Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine Summer 2017

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hen do you typically go to see your doctors? Is it only when you’re sick? Is it when you need a prescription or have to have a surgery? Do you go when you’re healthy? Do you go to be preventative? One of the biggest things that I see wrong within the healthcare system today is that people wait until something goes wrong with their health until they fix it. Furthermore, they want to fix it as fast as they can. Nevertheless, the truth is there is no such thing as a quick fix with your health and that is why being preventative is the number one thing you can do to truly be healthy and improve your quality of living.


It is time to start identifying the causes of our health problem instead of treating the effects. In many instances a person experiences certain signs and symptoms within their body that can be fixed by simply locating deficiencies or hormonal imbalances with blood work. Examples of this can include: unexplained weight gain due to high cortisol levels; extreme fatigue related to B Vitamin deficiencies; cramping caused by potassium deficiencies; constipation from magnesium deficiencies; and leaky gut which will show high antibody levels. The list goes on and on. In addition these blood panels can help find out exactly what your body requires to function at optimal levels. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” in health care. Everyone’s genetic makeup and biochemistry is different. Everyone’s body absorbs and processes food differently. Having blood panels done annually will allow you to regularly monitor how your lifestyle is impacting your health. From there you will then be able to take the appropriate steps necessary toward making improvements.


Tired of being in pain or being stiff and achy? In the world we live in today, due to our daily activities and our desk jobs, our posture is worse than ever. With that said we are creating more and more muscle imbalances and stressor in our body and this is the cause of our pain. 126