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keracell | the formula for beauty, inside and out by Bradley Ryan


eauty is a word both subjective and versatile. It can be used to describe appearance, music, art and, as I discovered, something deeper. After recently celebrating International Women’s Day, and with Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s only appropriate that this story focuses on not one, but two passionate and motivated women, Susan Raffy and Ekin Ozlen. These two women represent a successful mother-daughter duo with a heart and drive that can only be summed up with one word… beautiful. Motivation fueled the success of KERACELL, where it began, as most innovative products do, with personal necessity. Susan Raffy found herself in a situation that forced her to deal with increasing hair loss. Her refusal to succumb to this predicament had her spending hours in the lab in a search to create a product that could return her to her own sense of beauty. Amazingly, her drive and relentlessness eventually led to the premium hair and skincare line we know today, KERACELL, a clinically validated line that delivers innovative human stem-cell technology for rapid and effective results. Passion is one trait that both the KERACELL leaders have in no short supply. Susan Raffy possesses 30 years’ experience as a world-renowned cosmetics chemist (or, as she is more widely known, a “Rockstar Chemist”) while her daughter, Ekin Ozlen, utilizes her years as a Ford model and skincare expert to add a face to the brand and market all that the products offer. Together, these two women are a prime example of how women today are breaking through glass ceilings and achieving milestones that serve as an inspiration to all. Heart is perhaps the most unique form of beauty and, with the founders of KERACELL, there’s plenty to go around. These two women are involved in several charities and organizations and donate untold amounts of resources towards them. The Beauty Bus is a charity that is especially close to their hearts and is perhaps one of the best examples of how KERACELL’s success has helped to bring others joy. The Beauty Bus foundation delivers dignity, hope and respite to chronically or terminally ill people through beauty, grooming services and pampering and KERACELL is their go-to for skin and hair care products. Similarly, philanthropy does not stop at people with KERACELL and, perhaps the most notable illustration of that is their involvement with the fabulous Vanderpump Dog Foundation Gala, an annual fundraising event that raises money and awareness to help end the inhumane treatment of dogs worldwide. B= M+ P x H : Beauty = Motivation + Passion x Heart. In summation, these characteristics embody a rare occasion where a quest for beauty on the outside has led to so much beauty on the inside. Using 542 balance matrix proteins, peptides and growth factors in an exclusive formula based on years of research formulation and expertise, KERACELL is enhanced using a revolutionary combination of naturally occurring proteins and peptides to nourish, protect, correct, and restore. KERACELL’s unwavering commitment to providing the best skin and hair products available has led to both success in the world of skincare and that of philanthropy. You need only to look at this dynamic mother-daughter duo and the fruits of their labor, KERACELL, to see the proof for yourself.