now I intend to always find something beautiful every day. And even though there might be some challenging days, because there always are, never forget that there is something really beautiful right in front of us, and right inside us. I am just open in a very positive way. When you ask me that question, I can't help but feel a sense of light, optimism and hope for some really great possibilities ahead.”

"I can't help but feel a sense of light, optimism and hope for some really great possibilities ahead."

“The last few years have been extraordinarily challenging. I always say that 2020, at least for me, felt like a 10-year year on so many levels: dealing with a global health pandemic, a political divide and the fact that we had to be apart from one another for so long. I do feel the residue of all of that has stayed with many of us and there's still a feeling of anxiety. I grew up with a very resilient fiber of my being, with the message to never give up. But I also, during 2020, felt like I needed guidance to help me make sense of a lot of the challenges that we were facing.” She brought in the likes of Dr. Edith Edger, a 94-year old Holocaust survivor and longtime psychologist, to speak to hundreds of Beverly Hills residents about the importance of resilence. Renowned doctor Deepak Chopra has also come to speak, and will return in September.

In some regards Bosse attributes her ability to relate authentically to people to growing up as a child of Holocaust survivors. Mental wellness, she says, should be atop everyone’s agenda, especially in this post-COVID era.

BEFORE AFTER Women with Angella Nazarian that we really wanted to be surrounded by other women who we could learn from, who were like-minded, who really wanted to make a difference in the lives of women and girls.”

The mayor says she lives by certain mottos.

“I am all about Yes. I start with Yes, and then figure out the ‘how’ after. I love to love. I must admit, I am one big open heart but I can be a tough cookie when the time requires it.”

As for the future, she holds a vision for continued health, love, curiosity and openness to a lifetime of unlimited possibilities. ”My number one hope 10 years from now is for health and love for everybody around me.

SEPTEMBER 2022 / BEVERLY HILLS LIVING 11 FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY Facelift | Rhinoplasty | Eyelid Surgery “Hollywood’s Premier Plastic Surgeon” “Ourpossibilities”discovertreatments...the Learn more about SoCal yourSurgeryAestheticandhowwecantransformlife,too.Dr.HomerHojjat, MD (310)729-4475 606 Westmount Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90069 BOOK AN APPOINTMENT ..........................................

We've learned to never take health for granted the last few years. In my life right now, I don't have a lot of free time, so I see myself having more time to explore and open myself up to all the possibilities, because there's so much beauty out there. I always want to learn. I always want to grow. I am always curious. So, I don't put myself in a box. Everything that I am now is because I've been open to possibilities.” She continues to share, “I’d like to continue to learn and stretch myself, and hopefully continue to make a difference, to be involved in Visionary Women and other elements of organizations that can really make a difference beyond just ourselves.”

But in the end it comes down to the small, daily moments that truly make life beautiful.

12 SEPTEMBER 2022 / BEVERLY HILLS LIVING ANNIVERSARY ISSUE CHEERS TO ONE YEAR! Photos by Philip Macias Beverly Hills Living turns 1! We’re still on a high from our first year of 12 covers, and our excitement goes up another level as we celebrate our first year in print! It’s because of you, readers and sponsors, that we continue on with each and every issue. Below, our 12 past editions (September makes 13!). Wait until you see who we feature for the rest of 2022. Reach out to Jessica if you’d like to be added to our list of cover stars — by Jessica Varone

Photos by Wonho Frank Lee Velverie Café and Teahouse



Velverie Café and Teahouse

Dry Aged Grilled Branzino at Ella Age Before Beauty at Ella Cocktail bar at Ella

— by Jessica Varone

“We love the table-side mimosa bottles with house-made syrups. It gives an extra hint towards a more social and high energy brunch. All the food and drinks taste great paired with the live Sunday music,” delights Zach Patterson of Umbrella Hospitality. What’s to come this Fall? “We’re really focused on programming. We’ll be activating all of our spaces from Ella on the ground floor all the way up to our rooftop pool and bar. We’re excited to watch the space continue to come to life from morning to night with music, events, pop-ups, and more,” says Pomerac.

One can indulge for breakfast with Crème Brûlée French Toast or Cacio e Pepe Eggs on Toast or enjoy lunch with a Provençal Tuna Tartine or Prosciutto & Burrata. Top that off with a cocktail or a glass from the curated wine list of natural, biodynamic wines and extensive champagne options.

9737 S Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, Ella Beverly Hills Named after the Umbrella Hospitality Group, Ella was created to "feel like a home away from home," shares SIXTY Beverly Hills hotelier Jason Pomerac. “There is an air of exclusivity in Beverly Hills. With Ella and SIXTY, we wanted to create spaces that felt welcoming, as if you were entering the home of a friendly neighbor.”

The new eatery celebrates a menu designed by executive chef Brian Min (Mama Shelter, Laurel Hardware) celebrating the Mediterranean, Asian and Italian flavors found in our backyard. The craft cocktail menu pays homage to the history of Los Angeles complemented by a nuanced selection of natural, organic, and traditional wines. And recently they launched lunch daily and Sunday brunch. Co-owner Austin Melrose shares, “Our menu is filled with the nostalgic classics we grew up loving. You can be healthy or indulgent with options like a Cali Kale Salad, Smoked Salmon Benedict & Bruleed French Toast, and PB&J Overnight Oats.”


Exclusive to Velverie, a unique afternoon tea experience consists of three decadent options. Our favorite – “Canapés and Conversation” with eggplant “caviar,” roasted piquillo, crab salad and truffle and parmesan chips.

9360 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills,

This new Beverly Hills European boutique & café opened in June and offers a refreshing approach for lovers of high tea and opulence. Owner Chloe Strumpf’s vision was inspired by the see and be seen playgrounds of Sketch in London and Ladurée in Paris. “I’m so excited to share this dream of mine in one of the most notable neighborhoods in LA and create a more authentic, luxurious experience for all,” shared Chloe. Guests can enjoy a contemporary dining experience amidst the immersive retro-maximalist design that conjures Art Deco and Old Hollywood. The menu was designed by Executive Chef Junior Perez, who took inspiration from European café culture and imbued a contemporary California ethos.

Ariel Hoffman is a certified primal health coach, NASM Master Trainer, celebrity fitness trainer, and mother. She helps women from all walks of life lose weight while gaining energy, strength, and confidence through her hybrid of fitness and nutrition coaching programs. Her layered and sustainable approach leads to consistent progress and lasting results. She provides clients with guidance and a framework to empower them to make long- term lifestyle changes. She helps them find their own strategy to get fit, healthy, and happy based on what matters to them.

Natural way to nourish the skin Cons: Heat exposure can take a while for body to adapt (3-5 classes)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Pros: Hot 8 offers several different styles of yoga so you can mix and match Calm, inviting space


Reduced stress

The instructor, a tiny but mighty gal named Bethany, had the energy to handle an intense workout which carried through the 60-minute flow. Her energy, plus a perfectly timed playlist, helped give me the extra push through challenging moments when all I wanted was to drop into child’s pose to catch my breath. I found the sculpt class to be a nice combination of vinyasa flow, body weight toning exercises and weight training.

• Not much hands-on attention (due to COVID) so go private if you require more attention If you have any health conditions, always consult a doctor before participating in physical activity.


— by Ariel Hoffman

Increased endurance, circulation, flexibility, metabolism



Irecently took a class at Hot 8 in Beverly Hills and opted for their sculpt class which includes multiple elements of yoga, cardio, and strength all in one. I also wanted to be challenged. (Be careful what you wish for.)

◄ Liz Barbatelli is one of the design world’s foremost authorities on linens, having spent the past few decades creating, designing and consulting on table linens, bed linens, bath linens and home accessories. She is the owner of E. Braun & Co. of Beverly Hills and recently launched a new design consultancy to help clients and interior designers alike to create sumptuous yet livable environments — by Jessica Varone

“The work of French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel is nothing short of captivating. I first saw his work at an art fair and fell instantly in love. Then I chanced upon another of his creations while on a trip to Versailles where he had created a serpent fashioned from giant glistening golden beads emerging out of a placid pond. His installations are often set in nature — think gleaming necklaces suspended from trees, absorbing shadow and light. Utterly divine.”

▲“Doing the laundry is hardly glamorous, but with a sprinkling of The Laundry’s Finest Laundry Powder, the entire mundane exercise is instantly elevated – the delicate lemon scent, the organic ingredients, the ease of use, the resulting sparkling clean of all your linens — no household should be without this magic powder.”

►“Fine, beautiful linens are essential. No matter your style or aesthetic, linens have the power to soothe and caress. Sleeping in an inviting bed, drying off with a fluffy towel and sitting with friends around a table set with linen napkins help make you feel as if you’re living your best ebraunbeverlyhills.comlife.”




“The Orion Lantern from lighting and accessories designer Stephen Antonson is a prime example of true craftsmanship. He is a master of juxtaposing the contemporary and the traditional. A visionary in the league of Alberto Giacometti, Jean Michel Frank, and Serge Roche, he works with plaster like no other of his time, finessing the material by hand into strikingly original pieces.”

“There really is no such thing as too much jewelry. Ask anyone who has ever purchased a piece by Los Angeles couture jeweler Vram Minassian. Dramatic, immaculately sculpted works of wearable art, his pieces are designed to make a statement. What’s not to love?”

DESIGN Sherri Rosenblum has an eye for design. Her regal home, built in 1960, features ornate antiques and one-of-a-kind decor by vintage designers – many retired or out of business – all across Los Angeles through the years. The home is adorned with Oriental treasures collected on her travels from around the world. For Sherri, her heart and soul is her large family: she’s a mother of five, grandmother of 11, and great-grandmother of five children.

The breakfast room ensemble comfortably seats 8 and is adorned with custom vintage chandelier by Feldman Lighting Co., enveloped by wallpaper designed by Sherri."


“Everything in my home means something to me. Many items from Vietnam, India, and the Buddha … if you want to be lucky, you can rub his tummy,” says Sherri, reflecting on the eclectic nature of her personal treasures.

Photography by Makeup & Hair by Alexandra Mua

Sherri’s formal living room features a sublime green onyx stone wall mural imported from Italy, enveloped in custom white wallpaper, custom drapes, and custom chandelier by vintage Feldman Lighting Co. RESIDENT AND WORLDLY HOME IS A JOYFULLY OVER-THE-TOP MASTERPIECE OF HER OWN CREATION. — by Jessica Varone

“Many of my items are over a hundred years old, especially the African elephant ivory. I forgot what country I bought them from, but they made me leave them behind until I left the country and showed them the relevant CITES permit, which guarantees the age and origin of the ivory,” notes Sherri.

For those design aficionados who would like their home featured in a future issue, please contact Jessica at or 310-270-3083 for consideration.


SEPTEMBER 2022 / BEVERLY HILLS LIVING 17 DANIELDW/LA WEEDON Principal, DW/LA Landscape Architects Transform your outdoor space into something truly unique Award-Winning Residential and Commercial Landscapes since 1986 Garden design, hardscaping, custom fire and water features, xeriscapes, lighting (LED), planting, 310.228.7587310.827.2084irrigation cell Registered Landscape Architect State of California #1849 DESIGN Breakfast room Formal living room


Money can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Fortunately, with experts like Michael Todd of OnPoint Financial, your money will not only be your best friend, but it will take care of you for years to come.Michael has been fascinated with finances for years, after he was introduced to investing when he was a sophomore in high school. Once he saw his friend’s dad looking at stocks, something inside Michael told him that his future was problem people face with their money is their hesitancy to talk about it. “People talk more about their personal life than their money,” jokes Michael. So, he sought out a solution.Butit took him a while before launching his own company, OnPoint Financial. Michael worked for multiple firms in prior years, learning the business and developing strategies on how money moves. Then, he noticed an issue – these financial services were trying to sell something that needed to be taught. And there you have it, OnPoint Financial Management was born.

— by Hannah George

18 SEPTEMBER 2022 / BEVERLY HILLS LIVING Serving Beverly Hills Custom & Tailored Suits For Men and www.patternmaker-tailor.netWomen(323)273-6831 LEARN HOW – AND WHERE – YOUR MONEY MATTERS


A firm believer in education, Michael sought a team to help teach their clientele instead of the typical transactional selling of a service. Why? Because “people don’t know about money,” shares Michael.Michael’s main philosophy when discussing financial approaches with his clients are “the where, the what and the why” of their money. Figure out where your money is going, what your money is invested in, and why it is doing what it’s doing. These seemingly simple suggestions are surprisingly not accounted for. Once the client understands their money, it is time to invest. Yet many clients hesitate to invest. “Don’t be scared to invest,” insists Michael. Having a little trust can go a long way and make your money grow in ways that are unimaginable. While most try to time the market, Michael’s expert advice is to set aside a certain amount of money each month to just invest. This way, it becomes a habit that your money is growing for you.


While Michael loves talking money, he loves soaking up the California sunshine just as much. Moving from the East Coast, he experienced a change in “diversity and inclusivity in the area” that makes the endless traffic and higher prices worth it. His company does run bicoastal, though. And Michael would be honored to share financial advice with you and your loved ones. You can call or email Michael Todd, or log on directly at 323-243-9129 or







741 10852 11963 SUMMER SOIRÉE


Photos by On July 20, Beverly Hills Living hosted their first-ever social at the SIXTY Beverly Hills rooftop to celebrate their loyal sponsors, readers, team and community partners who have made their first year in print a wild success. Big thank you to our expert contributors





Traci Broker of Fellows Luxury Group, Michael Todd Founder & CEO OnPoint Financial Management, Saverio Pisano Tailoring, Lori Downey Jr. ACS Security along with sponsor Etehad Law for attending.

— by Jessica Varone - Kandace Lyndsey (singer/songwriter), William Cerqueira, Marilyn Anderson (author/writer) - Lori Downey Jr. (ACS Security), Linda Kunik (OSALON Host) - Melinda Manos (MANOS PR), Maribel Sandoval-Rashitian, Heidi Maestri (OnPoint Financial), Liz Barbatelli (Owner E Braun & Co.) - Traci Fellows (Broker Fellows Luxury Group) Mike Todd (Founder OnPoint Financial), Duane Smith (Fellows Luxury Group) - Jean-Paul Lindy (Etehad Law) - Kandace Lyndsey, William Cerqueira - Tatiyana Elias (BHL beauty editor & makeup artist), Kandace Lyndsey - Pam Blanaoi (Fellows Luxury Group), Sean Go (artist), Traci Fellows (Broker Fellows Luxury Group), Jessica Varone (Founder/ Publisher Beverly Hills Living) - William Denkinger, Mary Wells (BHUSD President) - Derrick Ontiveros (community leader), Justin Raanan (RifkinRaanan Dentistry) - Jessica Varone, Bruno Pisano (Saverio Pisano Tailoring)




September 25-27 | Rosh Hashanah


September 28 | Greystone Mansion & Gardens | Evening with the Mayor: State of The City Address. The businesses and greater community of Beverly Hills gather for an intimate evening, inclusive of a wine and hors d’oeuvres reception, on the grounds of Greystone. This is followed by the Mayor’s formal address. An Evening with the Mayor is illuminating and dynamic, rich in conversation and networking.

September 11 | 445 N. Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills | Beverly Hills 9/11 Memorial Garden. To honor the 21st anniversary of September 11 and those who lost their lives, the city of Beverly Hills will hold its annual Informalceremony.Ceremony 6:45 AM. Formal Ceremony 5:30 PM September 11 | Sculpture Park and Murals Tour. Showcasing world-class collection of important sculptures in historic Beverly Gardens Park. The tour will continue with stops to see the historic WPA murals by Charles Kassler in the lobby of the Wallis and the secret Millard Sheets’ mosaic mural, El Camino Real on the Civic Center campus. 11 AM, Register at

— by Jessica Varone


Every Sunday | Beverly Hills Civic Center | Beverly Hills Farmers Market. Enjoy the fresh air with friends or family as you shop for local produce and more. The farmers market also includes a petting zoo as well as live music. 9-1PM Entertainment and events sometimes change after press deadline. Please check with venues to confirm the date and times.

September 5 | Labor Day Through September 6 | 486 N. Rodeo Drive | Louis Vuitton: “200 Trunks 200 Visionaries”. In celebration of Louis Vuitton’s bicentennial anniversary, the traveling exhibition showcasing 200 imaginative trunks created by 200 visionaries will be visiting Beverly Hills. 10 AM - 8 PM September 10 | Full Moon in Pisces. September’s full moon in Pisces is always a much-needed reprieve from the late-summer-early-fall chaos. What can you do on this night to nourish your intuition? Pop into your local metaphysical shop and see what cards, crystals or books call to you.

September 22 | Jean-Georges at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills | Beverly Hills Police Reimagined Gala. Come together as a community to recognize the brave members of the Beverly Hills Police Department for their exemplary public service.This exciting, annual event returns in a new format: a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres reception, live auction and awards presentation to support the heroic men and women of the BHPD, an integral part of the,donations and sponsorships, visit

Nov 8-Dec 18

SEPTEMBER 2022 / BEVERLY HILLS LIVING 21 THEATRE Trusted In-Home Care for Short or Long Term Assistance • Companionship and personal care with hourly or live-in shifts • Individual care plans • Post-surgery recovery assistance • Meal preparation, exercise and housekeeping • Dr. appointments, errands and medication reminders • Cognitive support program • Licensed, bonded and insured 499 Cañon Dr, Suite 404, Beverly Hills 310.694.5001 When it’s Time for Assistance Call us today for assistance. Referred by hospitals and physicians A NEW STAGE SEASON

A Clean Brush

Nov 17-Dec 18 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Matt and Christina Drayton live a modern, white upper-class life in 1960s San Francisco, but their comfortable life is muddled when daughter Joey returns home with John Prentice, a Black physician whom she has known for ten days and intends to marry. Thought-provoking, this play was released as a major motion picture in 1967 and became a box office hit.

A modern love story, which takes place against the backdrop of social and political turmoil of “Argentina’s Dirty War” (1976-1984). The stage spectacle features a cast of exceptional Argentine tango dancers, creating the passionate love story of Romeo and Juliet. The “new tango” by Paizzolla is a cultural blend of classical, jazz, rock, folk, and dance.

The Ants A breathtaking house on a hill — complete with the most state-of-theart security that excessive wealth can buy — should feel like a refuge. Until a violent uprising outside leaves the three trapped in what they think is an impenetrable fortress. Humor, horror, and dark surprises abound in this stunningly perceptive look at the near future.

The Inheritance (Parts 1 & 2) Newly engaged, Eric and Toby meet an older man haunted by the past, and a younger man hungry for a future. Chance meetings lead to surprising choices as the lives of three generations interlink and collide — with explosive results. Winner of the 2020 Tony Award for Best Play.

Mindplay A love letter to the imperfect mind, leading us on a raucous romp through the back channels of our innermost thoughts, exploring the fragmented and flawed nature of our memories, and asks us to question whether or not we can trust the voice inside our heads. World premiere of this entirely new theatrical event. The Wallis – Nov 22-Dec 17 Invincible - The Musical, featuring the music of Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, book by Bradley Bredeweg. This wildly inventive new musical explores how love and equality battle for survival in times of great transformation. Theatre 40 – Sep 22-Oct 23

This new Norm Foster play tells the story of two house painters, Dick and Mello, who land a job painting a room in the basement of recently widowed Zoe Craig's home. The house painters think this is just another job until Zoe's nosy neighbor plants doubt in the painter's minds as to what really happened to the Widow Craig's clumsy husband. The misadventures keep you laughing from start to finish ... or until the paint is fully dry.

Sep 13-Nov 27

Geffen Playhouse – Sep 6-Oct 16

— by Toni WebbPhotos Courtesy Joe Hile, The Wallis Showcasing excellent venues close by for live theater! We’re spotlighting a few of the world-class events scheduled from September to December.

Saban Theatre – Oct Tango28-30–The Musical @monahanlegal @monahanlegal @monahanlegal


While regular teeth cleanings focus on improving the shine of your smile above the gum line, deep teeth cleanings focus below the gum line. This removes harmful bacteria that could cause serious and costly health issues down the road.

So, what are you waiting for? Request an appointment at the Beverly Hills dentist office today.

The Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry team at Rifkin Raanan offers a myriad of teeth-cleaning options that will leave you looking your best for anything life will throw at you. We'll get you smiling confidently again in no time.


While getting your teeth cleaned may not seem very important on the surface, regular teeth cleanings are invaluable to maintaining good dental hygiene and should be treated as such. In addition to helping you smile confidently again and minimizing bad breath, they can prevent several dangerous and costly health complications, saving you thousands at the dentist down the road.

— by Zakiya Ansley


While you might not think that the health of your teeth has much to do with the general wellbeing of your mind and body, bad oral health is a significant contributor to various diseases and conditions. For example, the medical community has linked poor oral health as a risk factor for heart disease for years, as well as pneumonia, pregnancy, and birth complications, among other serious medical issues.

Regular dental cleanings can also help you stay on top of your oral health, and not just your teeth.




We understand if you don’t always have the time to brush your teeth well as you'd like to, or if you don't floss as much as you tell your dentist you do. You're only human. Luckily, you can preserve your teeth with a professional teeth cleaning, recommended once every six months. Help us help you keep smiling confidently for years to come.



This quick in-office procedure involves your dentist putting protective fluoride onto the teeth to fortify enamel and stop cavities from forming, keeping your teeth strong and healthy for years to come.

Regular dental cleanings are an easy way to prevent tooth decay and painful cavities.

We've all had moments when we've looked at our smile in the mirror and have been less than impressed by that yellowish tint left on our teeth from one too many coffees or those extra glasses of red wine we indulged in over the summer. No matter how much scrubbing you do when you brush your teeth, that yellowish tint never seems to go away. Moments like these are all too common, and understandably, it can be a blow to anyone's self-esteem. Luckily, it's also a quick fix that can be taken care of with a single appointment.

Periodontitis is an ongoing infection that develops in tiny pockets between the teeth and gum line. When the condition is left untreated, it can lead to serious health issues. At Rifkin Raanan, our premiere dental team strives to offer the best periodontal cleaning Beverly Hills has to offer.


GUM DISEASE Gum disease is a very common gum infection that affects more than three million Americans a year. Unfortunately, it can become quite serious, and can destroy someone's jawbone if left untreated.

Save Your Smile

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