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The Fountain of Youth Caroline Alexander is dedicated to partnering with medical and healthcare professionals in bridging the art of healing and science. She is a wellness consultant and professional speaker specializing in digestive health in cleansing, restoring and strengthening the body’s natural immune function.

Juan Ponce de Leon never found the “fountain of youth”, I’ve found the closest thing to it, he just didn’t sit on the right fountain – Caroline Alexander


he ancient health practice of colon hydrotherapy is fast becoming one of the most dynamic areas of interest in the field of complementary and alternative health practices. The primary service that we offer to our clients involves the use of FDA registered, Class II prescription medical instrumentation for the irrigation of the colon with purified water using sterile, disposable nozzles in a comfortable setting in order to evacuate the contents of the bowel. Through our colon hydrotherapy practice, Athanor Hydrotherapy Center a division of Healthy Muse, Inc. we offer personal colonic hygiene to Washingtonians choosing to incorporate the health practice of colon hydrotherapy into their fitness regime. Our clients maintain their personal privacy and dignity during their colonic procedure while experiencing a positive health outcome to calm and balance the body and mind. Many medical professionals are verifying the value of colon hydrotherapy (also referred to as colonics, colonic hygiene, and colon irrigation or high enemas) as colon hydrotherapy is once again gaining recognition due to the technological advancements of modern colonic instrumentation. While the procedure is commonly used for cleansing of the colon before endoscopic or radiological examination; reasons for doing colon hydrotherapy vary across the world and among medical professionals. Public interest has increased as celebrities such as Matt Damon, Madonna, Usher, Janet Jackson, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Hurley, and motivational speaker Anthony “Tony” Robbins as well as many professional athletes publicly discuss their personal use of colonic hygiene.


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