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How to Stay Ahead of Potential Septic, Sewer and Stormwater Issues When you own a home, there’s no end to the amount of maintenance that needs to be done. When fall comes, we clean up the leaves. As winter approaches, we make sure things are winterized and prepare for snow and ice. When spring and summer weather make doing outside maintenance enjoyable, we clean up and maintain lawns and gardens, and make sure the air-conditioning system is ready to keep us cool and comfortable. While we all live in our homes, we often don’t think about what is going on outside underground. You know the saying: Out of sight, out of mind. Over time, everything requires some sort of maintenance and care. A septic system should be pumped every one to three years, depending on the number of people living in the home. The best way to treat your septic system is to have it pumped out. You should also have the entire system inspected every few years, to make sure everything is still functioning as intended. Following these two maintenance tips alone can increase your septic system’s life, perhaps by decades. When it comes to sewer lines, keep in mind that we send everything from our home down a 4-inch diameter pipe. When we cook, we send grease down our pipes. When we take showers,

we send hair and soap products down our pipes. When we flush, well, you know. If your sewer line is located near trees, there’s always a chance that roots will make their way into that pipe. In our area, most homes (except newer homes) have cast iron or terracotta piping underground. Over time, debris can build up inside such piping, reducing its flow-through diameter. Many of us just throw some drain-clearing product down the pipe when in fact, conditions inside the pipe require something more powerful and thorough. Water-jetting the pipe will remove all the build-up inside, clear out the debris, and restore the pipe’s full diameter. This will keep everything flowing as it should. With stormwater management systems, your gutters and downspouts may go underground and also be out of sight and out of mind. Those downspouts can lead to or have sediment traps underground, with inverts, culverts or inlets blocked or packed with debris. There’s always maintenance that needs to be done. Over the years, these systems can build up with sediment, leaves and other things that find their way down a drain or gutter. It’s always smart to regularly clean out these drains and water-jet all the piping. NS

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