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HEARD ON CAMPUS This year, our school’s theme is ‘Bison Home.’ As we begin this year, we live together in intentional community. Home is a place where one flourishes. More poignantly, home is a place of belonging and it is a center from which one goes out, and one returns. You will learn at Bethany, you will go out from Bethany and become an alumni, and we want you to return home… your Bison home. This is a home where all belong. And from which all who choose to will graduate and endeavor to change the world. Rev. Dr. Tamara Nichols Rodenberg President Bethany College Fall Convocation September 14, 2017

The old saw that you sometimes hear is that ‘these are the best four years of your life.’ I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Sorry to disappoint you. But I would say it this way — these are the four years that will make all the other years of your life better, if you let them. Dr. Joe Lane Provost and Dean of the Faculty 2017 Matriculation Exercises August 24, 2017

Russia did effect the 2016 election, but we cannot measure that effect. It’s called “covert influence” and it would be dishonest of me to say that only the Russians do that. As someone who should know something about this, covert influence campaigns never create fractures in a society… they exploit pre-existing fractures in that society. So we should go to school on this and build defenses against it, that’s true. But the best defense is for us to heal our political processes, because it’s that which makes us vulnerable. Gen. Michael Hayden Former Director, CIA Larry Grimes Lecture Series September 30, 2017

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Bethany Magazine — Winter 2017  
Bethany Magazine — Winter 2017