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Keeping Your Gas Fireplace In Tip-Top Shape

by Expert Contributor Scott Magness, Owner of Scott’s Fireplace Products

Sunny spring days and beautiful blooming flowers help us quickly forget winter’s cold weather. After being cooped up inside all winter, we eagerly get outside for landscaping, gardening and other outdoor activities. These enjoyable seasonal changes make it easy to also forget about our gas fireplaces…until it gets cold again.

When you’re ready again for the ambiance or heat your gas fireplace provides, you may find it won’t function properly because it had such a long “vacation.” Fall’s cooler temps can come early, and a non-functioning gas fireplace won’t do its usual great job of quickly taking the chill off and making your home warm and cozy.

Many homeowners don’t think about calling for a service or maintenance appointment for their gas fireplace until they discover it won’t turn on or it won’t work properly. If a gas fireplace is not properly maintained, such malfunctions always seem to happen in the middle of winter or during a power outage. When homeowners call for a service appointment during those times, they’re often disappointed to learn there’s an extreme backlog and they will have to wait several weeks before a specialist can come to diagnose and fix the problem.

You can avoid those uncomfortable long waits and ensure your gas fireplace is always ready when you need it by scheduling preventive maintenance for your gas fireplace. How often your gas fireplace should be serviced depends on the manufacturer and model and also whether it’s vented or ventless. It’s easy and quick to schedule preventive maintenance during the spring or summer. When the specialist arrives, they will thoroughly clean the gas fireplace, check to be sure the logs are all properly positioned and aligned, and ensure that your gas fireplace operates as effectively as it should.

So enjoy the warm weather and sunny days ahead but do not completely forget about your gas fireplaces. Yes, they deserve a vacation after working so well during the winter. But get them serviced before fall or winter so you can avoid a potential operation lapse or a long and frustrating wait for service during the cold weather months.

Expert Contributor Scott Magness, Owner of Scott’s Fireplace Products

Expert Contributor Scott Magness, Owner of Scott’s Fireplace Products

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