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May 2012

Worship Schedule! Sunday Service Schedule

9:00 am – Traditional 10:30 am – Contemporary 10:45 am – Eleeo (Walker Hall)

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Sundays: 10:00–10:40 v Walker Hall (Gym) Stop in the gym before or after morning worship for delicious coffee, cookies and pleasant conversation.


Sermons can be downloaded from our website or purchased by calling the church office.

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Dandelions and VBS As I was out walking the other day I couldn’t help but notice all the colorful lawns — sprinkled with pretty yellow flowers. I, of course, realized that these pretty flowers were dandelions — and we all know that dandelions are considered weeds, not flowers. It reminded me of how, as a child, I would pick these “flowers” from my front lawn and proudly bring a handful to my mom who would place them in water. And of course, I did the same thing when my own children brought me their dandelion bouquets years later! To a child, these weeds appear to be flowers. How do dandelions connect with VBS? I thought about how, if we don’t purposely eliminate those fast-spreading weeds, our nice green lawns would eventually be overcome by them. Or better yet, we can prevent them from becoming a problem by having a strong, thick lawn. Maybe we could imagine for a minute that those dandelions represent lies, which permeate our society and are often believed by us. The grass is the truth — God’s truth — found in His Word. What an awesome opportunity we have to impart God’s promises and truths to the children who will be coming through our doors during VBS week. Learning the promises and truths of God at a young age can help “dandelion-proof” children’s lawns. As these children get older they will be able to discern a weed when they see one because they’ll have the green, thick lawn of God’s Word firmly planted in their hearts. This year the children will travel to Promise Island (June 18–22) where they’ll learn how God promises — to be with us, care about us, give us what we need, save us and answer us. We’ll sing songs of God’s promises, make fun crafts, play crazy games, have delicious snacks, learn about and give to our mission focus, and hear how real people long ago, in the Bible, put their trust in God and His promises. There are many ways you can help make VBS a reality: preparing for the crafts, decorating the building, serving during VBS week (in a number of areas), committing to pray for the kids and volunteers, and giving financially. For more years than I can remember VBS has taken place at Bethesda where altogether thousands of children have heard the Word of God and been loved by caring adults and youth who have given of their time. We are only able to continue this ministry with God’s blessing and your help! Please visit our tables in the foyer or by the gym to find out where you can serve. Thank you for prayerfully considering how God will use you this year at VBS! (See page 7 for more information regarding VBS) —Dawn Rico, Director of Children’s Ministries

W W W. B E T H E S D A L U T H E R A N . O R G

Hillcrest Band Makes Music and Memories

By Catherine Jacoby The anticipation of the unknown, the excitement of the miles to travel ahead, the promise of new experiences. These are some of the thoughts that might have been circulating around the heads of many Hillcrest Academy band members during the first days on the road. For the next two weeks, most waking hours would be spent on that coach bus, with the driver “Uncle Dave,” proficiently at the helm. It’s really a blessing those coach seats were comfy. The band was destined for the East coast, but made many stops along the way. When a bus becomes your temporary home, you formulate new and innovative ways of making the time pass. Many activities included massage trains and push-ups to try and expel some pent up energy. In my personal experience during last year’s choir tour I recollect how there always seemed to be people graciously willing to share their snacks, which I gratefully accepted. The mornings were spent in prayer and student led devotions for the first few hours, an appreciated time to pause for reflection from the rigorous activities and church performances. At each church, the band would arrive, set up equip-

ment, and possibly be given a few hours to relax and explore their surroundings. This is also a time when relationships are built with our brethren in other churches around the country. In Chardon, Ohio, there had been a recent instance of a school shooting in the community. The band was able to encourage the local youth group and spend time in prayer, encouraging fellow believers. The band spent both Palm Sunday and Easter in on the road or at various churches, though I’m sure many pined for the special time at home, host families did their utmost to provide a warm and loving environment by opening up their homes each night for students after each concert. As they journeyed nearer to the East Coast, occasionally they spent time sightseeing, paying visits to the Metropolitan Museum of New York, or experiencing the eclectic diversity shown at Quincy Market in downtown Boston. Along the way, many students were reunited with old friends and family. Jaron Olsoe, a junior who plays the baritone saxophone, recalled that his fondest memory of the trip was meeting up with old friends in Huntington Station, New York. Opportunities to get a taste of our nation’s history also arose in Philadelphia when the students were given the privilege of viewing the Liberty Bell at Independence Hall and taking a tour of the Ellis Island immigration museum. By this time everyone had begun to feel the weight of their journey, and it was time to say goodbye to the east coast and head back west, homeward bound. Bethesda was given the courtesy of a penultimate concert with our own Gracia Larson the percussionist, smiling proudly from the back. The journey to the east coast and back was a trip filled with laughter, music, and relationships. Though the tour has ended, I’m sure the memories, as well as the impact made by the students of Hillcrest, will not soon be forgotten. You can see the documentation of the tour at http://www.

Bethesda’s Annual Men’s Golf Retreat

June 2nd and 3rd Early Bird Registration: $155 Register ASAP by filling out the registration form (available online or in the church office). Payment may be left in the church office.

re May 6th stered befo Cost if regi teed only to and guaran strants. first 40 regi

Skyline Golf Club Black River Falls, WI

Touched Twice

and Our Amazing God! Karen Biel Clinic Coordinator, Touched Twice I wanted to take this time to thank everyone who helped in any way with our Touched Twice Clinic on Saturday, April 21. It takes so many people to make this event the huge success it was. First I would like to thank our amazing God. He blesses this event more and more each year. We showed everyone His love and that is essential to the success of our clinic. I would like to thank all of our coordinators who were also part of the planning team who worked many months putting this clinic together. Karen Peikert, Medical, Chiropractic and Optical

Coordinator; Sheri Russell, Dental Coordinator; Holly Hermann and Beth Dietsche, Meal Coordinators; Karen Knight, Community Resources Coordinator; Kathy Mentink, Counseling Coordinator; Wes Vlcek, Oil Change Coordinator; Ross Kooiker, Bag Check Coordinator; Nicole Kuhnert and Amy Koenig, Spa Coordinators; Carol Cox, Publicity Coordinator; Mary Ann Holman, Prayer Coordinator; Brandon Pangman, Evangelism and Outreach Coordinator; Kristin Verhaagh, Follow-Up Coordinator, assisting me and working with Advocates; Bill Prindle, Parking Coordinator; Matt Hoage, Worship Coordinator; Brittney Malone, Clothing Coordinator; Elizabeth Tewalt, Advocate Trainer; Sue Derfus, Registration Coordinator; Jamie Ranilla and Rachel Williams, Photography Coordinators; Jim Hermann and Sean Malone, Set Up and Clean Up Coordinators; and Chad Shiffer, Youth Coordinator. Also on our Planning Team were Charlene Vlcek, Kris Wilbur, and Sue Cellan from The Bridge Church. I would like to thank all of our Gatekeepers who were our appointment schedulers for all of the services. Sandy Hanson, Alice Rapp, Willie Jacoby, Hannah Gillette, Micah Wildes, Kris Wilbur, Addy Gutsch, John Flaten, Pat Murphy, Heidi Reeves, Terry Clausing, Kathy Mentink, Denise Swartz, Charlene Vlcek, Kelly Johnson, Jonathan Hurd, Kelly George, Lori John Shoemaker, DeAnne Swenson and Janelle Henning. Our thanks must go out to all of the Advocates who have the direct contact with the guests who attend. We had around 200 of them so they are too numerous to thank individually. Please know that you all are essential to the success of our clinic and we are so thankful for your servant hearts.

Thank you to everyone who did oil changes, handled the parking, donated clothing, toys, household items, cooked, served or donated food, donated money for oil and eye glasses and other needs. Everyone who helped set up and clean up. All of our mighty prayer warriors! Those who prayed for the clinic beforehand and all of the volunteers and guests and those who prayed during the clinic and with guests. Thanks to everyone who helped in Registration who were the first to meet the guests. Thanks to everyone who helped in the Bag Check area. Thanks to everyone on the worship team. What a blessing it was to worship before and after our clinic. Thanks to Lois Scorgie and Roy Rico for handling the phone calls. Thanks if you delivered posters. Thanks to the Bethesda staff for all of the work they did to help our clinic be such a success. We would like to thank all of our service providers. Without all of you donating your time, talent, equipment and resources there wouldn’t be a clinic. Thank you to our Runners Dale Sandland, Arlene Dittner, Ellen Cedarblade and Nathaniel Syverson. You all were a great asset to the day. Thanks to Scott and Shirley Rogers and their team from Gloria Jeans Coffee for providing 32 gallons of coffee and 596 Strawberry Fruit Chillers. Here are the results of the day: • • • • • • • •

Guests: 593 Volunteers: 424 Spa: 123 haircuts Oil Changes: 102 Dental: 68 visits Medical 36 doctor visits Nurse massages: 22 Blood pressure screenings: 50 • Glucose tests: 50

• • • • • •

Optical visits: 75 Chiropractic visits: 80+ Photography sessions: 60 Counseling sessions: 10 Budget counseling: 10 Checks for health, nutrition & childcare assistance: 25 • Meals: 1,000

Blessings to you all, Karen Biel 

All Church Announcements From the Trustees Thank you for you continuing generosity and for your help in writing your giving number on your checks. Here is an update on the budget from the first quarter of 2012.




















Update on the Proposed Building Expansion The Elder Board and Building Committee have interviewed two architects, two design-build companies, and two construction management firms. In addition to that, we have explored several other companies and had serious conversations with a third architect. We plan to choose an architect and a builder/construction manager by our Elder Board meeting in May, so that we can have an architect incorporate into an improved de-


We will be offering gluten-free wafers at each communion service. If you would like the gluten-free wafer option please notify the church office or one of the ushers. For the Eleeo communion services both regular and gluten-free wafers will be offered as you serve yourself. Please only take the gluten-free wafer if you need/prefer that option. For the sanctuary communion services an usher must be notified to insure that you’ll get the gluten-free wafer option. It will be placed in a bread tray by the sound booth. A deacon will then insure you receive the wafer for communion. We hope this new communion option will be a blessing to those of you who would need/prefer glutenfree bread. Rod Ruesch For the Deacons at Bethesda



’s C




sign our stated needs, the initial design ideas, and the feedback we received from the congregation and the Leadership Community. After architects initial work is completed, the builder/management firm we choose will help us establish accurate cost estimates that we can bring back to the congregation.

Stephen Ministry When Life Seems Dreary and Spring Seems Far Away . . . Spring may have arrived, but life can still seem cold and dreary for those who have suffered a loss or experienced a crisis. Our Stephen Ministers are trained to help people through the “winters” of life, providing emotional and spiritual support during tough times. If you or someone you know could benefit from the confidential, one-to-one Christian care of a Stephen Minister, contact one of Bethesda’s Stephen Ministry Leaders: Paul & JoDea Green at (715) 839-9468, Judy Draper at (715) 831-0189, or Pastor Venberg at the church office, (715) 8355073. Our Stephen Ministers are ready to care for you. We will conclude our Stephen Minister training this month studying: May 7 — Supervision, part 2 May 14 — How to make a first caring visit May 21 — Follow Me

Library News! May we encourage you to tiptoe through the tulips, daffodils, and other blooming signs of spring into Bethesda’s library and check out these and other refreshing resources:. •

Significant Living: celebrating life and faith for today’s Christian (magazine) Articles featured in the May issue include: Precious in His Sight (Rescuing victims of human trafficking in India), The Crosswalk of Arthur Blessitt (One man’s journey around the world in the shadow of the cross), and Red Carpet Connections (Creative ways to keep loved ones close). Find this and many other informative magazines in the alphabetized periodical racks.

Dollars & Sense: A Mom’s Guide to Money Matters (book) by Cynthia Sumner. The author covers big issues like how to save money, set goals, and teach kids responsible money habits to the mechanics of managing bank accounts and establishing credit. (332.024, SUM)

The Screwtape Letters (4 CDs (audio drama) + DVD) by C.S. Lewis. Dramatization by Focus on the Family Radio Theatre of one of the most educational, engaging, and humorous accounts of temptation and triumph over it ever written. (AD, SCR)

Church Picnic Sunday May 20th

Stick around after morning worship services on Sunday, May 20th, for our annual Church Picnic, sponsored by the Bethesda High School Youth, and a fund-raiser for this summer’s Haiti Mission Trip. Bring a lawn chair. We’ll be outside if the weather permits!

HomeStars A Homeschool Support Ministry of Bethesda Lutheran Church

We are finishing up our school year with our May activities. Our monthly meeting on May 8th (12:30–3:00) will feature a presentation on internet protection by Officer Jesse James from the Altoona Police Department. With the extensive access our children to computers and other electronics, parents need all the knowledge they can get to help protect their children. Our monthly devotional will be on overcoming homeschool lies. The day starts (10:30–11:45) with our monthly family activity, featuring a presentation on beekeeping, followed by the classes for kids of all ages (12:30–3:10). The field trip planned for May 4th will be a tour of Ashley Furniture in Arcadia, followed by a picnic and walk through of Arcadia Memorial Park. Also, final middle school activity is planned for May 11th (details will be at our website). Finally, there will be a first aid class for 4th–8th grade students on May 21st (sign up at our website). We will be wrapping up our support for homeschool moms with our annual Mom’s Appreciation Night on May 17th. This always been a very special night for the moms! If you are homeschooling or considering it, join HomeStars and take part in all the activities and encouraging fellowship. Contact Linda Swenson at 715-834-0713, or check out our website at

Thank You! Thank you so much to everyone who helped out with Pastor Appreciation Day! Thank you for taking the time to care for us, for working so hard, and for doing such excellent work! We and our families are blessed by all you accomplished and, especially, by your prayers and friendship. Sincerely, Pastor Paul Pastor Brandon Pastor Brian Pastor Rodney Pastor Zachary 

Youth Ministries Camp Transportation Converge is an awesome free event for high school students in the Eau Claire area. It will be held in the Memorial auditorium on Sunday, May 13, 6-8pm. Students won’t want to miss seeing artist/guest speaker Eric Samuel Timm. There will be Gloria Jeans chillers for $1, free giveaways (an Xbox 360, a Kindle fire, etc.) and so much more fun filled stuff! This is an outreach event sponsored by FCA and several local churches, including Bethesda. I’ve been a part of the planning for this event and It’s been great to meet some other youth pastors in the area and work together toward a common goal: to see high school students come to faith in Christ and others encouraged in their faith. Moms, I know this is your day so please know that family is first and I encourage all students to honor their moms at least this one day each year. Students, be sure to buy a tshirt to wear to promote it and invite all your friends!

Summer camp is coming! If your middle school student is planning on attending Jr. High camp 2, the priority deadline for church arranged transportation is May 15th. Kent Syverson has graciously agreed to organize drivers for the middle school camp, and as such all applications should be turned over to him (either in person or in his church mailbox). Ones already turned in to Chad or Ryan will be given to Kent.

High School Calendar Sunday, May 6

— ONE23: “Heaven and Hell”

Thurs., May 10

— Concert: Tripp Lee/Tedashi

Sunday, May 13 — Converge (See above)

MS Summer Plans and Transitions May is transition time! Starting the first Sunday in May (the 6th), 8th grade students will be invited to join the high school students on Sunday nights for youth group. 8th graders are still welcome to come to the Bridge on Wednesday nights through the summer. Speaking of the Bridge, starting Wednesday, May 9th, 5th grade students will be invited to join the middle school students at the Bridge (youth group) on Wednesday nights. Our end of the year party will be on June 6th, with a going away party for Ryan the following week (June 13th).

Sunday, May 20 — Spring Church Picnic Sunday, May 20 — ONE23: Guest Speaker Sunday, May 27 — No ONE23 (Memorial Day Weekend) Wed. May 30

— Last Night of Small Groups

Weekly Schedule One23: High School Youth Group: Sundays 7–8:30 pm The Bridge: Middle School Youth Group: Wednesdays 6:45-8pm (No Bridge on March 21st) Chad Shiffer

Director Youth Ministries

Ryan Rico

Middle School Youth Director

Children’s Ministries 5th Grade Bible Explorers Party Our 5th grade Bible Explorers will have their graduation party on Friday, May 4th, from 6 to 10 p.m. at church. Lots of fun activities are planned as we bid them farewell from Children’s Ministries and send them over to Middle School Ministries!

Bible Camp!

Saturday May 12th




Skate America 3120 Melby St., Eau Claire

Open Skate 5–8pm

Free Admission

Includes Skate Rental • 715-835-5073


Sat May

Invite your family and friends!

You’re invited to

Invite your family and friends!


You’re invited to


School, during the 9:00 am and 10:30/45 am services. May 20th will be the last Sunday for Sunday school Saturday at May until 12th September.

Sat May

Sunday School Bethesda offers two hours of Sunday

Wednesday Night Activities


Skate America

3120 Melbyyear St., Eau Claire These activities are finished for this school and will start up again in September.

Dawn Rico

Open Skate 5–8pm

Children’s Ministries Director

Karen Ratering

Children’s Ministries Assistant

Free Admission

Includes Skate Rental • 715-835-5073

Invite your family and friends!

VBS is happening June 18–22! We’ll be going to Promise Island where kids discover God’s lifesaving love! Not only do many Bethesda children learn all about Jesus during this week but more than half the children that traditionally attend do not attend Bethesda! In order for this week to be possible, however, we need for you to step up and serve! There are many different areas you can choose from which are listed below. We have job descriptions available which better explain what is involved. If you already know where you’d like to serve please send me an email and I’ll plug you in! We also have sign-up sheets at the VBS tables in the foyer and outside the gym. Registration for VBS will begin on May 14th at these same tables. Please contact me with any questions. 1 Skit Supervisor 1 Nursery Supervisor 3 Craft Room Leaders 12 Craft Room Helpers 10–12 Registration Helpers (Mon. and/or Tues.) 8 Nursery Leaders and Helpers 28 Group Guides (guide a group of children throughout the morning) 35 Group Guide Helpers 3–4 Skit Actors 6 Music Leaders 8 Greeters (Mon. and Tues. a.m. and Fri. p.m.) 6 Substitutes for Guides and Helpers Many, many people to help decorate the previous week (June 11–16) and also to prepare crafts ahead of time

Invite your family and friends!

Vacation Bible School

It’s not too late to sign your child up for Inspiration Point Bible Camp! Go to for a registration form and more information. We are arranging for transportation (with parent drivers) to Pioneer 2 week (for those going into 3rd/4th gr.) which is held June 24th–28th and to Explorer 2 week (those going into 5th/6th gr.) which is held July 8th–13th. You can pick up the transportation request packet from the mailbox outside the resource room. Please return the forms by May 15th if you would like your child to participate in the pre-arranged transportation. Also, if you would like for your child to attend camp and you do not have the means at this time to be able to afford the cost please contact Dawn for information on scholarships.


Bethesda World Missions Praise and Prayer for Bethesda’s Family Around the World

Gronseths: • Praise the Lord that the Coffee House renovations are completed! • Pray for strength and wisdom as John and Betsy train staff for the Coffee House, who are mostly college students. • Pray that the Coffee House will be well-staffed and run smoothly while John and Betsy are in Eau Claire this summer. It is difficult for John and Betsy to leave when it will have been open only a short time. • Pray that the Coffee House will be a lighthouse, and a source of hope, guidance and comfort. • Pray that the Lord will prepare Stephen for college life next fall. • Pray for an apartment or small house in Eau Claire for John and Betsy to rent from June 10th–August 10th. • Pray that the Lord will provide the remainder of the funds needed for the Coffee House. Contruccis: • Praise the Lord for the good response to the workshop that Kent and Nancy facilitated recently on ‘Leading From Your Strengths’ for MAF Program Managers from around the world! • Pray for Kent as he leads the Inside-Out Safety Seminar for new MAF staff on May 3rd and 4th at MAF headquarters in Nampa, Idaho. • Pray for Nancy as she teaches and advises students majoring in Special Education at Azuza Pacific University. • Praise the Lord that daughter Sarah will graduate from Eastern University with her Master’s degree in International Development on May 12th. Sarah will then spend a month with Kent, Nancy, and her brother, Jonathan, before returning to Uganda. Venbergs: •P  ray for Dan as he travels to the eastern part of Chad starting May 14th to visit Chadian missionaries. It will be a long trip across rough terrain. Pray for safety, that the vehicle will run well, and for good contact with the missionaries. Also pray for Rachel and the children while he is away. • Pray that the words Dan and Rachel share will be bold and full of salt, that they would not be ashamed of the Gospel, and that it would go forth and transform lives in Chad. 

• Pray that the family can persevere through this very hot season of the year. • Pray for the people of Chad. Many have suffered and died of starvation this year. Pray that the rains will come early and be regular, so that there is an abundant crop for the next harvest. • Pray that the Lord will give Dan and Rachel wisdom and insight as to what to do for their children’s education next year, especially Gabe’s. Wiebes: • Pray for Brent and Sandi, who have decided to extend their home assignment until January 2013, as they don’t have peace about returning to Papua New Guinea (PNG) this July. • Praise the Lord that their pledged support has risen to about 70%, but they need to have 100% pledged in order to return to PNG. • Praise the Lord that Sandi is able to be present to help her mom, whose health has declined since Christmas. • Pray for Justin, Daniel, and Karissa, who miss their home in PNG, but are adjusting well. • Pray for Brent and Sandi’s plans to serve as trainers and consultants for translation work among the last 12 language groups on New Britain Island. • Pray that God will use His Word to bring many Bola people into His kingdom. Wiles: • Praise the Lord for John’s recent personal retreat. Pray that Kathryn’s personal retreat through May 5th would be fruitful. • Pray for John and Kathryn as they prepare to preach, lead and teach at the Barnabas summer staff meetings and orientation, June 5th–15th.

Short-term housing needed John and Betsy Gronseth are looking for an apartment or small house in Eau Claire to rent from June 10th–August 10th while they are here for Jenny’s wedding and to get Stephen prepared for college. Please contact the church office and we’ll put you in touch!

Adult Bible Fellowships

Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) are groups that meet in order to help us grow in our relationships to God and with each other. ABFs are committed to deepening our relationships, as well as growing new relationships. Bethesda has a number of ABFs available. Although ABF goals are similar, each group has its own identity.

To Be Determined Room 204c 20s–40s We are currently studying John Eldredge’s book Beautiful Outlaw Contact: Mike and Alissa Amundson,

Sundays • 9:00 am

Sundays • 10:30 am



Room 204c (Fellowship Hall) Ages 30-60 Branches will gather in room 204a to study John Eldredge’s book Beautiful Outlaw. We end for the summer on May 20. We will have a pool party the date to be announced later. Join us for coffee, treats, friendship and study. Contact: Deb Hubbell at 715-839-0594 or

Room 204c (Fellowship Hall) Retired, or nearing retirement Join us Sunday mornings for lively discussion and encouragement! May 6th, Mike Swenson will be the speaker. May 13th, a Focus on the Family video entitled Mark of the Beast will be shown. May 20th, Jim Rapp will be the Bible Study leader this week.

iLess Fireside Room, Room 102 Ministry for 18+. iLess is an ABF designed to meet the needs and help in the spiritual growth of young adults in our Bethesda community. Contact: Pastor Brandon at 715-835-5073 or

Sojourners Room 305 Ages 30–50 Please come and join us as we study John Eldredge’s book Beautiful Outlaw. Contact: Allen or Jeanne Sternke at 715-597-3526 or

Contact: Augie Wirkus, 715-831-0460

A.C.T.S. Room 305 Ages 20-80 This month: May 6th: Pat Rundle will give her testimony; May 13th & 20th: TBD. Please join us for lively, interactive discussions. Contact: Steve Louden:, Sheryl Prochnow:, Jodi Flaten:, Jim Von Hayden: 715559-5202

Seekers of God Fireside Room, Room 102 Retired, nearing retirement We are currently studying the book of 2 Kings. All are welcome to join us! Contact: Beth Smith, 715-875-4553, or Dennis and Diane Peterson, 715-839-8648. 



MONDAYS Group Demographic: Men Contact Information: Mark Miller,, 715-456-8293 Meeting Location: Bethesda, Fireside Room Meeting Time: Mondays, 6:30 am–7:45 am Curriculum/Description: 1st Peter —————————————————————————————————————— Group Name: Solid Rock Café Group Demographic: Multigenerational women. Married, single, divorced, and widowed Contact Information: Jane Louden, janelouden1217@, 715-835-6064 Meeting Location: Bethesda, Rooms 311 & 313 Meeting Time: Mondays, 6:30 pm–8:00 pm Curriculum/Description: Evangelism – A Way of Life by Rebecca Pippert & Ruth Siemens —————————————————————————————————————— Group Name: Empty Nesters Contact Information: Brian & Janet Amundson, 715-835-0521 Meeting Location: Bethesda, Fireside Room Meeting Time: 1st and 3rd Mondays, 7:00 pm–8:00 pm Curriculum/Description: Directions from the Word of God by David Rinden —————————————————————————————————————— Group Demographic: Open/Mixed Contact Information: John and Jeanne Lutz, johnlutz@, 715-831-0895 Meeting Location: 3207 Chasewood Lane Meeting Time: Mondays Curriculum/Description: Beautiful Outlaw (Childcare will be made available)

TUESDAYS Group Name: Rachel Circle Bible Study Group Demographic: Women Contact Information: Joan Albricht or Louise Koxlien Joan: 715-830-0221 or Louise: 715-552-3873 Meeting Location: Bethesda, Fireside Room Meeting Time: Tuesday, May 1, 1:00 pm We will continue with Lesson #5, Crossing the Jordan River from Life Lessons Study of Joshua. You are invited to join us on this interactive journey using the book ofJoshua. 10



Group Name: Solid Rock Café Group Demographic: Women Contact Information: Sue Henneman, Pat Murphy,, 715-552-1378, 715-839-1219 Meeting Location: Bethesda, Room 313B Meeting Time: Tuesdays, 5:15 pm–6:45 pm Curriculum/Description: We will begin a 6-week study entitled “Trading Panic for Peace,” starting Tuesday, May 1st. This study takes a fresh look at Psalm 23 in which Jesus offers rest for our souls. —————————————————————————————————————— Group Demographic: Men Contact Information: David Verhaagh, Jeff Wile,, 715-8286156, 715-563-8489 Meeting Location: Bethesda, Room 305 Meeting Time: Tuesdays, 5:30 pm–6:30 pm Curriculum/Description: We study different sections of scripture with help, at times, from Max Lucado’s books.

WEDNESDAYS Contact Information: Chad and Elaine Shiffer, chad@ Meeting Location: Shiffers’ home (320 W. Fillmore Avenue) Meeting Time: Wednesday AM Curriculum/Description: Beautiful Outlaw (Childcare Available) ——————————————————————————————————————— Group Name: Godly Girlfriends Study Contact Information: Brittney Malone, Meeting Location: Bethesda, Room 313B Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 6:45 pm–8:00 pm Description: Women gathering to encourage and support one another while discovering more about God’s leading in our lives. All women welcome. (Childcare Available) ——————————————————————————————————————— Group Name: Genesis in Space and Time Contact Information: Nathan Dietsche, 715-835-8701 Meeting Location: Bethesda, Room 313 Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 5:30 pm–6:30 pm Curriculum/Description: Answers in Genesis ——————————————————————————————————————— Group Name: America’s Christian Heritage Contact Information: Nathan Dietsche, 715-835-8701 Meeting Location: Bethesda, Room 313 Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 6:30 pm–8:00 pm Curriculum/Description: American Heritage Series



Group Name: Common Ground Group Demographic: Singles, Couples with school-age kids Contact Information: Jay & Andrea Anderson, Ross & Michelle Kooiker, 715-836-9358 Meeting Location: Bethesda, Room 204a Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm Curriculum/Description: I and II Thessalonians

THURSDAYS Group Name: Lydia Bible Study Group Demographic: Women Contact Information: Grace Bailey, 715-214-4344 Meeting Location: Bethesda, Fireside Room (102) Meeting Time: May 10th, 1:00 pm Curriculum: We will continue our study with Chapter 2 in the book “He Still Moves Stones.” ——————————————————————————————————————— Group Name: Lose It For Life Group Demographic: Women Contact Information: Kristin Verhaagh, 715-828-2737 Meeting Location: Bethesda, Fireside Room (102) Meeting Time: Thursdays, 6:30 pm Curriculum: Lose it for Life, by Stephen Arterburn ——————————————————————————————————————— Group Demographic: Open/Mixed Contact Information: Jim & Carol Trullinger, jltrullinger@,, 715-835-8513 Meeting Location: 2220 Windsong Ct, EC, WI 54703 Meeting Time: Thursdays, 6:30 pm–8:00 pm Curriculum/Description: Beautiful Outlaw ——————————————————————————————————————— Group Demographic: Women Contact: Dawn Rico, Meeting Location: Bethesda (Room not yet determined) Meeting Time: Thursdays, 6:30 pm–8:00 pm Curriculum/Description: Beautiful Outlaw ——————————————————————————————————————— Group Demographic: Women in their 20s Contact Information: Holly Hermann, Meeting Location: 3539 Halsey St. Meeting Time: Thursdays, 8:00 pm Curriculum/Description: Boundaries, by Henry Cloud



FRIDAYS Group Name: Rise Up! Group Demographic: Women Contact Information: Jackie Vold,, 715-834-5775 Meeting Location: Bethesda, Fireside Room Meeting Time: Fridays, 6:30 am–7:45 am Curriculum/Description: —————————————————————————————————————— Group Name: Circle of Friends Group Demographic: Women Contact Information: Mandy Heard, 715-834-5246; Chris Strasburg, 715-835-0721 Meeting Location: Bethesda Meeting Time: This study will resume in June. Watch for more information.

LiFEgroups Get connected this summer! Watch for more info on Summer LIFEgroups. Registration begins May 20. Groups will begin the week of June 17th and meet through the week of August 12th.



Lutheran Brethren Church

123 W. Hamilton Avenue Eau Claire, WI 54701 715-835-5073



Christ … Community … Cause A vision for clarifying who we believe God is leading us to become.

Women’s Ministries

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Mother Daugher Sister Friend Saturday, May 12th You are cordially invited to come with your Mother, Daughter, Sister or Friend to the annual Mother-Daughter-Sister-Friend Event on May 12 for a “Daughters of the King” Princess Party from 11:00 am–1:00 pm. Dress in your formal gowns, tiaras and help us celebrate your life as a princess, the daughter of our Lord. You can be a princess at any age, and there will be activities for all ages. This event is a pot-luck salad luncheon. Any kind of salad is needed – pasta, jell-o, fruit – the only limit is your creativity! You can sign up at the information desk, or contact Mandy Heard. ( 12

Nursery News Looking for volunteers to care for children during worship services throughout the summer. Also looking for a team of volunteers who would be willing to disinfect the nurseries and toys on a rotating schedule. If interested contact Brittney Malone 715.559.9929 or

New Christian High School? Are you interested in launching a new Christian high school in Eau Claire? If so, you are invited to join us for our first meeting on Thursday, May 10th at 6:30 PM in Room 204A (Fellowship Hall). We will begin discussing this possibility and will also spend time praying for God’s wisdom and direction. Please contact Kris Quade with any questions: 715-830-0713.

May 2012 Bethesda Newsletter  

The May 2012 Newsletter from Bethesda Lutheran Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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