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Photography with passion Thanks for for choosing choosing Better Thanks Better Moments Moments for your next adventure workshop. for your next photo adventure. Better Moments was founded in 2011 Better Moments wasand founded in 2011 by Philip Boissevain me, two and has become a leading experienced veterans of thephoto workshop organizer, providing highinternational professional photography end workshops photo enthusiasts industry. We metfor when working at worldwide. Hasselblad, Philip as the Global Marketing manager and me as the You will learn from and get inspired Global Photographer Relations manager. by the world’s most experienced Today Better Moments has become photographers within their fields to the leadingyour photo workshop refine personal styleplatform and sharpen organizing high-end workshops for your technical skills. photo enthusiasts worldwide. Additionally, want to share excitement for You will learnwe from theyou world’s mostyour experienced photography and enjoy great moments in your life. And we want photographers within their fields to refine personal you explore youryour passion and expand your photographic styletoand sharpen technical skills. Additionally, we skills and vision. want you to share your excitement for photography and Better Moments mission is toAnd deliver exclusive workshops enjoy great moments in life. we want you to explore in landscape, wildlife and travel photography at unique your passion and expand your photographic skills and locations around the world. I want you to explore your vision. passion for photography and work and earn from the Better Moments' missionphotographers is to deliver exclusive in world’s most renowned who all workshops have landscape, wildlife skills, and travel at unique excellent teaching localphotography knowledge and experience. locations around the world. I want you to explore your passion for photography and work and learn from the Photography with passion, world’s most renowned photographers who all have excellent Nørgaard teaching skills, local knowledge and experience. Christian

Our guests love to travel with us – which is why we are lucky enough to welcome them again and again.




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Frequently asked questions

Photo: Anders Espersen

We would like you to be as prepared of possible for your next Better Moments workshop. Hence, we put together this guide to answer all questions you may possibly have. 1. BEFORE TAKE-OFF Organization and formalities �  Visa Please be aware that many countries require a visa for entry and that you will need to take care of your visa yourself. Most countries offer an online application for an e-visa that you will receive within a couple of days. Please check on the local government website or with your embassy if you need a visa for entering and what the process is. �  Passport Copy We always ask for a copy of your passport as we often require it for bookings or for the local authorities. After the workshop, we will delete that personal information as required by law.

�  Guest form Workshop participants are asked to fill out our guest form prior to the workshop to inform us about their dietary requests, emergency contact, flight information etc. This is a service from our side to serve you as good as possible. �  Travel Insurance Please be aware that you need to have your own travel insurance that covers you in case of illness, accidents etc. during the workshop or in case you need to cancel the workshop.

�  Flights to/from workshop destinations Our participants are from all around the world, we ask them to book their flights to and from the workshop destination themselves. However, we gladly help you should you need any assistance with booking a flight. We would advice you not to book any flights until we have confirmed the realization of the workshop. Please note that arriving in time for the workshop is at your own risk and that we cannot reimburse you for any delays or cancelations. �  Be in good time We suggest being at the workshop destination a day before the start of the workshop to get adjusted to the local time and climate.

�  Additional hotel nights If you like to arrive before the start of the workshop or extend your stay, we are happy to help you with booking additional hotel nights or advice of what to do and see. Please note that we will invoice any extra hotel nights to you. �  Transfer If you wish, we can help you book a transfer from the airport to the hotel that will be invoiced to you later. �  Extension If you wish, we can help you arrange and plan a pre- or post-trip extension.

General advice �  Travel with equipment We always recommend putting your equipment in your hand luggage/cabin baggage to make sure it arrives at the destination at the same time as you and to prevent theft. Too often we have guests who unfortunately don’t receive their luggage on arrival. Remember that batteries should always travel in your hand luggage. �  Country specific information Check the designated workshop catalog or the workshop page on our website for information about climate, currency, how to get there and more. You will also find a quick guide with things to do and see at the destination. �  Weather Check the weather forecast before you leave to get an idea what kind of clothes and shoes etc. will be required and pack accordingly. �  Tipping At most destinations, private drivers, guides etc. expect a tip. Your personal Better Moments guide will inform you about the amount before or during the workshop. A small donation may be expected in some Asian or African countries if you take somebody's portrait. �  Bring some basic medication We suggest asking your physician about medication to bring on your trip (e.g. pain killers, activated charcoal, …).

Destination specifics Photos: Tom D. Jones

2. HOW TO PREPARE FOR... Warm and tropical climate �  Vaccination For some countries you may need to have specific vaccinations. Please check with your physician or an institute for tropical medicine. � Mosquito precautions Moreover, we recommend taking precautions for diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes. Such as long sleeved clothes, repellant or even medicine. Please check with your doctor or an institute for tropical medicine. � Sunscreen You know the drill - bring a hat, wear long sleeves, and use sunscreen lotion.

Cold climate � Protect your gear from sand & dust Dry areas and deserts aren’t exactly a camera’s best friend, especially on a windy day. Make sure to take a camera and lens cover with you. If you do not have one, take a plastic bag and tape. � Protect your gear from humidity At tropical destinations, humidity can be an issue. Bring a camera bag that can protect your gear and bring silica gel (those little bags that e.g. come in shoe boxes) which can absorb moisture.

�  Clothing A good plan is to dress “layer-by-layer”. You then are well prepared for whatever weather arrives. Here is some essential clothing we recommend: □□  Wind and waterproof jacket □□  Wind and waterproof pants □□  Rubber boots - with room for extra (wool) socks □□  Hiking boots □□  Wool underwear □□  Fleece/sweater □□  Warm headwear, scarf and gloves

�  Protect your gear from rain & snow Make sure to take a camera and lens cover with you. If you do not have one, take a plastic bag and tape. �  Keep your gear warm Your camera may have trouble functioning properly in cold temperatures, for instance if you are outside during the night shooting the Aurora. Keep your cameras’ batteries in your pockets.

Photo: Joseph Lam

Some of our workshops will take you to places with a high elevation. There are some things you should be aware of and take care of before you go. High altitudes � Medication for altitude sickness Altitude sickness is a thing, however, you can bring along medication to treat it. It is best to consult with your physician. (Note: we always carry oxygen with us on those workshops.) � Prevention of altitude sickness We suggest to bring a thermos bottle that can be filled with warm tea as drinking enough fluids is vital to prevent dehydration and altitude sickness. � Sunscreen You can get severely sunburned so remember to bring sunscreen lotion.

� Layer clothes Temperatures can change quickly in countries with high elevation, nights can be freezing but days can suddenly be really warm when the sun comes out. So to avoid both freezing and sweating, layer your clothes. You then are well prepared for whatever weather arrives. Here is a recommendation for essential clothes to bring: □ □ □ □ □ □ □

Wind and waterproof jacket Wind and waterproof pants Rubber boots - with room for extra (wool) socks Hiking boots Wool underwear Fleece/sweater Warm headwear, scarf and gloves

� Protect your gear from rain & snow Make sure to take a camera and lens cover with you. If you do not have one, take a plastic bag. � Keep your gear warm Your camera may have trouble functioning properly in cold temperatures. Keep your cameras’ batteries in your pockets.

Religious countries �  Clothing In religious countries, usually both men and women are expected to dress modestly and conservatively. Bring clothing that covers knees and shoulders (e.g. long pants, long skirts, shirts with long sleeves that cover shoulders). Refrain from clothing that is too tight. �  Prepare for temple/church visits Many religious sites require you to cover head and shoulders so pack a shawl or scarf that you can use in such situations.

Boat trips �  Prepare for seasickness On some of our workshops you will travel on an expedition ship. Other workshops involve extensive boat trips. As seasickness is not pleasant to experience, we recommend bringing medication, just in case. Please consult with your physician. �  Footwear We recommend wearing sturdy shoes with rubber or other non-slip soles when moving around both inside the ship and on deck.

Equipment list Photo: Christian Nørgaard

This list is based on our suggestion and it is therefore for inspiration since you know better than us, which equipment you prefer to work with. 3. WHAT TO BRING ALONG

Nice to have

General list The following equipment is not necessary but you may find it useful.

□□  Bring your own laptop computer and storage medium □□  Camera bodie(s) □□  Tripod (if you want to take landscape pictures) □□  Bag for all camera gear □□  Light bag for easy hiking with camera bodies and accessories □□  Cleaning kit for cameras and lenses □□  Rain/dust covers for cameras and lenses □□  Charger for batteries □□  Spare batteries

□□  Standard power converter □□  Raw processing software □□  Memory cards and card wallets □□  Memory card reader □□  USB key to exchange images

□□  Lens extenders □□  Camera straps for ease of changing from one camera to another □□  Graduated filter set □□  Filter holder □□  High quality polarizing filter

Lenses Lenses � Landscape and architecture �  Landscape and architecture

� Travel and portrait �  Travel and portrait

- 24x36mm camera system: - 24x36mm camera system:

- 24x36mm camera system: - 24x36mm camera system:

Zoom lenses Zoom lenses 12 - 16 mm 12 - 16 mm 24 - 70 mm 24 - 70 mm 70 - 200 mm or longer 70 - 200 mm or longer

Zoom lenses Zoom lenses 24 - 70 mm 24 - 70 mm 70 - 200 mm or longer 70 - 200 mm or longer

Fixed lenses Fixed lenses 12 mm 12 mm 24 mm 24 mm mm 3535 mm 180 mm longer 180 mm oror longer - Medium format camera: - Medium format camera: Zoom lenses Zoom lenses - 75 mm 3535 - 75 mm 40-80MM 40-80MM 75-150mm longer 75-150mm oror longer Fixed lenses Fixed lenses 21 mm 21 mm mm 3030 mm 45 mm 45 mm mm 9090 mm 180 mm longer 180 mm oror longer

Fixed lenses Fixed lenses 24 mm 24 mm 35 mm 35 mm 55 mm 55 mm mm 9090 mm mm longer 180180 mm or or longer - Medium format camera: - Medium format camera: Zoom lenses Zoom lenses - 75 35 35 - 75 mmmm 40-80 40-80 MMMM Fixed lenses Fixed lenses mm 3030 mm 45 mm 45 mm mm 65 65 mm 90 mm 90 mm mm 120120 mm Important Important

There (many) other (good) lenses There areare (many) other (good) lenses on on marked, depending brand, thethe marked, depending on on thethe brand, that cover pretty much same that cover pretty much thethe same optical range. optical range.

Photo: Anders Espersen

Terms and Conditions � Basis Basis of of Rates Rates �  All prices prices are are quoted quoted in in Euro Euro (€). (€). The The prices prices are are based based All on current current tariffs tariffs and and are are subject subject to to change change due due to to on unforeseen circumstances. circumstances. While While we we will will do do everything everything unforeseen possible to to maintain maintain the the listed listed prices, prices, if if it it is is necessary necessary possible to levy levy aa surcharge, surcharge, we we reserve reserve the the right right to to do do so, so, and and to notification will will be be given given at at the the time time of of final final invoicing. invoicing. notification � Payments Payments �  A deposit deposit of of €1,000 €1,000 is is required required at at the the time time of of booking. booking. A The invoice invoice for for the the balance balance of of payment payment will will be be issued issued The 180 days days prior prior to to departure, departure, where where after after final final payment payment 180 is due. due. For For reservations reservations made made within within 180 180 days days of of the the is departure date, date, full full payment payment is is required required when when the the departure reservation is is accepted. accepted. In In order order to to participate participate on on aa reservation Better Moments Moments workshop workshop the the participant participant must must have have Better made full full payment payment prior prior to to the the start start of of the the workshop. workshop. made The payment payment terms terms can can be be stricter stricter when when the the workshop workshop The includes chartered chartered ships ships or or planes, planes, and and any any variation variation includes will be be communicated communicated clearly clearly on on the the invoice. invoice. will � Cancellations Cancellations and and refunds refunds �  All cancellation cancellation notices notices must must be be received received in in writing writing All and will will become become effective effective on on the the date, date, which which the the letter letter and or email email is is received received by by Better Better Moments. Moments. There There is is no no or cancellation charge charge until until 180 180 days days before before departure, departure, cancellation however until until 24 24 hours hours after after making making the the deposit deposit however payment it it will will be be refunded refunded in in cash, cash, afterwards afterwards aa payment voucher will will be be issued. issued. The The voucher voucher is is valid valid for for aa voucher booking with with Better Better Moments Moments for for up up to to 11 year year from from booking the issue issue date, date, and and cannot cannot be be exchanged exchanged for for cash. cash. the Cancellation charges charges less less than than 180 180 days days before before Cancellation departure are are expressed expressed as as aa percentage percentage of of the the departure total price, price, and and are are as as follows: follows: 179 179 –– 150 150 days days before before total departure 50%, 50%, and and 149 149 days days or or less less before before departure departure departure 100%. This This policy policy also also applies applies to to prepre- and and post-trip post-trip 100%. extensions. Any Any airline airline tickets tickets issued issued are are subject subject to to extensions. the carrier’s carrier’s refund refund policy. policy. Leaving Leaving aa workshop workshop in in the progress, for for any any reason reason whatsoever, whatsoever, will will not not result result in in progress, refund, and and no no refunds refunds will will be be made made for for any any unused unused aa refund, portions of of aa workshop. workshop. We We reserve reserve the the right right to to cancel cancel portions workshop because because of of inadequate inadequate enrollment enrollment that that aa workshop makes the the trip trip economically economically infeasible infeasible to to operate, operate, makes or because because of of good-faith good-faith concerns concerns with with respect respect to to or the safety, safety, health, health, or or welfare welfare of of the the participants. participants. For For the this, we we closely closely follow follow and and respect respect worldwide worldwide travel travel this, warnings issued issued by by the the Danish Danish Ministry Ministry of of Foreign Foreign warnings Affairs. If If aa workshop workshop is is cancelled cancelled prior prior to to departure, departure, Affairs. you will will have have aa choice choice between between aa full full refund refund or or aa credit credit you towards aa future future Better Better Moments Moments workshop workshop equivalent equivalent towards to amount amount paid. paid. If If we we cancel cancel the the trip trip in in progress, progress, you you to will receive receive aa pro-rata pro-rata refund refund based based on on the the number number will of days. days. We We are are not not responsible responsible for for any any refund refund for for of airline tickets, tickets, hotel hotel accommodation, accommodation, etc. etc. purchased purchased airline by the the participant. participant. In In the the event event of of the the specified specified photo photo by expert being being unable unable to to attend attend due due to to illness illness or or other other expert circumstances beyond beyond our our control, control, aa photo photo expert expert circumstances of the the same same standard standard will will be be provided. provided. If If this this is is not not of possible, then then the the workshop workshop will will be be cancelled cancelled and and the the possible, provisions above above will will come come into into effect. effect. provisions � Travel Travel Insurance Insurance �  In order order to to participate participate in in aa workshop workshop you you are are required required In to have have comprehensive comprehensive insurance insurance coverage coverage for for to personal accident accident and and injury, injury, medical medical and and repatriation repatriation personal costs during during the the workshop. workshop. In In addition addition we we strongly strongly costs recommend that that you you arrange arrange cancellation cancellation and and travel travel recommend insurance covering covering the the loss, loss, expenses expenses and and damages damages insurance arising from, from, including including but but not not limited limited to, to, cancellation cancellation arising of the the workshop workshop (whether (whether in in whole whole or or in in part), part), loss loss of of of baggage and and personal personal money money and and belongings, belongings, as as well well baggage as flight flight cancellations cancellations and and delays. delays. as � Itinerary Itinerary Changes Changes �  The itineraries itineraries and and staff staff presented presented in in this this catalog catalog The are subject subject to to modification modification and and change change by by the the Better Better are Moments workshop workshop or or its its designated designated tour tour operator. operator. Moments Every reasonable reasonable effort effort will will be be made made to to operate operate Every programs as as planned, planned, but but alterations alterations may may still still occur occur programs after final final itineraries itineraries are are sent. sent. after

� Health Health Requirements Requirements �  You must must be be in in good good physical physical and and mental mental health. health. You Any physical physical condition condition or or treatment treatment requiring requiring special special Any attention must must be be reported reported in in writing writing at at the the time time attention of booking. booking. By By registering registering for for aa Better Better Moments Moments of workshop, the the participant participant certifies certifies that that he/she he/she does does workshop, not have have any any mental, mental, physical, physical, or or other other condition condition or or not disability that that would would create create aa hazard hazard for for him/herself him/herself or or disability other participants. participants. Better Better Moments Moments and and its its designated designated other tour operator operator reserve reserve the the right right in in their their sole sole discretion discretion tour to accept, accept, decline decline to to accept, accept, or or remove remove any any participant participant to on aa Better Better Moments Moments workshop workshop and and the the tour tour operator operator on reserve the the right, right, without without penalty, penalty, to to make make changes changes reserve in the the published published itinerary itinerary whenever, whenever, in in their their judgment, judgment, in conditions warrant warrant or or if if they they deem deem it it necessary necessary for for the the conditions comfort, convenience, convenience, or or safety safety of of participants. participants. comfort, � Special Special Requests Requests �  If you you have have special special requests, requests, e.g. e.g. dietary, dietary, cabin cabin If number, bedding bedding type, type, airline airline seat seat or or other other requests, requests, number, you should should inform inform us us of of these these at at the the time time of of you booking. We We will will advise advise the the relevant relevant supplier supplier of of your your booking. requirements, but but we we cannot cannot guarantee guarantee that that such such requirements, requests will will be be met, met, and and will will have have no no liability liability to to you you if if requests such requests requests are are not not met. met. such � Photography Photography �  We reserve reserve the the right right to to take take photographs photographs or or videos videos We during the the operation operation of of any any workshop workshop or or part part thereof thereof during and to to use use the the resulting resulting photography, photography, videos, videos, or or and recordings for for promotional promotional or or commercial commercial use. use. If If the the recordings participant prefers prefers that that his/her his/her likeness likeness not not to to be be participant used, he/she he/she must must notify notify us us in in writing writing prior prior to to dedeused, parture. parture. � Responsibility Responsibility �  Better Moments Moments and and its its designated designated tour tour operator operator and and Better tour administrator administrator shall shall not not be be held held liable liable for for (a) (a) any any tour damage to, to, or or loss loss of, of, property property or or injury injury to, to, or or death death damage of, persons persons occasioned occasioned directly directly or or indirectly indirectly by by an an act act of, or omission omission of of any any other other provider, provider, including including but but not not or limited to to any any defect defect in in any any aircraft, aircraft, watercraft, watercraft, or or limited vehicle operated operated or or provided provided by by such such other other provider; provider; vehicle and (b) (b) any any loss loss or or damage damage due due to to delay, delay, cancellation cancellation and or disruption disruption in in any any manner manner caused caused by by the the laws, laws, or regulations, acts acts or or failures failures to to act, act, demands, demands, orders, orders, regulations, or interpositions interpositions of of any any government government or or any any subdivision subdivision or or agent agent thereof, thereof, or or by by acts acts of of God, God, strikes, strikes, fire, fire, or flood, war, war, rebellion, rebellion, terrorism, terrorism, insurrection, insurrection, sickness, sickness, flood, quarantine, epidemics, epidemics, theft, theft, or or any any other other cause(s) cause(s) quarantine, beyond their their control. control. The The participant participant waives waives any any beyond claim against against Better Better Moments Moments and/or and/or its its designated designated claim tour operator operator and and tour tour administrator administrator for for any any such such tour loss, damage, damage, injury, injury, or or death. death. Better Better Moments Moments and and loss, its designated designated tour tour operator operator and and tour tour administrator administrator its shall not not be be liable liable for for any any air air carrier’s carrier’s cancellation cancellation shall penalty incurred incurred by by the the purchase purchase of of aa non-refundable non-refundable penalty ticket to to or or from from the the participant’s participant’s Better Better Moments Moments ticket workshop departure departure city. city. It It is is the the sole sole responsibility responsibility of of workshop the participants participants to to organize organize their their own own transportation transportation the to and and from from the the meeting meeting point point as as described described in in the the to workshop itinerary, itinerary, e.g. e.g. airport, airport, hotel, hotel, and and to to ensure ensure workshop timely arrival. arrival. The The participant participant should should not not book book flights flights timely and/or hotel hotel accommodation accommodation until until Better Better Moments Moments and/or have issued issued final final confirmation confirmation for for the the workshop. workshop. In In have the event event of of late late arrival arrival it it is is the the responsibility responsibility of of the the the participant to to join join the the workshop, workshop, and and to to carry carry all all participant associated expenses. expenses. Better Better Moments Moments is is not not liable liable if if associated the participant participant misses misses any any portion portion of, of, or or the the entire entire the workshop as as aa result result of of the the delay. delay. Baggage Baggage and and workshop personal effects effects are are at at all all times times the the responsibility responsibility of of personal the participant. participant. the � Other Other �  Other terms terms and and conditions conditions may may apply apply to to some some Other workshops, and and details details will will always always be be provided provided with with workshops, pre-trip mailings. mailings. By By making making the the deposit deposit payment, payment, the the pre-trip participant agrees agrees to to the the terms terms and and conditions conditions and and the the participant responsibility statements statements herein herein on on behalf behalf of of all all the the responsibility individuals included included in in the the booking. booking. individuals

Photo: Anders Espersen


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