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2 | ISSUE 05

Cover Photo courtesy of Laura Gordon Photography •

I am so excited to present the July {5th edition} of The Best Wedding Sites Magazine. This issue focuses on the fun summer palette of aqua blue and red with butter yellow. A few weeks ago on my daily blog, Brenda's Wedding Blog, I featured the fifth round of the Wedding Vendor Challenge with four vendor teams from across the US putting together amazing designs. This month’s challenge required the teams to create a bridal shower tablesetting with a dessert display {with the ideas of course being easily applied to weddings and/or any type of party}. Like the previous challenges, I have some great DIY downloads for you - both as downloads and at home designs which can be created with a simple list of supplies. I am honored and blessed once again to be given the opportunity to work with each of these amazing vendors and to showcase their beautiful work with you. In this issue, I’m featuring the top 5 Handmade "aqua and red" gift picks from fellow wedding pros and bloggers plus Real Weddings, a shopping by color guide, and another AMAZING Giveaway for my readers (you will love the prizes being awarded). A special thank you to the contributors that have helped make this issue super special. We’re joined by Sharon Naylor {author of over 35 wedding books} with Blue Inspiration, St. Regis Bora Bora with Tips for the Perfect Romantic Picnic, event planning Brian Worley with Summer Wedding Planning Tips, and Storkie discussing wedding tipping. This issue is super special too as I’m so happy to welcome Jana Marie Erwin of Cherry Tea Cakes {who you might remember being featured in last month’s issue} as a monthly contributor of terrific edible goodies. Each month, Jana will be joining us with at least one yummy recipe that can either be made for your upcoming party or any day of the week. This month she joins us with homemade sodas and a crostata. And, don’t forget, this issue also available for purchase in print and NOW you can view the entire issue on your iphone and/or ipad with ease. Simply double-click any ad or link to be taken directly to the website. Enjoy . . . xoxo


PS: I’d like to give a special thank you to Samantha of Papermints {} who has helped me behind the scenes in designing the layout for the Real Wedding spreads.

A Special Note For Vendors: If you are interested in participating in a future wedding vendor challenge, please let me know. And, if you would like information on advertising in either the magazine, blog or wedding directory, please email me at bestweddingsites{at}gmail{dot}com


in this issue . . .

above: a rooftop “love is sweet” bridal shower photo shoot by Madeline’s Weddings and Events


Perfect RomanticP icnic Tips for the

[ by The St. Regis Bora Bora ] Escape the hustle and bustle to experience pure bliss. Close

This dream can be a reality at the St. Regis Bora Bora. The

your eyes and imagine you and your loved one on a private islet in dreamy French Polynesia savoring delish picnic options courtesy of the property’s signature

Resort custom-tailors an intimate picnic for guests on its very

Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant, Lagoon.

picnic indulgence in French Polynesia.

own private isle to create a memorable getaway experience replete with delicious noshing options, creating the ultimate


Caviar and champagne always goes down as a treat


Mist spritzers to stay cool as romance heats-up


Stay hydrated with water and refreshing ice tea or lemonade


Chef Sebastien Le Gall and his team can tailor the perfect picnic basket; chef suggests selecting a fresh catch of the day


Chocolate dipped fruit provides a sweet and mouth-watering end to your day in the sun


Chef Sebastian recommends a delicious chocolate dessert to top off the experience or ice cream is always a favorite


A candlelit setting at dusk makes it a romantic evening to remember


Bring a comfy blanket to relax on as you enjoy the vibrant, colorful local food

Set amidst lush unspoiled surroundings and pristine waters, guests enjoy spectacular views of the main island of Bora Bora as well as the mystical Mount Otemanu, towering over the Pacific Ocean, with the remote islands of Tahaa and Raiatea on the horizon. St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora is protected by self-contained saltwater lagoons and designed to complement the surrounding landscape. The resort features a manmade “hoa” -- a Tahitian inlet that utilizes the ocean tides and currents -- that provides deep ocean water to the lagoon, replenishing fresh nutrients to sustain the abundant variety of native fish and stingrays. For more information visit 6 | ISSUE 05

WeddingTipping Planning your wedding and reception can be an incredibly exhilarating process, as it's very important that you remain prepared for your big day. One key aspect that is often overlooked when planning a wedding are who you should tip and how much. You have likely hired a lot of different vendors to help make your special day the best it could be, but not every vendor gets tipped the same way – or even at all. So, it is important to keep in mind just who you should tip and how much beforehand. Here are some guidelines for what wedding vendors to tip and how much to tip them.

wedding planner

Most likely, your wedding planner won't expect any tip.

wedding hair stylist and makeup artist

However, if your wedding planner did an excellent job for

Gratuity is certainly expected for wedding makeup

your big day, you can certainly offer the planner a token

artists and hair stylist. You would typically give 15-25%

of your appreciation. About 50% of couples tip their wed-

depending on the quality of the service at the end of your

ding planners, and it is more common for those with more


extravagant affairs to do so. To tip your wedding planner, you can give them a cash tip of up to $500. This should

wedding ceremony musicians

be handed to the planner at the end of the reception in

It is optional to tip wedding ceremony musicians, however

an envelope by the bride. You could also give the planner

if you were very pleased, you may tip $15-20 per musician

a nice gift, such as professional photos the planner can

at the end of the ceremony.

use for their portfolio.

wedding ceremony ofďŹ ciant

wedding videographer or photographer

If your officiant is affiliated with a church or synagogue,

Although it is not expected to tip the photographer or

you would typically make a donation to the institution. This

videographer at your wedding, you can tip him or her at

should be a donation of $500 or more. You may tip less if

the end of the reception if they are not the owner of the

there was a charge to use the facilities, though. However,

studio. In this case, tip $50-200 per vendor.

if it is nondenominational, an optional tip off $50-100 may be given, but this isn't necessary as you will likely be charged for use of the facilities.

8 | ISSUE 05

wedding transportation

wedding reception dj or band

Tipping your wedding transportation company is typically

No matter what types of musicians or DJ you chose to

expected, and one usually gives 15-20% of the total bill.

hire, tipping is optional, although preferred. It is important

The best man usually gives the tip to the driver.

to keep in mind the quality of their job done to decide

wedding set-up + delivery staff

Tipping is expected for wedding delivery and setup staff. This includes those who deliver the cake, flowers, and so forth. You should tip $5-10 per person and drop off the envelopes with cash the day before your wedding.

wedding reception staff

whether to tip. The best man should give the tip at the end of the reception. This is typically $50-150 for DJS or $20-25 per musician.

wedding reception attendants

Tipping the various attendants at your wedding reception, such as waitstaff, bartenders, coat-room, bathroom, and parking attendants is optional and based on your

Tipping is also expected for wedding reception staff. You

contracts. Some have fees included, and thus, tipping

should tip15-20% of the food and drink fees (based on

may only be expected for exceptional service. You can tip

the labor, not the cost of the food and beverages) or

bartenders and waiters $20-25 each, and coat room and

$200-300 to the maitre d', if a service charge isn't already

parking attendants $1 per guest. These are typically given

included in the bill. This should be handed to the maitre

out at the end of the event.

d' at the end of your wedding reception.

About the Author: Andrea Boley is a writer and blogger with She has been writing articles and blogging for over 10 years and is always happy to share her passion for life and experiences through her work. Her educational backgrounds in psychology and journalism have given her a solid foundation from which to draw experience and expertise in an array of topics. Š2011

B lue Inspiration ‘Something Blue’ has emerged as a dreamy color palette in today’s wedding celebrations – not just for the wedding day’s styling, but also for bridal showers, engagement




cocktail parties for out-of-town guests’ arrival and destination weddings. So much so, in fact, that ‘Something Blue’ has quickly evolved into ‘So Many Things in Blue.’

[ by author Sharon Naylor ]

So what is it about Blue that’s captured so many brides’ décor wishes? It’s the color of a clear, perfect sky above… the color of the impossibly blue Caribbean sea…perhaps the color of your true love’s eyes…the color of priceless sapphires that are so hot right now. And ranging from barely-there blush blues to cobalt blue and navy, blue comes to the bride in everything from fabrics to flowers to favors and more. Check out the inspiration board below from Morristown, New Jersey event coordinating company My Bellissima, ( co-owner Laura Bianco, showing the lovely range of blues:

Blue wedding shoes from Christian Louboutin | Blue bow Wedding Cake from Pink Cake Box | Oval Lab-Created Blue Sapphire and White Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver from Zales {submitted by Sharon Naylor} | Wedding Dress from One Wed | Wedding flowers by Flourish Designs | Blue Table Linen from Table Cloth Factory | Bridesmaid Dress from Joanna August | Blue charger Plate from Bed Bath and Beyond | Pommery Pop Small Splits of Champagne from Crown Wine and Spirits | Beautiful Butterfly Cake Decorating Set from Favors and Flowers {submitted by Sharon Naylor} | Robin's Egg Blue Silk Gerbera Daisies from Save on Crafts {submitted by Sharon Naylor} | Hand Painted Peony Wedding Place Cards from Wedding Girl {submitted by Sharon Naylor} 10 | ISSUE 05

Blue Inspiration



easy blue touches

For a delicate touch of blue at your ceremony, setting a dreamy blue scene for your walk down the aisle, try this easy DIY craft from The long swaths of blue fabric are paired with delicate tulle, extending down to drape on the floor – giving it an elegant finish – with a fresh flower pinned to the wide bow.

And finally, add some blue floral to your guest tabletops by placing on each a one-time-use camera with a colormatched design. Here is the Blue Floral one-timeuse camera from Kodak.

For a soft, romantic shade of blue at your favors table, check out easy, DIY candy bar.

Sharon Naylor is the author of over 35 wedding books, including 1001 Ways to Save Money and Still Have a Dazzling Wedding, and others at

Summer Wedding PLANNING TIPS

by event planner Brian Worley

The summer wedding is the time for a bride to shine in more ways that one! Getting hitched during the summer months provides an excited couple with bright colors, endless floral options, delicious menus to harvest, a huge array of fashion choices, multiple theme ideas and some fantastic decor choices. When I design a wedding that is likely to take place during the afternoon or the early evening when the sun sets much

bright electric colors from opposite ends of the color spectrum make a huge impact and can provide the energy that lighting would typically produce. Lighting can totally change the entire mood of later in the day, I think that

up when you read orange and turquoise together, but when you are relying on the sun as your main light source rather

turn up the volume on color and blow the joint out with the vibrancy that these colors create when paired with each other. and some LED lights and par cans, I say,

Flowers, flowers... everywhere! Summer is the best time of year for flowers and we all know that a wedding revolves around flowers, from the bouquet, the boutonniere, the centerpieces and the backdrop of the alter, canopy or chuppah. If you are in love with the big fluffy Dahlia, the fragile bloom of a Cosmos, the papery petals of a Poppy or the wide range of colors of the Zinnia, summer flowers are all the bloom and provide endless choices for the picture perfect bouquet. Place a beautifully scented Gardenia in your hair, pin your man with a hearty Orchid and adorn the tables with a centerpiece inspired by the rose garden where were proposed to and let the colors speak for themselves.

of mixing a shade of orange, like mango with some color

Flowers are meant to cheer people up, so a summer wedding is the perfect time to utilize the flowers many powers, it is a wedding, so go big, bright and beautiful!

from the blue family... like turquoise! I just saw a few lips turn

continued on page 14 . . .

any wedding or event, but when choosing to marry during the summer, I love the idea of being inspired by hues that typically are not synonymous with each other. I love the idea

12 | ISSUE 05

| 13

Summer Wedding Planning Tips | continued

Let's EAT!

All this summer wedding talk has made me

hungry! Ok, so let's talk about food! Gardens flourish during the summer so it is a great time to eat and be married. A summer wedding allows for a million menu choices, so make sure you take advantage of all that Mother Nature is

Choose a menu that is fresh, organic, pesticide free and all grown locally. Ask the caterer to find some amazing Heirloom

offering you.

you got engaged) and make a menu that royalty would love to sink their teeth into! Think about serving frozen

specialty drinks, like a cucumber, pineapple, and ginger with some vodka to keep your guess cool and refreshed. Scatter ice buckets with bottled water around as well to help drop the temperature a few degrees!

Tomatoes at the local farmers market and create a br-

How do I look? I love a summer wedding, especially if

uschetta that will curl your guest’s toes. A summer wedding

I don't have to wear a tie and a dark suit... but of course

also allows for a more casual reception, so take advantage

that is me and I grew up in the south where summer is HOT

of that and throw a BBQ, a clam bake or even create fun

and HUMID! A summer wedding is the ideal time to loosen

food stations themed for different regions where you are get-

things up and let your hair down, pull out the sundress,

ting married and exercise your right to forget about your

something in linen and dress for the season. Do like the

waistline for the day (after all you have been dieting since

royals do and where a hat... this is my new favorite trend from the Royal Wedding and it is time that we bring the hat

14 | ISSUE 05

Summer Wedding Planning Tips | continued

or fascinators (that is what the call them across the pond) and make that a staple at the summer wedding. My advice is dress for the weather and dress with comfort in mind.

Summer dress trends for a guest are more relaxed, women wearing bright colors, large fun patterns and for men, a nice cotton casual suit. If you are the bride, first and foremost, feel pretty in whatever dress you choose and think about where, when and what time you will be walking down the aisle. All eyes are going to be on you and what dress you choose!

Location, location, locations!

Of course I live

in Hollywood where that saying is the talk of the town, but make it your mantra for your wedding day as well.

Summer weddings provide many more options for venues than the winter and fall seasons do, so take full advantage of this. Beach weddings are ultra popular, especially because there is already a million dollar view, so choose colors that will only enhance that setting. Get inspired by the sunset and incorporate the blue of the ocean and the melon and poppy of the colors of the sunset to create an enchanted celebration overlooking the water or find a tranquil linen that pops on the sand, pair that with lemon yellow orchids, silver lanterns and vases and you have a beach wedding that is causal and

Brian Worley, co-owner of YourBASH!, has over twelve years

still sophisticated at the same time. If sand is just not your

of event experience to his credit. This extensive background

thing, take your wedding to higher ground and go celebrate

of event production, coordination, design and “hands on�

on a mountain with breathtaking views or "toast" yourself to

know how has allowed him the opportunity to produce

your new life together in the middle of a vineyard. Wherever

events ranging from top entertainment networks, corporate

you choose to get married, compliment the surroundings

clients, celebrity and high profile weddings, movie premieres,

that nature has provided and make the statement that "less

and product launches.

is still more"!

Visit Online:

A wedding is a time to celebrate, so put the program on a fan for guests to cool themselves down and create memories that will burn brighter than the Caribbean sun and last way past sundown!

| 15

An “Island C hic” ModernWedding

[ Tiffany & Trae ]

Photographer: Michelle Ross, Under Grace Photo • Planner: Events Luxe •

S T. L O U I S , M I S S O U R I

With Trae being from Nassau, Bahamas {born/bred/raised} and the wedding being in St Louis - the “island chic” theme was formed. Without beautiful bodies of water nearby - the theme was incorporated by the use of colors (aqua for the color of the sea, red for coral, and white for the sand). Along with subtle motifs like corals and starfish and the food had a tropical flair. The menu was super clever with it’s play on the letters “ME n U”. There was even a red carpet style photo booth.

16 | ISSUE 05

Vendors: Design, planning, theme, monogram, centerpiece design, favors, Save the Dates, styling, photo booth, paper goods: Events Luxe • | Ceremony Venue: The Missouri Botanical Gardens, Japanese Garden | Reception Venue: The Forest Park Visitor’s Center (Trolley Room) | Photographer: Michelle Ross, Under Grace Photo • | Lighting, lanterns: Exclusive Events • | Wedding Cake: Beck’s Gluten Free | Groom’s Cake (dog): Celebrating Life Cakes • | Red coral centerpieces & bouquets: Rachel Flowers •

| 17

Planner: Events Luxe • Photographer: Michelle Ross, Under Grace Photo •

18 | ISSUE 05

[ Tiffany & Trae ]

| 19

Whimsical and Romantic RusticWedding [ Amber & Ismael ] a

Photographer: Jeff Hall Photography Venue: Red Barn, The American Village

As written by the bride Amber . . . Ismael and I did not want a traditional wedding. We wanted a whimsical experience that was a true representation of our personalities and relationship. I have always loved the rustic and romantic feel of a barn so we decided to get married in the red barn at The American Village in Montevallo, AL. The ceremony was in the barn and after we asked everyone to go to the courtyard beside it for bottled cokes. While guest were mingling in the courtyard the barn was then transformed for the reception. Our colors where red and turquoise. I wore a Watters Dress with a feather in my hair


and gold Vivienne Westwood heels with

come true to receive that as my wedding gift from him. My

a red heart. Ismael wore his Banana

favorite thing about our reception was our dessert bar

Republic black suit with his Creative

created by Proper Measures. It was themed around the movie

Recreation tennis shoes and bow tie to

UP since that was one of our favorites with balloons for a

complete his look. I had dreamed of

background and a perfect color palette. We had an amazing

having a brooch bouquet but thought it

wedding cake and lots of other desserts which included

would not be possible until Ismael

oatmeal creme pies, macaroons and cake bites. The children’s

surprised me. He had been working with

area also had a candy table. We had a photo booth which

Jennifer from The Ritzy Rose to create

made for great pictures of everyone for us to view after the

the perfect bouquet. It was a dream

wedding. Our giveaway was the little red I AM LOVED pins...perfect cheap giveaway!

20 | ISSUE 05

Vendors: Red Barn for ceremony and reception: The American Village | Photographer: Jeff Hall Photography | Concept design and creating of dessert bar and wedding cake: Proper Measures | Catering: Friend of brides uncle | Brooch Bouquet: The Ritzy Rose | Invitations and Canvas photo for guests to sign: Ben Finch | Wedding Dress: Watters from Diane’s Formal Affair | Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid | Brides Shoes: Vivienne Westwood | Grooms Suit: Banana Republic | Grooms Shoes: Creative Recreation | Flowers: Friend of the bride | Favor Giveaway (red I AM LOVED pins): Helzberg Diamonds

| 21

Photographer: Jeff Hall Photography • Venue: Red Barn, The American Village •

Amber & Ismael

22 | ISSUE 05

| 23

Handmade “Red + Aqua” Gifts 3


from wedding bloggers + vendors



5 Jenny Lee Fowler Sarah & Bendrix Dutch Door Press Fritts Rosenow Le Petit Monstre





4 Big Bean Photos Baffin Bags Lover Dovers

The Little Red Door Bridgman Pottery



3 Ink and Fiddle Rhonda Jewelry Me and Matilda Snowflower Pie Fiazco

24 | ISSUE 05



it’s a Giveaway! So exciting - it’s your chance to enter to win amazing prizes from great vendors. There will be 5 total winners. Contests runs thru 11:59 pm Sunday July 31st, 2011. Winners announced on Brenda’s Wedding Blog the morning of Monday August 1st, 2011. Enter Here:

You could be the lucky winner of one of the following . . . 1. A 3 1/2" Fiona accent comb and set of 6 matching hair pins, dark ivory and aqua acrylic flowers with Swarovski pearl/crystal centers from Tilley Jewels • & 2. Personalized Affinity Wedding Reception Vase for the bride – plus 4 more for your Bridesmaids from Knot the Groom • 3. Fine Art Photography Original Print from Erin Reynolds Photography • 4. + 5. Two $50 gift certificates to The Wedding Outlet •

| 25

Shopping by color color palette: aqua blue, red and butter yellow Vintage Green Limited offers cottage style, primitive, rustic and modern home decor items, perfect for a woodland summer. Shown: Aqua Blue Damask and Vintage Sunshine Yellow Gingham Party Bunting

Peregrine Arts Bindery creates hand made hardcover blank books know as "Chapbooks", accordion books, photo albums, lined and unlined guestbooks, and clamshell boxes in their shop. Shown: Guest book unlined (8x9) Butter yellow

Sew Determined is a shop inspired by vintage fashion and gorgeous fabric Shown: Retro blue polka dot dress with red ribbon belt

White Tulip Boutique is a montage of well-crafted elegant details for life's cherishable moments. You will find a collaboration of handmade items & jewelry with some vintage treasures. Shown: Something Blue Evening

26 | ISSUE 05

Nicola Yoon Design creates "organic jewelry. She hand-selects every gemstone, crystal and component and crafts each piece herself to be beautiful, unique and affordable.

Carrie Klein specializes in custom wedding cake toppers and accessories.

Defying Gravity Design transforms their prints into beautiful works of art for your home Shown: HAPPY TOGETHER 12x12 Turquoise

Me and Matilda is home of the original washable cotton Everyday Necktie™ and now offering sets with a ring bearer pillow and necktie or bowtie. Shown: Modern Wedding Ring Bearer Set Rachael Ray's iconic Garbage Bowl in speckled Green, Orange, Red, Purple* and Blue* is perfect for both prep work when cooking and for serving salads in. The rubberized base keeps it from skidding off counters or tables. Shown in Red * The purple will be available in later July and the blue will be available in September Cut the Cake Designs creates beautiful guest book boxes for those looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding guest book. Guest can use one of the cards to fill in their information and leave the couple a loving note, making it very easy for couple to address their thank you cards. Shown in Bloom

| 27

from contributor Jana Marie Erwin of Cherry Tea Cakes •

Shirley Temples

Homemade Soda Butterscotch Soda 2/3 cup butterscotch candies 1 cup water club soda In a food processor, grind hard candies into a fine powder. Combine with water in a small sauce pan. Boil for two minutes to create a syrup. Allow to cool. Combine one part butterscotch syrup with three parts club soda. Stir and serve over ice.

1/4 part lemon juice 1/4 part lime juice 1 part simple syrup 4 parts club soda 1 part grenadine 1 maraschino cherry Stir to combine all ingredients and serve.

Bubblegum Soda 1 cup gum balls 1 cup water club soda Wrap gum balls in a cheese cloth. If the "melted" gum balls touch the side of the pan it will be a horrible mess to clean up. Soak the bagged gum balls in boiling water for five minutes. Remove bag of "melted" gum balls and discard. Allow gumball syrup to cool. Mix on part gum ball syrup with seven parts club soda.

Cherry Tea Cakes is a blog devoted to food and life and Jana’s little adventures. She’s an Arizonan currently living & baking in Washington, D.C. Cherry Tea Cakes is an amazing concept as there is no profit, only benefit. When Jana’s schedule allows, she takes catering orders and the "profits" of the order, go to benefit a charity. The only money kept is to cover the cost of the ingredients. The labor is all volunteer and in the end she feeds you, and the impoverished. Unless asked otherwise Jana donates the profits to a local food bank. 28 | ISSUE 05

AppleRosette Crostata A tart shell filled with apple cider curd and topped with lovely slices of apples glazed with apple jelly. A beautiful treat that is surprisingly easy to assemble.

by Jana Marie Erwin of Cherry Tea Cakes

Pasta Frolla

To Bake the Crostata Crust

scant 3/4 cup powdered sugar 1 and 3/4 cup all-purpose flour a pinch of salt ½ cup cold unsalted butter, cut into small pieces 1 T. vanilla sugar 1 large egg and 1 large egg yolk, lightly beaten in a small bowl

Preheat the oven to 350ÂşF.

Put sugar, flour, salt, and lemon zest in a stand mixer and stir a few times to mix. Add butter and beat using a wisk attachment until the mixture has the consistency of coarse meal.

Place the crostata shell in the oven and bake for 20 minutes.

Roll out a batch of the pasta frolla and cover the base of the tart pan. Cut a piece of parchment paper or aluminum foil large enough to cover the bottom of the crust and extend out a bit over the edges of the pan. Fill with pie weights or dry beans

Switch to using the dough hook attachment and continue to incorporate the liquid into the solid ingredients. Continue lightly just until the dough comes together into a ball.

Remove the weights and parchment paper and continue baking the crostata shell until the border is light golden, about 5 minutes (watch carefully to avoid over-baking, which results in a hard shell). In the absence of weight, the crust may rise in the middle: if that occurs, gently push it back down with the back of a spoon.

Shape the dough into a flat disk and wrap in plastic wrap. Place the dough in the refrigerator and chill for at least two hours or overnight.

Remove from the oven and let the crostata shell cool completely before proceeding.

While the dough is chilling make the apple cider curd.

Spread the prepared apple cider curd over the cooled shell.

Apple Cider Curd Recipe

To make the apple rosette topping

3 large eggs 2 cups cup apple cider 3/4 cup light brown sugar 4 tablespoons unsalted butter

1 apple Lemon juice Âź cup apple jelly

In a sauce pan, boil apple cider until it has reduced to a half cup of liquid. In a stand mixer beat together eggs and brown sugar. While continuing to mix, very slowly pour the reduced apple cider down the side of the bowl. Return the mixture to the sauce pan. Cook stirring constantly until the mixture becomes thick. This will take approximately 10 minutes. Remove from heat and immediately pour through a fine mesh strainer to remove lumps.

Using a mandolin slicer (or a knife) cut apples crosswise into the thinnest slices possible. Sprinkle with lemon juice to keep from browning. Cut slices in half and arrange, staggered and in circles, working your way inward until the entire crostata is covered. Melt the apple jelly on the stove or in the microwave. Using a pastry brush, gently glaze the apples. Refrigerate until ready to eat!

Cut the butter into small pieces and whisk into the mixture until the butter has melted. Cover immediately and refrigerate. Allow to chill in the refrigerator until the crust is baked.

| 29

Vendor Challenge | Aqua + Red + Butter Yellow SpringBlue Issue

a rooftop bridal shower

For the seating area Madeline used pinched red linens with soft ivory satin chair covers, aqua satin table runners and aqua napkins. Each table was lined with pillar candle centerpieces, red and ivory rose petals, yellow gerbera daisies and votive candles in red and blue votive holders. For stationery, Madeline created a Bride’s Sign that was hung off her chair, menu cards, place cards, 2 signature drink signs, candy cards for the dessert bar as well as "Love is Sweet” letters.

The dessert bar featured pinched aqua linens and red satin table runners with all sorts of goodies including fudge, french macaroons, mini cookies, mini brownies, a cotton candy on tree branches, cakettes, cupcakes, and candy corn. There was

even a cocktail table of cold milk – because as Madeline asks . . . "who doesn’t want some milk with all these desserts?"

Vendors: Linens & Decor: Madeline’s Weddings & Events • | Photographer: Michelle Zerr Photography • | Location: Delta Winnipeg Rooftop Pool Area • | Dessert Bar: Designed & put together by Madeline’s Weddings & Events | Desserts on display provided by: Cake-ology •, Kernals Popcorn & Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory • | Sugar Cookie Favours: Cake-ology | Stationery: Madeline’s Weddings & Events | Spotlighting: Madeline’s Weddings & Events 30 | ISSUE 05


Download Cupcake Flags

Vendor Challenge | Aqua + Red + Butter Yellow SpringBlue Issue

a & elegant bridal shower

Lisa of Gabbi Grace Events and Kim of Something Floral utilized crystals &

glass to capture the elegance & stunning backdrop of fountains, water, the Glass Conservatory itself and the beautiful Detroit city skyline.

The primary table centerpiece featured full size roses (Corazon and Gold Strike varieties) and 3 types of foliage: Italian Ruscus, Salal, and Pittsoporum were used. This centerpiece sat atop a 28" tall, glass, Roman Doric-style column and featured crystal chandelier-style candleholders and drop crystals. Since the shoot took place during the day, the candleholders were filled with cut roses rather than candles. The primary table centerpiece was flanked by two smaller, handtied bouquets of Corazon roses in a water-filled vases that were placed inside tall crystal candleholders (one cylinder, one rectangle)." Kim selected Corazon, a newer variety of rose, for it's large, multipetaled blooms in a deep, true red and velvety texture. As Kim writes, "because yellow can photograph very light, particularly in bright sunlight, I chose Gold Strike roses for their rich, deep, golden yellow color." Flowers/foliage in the primary dessert table arrangement: Full size roses (Corazon and Gold Strike varieties), sweetheart roses (Sacha variety), spray roses (Red Mikado variety), and 2 types of foliage: Italian Ruscus and Salal. For an extra pop of color and an atmosphere of elegance, drop crystals and crystal candleholders containing Corazon roses were tied with yellow ribbon and suspended from the conservatory's wrought-iron garden gazebo. Vendors: Venue: Belle Isle (Beautiful Island) - Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory Detroit, MI | Planning, Styling & Rentals: Gabbi Grace Events {Chivari Chairs & Round Table, Table linens, Napkins, Chair Sashes, Crystal & Glassware for Sweets Table, Red Chargers, Cut Glass Plates} • | Floral Design, Arrangements and Rentals: Something Floral {Crystal & Glassware for Floral Arrangements, Sweets table and Gazebo} • | Cake Bites: My Cake Bite Delights (Yolanda & Marissa) • | Photographer: Michael Peychich Photography • | Fresh Fruit-Covered Cake and Meringue Cookies: Angela Bakery | Stationery: T. Evenire (Invitations, Menu Cards, place cards, favor boxes) • 32 | ISSUE 05

Vendor Challenge | Aqua + Red + Butter Yellow SpringBlue Issue


Chris describes her ideas behind the design . . . "Once I found the event space and was given the "ok" to use it, I was inspired by the brick walls that felt rustic, but modern at the same time. With that in mind, I set out to design a bridal shower with the same feel. The colors were a bit challenging as I experimented with different combinations, finally deciding on the aqua and yellow as the main colors with red being a bold accent. "The tabletop is sleek and simple with rattan chargers, layered fabric & ribbon runner, a floral centerpiece coverd by a rustic cloche, and vases from IKEA used as drink bottles. A favor for each guest is also placed at each setting. These are large match boxes wrapped with custom paper designed by Delovely Designs. The size is great for filling with a small trinket, candy, or a small baked good."

bridal shower

"The place card trio is a fun idea I like to use for showers & dinner parties as it combines a name card, a menu card, and a conversation starter or trivia card relating to the guest of honor." "For most of my dessert tables, I am a big fan of choosing 1 or 2 designer or specialty desserts, and filling in with candy or homemade treats. In this case, the cake pops from Candy Valley are the star of the table, as they are dipped in our main colors of aqua and yellow and topped with candy pearls. The brick wall is the main backdrop with the addition of a frame and rustic shutter draped with a fabric swag. The swag is an easy DIY project that you can use in so many areas to add a pop of color to the space. Also part of the table are note cards for each guest to write down words of advice for the bride."

Vendors: Styling: Chris Nease of Celebrations At Home • | Photographer: Laura Gordon Photography • | Paper Items: Delovely Designs • | Cake Pops: Candy Valley Cake Co. • | Event Space: Studio 418 • 34 | ISSUE 05


Create at Home Fabric Swag

Vendor Challenge | Aqua + Red + Butter Yellow SpringBlue Issue

summertime celebration

Everything we love about summer . . . lemonade, mason jars, strawberries, and dining on the porch. For the table settings, Carey and Paige utilized what they had in their own china cabinets . . . Carey provided the pretty scrolling white dinner plates and the smaller dessert plates, and the tea cups were from Paige’s

For the flowers, the team chose to go with carefree yellow bouquets in blue mason jars and incorporated natural elements into the decor, like fresh lemons and strawberries. For the stationery, the place cards, lemonade sign and invitation featured custom calligraphy and fun stripes in shades of yellow.

personal collection.

Vendors: Linens, glassware: Weddings, Tents and Events • Location: Blue Horse Inn, Woodstock, Vermont • Photographer: Paige Hiller Photography • Stationery: Lasso’d Moon • Shoot Styling Assistance: Piper Designs • 36 | ISSUE 05



“Fresh Squeezed” Lemonade Sign

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