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Inspire. Innovate. Create. Communicate. Productions 1000 Founders Richard J. Marks and Sophia A. Trapp believe that dialogue and cultural partnership are essential to the current well-being of our environment, and that there are no limits to people’s ability to search ideas that will strengthen one another.

Richard J. Marks and Sophia A. Trapp, Director and Founder of Productions 1000, at the International Earth Forum in China (photography Š Robert Leslie -


roductions 1000 supports emerging leadership in sustainability. We live in an era where defining and implementing corporate sustainability has become absolutely essential for business on all levels. Productions 1000 works towards making business and the environment profitable and sound partners. Based in Washington DC and London, with affiliates in New York City and Beijing, our media company is headed by energy, environmental and media professionals, Richard J. Marks, Sophia A. Trapp and Christa Urbain Carr. Our dynamic team is set up to spearhead creativity in the energy and environmental worlds.We


Best of DC

deliver all the communications components that give life to projects, and leads towards ethical and reliable communication. Humanity is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Leaders are finding solutions in order to engage more people in a better world. People everywhere are looking for answers to the idea that we can simultaneously understand the climate change crisis, pump up the economy, save money on energy costs, and generate new jobs. People are embracing new technology and new means of communication but are at the same time seeking the human connection.

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